Report: Eagles trying hard to trade DeSean Jackson

According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, which cites “three independent NFL sources,” the Eagles “have intensified their efforts to trade Pro Bowl receiver DeSean Jackson.”

Seems to me the 49ers could trade their second third-round pick, pick No.94, to the Eagles for Jackson. Seems to me the 49ers should be able to easily outbid any other team for Jackson.

Time for Trent Baalke and Paraag Marathe to make it happen.

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  1. I smell desperation. Why give up that high a draft pick, when it sounds like there’s a chance they might end up cutting him?

      1. He means why give up a third round pick if the Eagles will potentially cut Jackson. Not why give up the 3rd round pick if we would potentially cut him.

    1. What is it with Grant? He puts out a new post, then you don’t see anything again
      for two or three days. This post is stale and sorely in need of updating. Other writers seem
      to come up with something new about the 49ers every day. How come Grant can’t?

  2. Unless their analysis differs from yours is some trivial way, and they don’t want his cap hit or his me first attitude.

    1. You people are insane! We can no sooner trade for Jackson (and his contract) than we could sign any of the other pricey wide receivers! Sure, we might squeak under the cap this year if we did, but what about the cap hit next year? Don’t forget, we still need to sign Cap when June rolls around! We can pick up a wide receiver in the draft, and bring Patton up to speed at the position. It’s a fine line between a Super Bowl contender and a team that has been gutted by the contracts of a few expensive players. Besides, if we picked up Jackson, who’s to say the locker room stays together as a “we” team. Let the front office do what it does so well; bring in top notch help at a good price!

      1. Good point, you have to remember that before next season no 21 is gone and both No 52 and 94 will be in danger to take either a serious paycut or become teamless. Both Willis and Cowboy are in their fall, and their produktion will go down and age will have an impact by the fact that they are loosing speed. Bur nevertheless, we have to make cap space to sign CK7 so next offseason will be bloody and interesting…who will stay and who will be gone….

        1. Did you just imply that if Patrick Willis does not take a paycut, he would become “teamless” because his production is in the decline? That may be the dumbest thing I’ve heard since yesterday. Stop…watching….football.

          1. Well, No 52 will maybe not be cut but i believe that he will face a drop in production, he is getting slower. He is still good against the run but if he has to drop back in coverage then he is to slow.

            1. Better wait and see on that prophecy. PW’s production did fall off, but does anyone recall he missed time with an injury and perhaps wasn’t 100% all year? Let’s stay tuned and see what happens in ’14.
              Willis and Justin ‘teamless’? Whooboy, I hope I never catch you calling anyone else out for hyperbole after that gaseous emission.

      2. The 49ers have been drafting wide receivers for decades!!! Its not working!!! jackson is the real deal. The 49ers need to win now. In todays NFL its nearly impossible to make 3 NFC Championship games in a row. The window is closing. sign Jackson or not the 49ers are to talented to keep all their players in the next few years. Take a chance and get #6!!!!!!

        1. Congrats! You almost beat out the other idiot by stating this crap. So, if you have busted on drafting a certain position in years past, there is absolutely no reason to try to draft that same position in the future. Sound logic, idiot.

          1. Lots of teams have fallen apart at the seams when year after year they selected flashy WR’s in the first round–all of whom were busts. It is a high risk high reward. Don’t think the Niners have the appetite for more of that business…not this time, at least, but we’ll see.

            WR’s will be there at 30…but who do the Niners value is another issue. My feeling is that they go best player available, and while everyone is filling up their plates with WRs, the Niners will select a D-lineman.

  3. Grant, instead of focusing on WHY the 49ers would like Jackson, why don’t you focus on HOW they can get him?

    I want a million dollars…..but the problem is, HOW?

    The Eagles are trying to trade Jackson because he’s unhappy with his contract, which is “only” $10 million. The 49ers have $3 million in cap space.

    If you feel so darn strongly that the team needs to get him, then PLEASE, can you at least us what they can do to facilitate what seems like an impossible trade?

    1. It’s all about guaranteed money. Jackson has just $250K guaranteed left on his deal. The 49ers can give him more guaranteed money and stretch it out over the entire contract so he fits into the salary cap structure.

      1. Do it! Tired of all these anti-Jackson people! We won’t get anybody in the draft, that can spread the field like he can! Bring him home Niners!

        1. Cool. Make sure you are in the war room during draft day to make sure the 9ers don’t draft any other busts/unproductive players you have seen in your crystal Bud Light can. The NFL Draft. Where anyone can determine the worth of each and every player.

      2. All well and good but he’s a cancer. Why risk a harmonious lockerroom for a guy on the decline?
        Also how really good is this guy? All he does is run 9 routes. One trick pony. Does he even return kicks nowadays?
        You can find guys in the draft to do what D Jac does for half the price, younger and hungrier. It won’t happen under this regime in SF.

        1. lol the guy is a 27 year old 3x pro bowl wr who has never had a bad year and had maybe his best year last year. id be pissed off if I had to play for the eagles too. what are you talking about? He’s probably the 2nd best receiver in the game atm

            1. He averaged 16.6 yards per catch in 2011 when he wanted a new deal. If that’s considered a down year I’ll take my chances.

              1. That had more to do with Kaep’s decision making and Jackson being the featured WR in a pass-oriented offense. It doesn’t change the fact that his numbers fell.

              2. Yeah, I’m sure it had nothing to do with a quarter of the Eagles pass attempts that season coming from Vince Young and Mike Kafka.

          1. Miner
            And despite all of that they are “desperate” to trade him. They’re a team that needs receivers and have a 27yo 3x pro bowler under contract and are willing to give him away for a 3rd? WHY because he is a pain in the a$$. U wouldn’t want to play for the eagles? If u were a wideout you certainly would, they run a wide open offense and were a up and coming playoff team. He isnt even the 2nd best WR in the NFC east (v.cruz d.bryant) never mind the entire NFL. He doesnt block, and is not a team first player (ie complains when the ball doesnt come his way) for a team that runs a majority of the time he is a luxury we cant afford

      3. The problem is whether guaranteed or not he is still due to make 10 million a year for the next three years. And he’s not happy. Even if we restructured to give him more money guaranteed he would need to take less money per year or he would be the highest paid player on the team. Other than maybe kap if he gets his deal. If Balke is true to his philosophy he won’t bring in a new player and make him the highest paid guy on the team, unless that guy embodies what the niners are all about. Ex: justin smith, frank gore, anquan boldin. If he’s willing to sign for say 3yr 21-24 million I’d be all about it.could basically guarantee the contract at that price. You wonder what they were thinking when they wrote the contract if he is so concerned about guaranteed money now?

      4. Yes, they could, but it would be at the expense of other players that are far more important to their system and far more in line with how teams seem to be winning these days (see Ravens pre-Flacco deal, Seahawks, 9ers). Guaranteed money doesn’t magically appear (or disappear)… they still have to pay it, even if it is spread out over the length of his contract. Yes, he is a game changer, but show me the team that has consistently been on top, let alone won Super Bowls, over the past decade that has been paying through their nose for an offensive skill position outside QB (and even that is questionable) … how has Detroit done surrounding Megatron with talent? AJ Green? Fitz? White and Jones in Atl? Andre Johnson? Add in AP and Chris Johnson if you like… See any patterns here? The 9ers cannot afford to be paying a “me first” diva WR $10 mil plus a year (no matter how they polish it), pay their young QB $16-$18 mil, and still keep a consistently winning team around them.

        1. And forget about keeping guys like A. Smith, Dorsey, Williams, Culliver, V. Davis, Boone, and perhaps even Kaep when they seek their big pay days in 2-3 years. Easy.

              1. Oh that same Jerry jones that is is salary cap hell? Or that Jerry jones that has to pay dez Bryant?

              2. More than Percy Harvin and then some Jack.

                The cap will be even higher after this season CK=E and the season after that as well, so Jerry Jones won’t be afraid of opening his wallet. Bryant may or may not be with the Cowboys at the end of his current contract. He has everything one wants in their star WR, but he is frustratingly inconsistent. The Cowboys may opt to go with the more sure-handed Crabtree.

              3. “More than Percy Harvin and then some.”

                If that’s the case then the 49ers would be saving money in 2015 and 2016 by taking on Jackson’s current salaries.

          1. Add me to the no on DJax crowd – too expensive, never happy with his salary, me first attitude and I wonder about his durability. Also, what would his role be on SF? I would not like to see the Niners get away from power football. Plus this is a deep draft with wide outs Let someone else have the headache of DJax. Or has anyone else thought why is Philly so willing to get rid of him?

        2. Easy? What’s easy is saying “rework the deals”. What’s bound to be a little more difficult is taking real money away from guys who have been promised the money (a little detail called a “legal, binding contract”) by the organization, and even more to the point, have EARNED the money through their hard work, hard study, and commitment to the team. I don’t know about Staley, Davis, and Willis, but talking ME out of money I’d been promised and had earned would be…well, let’s just say it’d be anything but “easy”.

          I know the standard reply will be, “They’ll do it for the TEAM”. Yeah. Isn’t it funny how, when an NFL franchise wants something from the player, it’s all about “TEAM”. When they want to do something to a player, “It’s a business”. Funny how that works…

      1. The only way to “rework” a deal is to push the money into later years which is exactly what they don’t need to do. You say “easy” OK so let’s read exactly how you would restructure those deals and what are the subsequent cap hits this year and in the following years?

        You’re just throwing the idea of reworking deals and making money appear for a player but if it really was that “easy” or even that good of an idea, it would have happened already.

        1. By working with core veterans Willis, Staley and Davis, guys that will be around a while you can add 2-3 years to their deals, convert their salary to signing bonus and end up reducing their cap hits in 2014 while keeping their cap hits in future years to the same as you currently have.

          I just did it myself at and finished with $10.6 million in cap space while not impacting the future cap numbers until 2016 (Davis’ current contract expires in 2015, Willis’ stays the same until 2017 and Staley the same until 2018).

          1. I’m a conservative old goat, Hammer, but that’s the kind of approach I’d take with a key, factor player who I was trying to retain on my team. I don’t go all Rad for someone from the outside, especially one with short term-ers disease, and in this case also with Revi$ Di$ease. The Deion Deal and the Fred Dean Deal were the few I recall being beneficial in hindsight, and that was a VERY different economic landscape.

            1. I didn’t have to Spaceborn. There is still $6.6 million in savings that won’t get factored in until June 1. There’s your rookie salaries.

              1. Jack, that’s what I was asking, thanks. Seems you did account for Rogers going off the books. I guess I should have been clearer in my question.

            1. None yet MidWest. Jackson’s deal has no guaranteed money, so after the season I can choose between keeping him for 2015 at $9.75, reworking his deal to reduce his cap hit, or re-sign Crabtree and release Jackson, or let both of them walk and move the receiver(s) that I draft this season move into their role along with Boldin and Patton.

              1. If you keep Jackson at his current contract, you risk an underperformer that will either be suspended or released by the team before the regular season is over. You have to factor in a new deal for Jackson if you want his best.

              2. If I HAVE to give him a new deal, it makes it even more cap friendly because I can choose the structure and when the numbers hit.

                Giving up a 3rd round draft pick for a 3x Pro Bowl receiver is an easy choice for me to make.

              3. If I HAVE to give him a new deal, it makes it even more cap friendly because I can choose the structure and when the numbers hit.

                You’re assuming that Jackson will be willing to make his deal as cap friendly as possible. That’s not going to happen, and the evidence to support that is his incessant demanding for a new contract every 2-3 years. Jackson is only interested in Jackson and nothing more. Why else would a playoff contending team well under the salary cap like the Eagles be willing to deal him for a measly third round pick?

              4. It’s a 3rd round pick because teams won’t give them more. As 1 writer in the Philly area said today, he thinks they will be lucky to actually get even a 3rd.

                They also have Maclin coming back to take Jackson’s spot and will likely be using Sproles and McCoy on the field at the same time.

                Jackson doesn’t really seem to care what his cap number is, he’s more interested in the signing bonus and guaranteed money. The first year on his current deal carried a cap hit of $3 million.

              5. It’s a 3rd round pick because teams won’t give them more. As 1 writer in the Philly area said today, he thinks they will be lucky to actually get even a 3rd.

                Sorry Jack, but I’m not buying that at all. The more logical reason is that the team is doing its dead level best to get rid of a locker room cancer.

                They also have Maclin coming back to take Jackson’s spot and will likely be using Sproles and McCoy on the field at the same time.

                Maclin has yet to show that he was worth the pick and is like glass yet the team would rather go with him than Jackson. It again brings up the question of why.

                Jackson doesn’t really seem to care what his cap number is, he’s more interested in the signing bonus and guaranteed money. The first year on his current deal carried a cap hit of $3 million.

                And how much guaranteed money does he want now? After signing how big of a contract or extension?

              6. You’re not buying that teams won’t give Philly more than a 3rd?

                If they want him gone they can just release him as well. They eat the dead money either way.

              7. You’re not buying that teams won’t give Philly more than a 3rd?

                The Chiefs gave up a second round pick for Alex Smith when they could just waited until he was released and potentially signed him on the cheap.

              8. Yeah, but by doing the trade they blocked others from getting him and were able to lock in a good contract.

                With Jackson this year you have a deep draft, and teams with a minimal # of picks don’t want to give those up.

                The 49ers have a good number of picks and a 3rd is much less expensive for them.

              9. It still doesn’t answer the question of why the Eagles are so desperate to get rid of Jackson, a talented WR that easily fits into the type of offense that Chip Kelly runs, and replace him with an injury-prone WR in Maclin on a one-year deal. Is he that big of a cancer? Is there a hefty suspension coming? What is the reason for a team well under the cap to desperately try to trade such a talent? It doesn’t add up.

              10. Run it through the common sense filter. List all the reasons that a team with plenty of cap space would cut a receiver that fits their new coaches system and just had the best season of his career. What would those reasons be that they would then want to part ways with him?

                According to his cap hit actually starts going down after this season so you certainly can’t say they are motivated by saving money either this season or in the future.

                Do they feel like this is the best year to get the most value in a trade from him rather then try and extend him? OK but I’ve heard they’re only asking for a #3? So they think the best he’s ever going to be worth is a third rounder? And why don’t they think his value will continue to climb, why not trade him next year after he’s had another big year? Grant suggests they are desperate to trade him, doesn’t sound like they have any interest in seeing what he can do for them in another season. Why is that?

                What are the odds of the Lions ever offering Calvin Johnson up for trade? Or how about the Cardinals and Fitz, there were rumors of it but then they still locked him up even without a QB. Teams that have elite receivers don’t trade them for a reason. If the Eagles are giving this guy up for a third rounder then Holy Jesus that should be enough to say NO TOUCHY!! How radioactive can a player be if he’s supposed to be that good but yet they can’t get anything for him in a trade?

              11. Great post CfC. He may be talented but he’s worn out his welcome with his head coach after one season – a head coach that installed an offense that featured Jackson as the focal point of the passing game and got the most out of him anyone has so far. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to play for the 49ers as the #3 WR in a run first offense.

                Is that really the sort of players we want on the 49ers these days?

          2. How do you know those players want 2-3 years added to their deals? Wouldn’t they like another crack at free agency? What is the cap hit of those three players in 2016 and how much cap space do we have over the next 2-3 years before adding in the $18+M salary going to Kaep as well as the extensions for Aldon and potentially Iupati pluys our draft class for the next 3 seasons. Also keep in mind do you plan on not signing any more free agents during the next 2-3 yeras just so we can sign DeSean this year? One free agent is worth handcuffing ourselves for the next 3 plus seasons?

            1. Converting salaries into signing bonuses is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Works great today but it totally screws you in the future if that player is no longer with the team for any reason because you are still paying off all that money you pushed forward.

              1. Even if that player is still on the team it can screw you because you’ve eated up future cap space plus you now have an aging player that is costing you a fortune and if you cut him you still are paying that money anyway.

              2. Of course the player has a say in taking the new deal or not. Currently Davis and Willis are at or near the top of the pay scale for their positions, which might make the numbers a bit easier.

                By working with your core players that you want to keep around you don’t run the risk of getting stuck with them later.

                “and how much cap space do we have over the next 2-3 years”

                Currently they have $31,961,263 for 2015, and $83,442,655 for 2016, and over $112 million in space for 2017.

                As I said up the thread, the cap number for Davis would not change until 2016, Willis in 2017 and Staley in 2018, and they would each receive in the area of $8-15 million in additional pay over the final years of their current deals.

                IF the players involved are willing to work with the team, and the team wants to make it happen, it really is easy.

              3. As for having aging players, the extensions that I put together would all be finishing the new deals by age 34. The team just gave a 2 year extension to a 33 year old WR, so that fits their structure.

              4. Currently they have $31,961,263 for 2015, and $83,442,655 for 2016, and over $112 million in space for 2017.
                How many players are signed at those #’s. Sounds great unless that’s only 28 players signed

                IF the players involved are willing to work with the team, and the team wants to make it happen, it really is easy.
                If I come up with a really unique idea and IF the customers actually like it then it really is easy to start your own business. You can make anything sound easy if you gloss over the hard parts

              5. Jack would you ever buy stocks on margin? Of course not because you’re not a fool. Why would you risk your money on such a volatile commodity? Sure the rewards can be great but you can lose it all and even hurt yourself in the future if your bet doesn’t pay off.

                What you’re suggesting the team does to sign Jackson is no different then buying on margin.

              6. Extending 3 of the best players in the league by a couple years doesn’t seem too risky, but maybe you’re right. I’m sure the team has no plans to keep Davis once his current contract ends.

              7. Not that it’s “always” done this way but my experience is that when they convert salaries to signing bonuses they don’t extend the contract, that’s part of the trade off made with the player. We’ll give you your whole salary up front this season and still let you hit the market in 3 years. If the player thought that free agency was going to be 6 years down the road he might just keep his salary as it is and play it out. Great players are either already making a ton of dough and don’t necessarily need that big up front pay off or are expecting to cash in on free agency, there needs to be incentive for them to convert that salary and extending the contract isn’t really the way a lot of those players are going to want to go.

                If you don’t extend the contract though, pushing that salary into later years really pumps up the subsequent cap hits.

            2. Pushing salaries into the future plus giving up a draft pick for a single player that has more red flags then communist China sounds pretty irresponsible.

              1. Again, the only money being pushed ahead is new years for core stars.

                There is no receiver they can get in the draft that will have the impact from day 1 that Jackson could have.

    2. @Brady,
      Grant already laid that scenario out in his last article on the subject. Your mother obviously didn’t teach you any manners. Funny to me how everybody is so tough and bold when there hiding behind their computer screen

      1. Cutitoff – I’m not trying to be Mr. internet tough guy. But Grant has a history of not responding to anyone unless they A) agree with him, or B) have a grammatical error that he can snidely correct without addressing their point. I was simply stressing that I’d like for him to actually express how he thinks this can get done, because it cannot get done.

        And no, he didn’t actually lay out the scenario in the last article. Or rather he did, but it didn’t actually make sense, and was deeply flawed. I like much of what Grant does, but suggesting that the 49ers should get Jackson, and suggesting that it will be easy and smart, shows that he has a relatively fragile and simple grasp on both the salary cap and the role that a GM has to do.

  4. We’re not getting DeSean Jackson. While we could truly benefit from a player like him, we’ll draft a rookie and hope he can play from the beginning.

  5. Why is a recent playoff team like the Eagles desperately trying to get rid of Jackson? That question needs answered before anybody thinks of trying to trade for him.

      1. If they traded Jackson away, you can bet your bottom dollar they’d replace him with a guy like Beckham, Lee or Cooks in the draft. So why don’t the 49ers just go that route?

  6. I truly believe that Jackson is the missing piece to a 6 th SB. It’s just my opinion but I feel our window could close in 2 years. With that said Balke is greety when it comes to trading picks.. And that’s a good thing.

    1. The missing piece is a QB that doesn’t look lost when his first read is not available. Fix that and we’ll be fine.

      1. Wrong. If the QB looks lost after his first read, then the OC has failed to do his job and create a passing scheme in which that is automatic.

  7. I don’t think its enough to just outbid other teams in terms of draft choice compensation. They also have to outbid teams in terms of the new contract they give Jackson. Unless you want a repeat of his 2011 “performance”.

  8. the question i have is after 11 months of whining, how would the 49ers get rid of this guy without blowing up their cap.

  9. Desean and his $10M/Y salary to the Niners? yeah, let’s MAGICALLY restructure that into a cap friendly number….I’ll come back here and eat my words and some crow if in the remote of possibilities this could happen. but it won’t.

    1. also, the desperate desire to see a fast stretch the defense receiver clouds the fact that Harbaugh and Roman don’t really run an offense with lots of deep vertical routes. some deep crossing routes but not many vertical routes (except by Vernon Davis sometimes).

        1. Ginn, too, but neither of those guys were productive. Maybe they drew coverage, stretched zones, but not much production.

          1. Exactly what the 49ers are after though. A guy that can draw coverage. Even if such a player only catches 20 to 40 passes over the course of the season, if he’s opening up room to run for the RBs or Kaep, opening up underneath routes for Boldin and Crabtree, or taking over-the-top safety help off of Davis, then he’s doing his job and would be a great addition.

              1. Heck no. Have you been reading my posts? I’m not on the trade for DeSean Jackson bandwagon. I was referring to a draft pick.

  10. Whats the point in getting him? Kap cant throw accurately on a consistent basis. If he over throws VD he will over throw DeJack. I would like his punt returning tho, trade LMJ for him and restructure his deal.

    1. LMJ was a significantly better punt and KO returner than DSJ last year. Additionally, LMJ fair caught a slightly lower percentage of punts than DSJ did. Look at the stats.

  11. If Baalke would have done his job and found away to draft a WR in 2012 we’d have a 6th SB. If he would have done his job last year and found a way to get Josh Gordon when he was offered, we’d have 7th SB. Get off your high horse and make the frickin deal for DJackson! Typical bean counter. Make a bold move and deal with a little discomfort next year… ONCE WE WIN A SUPER BOWL!

    Baalke would rather be known as a ‘good GM’ then a Super Bowl winning one. I’m sure the 90s Buffalo Bills had a ‘good GM’.

    1. REB,

      You really think Baalke would rather be known as a good GM, rather than a SB winning one? That’s ridiculous.

      1. No Trent Baalke wants to be known as a wheeler dealer who can acquire and stock draft picks. Unfortunately that seems to come at the expense to getting the necessary players which would put this team over the hump. I feel he is entirely too wrapped up with trying to reinforce and perpetuate the image of his early press clippings. Very similar to what Don Nelson did during his stint with both the Warriors and the Mavs.

  12. I think it’s more likely if Jackson goes anywhere it will be the Jets. They need a #1 receiver unless you believe Decker and Hill can be #1 receivers. They also have the cap space even after signing Vick to give him a contract he might be happy with. Say, perhaps not Johnson or Fitzgerald money, but Mike Wallace money might make him smile. And then there is the Marty Mornhinweg connection. He might influence a trade offer to pair up Jackson and Vick, who I think will beat out Smith — at least for the start of the season.

        1. Yeah, the Browns have plenty of picks so that could be a possibility. Wow – the Gordon and Jackson show… which WR would you have money on to lose the plot first?

              1. I just got off work Jack, so I didn’t know that Schaub had been traded to the Raiders already.

      1. The Jets have 2 third round picks plus the cap space. Carolina doesn’t seem to have the cap space. The Bengals have cap space as well, though they seem to have a pretty good deep threat right now, and I doubt they would want to pay 2 receivers top money. The Browns would be interesting as well.

      2. Scooter, I agree that Carolina would be the 2nd choice even though the Raiders have been mentioned as a possible trade partner. But even though they need a top receiver as well, I think they’ll go with the draft and grab Watkins and then possibly be a team that wants to trade back into the late 1st and draft for defense.

        1. Rather than going after Jackson, I would rather the Niner’s trade up and go after Watkins. It will be a cold day in H*ll when they ever have the opportunity to get that caliber of receiver drafting as high as they do. Trade with the Raiders to move up if he is still there at five. They could use a lot of picks in a strong draft to fill out their roster.

  13. I’m not a salary cap expert by any stretch, but if a deal could be done that wouldn’t kill the team for next 3 years, I would say pull the trigger. If he only has $250K of remaining guaranteed money, the 49ers could increase that number for a 2-3 year deal I suppose. I certainly wouldn’t consider it if it was in the $10M per year territory…that is crazy.

    I think the league is about windows as well. I think the window of opportunity is still open for the 49ers, but they need to act soon…probably this year. I think things become much more difficult after this year. I believe the Seahawks talent level has diminished this year and the 49ers have an opportunity…even if it means 2-3 years of mediocrity afterwards.

  14. Really cohn? Get over it. Think!!!!!! Why would we take on a 10 million salary and piss off the our core players that dont even make that amount. No way we pay this primadona this money. Jackson actually thinks 10 million is undervalued and hes worth more. Great for you to write an article on this for something to discuss, but its not happening. He will go to the raiders before he comes to us. Raiders 2nd or even 3rd is a more valued pic. Plus they have cap room and we dont. Move on to the next topic!@!!!!!

    1. Spending other people’s money is painless. (Just ask our Councilmembers, County Supervisors, State and Federal Legislators.) Grant’s suggestions rarely suggest a comprehension of capital/material value or budget management. Cap Management is about preserving Long Term Value and banking talent. Developmental talent being a terrific value. Grant should be a GM for the Jets; they often make a big splash but haven’t won a SB in how long? Way long.
      Oh, and Yes, it seems the JETS are leading candidates to sign:
      DeSean Jackson.

  15. Why would we trade a high draft pick for someone else’s headache and make our future salary cap restrictions worse than they already are? For a guy whose skills would be a completely wasted commodity in our primarily two-WR offense?

    Let’s pretend for a second that DeSean ISN’T a cancer that has completely worn out his welcome in Philly. Let’s pretend the salary cap doesn’t even exist, and signing DeSean to a long term contract wouldn’t cause Willis, Staley, Aldon, Kaep, or whoever else to be a cap casualty. What percentage of snaps would Jackson see on offense each game?

  16. I think the Niners should make Jackson an offer that guarantees him the money he’s looking for, but based on performance. It should have clauses that escalate his income based on the usual factors the most measures of sucess rate receivers by; # of receptions, reception yardage and most importantly, TOUCHDOWNS.
    also believe there exists a window of opportunity and the time is now, this year to make it happen.

  17. The “window” to win a Super Bowl only closes if we make stupid personnel decisions, such as trading for DeSean Jackson. Smart teams constantly set themselves up for the present AND the future. Why does the window to win have to close? When guys get old and move on, we have capable younger players ready to replace them because that’s what good teams do.

    Why are the Eagles so desperate to get rid of Jackson? Because he’s nothing but an expensive headache. Very talented and explosive yes, but obviously not worth the trouble. Plus I think he’s only an injury or two away from being a shell of his current self.

  18. Grant, how are the Niners going to pay his salary? Seems to me you’re setting yourself up for one of your typical Anti-Baalke/Harbaugh manifestos. I’d be surprised if he ended up with the Niners, given their cap situation. Don’t know why you’re so insistent on it.

  19. This is getting a bit ridiculous. It will NEVER happen! Period. There is only the potential of a small upside, and the guarantee of plenty of downside.

    For a 6th rounder or 7th rounder and reworked contract that gives him $1mil guaranteed and they Eagles split the cap hit….yeah that sounds a bit unrealistic too. Boldin’s trade deal last year was for next to nothing other than the guaranteed $6mil, so unless Jackson is coming significantly cheaper than that, nobody wants what he has to offer at that price (cap hit AND attitude included). The only potential suitor is the Raiders, but if they have any glimmer of sanity they’ll hit the draft instead because it’s deep this year. The Eagles should’ve shop him last year, now they’re screwed.

  20. The 49ers have a recent history of experimenting with “needy” veteran receivers like Edwards and Moss. Will the third time be the charm?

    If (and big, skeptical “if) it happens, the 49ers might be waiting until next week when the compensatory picks are announced.. or later when Rogers cap space clears.

    Would not be surprised if CK7 is signed shortly after Rogers cap space takes effect.

    1. That was before Boldin. Now we have Crabs and Boldin, so we are talking about a guy that gets on the field as much as Ted Ginn did, but at $10 mil..

  21. If this at all jeopardizes the ability to sign Crabtree then no thanks…..I wouldn’t sacrafice Crab for Iupati either…guards are replaceable, people who put points on the board aren’t. #extendcrabnow

  22. Have you read Maiaccos article pertaining to this? Why bring in an outsider to be the highest paid receiver

  23. I remember the NFC championship game and Seattle playing as many as ten guys in the box. With a guy like Desean Jackson that would never happen. Desean’s presence alone would spread opposing defense’s and would help open the 49er’s offense up. He is exactly what this team needs. There is not a single player in the draft that will come in and do for our offense in 2014 what Jackson would do.

    Unfortunately, I concede that salary cap ramifications make this trade nearly impossible. Wish Jack would go for a one year rental type deal like Deon did back in 94.

    Back to Marqise Lee, Brandin Cooks and Odell Beckham,

      1. Actually the cap started in 1994 I think. As I recall there was controversy and debate over whether the 49ers could fit Deon in. Of course they did but it was because Deon was motivated to be a 49er. I wish we could do the same with Desean.

  24. Reasons for not getting DeSean Jackson:
    1. Salary cap, salary, cap salary cap
    2. Way over priced at 10 mil and still wants more
    3. QB is a one maybe two read QB making an expensive # 3 receiver hard to justify
    4. An over paid player that will be unfair to the rest of the gang that brought this team to where it is. I can just see the ramifications rippling through this team.
    5. Making some one else’s headache our head ache
    6. Save the draft pick for a draft rich in WRs
    7. Lots of speedy fresh legs in the draft that will cost less and come with less baggage
    8. Not a good plan for the future. Lots of negative impacts to future including need to sign a QB.
    9. An older player with a history of injuries setting this up possibility for a very expensive mistake.
    10. Restructure who’s contract?

    Reasons for getting De Jackson:

  25. Not sure how many times it has to be said. Jackson’s deal can be restructured to fit our cap, specifically after restructuring a few players current cap number (Willis, Davis, Staley and possibly even Gore, though that would likely require a pay cut). Jackson’s current cap number of $10M+ is a mirage. It’s non-guaranteed money, which can disappear in a split second after being released, making a restructure very, very doable. The real issue is, should we do this deal? Reasonable people can debate that and there are clear pros and cons. But what’s not really debatable is the idea that he can fit in to our cap structure and the deal could be done in a way that is neither damaging to the long-term health of our cap and the dynamics of our team.

  26. Why are folks saying “let’s just draft a guy like Cooks, etc.” when what we’re talking about giving up a 3rd rounder for DJax? Those types of top WRs won’t be there with our third rounder, so it’s not an apples to apples point.

    Also, there’s nothing that prohibits us from trading for DJax AND taking a WR #1 to develop. Again, rookie WRs have a horrible track record compared with rookies at other positions. But second-year WRs have a pretty good track record.

    So, how should we approach dealing with DJax’s contract? Honestly, I’d be more for reworking deals with our current players and paying DJax his $10 mil this year than the other way around. Why? Because the DJax experiment may be a 1-year thing. Until he’s in our locker room and on the field, we don’t really know if he’d fit into our long term plans. And we have a number of guys to re-sign next year, so we may not want to lower DJax’s salary in exchange for a multi-year deal. I think we want to put DJax in the position of having to earn it. If he does, then we can either keep him for another year, or trade him to another team to get our 3rd rounder–or whatever pick back.

    I guess what I’m saying is, what’s the harm in using a 3rd round pick for a (potential) one-year talent who could help us now. Because rookie WRs are traditionally shaky at best.

      1. Jack, were you a new car salesman in a former life? LOL You know, the kind that would offer you all kind of deals on the car you liked and then somehow manage to also sell you on upgrades that you end up paying much more for than you wanted?

      2. There is no harm.

        Only if you’re okay with a $10 million decoy that will underperform because he is unhappy about his contract situation or willing to let key players go so you can make this one prima donna happy. If you are okay with either scenario, then you’re right. There is no harm…just no positive.

          1. He wants a new contract and has shown a history of not playing his best when he is unhappy about his contract. You either pay him what he wants and potentially trade away some key assets or risk having $10 million underperformer. NO THANKS.

            1. “He wants a new contract and has shown a history of not playing his best when he is unhappy about his contract.”

              The last season in which he was unhappy about his contract was 2011. He averaged 16.6 yards per reception that season. He has averaged 16 yards per reception for 4 of the last 5 seasons.

              The last 49ers wide receiver to average 16 yards per reception in a season was 2008.

              1. On a pass-oriented offense. Yay. :-P Just imagine the output from him while playing on a run-first offense and being unhappy about his contract status. It doesn’t exactly bring up compelling images.

        1. So MidWest, your premise is you think DJax SUcx. If that’s the case, then I see your reasoning.

          But I think he’s talented, and he showed off those talents last year. The fact that defenders can no longer go for the head definitely favors his game. I know he’s rubbed people in Philly the wrong way and that’s why I wouldn’t extend him right away–but I think he could do a lot for the dynamics of our special teams and offense.

          1. So MidWest, your premise is you think DJax SUcx. If that’s the case, then I see your reasoning.

            I never said that, but he isn’t worth the headache that he causes. If he was, then the Eagles would have let Maclin go elsewhere and the discussion of the Eagles trying to move a talented WR (despite having plenty of cap space even his $10 million salary this year) wouldn’t even be happening.
            It also brings up the question of will the 49ers get what they pay for? His history supports an answer of no.

      3. Of course there is harm. Any time you rework players’ deals to push salary cap hits into future years there is harm. This isn’t a case of nothing to lose. The risk is losing one or more of their younger guys next year, or the year after, or the year after that (etc) due to pushing salary cap hits into future years, thus reducing how much cap space they have to keep their players down the track.

        If you adhere to the notion that the 49ers have a 1-2 year window, then trading for DJax makes sense. If you don’t adhere to this notion (like me) then the salary cap ramifications aren’t worth it for a #3 WR.

          1. Reworking contracts is guaranteeing later years of a contract by giving them money now. If any of those players suffer an injury or a drop in level of play the team is on the hook for that money against the cap.

            This is not easy and comes with a risk.

              1. Doesn’t matter what I think Jack. This is football and players can go downhill in a hurry. There is a big risk in doing what you are advocating.

              2. So you don’t expect think they will try to keep Davis past his current deal which expires after 2015?

              3. It will depend on how well he’s playing and whether he’s healthy. With what you are proposing the team will have no choice and that’s the risk you take in guaranteeing later years of a contract.

              4. Considering the performance of the QB without Davis in the lineup last year not re-signing him might be a bigger risk.

    1. Totally get what you’re saying about not restructuring Jackson, but I don’t see a scenario where he comes in as the top paid guy on the team, if even for 1 year. Plus, that’s what his beef with Philly is right now. It’s not that he wants MORE money, he wants guaranteed money (which is about security). He knows he’ll never see that $10M from Philly (and probably not from anyone else), because it’s not guaranteed.

      1. DJax is the type of personality who will always have some kind of beef. But Moss was the same way… and look at his first year with Brady. Now, DJax isn’t quite as talented as Moss, but I’m looking at the same principle… New team, Super Bowl contender, brighter limelight–and he’s the top paid player on the club. I feel like all of that could satiate and motivate DJax to have the best year of his career. Which may be just the veteran impact nudge we need to get over the top of that wall.

        1. Moss went from a bottom dweller to a contender, so he knew better than to act up (though he lost that train of thought after a few years and only regained it after retiring and realizing that he misses the game). The situations of Moss and Jackson are like oil and water…they don’t mesh.

    2. The draft choice paid is the least significant element to this proposal. Let’s not measure it that way. While I’d not be in favor of this deal for reasons we’ve already hashed out, Trent isn’t denying discussions or interest. He seems to be hanging around like a wolf trailing the herd, in case the right opportunity presents itself; like either the Eagles or Jackson getting frustrated and sweetening the deal. I’d suspect that other teams would eventually outbid Trent, fill their need, and be one less competitor on Draft Day.

    1. Watkins would be the better option, but it’s not realistic (would cost most of the picks in this draft plus likely picks in 2015…that will never happen). Jackson is not as good an option compared to Watkins, but it’s much more realistic.

      1. Exactly. Our entire draft is worth around 1700 points if you use the draft value chart. That gets us to pick #5, but leaves us with ZERO picks for the remainder of the draft, and there’s no guarantees that Watkins would even be there!

        1. I don’t think the point system is as applicable for this draft. This is a strong draft so the later rounds have more value than in previous years. A team like say the Raiders that have a lot of holes could fill them with a lot of choices in this draft alone. The Niner’s do not have that many holes so those draft choice’s in the later rounds would not be as valuable to them since they don’t have the spaces for them. They might as well bundle them to move up in this draft. It would be the most effective use of those picks. That would be unless they could trade them for much higher futures. That would also work. But the Niner’s have specific needs that they NEED to fill this year. They do not really have the option of not filling those needs this season. They can not afford to strike out when picking those positions so it is important that they get as close to the sure thing as possible. Next years draft might not have those players available. It is always better to fill needs through the draft because those players are available for awhile at their rookie salarys.

  27. Grant,

    You’re obviously obsessed with the Niners trading for Jackson…but the reality is, that dog just won’t hunt. Baalke’s priority is to extend Crabtree…which will be costly. He can add speed in the draft for a pittance compared to Jackson’s price tag. When you combine extending Kap and Crabtree, there just isn’t cap space to add DJ. Yes, the cap ceiling will rise…but Baalke will focus on re-signing current Niners, just as he is this off-season. The difference is he’ll be dealing with much bigger contracts to satisfy Kap and Crabs.

    1. Frank… All the more reason to look at this as a one-year deal for DJax. We don’t have to give Crabs or Kaep more money THIS year.

      1. No, but the team has been extending players for a stronger present and future. That stops if we trade for Jackson.

        1. Rubbish, MidWest. Each deal is it’s own deal. I agree that if we sign him to some 5 year/$60 mil contract with $25 mil guaranteed, it would cause a negative ripple effect throughout the roster. But if we trade a 3rd for DJax to play this year alone–then see how things go–the other players on our team will relish the addition of a talent who is in his prime and can help the team in a number of phases.

          To those who say DJax won’t play well for us without a contract renegotiation… I say with the right approach–especially since this is an entirely new situation for both sides–we can get one year out of him without a renegotiation. We’ll just have to play it cool.

          1. But if we trade a 3rd for DJax to play this year alone–then see how things go–the other players on our team will relish the addition of a talent who is in his prime and can help the team in a number of phases.

            That is dependent on the fact that he changes his demeanor and play when he is unhappy with his contract status. And I think the players will relish getting one or two WRs from one of the best drafts at the WR position in nearly a decade.

            To those who say DJax won’t play well for us without a contract renegotiation… I say with the right approach–especially since this is an entirely new situation for both sides–we can get one year out of him without a renegotiation. We’ll just have to play it cool.

            Again, his past history indicates that the opposite will happen.

            1. Ok, so let’s say DJax isn’t your cup o’ tea. Would’ve you welcomed Revis? Or is your premise that our roster is already better than everyone else’s and all we need to do is draft well? Seriously, if that’s the case, then I understand.

              1. I would be willing to welcome either if they did come to this team, but both are more interested in money than a Super Bowl ring. We can always upgrade, but the numbers, situation, and what their goal is all need to make some sense or fit what the team does. Unfortunately it doesn’t with either player. If the team decides that it does and swings the deal for Jackson, then I will support him like every other player on the 49ers, but I just don’t see the team doing so.

    1. Baloney! This is one of those moments where a bunch of folks decide they will not be beaten. It’s harder to do in football, more personalities to buy in, but it’s solely about faith and absolute buy in.

  28. I love the idea of DJax on the 49ers, but as Razor said this smells of desperation and that is cause for major concern.

    MikeinSF said a few days ago that Kaep would be very happy with DJax. But wouldn’t Aaron Rodgers be more happier with DJax on the Packers since they both played together at Cal?
    Green Bay recently lost James Jones to free agency and could certainly use a WR with Jackson’ skill.

    But as far as know, Green Bay nor Rodgers have not made any inquiries about Jackson.
    Perhaps Jackson has a ‘buyer beware’ sign on him that the public is not fully aware of.
    Also, I would think that if there is one offense in which Jackson could put up huge numbers it would be Chip Kelly’ offense.
    Something’s just not right here and DJax’ big contract sure doesn’t make things any easier.

      1. The Pats very much seem like a team in desperation mode. Its 2014 or bust for them. That’s what happens when your star QB doesn’t have many years left before retirement.

  29. There seems to be a common denominator with Jackson’s stats since 2011. He lights up the weaker defenses but gets held in check against the stronger defenses, although I have no idea what his excuse was for the poor numbers against the apathetic Dallas defense from last season. So how exactly is he supposed to put the 49ers over the top in a division that is defense oriented?

    1. The NFL is about matchups. DJax has always had to be the #1. But with Crabs, Vernon, Boldin, and DJax on the field–someone will have a turd covering him. Now, it will be up to Kaep to detect that and deliver a strike… But that’s going to have to be the case to win a Super Bowl whether we have DJax or not.

      1. Now, it will be up to Kaep to detect that and deliver a strike… But that’s going to have to be the case to win a Super Bowl whether we have DJax or not.

        Exactly! Having a $10 million decoy won’t change anything unless Kaep gets better at going through his progressions, even if trading for Jackson made sense.

          1. Yes, but not on a $10 million WR that would mainly be used as just a decoy in this offense. Not on a WR that keeps demanding for more money and doesn’t perform at what everyone knows should be his standards if he doesn’t get it. Not for a WR that a team with plenty of cap space and the type of offense that fits his skill set is desperately trying to trade.
            This draft is being classified as one of the best at the WR position in nearly a decade. Pick up a speedster AND a replacement for Crabtree in it. And if need be, pick up a third one.

        1. Midwest, you can drop the $10M canard any time you’d like. It’s neither real nor relevant regardless of how many times you repeat it.

            1. Very few teams can take that salary on, and the Eagles seem intent on not taking it on either. Almost none of it is guaranteed, so the chances of that being his salary in 2014 are slim to none. The chances of him coming here with that salary are even less than that. But if it comforts you to keep repeating that number, go ahead.

              1. And we come back to the same question: why is a team well under the salary cap desperately trying to trade a talented WR that costs little against the cap and fits their offense perfectly? You can try to turn my words against me, but it still doesn’t answer the obvious question.

              2. “Almost none of it is guaranteed, so the chances of that being his salary in 2014 are slim to none”.

                Huh? Who cares if it is guaranteed or not? If the 49ers trade for DJax it isn’t to then cut him if he doesn’t take a pay cut. They either give him a nice fat extension and push his salary cap hit into the future or pay him the $10.5M salary. Ridiculous comment.

  30. Grant-

    Any chance we just fork over LaMichael in a straight swap; or maybe combined with a 5th and a 5th or 6th next year? I really don’t see how we pass on this. This move would take so much pressure off of our draft as well; we could get a couple db’s(Verrett, Roby), a lineman, qb(Fales), wr(Matthews) and lb(Andrew Jackson WKU) and call it. If we can extend Kap and Aldon our window is seriously like 5 years with this core.

    1. I’m beginning to wonder what the plan for James is. I can see three reasons as to why the 49ers are looking at other PR/KR:

      1. They are planning to trade James.
      2. They are putting the heat on James to perform better.
      3. They are wanting to lessen his role as a returner and utilize him more on offense.

      1. I don’t see much from James. He may stay around for depth, but I think he’s just as likely to be beaten out by a rookie RB. He doesn’t seem to do anything that well.

        1. I think James trying to beef up so that he would be better between the tackles was counter productive. Rather than making him stronger, it detracted from his quickness and speed. So rather than making him more effective he in fact ended up being less effective.

  31. Question… Couldn’t we trade them a 3rd pick & LMJ(chip Kelly could use him more than we do) but also have them pay majority of his salary? Yes the draft is deep with WR’s… I agree with that. But you have no clue how those WR’s will do in their first year. It’s a totally different game. Experience is what’s separating them. We could hit the jackpot or we could get another AJ Jenkins. Why risk it. If we can’t get the Eagles to eat some of his salary, I’m okay with passing. I’m mentally prepared for the future, I know the focus isn’t right now

    1. The Saints traded Darren Sproles to the Eagles. Doubt the Eagles would be interested in LMJ. I had that idea also till I remembered the trade.

  32. I think this player is a locker room distraction, it may be better to let a player of his caliber go and look elsewhere.


  33. For those who keep mentioning Quentin Patton as the answer, I watched most of his home and away games for Louisiana Tech during his senior season. He is a great kid, with great quickness, great hands, great on field presence, a willingness to block and average (at best) speed. He is no faster than Crabtree or Boldin, in fact, he may be slower. Also, he is not very big.

  34. With the trade for Schaub our the Raiders out of the QB business in the first three rounds? If a QB needy team signs dirty Sanchez does that take them out of the first round conversation for drafting one?

    1. 1/Yes.
      2/ No. He’s a rickety bridge to whoever is next when they’re ready, then a clipboard until the next young project to develop pushes him out.

      1. Correct, Jack. But in Reggie’s place I might just take the stable mediocrity this year and try to fill in some building blocks this year in the draft. They could trade back from 5 or grab a Blue Chip BPA big hoss or maybe Watkins, then look for QB next year.
        While I know it’s a bit cliche to have Oak go WR, Watkins is a special talent. He’s too far out of reach for SF to go get IMO, but I think he’ll be really good.

  35. Grant — Time to update your post of last year on the history of teams reaching the NFC championship and Super Bowl in consecutive years. My quick review shows that, in the salary cap era, the only team to go to the NFC Championship in four consecutive years was the Philadelphia Eagles (2001-2004). And, it was in that fourth year that they finally found out how to win one. (They went on to lose the Super Bowl to the Patriots so if the 9ers repeat next year we will tie the Eagles for futile attempts at 0 for 4) So, is there a “window” now and is it open? Should we worry about Cap for Kaep in year 5 or 6 of our run for the money or …. what? Reality is that the odds of the 49ers reaching the playoffs, let alone NFC Championship or Super Bowl every year are not real good. Personally I side with those who believe that Harbaugh is way overconfident in his abilities and the 49er “system” they now have in place. I am somewhat reminded of our SF Giants. When they last won the World Series Tim Mc Carver shouted over and over that the Giants had just won two of the last three World Series. As a fan since they came out to SF I shouted back, “No Tim they just won two of the last 55 years”. This is not college football where certain programs seem to constantly dominate. The NFL, particularly in the salary cap era, is designed to create competitiveness in games and all but the very worst franchises have the ability to swing from horrible to in the hunt very quickly (see Kansas City Chiefs). When you get to the big game, you gotta win it and Jim Harbaugh is 0 for 3. What’s worse is he shows no signs of facing the question of why he let that happen. (All of the moves that are talked about here involve player issues that are Balke’s responsibility) The way I would put it is that Harbaugh doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and that’s a critical flaw. Until Harbaugh looks Grant and his fellow journalists in the eye and says more than our losses are due to the way the ball bounces, and announces that he is making some changes in his ways, I say be prepared to revert to our old ways 9er fans because I think we’re going back to “Wait ’till next year” for awhile.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I also believe that’s why we need to make moves to win NOW and not say prepare for the future. I believe adding Desean Jackson helps us win now. Relying on untested rookies will have us facing an uncertain future and it will be extremely hard to continue this dominance.

      1. I love this move as long as Jackson knows he’s only going to catch 50 balls this year. Set that expectation plus rework his contract and it is a go.

  36. Here is my latest mock draft based on walterfootball big board. I would be happy with this.


    1. For my own take I think you need a DL and I would replace the ILB with an OLB. 2 WR’s and 2CB’s in the first 4 picks seems pretty desperate and we aren’t desperate for either.

    2. Pretty good one. I like the players at the top. If they got OB, do they still take Robinson? I like him but I think they like Patton.
      What? Five more weeks of this? Hooooboy!

  37. Chicago, I would love to get OB too, but I think we’ll have to trade up several spots to do it. Do you see OB still being available at 30?

  38. Been a fan since the first Nolan ( sr) was the 49er coach. But if Jackson and Allen goes to Seattle with Sherman and that darn Wilson, indont care who we draft, we will need sheer luck to beat them in Seattle. We need to have a great draft just to keep up. They are building an absolute monster team up there!

  39. Here’s a good example of why you need to take the term “sources” with a big grain of salt;

    “As interesting as the Inquirer report is the identity of the reporter: Jeff McLane, who had been adamant for the last two weeks that Jackson wasn’t going anywhere. Shortly after we first started hearing talk that Jackson would be gone, McLane wrote in no uncertain terms that such talk was bogus. McLane confirmed with “almost a dozen sources” that the Eagles aren’t interested in trading Jackson. McLane also wrote that it was “madness” to suggest that Jackson could be on the way out, and McLane wrote a week later that the Eagles “most certainly aren’t” considering trading Jackson. McLane has gone from saying there’s a 96.5 percent chance that Jackson will be an Eagle to saying there’s a greater than 95 percent chance that Jackson won’t be an Eagle.”

    One day the “sources” say he’s staying the next they say he’s out. Makes you wonder about those “sources” that said Harbaugh was about to be traded to the Browns.


  40. m-mmmm
    third column in a row about acquiring DJax …

    This horse is dead … isn’t it about time we
    stop beating it ?

    It ain’t gonna happen !

    MidWest … I’ve been totally agreeing with you, lately,
    on this as well as other issues ,,,

    (I think it must be the water out here )

  41. Niner – I don’t think DJax has the value for Seattle, as Harvin is already returning kicks and running gadget plays for them. So they’d be paying DJax a 3-way player price just to be a receiver.

  42. From Marc Sealer at
    NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Panthers, Raiders, Patriots and 49ers all join the Jets as possible landing spots. With the Eagles reportedly “informally” reaching out to teams about a deal, D-Jax’s $10.5 million cap hit is a factor, especially with the receiver unwilling to restructure his deal, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

  43. Philly may just release him if they can’t find a trade partner. They are desperate to be rid of their leading receiver…no red flags there.

  44. No way in hades do you want to send a 2nd round draft pick for this malcontent. A) it busts your salary cap B) making this guy you highest paid player makes a mess of contract negotiations next year C) there is no reason to pay this guy as much as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzsgerald.

  45. Current 49ers picked in the third round. Navorro Bowman, Frank Gore, Chris Culliver, Corey Lemonier. I woudn’t be so cavalier about tossing away third round picks.

    1. correct-a-mundo … Gandrew ..
      besides .. as I’ve been saying all along ..
      (and interesting to note as well) ..
      Grant seems to agree with me …

      Jordan Mathews will most likely be there in the 2nd round !

      (we grab a monster CB Round #1 .. and we’re set !)

      I’d much rather roll the dice on JM .. than shoot craps
      on DJax !

      Grant .. I realize writers block can be frustrating
      at times … but ..
      c’mon man !

      1. The 49ers have 2 and may have 3 third round picks depending on the comp pick they are awarded so they’d still have 1 or 2 to play with.

        MWN, trading for Jackson doesn’t mean they can’t draft Matthews in the 2nd.

        1. Jack ..
          while I consider you as one of the stalwarts of this blog..
          I’ll have to disagree with you, here ..

          imo .. DJax isn’t worth the effort … plus
          I doubt seriously it’s gonna happen, anyhoo

          besides … there’s only one ball in the game ..
          Vernon, Boldin, and Patton don’t seem to care
          how many they catch .. do we really need
          a malcontent in the locker room ?

          also another thing to consider …

          Anquan was shocked at the velocity of Kaeps
          throws … (remember his broken finger ?)

          What makes you think DJax will be able to catch
          those rockets ?

          (and not complain about his hands hurting ?)

              1. Of course not but, he would have to share the rock with Crab, Q, Vernon, and the running game. I can’t see him being satisfied with 40 touches the whole year.

              1. “You think a d coordinator is going to be overly worried by a rookie?”

                If the rookie was more AJ Jenkins, then no. If the rookie was more TY Hilton, then yes. Teams found out pretty quick in 2012 that Hilton was a legit deep threat.

              2. Yep, I think we all know which WR’s name Baalke should have had in that infamous envelope…

              3. I have to wonder which WR Baalke would have drafted had the team been able to get their first preference in Bruce Irvin during the first round.

              4. Would Jenkins have still been there at their pick in round 2? Lots of talk the Rams would have taken him at the start of round 2, so maybe not. Oh well, what might have been…

              5. They may not have a choice but to hope that Jenkins develops into a viable receiving option given the losses they have incurred during free agency.

          1. I dunno about Jackson, but for me getting $10,500,000.00 leaves room in my budget for some gloves and tolerance for a broken finger or two. Besides with broken fingers I couldn’t type, and that would give you guys a break.

  46. I believe we should make the trade. then we have a complete great receiving group. Then Draft some future receivers you can groom for the future. we are a great team and this would really help us. Do It Ok????

  47. Jeeze …

    I really hope the Panthers, or some other team pulls the trigger
    on DJax …

    Then .. we can bury this dead horse !

  48. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    that sticky mess in the pocket of your khaki pants?
    Pete Carroll sez: howzabout
    a couple of sticks of my (used) chewing gum?

    How many people believe you will get your SB win next year?
    It is gonna be a long, long offseason. Very long.

    1. Note to superbowl monkey.
      That sticky mess on your face?
      Pete Carroll sez: “Thanx for being a good sport. I’ll go get you a towel.”

    1. Well I can’t say enough about what it says that they are willing to just release him given their cap situation. With that said, if he’s available and will sign a one year incentive deal that wouldn’t have to much of an impact on our cap then by all means, keep him away from Seattle.

  49. The Eagles won’t cut D Jax, and D Jax won’t restructure his deal. Build your arguments around that. D Jax has two years left on his deal, with only one year having guaranteed money, so 2015 could be a voided year of his contract, and that would create incentive for D Jax to play hard in 2014. The 49ers should take advantage of this by trading for D Jax and then letting him know they’ll cut him in 2015, allowing him to be a free agent. This would create a renta player scenario for 2014. And the cap is supposed to increase significantly next year, so D Jax could find a richer payday in free agency in 2015.

    Grant’s correct. It is all about D Jax’s guaranteed $250,000, but the answer isn’t restructuring D Jax’s deal. It’s about having D Jax play for the 49ers for one year only while Frank and Cowboy are still contributors, and Harbaugh and his coaching staff are still under contract.

    If this deal does go down, it will probably happen after June 1st. This would give the 49ers time to approach their players about restructuring their deals to fit D jax under the cap. The only thing risky about this idea is that the Eagles could use the time to leverage the price tag of D Jax up…. asking for more than a 3rd round pick. In time, teams like the Patriots could become fixated with D Jax and try to offer more. The one reason the Patriots shouldn’t considering offering more is because Tom Brady can no longer throw deep – at least not nearly as well as he could when he was in his early thirties.

    1. In a story published Saturday, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News quoted an unnamed source as saying that the Eagles are “trading him or cutting [Jackson]. That’s a fact. They don’t want him.”

  50. TRENT: DeSean, how would you like to come to the 49ers? We may not be able to offer you the most money, but you will be on a great offense with guys like Anquan, Michael, Vernon, and Frank, alongside with an ascending QB like Colin. You’ll get the best chance at carving out your legacy as one of the best on the greatest team ever. And with you, we’ll win the Super Bowl for sure.

    DeSean (montone): I’ll think about it Trent.

    15 minutes later…

    Reggie here DeSean. I can’t guarantee you a quality QB (or a quality offense for that matter), and we both know that the Raiders organization will continue to suck for the next couple of decades, which means thinking about the Super Bowl is nothing but a pipe dream. But we do have LOTS of money.

    DeSean: (squealing like a little girl) WHEN CAN I SIGN THE CONTRACT?!

      1. The Seahawks could announce that they’ve solved world hunger and we could think of something rude to say about it. It’s our job, carry on.


    Jackson signed a terrible contract. Here are the particulars of DeShaun Jackson’s contract. There is no guaranteed money for Jackson in 2015, so any team who owns his rights, or trades for him, could cut him in 2015 without any cap hit.

    The Eagles won’t cut Jackson outright. He would then be free to play for a team inside his division, and it’s doubtful the Eagles would allow that. The Giants and Cowboys have cap room.

    The game, as we all know, is about keeping Jackson motivated. The end of his contract has no guarantees, and even the biggest money making year (2014) only has a paltry $250,000 guaranteed to protect his $10.250 million. The remaining years are not only not guaranteed, but when the price for wide receivers goes up, Jackson’s pay decreases, potentially making him a malcontent when he’s making 8 million and others are making twice that much. This is both the Eagles’ and Jackson’s agent’s mistake. Unfair deals don’t lead to sustainability. Unfair deals cause problems.

    Jackson isn’t a player Baalke and the 49ers should think about signing long-term. Yes, Jackson is dynamic. Yes, he produces. But Jackson, while being dynamic, is limited to what the 49ers absolutely need right now – speed along the sidelines. He’s not someone you build around. He’s a perfect renta player. The 49ers should look to (even though they have a very hard time doing it) develop a wide receiver long-term (maybe also consider firing Johnny Morton), while renting Jackson for one year. This is what they tried to do with Moss and AJ Jenkins.

    D Jax has little recourse. The can’t demand a new contract. If teams want to restructure him, great. He’d love that; however, his current deal is so bad, the team would need to want to do a fair deal (to keep Jackson happy) and not use the current deal as a guideline. The current deal only muddies the waters. A lesser front office would try to recoup or keep some of the current deal’s value, and that would just lead to the same problems all over again down the road with Jackson being unhappy.

    The best option for the 49ers and D Jax is a one year, renta player deal while developing another receiver along side Jackson, then cut him after the 2014 year and hope Jackson’s agent learns something about how to structure a lucrative deal that protects his client throughout the length of the contract.

  52. This just in: ..

    Pete Carroll has just announced that
    his two-day old chewing gum .. has the ability
    to render PED tests as “clean” ..

    (film at 11)

  53. The 49ers are not paying a 175 pound receiver 3 million more a year than Vernon Davis, to say nothing of Crabtree.

    Jackson will go to a zoo like the Jets where he will lose, but make regular visits to the bank.

    When he is near the end of his fame, then he’ll try to steal a ring on the cheap by joining a contender.

    Old story, rarely works (see Owens, TO; Cinco, Chad…).

  54. If the Eagles are that desperate to get rid of Jackson that they would consider cutting him if they can’t trade him, no way I’d be giving up a 3rd for him. If the 49ers really want him, float one of the 7th rounders in front of the Eagles and see if they bite.

        1. Not with his salary Jack. But Scooter makes a great point about desperate the Eagles could be.
          If they were willing to eat $5-$7 million of Jackson’s contract, then I would okay with the trade. He shouldn’t get paid higher than Boldin or Crabtree.

    1. I recommended waiting until they cut him with the first thread, but offering a 7th Rounder is even more of a slap in the face….

      1. Well, if they cut him then the 49ers have little chance of getting him unless they want to offer him a long term deal.

        If they trade for him using a 7th, rework deals the way Jack suggested previously to accommodate Jackson’s $10M salary without creating cap constraints down the track, then that’s some pretty darn good business in the same vein as getting Boldin for a 6th last year. If he ends up being a trouble-maker just cut him – for a 7th you don’t mind it if he ends up not being worth keeping on the roster. You still have all your top round picks, and they can still grab a good WR (or two) to develop.

        And if the Eagles choices are cut him or take a 7th rounder for him, they’ll take the 7th.

        1. The problem is that he isn’t willing to restructure his contract Scooter, hence the reason why he hasn’t been traded yet and why the team is leaning towards just releasing him.

          1. I didn’t say he would restructure. He’d have absolutely no reason to restructure, and the 49ers probably wouldn’t want to restructure his contract either.

            The 49ers would need to restructure other players deals, and Jack came up with a way to do that that wouldn’t cause much if any issues against the cap in the next few years. It would take players being willing to extend their existing deals, which is no guarantee, but would probably be acceptable to the players in question.

            1. I should say – he would have no reason to restructure for a deal that pays less money. If he was offered a deal that pays the same or more but provides guaranteed money and pushes cap hits to later years (e.g., through a signing bonus) then he’d be all for it I’m sure.

              1. It’s smart for him to not restructure if he is only in it for himself and the money. Oh wait, he is.

              2. Because if he gets traded to a contender now and either puts up his best numbers or is the key reason they win a Super Bowl, then he stands to cash in big time next year.

              3. But it’s more likely they would trade him to the Jets or Raiders.

                Wouldn’t you rather control your own destiny than have someone else control it?

              4. His salary is one of the things that is keeping any trade from happening, so technically he already is controlling where he will go. He will most likely end up with the Jets or Raiders anyways since they the money to spend.

              5. “His salary is one of the things that is keeping any trade from happening, so technically he already is controlling where he will go.”

                Yeah that was kinda my point.

                The Raiders may trade for him, but I think it’s unlikely given the few picks they have.

                The Jets may be more likely, as they have an extra pick in the 4th from the Revis trade last year.

              6. Jets by far make the most sense. They can send #180 and have plenty of cap to fit his salary. Adding the fact that they just signed Vick only makes it seem more like the perfect fit.

              7. Also, my point is that he stands a better chance of getting what he wants if he plays the good little boy and take a pay cut so he can be traded to a contender, then fleece everybody in 2015.

              8. Seems like Miami should be in on the conversation. They have the pick and the room.

              9. The Dolphins would have two prima donnas whining about not getting the ball if they traded or signed Jackson. I’m sure that franchise has no interest in anything that would be tasking.

              10. I know, but I just can’t see that franchise being dumb enough to put itself in a trying situation two years in a row. The Raiders on the other hand….

              11. It appears that what he wants is to be released so he can get control where he gets a new deal with guaranteed money.

                Control. Everyone wants it.

              12. Control. Everyone wants it.

                He’d have more of that plus a fatter wallet next year if he took the choir boy route and a small one-year deal this year.

              13. As far as I understand it you can’t restructure a deal to have less years on it, so he’s locked to a contract for 3 years unless he is cut by someone before then.

                I guess he could restructure his deal to take a little less this year and then insert a massive roster bonus or something to pretty much force a restructure or release next year. But not really sure why he would do that. His best course of action (money wise) is getting released now and being able to sign somewhere else. His second best option is probably getting traded on his $10M salary this season and hoping he gets released next year, or parlays that into a nice extension.

              14. To do that he would need to get cut. Can’t do a completely new deal without terminating the old one, otherwise it is just a restructure of the original deal.

                And if he gets cut, why not shop his services to the highest bidder?

              15. Because he could cash in next year if he does what I posted. Just ask Bennett how well that worked.

              16. I am referring to that as well. He gets cut, takes a small deal with perhaps a contender this year, and cashes in next year.

              17. Bennett did that because he couldn’t cash in last year. So he took the one year deal hoping to parlay that into a big contract.

                Jackson wouldn’t be wanting for suitors to pay him a fat contract if he is cut by the Eagles. He’d cash in this year.

              18. It is two different situations, but the scenario still makes sense, especially given the fact that next year’s draft is expected to have a terrible WR class.

        2. My original offer still stands for Mr. Jackson, $5-$6 million one year deal upon release from the Eagles…..Take it or leave it, or leave me alone.

          1. Yeah, like I said, if the 49ers don’t trade for him then they are out of the running. No way he’d accept a $5-$6M one year deal – some other team would offer him a long term contract worth more.

            If the 49ers decide they really want him, then a trade is the only way I see it happening.

            1. That’s just it. I don’t really want him. If he wants the 49ers, and he’s willing to do the deal for the ring and be free to the highest bidder next year, then I’d want him….If not, let Seattle have him. Jackson and Pete would probably get along real well. Meanwhile, I’ll draft the following:

              Round 1 Pick 30 Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State
              Round 2 Pick 24: Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida
              Round 2 Pick 29: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State
              Round 3 Pick 13: DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State
              Round 3 Pick 30: Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State
              Round 4 Pick 29: Bryan Stork, C Florida State
              Round 5 Pick 30: Logan Thomas, QB VT
              Round 7 Pick 27: Dezmend Southward, SS Wisconsin
              Round 7 Pick 28: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State
              Round 7 Pick 30 Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma

              1. That’s ok, I’ll be skipping on DeSean Jackson too and drafting the following:

                Round 1 Pick 30: Odell Beckham, WR, LSU
                Round 2 Pick 29: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
                Round 3 Pick 2 (WASH): Marcus Smith, DE, Louisville
                Round 3 Pick 13: Dominique Easley, DT, Florida
                Round 3 Pick 30: Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State
                Round 4 Pick 2 (WASH): Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington
                Round 4 Pick 29: Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana
                Round 5 Pick 2 (WASH): Dontae Johnson, FS, North Carolina State
                Round 5 Pick 30: Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice
                Round 7 Pick 27: Dezmen Southward, SS, Wisconsin
                Round 7 Pick 28: Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma
                Round 7 Pick 30: Larry Webster, DE, Bloomsburg

              2. I like the Tripp selection. I think #158 is a bit late for the first CB but I wouldn’t argue to hard against it either. I can’t see Baalke taking two receivers with the first two picks but I can’t base that off anything other then what my gut says.

              3. Yeah I understand the concerns with taking a CB so late, but I honestly think if they don’t go CB in the first round, then aside from Jaylen Watkins the next guys that suit what I feel the 49ers are after will be some of those mid-to-late rounders. This draft would get Dontae Johnson (listed as a FS here, but he’d be given a shot at CB with the 49ers) and Phillip Gaines, two big bodied CBs that can turn and run and have plenty of experience in man coverage. They’d also get a 3rd CB in Colvin with good length that would sit the year on IR.

                Quite a few of those guys would likely change positions to those listed. Smith would go to OLB (I really like the look of him), Easley would be a 5-tech DE (though likely spend the year on IR), Tripp would play ILB, Johnson to CB, and Webster potentially to TE.

                They’d also be doubling their chances of getting a WR that can contribute this year, and solidify the position for a number of years.

              4. Scooter,

                Based on your mock, am I safe in assuming you see WR as the biggest need for this team?

              5. One of, but keep in mind I see the draft as being about the next few years, not just about immediate needs. Crabtree may well be gone after this season, and Boldin after two. I like Patton but he’s still a 4th rounder that hasn’t proven anything yet. So yes, WR is definitely one of the top positions of need moving forward. Getting two WRs means they can take WR off the shopping list for the next few years and focus on other areas.

                The reason for taking Beckham and Matthews in rounds one and two comes mostly down to value though. I really like the WRs in this year’s draft. I think Beckham is an excellent prospect, and should be a top 20 selection, so if he’s there at #30 its a no brainer for mine. And Matthews at #61 would be incredible value too – I think he’s a borderline 1st/2nd rounder. I had planned to take another position but Matthews was too good to pass up. I of course don’t think either guy will be available at those spots, but if they are…

              6. I like your picks from 3 on to 7th. Jones, Stork, Southward and Colvin would bring in great value and depth to the team.

                I don’t see Hyde lasting past the top 10 of the second round. The run for RB starts in the second round.

                Cooks is fine, but I don’t think the Niners would target him enough to consider trading up for him. He won’t be there at 30th.

            2. The Eagles must really be fed up to consider releasing him. If the Niners want him at all, trade a 7th rounder to lock him in. If he holds out for more money, no big loss.

              I’m still banking on the deep WR draft.

              1. “Djac wants to know where he stands with eagles, but hasnt returned any of chip kelly’s call’s since season ended. #communications”

                Derrick Gunn, CSN Philly

    1. so-oooo, MidWest …

      does this mean the Niners are out of the running
      for Mr. DJax’s services ?

      Hoo-Boy … !!

      Looks like the funeral for this
      dead horse is very soon !

        1. Oh.. lets hope not ..

          hey .. did you vote (on that page) on
          who is most likely to take him ? ..

          (I voted Duh-Raiduhs)

  55. I wonder who it is that is leaking the possibility that he might be released. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone inside the organization to want that to be known because it obviously compromises their leverage. They wouldn’t tell DeSean that I can imagine for fear that he would blab it himself. So is someone really walking out of a meeting and then talking to reporters anonymously or is someone outside the organization either guessing or making this up to hurt their(Eagles) position?

      1. Interesting. KC could use a killer WR, but that name hasn’t come up (that I’ve seen) among teams with interest. Andy taking a pass?

          1. Yeah, and they don’t have really anyone that can give them flexibility like the 49ers do in terms of a restructure. Their top paid guys mostly carry a lot of dead money.

    1. I would guess that it is his agent Coffee. What better way to drive up the price to get him if he is indeed released.

    2. Mortensen was guessing that Philly will hold position; if they can’t trade him they’ll keep him. Who knows?

  56. Pete Carroll + PED rumors/trash talk/innuendo =
    the 2015 Lombardi trophy.

    Coach Harbaw + khaki pants = ________(blank)
    (not even a sticky face – absolutely nothing)

  57. Harvins with jackson led by Houdini Wilson with Lynch and the legion of doom ( plus allen rushing the passer?) in Seattle for the playoffs……..thats down right frightening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I saw Wylde in Sacramento in ’92 when he was still playing with Ozzy. It was part of the no more tours tour off of the no more tears album. Was an awesome show, one thing I’ll never forget is that Slaughter opened up for them and the crowd really gave them a bad time. Booing and calling them names, you can imagine if you’re old enough to remember who they are. Anyway to your point Wylde was out of this world. He had a 4 or 5 minute solo that simply blew my mind. He was the ipitomy of a rock God. Buff, with long hair whipping it around while ripping away on his guitar, was truly a sight to behold and something I’ll clearly never forget.

    2. Jake E. Lee is back with a new band, Red Dragon Cartel. Started off the tour this year at the Whiskey. The album is excellent with 4 songs sung by guest vocalists, Paul DiAnno(original Iron Maiden Singer)Robin Zander(Cheap Trick)Sass Jordan, and my favorite, Maria Brink sings on a bad@ss song called Big Mouth. After 20 years, it’s great to have the man who had to replace a legend back. You could say he’s the Steve Young of Check it out, very good album and I plan on taking the wife to his show coming up in June….

      1. Thanks for sharing, Scooter! That was a good football lesson. And unfortunately the writer was right that with an injured J Smtih the Niners won’t be able to get to Flacco in time and Flacco with his big arm might be able to exploit our secondary :(

  58. Thank God Grant is not the GM. “Make it happen” Pay a speed receiver and returner $10MM. Seriously? Forget about Iupati, Crabtree, Aldon, and Kaeps so that we can get a guy who is unhappy with $10MM. Overpay a guy who is all about MeSean?

    Grant, have you been paying attention? This team was built for the long haul. The SeaChickens have expressed “interest” only to goad the 49ers into making this colossal mistake because they know how stupid this would be.

    1. In the NFL the “long haul” is get in playoffs, win NFC/AFC title, win Super Bowl. Beyond that it’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Being a perennial contender died pretty much in 1994. (Ironically the last time the 49ers won it). Grant apparently believes, as many others do, that when the window opens, you do whatever you have to do just as Eddie D. did before the cap era. (i.e. Deion Sanders). Never know who’s right, we can just wait and see. When Willie McCovey was asked about the level of disappointment on the Giants when they lost the 1962 World Series to the Yankees he said that they thought is was no big deal because they had so much talent that they would be back again and again. How did that work out?

      1. AMEN! The front office is stagnant and complacent..So it’s had a trickle down effect to some of us fans..Afraid to improve.Afraid to take that next step..We’re fine with what we have attitude..0-3 is not fine…Seein other teams hoist those trophies that should’ve been ours is not fine..Now if the goal is to get the NFC title game every year…Then yeah.. so far we succeeded at that..But that’s not the goal people..Is to win a Lombardi trophy..If we could’nt win a championship..With the most of the core we got now..Why do u think we will later? And making all these excuses up not to make moves is ridiculous…It’s not 2005 people..Baalke is not Donohoe…Harbaugh is not Erickson and Nolan..jed is not his parents…Why do u think by acquiring a player..Poof! they’ll instantly turn into them.We wont people..But until we get better on offense..Expect more of the same this season people..Close but not enuff..But oh yeah..We can get to the Nfc title so we’re doin good..Who needs a superbowl when u can get to the title game? lol

  59. If the 9ers do get Jackson and then go to more 3 receiver sets, how does that impact Vance McDonald? Seems obvious that he gets much fewer snaps. Does that make him expendable? Could they recoup a draft pick used to get Jackson by trading McDonald? Probably not as a high a pick as they could get for Jackson but they could at least get something for him.

    1. 3 wide receiver sets eat into tight end snaps, but I see VMac sticking around for years. It was a big transition from Rice to Walker’s complicated SAK role. I’m guessing the 49ers are expecting him to play faster and more instinctively.

  60. Small consolation: If the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson and the Jets sign him, the Niners should be able to trade for the Jets’ first-round pick.

        1. I believe those one of those two will begin to come off the board in the twenties, beginning with the Chargers….

          1. I’m not so sure of that. The Titans, Bears, Steelers, Jets, and Bengals all need a CB. I wouldn’t rule out the Chiefs either.

              1. Steelers too. They sent the full contingent to the Florida State pro day. Kelvin Benjamin will be selected at #15…

              2. That is contingent on who the Rams draft with the second pick Scooter. It’s very possible that they snatch Benjamin at 14 if they go with an OT first and WR second.

              3. Scooter-
                But it was the Steelers GM who was quoted today as saying that this is a good year to trade down and that he guessed several teams would like to. If Trent sees someone from #15 on down that they really like its possible they’d move up.
                MidWest- These two draft guesses make sense to me.
                (Jets take CB and KC goes OL)

              4. Ah, I hadn’t seen that. Kevin Colbert is one of the few GM’s that typically is pretty straight up too, so if he says he thinks it is a good year to trade down they likely will try to.

                The Steelers fan boards have actually ID’ed the 49ers as a likely trade partner too.

                “It makes more sense in this draft than trading up,” Colbert said of trading down, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m sure everyone shares the same thought.”

                Everyone but Grant ;-)

              5. I’m beginning to think the 49ers will have no choice but to stay where they are at unless the Buccaneers decide they want Garoppolo and stand a better chance of getting him if they trade up.

              6. MidWest, I assume you are referring to a trade down from #30 scenario.

                I think they are far more likely to move up from #30 or stay pat than trade down this year. They already have plenty of picks.

              7. I’m not seeing a trade partner going up or down the draft order Scooter. I only mentioned the Bucs as a trade partner because Lovie Smith has made it clear that he doesn’t want Mike Glennon as the starting QB and could be willing to trade away a pick or two from next year. But even that notion is fairly weak.

              8. Well, Kevin Colbert’s comments would suggest he believes a lot of teams will be open to the idea of moving back this year. He’s also been quoted as saying (as have others) the draft has great depth but is relatively low on top-end star quality. Lots of good looking players, not many great ones.

                We get so caught up in the idea of teams wanting to move up or stay pat and get the best player available. But in a draft where the talent level is so deep and the quality difference is so minor between a large pool of players, it isn’t hard to imagine teams with a number of holes putting a premium on getting two players instead of one.

                Teams like KC (2nd rounder), Titans (3rd rounder) and Steelers (3rd rounder) are missing picks on day 2, and may be the most open to a move back to reclaim a pick. And any team with multiple holes or future holes will likely be interested too.

              9. We’ll find out during the draft. There could be some movers, but this draft may not allow for big deal, especially given the depth and talent this year.

              10. There will be some trades made MidWest. There always are. It may be less than in some years, but I think that has more to do with teams not being inclined to move up rather than not being inclined to move down.

                In a market where many teams are happy to move down, it only takes one team to fall in love with a player for a trade to happen.

              11. I’m not saying there won’t be trades. The big deals are the ones that I don’t see happening…right now anyways.

              12. What do you mean by big deals if you don’t mind me asking?

                I’m not expecting any RGIII or Julio Jones type trades, but I can see a trade similar to the one the 49ers made for Eric Reid happening.

              13. I’m not even seeing that type of scenario Scooter. I can see a trade that moves a team up 5-7 spots but not much higher. This draft is so deep and next year’s not so much that I believe any type of trading will occur on the second day.

              14. Is that because you don’t see any team picking in the back end of round 1 wanting to move up much more than a few spots? Or because you don’t see a team in the teens wanting to move back that far?

              15. It’s because I see a draft rich in talent, so rich that there will be names falling further down the board than normal.

              16. So the former, you don’t believe a team will be interested in trading up that far.

                Like I said, it just takes one team to fall in love with a particular player. It may not happen, but I can definitely see it happening.

  61. This goes with what I was mentioning yeterday:
    “Now, reports are building regarding multiple teams that have expressed interest in Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson. And there’s suspicion in league circles that one or more of the identified teams actually aren’t interested in Jackson — and that the Eagles are leaking embellished and/or fabricated information about interest in order to build a trade market for Jackson.”

    Makes you wonder just how interested ourselves and Seattle really are.

    1. Seattle has the track record for these type of acquisitions. I would be surprised if the 49ers involvement was anything more than a due diligence call to gauge the Eagles/Jacksons’ asking price….

      1. If they didn’t have Harvin I’d be bought in but I believe they are more interested in Allen then Jackson(ha, see what I did there) and I’m mostly sure they can’t afford both.

        1. Allen said he would retire if no one meets his $10 million dollar price tag. Apparently, he’s reconsidering as we speak and should be close to a decision. I know for a fact the Seahawks did not offer him that much money…..

    2. In the PreDraft Liars’ Club Season that our orbit is currently passing through, usually it’s hard to get a drip of info or insight out of team offices. The Eagles’ ship has sprung a surprising number of leaks for this time of year. Anybody have an agenda?
      Also Jackson hasn’t really said anything, but there’s a lot of stuff coming from ‘sources close to’ him. Hmmmmmm.
      I think Coach Kelly is asserting his authority vs a challenge.
      I think Philly’s FO is tired of the chronic renegotiating ploys. Not just for the actual money, but for the instability it causes in Cap Management and team business chemistry.
      I think team owners have been way too far down this road in the past with T.O., and they have no intention of being hijacked or publicly buffooned again.
      I doubt they’d release him. Even a low round pick still gives the Eagles some control over where he does or doesn’t go; as in outside the Division if not the Conference.
      Man, I hope something new pops up this week.

  62. Well.. Rex picked up Vick .. and Vick would love to throw
    to his old team-mate .. so .. (hopefully) DJax goes there ..

    Hey .. it could happen ..

    (The Colts brought in Fleener so Luck would have a familiar
    face on the team)

    But otoh … there is Duh-Raiduhs

    1. Yeah, this whole kit & kaboodle was probably a ploy by Grant to stir us up so he could go party on Spring Break and leave the bog unattended.
      (Not really, because he only relayed a story/rumor, but it gave me an excuse to use the word kaboodle.)

  63. I think some of you have forgotten, Jackson is not a man of his word. Why would you want someone like that on your team? The Niners can win without him just fine. They have a Super Bowl contending team without him. I love speed but it isn’t a absolute necessity ingredient to winning. I cant see spending that kind of money on Jackson who for one will demand a new contract and will sulk and his play will diminish unless he gets one. Why do the Eagles want to jettison him? If Jackson is the missing link to winning a Super Bowl why are not all teams going after him? Can Jackson block? Jackson is all about money, and nothing else matters. Not saying money is bad but why are you playing the game – for the love of the game and to win the most coveted prize in sports, the Super Bowl.

    Give me receivers like Rice, Boldin, Biletnikoff etc, all good hands players without much speed. Jackson would comes with an aura of success but it doesn’t compare with reality.

    PS. You got to have a QB that can take advantage of all the weapons and currently the Niners do not have that.

    1. You might want to ask soccer parents in Santa Clara what they think of the 49ers before going on about someone sticking to their word.

          1. Of course not, and if Jackson somehow manages to come to the Niners I would wish him well. I don’t know the story of the soccer parents but it sounds like the Niners made a promise/deal with them and the Niners screwed it up. If that’s the case I would and will admonish them. By the way is soccer a sport? I thought it was an acting job!

            1. Believe me, it’s a sport. Have a strong-legged man (or woman) kick the ball right to where it hurts and then try saying that it isn’t a sport as you’re dying in agony while your teammates pile on top of you for the ‘great play’ you made stopping that goal. Good times.

              1. Soccer is a fine participatory sport, I’m not a fan of viewing it. I didn’t see much flopping on the youth club teams. Golf? Bowling? Again, for me not a spectator sport. How about Bass fishing, hahaha? There’s some entertaining tv!
                Next up: an Ice Fishing Reality series

  64. Baalke speaking true words of wisdom; “I do believe you’re never one player away because too much can happen,” Baalke said. “You could acquire that player and the very next day that player gets injured and he’s done for the year. And then you’re back to square one and you have to tell yourself, ‘Well, we’re still one player away.’ I don’t buy that philosophy.”

    Too bad more around here aren’t this level headed.

    1. Exactly CfC – I read that Baalke quote too and was about to post it but see you beat me to it! This is the reason they didn’t splash all their cash on one FA like Revis.

  65. “Seems to me the 49ers should be able to easily outbid any other team for Jackson.” … Grant

    It seems to me that no one is bidding for Jackson’s contract. … ;-}

  66. Hey Grant,

    Your Dad included Kaep in a very distinguished group of QB’s in his article about Matt Schaub. He wrote; “Quarterbacks who can throw receivers open are Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Colin Kaepernick”. Maybe not the highest form of praise but just to be included in that group of QB’s in any form of positive praise means he thinks pretty highly of Kaep’s skills as a QB. I was wondering if you two ever sit around a breakfast table eating your fruit loops and arguing about Kaep’s skills or deficiencies. Might provide excellent fodder for a future writeup for you?

      1. I’m glad you asked first. Are we supposed to use our Little Orphan Annie secret decoder rings to decipher it Jack?

        1. D’oh, of course. I did lose track of that going on and should have recognized the sweet sixteen reference.

        2. Seven-foot guys shooting a 10 foot basket ?
          that’s a sport ?

          Heck, Jack … if they look cross-eyed at the ref ..
          he calls “FOUL”! …

          You wanna make it more interesting ?? heres what you do ..

          1. .. raise the basket to (say) 13 feet .. then
          (and heres the kicker)

          2. put a motor on the basket so it randomly moves
          up n down and side to side..

          Now THEN … you’ll have a sport !

    1. Speaking of the Cardinal, what do you think of their FS coming out. I’m reading he’s got nice size but is a little stiff.

  67. This morning… Baalke and Harbaugh seen chatting in a hotel lobby. Baalke later says he has not contacted the Eagles about Jackson. Now that the rumor mill should be calmed… lets start rooting for that compensatory pick expected to be announced in the next few days.

    A few telepathic messages to the NFL (something like “give the 49ers a 3rd rounder”) could tip the balance. Six selections in the first three rounds sounds good to me.

  68. Why would Trent Baalke qualify the statement, “Those reports are totally misleading and false,” with the statement, “As of this moment”?

      1. As any good GM would say and do. Its completely reasonable that Baalke could enter into trade talks for the sole purpose of seeing how other organizations value talent (players or coaches). He could also be very interested in what Philly may do at #22. Casually discussing a potential Jackson trade could give Baalke insight into whether Philly is interested in picking a WR.

      2. + 1
        He wants to avoid an “Ah-HA!” moment with Kawakami or whoever if something eventually does look worth discussing with the team that holds a player’s contract rights. The way some of us do the math, (Baalke too?) there isn’t much to talk about right now between the two teams.

    1. Baalke isn’t supposed to talk on record about interest in other teams’ players. That could result in tampering.

      1. Are you suggesting his comment about not having enquired about Jackson (yet) is untrue?

        Or that his “as of this moment” tack-on was a side-step comment to avoid directly saying they are interested, while intimating they might be?

    1. There is a team out there that…
      - Coveted Kaepernick. Would have drafted him had Baalke not traded up in the 2nd.
      - Has lots of cap space
      - Has a high draft pick to trade away
      - Is not in the 49ers division
      - Rymes with “waders”

  69. Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert said today at the league meeting that with the available talent in this draft, trading down makes a lot more sense than trading up. Unfortunately for Colbert, he thinks the rest of the league feels the same way, which means that teams looking to pick up extra picks by trading down won’t find many takers.

    “It makes more sense in this draft than trading up,” Colbert said of trading down, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m sure everyone shares the same thought.”
    But Colbert seems to think the strength of this draft is in its depth, not in the elite players at the top. Which means accumulating more picks is the key to putting together a strong draft, and trading down is better than trading up.

    1. I agree with both… the 49ers need to keep picks because of the great depth. On the other hand, lack roster space for scores of picks.

      So do both… use round 4-7 picks as “bump ups” to move round 1-3 picks higher. Packing as much draft capital as possible into days 1-2 makes sense to me.

      The 49ers have 5 (maybe 6) picks in the first three rounds. Trade up a little (say a 3rd rounder to secure a targeted 1rst rounder like Baalke did with Reid) but hang onto the rest of them.

      The hard part is finding partners. Baalke said after last year’s draft he wanted to trade the later picks, but the phones just weren’t ringing.

      1. The key thing is that in a draft where teams want to trade back rather than up, the trade value chart favours the team moving up. For example, it wouldn’t shock if the 49ers were able to use a 3rd to move up to the late teens again this year.

        1. I was ho-hum when the 49ers traded up to #18 to snag Reid. When I heard it only cost a 3rd rounder I was happier. When I read more about Reid and say his highlights, I was thrilled with the move.

          Baalke likes to “win the chart.” In every trade the few drafts Baalke’s come out ahead in the traditional (Jimmy Johnson) chart. Last year…

          31, 74 (820) for the Cowboys 18 (900) [Eric Ried]
          34 (560) for the Titans 40, 77 [2014] (700) [Tank Carradine]
          61, 173 (314) for the Packers 55 (350) [Vance McDonald]
          93, 216 (133) for the Packers 88 (145) [Corey Lemonier]

          Total net gain: 268 value points.

          Not to say he will always stick to the chart. Baalke has said recently sometimes its good to lose the chart to get the targeted player.

    2. His comments certainly suggest that it will be a buyer’s market in the draft however it also brings up the idea of; should we? If the general consensus is that you can get similar talent in later rounds, why move up?

      1. The only reason to move up is if the team is very high on a particular player and don’t want to risk losing them to another team. Basically the same situation as what happened with Eric Reid last year. I think most people believed Reid would be there at #31, but the 49ers didn’t want to risk it for a guy they thought was a perfect fit for the team.

        1. I should also say I like it when a team with multiple draft picks available targets a player and goes and gets them (within reason of course – no RGIII type trades thanks). It shows they have great confidence in the player and their evaluation – they are getting the player they believe is the best fit, not the guy that happened to be left when they picked.

          When there are multiple guys available that fit your team, that is when you stand pat or move down (unless you have multiple needs and limited draft picks, in which case you are more inclined to move down unless the perfect guy falls to your pick).

        2. Last year we had a very specific need at FS, we needed a starter and thankfully Reid was everything the organization hoped he would be when they pulled the trigger on the move to go get him. I don’t see that kind of need at any position this year. In fact what I see is a need to get as many quality players as possible which would not suggest giving away draft picks for a single player.

          1. There were other options available at safety last year – Elam and Cyprien in particular that went off the board straight after pick #31. If the 49ers were just worried about getting a safety they could easily have stayed pat and gotten a good one. But they realised Reid was the best fit for the team, so went and got him.

            I could see them doing exactly the same thing for a WR or CB this year.

            1. That’s my point Scooter, they “needed” a starter so they felt like they needed to pull the trigger to avoid someone else grabbing them. They don’t “need” anybody this year.

            2. Baalke has drafted for need in the first round every year that he has been in charge. That won’t change this year. He’s going WR or CB and he’ll do what it takes to get his target.

              1. Yes, I agree. They’ll target either a CB or WR and move up to get him. At this point I am thinking WR, and one of Beckham, Lee or Cooks.

              2. Then they won’t take a WR or CB.

                But given the interest in FA for a smaller, fast WR that can return punts and kicks I’m guessing they see WR as a need this year, and given they have Crabtree and Baldwin off contract in 2015 and Boldin off contract in 2016 I find it hard to believe they don’t see it as a future need too. Same with CB – currently only Brock and Morris are signed beyond 2014 (well, Dax Swanson too, but he wasn’t even on the 53-man roster last year).

                Now I agree with you regarding DL and OLB (based on your previous mock drafts with guys like Tuitt and Murphy) – I think it very plausible they look to cover those positions in the draft too, but I doubt they go that way in round 1. I think more rounds 2 through 5 for those positions.

                You had Ben Gardner in your most recent mock, and I think he would be an excellent fit. He’s lost a bit of weight (down from his listed 277 lbs to 262 lbs at his pro day), but with the 49ers he’d be asked to put it back on and get to around 280 lbs – 290 lbs. I thought he was Stanford’s best player on D to be honest.

                Marcus Smith is another guy I think would be an excellent fit for the 49ers – he’s already got experience playing a similar role to Aldon Smith, playing as a stand-up weakside pass rusher, good on stunts, good at setting the edge, able to shift out and cover the slot, and can play with his hand in the dirt on passing downs.

              3. Gardner would be a guy they could possibly stash away for a year since he’s coming off the pectoral injury.

              4. You guys are right on the money. Baalke’s MO…
                1) Secure the “need” first by standing pat or trading up. He won’t care if people say he “reached.”
                2) Take risks and be less predictable rounds 2-7.

                Some (like Old Coach) suggested if there is a first round “run” at WR, Baalke might break the “need first” pattern and go BPA.

              5. I think Baalke could sit tight, and still have a shot of getting, Roby, Fuller, OBJr., Cooks, Verrett, Matthews…Evans is the only guy I think Baalke would trade up for if he were to fall to around 15.

              6. You’ll see Gardner and Murphy in pretty much all of my mocks. I’m dropping the idea of taking Tuitt in the first and instead will probably take Murphy at #30 from now on.

                Gardner is my favorite player in the draft and is my main pick to replace Justin Smith. I’ve been big on Ray Drew from Georgia, I thought he’d come out this year but I have to wait one more season. I think he could replace Justin Smith as well but if we do by chance get Gardner I’d draft Drew to replace McDonald instead.

              7. True Jack, recovery time for a badly torn pec muscle can take up to 12 months to get to full strength. However, the fact he was able to do a full workout at his pro day (aside from bench press) would suggest he’ll be ready to go by training camp. Might be hard to stash him on IR unless he re-injures himself.

                Of note though, turns out he’s got short arms (30 3/4″), so doubt he ends up being a 49er. Surprising to me, he looks like he has long arms on film, and really good at shedding blocks and keeping guys from getting into his body.


              8. Yeah I’m not so high on Trent Murphy CfC. Gives a great effort, but that is how he makes his plays – effort. Many of his plays came as a result of good coverage and guys running towards him (and away from the players generating the pressure). I don’t see him being a true impact player in the NFL. A solid starter or rotational player, a bit like Parys Haralson with height.

              9. Carradine had a pretty good workout before the draft as well coming off his knee injury and you saw how that played out.

              10. Tank had an ok workout but everyone said he probably wouldn’t be right to go until some time during the season. I’ve not seen any reports saying Gardner won’t be right to go by TC.

              11. Weren’t we all clear on Tank? Longshot to contribute in ’13. It was the Kevin Fagan pick reprised at the moment it was done. We can sure hope it turns out that way.

              12. Yeah Brotha. I only bring it up because Gardner could possibly end up taking that route too. That’s one way of drafting guys without them taking a roster spot for a season.

  70. From 49ers standpoint the fact remains, there aren’t positions enough on the team for 11 new players. I still think they should try to trade up. Make some bold moves and draft some top talent WR and DB’s. Then use remaining picks for depth.

  71. coffee …
    if that’s the case … wonder if he’ll trade his #15 spot … for a
    nice juicy #30 spot …
    (straight up)

  72. Trivia hot off of the NFL channel. Their hourly current news minute left the 49ers out of the “Interested in Jackson” teams list. We get no respect in the pay any price to make a dumb move category.

      1. Maybe it’s the desires of others that we don’t work well together, but that’s not the case internally.
        No just the Cohns

          1. MW Niner,

            Are you saying something that that we already said ? I just don’t think that their is enough footballs for Crabs, Boldin, Gore and Jackson. Yes we need a faster receiver but we will get that in the draft.

            1. No worries MW , they should not have someone with same screen name and spelling use the same name on here, but probably nobody cares.

  73. Found this on a piece of paper, underneath a partially eaten exploding cheesy chicken munchie meal, in a trash receptacle just outside 4949 Headquarters. Could hardly make it out. Had to take it back to a chemist buddy of mine to fully decipher….

    Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson (Last month: 2)
    Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State (Last month: 1)
    Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M (Last month: 8)
    Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo (Last month: 11)
    Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina (Last month: 5)
    Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State (Last month: 3)
    Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn (Last month: 13)
    Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State (Last month: NR)
    Marqise Lee, WR, USC (Last month: 4)
    Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech (Last month: NR)
    Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State (Last month: 24)
    Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville (Last month: 19)
    Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M (Last month: 16)
    Jason Verrett, CB, TCU (Last month: 12)
    Odell Beckham Jr, WR, LSU (Last month: NR)
    Blake Bortles, QB, UCF (Last month: 23)
    Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan (Last month: 26)
    Lamarcus Joyner, CB, Florida State (Last month: 10)
    Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA (Last month: 9)
    C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama (Last month: 21)
    Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson (Last month: NR)
    Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State (Last month: 22)
    Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State (Last month: NR)
    Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri (Last month: 25)
    Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina (Last month: NR)
    Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh (Last month: NR)
    Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville (Last month: 14)
    Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State (Last month: 18)
    Jerry Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech (Last month: NR)
    Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

  74. Razor ..
    there has to be a joke, somewhere
    about having a chemist for a friend …

    I just can’t think of one, atm

    1. This is about as close to one that I could find:

      Two chemists meet for the first time at a symposium. One is American, one is British. The British chemist asks the American chemist, “So what do you do for research?” The American responds, “Oh, I work with aerosols.” The Brit responds, “Yes, sometimes my colleagues get on my nerves also.”

  75. What is it with Grant? He puts out a new post, then you don’t see anything rrom him again
    for two or three days. This post is stale and sorely in need of updating. Other writers seem
    to come up with something new about the 49ers every day. How come Grant can’t?

    1. Rob, because Grant knows in his heart that this thread is not over until DJax is wearing red and gold–at least for this year. I still say DJax can be motivated as a one-and-done.

  76. Scooter, just got done doing another First Pick Mock. I took Cooks, and guess who Denver selected next? Jaylen Watkins. That’s the first time I’ve seen him go in the first round….

    1. What do you think razor? Is he worth a first rounder?

      I think the hype machine is in overdrive on Watkins at the moment. He’s a good and interesting prospect no doubt, but a first round pick on him seems a massive reach.

      Only had 3 INTs for the Gators (all in 2012), and despite 28 starts for the Gators over four years, never started all games for the team in a season (9 starts out of 12 last season, 3 at CB and 6 at safety). I think he’s got the potential to be a quality starter or #3 CB in the NFL, but not a game-breaker.

      1. I agree with you. I don’t think he’s a first round pick. I’ve got Breeland ahead of him on my big board…..

        1. Yeah, I’d agree with that. I like Breeland.

          Way I see it, if some team wants to take Watkins in round 1 or round 2, then let them. He’s not a player I’d go out of my way to draft before round 3. But that’s just me. I can see why someone could be happy to use a second on him.

    2. Cooks has grown on me. I don’t know if Trent and Jim see him as a system fit. I get the impression he has a toughness and durability that reminds me slightly of Steve Smith. Mind you I’m not comparing them, but in my mind that’s a very favorable association.

      1. Way I see it, if they see Julian Edelman or Emmanuel Sanders as a system fit, I think Cooks should fit in with whatever they are planning just fine.

        1. I’m coming around to that. Some evolution would be fine with me. I also want guys with Boldin-Crabtree-type aggressive attitude. Cooks might have a touch of that to go with quicks.

  77. Note to Razoreater: Only one item on my “big board”…
    Thanks to Coach Harbaw, no Super Bowl in 2014.
    Fix this, fella… or go back to Coronado.

    Brotha Tuna wants aggressive attitude;
    ya mean like Mister Harbaw? would that be
    Jim ( no Super Bowl #6 yet ) Harbaw?

    and finally, Coffee’s for Closers…
    Until the Niners notch a future win over Seattle,
    they remain the World Champion Seahawks, ok?

    Note to Coach Harbaw:
    give the fans something to really cheer about, willya?
    (sez me, the Super Bowl monkey … on your back…)

  78. I’ve got your WR right here. DJax.

    We take Shankey at #60. And the rest of the draft goes toward COVERAGE guys in the secondary, and an additional interior pass rusher.

    Those are Super Bowl moves.

    Arguing over whether Matthews or Cooks or Moncrief or Lee or Benjamin is practically irrelevant this year unless the WR you’re drafting is a true anomaly in the area of picking up coverages, getting off the line, etc. It could be a Super Bowl moves a couple years from now. But not this year.

  79. Re-signing Kaep at $18+ mil a year as our “top priority” is downright stupid. Yes, Razor and Midwest, the sky, in that case, would be falling.

  80. I looked this up to help turn that frown upside down. Probably won’t help, but here goes.
    Recent “non top 10 draft choice” rookie receivers:
    2011 56th overall pick 50rec 841yds 7tds
    2012 92nd overall pick 50rec 861yds 7tds
    2013 74th overall pick 44rec 765yds 5tds

    2008 49th overall pick 62rec 912yds 2tds

    Its not beyond the realm of possibility for a rookie wide receiver picked well after the top of the first round to be an effective deep threat. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who these guys are.

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