Report: Chris Culliver arrested allegedly for felony hit-and-run

This is troubling news. According to reports, Chris Culliver allegedly hit a bicyclist with his car this morning, and then Culliver fled. The San Jose police eventually arrested him. To read the full report, click here.

  1. I’m assuming there’s more to this. I wonder if he had been drinking or was high. I hope the victim is okay, this is ridiculous.

      1. Grimey,
        It doesn’t matter what the substance was, if there was anything involved. It just doesn’t make sense to take off from the scene of an accident if you aren’t doing anything wrong. His behavior would seem to indicate he was desperate to avoid getting caught? Why? Guns? Brass knuckles?!? Who the hell uses brass knuckles? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t under the influence of something.

        1. They added a charge of driving without a valid license, so maybe he risked Felony H&R to avoid a simple citation? Really thought that through.

    1. The victim only had minor injuries, The report also said that when questioned he claimed it was not his fault, but rather he put the blame on Whitner who he claimed should have have picked him up first.

  2. Ugh! So much for turning the corner (no pun intended). WIth Aldon last year, Cully’s previous infraction, signing Cook, bringing in Martin, and now this…we’ve got quite a media circus. Not good for an organization that is otherwise ran well.

    So, back to Cully….

    With all the added depth and position to draft a decent CB (or two), how does this play out?

  3. I said it after last years Super Bowl and I will say it again. This guy is a complete idiot and cannot get out of his own way. If we do not get rid of this f-nut now I have no idea what Baalke is doing.

    For the Draft we need in level of importance (which did not change for me before this incident)

    1) CB
    2) DE
    3) SS
    4) C
    5) WR
    5) RB
    6) CB
    7) QB

    1. It’s good this happened now, before Baalke inked him to a new deal.

      And as much as it probably means we target two CBs in the draft, I’m wondering if we really should be aiming to move up for Gilbert or Dennard. Sure, they may only be a tad better than the Robys, Verretts, and Fullers, but they are day 1 starters. Not sure what it would take to trade up, but with that third 3rd-rounder, it would be easier to stomach.

    2. Ummm, how do you have DE our 2nd need and WR 5th? WR is just as important as CB IMO. We have no 4th and 5th WR, Crab is gone next year, and Boldin is like 33-34. If that’s not a position of serious need, then I don’t know what is.

    3. I’d slot a WR in before SS, but only because I’ll assume Bathea starts for the first two years of his contract, while Crab could very well be gone after this season.

      And depending on how negotiations go with Kaep, I wouldn’t be surprised if a QB were picked a little sooner.

  4. Well, I’m guessing those contract extension talks will be put on hold…

    One of Carlos Rogers, Rashean Mathis or Drayton Florence will be a 49er soon…

    1. I don’t know about “soon” but any vet willing to take the minimum (which gets knocked down for salary cap purposes) would be a 49er. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodwin returns under this provision just before camp. My point is that those vets may want to wait and see if a slightly better offer comes their way.

        1. My Cohn ummm I mean kneejerk reaction is Culliver is going to be cut sooner rather than later. Santa Clara County is not going to be kind to Mr. Culliver. Unless they have someone specific in mind, maybe they throw a little more at Rogers on a one year deal, why not wait until after the draft to see what pans out there. It’s not like they don’t have enough cheap washout CB depth right now.

            1. I am not an attorney but it appears that threatening to hurt a witness with a brass knuckle, and also fleeing the scene of an accident, the one you caused, is a much serious offense than anything Aldon Smith ever did.

              State charges and litigation will keep him very busy…

  5. Regardless of Culliver’s guilt or not in this matter, the 49ers shouldn’t be changing their draft strategy. Knee jerk reaction. CB was a need anyway, and they were already in a position of likely taking two CBs in the draft.

    This just increases the likelihood of picking up another vet FA CB on a 1-year deal as well as a couple of draft picks.

    1. Do you think that the Niners would go with 2 rookie CBs? I would like it if they did, but I don’t see it happening. 2 rookie WR is definitely in play though.

      1. Yes, I do – but not as starters (unless they are really good). I think two WRs and two CBs will be drafted, and I thought that prior to reports of Culliver’s arrest.

        1. When you say drafted I assume you mean drafted and make the final 53. It could mean one less special-teams only guy. I’m not a fan of Ventrone and think his spot could have gone to a developmental guy like Cooper last year.

          1. I expect the 49ers to have a fair amount of interest in Phillip Gaines, Dontae Johnson and Marqueston Huff in the middle rounds.

            I see they also checked out Sammy Seamster, a late round prospect – 6′ 1/2″, 200lbs, ran around 4.45s at his pro day with pretty good vertical and broad jumps too. Experience at CB, safety and in the slot.

            They will probably take one CB early, and one of these types of guys later on. but personally I think they could go other directions early and take two of these types of guys in the middle and later rounds. Big athletes that can run and tackle.

            1. I’m in definite agreement, especially with the Desir/McGill/Jean-Baptiste types who figure to take a year to develop anyway. Whoever they draft needs to be able to play special teams. Fortunately, backup CBs should be ideal special teams guys.

          2. Ventrone didn’t take the spot from Cooper. It was used by one of the two excess LB’s that TB needed the time to work out a trade for. But all the Niner’s ended up with was a seventh round pick. T B gambled he could get Cooper past waivers for a seventh round payoff. The players the eventually signed to fill those spots were garbage.

            1. One trade happened before the final cuts. The guy they left a spot for was the big WR they signed off Seattle’s practice squad (and then cut halfway through the season). My point is that developmental rookies are likely going to cut into the number of special teams only guys they keep. And trying to get late round draft picks to the practice squad proved very difficult last season.

            1. The FO thought they could sneak Cooper onto the practice squad. If they had an inkling that KC would pick him up they could have kept Cooper on the roster instead of picking up a WR from Seattle’s practice squad who had very little chance to make an impact in 2013 anyway. The other point is that if you want to keep extra developmental rookies on the team you have to give up a “core” special teams player.

    1. Better change your avatar, you can’t be associating the high integrity of the “Jack Hammer” brand with such disgrace.

    2. It was only a matter of time Jack – the annual “49ers player does really dumb thing” was due.

      So who had money on it being Culliver?

  6. If alleged reports are found to be true he may face jail time.

    The Org should (maybe they do) doc player’s paychecks when they make stupid mistakes.
    These guys need to learn that they are professionals and are expected to act accordingly.

    1. Most all of that sort of discipline is handed by the League in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

  7. Bad day for the Niners. Competition for a WR in the draft just got tougher, with Philly now being added to the list of teams looking for a 1st round WR with Jackson’s release–and now this.

    Cully’s behavior makes drafting a CB even more important, and Jackson’s release means that there will likely be one less WR available to the Niners whenever they wanted to pick one up. Crap.

    1. Philly added to the list of WR needy teams, but one team will be coming off that list too – whoever gets Jackson.

  8. Wow. Just wow. This is beyond stupid. We’ll let the legal process play out, but if this story is accurate and those charges stick, his NFL playing career is over. He’ll go to jail, get cut, and no team will pick him up again.

    So I guess we’re drafting TWO cornerbacks high in the draft? Or are we gonna try to trade or hit up the now depleted free agent market?

  9. As is usual it isn’t the initial act but the subsequent that creates the biggest problem.
    If he accidently struck a bike rider, while it is a problem ,car-bike accidents do happen. So instead of checking on the rider and calling the police he now escalates to hit and run and maybe threating a witness. Brilliant.

  10. I totally agree Jack – It is a disgrace! Quite frankly it pisses me off. If the facts are true, he needs to be gone. Had to have brass knuckles geez. He probably bought the weapons from that senator named Yee. (that’s just a joke, I don’t want to spread rumors)

  11. All sounds sinister until you learn that the guy on the bike was Carlos Roger’s agent and the guy who followed Culliver was trying to tell him he has video of the biker swerving into his car.

        1. Cook is the huge winner if Culliver is released. I joked earlier that his agent would probably prefer if he stayed locked in a closet until July. If this guy (Cook) has any game (and evidence suggests he doesn’t) this could be his best opportunity to resurrect his career.

  12. Culliver is slated to make around $1.4 mil. this year. He was below average in coverage BEFORE the ACL. And he’s now under criminal investigation. Cut.

  13. I’d rather we not extend Kaep this year. But if we do, there’s little reason to draft Fales or any of those guys unless it’s at a great value.

    1. They need a better backup QB regardless of Kap’s contract situation. I recall your disgust with Gabbert so I’m assuming you would be on board with a developmental rookie QB who can be a viable backup from 2015-2017 on a rookie deal. The earliest I would go QB is pick 100, but would rather use the 4th or 5th rounders if they don’t trade these picks.

    2. It would be better to sign him now! If we go win the SB, then he just turned into Joe Flacco money. Then we’re screwed. 9ers would be smart to sign now, Kap would be smart to wait. Unless he were to suffer a season ending injury. Then it would backfire on him.
      As far as Culliver goes, he had one pretty good year for a rookie. Not enough out there to say he’s garbage. I liked him as a football player. Over the next couple years is where it will be determined just how good he is. The 49er organization probably knows already way better than anyone on here of what he’s capable of. So you compare his incidents to Aldon’s and Aldon was way worse. I would hope the 49ers commit to helping the kid, as they did for Aldon, rather than just kick him to the curb. Ray Rice is another one who’s is more serious not to mention quite a few last year.
      As far as his SB incident, he should have to go through that again just because of this. He’s made amends for that and is still making amends. He’s working with Michael Sam on some things coming up here. Cut the guy some slack and let it play out.

  14. Still miffed at Culliver for his remarks before the Super Bowl. It caused quite a distraction for himself and the team. He played like a man totally unprepared and un focused. I believe if he would have kept his mouth shut he might have played better. I am sick of the guy.

  15. My favorite draft scenarios were trading up for a game changing WR like Evans, or… BPA at #30, WR and CB later.

    Culliver’s arrest might not change the 49ers draft strategy that much. He did have that ACL, but it “harshes the mellow” a bit. Always more fun to add talent, then to replace.

  16. Trade him to the Raiduhs…they like idiot thugs on that ‘football team’ and in that ‘dynamic organization’…..why can’t these guys just go through life like the rest of us and not draw attention to themselves and their profession? I’m getting tired of hearing about pro football players screwing up and doing incredibly stupid things (see Aldon Smith), thinking that because of thier athletic status they’re above the law…..
    I feel absolutely no empathy for guys lilke Culliver or Aldon Smith…..who went to college, and, are supposed to have gotten an education, yet, they make moronic decisions that could cost them their livelihood…. utter stupidity, plain and simple.

  17. So much rush to judgement without even hearing Cullivers side of the story. I have no opinion on this until more info comes out. All you guys rushing to talk about draft impact seem terribly callous to me. We’re talking about a young mans life and possibly a horrible mistake that could alter the course of his life. Let’s hear more before we determine the young man is some evil demon.

    1. Not quite an “evil demon” – but here is what the authorities know as fact, as
      he was arrested, and charged with the following:

      I think anyone can pretty much guess that this is pretty serious stuff. Throw in the litigation from the cyclist and the witness he threatened, and the charges by the NFL Commish…I don’t think you will see him on the field any time soon.

    2. Chicago,
      I’m hopeful that this story ends well for Cully but so far it looks like a slam dunk for the prosecution.

      Leaving the scene of an accident is breaking the law. The latest news that Cully was driving with a suspended driver’s license seems to add a strong motive for Cully’ inexcusable effort to escape.

      For me the only good thing to come out of this is that the bicyclist was not seriously injured.

  18. In my opinion the niners should release culliver. He’s not worth keeping after this. Niners need to bring back in Rogers at a much cheaper rate. He can still play! And they should draft Verrett. Verrett isn’t just a nickle. He’s more than capable of being an outside man. Corner and a speedy wr have been our Achilles heel the last 3 years. We just can’t seem to solidify there

    1. Verrett reminds me of Aaron Glenn. Talented player that will likely out play his size. I will be interested to see if the 49ers go that route as I don’t believe he fits what they are looking for at the position – but could be a good pick if they do.

      1. Verrett is the best CB in this draft at sticking to his man and playing the ball. Dennard and Gilbert are bigger, but better.

        1. Verrett
        2. Sankey
        2. T. Brooks
        3. Moncrief
        3. Another CB

        1. I like the Brooks pick. And waiting until the third for a WR may be counter to what most are predicting, but it could easily play out this way.

          Not sure about Sankey with our second pick, though.

          1. Here’s what I don’t understand. Many of us on this blog were criticizing our RBs’ pedestrian performances last year. Yet no one seems to have a playmaking RB as a need for us. Now, if Sankey isn’t your cup o’ tea, I get that. But our offense has been built around our running game, and I don’t know how much more Gore has left, I don’t know how much speed and quickness Lattimore will have… If we’re not careful, we could take a step back in that crucial area of our attack.

            1. Many of us on this blog were criticizing our RBs’ pedestrian performances last year.
              By many of us you mean Grant?

              1. Hehe. Grant’s the first one who comes to mind, yes.

                But Gore, now entering his 11th season, has 2,187 carries lifetime. And over 300 catches.

                That’s a lot.

              2. but Harbaugh said he’s got three good years left in him.

                If you check certain mocks, mine as an example, you will see a few people are putting RB around the third or fourth round as a selection. I even saw someone take Hardy with a second rounder. My pick is Marion Grice.

              3. Coffee, I’m having a hard time tracking everyone’s mocks. It would be great to create a new “MOCK DRAFT ONLY PLEASE” thread.

              4. Yea, it involves some scrolling. Generally when Grant makes one or when there is major free agent news you will see a flurry of mocks being submitted.

                However once you notice the patterns you can pretty much guess what they’ll do;
                At this point you know Scooter is going to use his first four picks on 2 WR’s and 2CB’s. Grant will go CB/WR/QB with his first three picks. Razor will post 5 slightly different mocks all varying based upon comments of each one within an hour of Grant posting his. I will judge other’s mock with an air of superiority only to put out the most unlikely set of event possible to happen in my own starting with the insistence that the 49ers will come hell or high water be drafting Trent Murphy even if they have to move up in the first round to get him.

                But yea, a mock only place would be great.

            2. “But Gore, now entering his 11th season, has 2,187 carries lifetime. And over 300 catches.

              That’s a lot.”

              Yes it is, but they also have Hunter and James. Those guys should get more carries, Hunter especially. And call me optimistic, but I think they have something with Lattimore.
              That kid has amazing feet.

              I felt like it’s the O-line that wasn’t quite as good in 2013 as they were in 2012. Hopefully their health and play will improve this year. Also Kap needs to improve in the passing game this year(I think he will) which should help the running game immensely. So it’s WR’s they really need. And while I like that you have Moncrief in the 3rd I would also like to see a guy like Matthews or Robinson get drafted before him.

              Ordinarily I would say Sankey is a great choice but a 2nd for a RB this year I think is misplaced priorities. Gore will probably be gone next year , so they can draft a RB then, or maybe pick one up in the 7th round this year if they want to add to the TC competition.

              1. I think Harbaugh would like a goal line type back. Im sure they were hoping Jacobs would be that when they signed the turd. Lattimore might be that back but who knows, maybe he isn’t. Ive been looking at larger bodied RB’s when I look at this draft. I picked Grice for his size and his ability to catch the ball out of the back field.

        2. CB in round 1, 2 and 3…? Unless you are seeing Brooks as a FS, in which case I’m scratching my head even further – they spent the 18th pick last year on their FS, no way they’ll spend a 2nd rounder on his backup.

          Another knee jerk reaction. I imagine they’ll take two CBs, but three in the first 3 rounds is massive overkill. There are other needs.

          I know Moncrief has a lot of support from the fans on this blog, but there are some serious question marks over his hands. Relying on him to be the deep threat this year and take over from Crabtree next season is a heck of a risk. His measurables are off the charts, but at the end of the day a receiver makes their money through catching the football, and Moncrief has some work to do to become a reliable hands catcher.

          I’d be happy with drafting Moncrief as a second option, if they take another receiver in round 1 or 2, but I wouldn’t make him the team’s top choice at WR.

  19. Couple of below-the-belt, class-less tidbits (Sorry, I can’t resist):

    RE: Culliver’s contract negotiation – Baalke should be able to sign him REAL cheap now.

    RE: Hit and run. The 49ers need to sign the guy who tracked Culliver and “cornered” him. Shut-down corners are hard to find. Plus, he’s not intimidated by brass knuckles.

    RE: DeSean Jackson. After the Aldon and Culliver show, DeSean and his Long Beach posse might just blend in well here.

    And I thought this off-season was going to be uneventful! Lol.

  20. I said this last year and caught flack for it. Culliver had his weaknesses exposed and IMO had moments of being good but lacked consistency. Coming back from a major injury for me the jury was still out. Not sold on him.
    As for this latest off field activity, they have to give him a chance. Last year there was a player that broke a bottle over another players head, there was a drunk driving incident and there was a gun incident and none of those players were released. The Niners stood by their side so I expect the Niners to stick by Cullivers side. I don’t like it, but to be fair and consistent it’s what they have to do.
    I thought stupidity and being a a thug was more of an NBA thing…..

  21. As a couple of people have already pointed out, Trial By Press is messy and somewhat unfair. It can’t hurt to withhold some judgement for now. However:
    > if this had been reported in the PD as just some random guy nobody’s ever heard of, the comments would be fairly similar (other than draft stuff).
    > as a pro football player he’s in ShowBiz, so the TMZ factor is automatic. Media reacting to the charges and police report are to be expected.
    > this doesn’t seem to be profiling or harassment by the cops or a beef between 2 people; those situations can make the truth elusive. There doesn’t appear to much cause to doubt the police report or the charges
    > in my town bicyclist safety and hit and run are issues of chronic irritation and concern
    > who has and drives around with brass knuckles?
    > when a witness calls you out to do the right thing, you threaten them with a weapon?
    It’s just kind of a long string of stuff and it does look bad. Am I convicting him? No. I think he’s taken care of that for himself; to be determined.
    I’d be in favor of the Team being supportive while the Judicial stuff plays out. Sure, help a teammate get better but no guantees ona roster spot at this point.
    That being said, Chris isn’t the victim here. There are two actual victims, fortunately apparently without serious injury.

  22. Well said, BT

    I agree .. trial by the press, (while inevitable)
    is always wrong … the man deserves his day in court.

    Having said that .. it sure doesn’t look good for him..
    While the Niners will probably rally around Cully..
    if he gets convicted ..
    they’ll have to cut bait ..

    1. Yeah, MWN, it could come to that. I had two more thoughts on it:
      1/ Doesn’t the cover-up, or in this case flight, almost always seem to make things worse?
      2/ This feels so ugly because hit & run is a fundamentally cowardly act

    2. MWN,
      I have to conclude that league is not doing their due diligence in background checks of prospective players entering their business/brand.

      I don’t know the NFL/team process of background procedures but it’s apparent that too many players are falling through the cracks.

      In a recent (somewhat refreshing) tweet, the Pat’s Brandon Spikes blasts Ray Rice for marrying the same unconscious woman he dragged out of an elevator a month ago.
      Spikes finishes his tweet by showing a pic of himself and his mom by saying that his mom never raised him that way.

      Point: Social education begins at home. I work at a high school in a tough city in the central valley and I’ve seen a few athlete’s go on to college (to play ball) that were socially challenged (to put mildly).
      I once sat in on a meeting in which a student/athlete was involved in a fight and the first thing the parent asked his son at during the meeting was; “did you kick his a$$?”

      If there is no social stability at home the potential for a negative manifestation in the future for some of these children are high.

      Sorry for the long soapbox, but as a lifelong fan of the greatest sport in the world (at least to me), it saddens and angers me to see this type of behavior from persons who should feel privileged to play the game they love as well as being highly paid for their efforts.

      1. Charles Barkley said(and I’m paraphrasing here), if you see a kid who’s an idiot follow him home. His parents are idiots too.

  23. It’s been over 24 hours since Razor put out a new mock, should someone call him and make sure he’s OK?

    1. speaking of colleges, Brodie ..

      what do you think of the idea that the ones
      who make a ton of money from their football programs
      will have to “pay” the players ..

      not in dead presidents, of course .. but ..
      allowing these athletes to complete their
      post-graduate degrees ..
      on the aforementioned college’s nickel ?

      1. Post-graduate degrees? How about if they just make a serious effort to educate them, and make sure that they achieve at least one degree on merit?

        1. It might also help if admissions included the ability to perform at a reasonable level when compared to the non-football/basketball student body.

        2. I agree Mr Waits, but it’s part of a larger, rather complicated issue. That College is an educational opportunity for some, but more like the Minor Leagues for others. The case by the kids from Northwestern will be interesting. Due to their backgrounds, some of these folks have no business being at University; they should be in Night School remedial classes. Poor neighborhoods = tough schools to thrive in, the kids fall behind and parents can’t always overcome that or know how to. Even non-athlete Freshmen arrive at college with diplomas but with very minimal skills. In the CSU system a low percentage of kids can move right into college level work out of high school in math, sciences or English.
          So some of these players don’t really belong in college and have little chance of attaining a degree. They might do better in The Minors, but that would deprive them of the college experience and the chance that they might get inspired to think more broadly.

          1. While both of you have valid points,
            I’m guessing you’re referring to those who
            major in basket weaving .. and end up
            on the 11 o’clock news …
            However, (small as the number may be) …
            there are those athletes who do
            manage to get an education in college ..
            (see: John Frank) …

            I’m thinking this offer would apply to them

      2. I say guarantee 4 year scholarships and eliminate the restrictions on making money on athletes making money on their own image and brand.

    2. B2W,
      I have to disagree with you here. It is very much an NFL problem. The NFL and CBA need to work together on disciplining players who violate code and especially those who break the law.

      I say that it’s an NFL problem because this type of issue reflects on the NFL brand when the violation occurs during a player’s NFL employment.
      As I said earlier, the NFL needs to do their due diligence in conducting a better background check on all players entering their league.
      Players that have set a pattern for negative behavior need to be disciplined rather than released or traded to another team. This is another area where the NFL fails imo.

      In any case, these types of incidents cause me concern for the sport I love and invest time and money in. I never want to get to point in my life when my love for the sport causes me to dismiss or neglect some of it’s faults.

      1. AES You point out alot of things I agree with, including the fact that the NFL needs to do more due diligence. I imagine that’s already part of the scouting process, but there is more work to do.

        I did write “It’s not JUST an NFL problem…” I’m not taking an either/or stance. Of course its the NFL’s problem.

        Teams and the NFL are spending more on internal security, yet arrests seem to be increasing. Clearly a supply issue exists. The rookie player pool is far different today, because college athletics are far different today.

  24. After careful analysis I’ve figured out how to feel better about SF’s offensive productivity:
    I’m watching a retrospective on Joe Montana’s career on NFL Network.

  25. It was a praising, fond look back at that amazing hombre, but not all petunias. Man he took some shots in his career. Lordy! But he dished it around like Bree’s does and he anticipated like noBody. Vision and PreVision. Look offs. Accuracy (pinpoint mostly but with a few What?!? picks. Cool, calm and collected. Pocket awareness, elusiveness, super quick escape with great downfield vision.
    > the 4Q of SB XXIII. Three minute drill as clutch as I ever remember. I watched Unitas and Stabler and Marino and Elway and Peyton and Tom run the drill, but Joe’s the best IMO.
    > the SB vs Elway. He made it look so doggone easy. It was a 60:00 minute masterpiece.
    No wonder SF fans are so dyspeptic about Quarterbacks. No one will ever live up to that standard Joe Cool set.
    PS: It didn’t hurt to watch JR, Roger, JT, Brent, Ronnie, etc. in those clips!

  26. Real smart Culliver. Did you want to top your stupidity right before the Super Bowl or something?
    My guess is that the team might keep him for this year, but he’s gone after that. And that contract extension? Forget it.

    1. Who knows how long the legal process will take, but will be interesting to see what the NFL and 49ers do about Culliver.

      1. They embraced Aldon and sent him to professional help. Is there a Knucklehead Detox Program somewhere? Well, besides Parris Island?

        1. Brotha,
          Although Aldon was guilty of breaking the law while intoxicated when he ran his car off the road the overriding issue was the he had an addiction problem that he needed assistance with.

          Culliver left the scene of an accident in which it could be argued that he did not even know the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. A decent human being stops and does whatever they can to assist an injured person, especially if they caused the accident.
          I know that Culliver will have his day in court, but at first blush the story of events that took place yesterday (and this is my opinion) points to a person who is a coward bereft of caring for anyone other than himself.
          This incident supersedes the knucklehead variety by light years.

          1. @ AES
            I’m in full agreement. I also note that Aldon represents a bigger, ahem, investment, and gets treated accordingly.
            In a separate posting I used the term cowardly in reference to ANY hit & run scenario, so agree there also. I don’t give addicts a pass though; Aldon’s stupidity was before the fact, but still stupid, dangerous, and culpable. I’ve speculated that Chris (previously noted as NOT a genius) panicked and chose to avoid a citation by engaging in felonious and reprehensible behavior. He should and will pay a price.

          2. What adds to it is that Culliver reportedly threatened a witness with brass knuckles. I don’t recall anything on Smith saying that he threatened somebody. That is what takes what Culliver did to another level.

              1. So panic led him to illegal possession of brass knuckles? I can buy panic up until he brandished the brass knuckles. He has no reason to possess those at all.

        1. I agree Jack, which is why I think he will be here for the upcoming season, but I’m guessing that the team will bring in a vet on the cheap and draft at least two CBs to compete for the starting position opposite of Brock and the nickel back as well.

  27. Did anyone see on KTVU the lady who was with Culliver when he was released from jail in San Jose? I swear, that she was more like a Linebacker than his Grandmother when the KTVU reporter was trying to get an interview with Culliver…LOL, smh…

  28. Mellow Sat night at home but it’s been good. The Duchess killed it with dinner, as usual. Watched Hunger Games and liked it. Then Austin City Limits with Bonni Raitt and The Staples; Wow!! Now ‘Front and Center’ with “Rock Candy Funk Party”.
    Working for me! : >)

  29. I have no use for derelicts like Culliver, Aldon Smith, Jeff Garcia and others. You all can call it what you want – substance abuse, stupidity, panic, headcase, whatever in ‘my’ mind these guys are the worst of the worst. Reason – they are like politicians, they get away with anything. I personally wish they would drag em then hang em. Reason – my wife was killed by a drunk driver last summer, she is dead and the guy is in jail alive and well and getting free ObamaScare. For all you that want second chances for these type of people you are too soft between the ears. Brotha Tuna called him a coward, that will be the name I will use for Culliver from here on out – THE COWARD. Note – the coward was not cited for a DUI. I realize my standards are higher then most but I will be d@mned if I will lower my standards like the gov does. Before you get down on me for being to strict, all I can say walk in my shoes you will change your tune. It sucks.

    1. Undercenter-
      I’m not sure what I could write that would be meaningful as I can’t imagine walking in your shoes on this subject; but I didn’t want your post to go unacknowledged. I hear you.

      1. undercenter ..

        I’m with BT on this one ..
        I cannot imagine how it would be to walk in your shoes..
        but .. if there is any consolation ..
        I pray, you find comfort … soon

        Peace, Bro

  30. New hypothetical mock draft question for everyone. If you were drafting only for the purpose of winning THIS year, who would you take with our first 5 picks?

    1. I team could get in serious trouble relying on rookies to be difference makers, but if you put them in specific roles they can excel. That being said, I think Gilbert could make a difference on defense. He would probably require at least 3 of our first five picks. Martavis Bryant (or Moncrief) could help stretch the field on offense as a possible 3rd rounder.

  31. brass knuckles….
    Maybe Chris Culliver somehow is placing
    too much stock in the “football fight” rhetoric of
    head coach Jim Harbaw…

    gobble, gobble, gobble
    Tell us some more about his influence as a leader…
    (on and off the field)
    Got any thoughts here, Aldon????

  32. speaking of dire need
    (dire, dire, pants on fire…)

    the Niners are in dire need of a head coach
    who can bring home Lombardi trophy #6

    It will be a very, very long off season
    thanks to Mister Harbaw & Kapernicus, hmm?

  33. When u take into consideration that the bicyclist was barely injured and the fact that culliver is a niners DB I’m sure the case will be reduced to bump and run!!

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