Report: Boldin agrees to two-year, $12 million extension

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder who cites sources, Anquan Boldin has agreed to a two-year, $12 million deal ($9 million guaranteed) with the 49ers.

Do you think this is the final deal the 49ers’ front office will complete while they all are in Miami?

  1. That seems like way too much money. I don’t follow salaries too much but that’s a lot for a guy who is getting up there in age.

    1. It’s not a raise, so I think the 49ers got off easy. With the $9 million guarantee you’d hope he plays out the deal though.

    2. Age? That is discrimination lol. He can play at a high level, serves a purpose on the offense, is a leader in some ways and has to be accounted for by defenses.

    3. Yes he’s getting up there, but after watching the way he played this year I think he’
      s got at least 2yrs left and possibly 3yrs. Also, this gives the team a little insurance at wr with an experienced receiver when the Crabtree contract talks begin.

    4. It IS a lot of moola, Houston, but think back: Who else among our WRs would go up and fight like a tiger for the ball? Crab’s got a pretty good rep for good hands, but I don’t get the sense that he “fights” at all. Boldin is one BAD man, before, during, and after the catch. I’m really glad to see him back. It IS a lot of money, but he’s a LOT of man!

    5. Is it too much for a player who had over 1,100 yards, 7 TDs and 62 1st downs in the regular season? No.
      If he waited for the FA period on the 11th, do you think another team would have offered more for that production? Yes.

  2. Looks like the sign-and-trade deal Miami had in place for Boldin and Jim Harbaugh for Miami’s 7th round draft pick has fallen through. My inside source with Miami indicated that the deal was off in part due Harbaugh throwing a temper tantrum because Dolphins ownership required his dockers be teal or orange instead of khaki. Film at 11.

  3. With a guarantee that high relative to the overall contract value it’s absolutely certain that barring injury or retirement he’ll be here for two more years.

          1. Bingo. So why take a WR in the first round that will be behind Boldin and Crabtree along with maybe even Patton on the WR depth chart?

          2. He’d be behind Crabtree for a year. That is a good thing for a rookie. He’d then be expected to take over the #1 role with Boldin the #2 for a year.

          3. I’m not in favor of the 9ers drafting a WR in round 1 but it’s still perfectly plausible to draft a WR the team expects to become a #1 receiver and let him learn under 2 consumate pros in Boldin and Crabtree. Even great receivers rarely are great as rookies. It takes time to become great in the NFL at that position.

          4. Mid, it doesn’t support the idea of trading away the first to take a lesser talent at WR. Not in the slightest. What is the upside of that?

            Just because it isn’t an immediate need (that is a very very good thing by the way – drafting for future need is what the draft is all about) doesn’t mean you then take a lesser talent.

            There are some very talented WRs available this year, and the 49ers shouldn’t leave themselves in the position of just taking the last one left.

          5. Mid, it doesn’t support the idea of trading away the first to take a lesser talent at WR. Not in the slightest. What is the upside of that?

            That depends on where the team has each WR ranked on their big board.

            Just because it isn’t an immediate need (that is a very very good thing by the way – drafting for future need is what the draft is all about) doesn’t mean you then take a lesser talent.

            Again, that depends on the team’s draft board.

            There are some very talented WRs available this year, and the 49ers shouldn’t leave themselves in the position of just taking the last one left.

            It is because the draft is so deep at WR that they won’t be in that position Scooter.

          6. MidWest, once again I don’t understand what you mean.

            You mention their draft board. That is exactly my point. On their draft board they will have these WRs rated. Why not take the best one they can? Why trade back to take a lesser talent? Do you believe no WRs will be taken between #30 and whichever draft spot you want them to move back to? Or do you believe the 49ers will value guys likely to be available in rounds 2-3 as better prospects than guys expected to go in round 1?

          7. Grant, you are exactly right. That is why he drafted Jenkins. And if he hasn’t gone gun-shy as a result of that pick, it is why I think Beckham will be the guy they target. One of the reasons I have been high on him. He’s the WR Baalke hoped Jenkins would be.

          8. You mention their draft board. That is exactly my point. On their draft board they will have these WRs rated. Why not take the best one they can? Why trade back to take a lesser talent?

            You’re missing my point Scooter. I mentioned their draft board because it is the endgame. Say they have Jordan Matthews listed as the third best WR on their draft board. The ones they have rated lower than him are taken in the first round . They feel like they can still get Matthews in the 33-40 range, so they trade with a team that may be eyeing say Derek Carr but aren’t sure that he will make it to them in the early second round, so they trade up to take him. Meanwhile, the Niners are in a position where they can still get their coveted prospect while potentially gaining an extra pick for next year’s draft.

          9. Grant, I prefer to think of it as Beckham is that speedy, good route runner with big hands, smooth moves and a willingness to go get the ball that Baalke was looking for in 2012.

            MidWest, gotcha – you believe the guys the 49ers like will fall and be available in the 2nd round. If nothing else, Baalke has shown in his time that he is more likely to move up to make sure he gets the guy he wants or stand pat and take a guy a little early rather than risk moving back and hoping his guy falls to him.

          10. Cool. If the 49ers have a bunch of guys they like equally still available at #30 then that makes sense. Much like how they moved down from #34 last year because (according to Baalke) there were a bunch of guys they really liked available and knew at least one guy would still be there at #40.

            If they have one or two guys they really like left at #30 they should make the pick. I think Matthews is a borderline 1st rounder now, so if that is the guy you want don’t trade back if he’s still available at #30.

          11. True, but that may depend on what type of talent falls and how sweet a team wanting to trade up makes the pot for the Niners.

          12. Agreed – if some team is willing to give up a lot to move up to #30, take the deal. If all they get out of it is a move back 5-10 spots + a 3rd rounder next year (for instance), and there is a guy they really like at #30, no deal.

          1. So trade out of the first round in a year that has really good talent that will last through the first round, to get an extra pick next year in a draft that may or may not be as good?

            I’d be more inclined to try and get two picks in the first 40 picks – spent wisely this year that will be like getting two 1st rounders.

      1. MrTeebs……If the first rd run on WR”s takes place like Grant has been predicting, I believe there is a good chance that a top 10 to top 12 pick falls into the 9ers lap and they go with BPA

    1. Boldin will be a good mentor for some big bodied rookie WRs. (heck, any WR).

      Now if the 49ers retain Whitner they will have more first round BPA flexibility in the draft.

    2. Crabtree has 1 more year. Boldin now has 2. Patton is still something of an unknown.

      Drafting a WR, the most talented position in the draft with possibly the exception of OT, should be a must in round 1 or 2. And they should take a 2nd one later.

  4. 2-3 years, $5-$6 million a year is what I expected. Good to have him back.

    Next order of business – Whitner.

    1. I like Ed alot, Good news their, Hopefully the negative noise around the 49ers will subdue and stability will take over! We can only hope! Has great has Boldin was last year , I ponder if Bill Walsh would have signed him for two years as he was the one that coined the phrase get rid of a player a year too early then a year too late! Plan B any one that had Craig and Lott on it? Lots up in the air! What deal are you speaking of Mr. Jedd? Colin putting on a different color Miam hat?

      1. Walsh never had to deal with the cap. He could let people at any time without having to worry about the money impact. Eddie was a money spigot — always open.

      1. Watkins doesn’t fit Baalke’s long arms fetish. He isn’t even in the top 20 in arm length in the incoming WR class.

        1. You can throw that out the window this year. You want to pump fear into seatle go get this kid.. You want to win a SB that’s how you accomplish that.. He was afraid to give up picks for Gordon, don’t make the mistake again.. Crab and boldin are nice possession recievers but Watkins is on another planet..

          1. No last time he did that he took Patton.. Second if you compare aj Jenkins with Watkins you should stop watching football!

          2. Claude, Gordon has an extensive history of marijuana use since his days at Baylor. If he gets caught again it can be up to a 1 year band.. It had been rumored since the beginning of last year that the niners were talking to the browns about the availability of Gordon.. It did not happen.. I m not the computer savy but there were several articles linking Gordon’s availability last year. Niners had an injured reciever by the name of crabtree. Do you recall? it’s neither here or there but what’s this team is SCREAMING for is a WR that has the ability to take a slant to the house from anywhere on the field.. if the niners want to beat seatle consistently they find that type of WR.. There’s only one that has that kind of rare ability.. S Watkins!

          3. It had been rumored since the beginning of last year that the niners were talking to the browns about the availability of Gordon..

            That doesn’t make it a fact. Who exactly was the source of these rumors?

    1. Needs if Whitner and Brown are signed…

      1) Speed at WR
      2) Depth at O-line, Safety and Quarterback
      3) Runningback
      4) Kicker
      5) SAK/H-Back (too free up McDonald for a more traditional TE role)

  5. This is a smart deal by the Niners for a few reasons. The 6 is less than the 8 Boldin made last year (I think it was 8). So Boldin takes less. But the guaranteed money is smart because it makes Boldin want to take less while the 49ers get more risk. However, Boldin doesn’t get hurt of stay off the field lone (knock on wood). First off all, Boldin doesn’t run fast enough to pull a hammy. You have to run faster than 8.2, 40 to pull leg muscles. But secondly, does anyone remember the hit Boldin took to the face in Arizona that required plastic surgery and Boldin was back playing a week or two later? This is a smart deal for both side. And amid all the turmoil and chaos? Nice work, Paraage.

  6. I like the move- if they develop a receiver for next year to work the outside, perhaps they move him inside anyways alongside Davis.
    I would like to see Whitner signed for 3/15, Wilhoite extended and go w DT/OL/CB early in the draft- my $.02

  7. Well done Niners! Way to get down to bidness. Boldin is a producer, a leader, a winner, and a mature voice in the locker room. Had to keep ‘em, and they did.

    Nice to see a blog without Harbaugh’s name in the headline.

    Boldin also buys time…in the next two years the Niners can draft for their #1 receiver this year, let Crab walk to Dallas for his big contract next year, and develop Patton and/or draft another #2/#3 WR. Keeps the WR group cap hit manageable for 3-4 years to allow room for Kap’s deal.

    Crab @ $12m (you know he wants it) + Boldin @ $6m + High draft choice is too much $$$ for WR group.

    1. Very nice. I like the deal. The big hit will be next year but with the Cap increase next year we shouldn’t feel it as much. That still leaves plenty for Whitner. I really doubt Whitner’s asking top dollar. This team gives the best chance for a ring, its a great defense to be a part of, he’s 29 so better be giving the home-town discount.

      Sign Whitner, restructure Rogers, let Brown walk, sign a CB and WR in the 1st and 2nd, in any paticular order.

  8. Grant:

    The 49ers re-signed Donatell. What does that say about the likelihood of extending Harbaugh’s contract?

      1. Jack:

        Care to expand on that?

        Assuming that it has not already been determined within 49ers HQ that Harbaugh is leaving, Donatell’s re-signing seems to suggest that Killion’s article isn’t fully accurate.

        1. Claude,

          Donatell’s contract had expired at the end of the season, and the 49ers pay their assistants very good. Why leave a positive situation for a lateral move? And by positive I mean one that has won as often as the 49ers over the last three years.

          1. Jack:

            I know the 49ers pay their assistants well, but if Harbaugh is the PITA that Killion’s article suggests he is, or the team is going through as much turmoil as some are suggesting, I would think that Donatell would have second thoughts about re-signing. He seemingly has options.

    1. I would rather resign Brown and let Carlos walk, plus I don’t think he is going to go for having his contract restructured.

  9. Boldin wasn’t going to draw TopTop$ as a FA, but he definitely would’ve drawn interest on a 2 year deal. He chose to stick with SF. That suggests to me:
    1/(oh, yeah $8m guaranteed is good)
    2/ faith the team can contend
    3/ acceptance of the Locker Room
    4/ acceptance of the HC and scheme
    5/ acceptance of the QB

      1. Yes please. If Kaep can’t produce with Crab, Boldin, Davis, a 1st round WR, McDonald and Patton, he’ll never produce.

        1. Exactly. Let him play through the final year of his rookie contract, put weapons all around him, and see if he can take the next step in his development. If he can, then pay him.

  10. great to have Boldin back – he exemplifies the kind of toughness any team needs – but I want some speed, some competent, football-capable speed/strength – to go with him.

  11. My 3 favorite receivers that the 49ers won’t have to trade up for. Befre I get to them, I think the best way to beat Seattle is with speed. Who cares how tall Sherman is if he can’t keep up with the guy he is guarding. Benjamin scares me, he seems like a guy with a lot of talent but will coast through the pros. Plus how big of a difference will he make against Sherman? They are two inches apart in height, well so are the majority of DBs vs WRs. Typical DB is 5’11 and typical WR is 6’1. So having Benjamin seems to garner no advantage against Sherman. Especially if he can’t run past him. So my three favorite WRs.

    Cooks. Obviously he is fast. Just an inch shorter than Becham and much faster. He will be their Percy Harvin without injuries, I hope.

    Mathews. He had a good 40 time that many didn’t expect. My favorite part about him is that he dominated the SEC. He runs great routes and works hard. All this spells like a solid pro. If the Seahawks pick him at 32 I will cry. This guy will be good at the very least IMO.

    Moncrief. If the 49ers go another position then I hope they get Moncrief early in the 3rd. He is big and fast and with low expectations coming in he will have time to develop this coming year, unlike Jenkins.

    What do you guys think?

    1. I would rather have Beckham than Cooks. Cooks is a fast alright but he goes down too easy. Beckham is a very decisive runner and you can’t just arm tackle him. Beckham has longer arms than Cooks (about 2 inches) is good across the middle and is a decent blocker. I like Moncrief and Mathews, but give the edge to Moncrief.

      1. I like Beckham but the 9ers will have to trade up to get him. My choices were guys that most likely be around at 30.

      2. Beckham, Robinson, Matthews. Beckham you probably would want to trade up a bit for to be certain of getting him. Robinson and Matthews are both great big-body WR prospects, but I give the edge to Robinson – exceptional short area quickness and movement for a guy his size.

        Moncrief has lots of physical talent and would be a nice late 2nd/ early 3rd pick up.

        1. You can forget Robinson Scooter. He isn’t even in the top 20 of the incoming WR class in term of arm length.

          1. You can forget about Robinson not because of the arm length but his style of play.. He is similar to Crabtree and boldin.. Possession reciever. You are over thinking this arm length.. That might be true about offensive line man and the defensive players but I don’t think it applies to the offensive skill positions. Just my opinion.

          2. Crabtree is gone after this coming season. I find it hard to imagine they’ll be able to keep him. Getting a guy that plays a very similar game to him would seem to make sense to me CK.

            MidWest, why does Baalke like long arms? Because it helps players shed, disengage and keep players from getting into their body. It is far more important for DL, LBs and OL. It can also be very useful for DBs to give them more reach when trying to deflect a pass, but not critical. If it was Chris Culliver and his 31 1/4″ arms never would have been drafted by the 49ers in the 3rd round.

            While also useful for a receiver to increase catching radius, it is definitely not as important as for the above positions. 32″ arms are plenty long enough for a 6’2″ – 6’3″ WR.

          3. Scooter, you are assuming Crabtree is a goner. I think he is a huge priority for the niners.. They will resign him before iupati. His relationship alone with CK will get him a contract extension..

          4. Not sure who that was in response to MidWest, but that wasn’t much of a response. Both CK and I gave you valid points about arm length and its importance at different positions. Why are we overthinking it? Because Baalke said he likes long arms (or long levers as he likes to put it)?

            In the words of Baalke.

            “I like long arms. Last year’s draft should tell you that. Length’s important. It’s important in every sport. Aldon Smith, great leverage player because you can’t get to him. He’s 36-inch arm length. All of the guys last year on the D-line were 34 or more. I think it’s an important trait. It’s a trait that’s hard to find. If you look at this this year’s measurements, you’re not going to find many players in this year’s draft that are 34-plus arm length regardless of position. O-line, D-line, linebacker, so it is a trait we certainly look at.”

            Pay particular attention to the last sentence.

          5. CK, maybe you are right and they keep Crabtree. But I think it is unlikely. Too many other player’s contracts will be due in the next year or two. With Boldin now signed for another 2 years, I think they will look to draft Crabtree’s replacement this year.

          6. Scooter, you could be right. You defently don’t lack for football knowledge. I just think this past year was a perfect example of how important he was. I mean if we are going to pay CK big money, you would think signing Crabtree would be priority number 2.. I would place Aldon at number 2 but we can control him for an additional year.. Iupati is as good as gone.. He wants 50+ mil.. You can’t justify that for a guard but you can for a playmaker like Crabtree. Plus I think CK going to him in consecutive seasons with SBs on the line could persuade him to resign! Just some thoughts on that subject.. I could be off though but it’s still fun to pass time until free agency kicks off.

          7. I do know why Scooter. Those long arms can also be useful for a RB in pass protection and stiff arming a defender.

          8. Yes, useful for a RB in some situations too. I doubt Baalke would exclude drafting a RB because he has short arms though. Actually I can just use history to demonstrate it – LMJ had 30 1/4″ arms.

            Long arms are important for DL, OL and LBs. Long arms can be useful for other positions but not important.

  12. Grant, you said “a healthy Crabtree and a 1st round pick a the 3rd WR” .

    I’m curious who you think the Niners should try to get in the 1st round?

        1. Grant,

          Here’s a poll quetsion for you:

          “If you take away the final four years of Boldin’s career, will he be a HOFer?”

          You’re right, if Boldin doesn’t play another game he has no shot at the HOF, but what’s your point? Barring something unforseen, Boldin is playing more games, perhaps four seasons’ worth (his stated goal).

          I don’t really care, one way or the other, if Boldin gets into the HOF, your comment just didn’t read well.

  13. Per mike florio from profootball Jim haurbaugh states there is NO way he coached any where but in San Francisco in the next 2 years.. He also states he never wanted more power or be the highest paid coach in the nfl.. Expect an extension in may after the draft fellas…

      1. Yup! And now there is an extensive interview with banks from sports illustrated.. Jim said how much he approciates and respects the money organization.. Saying him and Balke are like brothers that want the best for the franchise.. If I knew how to link it I would !

  14. Grant, what up brother! How come you do not report on Boldin’s comment about the locker room and how all players get along with the head coach! Is this story not too juicy for this blog anymore? Do we only report on faults and opportunities these days.

    I did not get a chance to respond to your comments about signing Jim Harbaugh earlier but it is hilarious that you suggest for this organization to get rid of Jim H. Your opinion is not validated with reason or facts and appears to be more personal based on emotional bias. Jim H is one of the best things that happened to our organization despite not winning the big games. I personally would rather have Jim H as our head coach than some other coach that has not proven to be a successful coach consistently.

    1. @Chicago49er took the words right out of my mouth! grant never seems to put anything “good” on about our squad.

  15. I believe Boldin, generally speaking. I’m sure there are guys like La Micheal James who aren’t happy with Harbaugh. Brandon Jacobs left the 49ers pissed off. On any roster there are guy who aren’t happy with their current role because it’s not what they envisioned for themselves at the start of the season. This is why Harbaugh preaches team and makes ‘em all wear blue collar jerseys so the mentality is right. But you’re always going to have guys who don’t completely buy in or don’t like their current roles enough to talk to the press about it. I’m betting LaMicheal James talked to Killion, and if I was Harbaugh I wouldn’t be pissed about it if it was James. In my opinion, Harbaugh, to the players, is like Mike Sam. What’s the standard answer everyone gives when asked about Sam in their locker? “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Christian, gay, etc – it’s about how you do your job.” And Harbaugh’s done one of the best jobs over 3 years that any coach in the NFL has ever done. Ever. Find me a first three year head coach in the NFL who’s done more? Players respect results and Harbaugh’s gotten results.

    I do, however, believe for Harbaugh to be sustainable as a ten year or longer head coach with the 49ers that he needs to continue to evolve as a head coach, but I think the recent controversy will make him continue to adapt and lighten up. “Who’s got it better than us,” is more tired than Grant’s sponsors.

  16. This is a great signing for us! We haven’t had stability at WR in a long time and having two solid options on either side of the field is what we’ve needed. Let’s see how Q.Patton develops over the offseason, plus we’ll add a talented (and hopefully speedy) WR in the draft. Kaep better get some commanding wins through the air this year, or the writing’s on the wall for him.

    With all of the talk about “windows closing to win super bowls” this team is stacked with talent right now! We’ve got veterans that are producing as well as sever 2nd/3rd yr players who should’ve been 1st/2nd round picks that we got at bargain picks. If things pan out the right way, we’ll be dominant

  17. I think this is a great signing. Boldin and Crabs and Vernon could turn out to be a very fine receive corps without the speed. All three of them require double coverage and defenses can not do that. Boldin has quickly ascending to one of my favorite receivers to play for the Niners. His attitude is very much Jerry Rice like, but a little more flamboyant.

  18. Grant,

    I posed a question to you earlier in the post hen you alluded to the Niners picking a WR in the 1st round. Again I ask, Which WR would YOU like to see them draft in the first round?

  19. Don’t sleep on Martavious Bryant. Tall and fast. Skinny, but will add weight. A fast Plaxico Burris. Huge Moncrief fan, but I bet he’s shooting up the boards. He’s a second rounder by now.

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