Report: Aldon Smith sentenced to serve in work crew for DUI

Friday afternoon, the Santa Clara County Superior Court sentenced Aldon Smith to serve 11 days in a work crew. Starting July 28, Smith will work every Monday for 11 Mondays in a row. Smith also was placed on probation for three years.

In light of this, how many games do you think the NFL will suspend Smith?

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    1. Coffee, I concur. I believe Goodell’s inclination would be to go minimal, one game for “tarnishing the shield” by garnering so much media attention, but really a couple of relatively minor misdemeanors are nothing when the shield has been tarnished more recently by woman abusers like Ray Rice and the self glossed “Kraken” and murderers like Aaron Hernandez. I think all the left wing media hysteria over the weapons charges has brought undue attention to Aldon’s case that it really doesn’t merit. The worse thing Aldon has done (maybe not the dumbest, that would probably be LAX) was to drink and drive. That is always a serious mistake, but unfortunately it’s so common that all or most of the media types like Kawakami who’ve been slinging mud at Aldon because of it, have probably been guilty of it (maybe without getting caught) themselves.
      So when all the smoke clears, Goodell’s looking at some relatively minor infractions, but a whole lot of media pressure to make a statement. I think he will want to impose a one game suspension, but might add one more to appease the witch hunters in the media. So my answer is 2 games.

  1. 2-4 games.

    Do suspended players count against the 53 roster?
    Can suspended players work out with the team like NFI list players?

  2. Again I think it’ll be 4 games initially.
    And then he’ll reduce it to 2.
    I say he plays at Arizona in week 3.

  3. Any truth to the rumor that Kawakami wants an interview with the judge to find out why he “changed his mind” on those 3 felonies? Can’t wait for Tim’s spin on his “these are the facts” line.

    Thus concludes an 49er offseason which the Bay Area Media earns a solid F for collectively stinking at their job of covering the 49ers. Here’s to hoping their coverage of camp isn’t as lame.

    1. Kawakami’s problem is that he thinks he has a better understanding of the legal system than he does. With respect to the weapons charges, he did not understand that a nolo plea is not in itself a conviction, leading to his fallacious statement Smith had been convicted of three felonies. Prior to that, he had also claimed that Smith was on probation for DUI in Florida at the time he was cited for DUI in CA. That is factually incorrect. No DUI conviction was entered in the FL case, as Smith participated in a diversion program that enabled the court to enter a conviction on reckless driving, which is an infraction in FL, not a crime.

  4. The thing that worries me is Ian Rappaport reported that Aldon was hanging with Norteno gang members.I understand having a few to many drinks or even a substance problem but when your hanging with street gang members that have a very notorious reputation around these parts, that seems to be a very serious problem…Dude you play in the NFL!???
    I still think he doesnt get a suspension at all after his voluntary leave last year

      1. Nortenos just had a hour long gun battle with police through the streets of stockton Stockton and Lodi after robbing a bank and taking three hostages in a van. Three dead (one hostage) and two hostages still in hospital. Some totally crazy MF’s.

          1. Alumni,
            I work in Stockton (near St. Joseph’s) and a good percentage of the crime is gang related.

            I heard that one of the reasons why the 49ers left Stockton (TC @UOP 1998-2002) was because they were concerned about the cities gang activity.

            The Stkn police dept. personnel was cut back because of the cities financial woes and it just recently swore in a new group police officers. The mayor is a joke who is more interested in keeping his job than countering community issues.

            After last weeks tragic incident its obvious that the city of Stkn as well as perhaps law enforcement on the federal level needs to up the ante on gangs is this city.
            Stockton has great potential but could use some major cleaning up of its gang problem.

    1. “I still think he doesnt get a suspension at all after his voluntary leave last year.”

      I think you are conflating two separate issues – the DUI and the weapons charges. Given the current political climate with respect to gun violence, I believe the NFL will impose a suspension on a player convicted of weapons charges, even though the weapons at issue were not used in a shooting. I also believe that the suspension for Smith will not be as severe now as it might have been had the judge had entered a felony conviction, but doubt the NFL does nothing.

  5. I originally said 6 game suspension and now I’ll guess 2-4 games because of the judge’s somewhat lenient sentence.

    The court really showed mercy towards Aldon by giving him 11 Mondays of work crew duty.
    I believe that Mondays are usually spent more in the classroom than on the practice field.
    In any case, Aldon needs to be very thankful for todays sentence.

    Now Goodell could be an entirely different story.

      1. That’s even better Hammer.
        But I was thinking/hoping that the bulk of work crew time would cover TC and just maybe Aldon get’s the few weeks remaining of WCT knocked off for good behavior. The judge did give Aldon high points for what he perceived as good character.

        Anyway you cut it, Aldon got a huge break with the judge’s call. Hopefully we could say the same after we hear Goodell’ decree.

        1. That’s what I’m used to hearing. Monday is for treatment and film and Tuesday is the off day.

        2. @MaioccoCSN · 8h
          Unlike most teams in the NFL, the off day for 49ers players is Monday. That’s when Aldon Smith will serve on work crew.

              1. X golfer – Long time no time bro!
                Off subject but are you thrilled that Tiger is 19 shots back of Rory Mac? I am……….I’m pullin for Fowler

              2. Crab,

                I love McIlroy’s game. His swing is so fluid and technically sound.

                Fowler is really cleaning up his swing and making it more fundamentally sound. I like him, too.

                I’m happy that Woods is back, I think the game is better is when he’s relevant. I expect him to be a factor in the PGA.

                Did you hear any of the discussion of how you should never change the “fingerprint” of your golf swing? If so, what do you think about that idea?

    1. In California b/c of overcrowding you serve a very small % of your sentence, I forget what it is. So, he’d be out in 4 days or some ridiculous #. Also, b/c he’s a celebrity, he’d be isolated 23 and let out in the courtyard for 1 hr.

      1. Balderdash! 23/1 is called Solitary Confinement and doesn’t happen in 11 day sentences unless the prisoner acts out. A Judge-ordered 11 day sentence doesn’t get reduced to 4 except in Los Angeles County.

          1. I understand the confusion when Lindsey Lohan gets sentenced to 30 days and is released in 9 hours. LA County. DUI& collision? No problem. Hallie Berry vehicular hit & run? Well, she said she was sorry so got let off. LA County. OJ Simpson?

    1. Sounds like youve been hangin out with Aldon to will mess with your brain..Donte Stallworth killed somebody drunk and he played again.

      1. Its funny how we still replicate what we do in high school and college for star athletes in real life when they turn into adults and play in nfl. The other 98% of athletes that don’t go pro get a rude awakening. But the rest continue to live a life that is full of exceptions and double standards. But funny thing is I don’t want him to have any consequences because I want to see him play on my favorite team and get 3 sacks a game.

    1. @Brotha Tuna

      Now THAT would be punishment !!! Deport him back to Missouri and make him take his finals again….Back to eatin’ Possum…yum!

  6. I think the reduction of the felony weapons charges to a misdemeanor conviction gives the NFL more incentive to be lenient than would have been the case had the judge entered a felony conviction. I would guess 2 to 4 games.

  7. I’m sticking with my original ZERO games. I say this because the legal process has shown these issues not be major situations (YET), plus Aldon took a “voluntary” leave last year. All signs show a guy trying to make wrongs right. I think if anything he’s be a “post-bonehead” example to the rest of the league. If he DOES get a suspension the total number will be subtracted by the number of games he missed last year on leave. So in a nutshell, he won’t miss any games.

    11 days on a work crew is the judge saying, “normally you’d walk free, but because you’re famous I have to make an example out of you.”

    1. I think they will suspend him from two preseason games and the practice with the Ravens. Plus he will have to mow Goodells lawn and wash his car for the rest of the season.

  8. This should worry Seahawks fans a bit:

    @MikePereira · 2h
    Interesting day at NFL officiating clinic. Biggest point of emphasis for 2014..Illegal contact and defensive holding. More offense! Last time the NFL had this as a major emphasis was 2004 and the number of illegal contact fouls went from 79 to 191.

      1. I agree Mary but it will hurt yout team’s defense more than any team in the NFC West. The strenght of Seatle’s defense is their secondary.

        1. Has anyone seen this NFL tracker? The data looks very complete.

          Put into google search: 2013 penalties against San Francisco

          There is all kinds of data!!!

        2. The strength of Seattle’s defense, is their secondary’s ability to get away with holding, illegal contact and pass interference on pretty much every play.

          There, I fixed it for you, Ricardo.

    1. Basically this will force Seattle’s Db’s to play to the rules as stated in the rule books. They just about hold on every play. And they don’t care because if they get called for it, it’s only a five yard penalty.
      Even’s the playing field. This will make Sherman, “mediocre”.

      1. Bay

        That is horsepucky…every DB who’s worth his salt grabs and holds. A 10- 15 yarder is better than an escapee going 60 yards for 6. I realize that it’s vogue to hate the Hawks, and especially Sherman, but lets get real…everyone does it. Ask the niner DB’s…I thought WE got away with a lot this last season. It’s going to take a head-on with a fire truck to make Sherman mediocre.

        1. Oregon,

          If you really believe that, you and I, and everyone else I know (who aren’t Seahawk fans, anyway), are watching entirely different games.

          Sure, all DBs hold some, but the Seahawks are ridiculous about it.

          1. @exgolfer

            It’s been since Kezar that we’ve been called the fortywhiners….it didn’t happen by accident. We’re infamous for bellyaching our own QB’s. Ask the players

    2. Jack, THAT is the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. HaHa let’s see how Sherman rates in the player’s top 100 and in the cornerback rankings after this season when he’s been flagged for defensive holding once or twice per game. I’m not denying he’s a good cornerback, but if he doesn’t get away with the muggings he puts on wideouts all year, he’s going to come crashing back to earth pretty dang hard in the rankings. I cannot wait! I absolutely despise that guy!

      1. Does everyone really believe that only the Seahawks DB’s are guilty of being too physical and if so do you believe their DB physicality really lends itself that much to their win percentage?

        How many more penalties will we incur from this crackdown? How man drives will be extended against our defense because of PI calls on 3rd and long? Isn’t it great when they call PI on us on a sketchy play and it ends up with the ball inside the 1/2 yard line? Are more pass interference calls really going to make the game better?

        1. NFL & TV don’t want better, they want flashy. More TDs. This will hurt all D’s, including Niners’, just like almost every rule change. Seattle’s adjustment won’t be that much harder than Niners because they get pressure on the passer. That makes every secondary group better.
          Next point: Anyone notice that at least on paper every team in our division (including 49ers) has made some improvement on their O-Line?
          Martin will help; not sure how soon.
          Seahawks & Rams made progress.
          AZ might have made the most movement.

  9. I’m thinking Godell gets a message through to help AS in “his way” and serves him with an 8 game suspension

  10. Former nfl ref mike pereira tweets ” he has heard after the ref summit that def holding and illegal contact will be emphasized this year”
    If they follow through on that I see one nfc west team’s D being exposed for what it is

    1. Tuna or anybody: I just tried to post links to 2 NFL tables re penalties for year 2013 for both 49ers and Seattle. Grant wouldn’t let me post it. Are we restricted on this kind of data. There was nothing offensive about the post???? Thanks.

            1. yes, Bayareafan said to stay out of here for 3 years. And Razors thrilled. I’m tired of trying to win some level of acceptance.

              1. Aunt Granties’ nephew officer Hammer knows his nursery rhymes as well as his statistics. Impressive……

        1. Mary-
          If I may offer a suggestion, roll with the punches. Take Grant’s advice and ignore what you don’t like. By now you see that a lot of elbows get thrown around here; business as usual. A male Seahawk fan would get just as much flak at this site. I think you should expect some push-back. If I walk into a tavern in Tacoma wearing a Crabtree jersey, even during baseball season, I’d do so wearing thick skin, a big smile, and with 30-40 snappy comebacks ready in my holster.
          So hang around but expect some choppy surf conditions now & then.

          And to the rest of you-
          Man I can’t leave you guys alone for a minute! Everyone go to your corners. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

            1. You two realize it began with my comment of “Ha!” and then metastasized into jock straps and complete moderation hypocrisy don’t you?

              1. No accusations or indictments from me, or Scooter if either/or we’re “you two”, I’m just teasing about how ugly the thread got. Here’s my take in a nutshell:
                > It is odd that a Seahawk fan resides here, but Mary has explained her reasons and she doesn’t troll or deliberately antagonize. She’s already taken her lumps and therefore IMO she’s earned some cred just through surviving the initiation rites. If she can stand the heat, she doesn’t need to leave the kitchen.
                > Grant doesn’t want her bullied, but his over
                -protective stance suggests a latent belief that women need protection. Right. FortyNinerGirl could kick his butt in a debate on football and doesn’t need anybody’s protection. Actually, Mary doesn’t either.
                > Grant’s scoffing at FortyNinerFaithfull who chafe at sleeping with the enemy confirms his lack of business savvy and complete whiff on understanding his customer base. He seems to think this is some wellspring of football insights. It’s not, it’s a FortyNiner fan site, always has been and always will be. So IMO,Grant’s posturing and censorship are self serving (in his mind) and amusing.
                > The ugliness was between Regulars who just got their blood up. It happens.
                > Y’all never had a friend help you out by dragging you away from an escalating confrontation before it went off? I have, and I always knew I owed them a favor down the road.
                Soooooooo, soak in a hot tub, have a brewski or sip the grape or burn one or do your mantra or go jog a couple of miles. I need you guys calm so you can remind ME to chill-the-F-out when I go off the reservation.
                OK, yeah, that was a supersized nutshell.

              2. “Grant’s scoffing at FortyNinerFaithfull who chafe at sleeping with the enemy confirms his lack of business savvy and complete whiff on understanding his customer base. He seems to think this is some wellspring of football insights. It’s not, it’s a FortyNiner fan site, always has been and always will be. So IMO,Grant’s posturing and censorship are self serving (in his mind) and amusing.”

                Well said, Brotuna, well said! I couldn’t agree more.

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              4. Razor, I never figured you for S&M! Shocker! and I’ve got a bathroom that needs cleaning with a toothbrush. Interested?

                Vinnie Vincent former KISS

          1. Tuna: I hear you and I agree with your comments. You’ve all been great and I’ve been overly sensitive. I knew I was a little crazy coming onto this 49er site, but you guys know more about football than any site I’ve ever visited and I hope to learn learn much more. Thanks for the encouragement!.

            1. There’s plenty of good content here and despite our frequent divergences this mosh pit is better than most. Just remember about “snarls and snails and puppy dog tails.”

  11. Does anyone recognize the screen name DELM? If you’ve seen someone posting on here with that name or you use that name please let me know.

  12. Just musing on this, but if I was looking at Aldon’s sentence for myself (being not an NFL player), I’d just report in and sit through my 11-12 days and then get out and be done with it.
    Even missing two weeks of camp and then be done would be OK by me. He does have a public image problem to account for, but still……

  13. Aldon is a choir boy compared to Aaron Hernandez, O.J. and Mercury Morris.

    What’s that 80’s Pretenders song “Back on the chain gang?”

  14. I’m thrilled about Loundness’ new opus, The Sun Will Rise Again. A masterpiece. I believe it’s their 28th album…..

  15. Grant why don’t you take your act on the road and start a Seahawks blog. And take Mary with you.
    Hypocrisy must run deep in your household bud. Your pop levies the most personal attacks and all is good. I sarcastically tell Mary the Seattle fan to leave for three years and you moderate my comment. This after she took a shot at a 49er player. Look this up Young Cohn, misplaced loyalty.

    1. Pretty ridiculous. I’m still confused to exactly why Mary is contrary, Grant is punctilious and Hammer is a sycophant…..

    2. Oh look, we’re at that part of the disagreement where bay tells everyone who doesn’t agree with him that they should leave the blog. Of course, this time, he’s telling Grant to leave his own blog, so at least that part’s different.

      How exactly does Grant owe you any more loyalty than he owes any other reader/commenter? Do you think all those times that you washed his car when you thought he agreed with you somehow entitle you to special treatment?

      You remember those times don’t you, when you told people who didn’t agree with Grant’s opinions that they should find another blog? Of course, now that you don’t agree with Grant’s opinion, you think he is the one who should find another blog. That’s some Grade A hypocrisy right there.

      1. @Clawed

        this post is why I like catching yours…we don’t agree all the time, but your questions are good and your answers better.

  16. Okay. These women-hating recluses won’t stand in my way in the pursuit of furthering my NFL knowledge and I promise not to have any more emotional meltdowns.

  17. (sorry for the double post)

    Okay. These women-hating recluses won’t stand in my way in the pursuit of furthering my NFL knowledge and I promise not to have any more emotional meltdowns.

      1. But Razor I have a picture of you in my mind sitting at the kitchen table in your underwear, you haven’t yet combed your hair, a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. And your bark is much worse than your bite . . .

            1. Oh, a male model!! How about we just skip the pic and I call you “Hollywood” from now on. OMG before long you’ll want to share a meal and confide your inner-most thoughts. I’m just not ready for that, Razor.

              1. Ahhhhh, isn’t that cute? deputy balls wants a sniff, c’mon officer hammer, let him take one……

              2. He’s not wrong about you. All that’s missing from the photos is the name “Kaepernicus” on the jock straps.

              3. Kaepurnicus deputy balls, spell it correctly. Claude is an example of what happens to your brain when you’re sniffing jockstraps…..

              4. It’s your fetish, not mine. Just because you recognize that your endorsement probably isn’t enough to convince others to join your club doesn’t mean you get to drag me into this.

              5. ^Compulsive obsession disorder. Better get him into the 12 step jock sniffers meetings ASAP auntie grantie and officer hammer or you might lose one of your three senoritas…..

              1. Maybe I need to fain emotional distress so my moderator will come to my rescue. deputy balls and officer hammer are just too much. I’m tired of trying to win some level of acceptance….lol

          1. Ho, Ho, Ho, you sure have a jock strap fetish officer hammer. Good thing the fair and balanced moderator Auntie Grantie has access to the locker room so he can keep you supplied…….

              1. That reminds me of a little story. Let me share it with you. There was a young lady in England called Queen Victoria … who’s the Queen of England, and i dont know if you know this, because marijuana then was legal in England, right … it was completely legal. Queen Victoria used to wander into the toilet when she used to get really bad period pains, and she used to have a couple of joints, you know, to kinda to sooth the pain…..

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  19. Yep, football season is upon us.
    Looks like my blog bro’s and sis’ are getting a bit antsy (lol).

    C’mon Sept. let the games begin. The real mud-slinging will come with it.
    My picks for the top 5 players to receive the brunt of blog ire.

    5. Aldon Smith (IF) he misses any suspension time.
    4. Frank Gore (IF) he has a bad game.
    3. Our secondary if we get burned over the top in the first few games.
    2. VD if he misses any time due to (his) contract issue.
    1. Kaep if he shows little to no improvement in the pocket out of the gate.

    By week two thing around here could get pretty crazy if these players and areas fail to show any positive production.

    1. AES:

      Why did you leave coaches off your list? Some commenters will ba calling for Greg Roman’s head if the offense doesn’t set league records from the start.

      1. CB,
        You’re right about the coaches getting their fair share of blog bashing.
        So in order to be an equal opportunity employer I’ll add two more numbers to my list.

        7. Harbaugh
        6. Roman with a *bullet (I agree with you, Roman could move up into the top 3 very quickly).

  20. The negative: Can Aldon really stay out of trouble for three years?

    The positive: He’s only 24. If Aldon almost broke the sack record while regularly getting snockered, imagine what he can do cleaned up. A sure thing first round HOF.

    His talents are a joy to watch. He can worm his way to the QB and snatch him mantis style like no other. He was improving as an all around OLB after returning to play last year. Set the edge nicely. I hope this is what we’re talking about toward the end of the 2014 season.

    1. “Fceeng pathetic…Harley Owners Group meeting…”

      Huh??? Did your post appear in wrong place or order somehow? It doesn’t make any sense in the place it appears, and I can’t see anyplace in the whole string that it could fit and make sense there either. Just curious. I’ve been a proud Harley owner for the last couple decades and I’m wondering if I’m wondering if I’m supposed to be offended or something. Lol. @heckyamean

  21. Brotha,
    The Alex Smith debates of 3-4 yrs ago used to get downright nasty, and the arrows flew on a daily basis.

    Things have really simmered down since then. Now its just the occasional bantering and one-up positioning.
    Grant has done a good job cleaning up around here.

  22. Aldon’s doofus behavior makes me think he absolutely deserves a suspension. I’d guess 4-6 weeks, but maybe 0-4 weeks (since he was already removed from games last season).

    On the other hand, we seem to be increasingly too comfortable with private entities like the NFL acting as quasi civil authorities. Aldon’s transgressions were off the clock, and off company property.

    Typically any punitive actions by an employer should relate only to elements of his behavior that negatively affected job performance or profitability. He did miss games because of the DUI, so punitive action by the 49ers (not the NFL) makes a little sense. Ideally, everything else is none of the NFL’s business.

    So… Aldon deserves a suspension, but I’m a bit nervous about the whole “Government by Popsicle Stand” feel of the process. It all just seems to weird… like mall security leaving shopping center property and involving themselves in civil and criminal events.

    I (clearly) have no legal training. Perhaps JPN001 and others could add some wisdom.

    1. Why are comments showing up out if order? I cleared cookies and restarted the browser. Nothing seems to work.

    2. Interesting thoughts Brodie. On some points I’ll respectfully disagree. My initial reaction is that NFL is Showbiz and Aldon’s off the clock behavior in fact has negatively impacted the Niners’ brand. My wife is a career banker. At her level a DUI conviction can be a career killer. Guns too? Bwahahahahahahahaha! She’d be on TMZ and a cult heroine in Texas!

      1. Brotha Tuna, great points. Aldon’s behavior could very well threaten product representation and have a negative impact on NFL revenue. In typical business situations the employee could be fired, demoted (with pay cut), transferred and/or placed on a kind of probationary period.

        However, there are a few nuances that concern me. Firstly, NFL suspensions are a direct seizure of contractual pay not related to demotion or termination. This to me is typically territory of a civil authority.

        Its also a large percentage of a players lifetime earnings when we remember how short an NFL career is. This pay loss is unrecoverable… so in some ways it resembles seizure of assets rather then merely seizure of pay.

        Its also a it of a shell game. Who is Aldon’s employer, the 49ers or the NFL?

        I suppose the key word (I just stumbled over) is “contract.” It’s likely some kind of behavior clause exists, thus making the NFL’s suspensions completely legal.

        On the other hand your wife could work for another bank. There is only one (top level) pro football league, so Aldon had to sign the contract or face loss of livelihood.

        1. An elegant reply. I agree to the capital capriciousness by the League/Team, although I note they enjoy (a tenuous) pass from Congress on the monopoly clause. In my wife’s theoretical case I know full well that reputation and resume would make it not possible to just transfer. Financial institutions (as in Main Street bankers NOT Investment Bankers, who btw caused the problems) do great diligence. Many cases last 15 years of DUI being career busters. Not so much in Manhatten.
          Anyway, I’ve enjoyed this exchange.

          1. @BRO Tuna

            OMG the monopoly clause…OMG the monopoly clause…OMG the monopoly clause…etc. etc. Isn’t that blasphemy?

            1. Well, in a classic Brain Fart I couldn’t remember the term ‘Anti-Trust’ so I had to resort to The Monopoly Clause. Horseshoes & Hand Grenades dude!

  23. Just a quick comment – Mary’s not Mary until she has to wade thru the discussion of whether the Niners play a modified 4-3 or a modified 3-4 defense.

    That is not only cutting your teeth on this blog, but it’s more like a root canal; or my personal favorite, The Marathon Man.

  24. Just a quick comment here – Mary’s not Mary until she has to persevere a discussion of whether the Niners play a modified 4-3 or 3-4 defense.

    Then she will be cutting her teeth on this blog – or more like withstanding a root canal. Maybe even a reference to The Marathon Man would be appropriate.

    1. PolackJoe: First rhetorical question of the day, why are there 2 of you, at least on my screen?

      Without checking first on google, I believe 49ers play a 3-4 and “we” play a 4-3. I don’t know anything about modified. But, I assure you I will “get right on this.” Got a specific article in mind?

  25. Who was it.. (a while back) ,,
    who wrote that wonderful romantic story
    of meeting 49erGirl somewhere in a sports bar in hicksville ?

    Love to see another one involving Mary

    1. MWNiner:

      … that wonderful romantic story …

      That’s very good irony. Well, I hope it was meant ironically. That story creeped out a lot of people, including 49erGirl.

      1. It was very creepy and bizarre quite honestly. Writing a stalker type of story about somebody you know nothing about other than the word girl is in their screen name. Not one of the better uses of this forum to say the least.

        1. I agree. Maybe that’s why 49erGirl disappeared. We’ve got to have boundaries. Grant, you’re in charge of boundaries.

  26. Aldon already served time when he voluntarily placed himself in a rehabilitation facility through 5 games. Goodell did mention he was quite impressed with Smith’s remorse and his initiative to get help for his condition. Therefore, if there even is a suspension,it will be a short one.

  27. Aldon Smith voluntarily suspended himself for 5 games when he took the initiative to admit himself to a substance abuse facility. At the time, Goodell was impressed and said that such responsibility will positively affect any punishment the league administers to Smith.

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