Report: Jim Harbaugh considering offer from University of Michigan

According to Ian Rapoport, the University of Michigan is offering Jim Harbaugh $48 million to coach for six years. According to Adam Schefter, Harbaugh is considering the offer.

Do you think Harbaugh will accept the offer? Do you think any NFL team will offer Harbaugh more money than Michigan reportedly is offering?

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  1. I would be highly surprised if Harbaugh went back to the collegiate ranks without a Super Bowl ring like his brother or arch nemesis Stinky Pete. It’s got to be the Raiders or Dolphins, and I don’t think it has to be more than the Wolverines are offering….

  2. Michigan are smart offering this now before Harbaugh can look at offers from other NFL teams. First mover advantage. But I think razor is right, end of the day I think he will still see the NFL as unfinished business.

  3. My guess is only 20-25% chance Jim goes to UM.
    We know about RayDuhs. I keep having a little hunch about Miami. Bears are getting squirrelly; benched their $$$QB today and will likely dump HC. Jets are on the record with interest and the owner is acting sketchy. Falcons? Who knows what D. Snyder will do next?
    Miami would probably bid the highest.

    1. 100% certainty that JH is no longer the 49ers coach next year.
      50% certainty that JH ends up in Michigan.
      50% chance he remains in the NFL.

  4. Unlikely but anything is possible. The money is definitely a lure. If he does accept, I cant imagine Fangio would want to be a college coordinator.

  5. We are about to be deluged with lists of HC prospects with WCO/Spread/Hurry-up backgrounds. What are the chances Baalke will hire one?

    Baalke’s all about ball control power offense. I just don’t see it, unless York came totally unglued.

    1. Well, it will make for an interesting off season, that’s for sure. If you think about it, considering all the free agents on this team, this is the perfect time to reformat the offense.
      Gone will be Iupati, Crabtree, Lloyd and probably Vd. It’s the perfect time to draft or sign replacements that fit your scheme. If you go west coast offense, Iupati’s replacement would have to be a smaller/quicker guy that can get to the second level better and be quicker in pass protection. Every thing starts with the o line. We still need speed, a lot of it.

  6. That’s double his salary here with less taxes. His exit strategy is written. He’s going to save his Alma matter. He’ll leave disfunction for glory. With the new playoff system in place, what’s to say a national championship in college isn’t as satisfying as a super bowl. Don’t forget the competition and big fish in the NCAA. It might even be funner for him.

  7. Maybe Harbaugh will go to a team where the local press is docile, and always goes easy on coaches… like New York.

  8. if it is indeed true that he is considering the offer at the very least this should put an end to all the people that chime in about Harbaugh’s wife wanting to stay in California every time you suggest he might go somewhere else

        1. Nah, Michigan will come back with a mind-blowing offer that will make $48mil look like lunch money.

          All Harbaugh needs to do is hold out for a couple of months after the season ends and continue to tell them how bad his wife wants to stay in California. Michigan will offer enough money to satisfy the entire Harbaugh bloodline.

    1. Harbs would be the highest paid coach in college football….About a million more than Nick Saban is getting at Bama…..Cha-ching!!

  9. Quite honestly, I’m a huge fan of Harbaugh and considering how much I hope he stays in SF, I feel like…if he does coach elsewhere…I couldn’t less where he goes…unless it’s to another NFCW team, which won’t happen.
    Just saying…

    1. He doesn’t want him to stay. If he did they would have had a deal in place already.
      Harbaugh is like ” I’m the reason you’re franchise is relevant again and why it was so easy to build your stadium. Pay me M f er, lol lol oh and I have to deal with Mr. Raspy who can’t draft offense? Pallllllease!!

      1. A hater like you needs Harbaugh to go because that will give you hope. Hope your hero #7 has not regressed and that indeed with a new coach, he can be the hero you thought he was.
        Unfortunately Harbaugh is as good as it gets for CK’s future to remain in the NFL. You might want to change your tune zippy!

        1. Just mind your own business and stop playing Bayareafanatics body guard. You act like he’s your damsel in distress every time someone calls out his BS. Why is that btw?

          1. Lol practice what you preach. He doesn’t need me. You are a known clown as it is.
            Learn how to stay in your own labe first.. Nephew.

            1. Nah. Look @ the blog clown calling someone else a clown. Hey duffus how about you be a true dolt and disappear like you did when #7 was kraping all over this place

              1. It’s oneflip or oneflop now. Guy was endorsing ck 4 weeks ago an now like 77 and monkey is trying to find a ck “lover” so they can trash ck. And think it hurts feelings or something. Kinda like they use to get.

              2. How about you root him on like you was 4 weeks ago onelame.
                Should I call you one flip, or oneflop?
                You’re the ORIGINAL clown from way back when mm was running this. Don’t hand your title off yet. I’ll give it to prime soon. He’s getting close

            2. He doesn’t need you but somehow you miraculous appear when people call him out. Its a cute little thing you guys got going on

              1. Prime Hypocrite,
                Why don’t you practice what you preach? You’re always sniffing Fan77, Oneniner, and FDM or vice versa. Is that you quadruple posting or do you guys all have something cute going on?

              2. Lol prime should we take a look at who’s posts you always seem to wind up on? I would seriously change subjects.

              3. I’m not playing the prince who comes to the the rescue like you. I’m calling out his hypocrisy daily. Make that me and the rest of the room.
                You on the other hand are like his little shadow. I knew there was something funky going on there.

        2. If we lose Harbs to the Jets, I sure hope he takes Kaep with him. But best case would be to sneak that #1 overall from the Raiders for a package of Harbs, picks and players.

          1. I’m sure that everything you are saying is crazy. Harbaugh is NOT taking Kaep with him anywhere, and no one is trading a first rounding (let alone a #1 overall pick) for Harbaugh, who can just hold out for a year if he wants.

  10. Michigan has a lot of money. One of the largest stadiums in football period and they sell it out weekly. Money will not be an issue for them. At this point they are willing to do anything to become relevant again.

    The decision will up to Harbaugh. With them making him that offer, there’s no way he’s staying. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it

    1. I have that clinic saved on my computer. I think Jim’s an excellent developer of quarterbacks. Makes me worry about the Turlock Terse-nado not being able to read defenses after almost 4 years of working with Jim.

      In the long run, finding a decent QB will be a bigger challenge then finding a decent coach.

    1. I’m with you Undercenter. Didn’t that article about Harbaugh on ESPN say that he functions best in chaos. Well Harbaugh hasn’t stayed at a job longer than 4 years and his wife enjoys sunny California and the discomfort of moving, cold winters and meeting new people.

      Yikes, it seems so much easier to stay put where you know them and they know you, warts and all. The trick will be can Harbaugh forgive York and Baalke for trying to deal him to Cleveland last year in the middle of the night.

      1. Mary,

        …his (Harbaugh’s) wife likes sunny California and the discomfort of moving, cold winters and meeting new people.


    2. undercenter,
      I would love Harbaugh to stay, but there is too much water under the bridge between him and the FO – namely Baalke.

      Harbaugh will land on his feet after his 49ers job ends and will probably be the better for it. He will definitely be much richer.

  11. Trent Baalke can’t draft offense.
    Jim Harbaugh can’t coach passing offense.

    Presumably the 49ers will finish 7-9 this year, which, given cooperation by other loser teams this year, could yield a pick between 10 & 13.

    Bounce everyone Jed, and hire a couple of guys who will open the Bill Walsh vault and create a dynamic offense to go along with Fangio’s defense.

    1. I doubt Jed will clean house. Baalke is Jed’s football man and he relies on him for all things football. Parag is another one giving Jed advice. These leaches know they have a good thing going – an inexperienced owner that they can manipulate.

      This organization is doomed under the Yorks ownership.

    2. I’m with you E….This season stunk so bad, I don’t believe that Harbaugh’s ego would allow him to stay. I say that he goes to Michigan, because of the money for one, he can have the longest bench (scholarships) in football, and he can have as many players as he wants without anyone bugging him to play more than the best, healthiest 22 players on his roster. Let’s get back to the WCO and forget Bo Schembechler.

  12. Harbaugh would be a demigod in Michigan and the university would roll out the proverbial red carpet.

    If Harbaugh puts his decision on hold for a couple of months, Michigan may come in at a substantially higher offer.
    Harbaugh has the potential to attract top recruits from both the west and east coast and bring in multi-millions by way of ticket sales and greater TV attention.

    Harbaugh’ dream and exuberance of being an NFL coach may have become more of a nightmare after dealing with player and FO issues.
    Dealing with young pliable college football players may be much more attractive for Harbaugh at this juncture after such a tumultuous year.

    1. Fan,
      It might be good for your own sanity to get used to the ideal that Kap will be the 49ers QB next year.
      And if you count yourself a true Fan of the 49ers, that makes him your QB like it or not.
      Just trying to offer you a little holiday hope bud (lol).

      1. AES,
        I think the people that are going insane are Bay Area Fanatic, NInerMd, etc. As a fan it’s my god given right to complain about the QB!

        1. Lol I’m mad? Another made up post. Go figure. It seems you’re searching hard for a ck fan. It must suck that nobody is on his wagon like they were with Smith. Ouch! Keep up the good work.

        2. Fan77,
          You do know that you could be setting yourself up as a big target if Kap recaptures his groove next year, right?

          This whole season has been a burning tire and CK is far from being the sole reason for the precipitous drop off.

          But to many here he has become the face of the 49ers failure.
          You can live with blinders all you want by making Kap the scapegoat, I know the he is just the tip of the iceberg.

            1. No you won’t. You’ve written him off and will be ridiculed beyond belief if he turns it around. There’s also the fact you just don’t like the guy and he replaced your BFF. No fan the only way you are happy is if Kap fails and winds up out of SF.

              1. Nope nope and nope.
                Every season is a new season. Next year he could be better. Of course he set the franchise back already so it will be one year too late.

                I told you what was wrong with Kaep this year the whole year and you kept challenging me and Kaep kept proving me right.
                Everyone sees it now except you refuse to accept the facts.
                So you can cling to your dream that Kaep is elite.
                Meanwhile I’m getting ready for the next guy because Kaep drove this team into a ditch with his erratic inconsistent play.

          1. @AES

            GROOVE ? C’mon, you can’t recapture what you’ve never had….I admit that you are one of the more realistic and loyal Kaepaholics, but you have to ‘fess up…he just doesn’t have the stuff to be a quality NFL QB….He’s not accurate enough

  13. Harbs would have to want to make recruiting a major part of his life again. He’s obviously done it in the past. But does he really wants to go back to that lifestyle if he can get the same $ or more from a pro team.

  14. I think Michigan is ideal He can turn Michigan into a powerhouse by using his natural recruiting skills to acquire the best high school talent and assistant coaches.

    After 4 years of success, cherry pick a talented (but under-coached) NFL team to HC for.

    Rinse… Repeat.

    1. He can make UM a big 10 powerhouse but not a national one. As long as he continues to be a shembeckler TE and a FB in at the same time clone he will not be going anywhere. The 3 yards and a cloud of dust era is DONE. Yeah urban meyer has had some success recruiting FLA to get his speed but every time they go against a good team (from the SEC) they get stomped. Good luck selling to 17yr olds the “glory” and the cold winters of UM when most of them wern’t born the last time that UM was relevant (late 90s) He can claim to prepare them for the NFL but its a known fact that the conferences that produce the most NFL guys are SEC Pac 12 and the ACC in that order.

  15. No and yes.

    Bonus question: Will we potentially revert back to the mediocre to sickening records that we had before the Harbaugh era?

    My gut unfortunately says yes.

      1. Razor and Crab,

        Are you guys talking about bringing McDaniels in as a HC or OC? MidWest was talking Trestman for OC is why I ask.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing McDaniels coming in as HC. He’s been humbled a bit, and clearly can coach offensive football. The 49ers could do a lot worse than pairing hime with Fangio.

        1. Xgolf – Definitely as the HC bro….Instant dynamic Belichick offense…..Creativity that actually works….No more predictable play calling…..I’m all in for JM

            1. He got the youth and inexperience kicked out of him Denver.
              We all mature and get wiser over time don’t we? Lol.

              Someone will also say, it helps to have Tom Brady.

              1. I think anyone hired to replace Harbaugh will have to have experience as a legit head coach. Big shoes to fill and a lot of pressure to win with a ready made roster. Can you imagine the scrutiny and pressure of the new guy who comes out of the gates under .500?

      2. Josh McDaniel had a rough go in his first gig with the Broncos before getting the axe.

        His poor record in 2010 and knowingly having an assistant tape a 49er practice while preparing for a game in London smacks of integrity issues. Integrity is a virtue that this team needs to recapture. Hiring McDaniel will not help to improve that area whatsoever.
        But I would not hire him based on his record before being fired which was enough to get him a one way ticket out of Denver.

        My take on McDaniel, an OC – ok, I guess.
        A head coach – nah.

        1. AES – I get what you’re saying but It’s harder than ever to find integrity in professional sports these days…..I’m cool with a little baggage but I definitely don’t want a choir boy coaching the 49ers.

          1. @Crab 15

            What is this world coming to….?
            I agree entirely with your post…If there is to be a sacrifice made between integrity and winning, integrity is only a word…winning is eating steak every night….and NOT the $2 steak that JH finds tough. I don’t throw it out, but I don’t think that JH has as many suitors as the scribes would like to believe…those other owners aren’t dumb clucks either. They can see what he was handed and what he did with it….no new Lombardis…

        2. McDaniels’ stint in Denver was mired in dramas, most caused by himself.

          – Ticked off Cutler almost straight away and they ended up having to trade him.
          – Ticked off Brandon Marshall early on and, after a few run-ins thereafter, they ended up having to trade him.
          – Ticked off Tony Scheffler, and they ended up trading him.
          – He also had Peyton Hillis traded due to issues between the two of them, though rumours are that was more Hillis’ fault than McDaniels.
          – Ticked off Mike Nolan, who then left the team.
          – Embarrassing sideline, expletive filled rant at his team early in a game they were winning.
          – Taped other teams.

          McDaniels has an ability to tick people off like no other, and his only response is suspension followed by get rid of the player. He can’t handle leading other ego filled men without punitive disciplinary measures. No thanks.

            1. Ha, yeah, fair point!

              While I know you were joking, I think the real issue with McDaniels was not that he got rid of those players, but that he so completely ruined the relationship with those players, and in some case over a very short period, that the only course of action was to get rid of them. He has not shown the necessary relationship skills to lead men.

              I have also seen suggestions that he has a reputation as a liar, and its not unknown for him to pass the blame onto others when things go wrong. That is all speculation, but given his reputation I’m willing to believe it.

              There is absolutely no way I would want him as the 49ers HC.

          1. People can change…..Apples to Oranges but famous good guy actor Tim Allen was in prison for 2 1/2 years for drug trafficking.
            ….Free Josh McDaniels

            1. Yeah, and Marion Barry……… Oh, wait……
              Well, Courtney Love…..oh, wait..
              Uh, Ryan Leaf,…ok, maybe not..
              Thinking..oh,No, not him, but …..
              Not him neither, but perhaps…….
              OK, I dunno

            1. Gruden and Dungy both thought Tebow was a top ten pick. Kiper believe it or not, was saying third round. I think McDaniels would be a great hire and help Kaepernick and this offense get back on track….

              1. McDaniels’ ability to utilize the starting QB on his team makes me feel sorry for Kaep on a whole new level.

              2. My concerns with Pep Hamilton are (a) he’s never been a HC, anywhere, (b) he’s had the fortune of working with Andre Luck as an OC, and (c) he’s the guy every player likes – does he have the capacity to exert his will and willingness to tick people off, if that is what he needs to do, while still being able to maintain a relationship (i.e., don’t tick them off to the point you burn your bridges)?

              3. Yes, I didn’t mean to suggest he’s only worked with Luck. But I believe it is now 3 of the 4 years he’s been an OC he’s had Luck, is that correct? Working with a top notch QB will tend to make one’s resume look decent. Just ask Josh McDaniels…

              4. Scooter,

                Remember early last year when they were ready to run him out of Indy for being too committed to the run?

              5. Yep. At the time many people were saying he doesn’t know how to use the offensive talent at his disposal. Its funny though, as much as people say he was too committed to the run, they still had a pretty healthy margin of more passes than runs in 2013, close to 60-40 I believe.

                This year they are passing a little bit more (not a lot), but Luck has been outstanding, whereas last year he was merely good.

              6. “He’s also been hit like a pinata….”

                I think you need to take a look at the QB a bit for a reason why.

              7. No. I’m saying that I think you need to look at the QB as one of the reasons for the hits. He holds the ball in the pocket, which leads to some more hits.

              8. Yep, one of the things I love about Luck is his ability to stay calm in the face of a pass rush, knowing he’s about to take a hit but hold onto the ball until the last second to let the play develop. It does, however, lead to more hits than most QBs would take.

            2. Gruden and Dungy both thought Tebow was a top ten pick. Kiper believe it or not, was saying third round. I think McDaniels would be a great hire and help Kaepernick and this offense get back on track….

              1. I got a bad impression of him from the Denver stint. Smells like Kiffen. OC under BB keeps his rasty ego in check. Make him HC and it returns and he and Trent are scuffling in the hallway by Draft Day, LOL!

              2. McDaniels is a very good X’s and O’s man. He’s a terrible leader of men.

                The HC job is more of a man management role than it is about the X’s and O’s. You have coordinators to do those duties. Like Fangio, McDaniels should stick to what he does best, be a coordinator.

              3. If you are referring to his “I’m going to finish this until the end” comment, I think you are reading more into it than is there. I think that was more about finishing out this year, and that being his focus. What happens after that can wait until the end of the year.

              4. I don’t know either, but that is consistent with everything else he always says. Focused on the next game, focused on this year, worry about the future at the end of the year.

              5. One thing to consider is he did say he believes in honoring his contract and that was before the campaign had begun….

              6. True. I don’t think he’ll just quit, if that is what you mean. I don’t think he’ll take the Michigan job. I believe he’ll either be traded or fired. And you are probably right, most likely fired. He’ll probably dig his heels in about being traded.

                I know Jack doesn’t believe the FO will have the stones to fire him, but I think after they explore a trade and if they conclude they can’t work anything suitable out with Harbaugh, they’ll just pay him out and cut ties with him. I believe they don’t want a lame duck coach next year more than they don’t want to pay Harbaugh out. But we will see.

              7. Yep, in the end Harbaugh will determine his own fate. Now to your point about York/Baalke not wanting a lame duck Head Coach, isn’t that what they created this year?

  16. At age 50 this doesn’t have to be a final destination decision for Harbaugh.
    Look at that old goat Spurrier, he’s 69 years old….Sullyball mentioned earlier that recruiting would become a major part of Harbaugh’s life. But these older coaches are time management experts and their recruiting coordinators do all the dirty work for them.
    Big decision for the Harbaugh family…..TBD

    1. I thought that myself. It might be a huge sticking point in negotiations. However, maybe brother John can shed some advice on the subject.
      My guess is Harbaugh stays on for another 2 year contract.

    1. Crab,

      My disco ball has been on the fritz lately, but I think it will take a few weeks after the season for the Harbaugh situation to work itself out.

      1. Jack Hammer – You of all people? You?…Ducking a question?….I better turn in for the night….hmh (hanging my head)….Did I just invent that? Lol

        1. I thought I answered you Crab. I don’t think they will fire him, which will cause it to drag out a fee weeks while they work with potential trade partners, and those other teams do their necessary due diligence, i.e. the Rooney Rule.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already a done deal under the table, and the wait will be purely obligatory to cover their @sses….

  17. Inside the NFL with great sideline audio from Sunday.

    Pete Carroll, “Make him run. Stay in coverage. Make him run and come up and make the tackle.”

  18. I am fully endorsing a holmgren return.
    Holmgren or bust
    Come HOMEgren
    He’s Back!
    The Walsh tree lives
    Mike’s miners
    And so on.
    Bring him home Jed!
    Bring him home!

  19. Sounds as though Stevie Johnson’s been dealing with a knee injury for a while.

    From Eric Branch,

    “Wide receiver Stevie Johnson said he has been dealing this season with a knee injury he sustained in a loss at Denver on Oct. 19. Johnson first appeared on the injury report Dec. 3 and he missed his first game Sunday.

    1. Jack – By mid season Dick Butkus’s entire body looked like he’d been put through a meat grinder… He would never say “my wittle knee hurts me” …..These players today (in general) are soft….and I’m not comparing LB’s to WR’s.

  20. OK guys I have to speak my mind. I can’t sleep. I’m so worried that the new coach we bring in won’t understand what he has in Colin and will be quick to trade him away. What a huge mistake that will be if it happens. The 49ers are my hometown team and I want to continue supporting them but I simply cannot if they give up on Colin.

    1. When I read this all I can think of is ESPN’s Top 5 Reasons Why You can’t blame the Falcons for getting rid of Brett Farve. It’s going to take patience. If we get a new coach and he makes that change, he will not make it here.

      The big issue with a new coach, he has to win, win now, and win big. He has 4 years to win the Super Bowl. He better pray he can reach the NFCCG at least twice. Harbaugh set the bar high and the niners fans are not patient. This could really turn into a disaster.

    2. Colin will get at least another yr or two…But whoever the next headcoach is..Will want to draft “his Qb”…as a fall back option.Which is understandable..I know I would rather win with my guy than lose with someone else’s..Best case scenario the offense and Kap become better.Which I have the sneaky suspicion it will.I think Kap will benefit from a better offensive minded coordinator..To teach him another way to play the game.And a smart strategist to dictate more to defenses than the other way around.It’s too easy to stop this of right now…

    3. Kaep will be given at least next season in order to show some semblance of improvement in his game. If he doesn’t, then I expect he’ll be traded, released, or asked to take a significant pay cut.

    4. Bay, you’re already anticipating if Kaep is still here with 49ers, the new HC won’t give him the importance like his papa Harbaugh did. I won’t be surprise too if that happens. Kaepernick will have to raise the level of his performance it not th

  21. What’s the point of getting a trade partner, getting it all worked out, only for Harbaugh to veto it? It makes no sense to me.

    I believe Michigan is a more interesting job than the others. He’s going to get paid like a top NFL coach and he doesn’t have to deal with people like York and Baalke(if there truly is an issue other than money).

    I would like to see him stay. I’m with everyone who says we will go back to being mediocre if he leaves. I do not see anyone available right now who can duplicate or improve on what he does.

    1. “What’s the point of getting a trade partner, getting it all worked out, only for Harbaugh to veto it?”

      They need to work that stuff out to know the options for a trade so they can present those to Harbaugh. It’s similar to a baseball team trying to work a trade for a player with a no-trade clause. They need to do their due diligence.

      I doubt that they are going to fire him. They will try to get something out of it.

    1. Coaches like Bilechick and Sean Payton would wait with gleeful anticipation if Harbaugh bidding war rewards him with more of a payout then they have. After all, they do have a Superbowl ring on their resume.

    2. The Raiders can’t afford a bidding war, they are one of the poorest teams in the league and don’t have a lot of big pocket owners in an ownership group.

  22. You’ve got to love what passes as a source these days….”someone familiar with his thinking”. What’s that, Jims wife, agent, brother, kids, neighbor, garbage man, jed, trent, Singletary, ditka, bo schembeckler? I mean really, as much as we know about Jim, for anyone to claim they are familiar with his thinking is a very bold assumption.

  23. So as we muse about the Niners org I find myself leaning towards Old School people and styles; not because it’s for sure the best answer but because it’s how I’m wired.
    I’m not so Old School that I’d bring back Holmgren or Parcells to coach, they’re better suited as GMs these days.
    I also resist the expectation that Jed could wheel and deal like Eddie; different world now. Jed may not have the explosive temper of Eddie, but his tweets suggest he does shoot from the hip. A comment somewhere above notes that Eddie had McVay while Jed has Paraag for advice. They play different roles; Paraag is a business guy who squeezes the numbers for Trent’s roster plans. McVay was a Football guy and a conscience for the org; an Elder to calm Eddie’s boiling cauldron.
    If that role was reprised, and all the parties mentioned were willing, here’s my Old School Short Pants fantasizes solution:
    1/ Hire Bill Polian to be the Wise Elder of the FO; a serious football professional with perspective. Not to be Trent’s boss or even necessarily his mentor, but as Jed’s mentor in the McVay way. Low key, and less workload than the GM at this point in Bill’s career.
    2/ Hire Bill Cowher as Head Coach. He has the cred and the experience and the personal and tactical style to match up with SF’s roster and perpetuate the tough D/ power run/ integrated approach already in place. Less change and shorter learning curve than implementing new systems. Cowher’s cred would also attract good candidates for coaches and co-ordinators. Vic and Cowher could be a decent match too, or he could bring in guys from his tree.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but what are we left with at this point? Sigh : >)

      1. Razor-
        I don’t have a particular one in mind at this point. I believe Cowher would bring a modern approach passing attack that’s still anchored to a running game. He’s old school but he likes to win, so he’d hire to fit the need, not to be a Yes Man.
        I don’t like Sean Payton from my personal impression of him. Unlike young Jed though, I could look past that and embrace a chance for the offense to grow and the team win. He can coach. Its easy to imagine more friction though………

        1. I don’t think Cowher will ever return to Coaching, but my guess for an OC if he did would be Mike Mularkey considering they were together in Pittsburgh.

          My pick for HC would be Kyle Shanahan at this point.

            1. Not sure Razor, but from what I’ve seen, Kyle can install and run an offense. He’s worked under his Father and Gary Kubiak as OC so he’s ready imo. He also has been around the league long enough to have formed some ties to quality Coaches I would imagine. If I’m looking at a young up and comer with ties to the WCO and a good blood line, he’s my guy.

              1. Just pulling your rip cord Rocket about Mike as the OC. ;@

                Now that you bring up Kubiak, how intriguing would it be to hire him as the HC?

              2. I figured as much, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. Mike may decide he wants to be in the league in some capacity and what better way than with your son in a place you had some of your greatest success?

                Kubiak as HC would be interesting too, although his teams in Houston really underachieved.

    1. Holmgren is a terrible GM.
      And if they decide to keep the 10 million dollar man. Parcels or cowher will not help with any kind of development.
      If they keep Kap they’re going to need a coach who has a history of grooming talent into treasure.
      This is why I am endorsing Holmgrens return. He runs a WCO which if executed right can still dominate defenses.
      So the talk of he’s past his glory days is moot IMO. He developed a guy who had all of the same traits as ck into a HOF qb. Just need to abandon the INT’s. Turned a qb up north into a CEO of game managing. Just would need to abandon the coin toss predictions…
      He will command respect and heart from players.
      I think it would be a huge mistake to hire from within. On a a lockeroom is lost I’d think it would be hard to buy in to the same philosophy from a different but familiar face.

      But of they do hire a defensive minded coach, what OC or qb’s coach has a huge rep for developing a read option qb into a pocket passer? I’d hope they would cut or trade ck if they go with a defensive coach. I can’t sit through another year of can he be or can’t he be.
      Holmgren will know of he can teach CK. An if he keeps him I’ll trust, if he finds someone else. I’ll trust.

  24. Personally, I am OK with Harbaugh leaving. Probably for the best. Success can breed arrogance and complacency in sports. I think was have seen quite a bit of both this season. Kaepernick took on the personality of his coach. Not a great idea if you are trying to win people over. The face of a franchise should. He needs to soften his personality going forward, become more Aaron Rodgers, less Jim Harbaugh. I think he is genuinely a good guy, he just needs a little more direction in the PR department.

    Next, we need to fill this team with players that hungry again. We had amazing success for three straight years and that success changed our most talented players. Some didn’t seem to care as much. Perhaps complacency leaked in. Vernon Davis looks completely uninterested, so did Crabtree. No fire, no sense of urgency. Anthony Davis, he didn’t appear that determined to work himself back into the lineup. Aldon Smith and McDonald, more interested in partying than playing. Overall, a lack of commitment to the team and to winning. Seattle still has that edge and it showed when we played them. They hit harder, they wanted it more. We went through the motions. You saw the fire that is needed to win in Borland. That is the fire we used to display every game, every week. Nothing ever got us distracted from the goal. I don’t think Harbaugh can just turn that on again. I think it is mostly organic and can only come at this point, from a new regime.

    If it were my choice, I would let Baalke walk too. Not because he is terrible, but because change is needed and he was a part of the problem, as well. I would love to see us reach out to Bill Polian, someone with real experience, to help turn things around. I listen to him frequently, and respect him immensely. Unlikely to happen though.

    Regardless, major changes are coming.

    1. Great read daniners.
      If I may add this too.
      Who and where is the team leader? You can argue Willis or bowman. But they’re not on that field.
      Who’s the ultimate team leader?
      In Baltimore there was no doubt Lewis was and the offensive guys listened too.
      Nobody on the offense played well enough this season to command respect or even a voice to be heard.
      I can only hope when Willis and bowman return they will provide a spark at least for the defensive side. But who for the O?

    2. daniners,

      Just playing devil’s advocate here, but why do you think change is needed?

      Prior to this season the team was top 3 in wins and went to 3 straight NFCCG’s and a SB.

      I think we need to step back and look at the situation when the season is over and the disappointment of this season dissipates a little.

      I don’t think major changes are needed and I don’t see many coming other than some FA’s not being resigned.

  25. The early morning posts were not me. Fan 77 I guess I’ve really gotten to you bud. For you to put that much effort into double posting with my name and my avatar. Glad to see all my hard work pay off.
    From now on you’ll know it’s me because I’ll end my posts with Fantroll77 and Prime slime are morons……
    Grant you could just clean this whole mess by by letting the room officially know who the double posters are. IF YOU WANTED TO RUN A CLEAN BLOG THAT IS….

    1. In our ongoing battle since 2012 I’ve always been one step ahead of you.

      Until you can provide any evidence that I am double posting as you, I’d stop with the accusations. Get the evidence, then you can go to Grant.

      It’s clear by now you’re as slow witted as your hero Kaep and you just can’t keep up with the internet.

      1. There is no ongoing battle fantroll. I’m under your skin. You are in the corner facing the wall with your big pointy ” I am stupid” hat on.
        remember one thing. As long as they roll out the players that I like, life is good for me.
        I’m not the one bitching about one player and childishly double posting. ….

        1. The fact that you think I’m double posting as you clearly shows I’m under your skin. The fact you have gone out of your way to call me a troll clearly shows I’m under your skin. The fact you went back into the archives of the blog to try and find comments that I was a Smith lover clearly shows I’m under your skin.

          It’s so laughable and yet you don’t see it which makes it even funnier!

  26. This posting with roving IP addresses sucks huh Claude? Can’t get posts to show up where I need them.
    Fantroll keep posting under my name and it will force some poster to bring back your avatar where you are on your knees…

    1. @Jack

      Yeah, I always thought it was stupid…when in his four years of ‘whispering’ , the only QB he has helped is the starting QB in Kansas City who has a better record in that time than the guy who traded him there…the whisperer

    2. Jack, of the QBs drafted in 2011, I think you will admit that CK has been the most successful until this year and also that his play this year has cast a doubt on his future. He has the physical ability, but something’s wrong upstairs as far as his quarterbacking. It’s as if his emotions are overriding how he has been coached to play. I’m not standing up for Harbaugh; I just think CK is beyond coaching at this point. By the way, what do you think JH will do about the Michigan offer? I think he’ll take it and Roman will go with him but Fangio and the others won’t. For the Niners that would be a clean resolution. Unless this stuff between Harbaugh and the front office is a myth. Obviously there’s plenty of smoke, but who really knows the underlying reality?

      1. George,

        This isn’t just about Kaepernick. Which QB has Harbaugh really had to develop. He didn’t do much with the QB’s in his early days at Stanford, Luck was a stud from day 1 there. You can point to Smith I guess, but if you look at his play in the second half of 2010 it was about the same as what he did in 2011. Kaepernick took the league by storm in 2012, but most of that had to do with his running keeping the defense off balance. That hasn’t really happened in 2013 or this season.

        1. That hasn’t really happened in 2013 or this season. (should be hadn’t I believe)

          2012 415 yards rushing 5 TD’s
          2013 524 yards rushing 4 TD’s
          2014 425 and counting, goose eggs for TD’s

          1. Since 2012, his running has really been limited to scrambling for the most part. This takes away the balance piece that I mentioned in the previous comment.

              1. “Well, he has been the only real outside running threat available hasn’t he?”

                No. Gore has averaged 4.3 ypc on the wide runs.

              2. Maybe they’d both have a higher average if they ran Ellington every once in awhile on a fly sweep instead of faking it to him every single time. What do you think?

              3. Maybe they’d both have a higher average if they ran Ellington every once in awhile on a fly sweep instead of faking it to him every single time. What do you think?

    3. Harbaugh got that rep mainly because of the belief that he turned Smith’s career around and the fact Luck was so good in College. Truth is, Smith had already started to turn his game around before Harbaugh arrived and Luck is a generational talent. I think Jim is an excellent HC but he’s not a great QB developer, at least not to the level of the credit he is given.

      1. rocket,

        I think what Harbaugh brought that really helped turn things around more than anything else was the way he managed the game.

        1. I agree Jack, but even more I think he brought credibility. His approach to football wasn’t all that different from Singletary, but the way he delivered the message was. That’s why I am really disappointed he is going to leave. It’s tough to instill the type of attitude he did.

    4. Depends who is listening to his whispers. Let’s just say Alex seemed to hear better than Kap does.
      But in all fairness to CK, I’d like to see him play more to his strengths and if he fails in that area it’s time to look elsewhere for QB help.

    1. Claude Balls,
      We can’t read the subtitles on your avatar picture. So, if you’re trying to send a message, it’s coming through.

      1. View, blow up your browser to about 200% and you can make out:

        “Lives in parent’s basement. Smugly tells NFL executives how to do their jobs.”

        Sans the basement part, that can be said about any of us here.

  27. Let me throw a name out there – Marty Mornhinweg. He’s likely gone from the NYJ when they clean house of the Ryan regime. Not necessarily as HC, but OC? He didn’t have muxh success in Jersey (who would?) but he was a damn fine coordinator in his first stint in SF, as well as in Philly, has that WCO pedigree. Would he take a lateral position?

    1. rib,

      As OC he could be an option for sure. He’s also a guy that likely wouldn’t be fielding HC offers every year if the Niners hire a Defense minded HC.

  28. I have made a plague out of wood that I’m sending the young York for Christmas so he can mount it in his office above his ornate throne. It reads, You may be finished with Harbaugh, but he’s not finished with you….

  29. The more options I read on here as potential HC candidates, the more I pray to God that Harbaugh remains on as the 49ers HC.

  30. After watching CK for many games now, one thing that is becoming quite apparent – he can’t get small. Why is that important one might ask. When the pocket collapses avenues of escape in most cases get small. QB,s like Rodgers, Wilson and others is they can get small and escape the pressure. CK can not. His body won’t let him. He stands tall and to his credit tries to stand in there and trying to become a pocket passer.

    Also my biggest complaint with Harbaugh/Roman is adjustments. Pre game and in game adjustments. I think the playbook is just fine, it their tactics that is abysmal. As an example of this would be on pass plays. The OL is not getting the job done, you know pressure is coming. You know there is going to be at least eight in the box. You know you don’t have speed to the outside, and you know there is a spy on CK. To combat those things, several times a game you could sprint/rollout CK to either side. This does many things. It eases/changes pass pressure, clears CKs vision, makes the spy commit, opens field for CK to possibly run. Also it will eventually spread the box out. Once the spy commits he no longer does what he would be doing if he did not commit. If you can not contain the pass pressure then adjust to that. CK is capable of doing this.

  31. One thing is certain people, the Niners offense is deplorable. They can’t score. So what do we do about it?

    If you’re married do you remember remember when you were trying to score hot chicks and there were times when you were in a slump (couldn’t score)? Well what did you do?….You looked in the mirror and saw what you didn’t want to see. A non-confident lonely person with no plan. So you stopped going out with your buddies and stayed home and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer….Then after a few weeks of pure boredom, you decided to make another attempt at pursuing seduction. You realized, inaction breeds doubt and fear. action breeds confidence and courage. if you want to conquer fear,

    1. go out and get busy….So you changed your approach and went out and scored!….The Niners need to do the same thing with this horrific offensive system….Change their approach.

      1. Speak for yourself. I guess I’m the Niners of the 80’s..
        Steelers of the 70’s
        Cowboys of the 90’s
        What’s a slump?
        Ha ha haaaa

    2. Interesting analogy Crabs. I haven’t been in a position like that since College and have been married quite a few years, but the hell with it, I’m upping my game and going out to score!

      1. Rocket – I meant to say….before being married (single days). Don’t let me be the reason you end up on that “Cheaters” show. Lol…is that cheesy show still on?

  32. I had a nightmare.

    There it was. Jed/Baalke/Parag’s plan was to replace Jim Harbaugh with either Jim Tomsula or Eric Mangini.

    Wow, I’m glad I woke up :)

  33. So I was having a conversation at work with a guy. He asked me about the Rams-Giants game. It led to a discussion about how the Rams are just a QB away from being decent. I expect the Rams to draft a QB, Mariotta or Winston. But that’s not what I am here to ask.

    If the release Sam Bradford, do we pick him up? Does anyone know the details of his contract?

  34. December 18, 2014 at 2:04 pm
    So I was having a conversation at work with a guy. He asked me about the Rams-Giants game. It led to a discussion about how the Rams are just a QB away from being decent. I expect the Rams to draft a QB, Mariotta or Winston. But that’s not what I am here to ask

    If the release Sam Bradford, do we pick him up? Does anyone know the details of his contract?

  35. Not that it means a lot. I would not support Gus Malzhan. His offense does not move the ball effectively in college, I would not want to see it on the professional level. After reading that list of coaches. I’m going to be stressed all off season if Harbaugh is gone.

  36. I question the sincerity of people who call themselves 49er fans when they take delight in their fall and their quarterback struggling….

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