Report: Ian Williams signs 5-year extension with 49ers


Nose tackle Ian Williams has agreed to sign a five-year extension with the San Francisco 49ers worth between $5 and $6 million annually when the league year begins today at 1 pm Pacific, according to Ian Rapoport of

I think this move is fantastic. Williams is one of the best nose tackles in the game, and he has spent his entire career with the Niners. They developed him. Bad teams should focus on re-signing their own key players before going after other other team’s overpriced free agents.

What do you think of this move?

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  1. Great move. Now we can focus on getting a stud a pass rusher and potentially a quarterback. #KevinHogan #6thRound

    1. Am I crazy for liking the idea of RG3 in a niners uniform? He runs as well as Kaep, but is MUCH more accurate as a passer.

      1. I think he’s worth a very hard look. Like Kaep, his talents have not been good to use by his current team. No way to tell what he’s got left without taking a serious look at him in training camp. But there was talent there before injury and coaching malpractice intervened. A contract with high incentives could be a good approach for both sides. If there is nothing left, then it won’t have cost much to take a look. I wouldn’t let looking at RG 3 get in the way of whatever plans the team has to draft a QB sometime during the draft.

          1. I heard the guys here in Denver on the radio this morning putting the brakes on any wishes for him to come here as an Osweiler replacement. Sounds bad to me. I’d keep Colin over this.

      1. The contract is far too team friendly for SF to walk away from. each QB signing drives Kaepernick’sS contract value up. You have QBs with unproven success making 19-20 million.
        I have been a big proponent of trading him but as I watch the QB frenzy unfold I realize an organization only has one opportunity to sign such a team friendly contract. They have to cash in on it to protect their next contract signing.
        If they can wina superbowl with that contract they have set up their ffinancial leverage for decades.

        1. They are no where close to winning a SB Matt. That contract is a good one as long as you feel Kap can play and help you win. If he is kept and sits on the bench, it is not a good contract.

          I don’t know if the Bronco rumor is true or if they are just sending a message to Osweiler, but if the Niners have somebody willing to trade for Kap, they pretty much have to pull the trigger unless Kap has changed his mind about wanting to be traded. Even then, it might be a good idea to move on.

          1. Probably sending a message to Osweiler. “We have other options, you can’t fleece us.” They will get Osweiler.

          2. Rocket this is true from what we are hearing here in Denver.

            “I don’t know if the Bronco rumor is true or if they are just sending a message to Osweiler”

            Elway has a price and he won’t over pay for players period. He’s willing to let Osweiler court the Texans and even willing to let him go if he wants too much. Brock’s not proven to me to be a $15 mil a year QB. He has 7 starts. People are worried he’s Matt Cassell or Flynn. He makes a lot of the same mistakes Kaepernick makes. Once the film started to catch up with him he started playing worse.

            1. Texans would be nuts to sign Osweiler. He’s not that good. He locks onto receivers and checks down all the time.

              1. Well he is light years better than their present QB who throws the ball like the DBs are the intended receivers.

            2. Thanks for the local take Wilson. Good stuff.

              Osweiler needs to stay with Kubiak. He would be nuts to leave now and could potentially be exposed in a new offense.

  2. Wasn’t convinced prior to this move that the team was completely out of the DL business early in the draft but with this signing I wont be penciling one in for at least the first 2 or 3 rounds minimum.

  3. There are some on this board that expected this. A few of us thought that his value wasn’t going to be quite as high as others thought. With limited experience and questionable health history I think this is a good deal for both sides.

    1. I doubt this was a guy not wanting to look for a new apartment either. This is most likely his agent coming to him and saying, the interest and the possible offers aren’t what we thought they were going to be. Let’s stay in SF.

        1. I did, because I thought the Niners would let IDub walk. Now that he and Dial are signed, pass rush is their next big need.

      1. Indeed. I wonder if they plan on using him as a base outside linebacker who can set the edge. Ahmad Brooks might be gone.

    1. I still don’t think Buckner is completely off the board…. yeah we have legitimate starters at the position but we are severely lacking depth…. we need a healthy rotation at DL, especially with the potential increase in snaps per game. Who do we have behind are starting 3? Jerod-Eddie? Injured Dorsey? Ramsey? Just terrible.

      Plus they took Tank off of DL duty. Buckner and Armstead would be tremendous on nickel downs. If he’s the best player on the board they still have to consider him.

      1. I think Buckner’s overrated. He’s Arik Armstead with more experience. Same ceiling imo. Should get picked around No. 15.

      2. Consider him for what? A first round backup?

        Makes no sense drafting a DL player @ #7 and have him seat on the bench for the next 3-4 yrs.

      3. Leo,

        This is a deep DL draft so there is no need to take one early. Hargrave in the 3rd would be a good pick imo.

        1. You guys make some good points….

          moving on from DL….if we do go ILB, a name I don’t hear too much around here is Reggie Ragland…..what’s your thoughts? Obviously he’s limited in pass coverage, but the guy flies to the ball. We still have hodges or Tartt for passing downs. Needless to say we would trade back in this situation.

          1. I like Ragland a lot, but would not take him at 7. I’d try to trade down and take him in the middle of the 1st. Good player but as you mentioned the speed is a question mark in pass coverage. He didn’t seem to have many problems staying with TE’s, but RB’s could be an issue.

              1. I’d say Lee. I think Lee is probably the better option, but Ragland can be pretty good in the right system.

              1. I also think the other ILBs on the 49ers roster are better playing the weakside rather than strongside, so Ragland would be a nice fit.

              2. Niners already have a downhill thumper in Bowman. Ragland would be redundant. Need a linebacker with range.

              3. I disagree Bowman is a thumper. He still relies on quickness to get around OL rather than take them on. Ragland is better suited to playing that role.

              4. I have a hard time comparing a 255lb+ linebacker to a 230lb one. As far as I’m concerned those are two different players playing two different roles.

              5. He played at nearly 260 in College. He might be closer to 250 but clearly his weight is fluctuating at the moment, you can check 5 sites and almost get 5 different weights on him. He still has a completely different frame and body type then Lee. If you want a LB that’s going to be able to absorb hits then Ragland is certainly better suited then Lee. Lee is an option to play OLB for a 4-3, would you put Ragland at OLB in either scheme? These are two very different players.

    2. I never thought Buckner was a real option to begin with. We already have a carbon copy from the same school taken a year prior.

    3. Buckner isn’t my #1 choice, but I’d m on record as one that liked D-line depth, especially for Chip Kelly teams.

      On critical pass downs I’d employ the Triple Tower rush. Lynch/Buckner edge rush. Dial/Armstead inside.

    4. Yeah, even before this signing I didn’t think Buckner was likely.

      However, signing Williams probably won’t impact on the team’s decision regarding Buckner much. Different positions in base.

  4. Look for Baalke to go bargain hunting and wait for the 1st wave of signing to finish. He’ll sign some no names or injured players and tell us that he’s building through the draft. That approach works only if you can draft well. This team is in deep sh*t unless they bring in some proven veterans via free agency AND building through the draft.

        1. I think Kaep is going to get traded and if so that pretty much means the conversation becomes do the 49ers sit at #7 for Goff or do they move up.

          1. Unless of course they go with the really bad option which would be to sign RG3 after trading Kaep. On second thought, that’s such a bad idea that it’s probably exactly what Baalke will do.

              1. Warriors are exciting. Giants are poised, and it is an even year.
                It must be something in the water, or maybe air like Chip says, that engenders championships.

              1. If Baalke does indeed love Cook then I could see them signing Sanchez and then going after Cook in the third.

          2. Niners will not draft Goff even if he is there at 7… When and if Kaep is traded they will sign RG3 to compete with Gabbert. Then target a QB in rnd 2..

            1. If you sign a FA QB to be your starter which he would be over Gabbert you don’t then use a 2nd on a QB. If they sign RG then you wont see them drafting one until the 5th at least.

              1. Not necessarily. Gabbert is on a 1 year deal and prolly the same for RG. Plus that’s where the value could be at.

        2. Yup. Why else would the Eagles swap three players to go from 13 to 8? They have QB on their minds. Missing a 2nd rounder for sure, but they do have an extra 3rd rounder.

    1. Eagles have no 2nd rounder, but they have two 3rd rounders.

      I read the Ravens were hoping for Jalen Ramsey, but its looking like Ramsey will be gone at six. A trade-back would be attractive to them.

  5. On PFT:

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Raiders “have turned their attention” to free agent CB Sean Smith.

    Oakland was reportedly involved in the market for Janoris Jenkins, but he has agreed to terms with the Giants. The Raiders will now turn to Smith, who is a more consistent and likely cheaper option. Rapoport reports the Chiefs are not out of the running for Smith yet, and the 49ers are also reportedly interested.

  6. I think the Niners should trade back, and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds.
    They could select Lawson, Floyd, Ragland, Lee, Bullard or Dodd with their first pick, and have 2 more picks in the sweet spot of the draft.

    1. That would be an upset if it happened. I don’t get the feeling the Niners would ever outbid anybody for anything. I think Baalke also likes his CB’s too much to go all out for Smith. I’d love to be wrong though so here’s hoping.

      1. Baalke was part of the front office that outbid the rest of the league for Nate Clements in 2007. There’s precedent.

              1. What $ amount will you say is overpaying for him? He made $5.5 million a year in K.C.

              2. It’s probably more than any other team would offer, so yeah. But the Niners should offer it if that’s what it takes.

              3. I don’t think 13 million is overpaying him. He’s the #12 ranked CB behind Josh Norman who just received $14M for 1 year so 13 sounds like market value for him.

      1. Harris is actually a decent option. He’s no worse then Boone, I think he’s in fact better. There are ‘veteran’ options like Chris Chester from the Falcons. Great run blocker but he’s old and coming off shoulder surgery. Brooks from Houston is another option, he’s a great pass blocker but seems to struggle in the run. Maybe that’s fixable for him.

  7. With market set ($12 mil a year), told it’s down to #Raiders and three other teams for prized FA CB Sean Smith



    Patrick Romero Steve Oracle Crosier Big Poppa 1K Reem Jock Cousteau Harvey Dalton James

    With market set ($12 mil a year), told it’s down to #Raiders and three other teams for prized FA CB Sean Smith


      1. Boone is overrated. Not saying he’s garbage but he isn’t as good as a lot of people have him as in their heads.

        1. That’s true, but he can play tackle and probably is better than whomever the Niners get to replace him.

          1. Baalke could surprise us and come up with Jeff Allen. LOL sorry couldn’t say that with a straight face.

            With Baalke’s predisposition towards injured players he might be interested in Amini Silatolu. Would be a great lineman if he could stay healthy.

          2. Maybe the potential of Brandon Thomas and the emergence of Tiller will offset the loss of Boone.
            Still want the Niners to sign either Jeff Allen, Brandon Brooks or Michael Harris.

              1. Brandon Thomas is a mystery. Though reported as healthy, it was (speculated) his knee was still recovering and he might be better this year.

                This is not concrete information. If true, it would bode well.

              2. B2W, yes, I am hoping that his knee is fully healthy and he has regained his strength after rehabbing for a year and a half. BT did stonewall J Clowney in a game, so he does have talent.

              3. Brodie,
                If my memory serves me correctly, Thomas had great difficulty switching sides. He could play the right side but for some reason he couldn’t master the left side and the 9ers already had Boone on the left side

          3. Boone was never going to stay. Baalke will sign an interior OL at some point, though I am still hopeful they get Beachum to play LT and move Staley to RT.

        2. Boone’s best trait is his versatility, but he’s really not a great player. More like a solid player if surrounded by other good players.

            1. No question and they need to sign somebody to replace him who is at least as good or better. Just pointing out Boone is not as good as some around here think he is.

              1. Rocket

                You are right…that we got him on a squirrely deal as a rook, we got him for a pittance of what his real value was…but the last two years, he hasn’t been worth his salt….

    1. C’mon Trent, what good does the F/A money do if it just sits there. At least the Raiders are busting ass to make this season work, while you just sit there and wonder if you’re spending one dollar more than is sensible.
      Lose your senses once Trent and reel in the big fish.

  8. What about bringing Aldon Smith back now that the Raiders have their bookend for Mack? Sign him for a few years with a contractual out if he screws up again. He’s still young and one of our own. He won’t help this year but realistically this is a rebuilding year anyways.

        1. Yep… So he will be cheap, and Baalke all but cried for him this last time. I should say if Baalke is still gm he will become a 49er again.

            1. He’s stayed out of trouble for a while now. He would make a great bookend with Aaron Lynch assuming he has grown up (big ‘if’ I know). We need playmakers and he’s a beast when he’s on his game.

              1. Sorry, but Aldon Smith should be exhibit A when the comittee meets to discuss Justin Smiths Hall of Fame case. Aldon is/was nothing/no-one without Justin. He shouldnt play in the league again, let alone for the niners.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Baalke possesses two horrible traits as a GM?

    1 to much pride. Really wants to show his draft picks will work out better than targeting proven free agents!

    2.. Cheapness…. With 60 million in the pocket he just can’t “waste” money due to his assigned bank account slip looking smaller!
    This guy is a Yorks wet dream! The only move he’s made was retaining our own. And that is a miricale in itself.
    My beliefs in free agency and draft day splashes have been gone since his 3rd year here.
    Maybe I’m crazy but if it were me I’d seriously bargain to move up for two first round picks and snatch up jack or Lee and grab the best DE or OLB left. Especially in this defensive heavy draft. You have three key positions to fill Baalke and you’re looking at RB, and CB??? Pffft

    1. Ninermd, Cubus and I agreed on something similar in the previous thread. We’re going to end up with $30mil in cap room and a 5-11 record.

      Here’s my post from yesterday:

      March 8, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      It’d be perfect if York went with them. I feel like we’ve all given Baalke the benefit of the doubt. I don’t see him making moves to fill in the wholes in his roster. Last year he felt his talent was so good even Tomsula could win. To his credit he didn’t know about the retirements. This year he still believes in his talent selection just needs good coaching. I think 5 wins with the way he’s signing Wilhoite, Devey and Draughn to the roster he’s not serious about doing something different. We’ll end up 30 million under the cap and 5-11.

      1. htwaits March 8, 2016 at 9:46 pm

        “There may wind up being more than thirty million in cap money moving into 2017.”

        It’s just an idea that’s been going around. ;-}

  10. Signing Williams is a ‘good’ signing but let’s keep it in perspective. Did we get better or did we simply not get worse. I like Williams and I think he still has growth in his game but I don’t see this as a signing that’s going to have a significant impact in improving the team. We just don’t have to use a draft pick on DL in the first few rounds now.

    1. Agreed, he is a good player, but he also only gets on the field for about 30% of the defensive snaps so it is not a move that will help us improve. More like maintain the status quo.

      1. PFF said he played 58 percent of the snaps last season. He’s not a game-changer though. Still, re-signing him was the right move.

        1. Wow I was way off. Don’t know why I was thinking 30%, but yeah he is a good resign either way, but not going to impact the w/l column without more help on the outside.

        2. The Williams signing is good because he provides much needed continuity. It also buys draft day flexibility because we are entering the draft with one less “need” pick to make.

          Lets see what kind of contract “Snacks” Damon Harrison gets. He was my free agency backup plan in the even Williams went somewhere else.

    2. 100% the latter. And as the saying goes, if you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

      I like the signing since they missed out on Jackson. But they should still be looking at ways to improve the DL. Adding Howard from KC would be nice, or getting a DL in the first 3 round of the draft (or both).

    1. I think there’s a solid chance they land Vernon, if they’re interested of course. Their biggest competition was probably the Raiders who already landed Irvin. Now the biggest competition are the Jags who have been extremely active in FA. I’m sure they look like a much more attractive landing spot (cheaper real estate, young up and coming QB, stability). But who knows.

            1. Could have sworn they did.
              If I recall an article form back then it read the 49ers pass rush woes has gotten better. Didn’t know who Justin smith was until after that article. Can’t remember who wrote it but I thought this guy better get to the qb, and I wasn’t a fan of smiths until aldon showed up. I truly think they helped each other out. Get Vernon and put Lynch on that side. You very well could have what we had in the smith and smith connection. Draft your ILB and this defense could be relevant again in an instant. Well at least the middle and right side of it. Lol

      1. “I’m sure they look like a much more attractive landing spot (cheaper real estate, young up and coming QB, stability”

        That’s the reason having a “slick” GM with a mouthpiece that could land a perfect 10 chick with no job or teeth is vital. We don’t have that in SF so throwing a boatload of money will have to do. Sad but I think this front office and its downfall 2 seasons ago have and will turn big names off, not to mention the racist rumors from the head coach. Tweet land is like your evening news. Make the story up twist it how you see fit and the people will buy into it. Sad but true! Just throw the damn check book at him and bring up the rich history Jed’s uncle built. It’s our only hope. Lol

    1. Jack do you remember a guy on this sight when MM was here-Sanchize /Franchise or
      something close to that , nice fella but a total homer for him?

  11. Andrew Tiller, Marcus Martin, Erik Pears, Jordan Devey, Brandon Thomas and Ian Silberman

    Hmmm. This is not good!!!

    1. One- Tiller could be OK,Martin was a big disappointment but young. Brandon Thomas -mystery man. Silberman haven’t seen much of-Pears,Devey not much of a bar set there. Anthony Davis is a head case. Boone gone.Staley is getting older.I don’t share the optimism held by some about our OL either.

  12. The two greatest things that could happen for the 49ers right now would be for the Texans to sign Brock and for Dallas to grab Griffin.

    That sure would be swell.

  13. Great news Ian Williams is extended. Usually when 49er FAs hit the market they aren’t retained.

    My #1 goal of free agency is retaining Ian Williams. The fact that Dial got extended makes it better. Good news for the D. It also clarifies the draft.

    1. Yep, and with Balt losing Osmele, they will more than likely go Stanley, so the Niners could select Jack, Lawson or Lee.

    2. That said, its a shame Boone’s walking. The contract is rumored (nothing verified) to be around $8m. Boone can play swing tackle. If that amount is correct the Vikings have a nice addition.

      It’s strange how poorly managed interpersonal relationships have impacted the team so much.

  14. One thing that is really going to take me some time to wrap my head around is the idea that the Wachowski Brothers are now the Wachowski …Sisters?


  15. hey Grant,

    with the news that Lovie Smith is trying to lure Niners linebackers coach Hardy Nickerson to be his DC in Illinois; it got me thinking about the linebacker position. At first it seemed to me an odd fit to bring in a coach and former player with a deep level of experience as a Tampa 2 type of MLB. It didn’t seem to be an obvious fit for the Niner’s scheme and how they usually play the linebacker position. Not that Nickerson couldn’t coach another type of scheme but it just didn’t seem like an ideal fit at first. But then I started to think about the specific skills the Tampa 2 MLB brings. I know you’ve been big on the need for better coverage from the Niner’s linebacking corp since the Willis/Bowman dynamic duo went down. So I wonder if Nickerson’s hiring was an attempt to bolster the coverage skills of the Niner’s linebackers? What do you think? Also, if the Niners lose Nickerson, who do the NIners get to replace him and do they stick with the emphasis on linebacker coverage plan?

  16. Looks like my first day of signing prediction is coming true even before the signing period has begun. My prediction was lots of frustrated 9er fans when Baalke doesn’t come out of the gate and over pay for FA’s. My advice to you is stay cool wait a week and then evaluate his signings, I believe that Williams is a good start and later on in the signing period he will swoop in and make signings reminiscent to the Whitner or Rogers signings. Hopefully

    1. I have but one burning question surrounding
      the Alex Boone to Minnesota story …

      Does this mean … the San Francisco Zoo
      will re-name that Rhino ?

    2. I agree. At this pace the 49ers could enter 2017 with the most cap space of any team, and a possibly better selection of players. It could go down like this:

      1) In 2017 the 49ers go 7-9 to 9-7. There’s relative locker room harmony. Front seven players are frequently rotated, keeping defensive players legs fresh and minds happy. The 49ers become a more attractive landing spot for FAs.

      2) In 2017 The roster seems to settle a bit as the roles of young players clarifies.

      3) The 49ers clean up in 2017 free agency. They have the most cap space in an FA period that has less league total cap space compared to 2016… and perhaps a better crop of FAs.

      1. Since you don’t live in California, you may be under valuing the 13.3% maximum tax rate here, and Baalke’s phobia about never being seen to over pay a free agent or one of his own as they approach free agency.

        Our combined top tax rate (Federal and State) is second highest in the World.

        1. HC – Yes California does have very high income tax rates but the issue is much more complicated than you make out. The rate you refer to applies only to residents of California and it is extremely likely that athletes that have huge contracts are likely NOT residents of California. (Generally, a resident pays taxes to his home state on all of his income; a non-resident pays only on income earned in the state). Upon further review, you will likely find out that in many cases a highly paid athlete is domiciled in a state with no income tax at all (Florida for example). California uses the “duty days” method to allocate income taxable to it. Other states vary. Also, as you can see from this handout from the Franchise Tax Board –

          allocation of signing and other bonuses are taxable on a case by case basis depending on the language of the contract (and it should not surprise us if the contract is very carefully worded by clever tax professionals in order to get the income taxed elsewhere). From my experience as a CPA (long ago retired, I must add), professional athletes just rely on their agents to get the biggest number they can and then let their tax professionals figure out how to keep it.

          1. WC:

            Thanks for this information.

            But doesn’t the fact that the player is practicing in CA throughout the off season and season skew most of his income as taxable in CA? Or are you saying that a player typically only pays income tax on the games actually played in CA?

            1. Cubus – it is extremely complicated to say the least. The California duty days system includes all work days including preseason (generally). That means that every day you are “working” in CA is counted. Remember though that Harbaugh instituted a practice of having training camp in other states. Yes, the system in California is somewhat more slanted towards in-state than some other states that only count league games (technically NFL players are not actually paid for their time spent in training camp). The bottom line is that it is so complicated that nothing is really truly as it seems. My point in writing this was only to say that while California taxes by far the most onerous on paper, I would not suggest that it is that significant a factor in why good FAs may not want to sign with the 49ers. Sean Smith just signed with the Oakland (California) Raiders for 4 years and $40 million while some were talking about him being worth $12 million a year. My point is that there is indeed more than meets the eye when it comes to who signs where and for how much.

    1. Well if there’s one thing you can say about Jeffrey Lurie…he sure is stupid for a guy with lots of money….and he’ll spend it all rather than admit he blew it firing Chip

  17. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 2m2 minutes ago
    Dominos falling … @Rand_Getlin I’m told QB Brock Osweiler has agreed to a deal in principle with the Houston #Texans.

    /fingers crossed!!

  18. “I’m told QB Brock Osweiler has agreed to a deal in principle with the Texans.” – Barrows

    Does this open the possibility of a Kaepernick trade to Denver?

    1. Wow! I wondered how its structured, could be similar to a Kaepernick deal.

      Good for him. Its not like he went to much of a lesser team either. Texans have the defense and weapons. Should be entertaining.

  19. Hmm, saw Osweiler going to Texans, so Kaep will probably head to Denver.
    Oh wait, he is in Vail? What an amazing coincidence. His salary is less than Osweiler? Wonder what the Niners will ask for a benched second string injured QB who lost the locker room and does not study?

    1. The better question is what will the Broncos offer now that they have virtually no other viable options and are desperate.

      1. Considering their QB could not run and could not throw, maybe they will get Dilfer to play again, and just tell him to hand off and let the defense win it again.

    2. Seb when you predict everything, something will come true. Osweiler is not an $18 mil a year QB. He’s played 7 games with a #1 defense. Elway was not going to over pay for a QB who hasn’t proved himself. The Texans are going to be thrilled with the next Cassell or Flynn and giant hit to their cap space.

      Remember you also predicted Kaep would go the Texans. Kap may or may not end up in Denver. I said it was possible and it would be up to Brock whether he wanted to stay or not. I would say Fitzpatrick, RGIII or Kaep are their options. Its not a slam dunk yet if you believe what’s coming out of the 49ers FO.

      1. Wilson, I did not predict Kaep would go to Texas. I said that the Texans would consider him a huge upgrade from their present QBs.
        But you are right, I did say that Kaep would most likely go to the Broncos because Elway wants another ring.
        Niners were totally inept with their dealings with Kaep. They should have declared that he would regain his job that he lost due to his injuries, and Chip should have used his PC to praise Kaep to the high heavens. Instead, they promised nothing and Chip kept bringing up Gabbert whenever some one mentioned Kaep.
        If they wanted to bolster his trade value, they never ever ever ever should have said that he lost the locker room, and leaking his study habits was obtuse. Jed was an imbecile to send the leaker to meet Kaep’s reps and Baalke was brain dead to allow it.
        Now the Niners are in position to try and trade a benched second string QB who lost the locker room and did not study, and who hates the FO and wants out.

  20. I wonder if the 49ers could smooth a trade with the salary cap tight Broncos by eating some of CKs 2016 pay as part of a sign-n-trade.

  21. Adam Schefter – Eagles officially acquire 8th overall pick in 2016 draft from Miami for LB Kiko Alonso, CB Byron Maxwell, and 13th overall pick in 2016.

    Could they be aiming at a QB?

  22. SiriusXM NFL Radio ‏@SiriusXMNFL 2m2 minutes ago
    TE Coby Fleener to the Saints per @MikeGarafolo

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