Report: Eagles release DeSean Jackson

The Eagles just released DeSean Jackson. This report may have something to do with why the Eagles released him.

Which team, if any, do you think will sign Jackson, and why?

  1. Seattle or Oakland.

    Seattle because they have shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl and has cap space.

    Oakland because it’s his hometown and they have the cap space to pay more than anyone.

          1. I can’t get my head around Jackson and Harvin essentially being the same role. Doesn’t mean they are but in my head they are and I don’t see him going there….queue the news report of DJ signing in Seattle.

            1. Harvin and Jackson aren’t that similar.

              Harvin is more of an underneath run after catch guy, and Jackson is a field stretcher/home run guy.

              1. Harvin and Jackson (70′s R&B duo?) would make a lethal combination for Wilson. It would be hard not to pick them as favorites to repeat if they made that move.

  2. Carolina has to be a top suggestion, they probably need him more then anybody. After the Panters I would think the Dolphins, Redskins or maybe even the Saints could be interested.

    1. Carolina has to be a top suggestion, they probably need him more then anybody. After the Panters I would think the Dolphins, Redskins or maybe even the Saints could be interested.
      I agree with Carolina. A dark horse could be…Dallas.

  3. First off DeSean better get used to less money and behavioral clauses in his contract. He won’t go to Oakland. Oakland knows he’ll dog it there.

    Seattle has a lot of money tied up in WR’s. They have their “speed” guy. I actually think that Dallas will look at DeSean. I think that Washington might too.

    This is T.O. all over again. Lets see if Jackson figures it out while he’s young….

    1. Hadn’t thought about Dallas but that could be a team that Jackson may want to target so he can play the Eagles twice a year.

    2. Yes but there is no comparison in player; if I had a choice of signing T.O or DJ it would be TO every time.

      1. TO is what I covet most in a receiver and what I have wanted to find since he left. He’s a true X receiver. What I wouldn’t give.

  4. Was he released because he’s a punk or because of the salary cap?

    Either way, I don’t think the 9ers get him. Probably Oakland, Cleveland, or the Dolphins. Could be Seattle as Petey seems to like the gang members but I’m kind of doubting that.

    1. I read that Philly is taking a $6 million cap hit by releasing him. I think it was to make a statement not the money.

      1. For sake of argument that doesn’t normally stop people from taking one there. 2005 comes to mind. I also think the only way the Browns don’t take a QB at #4 is if Clowney is still there and even then it will be really hard for them to pass on a signal caller.

          1. Glad they can’t do it over.

            4. Chicago Bears
            Pick: Cedric Benson, RB
            Do-Over: Frank Gore, RB
            Comment: Gore, the five-time Pro Bowler, is unquestionably one of the top backs in NFL history. He is the bell cow the Bears desperately wanted in Benson, but is a more consistent and explosive performer than his counterpart.

            And we got him in the 3rd.

        1. I say this with full awareness of how bad it sounds but I wanted them to draft Braylon #1 in 2005. I thought we could draft him(Edwards) #1 and take Rogers in the second round or move back in to get him at the bottom of the first. I didn’t actually like Rogers more then Smith but I thought Smith would go first even if we didn’t take him.

      2. I’m hoping the top teams go after QBs. Otherwise, players the 49ers might trade up for (like Evans) will go a few spots higher.

        On the other hand, teams that skipped a QB high might trade back into the first. Like the #34 last year, #30 could have a high “drool” factor.

    1. If the Texans want to trade down it means they don’t want Clowney. They should be able to slide back, earn an extra pick or two, and still get a QB or even Mack, who probably fits Crennels defense better.

  5. How can Seattle sign Jackson unless he takes a whole lot less money? They need to try to sign Sherman and Thomas to new contracts. They know they don’t need him to win a Super Bowl and this is a deep draft for Wide receivers.
    It would appear Jackson will go where he is paid the most. Coffee is correct the panthers need a receiver, the Redskins throw money around foolishly as do the Dolphins (but they should got burned by a head case receiver), I think the Jets will be interested and maybe the Chiefs.

    1. First off, Desean is going to get used to a lot less money, at least for the next couple years, and that’s with a full rehabilitation. I don’t think salary cap will be a big problem because there’s not going to be a bidding war for him. As much as I’d like to see him running go routes for the Niners I don’t think it’ll happen. I could see the Jets taking a floater on him. Get him away from the West Coast.

  6. Bay,
    Missing out on Rogers was a tough one to shallow, but given the state of our incompetent coaching at the time maybe P.Manning and Brady (who missed out on as well) could have had very rough starts to their careers.

    We have a winner in Kaep. Stats, numbers, bad footwork, etc, etc. He will continue to put this team in position to win in every game.
    That’s all I want to see in my QB.
    20 years from now people will remember winners rather than stats.

      1. Careful what you wish for.
        With Rogers at QB maybe we’d still have Nolan as HC.
        Or if history stayed at HC, then Rogers would’ve been running the Jimmy Raye Offense.

  7. KC to be with Reid?
    A.Pierce on ESPN thought maybe NYGiants
    Maybe Seattle & Pete
    Where’s Tedford these days?
    JimH wants guys that buy-in like Kelly does, but we know Trent and his one year deals.

        1. Wow. That stat actually shocked me a little bit. Some of my fondest memories of Smith are him severely underthrowing receivers or throwing the ball 7 yards out of bounds so the receiver had no shot at catching it.

          Curious if your stats show how many attempts he had on “deep passes.” Were his attempts extremely low which in turn allowed for better stats?

          1. Sounds like your “fondest memories” are limited to 2007 when he was playing with a busted shoulder.

            The reputation Smith has on this blog for throwing a bad deep ball is completely unfounded.

            1. LSX,
              sorry but his reputation is well earned. Reid’s offense has always gone deep. While Grant can tell you he completed a high percentage of long passes, it’s his reluctance to look at that route more frequently and take a shot that frustrates coaches. We know that first hand. Look at the 5th paragraph. They description of Smith as a long passer. We don’t make this stuff up. And two face Grant wrote an article last year titled, Can Alex Smith throw Deep. Remember that Grant? Yet here you are throwing stats out to argue the

              You are unbelievable man….

              1. Really Grant? Smith finished the second half of his season 2 wins 5 losses and lost his playoff game. If you replaced the name Smith with Kaep you’d be having a field day.
                You can’t have it both ways. What time is your show tonight at the Improv?

              2. The Chiefs’ offense averaged more than 32 points per game over the final eight games of the season including their playoff game. Their defense got banged up.

              3. The Niners defense twice gave up the big play in the NFC Championship game but I don’t hear you bringing that up. Because it doesn’t back your agenda.

              4. Grant said it best. Smith improved at KC in the 2nd half of the season. He had no weapons in the Colts playoff game and played his best game ever as a pro.
                Kaep has a stacked team and weapons everywhere and he collapsed in the 4th quarter and made the same stupid mistake. Yeesh! It was groundhog day!
                If Smith gets Desean, he will absolutely have a much better year then Kaep. He doesn’t need to throw deep, he just has to hit Desean on crossing patterns and bubble screens. And they have Jamaal Charles too.
                Running QBs don’t win big games. Just ask Michael Vick who had just as many impressive runs, if not more impressive, then Kaep.
                The Niner Defense will not be as good. The entire defensive backfield is gone. Bowman is gone for half the year.
                Gore is slowing down.
                The schedule is going to be a lot harder and Kaep has not shown any signs of maturity. Crabs will no doubt get hurt at some point too. What then, when Kaep doesn’t have all his weapon? Oh meeee oh my!!!

                At least with have Blaine Gabbert who is a lot better then Colt McCoy, so when Kaep starts to stink it up, we have a decent option.
                Niners are looking at 10-6.

    1. The headline and Jerry’s actual comment don’t really sync;
      “He reminds me a little bit of Steve Young because Steve Young, when he first came in, he wanted to run the football,” Rice said on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.” “Now, with Johnny Manziel if he can just relax, stay in the pocket, deliver the ball down the field with accuracy and get the ball in the hands of his playmakers, I think it’s a no brainer for the Houston Texans to take this guy.”

      Typical misleading headline to get your attention, here’s another example; “49ers disappoint local kids.” Yet when you read the details you realize the facts of the matter don’t support the headline.

  8. Jack;
    I don’t see Desean taking a one year deal to pump up his value. It appears he thinks he is worth around $10M a year and I think he will go for the money.

  9. And this is why Grant, Jack and the rest of us aren’t GMs. Who would want to give up a 3rd for this guy?

    “the decision stems from the franchise’s concerns about Jackson’s off-the-field exploits. In addition to “a bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly,” the team was put off by “Jackson’s continued association with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who have been connected to two homicides since 2010,”

    Sounds exactly like what the 49ers have been missing the past 3 years. As for who he plays for next, the word is that a west coast team would stay away. How about a reunion with Andy Reid?

    1. Why is it stupid? The guy has been known as a gang banger since his college days. You think a rough town like Philly would dump him unless they have inside knowldge about the dude. He’s radioactive, won’t nobody touch him. League is tightening up on this stuff after Hernandez…

      1. He is a “gangbanger” because he has a rapper on his music label, acquitted of all charges in the homicide, that is a “purported” one? Or is it that a “gang-related” murder occurred outside a business building that is owned by a “member of the Jackson family?” Article is dumb, anyone that falls for it is dumb.

        1. A pause to wait for things to shake out is probably called for in this case. We the public respond to media encouragement and can overreact. The gang links in the NJ piece are tenuous and need to be viewed in the context of Jackson’s interest in Rap. Some of the rap is gangsta, just as part of the mix, and there will be some association with gangsters and wannabes. A team could rightfully think that unsavory, but its not being a gang banger. The Hernandez case is very fresh; too fresh.
          What if his interest is Reggae? He’d definitely know some Rastas and wannabes, it doesn’t mean he keeps one going all-the-day-long.
          C’mon, we don’t know what or how much of it is real.

            1. I don’t buy the gang angle one bit, I think that leak will damage the Eagles going forward. It doesn’t change the fact that Jackson didn’t try hard in 2011 when he wasn’t happy with his paycheck.

              1. “It doesn’t change the fact that Jackson didn’t try hard in 2011 when he wasn’t happy with his paycheck.”

                Jackson’s yards per catch that year were better than either year since his new deal.

              2. Yeah, I remember him saying that Sacto. To think that he averaged over 16 yards per catch not trying when the 49ers haven’t had a receiver do it since 2008 is sad.

              3. If Kap or Harbs pulled that same act you would be leading the charge to run them out of town. Grant’s Dad would call Kap a baby (oh wait that already happened). What would you tell your high school players? If you aren’t happy with your role or playing time just don’t try as hard?

              4. Sacto,

                You’re right. I would. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s sad to think that a receiver who wasn’t trying hard still outperformed every 49ers wide receiver since 2008.

    1. Coffee …

      Concerning the NFL … what passes
      for “journalism” … is nothing more than
      “marketing” …

      C’mon man ! … you gotta see that !!

  10. A friend of mine grew up with DJax, and I’ve spent a couple nights out with them. DJax definitely comes off as someone with something to prove, though he’s also surprisingly smart in some ways. It’s possible that his rap label, which he started about 3 years ago, which has a number of the guys he grew up around, has fueled some of the “association” talk. But I do know that when one of his rappers went to jail, DJax decided not to release his single, and he dropped him from the label–largely because of how he’d be perceived by the press. So DJax does have SOME cognizance about what he’s doing. That’s not an endorsement for DJax by any means; but it’s possible Philly is saying some of this to pacify its fan base, which has to be disappointed to lose a pretty decent talent for nothing.

      1. The fact is none of us really know DJax and its unfair to speculate about these things. I don’t subscribe to all the “locker room cancer” talk and other rumors. I prefer to have solid facts before I make an opinion about the guy. I did see an E:60 feature on him and his father that was very touching.

  11. My first thought was to the Jets to follow Vick assuming he became the starter but then got hurt in week 4 while turning the ball over, yet again. He’ll go to the biggest paycheck and then immediately complain that he’s underpaid.

  12. Whoa….that report might be the nail in Jackson “career coffin,” or at least the first whack at it. I know that sounds overblown, but the Aaron Hernandez situation is serious business to NFL franchises (and the NFL). I just can’t think of a team that would put that much on the line. You take on a guy that wants big bucks, but could on the drop of a dime be sitting out because he’s on trial being too closely connected to a serious crime (a la Ray Lewis). Teams want to win, but I’m just not sure if they want to win that badly.

    The connection to KC would make sense because of Andy Reid, but Jackson wasn’t exactly on Andy Reid’s fav’s list while he was there.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  13. Of all the teams that need a QB I hope Manziel goes to the Eagles. Seems like the only team that has a coach that can truly develop him. All the other choices are QB blenders.

  14. With all the talent that Jackson has and he gets released should speak volumes that there is a problem somewhere. I know Grant and others would sell their mom for the guy but I would be very skeptical of him.

    1. It could also speak volumes of Chip Kelly’s ego and yet people are tripping over themselves rushing to call DeSean a gangbanger. Whole thing is stupid.

      1. TK

        Today was the first day I had heard about the gang bang theory, so I cant speak to that. As far as Kellys ego goes, he is a players coach with a great football mind. I can speculate like so many do what the problems are, however his release should raise some eyebrows. You just don’t release talent like that for no reason.

  15. 1. Jets (Vick plus offensive coaching connection)
    2. Raiders (hometown team and money to pay)
    3. Chiefs (familiarity with Andy Reid’s system)
    4. Panthers (need a WR but cap space an issue)

    SF, Seattle, New England and others all will have interest but it is unlikely any will come up with the right contract to meet D-Jax’s demands or the offers the top four above will bring to the table.

    1. Have to agree with this. I think it will be Panthers, Jets or Chiefs in the end. Need is greatest for those teams.

  16. So, who again wanted to trade a third round pick for this guy?

    He’s a free agent now, and I still don’t want him on the 49ers. Although that has nothing to do with this supposed “gangbanger” talk. I think that’s a load of BS.

    1. They are quite now, LSX. Don’t worry they’ll be back with another dumb reasons why the Niners should go after this guy.

    1. “unnamed source” … meh !

      haven’t we heard that tune before ?

      (seems like Grant has that same ‘ole song
      stuck in his head)

    1. Dallas had to release DeMarcus Ware because of their cap situation. I highly doubt they are anywhere near the running to get DJax. Plus they have to pay Bryant next year.

      1. True.
        But if he agreed to restructure (he won’t, but still) and they turn some of that guaranteed money into bonuses, it lowers the cap hit, right?
        Or at least it moves money off of the books this year…I dunno…
        Just sounds like it would be a classic Jerry Jones move.
        A ‘my team’s better while yours got worse’-type of thing.

      2. Don’t rule out Dallas Grimey. I could see Jerry Jones adjusting contracts or cutting players just to bring Jackson aboard.

        1. I think Dez has been enough of a headache even for JJ to be gun shy on going out of his way to risk bringing in another headcase.

  17. Everyne knows tht PHI is just using the gangbanger crap as an excuse to unload his fat contract.
    They’ll be shopping for a cap-friendly and Kelly-friendly WR in the Draft to replace Mr. Moneybags.
    This was all about MONEY.

    1. Time to cut the mediocre piece of garbage. Guys like this will never learn. I guess we will be needing two or three CB’s in the draft.

  18. Would it not be hilarious if Desean agreed to terms with the 49ers and it was announced this coming Tuesday? Talk about a massive cluster-_ _ _ _. Wake up in the A.M., drink your coffee, read the report, look at the date.

  19. BTW, I would not sign DJax now. It only made sense when his contract wasn’t guaranteed and our total risk was the pick we would be giving up–especially if that pick were on the lower end of things.

    1. I disagree. Now that he’s a free agent they are free to negotiate the contract they want and don’t have to give up a pick. Remember if the dude is seen as toxic then his market value falls significantly. Nows the time to get him on a low risk team friendly contract.

      1. You think the 49ers will be able to outbid the other teams showing interest while still keeping it to a low risk, team friendly contract?

        1. No, but if he takes more money to go somewhere else, no big deal. We know the 49ers aren’t going to get in a bidding war.

  20. Where Jackson should go:
    1. Kansas City
    Would reunite with his former coach who was a father figure to him and return to a familiar offense that he excelled in.
    2. New England
    Willing to take on troublemakers with mixed results, so wouldn’t blink at his past transgressions, but in return would have to become a model citizen off and on the field no matter what.
    3. San Francisco
    Would have to take on a limited role and considerably less money, but would be with a team that could help him get a Super Bowl ring.

    Where Jackson will go:
    1. Oakland
    History of over-paying for talent and getting headache in return.
    2. New York(Jets)
    Love going after the trouble making prima donna WRs.
    3. Tampa Bay
    Seems to be in Super Bowl or bust mode, and getting him would further solidify that notion.
    4. Carolina
    WR hungry team that could be willing to take on heartburn whilst thinning out their wallet.
    5. Dallas
    Would be the perfect way to stick it to Philadelphia.

  21. The niners should offer him a huge incentive laden ONE year deal. Penalties for mal-adaptive behavior and bonuses for making plays and TD’s.
    If he proves himself, he can command a HUGE contract. If he gets the nines a SB, $10 mil wont be enough to get him.
    We got one SB with Deion for $1mil, it was cheap then, and Jackson could be cheap too!

  22. Seattle and Niners cannot afford to pay Jackson what he wants. They are tight on the cap, and have to give big contracts next year. Don’t worry, like most of these FA, he will end up on a crappy team with plenty of cap space.

  23. Houston and St. Louis are trying to trade the first and second pick of the first round. Could Atlanta make a move to the top and draft Clowney?

  24. Ed WerderVerified account
    I’m told that two teams not identified publicly as having interest in DeSean Jackson are in deep negotiations with the former Eagles WR
    IF true and Im’ not saying it is but if so what two teams would it be? Teams that have not been linked to him already.

  25. I’ve been on the road all day so I’m sure this has been discussed but I just saw that PFT says DeSean is going to be a Redskin.

    1. Still think I should get a t-shirt for being the only one to suggest the Skins as a landing spot.

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