Report: Aldon Smith charged with three felonies

NBC Bay Area is reporting the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged Aldon Smith with three felonies for possession of three assault weapons.

Here is the 49ers’ official statement: “The 49ers organization is aware of the recent developments with Aldon arising from an incident at his home in 2012.  We recognize the serious nature of this situation, as does Aldon, and will continue to monitor it closely.  As this is an ongoing legal matter, we will have no further comment.”

Do you think Aldon Smith will play this season? Why or why not?

  1. Hard to say…depends on how long the judicial process takes with these charges. If nothing happens before he’s been remedied of his substance abuse issues I think he’ll see the field.

    1. I think they’ll plea bargain these down to probation. I think the NFL will suspend him a year at most. 2015 might be the next time Smith sees the field.

    1. Lol yeah since when has a star player been done after let alone murdering somebody? They were purchased legally which helps his case. Probation at the most. The nfl suspension will be worse for him than the legal outcome.

  2. His attorneys can keep the case active for at least a year if not longer. NFL really can’t do much until the case is completed. (Yes, I am an attorney).

      1. What, to make criminals out of people who would be doing nothing wrong in all of the states bordering California? good luck with that…

      2. If he hadn’t of pulled them out and shot them at the party, California wouldn’t have ever known about the guns. Whose really to blame for a stupid decision?

      3. How is it a stupid decision to shoot when you’ve been stabbed in your own house? He didn’t break any laws besides the communist gun law

  3. I just don’t give a crap any longer, on these borderline criminals. If he back great, if he is not, we will win without him.

    1. The “three strikes law” is invoked when a person convicted of a felony has two prior felony convictions. Those two prior convictions must be resultant from to different sets of operative facts (i.e. different situations) — that is, two different prior convictions from two different crimes.

      So no, it does not apply here. Smith has been charged with three felony counts resulting from the same operative facts. Even if he is convicted of all three counts, he will have one felony conviction for the purposes of the three strikes law.

    1. You’re not alone on this, Ghost. What bothers me, though, is his discharge of a weapon at the party. I haven’t seen any details about that. Also bothering me is Aldon’s immaturity. As a fan of the team, I’m really pissed at him. Then I ask myself: What role models did he have as a kid?

      1. The weapon he fired at his party wasn’t one of the automatic weapons leading to this charge. What the prosecution must prove in court is that he went to Nevada specifically to buy weapons that were illegal in California, and that he failed to buy and install the modification kit that would make them legal.

      2. It was Arizona. This is interesting!

        Dubious felony weapons charges act as leverage against Aldon Smith in misdemeanor DUI case

  4. This is so sad! Aldon’s a talented guy…I hope he’s learning from all of this. I think we’ll see a little bit of leniency because Aldon took recently took voluntary action to get his life in order. He’ll definitely get probation.

    I also think the 49ers have a chance to lead both the NFL and the rest of the sporting world by striking a good balance between supporting the PERSON that is the player while also holding him accountable.

  5. If we get rid of him, he would come back to haunt us by signing with Seattle.. Good money buys good lawyers. The kid needs to wake up otherwise he will become a lost cause. Got to change who you hang with and become a productive not destructive citizen!!!!

  6. Even if he comes back this year, will he have his mind on the job? I’d be tempted just to let him sit the year, but I’m guessing he’ll be back in a few weeks.

    1. what better way to take your mind off the outside world then then crushing QBs.

      I say get him back in the rotation and have him live with VD for the rest of the season.

  7. First order of business will be for the lawyer to deal the felonies down to misdemeanors. Once that happens, everything can be streamlined into a suspension and fines if he stays out of trouble and completes his rehab. These charges should not have anything to do with whether he returns this season, whereas his mental health/well being and progress should have everything to do with it….He most certainly will get an NFL suspension next year with some leniency for proactive rehab as long as he stays clean and trouble free. Probably 8 games.

  8. The criminal charges are the least of Aldon’s problems. The only important thing in his life right now is getting and remaining sober/straight.

    Addicts real life problems can not be addressed unless they are sober and clean. Real life problems and mistakes can not be dealt with when you are constantly drunk or high. When in that state you just continue to make more bad decisions.

  9. He is starting to smell like Pacman Jones…what a dumba**. Just really bad judgement on his part, but we have murderers, manslaughterers, rapists, dog killers, wife beaters and thieves playing in the good ole NFL so a boneheaded weapons charge should get some punishment from the league and then he’ll play again. This is going to cost him when it comes time for the next contract however. He really needs the “Come to Jesus” talk before he self totally destructs. Let’s hope the rehab stint straightens him out.

  10. “Charges against #49ers LB Aldon Smith can result in no jail time to four years, four months in county jail, DA’s office says.” ~ Matt Barrows

  11. Get rid of Aldon Smith??? Remember Charles Haley? The Niners parted company with him, and they paid the price with their repeated losses to the Cowboys.

    And serious felony charges and their impact on Smith? Think Ray Lewis,
    who was charged with far worse and ultimately cleared. He danced his way into retirement after winning a 2nd Super Bowl and a lucrative TV contract.

    1. I have always lamented the trade of Charles Haley to Dallas for a number reasons, not the least is that we only received a 2nd rounder in the 1990 draft for Haley. I always felt we should have gotten a first. If Haley was not worth a first rounder then who was? They got him on the cheap. To make matter worse the CowPukes first pick that year was Emmitt Smith. Imagine if the Cowboys played the next decade without Smith. Imagine if the 49ers played with Smith.

      1. Haley was a god on the field and an asshole off….I would have found a way to tolerate him, and had the contractor design a bigger trophy case.

      2. Tarzan according to you the greatest QB to ever walk the face of the earth has done what this year?
        Funny to see you on here now but where were you during the two loses? Fricking fairweather fantasy fans!
        The Four F club, you the president, Bay the GM, and 23 the janitor!

      3. Prime

        That was a post about Young, who repeatedly came up short in his career, but you’ve turned it to Kaep, so …

        What has Kaep done this year? I don’t know, the year’s not over. I know what Peyton Manning’s done this year, and I know what he won’t do this year, same as Romo.

        Prime, just hold your tongue (fingertips) until it’s all said and done. We’ll see.

  12. Football is a team game. No one man (with the possible exception of a top notch quarterback) can make or break a team.

    I wish Aldon the best, and hope he gets his life in order. Meanwhile, someone else will step up and provide the pass rush. Life goes on…

    1. Rick

      Tom Brady is a Fantasy Bum this year, but his team is still winning. Does that mean he, the top-notch QB, is capable of delivering wins when he has zilch WRs? It’s an interesting debate …

  13. If his stint in rehab is successful (crossing fingers, toes and eyes for you, Aldon), he’ll be back in a 49ers uni by the end of the year, no question. I very seriously doubt he’ll see any jail time and I very much believe this team will re-sign Aldon to a lucrative 2nd contract, barring any further transgressions in the meantime. Maybe there’ll be some language giving the team an out, but it will happen.

    Look, the kid has had two DUI’s in two years and is in trouble for owning unmodified (as per CA law), legally purchased (granted, in another state) weapons. If he manages to find his way to sobriety and stay there, check mark and erase the DUI’s from the discussion. With those concerns “taken care of”, the weapons charges look very small when compared to what he brings to the table as an elite player. Moreover, everything I’ve read about him, the comments I’ve seen from people around him (coaches, interviewers, etc.) points to him being an immature, but good, solid kid. He’s got some growing up to do, surely, but what better place to do it than here, supported by this professional organization’s resources, social, medical and economic?

    1. Bethel-Thompson was in camp with the 49ers in 2011 and was recently released by Minnesota. He is from SF, and played his college ball at Sac State.

      So much for that whole change in offensive philosophy thing that the Skelton signing was to signify.

  14. My only issue with Pro Players is why do they return to poverty mentality when you clearly have found away out. I love Aldon as a player, but some of these players have to get a clue. You make more money than any true collage grad. You have an education. Just stop trying to be poor. You are rich now. You should be well off for life. Get it together, because football will forget about you 2 years after your gone. Worse yet. What if Lemior or Tank become better than him. This is a what have you done lately league. Get smarter or get out. IN the words of Mike Sing, “I want winners.”

  15. Aldon will have to answer to the League for the DUI because he’s already on their radar for the previous one. I’m not sure what the gun charges will cost him with the League; it certainly will depend upon the terms of conviction/punishment with the Law.

  16. The 49ers move to Santa Clara. The Santa Clara DA pushes the felony charge against their 2012 MVP. Hope this is not a curse.

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