Report: Colin Kaepernick will become a free agent after 2016

Colin Kaepernick restructured his contract earlier this season to give himself an out after 2016. According to’s Ian Rapoport, Kaepernick will exercise that out, or “player option,” and become a free agent.

Where do you think Kaepernick will play next season? Do you think teams other than the 49ers will be interested in him, considering the public protests he has been making and presumably will continue to make?

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  1. The Niners need to move on from 3 problems (well 4 but Jed is not going anywhere): Kaep, Kelly & Baalke. Considering Kaep is selling his SJ mansion and voiding the last year of his contract I’ll assume he’s planning on being gone (and good riddance).

  2. If Chip stays (seems likely to me) CK will shop himself around but would likely be willing to return if he doesn’t get a better offer. If Chip goes, he won’t be back.
    Some execs in some markets would hesitate to make an offer to him due to his politics, but not all.
    Where does he play? Well, start that consideration with a list of sketchy owners, but with Jed’s name crossed off the top of that list. Dumb and desperate owners.
    Browns? Ownership is dumb enough, need is great, but Imdoubt it happens.
    Bears? Need is great, but if Fox stays I can’t see him going for CK. He’d rather have Glennon, IMO.
    Texans? They won’t give up on their investment yet, and I don’t think Houston would be a welcoming environment. Can you imagine the fan dust-up if they signed CK? Hah!
    Jaguars? Their flakey, impulsive owner is supposedly not happy with HC or QB, but will be talked out of pulling that trigger on CK by his FO staff.
    Jets? Geez, maybe. Probably the most likely other than SF, but….wow. Colin would get an OK OL and a good Defense. He’d also get good receivers, who would soon be frustrated with him. The owner wants to win before he dies and could be desperate enough to make a move. It’s rumored he’s not happy with his HC; that’s the dumb part.
    If that happens, get your popcorn ready for the show. The NYC press will shred his on field stuff. As the criticism builds it will leak into his socio-political stance, and whatever he says in that regard will inevitably entangle and enflame the whole public sphere.
    Going to Jets would be a bad move for CK, but he probably doesn’t know it. His best bet personally would be to return to work for Chip, but I’m hoping he doesn’t get that.

    1. My bet is the Cards. Palmer is on his last legs, and Ariens called Kaep scary.

      Kaep would go to a team with a good defense, good receivers, good RB, and good coach. Ariens wants to win.

      Then Kaep would be able to play against the Niners twice a year.

      1. “Yeah, and the niners sack totals would ‘jump’ markedly….ints and pick-6’s would be off the chart, and Larry Fitzgerald would retire early….

  3. It would be a foolish move on his part because many of the owners has no interest in him, and I doubt that has changed. If he did return to the 49ers, it would have to be for less than what he is making now.

  4. Is he sure he can find another job? Hasta laVista Mr Sackorpick…while you’re packing your gear, save some room for Trent Baalkes resume’…it won’t take up much space



  6. I’ve been a fan since John Brody and the 9ers played at Keizar stadium. I’ve been true thru bad years and wins but even though I love Kelly, I cannot cheer for a team that refuses to ditch Kaperdick. Management needs to man up and insist the “on field intertainers” adhere grown-up behavior like a Jerry Jones did in Dallas. Our country would be better off if scumbag Kaperdick moved to Cuba where life is wonderful and full of great opportunities.

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