Report: Culliver tears ACL, out for season

ESPN is reporting Chris Culliver tore his left ACL in today’s practice. He likely will miss the upcoming season.

Which cornerback do you think will take Culliver’s place in the lineup – Nnamdi Asomugha, Tramaine Brock or someone else?

And do you think Trent Baalke regrets not drafting a cornerback in the first three rounds of the most recent draft?

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  1. I think that Nnamdi Asomugha will take Culliver’s place in the starting rotation. I do not believe that Baalke regrets not taking a CB in this year’s draft.
    Do you think that the Niners will bring in Eric Wright for a second go or will they (as they say) play it by ear?

  2. >Both. More Namdi. I see NA taking Cully’s spot except when in nickel or dimes he may match up on a “Move-TE”, or Jumbo Slot. Brock or Cox steps up when NA takes a S or LB role.
    Grant, please keep an eye out for Michael Thomas in slot coverage. Can he hack it? How about the Rooks Cooper & Morris?
    > Hindsight is usually 20/20, so I won’t go there. (This from the guy who spent a #1 on a CB! Ha!)

  3. My guess is you will start seeing Brown working a bit at the left cornerback spot, he played there primarily through 2010, while Asomugha has been almost exclusively on the right side throughout his career..

  4. I doubt Balke has much regret for his decisions and is committed to them without much question. My personal regret is not seeing them grab Jordan Poyer in the late 6th round, but then again, they would have had to give up getting Quinton Dial. BTW Grant, do we know of a timetable for Carradine and Dial to get into the training camp mix?

    1. I’m just worried about who he is going to throw to. Someone from our already thin group of receivers NEEDS to step up. Is it too early to call AJ a bust? Yes it’s only his second season, but he has literally shown nothing. Not even a flash. He needs to get it together quickly.

  5. Tramon Williams went undrafted in 2006 and in 2010 was a ProBowl CB; the exception, of course, but who’s to say Lowell/Cooper/Morris doesn’t “shock the world”?

    Cox is going to have a breakout year this season, justifying the faith Coach Donatell showed in him last offseason. Donatell is one of the top DB coaches in the NFL. Cox will play a physical brand, and will always be around the ball.

  6. It has to be Nnamndi. Brock got lit up when he was forced in lineup in nfc champ game 2 years ago. Not too mention he got demoted because he got torched all preseason last year. Brown Rogers and Nnamndi the nickel with Cox or Spillman as dime back is what it should be. We will be fine. They say Nnamndi is having a good camp. I think he was just a victim on a bad eagles defense with the least amount of sacks in nfl not too mention no coordinator.

  7. Flacco picked on Culliver many times in Super Bowl. Cully couldn’t cover Boldin or Jacoby Jones. Also, the horrible pass interference by Cully on Torrey Smith. It was in 4th quarter (3rd and 9) and he gets called for pass interference. Ravens went on to kick a crucial FG.
    Niners don’t need Cully.

    1. I have to disagree, Crab. After seeing Cully’s numbers for the regular season, I can’t help but think his poor play in the Super Bowl was an abberration, possibly due in part to the off-field distractions he suffered/caused during the run-up to the game.

    2. Don’t need him, I disagree with. (Depth)
      Everything else I agree with. I don’t think he was a huge loss to the secondary, I think it’s a big loss for depth. He was getting torched every game almost.

  8. No question that this is a bad break for the 49ers Secondary.

    But as brutal as the NFL can be it’s always “Next Man Up” & the 49ers may have a Silver Lining in the 2 young pups Morris & Cooper.

    Can the Law of Averages come into play now & keep the rest of the squad injury-free?

  9. this truly sucks, but that’s life in the NFL. it’s a meat grinder, and the windows to win open and close – and open again, we hope – like the whims of a 14 year old girl. Speedy and full recover, Mr Culliver, and in the meantime, next man up.

  10. You guys blasting Culliver must have watched one game last year. He’s a very promising CB….size, speed and swagger. This is the perfect time to extend his contract to a team friendly four-year extension.

  11. Morris’ highlight reel from (Texas St?) reveals a guy with great closing speed and play making ability, he’s just small in stature. Who know’s, maybe he shows something in camp.

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