Report: Colin Kaepernick wants to play for the Jets, not the 49ers

Colin Kaepernick apparently wants out. According to the New York Daily News, Kaepernick wants to play for the New York Jets, not the San Francisco 49ers.

Why do you think Kaepernick wants to leave the Niners? Are you surprised he doesn’t want to play for head coach Chip Kelly? Do you think Kaepernick will pass his physical on April 1? Do you think the 49ers can trade him to the Jets, or do you think the Niners will end up cutting Kaepernick?

Please explain your answers.

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  1. How validated is the source? Why would he want to play here? Broken trust? His jerseys being put on clearance, leaks from the organization, his own fall from stardom? His coach is gone and his reputation smeared. I could see a little appeal of Kelly using him, there’s a lot we don’t see or know behind the scenes.

    The Jet’s are just a QB from being in the playoffs. I doubt we have the talent unless TB breaks the bank in FA this year to compete in the NFCW.

    1. I would call it credible. He is also dating Aldon’s ex, Nessa, who happens to work for MTV and live in NYC. Kawakami/BASG and others have pointed to this potentially happening for awhile now.

      1. I’m not a big TMZ drama fan and don’t really buy into that junk. Seems like it doesn’t help him to leak this now unless he’s really hoping to get out of town.

      2. Wilsonm73,
        And don’t forget that having Kap play behind a matador OL was a recipe for failure. A healthy Gabbert only performed marginally better than Kap with an improving OL – but still far from quality.

        Far too many changes in the 2015 season. It was a season straight out of the old comic strip “Bizarro.” Hopefully Kap can find his grove elsewhere if need be.

        If the NYJets really want CK then lets get a late rd pick in return.

        1. Yup. Baalke is screwed, and it could not happen to a more deserving person. Jed did not part ways with the leaker, and he deserves this fate, too. Niners have lost all leverage, and may be forced to cut him with no compensation.
          Well the good news is that Kaep will not go to the Rams and get to play the Niners twice a year.

          1. Seb, the Niners never had leverage. There isn’t a trade market for Kap with his current contract. It was structered in a way to give the team a way to get out from under his contract without much of a penalty, if he didn’t pan out.

            Colin new the terms. And Colin has already lost a large portion of the locker room. It’s time to move on, and draft a Goff or Lynch.

            1. Well, they might have gotten a second round pick for him. Before Chip was hired, they were talking about a 6th rounder.
              Now, I agree, zip zero, nada.

              1. I very much doubt there was a market to trade Kap, with his contract, and get anywhere near a second round pick in return. Perhaps a conditional 4th or 5th, dependent on Kap winning a starting job, which is no guarantee.

                As for this rumor. Seems to me, that since thisnrumor originated out of NY, it most likely could have been leaked in order to create leverage for the Jets negotiations with Fitz. I’m

              2. Fitzpatrick did not lead them to the playoffs. Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record and was 5 yards from winning a SB and 1 pass from returning the next year. Jets will consider a healthy Kaep as a big upgrade.

        2. I didn’t forget AES, I wasn’t interested in calling fire down on my head. I always thought it was strange that they played Pears and Devey so long and then finally switched to Tiller and Kilgore came in late in the year. Jack posted some stats so the line improvement was marginal for BG. This was terrible coaching and talent level. I’d love to see Newton or Wilson play in that system with the offense. They might be marginally better but after a while all QB’s break down on a team like this.

      3. MiSF,
        If Kap wants to go to NY to be with his girlfriend, I question his commitment to football.
        On the other hand, the NYJets are primed for a fresh start at the QB position and so is CK.

        1. Wilson, I would be ecstatic if that is true, but seeing all the leaks and backstabbing just makes the rumor all the more believable.
          Maybe if Baalke gets off his rear end and re-signs Boone, maybe Kaep will think that some of the promise to retain veteran talent is kept.

    2. I remember another QB in a similar situation, who stuck with the team and took a pay cut to do so, he was pretty successful, still is. But that’s a man with character, class, maturity, and devotion.

      1. Chris H,
        Lest we forget, there was also a new headcoach that practically begged said QB to remain with the team.

        Don’t think CK is receiving the same treatment from this new headcoach.

        1. I know of no communication between CK1 and CK2…has there been any?

          Don’t recall them begging…it was an option if a contract could be restructured and it was…that QB rightfully believed a new coach could help him after being punching bag of the team, he wasn’t treated great, but he had the winning attitude unlike this guy.

          I dunno just saw similar situations with different character….JMO.

          1. My recollection was that the leaks made Kaep look like he studied 4 to 5 times less than Gabbert. Kaep was upset about the leaks. Tomsula found out who the leaker was and left the team facility. Marathe was demoted and Tomsula came back. Jed then tried to paint it as a lateral move, and did not part with Marathe. Jed went back on his promise, and now Kaep will leave this clown show.

          2. Harbaugh took the helm in throes of a NFLPA lockout. Resolution/Agreement didn’t come until the end of July thereby nullifying meetings and OTA’s with coaches and players – hence, Camp Alex I and II.

            Yes, I would say that the FO/Harbaugh practically begged Alex to stay on during this shaky episode.
            Completely situation than what Kap is facing today.

            But as far as pure class; I wholeheartedly agree, it defines Alex Smith.

            1. Id say giving him the teams playbook when he wasn’t under contract was a sign of “begging” and also by that point he had literally 0 suitors after having been beaten out by JTO’sullivan and hill the previous years

    3. I think this is the best news I’ve heard yet. Enough of Kaep let the Jets have him. They are built around the running game and a strong D. Kaep is not the answer. I don’t know why everyone thinks Kelly wants Kaep because Kelly’s press conference was the time for him to talk up Kaep and he didn’t want to talk about him offering lame excuses as to why. Trade up for Goff. He might not be ready to win right away but he’s more polished than Mariota or Winston. He’s super accurate and maybe didn’t play under center but he can throw the ball down field with accuracy. That college O may be a gimmick but it wasn’t dink and dunk.

  2. Off season made up journalism. Read a few days ago some goof ball wrote 49ers owner and coach fight over QB future. That’s based on chip praising kap and gabbert while York was effusive in his praise of Kap. What’s going on with journalism these days, fabricating stories for clicks. Smh

  3. The Jets were not on my radar for landing CK spots.

    If the “source” is (or is close to) Kaepernick, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Why?

    A player that openly has friction with his current employer is worth less in a trade than a relatively (for being benched) happy player. Ironically, this glues CK to the 49ers if they can’t trade him.

    It rarely pays to badmouth (even subtly) your own organization, or other members of your organization. That goes for coaches and management too.

  4. With the various uncertainties this past season and in particular at offensive line at center and the rotation of starters at RG, I am not surprised that Kaep may be wanting to make a move and get a fresh start.

  5. To be honest I think it is best for everyone for him to leave. So I hope it is true. He probably will just be released, but maybe the 49ers can wrangle one or more lower round picks for him.

    Bring in RGIII and draft a QB.

        1. I like Kap but it might be best for both parties if he moved.on. Maybe we can get jets 1 st. Rd. pick for him. The only QB I might pick at 7. Is goff . In lower rounds. I would also draft. Vernon Adams or sign as FA. I like him . If he was 6’3. Instead of 5’11. Would probably be top 10 pick. More accurate than Kap. Comparable. To. Russell W

          1. The reason I would draft Goff He was starter day 1. Didn’t have a lot of support around him . Like Brady doesn’t have QB body also like.Brady Joe Montana is his idol . He wants to play for niners

          2. Browns Cowboys Chargers Rams Eagles Texans Bears all need QBs or backup QBs. Adams will be long gone before he becomes a FA, especially after throwing 3 TDs in his last game.

      1. Well, it looks like the Niners are going to draft a QB. Goff sounds like the logical choice since Browns seem to want Wentz.

            1. I’d also pic up kohlhausen. TCu QB that beat Oregon in bowl gm when V Adams went out with injury . He started be cuz Tyron boykins. Couldn’t play. No risk be cuz I’d take him 6-7 rd or FA

        1. Don’t leave out Christian Hackenberg. Good athlete that was put in a system for which he was not a great fit at Penn St. He is very talented so he might be a steal in the mid to late rounds.

    1. Ditto. And it’s about time. He subbed for Smith, had a great game, and immediately talked like the team was his. Smith has KC on the uphill, and niners need to get rid of Colin if they want to do the same.

  6. Why do you think Kaepernick wants to leave the Niners? – He knows he won’t be the starter in SF… or he knows Kelly demands much better accuracy (accuracy he doesn’t have)… or he’s just sour at 49er management in general… or he knows he’s lost the respect of (some) of his teammates.

    Are you surprised he doesn’t want to play for head coach Chip Kelly? – No. Chip Kelly’s a 49er coach.

    Do you think Kaepernick will pass his physical on April 1? – No. I think CK wants a hefty injury settlement, and the freedom to shop himself to any team he wants to.

    Do you think the 49ers can trade him to the Jets? – I think the 49ers are less able to organize a trade now that CK is leaking he’s unhappy. CK doesn’t want to be traded. He wants to be released with a big injury settlement.

    There are alot of CK trade rumors. One involves the Browns. This might be all about short circuiting a trade with the Browns (or some other team) because he’d rather play somewhere else.

    Bottom line.. CK wants more control/input on where he’s winds up… and that $12m 2016 pay too.

    1. He also screwed the Niners. He cannot be traded to another team, and he is forcing them to accept less from the Jets because they have all the cards.
      Thanks Jed. Another brilliant repercussion of your incompetent leadership.

        1. I will miss him, and will miss having a chance to get back to the playoffs for the next few years. Sounds like we are in for a total rebuild mode.

          1. The guy reach his sealingl. Every NFL team defense made their adjustment how to play Kaepernick. And Kaepernick couldn’t make an adjustment, the 49ers stout defense and good running games and offensive line covered his deficiency is history.

            1. Ceiling. Now that Kaep has a decent O line that will protect him instead of a sieve that allowed him to be sacked 80 times, and 2 really good WRs, Kaep will shine.

              1. I disagree with you that Kap will shine with the Jets. This guy doesn’t have the quality of a smart pocket passer and he lack the smart. He showed some of his running and throwing ability in his early days with the niners But those things he possess isn’t enough for him to be a quality QB in the NFL.

              2. OK. Your opinion. My opinion is that with an O line that does not give up 80 sacks, Kaep will return to his Super Bowl form.

              3. I disagree Seb. Gabbert had the same line until the last two games and wasn’t sacked as much as Kaepernick. I am not excusing the line play, but using it to hide Kaepernick’s deficiencies is quite a stretch.

  7. Well, Kaep, I do not blame you at all for wanting to leave. Thank you for your service and Godspeed.
    You gave me many thrills, like your GB game when you torched them for 181 yards rushing, a playoff record. Getting 5 yards from winning it all may be a bittersweet memory, but at least you made the Niners relevant again. Some of your passes were jaw dropping, and I do not know many other QBs who could have made those throws. You will going to a tough town, but that team only lacks a playoff QB. It does have a stout O line that you were deprived of while at the Niners. The Jets also have a solid Defense, unlike the Niner sieve.
    I am kinda bummed because I thought you would thrive in a Chip Kelly offense, but alas, that is not to be.

    1. Seb,
      Put away the tissue and turn off the old Lenny Welsh song “Since I Fell For You” – nothin’s been set in stone yet bud.

      1. You can put your fingers in your ears and trill LaLa La. This is totally expected and just dooms the Niners to be in another total rebuild mode. I think Jeds new strategy will be to deliberately lose games in a quest to get the first pick in the draft.

        1. Seb,
          Nope, Uncle Eddie won’t let him stoop to that level. Let’s face it, we could blame Kap’ regression to a myriad of things, but I don’t see the team (49er) forking out huge greenbacks to a QB who’s game is in limbo.
          Too much money for to big a risk.

          1. AES, I actually am starting to think Baalke told Tomsula that if he won the last game, he would be fired because they wanted the third pick. Tomsula went out and won the game just to shove it in their faces, and was let go.

              1. No kidding. Seb is seriously overthing this. It’s all a grand conspiracy. Seb, take a chill pill. Nothing has changed in the last 24 hrs. Kap is under contract. He doesn’t play somewhere else next season unless the 49ers say he can.

                If Kap is foolish enough to walk away from $11.5 million, and the best opportunity to ressurect his career, then he’s a fool, and I wouldn’t want him to stick around.

              2. New York city is every players dream, especially one that is trying to restart his career. The exposure, the endorsement deals, the opportunity to play for a power run team where he does not have to think too much.

              3. 49, the Niners could cut him tomorrow, and claim they wanted to save cap space.
                Jed himself admitted that losing is not a bad thing because the more you lose, the better the draft position. I am just taking Jed at his word.
                This season, Jed’s master plan may be to go for the number one pick in the draft, since it is such a good thing to him.

              4. FDM, the Jets have the 2nd best rushing defense and the 4th overall defense. They have a stout O line, no turnstiles. They have a good coaching staff, not some Browns rejects or an OC who is content not to call the plays. If they re-sign Ivory and franchise tag Wilkerson, they will have essentially the same team as last year.
                Fitz threw 3 ints in his last game and failed to make the playoffs. A healthy Kaep with his playoff records would look really good to them.

              5. Prime, you like to engage in schadenfreude. I am not going to cry, because I saw this coming from a mile away. I hope you will support this team when once again they will struggle to win 5 games.
                I expect Kaep to do very well now he has a good team to lead, and I hope he wins multiple rings. He will not prevent the Niners from winning a SB, because the Niners will not sniff the playoffs for years.

              6. On that note Seb take your tears and go cheer for the Jets or whom ever that guy ends up playing for! Please do us all a favour and stop the crying!

  8. After two years of not having more than 2 to three seconds to throw the pass one can’t blame kap if he’s had enough of being blamed and told he has lost is ability too Quarterback. As I said on one of your other blogs Baalke suffers too draft offensive ball players not in the first round. Just two offensive linemen (Kilgore and Trenton Brown) have played with good success. Personally I’m tired of no line play it has cost us too decent head coaches.

  9. I think he knows he is not going to start. And the niners are going to draft a young stud. Lets face facts. Blaine out played CK with no running backs or tightends.

    1. Blain got to play behind Kilgore, Tiller, Brown and Staley. Kap had Devey and Pears, Vernon Davis and a hurt Carlos Hyde. Funny how selective people’s memories are when it comes to Kap. Gabbert is a lesser version of Alex Smith. Kap led this Franchise to the SB and an NFCCG…I won’t believe it til Kap himself confirms it.

  10. That’s pretty funny. If Kaepernick’s mom had a problem with the things Señor Cohn wrote about her son, imagine how she’d feel reading what the NY writers would write. They’ll tear him to shreds.

          1. I don’t see a trade happening on the account that the Jets only have six picks in the upcoming draft.

  11. Here’s one Jets fan’s comments on PFT:

    jeyeeteesjetsjetsjets says:

    Feb 2, 2016 7:50 PM

    Please God let this NOT be true. WE WERE JUST STARTING TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!!!

    I think I’m going to be sick.

    1. LOL, the Jets only have Geno Smith on their roster. Fitzpatrick is a FA. Smith will not lead them to the playoffs. His leadership skills are non existent.

  12. At the end of the day, I think the Niners being able to free themselves of that contract is a big thing. Roll with Gabbert next year and draft a QB.

    1. If Kaepernick restructures his contract, then the report that he wants out is accurate. Only way a trade will happen….

  13. I think he wants to leave because he doesn’t trust them. They lied about resigning players,rumors of him being next to go after Harbaughs firing,they bench him,and then put his jerseys on sale as if he wasn’t with the team and on sale by the 11th week of season. Am I surprised he doesn’t want to play for Chip…Yes,but it isn’t Chip he has a issue with. I do believe he won’t pass his physical.They will not cut him but will either trade him to Jets for less than he is worth or redo his contract. In all honesty,this is more about his contract now as he tried to be a team player and got railroaded.

  14. Kaep will have Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to throw to. If the Jets re-sign Ivory and franchise tag Wilkerson, they could improve on the 4th ranked defense and 10 ranked offense. Fitzpatrick was 15th ranked and did not lead them into the playoffs.
    Kaep will have to face Brady twice a year, but he gets out of facing Seattle and the Cards 4 times a year.

    1. No, no, everyone on this site has declared the read option to be a gimmick. I think it is forbidden to be used in the league.

      1. You mean the guy who yelled- ‘I am losing my Freakin cool’ on national television?
        Then dives head first into the end zone?

  15. How delicious. Now I know why Jed was praising Kaep to the high heavens. Well Jed., what goes around comes around. Too bad you did not take my advice. Allowing leaks and not parting with the leaker, just makes this a delicious irony.

    1. I am too lazy to look it up, but I thought you disagreed with the sentiment that Baalke was the leaker. If I remember correctly we disagreed that the Marathe was the leaker.

      Regardless, the loss of Kaepernick means very little to SF in 2016 or 2017. They still needed a QB to sit behind the starter and there isn’t a day 1 NFL starter in the 2016 draft.

              1. Hmm, no team will offer more than a pizza for him because Kaep wants to play for the Jets. Jets will just sit back and wait. They have no incentive to try and trade for him, because once Kaep is cut, he can negotiate with anyone with no compensation. Niners are screwed, because they cannot force him to play against his will.

  16. Kaep is good running back at his best. He can not throw precise passes and can not anticipate where is WRs will be at in next 3-5 seconds. No skills to throw short passes, slants or deep passes. Absolutely with no brain to make good decisions. He is best suited as a second stringer. Most likely he will end-up playing backup QB in Carlina.

    1. Go ahead, believe that fantasy. Kaep, behind that stout O line and with Decker and Marshall to throw to, will light up the league. With the second ranked rushing defense, it will be like the 2012 Niners.

      1. Gee …

        I dunno what to say …

        Right about now …
        I feel like … h-mmm… dumb ..!

        You see … I am a proud owner
        of not one … but TWO .. of the
        most worthless NFL jerseys I can think of …

        A Vernon Davis (rookie) … and .. yes ..

        A Colin Kaepernick …

        So … do you think my Patrick Willis one
        makes up for the other two ?

  17. If he wants to go so be it. I think Blaine will fit into Kelly’s offense better for the reason his ability with the touch pass is better. Grab Adams in the fifth round and just maybe Dylan Thompson might work out.

    1. I don’t think either of those QB’s are a good fit for Kelly’s system. Thompson was awful in preseason and Gabbert would frustrate the crap out of Kelly since he wouldn’t even look for the downfield throws at times. He wouldn’t take advantage the run game would give the offense having an extra guy in the box giving his receivers man coverage.

  18. I don’t think it has anything to do with football or his contract. The thing that always stood out to me about Kap is how his birth mother went to every home game of his college career and sat in the stands to watch him play but he refused to meet her. None of that is anybody’s business, but what it tells me is he is capable of holding a scathing grudge. I think he feels betrayed and his psychology is such that betrayal is simply not forgivable.

    Pure speculation, of course.

    1. Maybe as a young boy, the adopted parents tried to keep her involved in his life, but she declined to do so. Now that he is famous, she all of a sudden wants back in his life. Those early years defined her place with him.
      Just pure speculation on my part.

      1. Well, it is the offseason after all. If we can’t matriculate, might as well speculate.

        That’s actually an interesting angle that I had not considered. It would ruin my psychological theory though.

        1. Kaepernick is entitled to handle the events of his adoption in his own personal way.
          Only a person that has been adopted can truly make their own choice as to whether they want to or feel the need to meet their paternal parents.
          I have no problem with Kap leaning either way on this.

    2. The woman who gave birth to Colin lives in Denver. She must be loaded if she could afford to go to all of Colin’s home college games. She certainly has been looking for attention once Colin became news.

      Colin has a mother, father, and siblings who have been with him for all but five weeks of his life. The other lady cut Colin off a second time when he was seven.

        1. Its OK, the truth is best. Some folks like to slam Kaep for that, but people who know, understand the situation. I too, hope someday that Kaep will forgive her. Maybe after his playing days are over and he has less fame. Then she might appreciate him as a person instead of taking advantage of his celebrity status.

      1. What else do we have to do ..about now ..?

        What with being a couple days before TWO OTHER
        teams will be playin’ in our house …

        It’ll be sad to see another logo on the 50 ..
        and knowing that the Niners are not in it …

        it’s all The Jedsters fault !!

        “…. We coulda been contenders …”

        1. You know what, in this unique context I think a losing season is preferable to coming up just painfully short. Can you imagine how nauseating it would be if the Niners had just lost to Seattle and the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl right now? I just threw up on my keyboard.

  19. I think Kaepernick wants out after the way the organization had treated him this past season which has resulted in him not being able to trust York or Baalke. Why else would he wait until as late he could to have his surgeries away from the team’s facility?
    I’m not surprised that he doesn’t want to play in Kelly’s system because even with all of the hoopla about a mobile QB being able to thrive in Kelly’s sysytem, that said system also requires an accurate QB which is not Kaepernick’s forte.
    Kaepernick will probably not pass his physicals on April 1st thanks in part to his surgeries which means the joke’s on York and Baalke for believing they had Kaepernick in a tight spot.
    Finally, I believe the team will be forced to cut him despite his contract being guaranteed for the year mainly because they don’t need a $100 million backup. A trade with the Jets is also out of the question because of Kaepernick’s contract and the Jets’ limited tradable pieces.

    1. Knowing that there are a lot of guys with more current football knowledge than me, I usually just watch what is being said. But since we’re all speculating let me jump in the fray. When the 49ers negotiated Kaep’s new contract they (it was probably Paarag) represented that if he cooperated with a team friendly contract, they would use it to build around him. Be a team player because we’re all in this together. We all know how that went. Jed used the money to fatten his bank account and the players brought in, especially the o-linemen, stunk up the joint. Then Kaep gets benched. Somewhere along the line a conversation like this took place: Kaep (to his agent): “You heard that I’ve been benched. They’re apparently blaming me for everything”. Agent: “I told you that this is a mean business and that you should not agree to trust them with the bs they were serving when you signed your extension.” Kaep: “Yeah, I get it. What do we do now?” Agent: “Are you going to do what I tell you or are you going to still believe in the Tooth Fairy” Kaep: “I trust you and will do exactly what you tell me.” Every move Kaep has made, has been dictated by his Agent, who he should have listened to in the first place. (IMO the agent is the leaker) This is all engineered to make HIM as marketable as possible to whoever wants and will pay him the most over the long run. Jed’s bs about him competing is only spin to try to make him amenable to a contract modification that get’s the 49ers past April 1. The Agent is smart enough to know that Jed cannot be trusted and Kaep should move on in order to maximize his value and put himself in the best position to succeed. Right now, Kaep is in the best position to argue that he is still of elite quality (and 100 percent healthy after the three surgeries and rehab) to the right team and only the moves of the dishonest and incompetent 49er coaches and front office have knocked him off course. IMHO, Kaep needs (and should want) to go where someone truly wants him to compete and again become a winner. Jed wants to manipulate him again so that Kaep’s monetary value is maximized to the 49ers, just like when they hoodwinked him into signing the contract extension. My sense is the agent believes like we all should: Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

      1. Whine, I wholeheartedly agree that his agent leaked Kaep’s displeasure of the owner and GM. but Marathe leaked the study habits and Baalke leaked that Tomsula would be fired before the last game.

      2. Except Jed didn’t use the money to “fatten his bank account” because the 49ers maxed out their salary cap, right? Whether they used that money saved thanks to Kap’s team friendly deal, is a different story.

        So that part of the narrative is just stupid. Seriously, you guys needs to think before you post. You’re way over thinking these things.

        And one more thing. If Colin was such a great QB, as Seb believes he is, there would be a huge market for him, and the Niners would have no trouble trading him. Wouldn’t they? In fact, the majority of NFL insiders believe Colin is a broken QB, immature, introverted, and not a strong leader. They feel like he simply doesn’t process what he sees on the filed fast enough, and that he hasn’t done his best to clean up his mechanics. Does Seb want to argue that Colin’s footwork isn’t lazy? That he seems more interested in his 40 yard dash times, and how great his biceps look, and less interested in becoming that leader, and fixing his mechanical flaws?

        I hope the best for Colin, but I’ll be honest. For whatever reason, Colin hasn’t taken then next step in his development. And he certainly hasn’t figured out a way to be a strong leader in the locker room and in the huddle. And most of that is on him.

        1. Whether they used the money wisely is a different story. But Jed certainly didn’t pocket the money they saved on his contract. That’s absolutely sillly to suggest.

        2. Kaep’s footwork is lazy? He was sacked 80 times. He did not have time to be lazy when he did not have more than a nanosecond to look downfield. Kaep also used his lazy feet to escape being sacked another 50 times.
          Dissing an injured player is poor form. Kaep needed 3 surgeries. Kaep played while injured and the team doctors tried to hide his injuries, or downplayed them even though they were severe enough to warrant surgery.

          1. Yes, his footwork is lazy. Constantly throwing off his back foot. That’s simply a fact. If you want argue his footwork got lazy because he was under constant durress, fine. That’s really not an excuse for all of the times he threw off his back foot, even in a clean pocket.

            Listen, I like the guy. I think CK is a good kid, with a it heart. And I wouldn’t call him lazy, he certainly works his body hard. I’m just not sure he is committed to the little details, like footwork, having the correct base. And, he simply isn’t a natural team leader. Which is fine when things are going well and the team is winning, but when you’re not getting to the postseason, it becomes a detriment.

            And NY is a tough place. If the rumors are true. The fact that Kap would rather run away, than stand toe to toe with Blaine and fight for his job back, prove the naysayers wrong, seeing that he has a new coach and a system that he seems well suited for, when he stands to make $11.5 million, tells me a lot.

            1. I started my post by saying that I usually just watch while a lot of guys who are smarter than me post information that I enjoy reading. So there is no misunderstanding, I don’t need 49 reasons to know that you are not one of them. The essence of my post is that I see a very small probability that the 49ers exercise their option to keep Kaep under contract on April 1. You don’t pay someone that kind of money to “compete” for a position on the team. Also, I cannot believe that Kaep’s agent went along with the team friendly contract without warning him that it was not what he would recommend. If I am wrong about that, whoever his agent is should be looking for another line of work. Run your mouth all you want but I stand my position. When I am wrong, that would be the time to point it out. If you have to demean others to make your point there are many more than 49 reasons why you are a loser.

              1. You are free to have your opinion, however it doesn’t make it fact. If you think Jed would rather pocket $10 million, than win, you need your head examined. If you were paying attention last off season, you would realize why the team had a cap surplus. It was because 4 players retired unexpectadly. The team was actually square up against the cap before Patrick, AD, and Borland retired unexpectadly. And when Aldon was released, it rose to $13 million. However, free agency was long over by that time. They also had had injury settlements, and only 51 players signed. The final figure was right around $10 million in cap space. FYI, there were an extraordinary number of players who were schedule to become free agents after the season, and they chose wisely, to give themselves a small cushion. If the right player had been available, and they felt like he was a guy who made sense to sign, and could help them win games, of course they would have done it. The idea that Jed would rather pocket a little extra money, as opposed to winning games is ludicrous. If they had spent the money just because it was available to spend, they would have less to spend this off season. That’s the way it works, and they way circumstances evolved last off season.

                So I’ll say it again, so you don’t misunderstan. Believing that the extra 10 million in salary cap space was somehow tied to Jed wanting a little extra spending money, IS JUST PLAIN STUPID, and not an informed statement.

              2. And, furthermore. You can call Jed many things, but the guy is hardly a cheapskate. He paid Hqrbaugh’s staff more than market value. Jim’s assistants were some of the highest paid in the entire league. And they just gave Chip a rediculously huge contract, bigger than most people who cover these things assumed Chip’s market value was worth, even while continuing to pay Tomsula millions and millions he has left on his contract.

                So yah, when people come on this forum, and say things althat are simply untrue, I have no problem calling them out on it. People who know Jed, know he isn’t a penny pincher, and neither was his uncle.

                So, when I read you guys making false claims about things you really know very little about, it bothers me. You have a right, as a fan, and as an American, to like or dislike whoever you want. You just don’t get to make up your own facts. That’s where I come in.

              3. And, furthermore. You can call Jed many things, but the guy is hardly a cheapskate. He paid Hqrbaugh’s staff more than market value. Jim’s assistants were some of the highest paid in the entire league.

                Which means what exactly? I’m pretty sure the Dolphins or any other team would have paid Harbaugh and his assistants the same if not more back 2011. The difference is that the other teams probably wouldn’t have been as stupid in letting Harbaugh and his assistants go simply because he was hard to get along with.

  20. I believe after all the leaks from the 49ers camp this offseason Kap let one out on his own so people can see his side. When it is all said and done I think he will be the starter week 1 next of the 2016 season. Why?

    1.) A trade to the Jets doesn’t seem very likely. Do Brandon Marshall and Decker want Kapernick? I don’t think so after the way they played with Fitzpatrick

    2.) At this point he is guaranteed his salary. I don’t think he’s going to sit out a season because he wants to play for a different team. He’s a competitor a football player and just wants to be out there having fun.

    I think he’s jabbing back after the 49ers front office jabbed at him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boone quickly resigned to help settle the boiling water. Grant I beleive you wrote the article about who Kaepernick was close with in the locker room. You mentioned he ate with Staley and Boone everyday. Maybe he got wind that Boone was not going to be resigned and that is part of his motivation to have his rumor leaked.

    1. Do remember Fitzpatrick lost their playoff game by throwing late INT’s. He’s been really mediocre every where he’s been and hasn’t lasted but a season or so in any location. I wouldn’t think people are thrilled with any of these QB’s.

        1. Well, they did not make the playoffs this year, so some fans were disappointed after such a good start. That is the success they lack.

          1. It also doesn’t make sense they would take on a contract like is increasing every year, when they seem to be having a hard time fitting Wilkerson into their payroll. A trade to the Jets doesn’t make any sense that is why I believe Kapernick will be the 49ers starter week 1.

              1. The rumors have been for so long that he was gone. Dating back to last year even. That’s why the 21st century operates its all about rumors and social media. Trust me when it all cools down. All you will be hearing is about how well Kaepernick is fitting into the new offense and how Baalke saved his job by signing free agents for the defense.

            1. James,

              Don’t forget that CK’s contract is guaranteed for injury only. He can be cut after any year, at no cost. Trading a mid/late pick for CK might be a good gamble for a team desperate for a QB. They would see in the first year if CK was rebounding, if so, they keep him, if not, they could cut him lose.

              QB’s that led a team to multiple post seasons and have a winning playoff record don’t grow on trees. This is not to say that I think the 49ers should keep CK (I’m also not sure that shouldn’t), but that his resume could tempt QB needy teams.

              1. Ex too many fans are mesmerized by what #7 did almost 3 years ago. It’s a what have you done lately league. Add the fact he has regressed as a overall football player, now is the perfect time to trade him!

              2. Prime,

                I’m only commenting on why another team might be willing to trade for CK. I think there’s a decent chance that CK will be traded.

              3. Prime, I guess you are happy. I predicted the Niners might have a 10-6 season, but after losing Kaep, they will be lucky to win 5.
                Kaep should feel no loyalty to a team that backstabs him, and fans who post relentless hate towards him.

    2. That’s another thing people like Seb don’t understand. The 49ers can play hard ball. If Colin refuses to show up and participate, he’s going to lose A LOT OF MONEY! It’s in his contract. Not only that, being defiant, and refusing to report doesn’t help his reputation one bit, and only lowers his stock.

      Watch the way this plays out. Colin certainly doesn’t hold the cards. If nothing else, it could become a lose – lose type scenario. Even Colin doesn’t want that.

      1. 49, no, Kaep will not lose money because if he is still injured, that money is guaranteed. Kaep may lose out on the Niner money, but other teams like the Texans or Denver will pay him top dollar because they see his worth, and only need a QB to attain greatness. Jets will let Kaep fall in their laps, because Fitz is not the answer if he throws 3 ints and keeps them out of the playoffs.
        The Niners will be FORCED to cut him, because if Kaep refuses to play for them, his salary will be on the books, and Baalke is too cheap to keep 12 mil on the books for a player who wants out.

        1. Seb, maybe this article gets through to you.

          It’s a far, far more complicated situation than your black and white commentary would suggest.

          Does Chip Kelly really want to set a precedent, as one of the very first matters of business with SF, allowing a player in the second year of his contract, to dictate new terms? No way. And an injury settlement is also way more complicated than you seem to understand. If you remember, Colin has an insurance clause in his contract in regards to injury, and guaranteed money. It was something the 49ers required in his contract.

          I don’t believe the rumors. And, when the Jets ink Fitzpatrick to a new deal, I’m hope you take a deep breath, and let things play out.

          And, the 49ers were maxed out, salary cap wise, until unexpected retirements cleared space, late in the game. However, after some adjustments, it was closer to 10 million. However, the team realized that there was an extraordinary number of players becoming FA’s after the season, and that the team would need cap space. They have a ton of cap space now, but they also have many, many needs, and I can assure you they will spend, not just for the sake of spending, but they will make use of most of that money, while leaving a small cushion, which the smart teams do.

          1. Oh, and in case you missed it, Brandon Marshal made it pretty clear on Tuesday that he wouldn’t be down with Kaepernick coming aboard. In fact, he said, “I DON’T WANT KAEPERNICK!”


            You can choose not to believe me when I tell you that, Kap isn’t exactly a hot commodity around the league right now, but that doesn’t change the facts. Ask the Cardinals how hot Kap’s stock is right now. lol. Colin’s best move right now is to get healthy, work his arse off learning Chip’s system, and go into the offseason programs with the mindset that he is going to reclaim his starting spot. And if he does that, and can’t beat out Blaine Gabbert, then he can ask to be traded.

            1. 49, Marshal says Kaep is good, but he supports his guy Fitz. He also said he has nothing against Kaep, but he wants his fellow team mate.
              If Kaep went to the Jets, Marshall would not pout, he would shrug his shoulders, thank Fitz for his services and move on.

              1. Another prediction by Sebnnoying. Read between the lines. No one wants to play with him. He’s a cancer, get it? Sorry to burst your bubble. Have you watched Marshall on NFL network. He’s actaully very knowledgeable and knows the game. What does it say that he would rather play with journeymen QB than CK?

          2. 49, you do sound like a toady for the Niner FO. Baalke did not even try to spend that 13 mil all season when there were still plenty of options and he could have poached players from other teams’ practice squads.
            It was apparent to me that Baalke wrote off the last season and did not try to win. In fact, he refused to elevate Hayne, and instead grabbed marginal PS cuts who were sitting on their couches, thrust a playbook in their hands and expected them to master the playbook after 5 days rather than use Hayne who was on the team since the OTAs. The coaches may not have been smart enough to use Hayne, but it was Baalke who cut him on the team bus.
            Like Jed, I think Baalke wanted to lose so they could get a better draft position.
            You may want to assure me that Baalke will spend every penny of the salary cap, but past history proves otherwise. They should spend, not just for the sake of spending, but for the sake of winning. Smart teams? Niners are brain dead, and it starts at the top.

            1. But you seem to think that #7 will get them to 10 wins? Even with a brain dead front office. One guy can win 10 games all by himself without the help of a “brain dead front office”?
              What kind of relationship do you have with Colin Kaepernick Seb?

              1. I think the Niners could win in spite of Jed and Baalke, just like they were lucky to do when they hired JH.
                JH got them to win even with Alex, so the FO had not much to do with winning, because they lost for years with Alex until they got a decent coach with JH.
                Please do not praise the football acumen of Jed York. Chip has more football knowledge in his toenail clippings than Jed has in his whole body. Baalke, with his masterful whiff on an entire draft class, deserves to have his football sense questioned too. In fact, his disappearing act on the 2015 FA class deserves censure, too. They have leaked and backstabbed until people are calling the FO a dumpster fire.
                Maybe the rumors are true, maybe not. Kaep should show as much loyalty to the FO as they have shown to him.
                I do not personally know Kaep, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who recognizes that he is an extremely talented football player. Like Alex, I will understand why he wanted to leave, and wish him well.
                However, with Chip utilizing him properly in a system that is ideal for his skillsets, I think Kaep can thrive and help the Niners get 10 wins next season. Of course, that is predicated on shoring up the O line and getting better pass rushers, but with 50 mil in cap space and 12 picks, Baalke better not go brain dead again.

            2. It’s just a bogus argument Seb. The notion that Baalke didn’t want the 49ers to play in Super Bowl 50, is mindblowingly ridiculous. Baalke’s would have looked like an absolute genius if the team had even been in the playoff hunt last season, after so much turnover. You are so shortsighted its scary. Trent did a lousy job when it came to free agency last off season. But I can assure you he didn’t purposely dona lousy job. I mean, really? You think Trent wanted to fail so that fans would ridicule him and demand Jed fire him? You honestly think that’s the way it works Seb?

              Who were these great players who he could have signed off of practice squads? Give me a few names. And explain why, if they were an obvious upgrade, why they weren’t signed off practice squads by other teams who were in even worse shape than the 49ers last season?

              Think critically Seb. What’s more likely ……… That Trent Baalke wanted his team to be competitive, but simply did a poor job evaluating and signing free agents …….. Or, that Trent Baalke actually went into the off season intent on sabotaging the upcoming season, knowing that he would look bad, and that a failed season would validate all of the media criticism of him and his boss?

  21. Baalke betrayed Kaep by reneging on his promise to retain veteran talent, and keeping 13 million dollars in cap space ALL SEASON despite the team struggling. Kaep signed that team friendly contract with the promise, and the promise was not kept.
    Kaep was betrayed, because I never heard him mentioned prominently on the injury reports, but this offseason, he has had 3 surgeries. It is telling he did not have them done by the team doctors. They insulted him by forbidding him to be on the side lines, when many other players that have had the same surgery and even more severe repairs, had full access to the side lines. Shunning him was a slap in the face.
    The Niners should have tried harder to keep Gore, Crabtree and Iupati. They never should have lost Aldon. They should have surrounded him with handlers so he never would have gotten in trouble. They disrespected Boone because they did not want to pay him, because he should have been the RT all season as the second best lineman.
    Now Chip has totally misread the situation, and only promised a tryout, instead of a place. Kaep is now going to go to a place that really wants him. Chip should work on his people skills some more.

  22. Why do you think Kaepernick wants to leave the Niners? Coach Kelly gave him a copy of the playbook.

    Are you surprised he doesn’t want to play for head coach Chip Kelly? No, it’s not about Kelly it’s that he no longer has anyone that supports him. Even with Tomsula he still had his wet nurse Chryst to tell him he wasn’t doing anything wrong, now he doesn’t have anyone in his corner and he knows that when he’s sucking in practice there wont be anyone there to have his back.

    Do you think Kaepernick will pass his physical on April 1? Yes. There is no standard physical to pass, each team has their own test and determination. All the doctor has to do is walk in and sign the paper.

    Do you think the 49ers can trade him to the Jets, or do you think the Niners will end up cutting Kaepernick? What possible motivation do the Jets have in trading for him? If they know he wants to play for them what fear do they have they will lose out on him in F.A. and what’s the real likelihood that someone else will trade for him.

    1. I think the fact that he had a torn labrum and torn ligament in his throwing hand, nullifies any distrust or lack of trust the team had in him.

        1. Every player plays hurt. These injuries only showed up to leverage the 49ers. The timing is suspect. If he was that hurt, he should have had the surgeries early on after being placed on IR, not after the season.

          1. Kaep did have the surgery to repair the torn labrum shortly after he was placed on IR. The Niners responded by banishing him from the side line,even though QBs like Romo and Dalton were given free access. Talk about a slap in the face. Insulting Kaep may have felt good for a game, but Kaep should feel absolutely no loyalty to this low class dumpster fire.

            1. Geeze Seb, get your head on straight. The 49ers Medical Staff barred Kap from standing on the sidelines for one week, as a matter of STANDARD PROCEDURE. Week 15. Because he was fresh off of surgery, had his arm in a sling, and was considered a health liability. He was allowed to be back on the sidelines every other week, including the next 2 weeks proceeding week 15.


              Again Seb, just stop with all of the nonsense. You simply read way too much into things, creating controversy where there is none, and creating false narratives.

              1. Oh, PLEASE, I have seen scores of injured players standing on the side lines. Even players on crutches who are not mobile. Romo had a full tear, and I saw him standing wearing a sling with his team mates all game.
                It is not too hard to stand back and stay away from the action. The Niners could also use spotters to protect the injured. You know, unpaid volunteers like his team mates or even trainers. The side lines look packed with observers, anyways. During the game, Kaep could stand near the stands, way away from any danger.
                More importantly, Kaep would show that he supports his team mates. It would show that he wants to be a supportive team member. He was not fresh out of the operating room, he had weeks of rehab already.
                The team used that rule to ostracize Kaep. Banishing him from the side line was just another slap in the face. They plainly showed they did not want him, and created the impression that he was not part of the team.
                The irony is that the Niners played him while he was injured, yet now freaked out that he might get injured even while standing 20 yards away from the playing field.

            1. 2 years ago it was the OC, this year it was the HC, all along it’s been Jed and Trent’s treachery and ineptitude. It’s never about Colin, is it?

              Despite those 3 ints at the wrong time, Fitz had the kind of season for the NYJ that CK can only dream about. I’m sure the Jets are thinking long and hard about this supposed “desire” of his. Geno is gone, Fitz, at 34, can be resigned on the cheap, I could see them getting CK and kicking the tires as a backup.

              1. No. Kaep made it to the Super Bowl, and came storming back to almost win it, and he did it with only 10 games. He also was 1 pass from returning to the SB.
                Fitzpatrick has been toiling in anonymity for years with dubious records like 5 int games and 23 int seasons, and never sniffed the playoffs until last year.

              2. Seb,

                You realize CK threw three picks in the second half of the 2014 (2015) NFCCG, right? If you’re going to hammer Fitzpatrick for three INT’s in a game, what about CK?

              3. You are one year late. I just watched the The Catch game yesterday. It could have ended with a Dallas field goal if it wasn’t for The Horse Coller and the 49ers had six turn overs. It’s fate man. ;-}

              4. I think you meant 2013, and yes, Kaep did not do enough to win, but at least he was playing in the playoffs. Fitzpatrick has yet to play postseason.

              5. Didn’t do enough to win? How about went into the tank?
                Seb keep shovelling the whip cream on top of the manure!

              6. Fitz was one game short with a 4 win team from the previous year. Kaep went to the SB with a team that was an 11 win, NFC championship game team the previous year. Which by the way was the high point of his career, he’s been on a downward arc ever since then. If the Jets think they can rehab his career, correct his deficiencies, more power to them.

  23. We have enough cap space so if its all true we should play hard ball and keep him till we get the right compensation so at least a 2nd rounder

  24. You know what I don’t miss?

    All you douchebags screaming CK7.

    Seriously, screw you guys. That was the dumbest nickname for the dumbest player.

  25. Grant,

    Nice presentation of this report, and great questions. I look forward to whatever it is you are preparing to write on the subject, no matter what side you take. This will be a fascinating story as it unfolds. Now to your questions …

    Why do you think Kaepernick wants to leave the Niners? Kaepernick has seen the disloyalty from the front office. First they signed him to a bad contract, promising him that his lost money would go to re-sign other players, then they fired his coach, then they failed to sign Iupati (at the very least), then they hired a clown troupe to coach him, then they leaked about his poor study habits.

    Are you surprised he doesn’t want to play for head coach Chip Kelly? I am shocked “if” Kaep doesn’t want to play for Chip. If true, then Kaep fails to understand what a great opportunity this is for him to find redemption, and to join the greatest QB fraternity in NFL history. He has the chance to join Montana and Young. He should at least want to see whether Chip can help him. If he doesn’t want to play for Chip, despite Jed and Trent, then he is as self-absorbed and petty as some would make him out to be, and not self-aware enough to comprehend that he can transcend this pettiness.

    Do you think Kaepernick will pass his physical on April 1? Yes, because he will want to start practice as soon as possible, and his work ethic, at least in all things physical, is nonpareil.

    Do you think the 49ers can trade him to the Jets, or do you think the Niners will end up cutting Kaepernick? The 49ers will never cut Kaepernick. Anyone who says he won’t fetch at least a 2nd Rd pick as compensation is a total moron. The last 4 Superbowls have included Kaep, Russell Wilson, and Cam Newton, all cut from the same modern cloth. There is tape on what he can do with the right system and a competent coach, and there are so few QBs in the world that can do what he can. Plus, contrary to the claims of the naysaying idiots, his contract is cheap, and team-friendly, to whatever team controls his rights. Bradford wants $20M. Cousins is getting $16-19M. The salary cap is steadily, sharply rising, and Kaep’s salary will quickly be outside the Top-15, and be the most flexible for team options. Don’t fool yourself: the 49ers will never cut Kaepernick; they hold all the leverage, and will not trade Kaep without what they deem to be sufficient value.

    1. I agree with everything your saying here. As a result the only option for Kaepernick is to hold out since the 49ers basically can control where he plays. I don’t seem him holding out and sitting on the sideline while receiving a paycheck, he’s too good of a guy to do that.

      I’m not tripping convinced it will all blow over and he’ll be the starter week 1

      1. Jed has engendered such loyalty that players retire rather than play for the team.
        Crabtree took less money because he was guaranteed playing time. Baalke would not do that.
        Kaep may be fed up and will refuse to be in another situation where he is banished from the side line. He may even fear getting cut on the team bus.
        They cannot force him to play. He must feel wanted and appreciated. They must stop stabbing him in the back. I agree, he has to totally buy into the system. Niners need to shape up, stop acting with no class, and behave like champions, not chumps.

        1. WRONG! The team isn’t worrying about whether Colin feels appreciated. If they think he gives them the best chance to win, why would they simply release him. That’s a bad precedent to set Seb. Wake up! The sideline incident was a non story, not a “banishment”. lol. You act like they go out of their way to disrespect players. They don’t. Do they understand the business aspect, yes.

          Seb, you need to start thinking “critically”, and not just emotionally. Take a class on “critical thinking”. Then you might understand that it’s more likely a matter of injury risk, and less likely some sort of snub. Especially considering he was back on the sideline the following week. Allowing Kap to stand on the sideline, A COUPLE DAYS AFTER SURGERY, when he could conceivably be in harms way of being run into. Doesn’t that sound a little more logical?

          1. 49, you really need to have better information. It was not 2 days. Kaep had surgery Nov 24. The game he was banned from was Dec 20th. Almost a whole month of rehab.
            I will be very critical of your thinking if you think that 2 days is actually 26 days.

        2. >>Crabtree took less money because he was guaranteed playing time.

          I seem to also remember Crabtree looking to get on a team that had a QB who could get him the ball.

    2. A second rounder? Highly unlikely. But a conditional 3rd rounder? Maybe, but still unlikely. More likely a conditional 4th round pick.

      However, I agree that they are unlikely to simply release Kap. Why would they. QB’s get injured all the time. Though it’s not practical to pay your backup $11.5 million, as a rule, it’s not enough of a salary cap hit to simply walk away from him without working for some form of compensation. Especially if it sets a bad precedent!

      1. The salary of Gabbert and Kaepernick combined is cheaper than what Bradford is looking for, $20 million. The odds of Bradford running, zero. The odds of Gabbert playing all year without injury, not good….

  26. Sil, why thats the most……sanest post Ive read about why he might stay.
    I also have to commend you on- non pareil. I dont think I have seen that word on any Niner blogs before

  27. Shows that kap isn’t just staring in the mirror all the time. He knows Alex and how under the Yorks Alex literally rotted. To trust his career or what’s left of it to Baalke and York would be not dumb or stupid, it would be insane. Steve young Drew Bree’s, Brett farce, Peyton manning , Johnny Unitas etc.. All went to other reams to gain success. His family friends and advisors must be telling him to run from the Yorks and never look back.

  28. OK. How to keep Kaep. Chip should make a bee line to Mr Kaepernick, Kaeps Father.
    Since I think there are no restrictions about talking to relatives of the athletes, Chip should sit down with Rick, and have a heart to heart talk. Chip should do his damdest to convince Rick that his intentions are pure, and that he will treat Kaep with respect, and prevent the FO from shooting themselves in the foot again. Rick will have lots of sage counsel to give to Kaep, so he is instrumental if the Niners want to retain Kaep.
    Chip must convince Rick that he will abide by the unwritten law that a player will not lose his job permanently if injured and now healthy. Kaep was injured, and once he is healthy, he will once again be able to make accurate throws. Gabbert should compete, but unless he is way superior to Kaep, he should sublimate his ego and let Kaep be the starter again. If Gabbert is way better, it means that Kaep is still limited due to his injuries. If they are close, the nod should go to Kaep because of his SB status. Maybe Gabbert can be placated by getting snaps if the Niners are ahead. Maybe Chip will go bold and use both QBs, even with both on the field at the same time.
    Chip must convince Rick that he is the best coach to rehabilitate Kaep. With the players around him, it may be a hard sell. NY presents some strong incentives. Well coached team. Stout defense. Great receivers, Good running game. Competent O line.
    Baalke should summon Boone’s agent and hammer out a fair deal. Continuity is key, and it would be a strong signal that they want to keep their promise to retain veteran talent.
    Baalke should also make a strong effort to retain Williams and Celek.
    Chip must convince Rick that his system is superior to the others and that Kaep is the prototypical QB that will make the offense unstoppable.
    Losing Kaep is not the end of the world, but it will doom the Niners into a total rebuild phase.

    1. Unless, I don’t know, maybe Chip thinks Blaine gives his team a better chance to win? Which he very well may. Or is it possible Chip would prefer that Kap man up, and act as if he, I don’t know, he wants to be the team leader. Or perhaps he prefers to draft his own prospect, and develop him?

      Aren’t those more likely than Chip crawling to Kap’s father, and begging him to convince his son to fulfill his contractual obligations? Come on Seb. Colin is a grown man. And he is due to earn $11.5 million dollars playing a game for a living, for crying out loud. You think his coach should go to his father? Really dude? Come on Seb, THINK THINGS THROUGH LOGICALLY & CRITICALLY.

      1. 49, due to the league rules, Chip is not allowed to talk football with Kaep, but can discuss anything with his father. Maybe you do not know this, but former players of Chip have expressed the opinion that Chip needs to communicate more. This would be one way to do it without violating rules. I know for a fact that Kaep has a great relationship with his father and would listen to him.
        Kaep may decide that he has had enough. He will get paid no matter where he lands. After all the disgraceful backstabbing and insults, Kaep would have to be a way better man than me to forgive such disgusting behavior. I would have told them to shove it a long time ago. Jed and Baalke do not deserve to benefit from the services of Kaep. If Manning retires, Kaep could play for a SB team. With Osweiler a FA, and Manning riding off into the sunset, Denver would have a need for a QB. Since Chip has shown no inclination to praise Kaep without bringing up Gabbert, he is sending a message loud and clear that Kaep is expendable. Chip really needs to work on his communication skills.

      2. 49, maybe you should get a clue. Kaep has left California and has gone to Colorado to get his surgeries and rehab. The Denver Broncos are a team in Colorado.
        Logically speaking, do you think that Kaep may have more affinity to a region where he is getting healthy than a place where he was getting destroyed?
        Of course, the Broncos will not have any contact with him, and they are busy trying to win a ring, but I bet he is soaking up some of that fresh air of the Rockies.

  29. Beyond all the Pollyanna…the reality of Kaep is that he reads NFL defenses poorly, doesn’t see the field well, has no touch on the ball, a questionable study ethic, but most of all…he is just not accurate. He’s a very good athlete disguised as a QB.

    1. Kelly will probably have a say, but it all boils down to what Jed Yorks wants. That said, I think it’d be in the best interest of everyone involved if Kaepernick went to another team; there’s too much distrust on both sides for any type of solution involving Kaepernick staying with the 49ers to work out.

    1. No doubt. I don’t think enough people are eating crow for that pick, myself included. I did not like the pick at all. Very solid pick at 17, sky’s the limit for Arik.

      1. Yeah, I’ll admit that on draft day I was giving Razor the business for liking the selection of Armstead when I didn’t. Turns out he was right. Armstead looks like a keeper.

      2. Too early to eat crow. While he did grade out well in some PFF measurements, it was a small sample size and overall he had a minimal impact on defense. I didn’t like the pick – and still don’t really – because I believe it’s too high to take a 3-4 DE and nothing happened last year to make me change my mind. If he becomes a dominant player like Justin Smith I’ll be happy to eat crow though.

      3. I definitely wasn’t keen on the pick and readily accept he was much better than I anticipated. Showed a lot of promise as a pass rusher in sub packages.

        But he is still very raw, and like rocket, I will withhold my final judgment on him until we see whether he can handle the starting role well as both a run and pass defender over the next couple of years.

  30. Why do you think Kaepernick wants to leave the Niners?

    I don’t know if he does, but if the rumor is true I’m guessing it’s because of a number of things including his dealings with the teams medical staff this season. It appears there was a very big difference of opinion in regards to the injuries Kap sustained and 3 surgeries later, he may not have a lot of confidence that the team had his best interests at heart. There is also the whispers in the background as Tim K likes to refer to them. Harbaugh got tired of it and I’m guessing Kap got tired of it too.

    Are you surprised he doesn’t want to play for head coach Chip Kelly?

    Not really. There is a possibility he doesn’t like the offense and feels it isn’t a good match for him. I think Kap’s best chance for success is in the system he played in under Harbaugh, and one similar to what Newton plays in for the Panthers. Power running game and play action with a little read option thrown in from time to time. He may look at Kelly and see the end of his career if he doesn’t fit in the system.

    Do you think Kaepernick will pass his physical on April 1?

    I do, and I think the decision as to whether to keep him or release him won’t be affected by the injuries.

    Do you think the 49ers can trade him to the Jets, or do you think the Niners will end up cutting Kaepernick?

    I think he’s either a Niner or he’s released. I don’t see a team trading for him when they know he’s likely going to be available after April 1st. There is always a chance a team could decide his contract isn’t a problem if they feel he’s a starter for them, but Kap isn’t going to renegotiate to facilitate a trade. There is no benefit to him to do that when he could be free to shop himself on the open market if released. Even if they do find a team willing to trade for him they aren’t going to get more than a late round pick imo.

  31. Chip really blew it. Posters may say he will control the fate of Kaep, but the real person with control is Kaep. They cannot force him to play. Kaep has to feel wanted and respected.. He got neither during last season. All he has to do is throw footballs at the feet of his receivers and he will force their hand. Jets are laughing at the Niners and anticipate getting a rich prize for nothing. They will jump for joy getting a SB QB. They may be kind and offer a thin crust pizza for him.
    Chip really blew it. He had the perfect chance to declare that he wanted Kaep, but declined to do so. He damned him with faint praise, and always mentioning Gabbert just meant he he was not 100% behind Kaep. Chip just cut off his nose to spite his face. Chip Kelly did not read the situation properly, and now has a disgruntled QB to mollify. Chip really needs to work on his people skills.
    I wish Kaep would remain a 49er, but after what Jed and Baalke did, I perfectly understand why he will not be loyal to a bunch of imbecilic backstabbers. Jed just lost his best chance to return to the playoffs because he failed to truly part ways with Marathe. Kaep also saw what happened to Tomsula, and assumed Baalke was the leaker. Jed has reneged on his promise, and has kept Baalke. Kaep knew that he would probably be cut on the team bus like Hayne. Jed and Baalke deserve this.
    I wish Kaep well, and expect him to come storming back.

    1. Seb,
      If the team usher’s Kap out the door we will be fine. Kap is too much of a question mark to pin this teams hopes on.

      As a 49er Faithful, I will rally around the team that starts on opening (if I can use a baseball term) day.
      I learned that tough lesson after we let (hard swallow) Joe Montana walk.

      1. AES, I will support the Niners through thick and thin, but I just expect more losing due to the lack of leadership, lack of talent, and lack of coaching.
        If O’Neil leads the Niner defense back to a top 5 defense, I will eat my hat.
        I expect Chip will improve the offense, because a 32nd ranked team has no where to go but up.
        I expect Kaep to resurrect his career elsewhere, and make fools like Prime eat their words.

        1. He could still return to the 49ers but you’ve already taken your ball, stuffed your tail between your legs and boo hoo hoo your way home already.
          Talk about your long time die hard fan. Your a little bioch!

              1. You could be right. I was also thinking today that Kap might be glad to get out of the division since the Seachickens have been his kryptonite.

          1. Prime. You are the one who admitted Kaep took the football world by storm, then ignored the incompetence around him.
            Kaep will take the football world by storm again, only it will not be with the Niners. Kaep will go to a team who will respect and appreciate him, not some fluster cluck with hate filled foul mouthed fans.

              1. Yeah all the ones he hopes and prays his boy will do.
                People quickly forget the pick 6’s, the poor leadership, anger at the media, the inability to process on field decision making.
                All they want to remember is the Bears game, Foxboro, the playoff and SB run. Like it was all him those so many years ago. Give me a frickin break!
                The Niners or any team out there would be foolish to anoint him as a #1.

              2. My best one was that I predicted Jed would do something stupid. Took him one day, but like clockwork, Jed said that he would plan to make the grass look great because the Niners stopped trying to go to the playoffs.

              3. Gee Prime, getting to the Super Bowl must have been hard for you, and I am sure you were happy when Kaep failed to win it all. I bet you were ecstatic when Sherman batted that pass in the NFCCG the next year.

              4. It’s one thing to be opinionated Prime, but to not acknowledge, respect or appreciate the contributions Kaepernick did make during the 49ers run of success, seems like a poor way of ending the relationship….

  32. Well the quite didn’t last long. I assumed the rumor mongers would show the locally hosted Super Bowl more respect by waiting until the tent came down before firing a full broadside of supposition, wall stickers, false flags, and hogwashery. Dang wrong again. Jed is trying to build something here and this is just not helpful. Jed and his crew are fully capable of messing it up they do not need help. It sure ups the interest though.

  33. Other than April Fool’s Day, the period around the SB and before FA/trade floodgates open is ripe for rumors. Sometimes they bear fruit, often they don’t. A lot fans have their panties in a bunch over an unsubstantiated rumor. To them, I’d just say chill out. Let’s wait and see if there’s fire behind the smoke. I think Kap is a confused man…some of it’s his own fault. His teammates lost confidence in him and I think he lost confidence in himself. Maybe a fresh start on another team would benefit him…maybe not. Instead of bashing Baalke, seems to me he/Marathe were smart to structure his contract as they did. If he does leave, it won’t have a devastating impact on the cap. But, the BL is we really don’t know if he wants to go elsewhere…it could be that the NY Daily News writer’s just trying to make a name for himself. At this point, nothing would really surprise me.

  34. Well with all of the “ck gets a fresh start” talk and other positive talk surrounding him coming back is only helping a trade happen. If they seem interested for Kelly other teams may have to only trade or call their bluff. Pump him up so he looks like an important piece next season. They don’t want him or that contract. I don’t blame them. He’s a sub par backup at this point. A supposed lockeroom killer, and a drag at the pressers.

    My question is why the jets? What will they do with Fitzpatrick? Who is far better than ck right now. Is he willing to take a backup role?

    1. Fitz threw 3 ints and kept them out of the playoffs. Jets fans did not take kindly to his failures. He is a FA, but may not be re-signed if Kaep comes aboard.
      Absolutely no team will want to trade for him. They will wait for the Niners to cut him, and get him with no loss of a single draft choice. Jets may be his preference, but if Manning retires, Kaep would be an intriguing possibility. Texans would jump for joy to find a replacement to Hoyer.

      1. But Sebnynah only a few short days ago you were saying Chip Kelly would re-energize Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers would be on top of the world again. Now they wont do that? And you wonder why the blog has called you out. Geez.

        1. FDM, things change. I cannot control how Kaep feels. I previously have said that I would understand if Kaep felt stabbed in the back.
          If Kaep wants out, But pardon my pessimism when the best chance for the Niners to succeed decides he has had enough. Jed, Baalke and Chip brought this all on themselves.
          I will still root for the Niners to win Super Bowls, but only expect them to win 5 games next season now that Kaep is gone.

            1. OK, Razor, I will with hold judgement. We do have the offseason to talk all about it. Now, however, this might influence all the draft scenarios.
              Niners will be forced to select a QB with their first pick, and miss out on all those elite pass rushers.

          1. Seb,
            Since I place so much weight on your predictions, can you please give me more than 5 wins?

            Actually you are entitled to your opinions just like anyone on this blog but I’m not so sure that a true 49er fan will predict only 5 wins.

            Dang, most fans here even gave the Butcher Tomsula 8-10 wins before the start of last season.

            I don’t think I’d be interested in even watching a 49ers game if I felt that they were good for only 5 wins.
            Please O’ Great Oz, give us at least 9 wins (lol).

            1. AES, if Kaep stays, I predict a 10-6 season. Is that sunny enough for you?
              Last year I also predicted a 10-6 season, but we all know how that turned out. At least I did not predict a 2 win season like some others had.

              1. Seb,
                10 wins works for me. But I wouldn’t count on Kap leading that march.
                If Kap somehow makes the team and wins the competition in TC and leads us to 10 wins I would be happy for him and the team.
                Ditto above for Gabbert.

              2. But the reality is that with or without CK, this team is in a rebuild and lucky to get to 5-6 wins.
                But fans like Sebnnoying are dreamers. They dream that their wishes come true. But the real world deals in truth, the reality of the situation. And that is this roster needs a huge amount of work and influx of talent. CK back hinders that, but Gabbert is morning better. So 10 wins in either case is laughabl.
                But in Sebs world that is unimaginable. This is why whatever this guy says or predicts, is mindless chatter.

              3. Prime, I dream that someday, you might get a brain. Of course, that is unimaginable, and unfathomable for you.
                Your unrelenting hate and smarmy snark is contemptible. When challenged, you cannot counter logic, so you get in the gutter and hurl insults and name call. Other than TrollD, you are the worst poster on this site and bring a huge vacuum of intellect to the discussion.
                Did you noticed I complimented someone for using the word -Nonpareil ?
                You probably had to look it up.
                Have a nice day.

              4. Sebnnoying the day you challenge me is the day your hero wins a SB and MVP. What are the chances? Zero.
                The board has called you out on your football ingnorance so it’s not just me. Sorry to just point it out to you at every dumb post of yours!
                I’ll be waiting for you to make me “eat my words”. But that might not happen now because as you proclaimed, CK will be the Niners QB! 2 more months and we’ll see.

              5. Prime, there you go again. Kaep was 5 yards from winning a SB and would have won the MVP if he had. Statistically speaking, since he was so close, he has better chance than someone who has never won a playoff game. The chance may not be high with the lack of talent on the Niners, but Kaep does have a higher chance than zero.
                if Manning wins it all and retires, the Broncos could somehow get Kaep and his odds would be a lot higher. Kaep with that Bronco defense would be Freddy Kreuger scary.

              6. Don’t see how ck is a bronco. They like their backup and soon to be starter osweiller. His upswing is better than kaps. And the jets fans are still stoked about Fitzgerald. He’s put up their best season in a long time. And last I checked denvers O-line isn’t what will make kaps struggles any better. Manning makes very quick decisions and helps that O-line look better. Osweiller did the same.
                They won’t have a lot of cash to sure up that o-line with defensive pieces they will need to keep.

                If the jets play hard ball with Fitzgerald that could only push the envelope to trade for what they might think is their future in Kap.
                The league probably thinks the Kelly hire will keep kap there. That’s a benefit for a possible trade.

              7. More excuses Seb. Nice try. Lets see what happens in 2 months. Make sure you are around to feed me those words!
                Remember, you said, CK will rise again and the storm is coming with Chip and CK. Just so we are clear.

              8. Niner, Osweiler is a FA, so he will have to be re-signed. Manning may ride off into the sunset so the Broncos will need a new QB. Kaep would give the Broncos another good chance to return if Manning retires.
                Still, I want Kaep to resurrect his career as a Niner, but if I were he, the Denver team is so much stronger than the Niners. Denver is the number one defense in the league.
                Niners may be stupid and cut Kaep to save money, then let him win a SB for a team like the Texans who desperately need an upgrade from Hoyer, yet have Watt on the third ranked defense. The Jets, or even the Rams need that playoff QB to help them get over the hump. Other teams are not stupid, and would salivate to get a healthy Kaep, especially considering their present QBs.

              9. Prime, I just want you to know that Kaep, in the beginning, took the football world by storm. You also said it was a fierce storm. I am going to say that Chip is smart enough to utilize Kaep properly. He will accentuate his skillsets, and unleash the intrinsic and intuitive playmaking abilities that everyone saw even in his college days.
                The past coaches were so incompetent, it was almost criminal. They refused to run the no huddle, they never ran a zone read option and they ran into the teeth of the defense. Kaep was forced to be only a pocket passer, and with that putrid O line, he was sacked 80 times. He was beaten like a pinata. He was so injured, it has required 3 surgeries to repair, so his regression and accuracy problems I will attribute to injuries. Once he is healthy, he will once again take the football world by storm.
                Just like you said.

              10. Seb he did take the NFL by storm but then what happened? You blame injuries, coaches and corporate back stabbing as excuses.
                But how come you never can explain his flawed skill set? Instead you keep babbling how Chip is gonna do this & that?
                If he doesn’t, In fact what if Chip doesn’t want him? What excuses will you use then?
                I’ll be here waiting for you once again to make me eat my words while you tip toe around the real issues.

              11. Prime, like you say, we will not know until the season starts and we see the product on the field. I cant make you eat your words until that happens. I will be patient, and still counter your bombastic bellicosity with logic and strategic thinking.

              12. We’ll be getting much more red meat on Kaepernick once we get to the combine. Get your popcorn ready!

      2. “Fitz threw 3 ints and kept them out of the playoffs. Jets fans did not take kindly to his failures.”

        Kinda like how Kaepernick had 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter and cost his team a Super Bowl trip?

    2. Agreed. The team will heap praise on CK right up until the moment he’s traded… or failing that, released.

      My dream scenarios… The Browns swap pick 2 for CK7+pick 7+late pick
      Failing that… the Texans swap pick 22 for CK7+pick 37

      I’m actually expecting a late round pick for Kaepernick… or outright release following an injury settlement.

    1. Razor,
      Looks bad on the surface – but it seems that the contract was written with the ability to change dates.

      I certainly hope that Jeb more then makes this up to the girl scouts – because no one messes with the girl scouts.
      C’mon Jed, make this right.

    2. Remember that Jed is the same guy, when challenged about the mutually departing Harbaugh spin, petulantly pointed out that he had it in writing. Of course he did, and that makes it “so true.”

    3. In a bit of irony, the same day the scouts CEO sent the news to its members, 49ers CEO Jed York tweeted a picture Tuesday of himself at a Girl Scout cookies stand in downtown San Francisco.

      If there is a bigger dumbass with no self awareness out there right now, I haven’t seen it.

  35. Kap has very little leverage to force his release or a trade. The Niner’s control his rights in 2016. Even his salary is not a particular problem considering the cap room the team has.

    I have really hoped that Kap would become an elite QB, but that fact of the matter is he hasn’t, and it isn’t just Harbaugh leaving. In 2013 his yardage went way up as did his TD throws. But his yards per pass went down and his sacks went way up. In 2014 his number decreased some more. The entire team had problems that year, so I was hopefully he would play better in 2015. Even in 2012 he averaged just under 140 passing yards per game.
    The team was horrible in 2015 and so was Colin. The Arizona game was a train wreak, he looked uncomfortable all the time, he continued to wait for receivers to get open instead of anticipating them getting open, his footwork was bad and not even seeing Smith uncovered in the Rams game was frankly inexcusable for an NFL starting QB.
    He is not Cam Newton. He doesn’t have the “presence” Newton has. He appears uncomfortable in the pocket instead in command.

    I hope that Kap can adjust his game by master reading defenses, making quick decisions and throwing the ball accurately. If he can’t, I don’t think he will be anything other than a spot starter.

  36. Razor: I agree.

    One of many things I don’t understand is how it is so hard for Kap to read defenses. From the video someone posted a week or so ago where Kelly explained some of the pre-snap reads it just didn’t look that difficult. I understand the defense tries to confuse the QB, but sending a man in motion makes them disclose some information, the gaps the Defense fill does also, the location of the safeties, press coverage or inside or outside leverage gives you more. Maybe someone can explain why this is such a big problem. My understanding is Colin is a pretty smart guy, so I just don’t get it.

    1. He is smart, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to efficient mental processing under duress. Chip will help him out early and bring him along slowly I would imagine. The first he’ll need to do is get him to buy in and then rebuild his confidence….

    2. What you don’t seem to understand is how big a challenge playing football in the NFL is. How many people in the world do it really well?

    3. 49er42,
      After watching Kap for a few years it has become apparent (at least) to me that CK’ on-field mindset is always on ‘impulse-mode’.

      I’m not so sure that he is unable to read defenses as opposed to just not taking the time or having the patience in the pocket to do so.
      His first impulse is to flee the pocket in an effort to make something happen. Once out of the pocket it becomes a ‘hit or miss’ proposition with him with the ‘misses’ being more prominent in his case.

      A study of the great QB’ like the Brady’ P.Manning’ D.Brees will show that being able to wait in the pocket for an extra tick (even at the risk of being hit) can be the difference in making or breaking an NFL QB.

      In Kap’ case, if he wants to see a revival in his game he will need to be willing to take some shots while giving himself the extra tick to throw a pass.
      Much easier said than done – when I’m sitting on my sofa watching the game, but CK7 needs to do whatever it takes to adopt this mindset if he is to recapture his grove.

  37. Seb,

    Wasn’t it you who posted since a real BigFoot was never found then it’s him piloting the UFO’s???


    February 2, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    AES, I actually am starting to think Baalke told Tomsula that if he won the last game, he would be fired because they wanted the third pick. Tomsula went out and won the game just to shove it in their faces, and was let go.

    1. TrollD, many posters were upset that the Niners won that last game. Tomsula was probably gone, but he had no desire to lie down and go out a loser.
      Since Jed stated that it was a good thing to lose because he would get a better draft position. I have no doubt that this scenario was possible. Jed also stated that the Niners making the field look good, was better than making the playoffs. I just interpreted Jed’s intentions. He was the one that seemed to want to lose on purpose.

  38. Well, Seb, had the 49ers Traded Kap for draft picks when he was hot (as I suggested) then, and started Dylan Thompson and other backups (like most intelligent GM’s would have) to see where our future lies, we would have lost the last game and earned a top 5 pick. That would have been ammunition to trade down to acquire even more picks making the Niners well on they way out of last place.

    1. TrollD, I see you want the Niners to lose on purpose, just to get a better draft position.
      As a true, die hard faithful Niner fan, I think that is reprehensible.

  39. Also,

    By winning that last game with the starters, Baalke demonstrated dereliction of duty since it’s the job of a GM to evaluate talent for next year. His action is a stark reminder of the incompetence still existing in 49er management.

    1. I forgot something I mentioned earlier. It was Chis Ault, not Trent Baalke or anyone on Baalke’s coaching staff who noticed the flaw in Kap’s delivery.
      Baalke was seen later in the season coaching up Tomsula’s defense. Baalke know better than to coach up a quarterback, so you never hear about him working with that position group, so answer me this…Why is the man even allowed to draft QB’s or WR’s?

  40. Tim KawakamiVerified account

    People in the Media Center are just shaking their heads at the 49ers canceling the Girl Scouts event. Shaking their heads.

    Ray Ratto ‏@RattoCSN · 1m1 minute ago
    @timkawakami It’s what they deserve for not broadening and improving the cookie choices.

  41. Kaep’s agenda is pretty straightforward – Get paid as much $ as possible while also going to a new team and away from an organization that he feels betrayed him.

    The 49ers thought they had a great contract because they could cut him anytime, but his agent knew that they could use an injury as leverage.

    This is a big game of chicken. Keep will use the injury leverage against the 49ers, while also trying to find a trade. Because HIS best possible outcome is if the 49ers pay some of his salary in a trade deal.

    So, maybe a trade with someone happens. The niners pay half his salary for a year, rather than paying 100%, and Kaep gets to go to another team. In the process his contract get renegotiated for the new team to make him more affordable. The Niners get nothing meaningful in draft capital because they are just trying to avoid having to pay him 11mm (injury guarantee) and then cut him down the road.

    1. These types of schedule conflicts happen all the time with these stadiums. Ownership makes it very clear in their contracts, that these small events, like the Girl Scouts event, are subject to cancellation if a much more lucrative event comes along.This is made very clear up front, and is simply the way business is done,and would have come as no surprise to the Girl Scouts. The 49ers would also help find an alternative location for the event that gets bumped.

      However, the gredy 49ers have decided to host the Girl Scouts event instead of the multi million dollar concert event, and the 49ers would carry all of the expenses, in addition to millions of revenue dollars lost. Jed York is such a cheapskat. lol.

      1. The gall of ownership, running a lucritive stadium and event center.

        Regardless of whether it’s the way all large stadiums and event centers do business all over the country, it’s all Jed’s fault. What a greedy cheapskate bastard.

        1. I’m beginning to agree with Grant that you’re just a plant. You speak half-truths and twist any and everything to make York and the 49ers organization look like saints when a massive majority of the fan base knows otherwise.

        2. The girls will get their event free of charge, but on a different date that does not conflict with the new event. A simple solution but handled much like one would expect 49reasons and the 49er PR department to handle it.

  42. I think Brandon Marshall’s statement says a lot. It doesn’t take long for a guy to develop a reputation around the league. Right now, Colin is seen as as a broken QB who can’t find open receivers, and keeps to himself. He doesn’t try to establish himself as a team leader, for whatever reason. I think he believes his work ethic should be enough. However, it comes across as if Colin doesn’t feel he needs to work to establish himself as a leader among men. Maybe simply being a hard worker should be enough. But it isn’t. Blaine does work at it, and he has earned more respect within the locker room because of it.

    Colin could still turn his career around, but it won’t be easy. There is a great deal of skepticism around the league, and teams aren’t going to be beating the 49ers doors down to get him.

    If I were him, I would put the bad feelings behind me, and go hard to regain the starting QB position in a Chip Kelly’s system. I would make it my mission to win my job back. And if I fail, it will be because I simply couldn’t beat out a Mr. Blaine Gabbert.

    1. I think you are reading a lot into Marshall’s desire to work with the same, and more accurate, quarterback in 2016.

      Marshall, you and a lot of folks in this blog have taken a single report from a home town NYC reporter that’s since been denied by a New Jersey reporter. Marshall wants his QB back and the Jets want Marshall’s QB to come back under the team’s terms.

      I think your ideas about what “might” be best for Colin are reasonable.

      On the other hand, if Colin and the 49ers see that Colin won’t pass a physical by April Fools day, I don’t expect Colin to renegotiate anything. He reports as soon as he can pass the physical and goes on with his football life. The ball, as you say, will be in Jed’s court, but Colin will get his $11.9M as a minimum.

      If Colin passes a unbiased physical before April 1st, then we’ll find out if Jed and Baalke have been fibbing again. I expect them to cut Colin.

      If Colin was making a pure money play then he should have waited until after the season to have his three surgeries. That strategy would have been a slam dunk for Colin.

      1. Right on the money ht. Predictably the anti Kap segment is not even allowing for the fact this report may not be true, and are all in on disparaging him for something he really has no control over. Marshall isn’t slagging Kap with that statement either; he’s just standing up for his guy.

      1. I do not blame Marshall, he is just showing loyalty to a team mate. He also said Kaep was a good QB, and not that he sucks.

          1. Naw, he would have to face the Seahawk and Cards defense 4 times a year. If he were younger, but nowadays he is pretty immobile.

            1. Well … I did .. see a video of Peyton
              sayin’ something about a doctor telling him
              that he’ll be needing hip replacement later in life …

              1. Just heard that Jerry Jones and the other NFL owners stooped to pick up a few extra nickels like Niners, by cancelling a Girl Scout event to replace them with concerts–makes ya proud, doesn’t it…Can’t wait for the offseason NFL owner’s meetings when they laugh at Jed and Paraag’s penny pitching….Go Niners, save those nickels!

              2. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
                ‏@timkawakami Chip Kelly can be tough to read, but if he was building his offense around Kaepernick I think we’d know about it by now. And we haven’t

              3. What we know: The two sides don’t like each other much,

                Yes, Kaepernick doesn’t trust the 49ers’ front office

                Kap and 49ers to part ways:

                Yes, Kaepernick doesn’t trust the 49ers’ front office — and yes, he has every reason not to trust those execs —

                Yes, the 49ers’ top executives don’t like their former starting quarterback very much — all those disdainful small-time leaks last season were the proof.


              4. Boise 49er Fans ‏@208_49ers · 3h3 hours ago

                @timkawakami Could the 49ers executives blame Kap for this girl scout fiasco? Why not, right?

              5. Kaepernick reportedly wants out of San Francisco–BASG

                No surprise there, since the team buried Kaepernick in 2015 with a terrible offensive line and coaching staff, along with rumors about his study habits and whispers to Fox announcers about his failures on the field. However, the 49ers now have a vested interest in appearing interested in him. The 49ers have been feeding Jason Cole plenty of “we think Kap can resurrect his career with Chip Kelly” material, but we should probably put that information in the same category as Jed York’s comments about fresh starts.

                A sampling of Cole’s reports over the last several months:
                Oct. 30: Insider Buzz: Colin Kaepernick Working to Repair Relationship with Teammates
                Nov. 1: Insider Buzz: 49ers Players Want Kaepernick Benched; Needs to ‘Clear His Head’
                Jan. 20: Insider Buzz: Shanahan Told 49ers He Didn’t Want Kap, Led to Chip Kelly Hire
                Jan. 29: Insider Buzz: Former 49ers Coaches Believe Chip Kelly Will Fix Colin Kaepernick

                The Kaepernick Equation: tear him down, put him back together, trade him.

              6. Seb,

                I can’t be a paid shill for all of these news services, about 100, reporting Kap is gone in 2016

                San Francisco 49ers RUMORS: Colin Kaepernick Trade Remains Very Likely

                with reports coming out that there are major trust issues between the 49ers quarterback and San Francisco’s front office. The 49ers quarterback was “virtually certain” to not return next season.


              7. I agree with Charly, don’t you, Seb–If you can’t beat out Gabbert, move on?

                Jason La Canfora Verified account 
                Makes sense for 49ers to try to put on public face about keeping him, for trade leverage, etc, but there are major trust issues here

                Charlie Ricker ‏@Charlie_Ricker · 18h18 hours ago
                @JasonLaCanfora Anyone who can’t beat out Blaine f–king Gabbert should keep his mouth closed and do everything his employer tells him.

              8. TrollD, you keep on linking TK.
                You seem to think I have not been posting that Kaep is likely gone since he has been stabbed in the back so much and so often.
                I like Kaep, and wish him well, but Jed and Baalke do not deserve Kaep.

              9. How come you never can address why he was “allegedly”stabbed in the back?
                Could it possibly be performance related Seb? You fail to acknowledge that one small detail.

              10. The fact that he did not trust the team doctors to perform his surgery on his labrum just told me loud and clear that he did not want to be stabbed in the back by the Niners anymore. The fact that he is rehabbing in Colorado just tells me that Kaep likes that Rocky mountain air.
                Hmm, Manning may retire in a few days and Denver would have no QB……

              11. Not wanting to be stabbed in the back simply because the organization shot itself in the foot…while trying to take the NFL by storm…

              12. Cassie,

                You’ve noticed the overabundance of weaponry references by the Sebster. I’m sure the 49ers PR Dept. has taken notice and will be on the lookout the day of the Kap and Hayne draft day trade.

              13. Ann Killion Verified account 
                ‏@annkillion 49ers reach agreement with Girl Scouts. Amazing damage control. The power of the world watching.

                Dewayne Deams ‏@curtisalvin · 20h20 hours ago
                @annkillion guess that would also explain why the soccer field issue has gone on for years now. World wasn’t watching

                stine Ericksson ‏@Christi67883868 · 20h20 hours ago
                @annkillion What the heck were the 49ers thinking anyway? What are they going to do next pull whiskers off kittens?

                Joseph Bella
                ‏@jbella @annkillion 49ers are such a sleazy organization.

              14. 49ers season-ticket holders angry about Super Bowl shutout

                For 49ers fans who paid thousands of dollars to secure seats at Levi’s Stadium, it has been a frustrating year. First they saw the product on the field sour as the team plummeted into last place, then they began losing big money trying to resell their pricey tickets, and now nearly all of them are on the verge of being shut out of the Super Bowl.

              15. Seb,

                When you advised Jed to repair the leak damage you referred to the plumbing damage, right, because the 10-6, 2015, 49er record was 3- Stoogian.


                February 2, 2016 at 7:14 pm
                How delicious. Now I know why Jed was praising Kaep to the high heavens. Well Jed., what goes around comes around. Too bad you did not take my advice. Allowing leaks and not parting with the leaker, just makes this a delicious irony.

              16. TrollD you are obsessing about me so much that you post my thoughts more than me. Glad my plan has worked. You are trying to counteract me, but just cement into this blog my posts. I am so glad that I dominate your thoughts so much, it just increases my power over you.
                It would behoove you to try and ignore me and ignore my posts, but the repetition is a classic tactic for imprintation. You are so clueless, you do not know what you are doing. So much so, I almost feel pity for you.
                Almost because I delight in the fact that your pathetic attempts just make your ignorance more emphatically displayed. You desperately want to be looked to as astute, but fail miserably.
                You are childish, petulant and immature.
                TrollD, have a nice day.

              17. Rebuild A Winner February 4, 2016 at 11:39 am
                If Kaep doesn’t want to compete for the starting job with Gabbert and someone else get rid of him. Competition brings out the best out people. He should be motivated to try to win the job in an offense that suits him. I have been a big supporter of kaep. With that said if these rumors are true it’s time to cut bait… It might be time to give credit to Prime and Hammer who have held there ground regarding dumping Kaep. I’m a fan of his talent but I’m starting to sour on his attitude.


              18. Sil, I would love it if Kaep stays as the QB for the 49ers, but I will perfectly understand if he wanted to leave. Banning Kaep from the side line was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. One can only take the insults so far, before he snaps.

              19. TomD

                That’s not an article. It’s a no-name blogger aggregating several conflicting reports to write a speculative piece that conflicts itself about Kaep’s value. Kaep will either be retained or traded, but not released, and the team doesn’t need to pull the trigger any time soon. The most likely scenario is they’ll get him into camp to compete, and if he wins the job, they’ll keep both QBs. If he loses, they’ll trade Kaep. However, we won’t know who is winning a camp battle, because the team will want to keep Kaep’s value high, so it will continue to praise him outwardly, regardless of Chip’s decision as to who starts.

                Kaep’s value is increasing because of Cam Newton and Russell Wilson’s successes, and because the cognoscenti in the league understand that Kaep was doomed to failure under Tomsula and Chryst. They will disregard both the 2014 and 2015 seasons, writing them off as years lost to either team dysfunction (2014) or coaching incompetence (2015). In negotiations with the 49ers, other teams will downplay these factors, but they will weigh heavily, some team will recognize Kaep for the 4-2 playoff hero that he is, 4.4 40, huge arm, athletic, Dynamo, and will offer significant capital for him, whether in draft capital or human capital. His salary is very low, as compared to Newton and Wilson (not to mention lesser guys like Bradford, Tannehill, etc …). Don’t let the media hoopla fool you. If he gets traded before the draft, it will be for a significant return. If it’s after the draft, it could be slightly less, but probably not.

              20. Silicon Chip,

                Lets hope you’re correct. Those draft picks garnered in a Kap trade would be a significant Chip in the 49ers draft strategies. Chipster has many needs: DE, QB, WR, LB, etc.

                At the table I try to act cool,
                and take all my buddies to school.
                I’m now in a funk
                cause I’m raising with junk
                and totally playing like a fool.

                I spent my last paycheque on chips,
                and some plastic cards with four pips.
                I said with a grin,
                “Hey, I’m all-in”,
                and now I am dealing for tips.

              21. The team could try and capitalize on a trade quickly.

                The 49ers have time to make a decision. Kaepernick’s $11.9 million salary becomes guaranteed on April 1, until then they can pursue any and all trade deals in order to get some kind of return on ….

              22. Journey To The Center Of Seb’s Mind (Ted Nugent and Amboy Dukes)

                Leave your cares behind, come with us and find
                The terror of a journey to the center of Seb’s mind

                Come along if you care
                Come along if you dare
                Take a ride to the land inside of Seb’s mind

                Beyond the seas of thought, beyond the realm of what
                Across the streams of delusional dreams where things are clearly not

                Come along if you care…

                But please realize, you’ll probably be surprised
                For it’s the land unknown to man
                Where fallacy is fact
                So if you can, please understand
                You might not come back………….

          1. All the 49ers had to do was avoid a PR blunder for ONE WEEK, but no, that obviously was impossible–and so telling

            What genius choose this week to tell the Girl Scouts that their scheduled May event at Levi’s Stadium was canceled because the team just booked a lucrative concert for the date?

            Day-to-day greed is one thing and those of us who know the 49ers (and the NFL in general) are certainly less than surprised by this.


            1. San Francisco Giants Offered to Hold Girl Scouts Event–49ers back of

              Yes, the 49ers resolved the Girl Scouts situation several hours after the Mercury News broke the story by announcing that they would move the event back a week, guarantee that it wouldn’t be moved again, and “underwrite the entire cost.”

              However… that “resolution” came only after the savvy Giants offered to host the event at AT&T Park, according to our report.

  43. When Fang ate the little chip everything changed.

    Eagles Offensive Stats vs 49ers Defense – Sept. 28, 2014
    Points – 0
    First downs – 11
    Total yards – 213
    Turnovers – 4
    Penalties – 10 (70)
    Third Down Conv. – 5-13
    Fourth Down Conv. – 0-2
    Total Plays – 56
    Time of Possession – 17:43 (49ers 42:17)

    The Eagles didn’t get past their own 43 yard line until 6:35 left in the 4th qtr.
    Drive. Plays / Result
    1. 6 / Punt
    2. 6 / Punt
    3. 3 / Punt
    4. 6 / Punt
    5. 6 / Fumble
    6. 2 / Fumble
    7. 3 / Punt
    8. 2 / Int
    9. 3 / Punt
    10. 15 / Downs
    11. 4 / Int

    Chip Kelly’s NFL Head Coaching Record
    Before Fang ate the Chip – 13 W, 6 L
    After Fang ate the Chip – 14 W, 15 L

    Not suggesting Fangio killed the Chip Kelly offense from that point forward. Injuries had alot to do with the fall off in 2015.

    It does seem like a pivot point. Kelly has a near dominant record before he played Fangio’s defense. A losing record after.

    Did Fangio “write the book” on Kelly’s offense for the rest of the league?

    1. Probably. I read an article recently that Bethea was calling out what plays the Eagles were going to run during the game, so I’m pretty sure Fangio created the blueprint to beat Kelly’s offense.

      1. Fangio’s defense is all about self discipline, good tackling angles, minimizing RAC, being in the right spot, proper run fits, keep the offense in front of you.

        Fang also made special preparations for Philly.

        He had the “ones” defense practice vs the “ones” and “twos” offenses in the same drive. As one offensive unit was running a play, the other was lining up for the next play. This simulated the fast pace of Kelly’s offense.

        Throughout the scrimmage Fangio harped on every defensive player to be in the right spot for snap. It wasn’t a complicated offense. It relied on forcing defensive players to be in the wrong spot at the snap to manufacture production.

        If there is a “book”, its 1) Line up correctly. 2) Gap discipline. 3) Make your tackles.

  44. OT Malcom Jenkins had a thoughtful interview about what went wrong with Chip in Philly. First, he debunked the Racist label and just said it was sour grapes. Then, he said this-‘Making all these changes, you have to be able to be able to communicate with your players to instill confidence in them so the know their jobs are secure, and they can trust you. And that, it just really wasn’t there.
    So listen up, Chip, here is a former player delivering the post mortem. I hope you learn from it, and avoid that mistake by being more communicative, honest, forthright, open and sincere.

  45. Damon Harris is the highest rated free agent NT per PFF. Harris is probably the best NT in the league. Harris wants $5m a year.

    Ian Williams is not he best NT in the league nor is he the highest rated one per PFF. If the best NT in the league ‘only’ wants $5m a year what makes Williams so un-signable?

    1. I’m hoping we retain Williams. This is supposed to be a very deep draft for interior linemen. One pundit claimed ten had “first round grades.” True or not, its a deep class.

      With players like Damon Harris, Ian Williams and Malik Jackson hitting the FA market at the same time… plus a deep rookie pool… the bidding war might not be too bad for retaining Williams and even adding players.

      With Kelly’s system the 49ers need all the D-line depth that can get.

  46. Say the draft should unfold like this, and no trade partner is available…who do you choose?

    1)Titans – Bosa
    2)Browns – Wentz
    3)Chargers – Tunsil
    4)Cowboys – Jack
    5)Jaguars – Ramsey
    6)Ravens – Stanley
    7)49ers – Noah Spence

    1. With the Cowboys problems at QB, I bet Jerry will select Goff, since they had so many struggles with Romo out. I also think the Titans will pick up a FA lineman, so the Bosa call is probable.
      I hope Spence has his drug problems under control. I still like Buckner, with his 10 sacks last season.

      1. I’m with you Rocket if Goff is sitting at 7 he is the #1 rated QB in the draft with a team that has a turbulent relationship with last years starter -pick him.If he isn’t there red flags and all Spence would be hard to pass although Myles Jack is neck and neck with him for me!

    2. I’d take Goff in a heartbeat. And if (for whatever reason) the 49ers don’t want Goff… the trade-back offers will be lucrative.

      The Eagles at 13 could have an interest. (Don’t pick up if the Rams are calling) Maybe the Jets at 20. The Texans at 22. Broncos at 30.

          1. Wentz and Lynch will go before Goff. That’s my prediction. The combine isn’t going to help him, especially at the weigh in. He’s got a very slender physique. He’s a year away from helping any team….

            I see the WR out of Baylor, Coleman rocketing up the board after his combine….

            1. Goff has committed to do all the drills (including throwing) at the combine. It will be interesting.

              I don’t go ga-ga for stats, but I’ll be paying close attention to…
              – Treadwell’s 40 (will it be the 4.6-4.7 that’s rumored?)
              – Myles Jack’s weight and knee exam results
              – Vernon Adams, Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz height.
              – Jaylon Smith knee exam results

            1. Nfldraftscout just did an update but they are slow with em’ really who knows-yeah Coleman is moving up-we differ on Goff and Boyd(which to me would be a dynamic duo) but sans QB picks I like your guy Spence tremendously !

              1. I don’t understand passing on an elite pass rushing talent for a developmental quarterback. If he checks out after character assessment….

              1. If his medicals check out, I do like Antonio Morrison out of Florida if he lasts until the 5th Round. I just don’t get the feeling Myles Jack will still be there at pick 7 after his combine….

              2. I would say they are comparable. If not for the ecstasy issue, Spence had a dominant Senior Bowl and practices.

        1. As of 5pm today Goff’s back on top of the ranking.

          How does an athlete “rise” or “fall” sitting in his living room? I think players are “risers” and “fallers” far more in the media eye than on actual team draft boards.

  47. Just heard that Jerry Jones and the other NFL owners stooped to pick up a few extra nickels like Niners, by cancelling a Girl Scout event to replace them with concerts–makes ya proud, doesn’t it…Can’t wait for the offseason NFL owner’s meetings when they laugh at Jed and Paraag’s penny pitching….Go Niners, save those nickels!

  48. This one goes out to Seb to give the Sebster an entire offseason to get over his Kap mancrush:

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    ‏@timkawakami Chip Kelly can be tough to read, but if he was building his offense around Kaepernick I think we’d know about it by now. And we haven’t.


  49. 49ers do the right thing:


    The Girl Scouts of Northern California are getting their big sleepover at Levi’s Stadium after all, just rescheduled from its original date5

  50. What we know: The two sides don’t like each other much,

    Yes, Kaepernick doesn’t trust the 49ers’ front office

    Kap and 49ers to part ways:

    Yes, Kaepernick doesn’t trust the 49ers’ front office — and yes, he has every reason not to trust those execs —

    Yes, the 49ers’ top executives don’t like their former starting quarterback very much — all those disdainful small-time leaks last season were the proof.

  51. TrollD, Jed and Baalke do not deserve Kaep. I am now leaning towards Kaep getting a fresh start on another team who will not stab him in the back. Denver, if Manning retires, would be a logical fit. Broncos and Niners had practices together last season, so Elway had lots of time to observe Kaep. It is interesting to see Kaep go to Colorado instead of Stanford to have his surgeries. Kaep could go to a Super Bowl team with the number 1 defense. I wish him well.
    Chip will just have to roll with Gabbert, since he praised him so much.

  52. For the first time in forever, the 49ers offense will be dictating terms to the opposing defense. It’s a perfect system for Kaep, who, as someone points out above, plays impulsively. The best way to use this is to give him the power to act, rather than react.

  53. If Kaep doesn’t want to compete for the starting job with Gabbert and someone else get rid of him. Competition brings out the best out people. He should be motivated to try to win the job in an offense that suits him. I have been a big supporter of kaep. With that said if these rumors are true it’s time to cut bait… It might be time to give credit to Prime and Hammer who have held there ground regarding dumping Kaep. I’m a fan of his talent but I’m starting to sour on his attitude.

    1. He’s the best corner in the league right now. Depending on the scheme, I’d love to see Baalke go out and get him, Trevathan and Marvin Jones….

    2. Not a chance. Not because of Clements though. Baalke doesn’t value the DB positions as highly as we want him to, which is why he tries to get by with guys named Rogers or Wright, or draft damaged guys in the later rounds, Cully, Reaser, Acker, Johnson. Baalke builds his team from the middle outward, so he spends higher on the Front-7 than the back 4, and higher on safeties (Reid, Ward, Tartt) than on CBs. He will never sign a Top-5 CB, not unless that guy is Johnson or Reaser or Acker, i.e., a draft pick, and he would only rise to Top-5 on a below market contract extension. Much more likely is Baalke signing Malik Jackson of someone like him and hoping he becomes the next Justin Smith of this team, or signs Bruce Irvin to a $9M/yr contract like Fletcher Cox at the Eagles.

      Articles like the one above are a waste of time, and show that the authors are either misinformed or dishonest; on defense, at least, Baalke won’t sign splash players like Norman.

      I could see him making waves in the TE or WR or OL markets, as he probably realizes by now that he can’t trust himself to draft them properly. Look for Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffery, or Mohamed Sanu, Amini Silatolu, and Ladarius Green or Dwayne Allen.

      And watch us trade down, grab Ezekiel Elliott and Doctson in the first round, and either Adams or Prescott later in the draft. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see him jump on Jack or Smith with #7 or a trade back pick. Fascinating, but too early to really start the process.

      1. I agree that Norman is very unlikely to be signed by the 49ers. As you say, it goes against Baalke’s ethos.

        Actually, I pretty much agree with everything you say here, except I don’t think they will look at Elliott. Jack or even Smith despite his knee injury are certainly possibilities.

      2. Thanks MWD for the link, and Silicon Chip for the breakdown. I’m not very familiar with Josh Norman so I don’t have a strong preference.

        With me cornerback is binary. It’s not “how good is the CB” so much as “can he play with little or no safety help.” If he can, spend money on him. If he’s merely good, spend FA money elsewhere.

        “…Baalke signing Malik Jackson of someone like him and hoping he becomes the next Justin Smith…”

        That’s how I’d guess FA would go.
        49ers most successful recent big ticket FA signing – Justin Smith
        My favorite Baalke’s mid-price FA signings – Carlos Rogers, Jonathan Goodwin.


    You guys who have Twitter, type in this hashtag: #WhitlocksHouseParty

    Crabtree implies that he’s still boys with the players on the team he was cool with, but that Kaep isn’t one of them, says he hasn’t spoken a word to Kaep since he left. Then, when asked what he thinks of Kaep, he first says, “Yeah, Carr knows how to throw a nice pass, gets into the preparation, knows how to play QB, then he says he “hopes Kaep can get his life together and get his head into those books and that film.”

    While Crabtree seemed a little off while he was here, this is alarming because it shows just how awkward or aloof Kaep must be, and how little preparation he must put into the game. It’s what we’ve been hearing, but in this case it’s coming from a guy who had every reason to be in Kaep’s corner, but who clearly is no longer.

    Unfortunately, the bigger picture here is that KAEP IS NOT A LEADER OF MEN, and will never be the catalyst that Newton is. In this way, he is like Russell Wilson, who has been called not black enough and is clearly a weirdo, but he prepares like crazy, carries himself with a certain dignity, and has won a Super Bowl.

    Is Chip Kelly the kind of mentor Kaep can learn from? I don’t think so. Kaep’s days as a 49er are done; and he will soon be out of the league if he continues to hit on his teammates girlfriends/exes instead of hitting the books/film.

    1. That’s funny. He had already said as much when asked why he went to Oakland early in the year.

      It really had nothing to do with “lowballing” as one poor soul around here keeps squealing.

      1. Jack

        You’re a supporter of the Chip Kelly hiring, right? You’re also a guy who believes Blaine is a better QB than Kaepernick? I’m inclined to agree on both points. Obviously Kaep has a higher physical ceiling, but Crabs’ blunt commentary seems to bolster the narrative that Kaep is disinterested in doing what it takes to reach his stratospheric potential.

        Got any valuable input you can share to add to the discussion? Any ideas on what you think might happen at the QB position?

        1. Gabbert will be the opening day starter while they groom the replacement that is added through the draft.

          Until free agency starts I can’t speak intelligently to who that might be because that will likely change their needs.

          1. +1.

            Hammer, any guesses on which QB they may be targeting in the draft? One of the top prospects, or possibly a sleeper?

            1. Hammer, is Jarred Goff a good fit? How about Paxton Lynch? Lynch was the number one prospect according to most scouts heading into seems to have suddenly dropped down most draft boards. I think Lynch is a very intriguing prospect for Chip’s system. Any thoughts on Lynch?


              By the way, it’s great to look forward with a positive outlook isn’t it. I’m excited to have a productive offense for a change. So tired of all the negativity.

              1. Quick release, good accuracy, and very good ball handling skills necessary. Half-hearted fakes, long wind-up deliveries, and inconsistent accuracy will tube Chip’s offense. If nothing else, the next 8 months will be fascinating. Much better I think than a year 2 of JimmyT and Geepus Chryst.

              2. And as much as I like Colin, he’s really becoming a downer. Nearly $12 million a year isn’t enough motivation to suck it up and try to win his job back? I get it. He’s lost some trust in the 49ers front office, but come on. The 49ers front office is no different than any other. It’s the NFL. What have you done for me lately. They want to win just like every other sports team. And if they though Colin gave them their best chance to win, he’d be the man. And where is Kap’s competitive spirit. If I were him, and I lost my job to Blaine, after all of my success, I would be dead focused on competing to win it back, unless I knew in my mind that probably couldn’t beat him out, and Gabbert was the better QB to run Chip’s 49ers offense moving forward.

          2. Jack,

            Yep. Sounds like reality to me. Baalke reportedly always liked Gabbert more than Kaep, he has a higher pedigree, and is 2 years younger. Also, he has a gun, nice mobility, and a quick release. If he feels safe behind a commanding OL, then I don’t see why they couldn’t have 2 QBs (him and say, Goff or Adams) that are highly touted around the league in 2 years. I don’t know if Kelly will be able to stop tinkering with his QB for long enough to find a keeper, but I would not be shocked if Gabbert emerges from this entire episode as the 49ers long-term starter.

            $50M plus the extra $8M that they might get for trading Kaep, plus whatever they get for releasing Brooks, is an intriguing number, and I just can’t speculate on how they might spend such a large number. I would presume they’ll give some to Dial and Carradine, and maybe commit to picking up Reid’s fifth year option for 2017.

            Certainly, it seems that Chip is here for offense, and they all believe his scheme will win, and Baalke can continue to upgrade defensive talent.

            1. You would have to believe that if the 49ers front office truly believed Colin would be the better QB in Chip’s system, that they would embrace Colin and find a way to get him back into the mix. It wouldn’t be that difficult considering Colin is under contract. I think it’s a certainty at this point, that they feel just as good about Blaine, if not better. I do think they would like to see Colin step up and compete, and see how he looks under Chip. Competition brings out the best in everyone, right?

              Unless, of course, they plan to draft one of the top QB prospects. In that case, it would become clear that Colin is likely not in their long term plans. You don’t draft a QB in round 1 unless you plan to have him eventually become the starter, right?

          3. Gabbert needs to challenge downfield much more or they might as well trade Smith, and he needs to somehow find a way not to be so timid in the pocket and cringe when pressure exerts itself. He’s still a back up to me….

            1. I really hope Kaep stays with the Niners, but he may have had enough. The Niners will be resigned to another losing season. They may be forced to use their first pick to grab a QB, instead of a stud pass rusher they really need.
              Paxton Lynch may be their first choice.

              1. If they could get a team to give up their 2nd Round pick this year and their 1st Round pick in 2017 to move down, they’d have two 1st round picks next year to package for Deshaun Watson….

              2. If Jed was smart, he would realize that Kaep is his best choice to lead the Niners back to respectability, and help the Niners win games.
                However, I think Jed is as dumb as a post, so he will probably keep lurching from one disaster to another.

  55. Kaep is the most appealing, frustrating exhibit of inner turmoil I have seen in a professional athlete. He doesn’t know who he is, it appears. He’s like Robert Downey, Jr. early in his career as an actor: capable of amazing performances, but so unpredictable he might end up in your daughter’s bedroom believing it to be his own at the end of a massive drug binge. That’s not literal, so don’t get your knickers in a bunch, but Kaep just can’t seem to realize that he must honor his gifts if he is to become the #7torm he believes himself to be. Did he get thrown to the wolves by the 49ers and Harbaugh in 2014? Did he then tank his 2015 season as a result?

    If he’s not careful he’ll end up out of the league, or worse, in Cleveland.

  56. Sebnynah: “The 49ers enjoyed great success with Colin Kaepernick at QB, including back-to-back NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. They realize Colin is a franchise QB and a top 10 QB, and were fortunate to have him signed under a very team friendly contract. However, rather than building a quality team around the guy they believe is a franchise QB who is capable of leading the team to further success, they have made a business decision to purposely sabatoge Kap’s career, while simultaneously dismantling their once proud franchise. They purposely pieced together a poor offensive line ahead of the 2015 season, and refused to spend money in order to make their franchise QB look bad, all while secretly devised a plan to have him suffer numerous injuries, further hindering his performance, and insuring he would land on IR at the most inopportune moment. The front office also secretly worked behind the scenes to secure an endorsement freom Beats By Dre, so that their team leader could wear headphones around the team facility, in order to ostracize himself and lose the support of the locker room. 49er CEO Jed York and GM Trent Baalke have simply decided they are tired of winning. They feel the best thing for the franchise moving forward, is to lose as many games as possible. GM Trent Baalke never enjoyed the praise and accolades he received in 2012, when he was voted NFL Executive Of The Year. Receiving such a prestigious award was simply too time consuming, and the award plaque takes up too much space in his swanky office.”

    1. Yup, when the FO looked at Devey, they totally ignored Pats fans who claimed that Devey would have ended Brady’s career if he had kept playing. Devey looked like Tarzan and played like Jane. The Bills fans were jumping for joy that Pears had left and signed with the Niners and warned the fans that Pears was an effective turnstile.
      Both their claims came true and they succeeded to allow Kaep to be pummeled 28 times.One game they allowed 9 sacks.
      With holding 13 mil all season was an undeniable fact, and they desperately needed it last year so they would not go 5-11. Baalke broke his promise to retain veteran talent, and let Iupati, Crabtree, Cox, Culliver and Gore leave.
      Jed himself pontificated that it was a good thing that the Niners lost as many games as they had, because he was rewarded with a better draft position. I think he claimed he kept the Niners out of the playoffs so the grass field could look its best.
      For the life of me, I do not know how a GM who has failed so spectacularly could still have a job. He won some award 3 years ago, and I guess it went to his head. Baalke may be a good scout, but as a GM, he is a lightweight. Other than Torrey, who had a mediocre season, all of his FA signings disappeared, or in the case of Pears, many fans wished he had disappeared. Cook, Dockett, Bush, Wright, Bishop and Hunter. Baalke was so vile, he cut Hayne on the bus and refused to utilize him, preferring crapola couch potatoes. In 2012, he was voted Exec of the year, and in 2015, every single pick of that draft is not on the roster.
      Baalke assembled a coaching staff of coaching rejects, and a D line coach who was promoted way over his head. They set records in futility. The QB coach was a talk show host, and did not know how to coach up a QB. I said from Kaep’s first PC that he should dress better and lose the head phones, but it took until the week before he was benched when he ditched the phones and wore a suit. Obviously, the whole coaching staff never read Bill Walsh’s book -Building a Champion, because Kaep was never instructed that he did not look like a champion, he looked like a rapper.
      I agree, the FO worked behind the scenes, engaging in a whisper campaign with leaks galore. Baalke himself was a leaker because no one else could have known that Jed decided to fire Tomsula before he played that last game, or maybe Jed yelled it from the rooftop for all to hear.
      Also, the Niner doctors lied about the extent of Kaeps injuries, or were incompetent because they could not read an MRI. They did not include Kaep on the injury reports, even though he required 3 surgeries. They made Kaep play while injured, but then freaked out that he could get injured watching the game so they banished him from the side line. They would not even allow him on the side line before the game.
      You are right, my opinion is that Baalke and Jed ordered Tomsula to not win the game because they wanted to be rewarded a better draft position and the last season was lost cause anyways. I have no proof, and it is only my opinion, but I bet Tomsula knew he was gone, so he went bold to try and win it just to stuff it in their faces. If Tomsula was fired, Baalke should have been fired, too.
      Jed should hold himself accountable and resign for the honor and integrity of the game, because he told us to hold him accountable..
      Kaep has not been communicating with the Niners? The silence is deafening.

      1. You saw Jed’s exact quote, which was a lighthearted joke, right Seb. If, in your mind, you truly think this joke is proof that Jed didn’t want to make the playoffs, I can’t help you bro.

        JED YORK: “Peter asked us if we could not make the playoffs this year to make sure the turf was as good as possible,” York said with a grin. “I said, ‘OK, if that’s what we have to do, then we’ll take that under advisement.”

        Seriously Seb. You think he was serious? Oh my!

        1. What, are you trying to suggest NFL teams’ scouting shouldn’t take into consideration what fans on a forum think about a player? That’s crazy talk.

            1. Not really. They just needed to look at the fact that he was on the bench when the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl title.

              1. How do you know they weren’t scouting his technique on the bench, and made the determination he had potential….

            2. I know you aren’t being serious razor, but just to expand on my point – as Mid suggests, they simply should have done a better job of scouting the player themselves. Just because the opinion of some fans is correct does not mean they should take the word of the fans. If it had been up to fan scouting Justin Smith would likely never have been a 49er, nor Carlos Rogers.

              1. Scooter, maybe the best way to scout is to take into consideration all pertinent data. Ignoring salient data is a recipe for disaster. Devey should never been traded for. They also should have watched game film. Obviously, they did not. Devey was HORRIBLE.

              2. I doubt it was a case of scouting as much it was a desperation move….

                If it had been up to fan scouting, we wouldn’t be aboard the Blaine Train….

              3. “maybe the best way to scout is to take into consideration all pertinent data”

                True. But comments on fan message boards? Surely you can’t be serious.

              4. That’s not the point. Most comments on fan message boards aren’t worth the time. Just look at your posts around here and elsewhere as a perfect example.

              5. Yep, when I wrote before the 2013 NFCCG that Kaep should face one way while looking in another direction, I knew that they ignored me, because if he had done that, he would have seen 2 players wide open.
                You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

              6. “Kaep should face one way while looking in another direction”

                Genius. Or is that genous? Help me out E, errrr Silicon.

              7. Its called looking off the DB. When Kaep stared down the receiver, the LB came off the RB and was in position to make the interception.

              8. When Devey was traded to the Niners, the Pats fans declared that Devey was almost responsible for Brady to look like he should retire. Devey did the same thing to Kaep.

              9. When Pears was signed by the Niners, the Bills fans warned that Pears was almost solely responsible for the Bills losing several games. With his turnstile play and tendency to draw flags that wiped out big gains, they were jumping for joy that he was no longer a Bill. Sounds like they were prophetic.

              10. Jack, when someone mentions me and asks a question, I just feel that it is only polite to respond.
                Grant is probably laughing at you all. I can take on an entire blog and you can’t even touch me.

              11. Jack,

                I can’t really be E, anymore, now can I? Kaepernick is proving to be Mr. Everything We Hoped He Wasn’t.

                I can’t say it’s “Genius” but might be homogenous with the rest of the message. I’m not sure how you face 2 different directions at the same time, but it would definitely help, I would think.

                Anyway, here’s an interestingly constructed piece by Inman:


              12. Jack, this all started when you postulated the idea that no one associated with a team would ever read a blog post to get information.
                Too bad you did not tell Jed that. Jed himself said during the PC that he read the criticisms on social media, and got the message loud and clear.
                I agree, 99.9% of most of the posts are twaddle like yours, but sometimes, I read very insightful and cogent perspectives that anyone could benefit from.
                My premise is that any smart organization should use as much information as possible to formulate intelligent strategies. Only stupid organizations full of hubris are going to ignore sound advice because they feel superior to such fonts of knowledge.The important thing is to be able to glean that gem when sorting though the garbage. However, I think they have a PR department, and basic competency would mandate they monitor 49er blog sites.Smart organizations will be steadfast, logical, analytical and strategicly sound. Unintelligent organizations will be arrogant, easily flustered (like this site), illogical, miscalculating, easily manipulated and doomed to blunder from one disaster to another.
                Jack, I consider you in the latter category. :(

              13. Legend of a Mind — Moody Blues

                Seb-nynah’s nuts.
                No, no, no, no, he’s outside looking in.
                Seb-nynah’s nuts.
                No, no, no, no, he’s outside looking in.
                He’ll state the obvious,
                Takes credit plays that work,
                Delusional with a smirk,
                Seb-nynah, Seb-nynah

              14. Razor, actually, I will call a truce, because I do like Jack. However, He attacked me and I feel perfectly comfortable responding in kind.
                When I invite posters to ignore my posts, it just seems like they have to be opposed to me, so like moths to a flame, they respond.
                I would like to just talk strategies and draft scenarios,but too many devolve into the personal taunts and insults. So be it. Then when I tell the truth, they get even more upset. This is the week before the Super bowl, and not a peep about it except a few score predictions.
                A posters was so opposed to me, even when I posted something praising Eddie D, he had to oppose me by stating he does not care if Eddie never gets in.
                So Jack, I apologize if I upset you, and hope we can continue on this blog, posting opinions in a calm, civil manner. I invite you to ignore my posts, but will welcome any polite criticisms or corrections. Lord knows, I may say controversial things, but to fly off the handle over them does neither party any good.

              15. Yes I do. I don’t think Eddie the Head will ever be voted in. Similar to Pete Rose’s thorns preventing his induction….

              16. I believe in redemption. Eddie was found guilty of not reporting a shakedown. Sounds like he was the victim all around.

              17. Pete Rose is different. Eddie has admitted his mistakes and has shown remorse and contrition.
                Rose broke the cardinal sin. Dont bet on baseball. He denied it for years and has never asked for forgiveness. Then he went back to the gambling element, and kept on betting. He made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.
                If Pete Rose had taken the course Eddie did, he would be in Cooperstown.

              18. It’s the company you keep, Seb. I love Eddie and I don’t think he should have had to give up the team. I forgave him immediately….

              19. I think Eddie wanted that gambling contract so it would be a cash cow and he could plow more money into the Niners. The other owners did not want that to happen. Just my opinion…..

        2. I keep waiting for Grant to tell us we’ve been punked when I read some of this stuff. If any GM or Personnel Director on an NFL team decided to start perusing NFL Message boards for info, they’d be posting right along with the others because they would be unemployed.

          As fans we have an emotional attachment to a team; what we don’t have is our livelihood riding on the decisions that are made for that team. Anybody can come into a forum like this and say they would do this and that, while ignoring the fact they were wrong on about 80% of the other things they wanted and conveniently forget those ideas were ever proposed. When you are working in the league you don’t have that luxury.

          Seb this is for you especially: You don’t have a clue. You really don’t. What you think you know, you don’t. Proposing that a QB look one way and then throw the other is not some gem of knowledge that people don’t already know. QB’s are Coached to look off defenders from the earliest stages of football development. The issue is being able to have the presence of mind to do it when big people are trying to tear your head off. You are a football simpleton Seb. What you think is knowledge is basic understanding, and the other ideas are video game nonsense. You have games on TV, Youtube and what you hear from reporters. The people who are actually paid to make decisions have:

          Scouts, personal information going back to relationships they’ve had with Teachers and former Coaches from Pop Warner to College, endless amounts of film from every level the player has played at, in person dialogue with the player, injury history, conduct history. The draft is an inexact Science for one reason: You can’t predict what a player will do once he has to play football for a living. Everything else, they have information on, and info that we as fans don’t have access too.

          So for those of you who truly believe you know better than people working in the league, you don’t, and if any Football employee ever relied on the advice of fans, they would be as the old saying goes “sitting in the stands with them in a hurry.”

          1. Rocket, if he was coached to look off the safeties, why did I see both Kaep and Gabbert staring down the receivers? Like you said, only a simpleton without a clue would not coach that, and I saw ample demonstrations to that effect.
            Calling me clueless for pointing out something that could be improved just says more about you than it does about me.
            I will cite the first thing Sun Tzu said in the Art of War. He said wars and conflict was of great importance to the state, and should be thoroughly studied. Being so arrogant to dismiss all advice is just a recipe to disaster.
            Like Jack, you will say that they never should have taken my advice and faced one way, while looking in another direction, something I wrote 1-17-14 as nynah on the blog at SFgate. Too bad you are as arrogant as they were and ignored my advice, because you too would have missed seeing 2 wide open receivers.

            1. Wow… The all knowing Seb has spoken. Naturally, the QBs in question have never (ever!) been coached to look off safeties. If only more coaches would read Seb’s posts…

              1. Mao… “The chaos caused was on a grand scale and I take responsibility. Comrades, you must all analyse your own responsibility. If you have to sh*t, sh*t! If you have to fart, fart! You will feel much better for it.

              2. Clausewitz fought against Napoleon, who read the Art of War and used many of its principles to almost conquer Europe. If Clausewitz studied Napoleon, he studied the Art of War.

            2. Do you even bother to read responses to you Seb or are you unable to process the English language?

              Your advice to look off defenders is standard basic football. It’s not a new suggestion that teams are intentionally ignoring. You aren’t offering anything that people don’t already know. Is this sinking in yet? Your “advice” is something people with limited understanding of the game already know never mind professional Coaches and players.

              The fact players aren’t always able to do what you suggest is not because they haven’t learned it or practiced it. They can’t do it because this is a hard sport to play, and doing it in live action is not as simple as some guy on a message board thinks it is. It’s obvious you have never played the game or you wouldn’t be here tossing this crap out every day.

              As for some guy on a message board suggesting a good draft pick, we have all done that. What we don’t like to admit is that we also were enamored with a long list of busts that we would have been fired for if we had actually been doing this for a living. That’s what you don’t seem to understand. NFL GM’s and personnel people don’t get the luxury of people forgetting. Their decisions are documented and open to scrutiny until the end of time. Joe Blow on a message board can come back under another name or just pretend they never said what they really did.

              Are you getting this yet or are you still unable to comprehend the difference between reality and fantasy?

              1. Rocket, you may diss everything written on these blogs, so why even bother being on here? I come here to share my ideas with other posters. Believe me, I have read many many many imbecilic rants. I just dismiss those out of hand. However, when you challenge my ideas, you are just giving them more meaning and importance.
                I get it. You do not like my ideas. You think that looking off the safeties is what only a simpleton or an ignoramus would not do. Too bad that I see QBs staring down the receivers all the time. When the Niner QBs start looking off the receivers, I will stop posting that they should.
                I see way too much arrogance and hubris and not enough introspection and humility. Ignore bad advice all you want, but when you ignore good advice, you will not become smarter or a better person. Obviously, the Niners decided that ignoring good advice was a sound strategy, with predictable results.

              2. Oh, so predictable. Since you did not play the game,you have no right to comment. Well if that is true, there would be zero former players on this site and it would shut down. The very fact that I counsel them to look off the safeties means that I am thinking strategy. One of the greatest generals in the Art of War had his foot cut off. He could not be a warrior, so by your definition, they should have ignored his advice. Too bad for you that he became so feared, he won battles without a blow struck. You may claim football knowledge, but strategically speaking, you are a lightweight.
                I feel like I am pretty rooted and know the differences between reality and fantasy. My biggest reality is that you think you can dwell in fantasy land and shout me down. Get a clue. Only a simpleton would not realize that. Guess what? I will just use my adversaries own words against them, until they start begging me to stop, and declaring that the fervently wished they had never started in the first place.

              3. I disagree rocket, you are being unkind to stumps. They at least have the common courtesy of keeping their mindless thoughts to themselves…

              4. Yea, but the short ones hidden in the weeds can trip you up pretty good if you’re not careful….

          2. I think many posters are just as smart as many football people, because football people are not omnipotent. They fail spectacularly. Look at Jamarcus Russell.
            One poster named Karl Cuba selected in a mock for the Niners, and he selected Lael, Collins. With the putrid play of the O line, that selection was very wise, and his justification and reasoning for that pick was spot on.
            Like I said, 99.9% of the posts are very forgettable, but if they are smart enough, they can mine that gem that will help them win a game.
            I posted looking off the safeties BEFORE THE GAME. It was not hindsight.

  57. A look into Sebnynah and Whiner Country’s thought process:

    “The 49ers enjoyed great success with Colin Kaepernick at QB, including back-to-back NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. They realize Colin is a franchise QB and a top 10 QB, and were fortunate to have him signed under a very team friendly contract. However, rather than building a quality team around the guy they believe is a franchise QB who is capable of leading the team to further success, they have made a business decision to purposely sabotage Kap’s career, while simultaneously dismantling their once proud franchise. They purposely pieced together a poor offensive line ahead of the 2015 season, and refused to spend money practice squad superstars, all in order to make their franchise QB look bad, while secretly devising a plan to have him suffer numerous injuries, further hindering his performance, and insuring he would land on IR at the most inopportune moment. The front office also secretly worked behind the scenes to secure an endorsement from Beats by Dre, so that their team leader could be antisocial, wearing headphones around the team facility, tuning out his fellow teammates, in order to ostracize himself and lose the support of the locker room. 49er CEO Jed York and GM Trent Baalke have simply decided they are tired of winning. They feel the best thing for the franchise moving forward, is to lose as many games as possible. GM Trent Baalke never really enjoyed the praise and accolades he received in 2012, when he was voted NFL Executive Of The Year. Receiving such a prestigious award was simply too time consuming, and the award plaque takes up too much space in his swanky office.”


    1. I don’t know who Whiner Country is but you are truly not addressing points that I made. If you enjoy having a debate with a fictional character they I recommend that you seek professional help (or you can admit that you are a plant as Grant claims). My points were:
      1. It is unrealistic to believe that the 49ers will exercise their option with Kaep since the amount he will be paid is too much for someone who is going to merely compete for the position.
      2. Given my first point, it is likely that the 49ers will try to trade Kaep or make him renegotiate before the April 1 deadline.
      3. If Kaep IS traded, it will be only under terms that maximize his current potential to the 49ers as a trade target and likely not maximize his potential to become an elite QB on another team.
      4. If Kaep plays his cards properly, he will only sign if the 49ers exercise their option which guarantees him his full pay regardless of whether he wins the starting role or is cut.
      5. If Kaep refuses to re-negotiate, he will likely become a free agent and be able to sign with the team that wants him most and not the team that is able to engineer an acceptable trade to the 49ers.
      6.It is very likely that Kaep’s agent advised him to not agree to the team friendly deal that he actually signed. Also, it is very likely that his agent is now in damage control mode and seeking to maximize Kaep’s future potential. Accordingly, it is him who is one of the driving forces on what actions Kaep takes. (ie taking an aggressive position regarding surgeries and rehab to dispel the idea that the team physicians correctly have declared him in perfect health. By demonstrating that he had injuries that were not properly addressed, it casts doubt on any notion that Kaep is no longer mentally capable of performing at an elite level).
      6. The salary cap is the maximum total that a team may spend on player compensation. To the extent that a team spends below the salary cap, even though there is not a literal one to one relationship, it is virtually certain that the team’s total player compensation will be less than it maximum allowable. When an expense, such is player compensation is reduced, the result is an increase in the company’s bank account. You don’t have to be a CPA (although I am) to understand this mathematical certainty.
      7. Making a change at quarterback and simultaneously making no other changes sends a clear message that the team’s lack of success is principally due to the quarterback’s play. IIRC, changes at other positions were made because of injuries or much after Kaep was benched implying that he was the principal reason for their offensive failure. I don’t know about others, but that would greatly piss me off.

      Go ahead and make up you stories and argue with imaginary people and statements if you want. But try to remember the old saying: ” If you keep quiet people may think your stupid. If you keep talking, you may eliminate any doubt.”

      1. WC, I think 49 was not referring to you, but just me and like minded posters.
        However, you lay out a concise and astute post. I agree with every word.
        I especially like your last comment. I have used that many times.
        My version is- ‘Tis much better to keep quiet and only have them only think you a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt’.

  58. More thoughts from Sebnynah, in regards to Jed York’s joke (all be it, not in the best taste, but an obvious joke none the less).

    JED YORK: “Peter asked us if we could not make the playoffs this year to make sure the turf was as good as possible,” York said with a grin. “I said, ‘OK, if that’s what we have to do, then we’ll take that under advisement.”

    Sebnynah: “Ah ha….. I knew it! There’s the smoking gun! Told you Jed York hates winning!”

    By the way Seb. I have a question. You keep saying how successful the Jets would be with Kaepernick, since they have such a good defense. So, is your idea of a great QB a guy who can win, as long as he has one of the leagues best defenses behind him? In other words, Kaepernick is the next Trent Dilfer?

    1. Kaep is light years better than Dilfer, who really is a remedial QB. Dilfer also had Ray Lewis. Kaep had Bow who is slowly recovering from a knee injury.

  59. I want to draft this guy;

    “He is a physically imposing QB with great size and strength….he is very sturdy and durable in the pocket, and is a surprisingly good athlete for his size…He has a strong arm and shows good touch, and can change up the speed on his passes…He has good feet, but is not really a scrambler. However, he can stand in and take the big hits….He is a very naturally gifted player, but could improve on his throwing mechanics, although it is not a major problem.”

  60. It is beyond strange that Kaepernick is not front and center in the media circus at this Super Bowl. That in itself shows that he does not want to come back next year.

    I would love Kaep to be the 49ers best QB since Montana. I thought he would be that guy. But I also saw Crabtree’s video today, and there’s no way Crab was full of it. Though he be weird, he has never been dishonest. Crab always spoke the truth. When Jimmy Raye couldn’t produce any offense, Crab spoke up, saying that when you’ve got your opponent on the run, you keep your foot on the gas, you keep pushing. That was the right thing to say, but nobody but him would say it.

    Now, a year removed from his last year with the 49ers, he is speaking honestly about Kaep’s habits. So, were the 49ers throwing Kaep under the bus by saying he didn’t study hard enough? No, it now appears that wherever that originated, it was actually true, so the source is irrelevant.

    1. Sil, I beg to differ. The study habits should never have been divulged by Marathe. It was only done to throw dirt on Kaep.
      Who knows the full story. Maybe Gabbert turned it on in the morning and shut it down at night, while Kaep turned it on only while using it.

      1. Seb,

        Get with the discussion. I mentioned Crab. Crab talked about the books and the film. Forget about the FO for once, and just look at Kaep’s actions. He is in the wrong. It is perfectly reasonable to say yeah, Kaep hasn’t gotten better, he’s gotten worse. Blame the coaches, I do. But they are separate and distinct. Kaep hasn’t grown, and that is on him. He is a man, and he is acting like a spoiled baby. Take responsibility, honor your contract, and get to work. Or say flat out, “I’m gone!”

        The 49ers can get a lot in return:

          1. And were going to find out just what kind of market there is for Kap. Personally, I don’t think the market is as great as Polian, but he’s a smart guy. Kap certainly isn’t doing himself any favors the way he’s acting, I’ll tell you that. We’ll see. I still think Colin’s best move would be to consider Chip a fresh start, suck it up, and start spending every waking hour studying the playbook. Walk into Chip’s office as soon as it’s aloud, and tell Chip that he’s the starting QB, and that he plans on winning his job back in camp. I’m certain thast, if Colin was serious about winning his job back and running Chip’s system, that Chip and the FO would be happy to see him try. And, if it looks like a close competition, but Blaine still in the lead, I am sure Colin’s value would be higher than it is right now.

            1. I think its a safe bet Polian is smarter than you or I, and I don’t think the 49ers want Kaepernick. I also believe the feeling is mutual. The rumors should get juicier during the combine. I wonder if the 49ers are so sold on Gabbert, that they offer him a new “team friendly” contract….

            2. Let me be clear. Letting Harbaugh leave was a mistake. However, I don’t know everything that happened behind closed doors.

              Promoting Tomsula, and Chryst, as much as I like those guys as human beings, was an even bigger mistake.

              Jed realizes he needs to get this team turned back around. It’s not simply about the money for him. His uncle left a legacy and Jed knows that in some ways, he’s failed to live up to it. He wants a Super Bowl in a bad way and, even though he was loyal to Jimmy T, and felt like he was dealt a bad hand when he was promoted last season, as soon as the Eagles let Chip go, Jed saw an opportunity to make the 49ers exciting again. Chip is innovative, and Chip is going to have an outstanding and very exciting offense. And, if they can shore up the defense, this teams going to be right back into contention again.


              1. Yup. The Niners are probably going to lose their SB QB with a 31-22 record, a 4-2 road playoff record and a 181 yard playoff QB rushing record.
                They will replace him with a 8-27 QB.
                Looks like they will draft a QB in the first round, and miss out on those stud pass rushers they so desperately need.
                Yippee. Happy days are here again.

            3. 49 Reasons

              There will be a very strong trade market for Kaepernick. He is the only QB in the NFL who can rightly be compared to Cam Newton. He went to 3 straight NFCCG and has a 4-2 postseason record. He is receiving massive support from savvy NFL cognoscenti including Polian, Harbaugh, and others. And his contract is extremely reasonable. I feel like a broken record with this, but the 49ers have all the leverage, and teams will start to realize it. Imagine what Kaep could do with a really good QB coach like Andy Reid or Sean Payton and a decent OL. Harbaugh wasn’t all that special in terms of actually coaching up the QB position; rather he was a master drill sergeant who preached and demanded ball security, which is bound to make all QBs more accountable, better managers. Who will teach Kaep the nuances of the position? Somebody will think he can. The 49ers, if they don’t want Kaep, should be open and tell the league what the asking price is, and be firm that if it isn’t met, Kaep isn’t going anywhere. This would put Kaep on notice too, let him know that if it’s business he wants, then business is what he gets. Either he makes it easy for the 49ers to trade him, or he gets his head together and follows Steve Young’s advice and takes responsibility for his own role in all of this. I could go on and keep rambling, but the only wrench that might be thrown into this is the idiocy of Jed York and the humongous ego of Trent Baalke.

              They may not understand how much leverage they have, and may want to be “right” so strongly that they just cut him and lose a ton of capital.

        1. No. Jed needs to act like a man, not a spoiled brat. Kaep is the victim, and does not deserve the hate. No matter what, Jed is responsible for the leaks, because he should have kept his big mouth shut and not breathed a word that could be leaked.

          1. Seb

            That’s a very juvenile way of looking at it. Kaep has been his own worst enemy, according to reports that he doesn’t hit the books or study film like a real NFL QB (say, Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, & Newton). Those reports formerly came from “leaks” from Santa Clara, but yesterday’s admission by Crabtree changed all that.

            Kaep is a man. Act like it. Do what Steve Young says, approach Chip Kelly with humility and hunger, and pursue your rightful place in the pantheon of 49ers QBs: Tittle, Brodie, Montana, Young, Kaepernick.

      2. Why Seb?” Why the vast conspiracy to soil Kap’s reputation? Why would they purposely make stuff up to “throw dirt on Kap?” It simply doesn’t make sense. I cannot understand why you think Jed and Trent and Marathe would purposely sabotage their franchise QB whom they thought gave them the best chance to win? It seems crazy to me. It’s just not the way the world turns. You don’t purposely make stuff up to sabotage someone’s career when, as a result, it does your own career harm.

        1. Leaking those study hours were just part of a whisper campaign to discredit Kaep because they wanted to tear him down so they could justify cutting him. Just to save money.
          They did the same thing to JH. They did the same thing to Tomsula.
          Why do you try to make reasonable mature scenarios when they obviously acted in an emotional, small petty, backstabbing manner?
          I did not want Jed to stick his foot in his mouth and joke about losing. I did not want him to declare that he will do everything in his power to win, then say he would never hire a ND coach because he did not want to hurt his alma mater. I did not want Jed to declare that he would part with any leaker, then keep Marathe. I sure the heck did not want Jed to justify losing because he would be rewarded with a higher draft choice. Personally, I hope the Niners have the last draft choice every year. Jed sounds like he is game planning to get the number one pick.
          Jed is his own worst enemy.

          1. Harbaugh can be a real disrespectful prick. I would have loved for Jed to find a way to work with Jim, because he’s a great coach. but you know what Seb….you have no idea what went on behind closed doors. Jed would never justify losing in order for a higher draft pick. What he said was that, at least it’s a small silver lining. The way you are framing it is as if Jed was OK losing, because they would get a high draft pick in return. Completely different. In fact, given a choice, he would much rather win and pick at the bottom every draft. Who wouldn’t? NOBODY LIKES TO LOSE SEB! Your brain just doesn’t work logically bro. Your emotions override logic. It’s kind of weird.

            1. You’re insane Seb. Seriously. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to fire Tomsula in the week leading up to the last game. It certainly would have thrown the locker room into chaos and made it much more likely they would have lost and picked at #5. If that was the goal, and Jeb is such a backstabbing jerk, wouldn’t Jeb have done that?

              1. I sure hope you don’t gamble on sports Seb, the way you allow your emotions to cloud your judgement. You make next to no sense whatsoever. Logic is not your strong suit.

              2. You’re associating Colin with the glory years of the Harbaugh era. Your brain is blocking out the last 2 seasons of horrendously inconsistent quarterbacking from Kap. He’s done nothing but regress for 2 straight season. That’s your emotions overriding your logic. It’s like when you break up with a girl after a lengthy relationship. All you remember a year later, are the good times. Your brain has chosen to block out the last 6 months of hell that led up to the breakup. The lying, the cheating. The lousy sex. That’s the way the brain works dude.

              3. Sorry, 49, I have no idea about what lousy sex is all about. Sounds like you are an expert about that due to extensive experience.

    2. Yes, it’s true. Same with mechanics. If Kap spent half as much time on his footwork, etc, as he does in the weight room, he wouldn’t be constantly throwing off his back foot, and having too wide of a base, etc. Colin’s play wreaked of a guy who wasn’t prepared mentally, didn’t it? If not, why did they have to simplify the offense as much as they did. We know they drastically simplified it, because Tyrann Mathews told us how simple it was, didn’t he? I would like to hear somebody give me one good reason why Colin never even looked outside, at his WR’s, during the now infamous Ram’s game debacle? I’ll tell you why. Colin has what can be described as tunnel vision. And, his lack of preparation means he doesn’t have the split second recall. Therefore, it takes him longer to process what he is seeing on the filed. In order to focus, he has to block out a portion of the filed.

      Colin has the tools. His throwing motion is a little bit longer than ideal, but it’s not a deal breaker. And, Kap has a strong arm, he can make all the throws. He’s a great runner, but his functional mobility as a QB is not as good as his pure athletic running ability. Far too often, when he senses pressure, he retreats, instead of stepping up into the pocket and into running lanes. Subsequently, he takes more negative plays than he should. Blaine Gabbert isn’t as fast, or as good of a runner. But Blaine has better functional mobility. He rarely runs backwards like Colin does. Don’t get me wrong. Blaine is plenty fast, but Colin runs like a gazelle.

  61. On the eve of the Super bowl, I would like to be at least one fan on this site who will root for Eddie D for the Hall of Fame. As the only owner who has 5 rings, he is the best example of achieving greatness that I can think of.
    Eddie changed the game. They installed the salary cap just because of Eddie, otherwise, he would probably have gotten 5 more rings.
    He is human, but aren’t we all? He has shown contrition and humility, and he has learned from his mistakes. He will never expect to get in because he does not want to be disappointed, but it is an honor richly deserved. It would be extremely fitting to have him voted in while the Super Bowl is played in Levis Stadium.
    I dream that Joe will walk hand in hand with Eddie to the middle of the field, and let him, as a Hall of Famer, to make the coin flip.

    1. 49er fans know Eddie is the greatest owner of all time. I hope he gets in, but in my book, he doesn’t need to be inducted to validate how great he was. Our memories remind us every day!

  62. The best course of action for the Niners would be to trade down and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. The best choice to make a deal with may be the Bears, Bills, Indy and Atlanta, but they may only offer a first and third to move up 10 spots. Maybe the most practical choice would be with the Texans. They would love to leapfrog over the Eagles, Rams and Jets who may want a QB. If the Cowboys go defense, they would have the choice of Goff Wentz or Lynch, after Cleveland chooses one of them.
    If the Niners trade the 7th overall pick to the Texans for their first and second, they would get the 22nd, 37th and 52nd picks. Using the top 100 prospects list, the Niners could select Leonard Floyd, Jonathan Bullard or Jarran Reed at 22, Sheldon Rankins, Ryan Kelly or Jason Spriggs at 37, and Vadal Alexander, Shilique Calhoun or Kentrell Brothers at 52.

    1. Maybe Chip should take his advice, too. Chip should go to Kaep and promise to stop the leaks and backstabbing. He should promise to protect Kaep from the vicious attacks and stand up to praise him and show he believes in him, instead of avoiding doing that by praising Gabbert. Chip has to communicate better, too.

  63. Anyone wanna make their predictions
    on the final score of the Super Bowl ?

    I’m thinkin’ Carolina wins this one 24 – 13 ..

    My bold prediction .. ?

    Teddy Ginn makes his presence known …

    *Note: all the talking heads at are taking
    The Panthers as well ..

    1. Previously I predicted Denver 27-23. I think both teams will score 5 times, and the Bronco defense will score.
      I also hope Vernon catches a TD.

    2. I’ll roll with Phillips’ defensive unit and Kubiak’s game plan. I think the Panther receivers get exposed against the Bronco secondary….

    1. So sick of Kawakami spending all of his energy trying to bash the Jed and the front office. He’s trying every angle he can come up with to sling mud on the organization. The only problem is that for whatever reason he’s naive to one basic fact; no one gives a crap. I don’t in anyway care what this organization does off the field, I only care about the product on the field. Whatever moves they make, whatever other organizations they screw over I really truly don’t care. His energy and focus should be on calling out the team for keeping Baalke because that will ultimately reflect what we end up watching on Sunday. Whether or not they cancel an event with the Girl Scouts will have no effect on our w/l column so It means nothing to me.

      He seems like a smart enough guy who may or may not be a decent journalist, at this point its hard to tell, so if he would just focus that laser on something that actually impacted what I and what I think most fans actually care about he might actually have something to offer the bay area sports fans for whom he writes.

      1. He’s trying every angle he can come up with to sling mud on the organization.

        How is watching the York F@$#s Up Express TK trying every angle to sling mud?

      2. So you have self admitted tunnel vision. Right? Who cares that you have self admitted tunnel vision? Maybe we need thoughtful piece from Grant on that topic.

        How can an “organization” that isn’t smart enough to deal fairly with the Girl Scouts ever be expected to be smart enough to build the “Just Win Baby” team that you’re looking for? And, as Kawakami points out, they can’t deal fairly with the Girl Scouts the week they are hosting the Superbowl.

  64. There used to be a guy on here named DS94EVR or something like that. Dude reminds me a lot of a guy on here these days. Anybody concur?

  65. San Francisco Giants Offered to Hold Girl Scouts Event–49ers back off

    Yes, the 49ers resolved the Girl Scouts situation several hours after the Mercury News broke the story by announcing that they would move the event back a week, guarantee that it wouldn’t be moved again, and “underwrite the entire cost.”

    However… that “resolution” came only after the savvy Giants offered to host the event at AT&T Park, according to our report.

  66. having lived in nyc for 25 yrs, my first response was “you gotta be kidding”. the NY press works players like a tool and die factory works metals. any sensitivity or tenderness becomes an open sore. if Kaep comes back here and plays lights out, he’ll be the next Namath. but if he doesn’t…he might wish he were still in the Central Valley.

    1. Kaep is in Colorado. In 3 days, the Broncos may be without a QB if Manning retires.
      I think Kaep may like that Rocky mountain air. I wish him well.

        1. Elway got to see Kaep practice with his team during TC last season.
          He definitely saw enough to form an opinion. Maybe he thinks that Kaep may enjoy and thrive with a change of scenery. I hear those Rock Mountains are beautiful.

          1. Every morning I come on here only to find that by lunch time Sebnnoying has posted at least 20-30 entries. Like cmon man! He’s killing this site!

              1. You walk through the subway, his eyes burn a hole in your back,
                A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack.
                Scream for mercy, he laughs as he’s watching you bleed,
                Killer behind you, his blood lust defies all his needs.

                My innocent victims are slaughtered with wrath and despise,
                The mocking religion of hatred that burns in the night.
                I have no one, I’m bound to destroy all this greed,
                A voice inside me compelling to satisfy me.

                I can see what a life’s meant to be,
                And you’ll never know how I came to forsee, see, see.

                My faith in believing is stronger than lifelines and ties,
                With the glimmer of metal my moment is ready to strike.

                Death call arises, a scream breaks the still of the night,
                Another tomorrow, remember to walk in the light!
                I have found you, and now there is no place to run,
                Excitement shakes me, oh God help me what have I done?!
                Oooh yeah, I’ve done it!

            1. Elway has gone to the SB with an aging QB who cant make the long throws and is pretty immobile. Kaep can throw it the length of the field when healthy and can run like a deer. Elway is not a stupid person, he is shrewd, and savvy.

              1. And because he’s shrewd and savvy, he won’t swallow all the Kaep hype… Big distinction here; Payton studies the game like no other. Where’s Kaep on that scale? Try this…on a scale of 0-10 in QB/game smarts, with 10 being highest rank, where are Payton and Keap? I’d say Payton at 9.5 and Kaep 3.

              2. Elway is shrewd and savvy, so he could fix all those problems. If Kaep did not study enough, I blame the QB coach. Maybe he was too interested in sampling north coast wines, but obviously, Kaep and the whole team looked woefully unprepared. A better QB coach (Manning?) would make Kaep put in the hours.

              3. Kaep should be made to study? Gee, I would think he’d be sufficiently motivated on his own. Paso Robles wines…

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