Report: 49ers will workout WR Laurent Robinson Thursday

The Boston Globe just reported the 49ers will workout 28-year-old wide receiver Laurent Robinson on Thursday.

Robinson is a 6-2 deep threat who caught 11 touchdowns and averaged 15.9 yards per catch in 2011 with the Cowboys. But last season with the Jaguars, he suffered four concussions,

Do you think the 49ers will sign Robinson, and do you think they should? Why or why not?

  1. I don’t mind at least giving him a look. The guy has the intangibles. At worst it gives us an extra camp body and we cut him before the season, at best, he goes beast mode and has a great year with Kaep.

    But yeah those concussion are serious.

    1. Grant,

      What’s the possibility we trade for a WR? We do have an abundance of draft picks next year. And much like this year, there shouldn’t be much holes to fill.

      I’m really not sure who would be available via trade.


  2. If Robinson clears medically why not, Jenkins is not gonna work out guy does not have the mental toughness and heart to make it in the NFL , had a few weeks to work with Kap he goes for just half of it. KEEP Chad Hall he is the better choice

  3. If we’re getting only the old and/or the infirm, this would not be such a bad deal. We only need a solid player to tie us over for the first 6-8 games and at that point Manningham and Crabs are starting to get ready to play some ball!

  4. The Bigger question is do we have the worst recieving core in the league right now??? Certainly within the division but im hard pressed to find an overall worse group when excluding TE’s.

    1. Possibly Raiders, but that true of any group you compare to them.

      I say with everyone back healthy aside from Crabs, we look solid. Boldin, KW, Patton, manningham, Jenkins, Moore is a solid and workable group.

      1. The question is how effective can we expect Crabtree to be after returning? Often times it takes up to a year to fully recuperate from such an injury. Also it seems to me the niners scouting department might need to outsource thier wide out evaluations. :).

      1. The scary part is a ton of people actually believe with just him and VD the offense will be unstoppable. I expect the team to struggle while finding thier identity at the begining of the year… They should be ok at the end but this could be a bit of a down year.

    2. There’s not a lot any team can do when they are inundated with injuries at one position like the Niners have been. It’s not a time to panic; it’s a time to look at what you can do to stay afloat until the injured guys return.

      Personally, I’m writing Crabs off this year. If he comes back great, but I don’t see him returning anywhere close to 100% this season and if that’s the case I’d rather they sit him down and let him heal up.

      The good news is Boldin is an adequate replacement for Crabtree so that is somewhat of a wash. The issue is what is behind Boldin and can we win with them? I think we’ve seen over the past two seasons that the Niners can win with average talent at the 2nd WR position. In 2011, they were playing with Crabs Williams and got to the NFCCG. Last year they were playing with Crabs and a Moss who was about half the player he was in his prime. So while I am concerned about Jenkins not stepping up so far and not having proven options to start opposite Boldin right now, I don’t see it as something that will keep the team from winning games.

      This is a team that has won with the running game and defense, with the exception of the last couple of games of last season and the playoffs. They are still going to follow that model and as long as Boldin and VD stay healthy and they get some sort of contribution from the second TE and WR position, I think they’ll be alright. Having said that, it would be really nice to get Manningham back early in the season. I would make the passing game a lot more effective.

  5. Sure, he was great with the Cowboys. Unfortunately, many receivers get chewed up in Jacksonville for the poor QBs, poor pass routes, and insufficient blocking. With Roman’s offense, he is far less likely to get leveled while catching.

  6. If there was ever a question about which designer’s clothes I would want to deface with paint, it’s been answered.

  7. If for no other reason but to have live bodies in practice.
    Good Lord!

    It’s been a tough 1st week for the WR group.

  8. I think Mid is right and I also think teams have heard some not so flattering reports of his conduct on the locker room and have black balled him.

    Robinson is interesting because he produced when healthy with Dallas, but all those concussions are concerning. If he did sign it would be for no guaranteed money and a liability waiver I would guess.

  9. Neither Hall nor Williams have shown they are capable of being the #2 guy. Collie was far more involved in the Colt offense than either of these guys have been in their respective careers.

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