Report: 49ers will cut Carlos Rogers

According to ESPN, the 49ers will cut Carlos Rogers. That move will save the 49ers $5.1 million in cap space.

Do you think this move increases the chances the 49ers will re-sign Donte Whitner? Why or why not?

And who do you think will be the 49ers’ slot cornerback next season?

  1. Very interesting news. I’m one who thinks Baalke knows what he’s doing, so I cannot wait to see what his plan is.

  2. The next slot CB could be Brown if resigned, Parrish Cox if brought back, FA, Draft pick or maybe even Rogers if he finds no better offers out there.

    I hope it leads to signing Whitner or Brown, but I guess that depends on what they are offered elsewhere. We saw today that a pretty good player took less to stay with a winning team. Maybe the Niners will get that respect from these guys or others.

    1. He took less to play less. Chicago reportedly was offering more, but wanted him on the field more than 57% of the time….

      1. Razor,

        I’m guessing the Seahawks will want him on the field more too for that kind of money and considering they let Bryant go.

        Getting Bennett for less than the Vikings paid Griffen is a steal.

  3. I would prefer they keep whitner..we can’t have whitner,tarell and carlos leave all at the same time..slot cb…hmmm…it depends if they like dax or darryl so much..they may decide to roll with them

  4. I though if they waited till June it would be more advantageous for the salary cap. Don’t think it will improve odds to keep Whitner.

    1. Kind of a d-bag move to wait that late into free agency before cutting a guy. Word gets around the league about d-bag moves,and d-bag team management. Don’t be that team.

      1. What the hell are U talking about? Free agency has not even started yet. Right now it’s all speculation.. Have a clue before running your mouth.

        1. CK = Elite,
          Who’s running their mouth? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Enlighten me please.
          Are you suggesting that Rogers won’t be cut?

        1. ^This^

          It seemed pretty clear that the 49ers wanted Rogers to take a pay cut and that he wasn’t going to agree to it. There’s nothing douchey at all about the timing.

          1. The douchiness would be if they cut him in June, and everybody’s already spent their big bucks. That was my point. I didn’t think it was that hard to understand.

            1. Angus:

              I just re-read your comment, and you are correct. You were replying to Neal, and your comment regarding timing was in reference to the hypothetical June cut that he mentioned.

              Please accept my apology.

    2. According to reports I’ve read they can still release him now (making him a free agent immediately) and designate him pre/post-june 1st cut at a later date. It’s good for both sides.

    3. If the designate Rogers as a June 1st cut they will cut the dead money in half, resulting in extra savings for 2014. The downside is that extra half would count against the 2015 cap. Haven’t seen anything yet on if that’s what they’re doing here.

    4. It doesn’t matter. They can cut him now and designate him a post June1 cut. That way he can sign on with another team and his existing team gets the cap relief. It’s in the CBA

  5. it increases their chances of signing someone. Whitner maybe? Kaepernick extension? or maybe a few veteran reserve/emergency starter/insurance types at Center, Corner, Safety and QB?

    Maybe it allows them to hold on to Gore for the final year of his contract and not be forced to cut him (or try to talk him into renegotiating).

  6. Well this shows Rodgers thinks he’s better than what the niners are offering. But ill take that 5.1 mil over Rodgers. I think we use that money for Dawson. With the cap going up, i believe Whither n Brown will ask for to much. I don’t belive both guys come back, but maybe 1 with a compromise on money.

    1. With that said, will we pony up to get a top line guy like DRC. Or trade for Revis, or continue the niner way, and build directly through the draft

  7. We’ll trade picks, personnel or whatever with the Rams for Tavon Austin, convert him to cornerback for slot-on-slot action…

  8. As for the slot, im guessing its Dominque Rodgers Cromartie, with Cully moving outside in the nickel. Just a guess. But he isgonna ask for to much as well

  9. This is a common-sense move that is fair to both sides. At this point in his career, Rogers is an aging-but-capable nickel corner. He is not worth $6 mil to the team in that role, given their other salary cap priorities. So, the Niners are doing the honorable thing by letting the market decide his value in free agency. They will then decide if they want him back at that price (assuming Rogers wants to remain a Niner). The team could simply wait until the free agency period is over and then ask Rogers to take a pay cut…but that would be a pretty **** move.

  10. I think keeping Whitner would be a wise move….going young at that position would be disastrous to a rebuilding secondary. You really need some experience when quarterbacking your secondary.

    1. We can’t read too much into it Rocket because the article also points out that it was rumored that the Colts and Davis were close to a deal.

      1. Mid,

        As I said I was just throwing it out there because it struck me as an interesting possibility. They have the room to do it and he’s a better option than Brown or Rogers. Not likely but hey it’s still the day before FA so anything is possible.

    2. Rocket,

      Interesting speculation, but doesn’t it seem more likely that TB will be waiting in FA, rather than striking early? For one, that’s been his pattern, and, two, the CB market seems to favor sellers, rather than buyers (which would seem to push TB even further towards waiting).

  11. Culliver’s knee must be progressing fairly well and they must be comfortable with where he is with his rehab.
    They are super-thin at CB right now.
    This move guarantees they go CB early.
    So , who do they dedicate this $ to… Hitner or Brown???

  12. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 18s
    The #Dolphins are signing Louis Delmas on 1-year deal that can be worth $3.5M, per source (as @ProFootballTalk said)

  13. I keep hearing they are gonna cut Goodwin, how much will that save us in our quest for free agents and other signings?

    1. He must have one hell of an agent! 4th best cornerback on the team playing due to injuries in front of him. Jamar Taylor ring a bell?

        1. Pro Football Focus: He allowed completions on just 47.8 percent of throws in his direction, yielding just two touchdowns while intercepting three passes and breaking up another seven. Carroll rushed the passer just seven times, but managed to come up with two sacks.

          Looks like he had some injuries. Also looks like he might have been the Dolphins 4th best cornerback as they look to turn to Jamar Taylor if they lose him.

              1. They currently have close to $6.8 million in cap space and cutting Smith would only save them $2 million.

    1. He started every game for Miami this past season, had 3 picks and generally had a pretty good year. Most of all he would likely be cheap and he’s still pretty young.

      1. He’s also 6’1″ and 205 pounds, so he’s got the size that the 49ers seem to want. How long are his arms?

    1. Correct, Miner. Our front 7 + Reid is enough muscle. We need coverage guys. Byrd would fit perfectly, and yes we do have enough money for one star vs. paying three mediocre talents.

          1. That wouldn’t be enough to get Byrd. If not signing Brown doesn’t allow us the money to outbid other teams for Whitners’ services, then how exactly will the team be able to outbid the other teams for the services of the best FA safety?

  14. Panthers trying to trade Steve Smith. If they end of cutting him what does every one think about picking him up in a one year deal for a run at the Super Bowl?

    If the number is low enough and he can stay healthy he could add a deep threat to the offense. I know he is not as good as he was but he still might have enough to get the Niners over the top.
    He is also a tough guy which never hurts.

    1. Deep position in the draft. Already have a leadership presence at the position with Boldin. Too old. Cheaper to maybe bring in Britt on a non guaranteed deal, but not sure I’d do that.

  15. Added Steve smith would be great!!! It would give kaep 3 security blankets and rhe most physical wr core in the nfl. Plus he could play slot. Sea would have a tough time. Hell everyone would.

  16. Razor:
    I think with a contract in the $1-2.5M range he would be worth the gamble. Not likely he would take that low of a deal, unless he really wants a ring.
    I would not want him to go to Seattle.

  17. His abilities are declining, he’s going to be 33 at season’s start, not fast, not tall, and highly overpaid. He had to go. I’m a huge fan of both Cromarties, especially Dominique at this stage, and this draft has tons of talent at CB and some at S. Think 1 big CB, 1 all around S and 1 fast CB in draft and sign the best CB in FA you can. And yes, Browner should be looked at if he can be had for the right price. He’s huge and would really help against bigger WRs and TEs.

  18. Grant – Just curious how you would power rank this group of NFL sports writers and if you’ve met any of them?
    Adam Schefter, John Clayton, Jason La Canfora and Chris Mortenson.

  19. If I am a FA there is no way I would go to the Bucs. They sign these FAs and cut them a year or 2 later no stability.

  20. Not going to shed a tear if Carlos is gone and never comes back. The number 22 on the Niners has sucked for a number of years going back to the Nate Clements days. They should burn it as players using it have been consistently burned the last eight years. See ya later Carlos. Go throw another teammate under the bus why don’t you. Everyone around the league has seen you get exposed trying to cover the likes of Victor Cruz. This is the Niners getting stronger and salary cap richer. Excellent move.

      1. LaMichael James is Dexter McCluster 2.0 and there is no way that I would have any interest in the 1.0 version.

  21. Revis, apparently will b cut Wednesday. I would go after him for 4mil…. But lord knows, some team will out bid the niners. I hope he comes here on a discount. Revis and Sherman, talking crap on gamedays….

          1. We’ll see. I wouldn’t be opposed to it happening. Revis on one side and Brock on the other with Culliver or Verrett as the possible nickel is a very tantalizing prospect.

            1. Let’s not talk about it until it actually happens. Otherwise, I’ll start thinking it might happen and when he signs elsewhere, I’ll be crushed.

              So, let’s talk about something, anything, else.

              1. Has fast do you think Revis will be?
                Do you think Revis has recovered 100%?
                What do you think Revis will look like in a 49ers uniform?
                How many interceptions do you think Revis could have in our secondary?
                How interesting do you think the Revis-Sherman feud will be if he signs with the 49ers?
                Do you think Revis could return to his Pro Bowl form with the 49ers?
                How many questions can I ask pertaining to Revis possibly being with the 49ers?

              2. MWNiner:

                Thanks for asking. Most of them reset without the need for me to do anything. I only had to reset the microwave clock when I got back from my trip.

              3. And with Dixon likely gone, how nice would that #24 look out there in the secondary with Aldon Smith getting after the QB?

      1. I know. That would be a heck of a drop off. But hell, winning cures alot on 1year deals. See all Seahawks pick ups last year, minus harvin. Imagine Revis on a super bowl team for 1 year. He would definitely get paid next year. But oh well, one could only imagine him as a Niner

  22. How do you guys feel about Darren McFadden? I believe he’s a free agent not sure about all the contract details but he’s a big back that we could add, come off the bench, and help ease Lattimore back into football

      1. What do you think we’ll do in that department. Gore is getting older. I refuse to say he’s declining but I’m sure soon he’ll hang it up. Lattimore is his replacement but I don’t think he should be thrown to the wolves right now. Who do you think will help with some of the RB duties

          1. I wish they would get LMJ more touches regardless of how. He should get the ball more in space. Hunter they should feed him to but we don’t. I can’t tell if they don’t trust the players or if they just don’t design plays to get them touches.

  23. Sign Whitner. He had a very good season in the wake of losing Golston last year. Whitner provided mentorship and in-game help to Reid.

    We still can draft a Safety for the future in the 3-4 rd who could be groomed to eventually take Whitner’ spot and even get in some playing time this season.

    Rodgers cut was inevitable after the Seattle loss.

  24. Rogers will indeed be a post June 1 designee. Release opens up $6.6 million in cap space. 49ers are now up to almost $17 million. Expect them to make a move or two right away this afternoon.

    1. I think they want that cap space for extensions. Anything on day 1 would be unusual and not Baalke’s normal routine. He’s a bargain shopper

    2. Ok now I’m juiced. whom do you think they’ll go after? Will it be fast or will they wait past the first waves.

  25. I wonder where D. Sproules ends up because he’s still got game. Probably not SF. I heard speculation that MJD would entertain offers from SF and Oakland to get back to the Left Coast.
    Pretty crowded in SF’s backfield.

  26. I told them I was going to tell everybody I know so here you are: Don’t buy a tv from Crutchfield unless waiting 12-14 days for your $2k purchase is ok to you. Thought saving the tax would be worth a few days wait until after I placed the order and discovered it would be more then a few days and it wasn’t out of stock. The best part was when the customer service rep thought he was making me feel better when he said “well if you lived on the east coast you would have had it in a few days.” F’n east coasters, think they rule the damn world.

    OK, public service message is over.

              1. CFC
                You could fire up a ’67 VW microbus tomorrow, drive to the East Coast, pick it up and drive back to your house in
                less time.

    1. Probably not done but looking at a major pay cut. He refused a pay cut at Tenn, so he’s outta dere. My half-joking prediction is he goes to Oak cuz he’s fast, and McFadden goes to Dallas, but I don’t know if Jerry has any money to mis-spend.
      Speaking of over-spending, NFL Network is reporting the Browns want to trade for Revis.

  27. I’m always excited at the prospect of new faces especially when replacing ones I wasn’t totally enamoured with in the first place but replacing two starters in our backfield in the same off season still gives me a moment of pause.

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