Report: Kaepernick under investigation for “suspicious incident” in Miami

Colin Kaepernick is being investigated for a “suspicious incident” involving an intoxicated woman. The incident occurred on April 1st in Miami.

This is news to me. I have no comment on it, but I’m forwarding it along to you.

To read the incident report, click here. This says that the incident occurred at Ricardo Lockette’s apartment, and that Quinton Patton was there.

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  1. Perhaps I’m naive but I just can’t believe this is true. I don’t see CK doing anything like this or anything criminal at all for that matter. Except for the way he wears his hat and those ugly slides. That definitely was criminal.

    1. You may be a little on the naive side, Houston….I’m not surprised by any allegations directed toward ANY pro athlete….these guys are young, have some celebrity status, have more money than they ever had, and basically think that they won’t get caught, or, because of their celebrity, are exempt from the laws and rules the rest of us have to live by.
      C’mon, none of these guys can go anyplace without being scrutinized, simply because ther have been so many idiots in the past few years that draw more negative attention to pro athletes than they need to deal with…..just stay out of, and away from, situations that can draw negative attention to yourself.

      1. Houston just said he couldn’t believe it would be true. Nobody is surprised by allegations. The media’s first story is always gonna make it the worst possible situation ever. The first article I read was sexual assault. Then it mellowed to a suspicious incident. Reminds me of the TO suicide attempt. Until the facts come out, I wont even bother thinking about it let alone wondering who we’re gonna draft now. (see Culliver stories)

  2. I don’t believe it, but if it does turn out to be true, my entire family will disown him and burn his jerseys. I’ll have one disappointed daughter, that’s for sure. His brand is now tarnished, regardless….

      1. Setup? Reminds me of Godfather 2 when they set up the Senator with the murder of a prostitute, to gain his support in Washington…..

        1. Senator Geary had it coming though Razor;
          You don’t insult Michael Corleone (and his family, no less) and get away with it.
          What was he thinking?

    1. Razor, I do not believe this is true either but if it is I will disown him as fan as well. I have no respect for anyone regardless of their status or fame to sexually assault another person.

      However this could very much be another case of someone trying to make some cash. CK appears to be a great kid with good values.

    1. Ann strikes again. Premature & factually inaccurate. Later reports say no assault on CK. B–/h hates CK. 2nd recent bs report she botched. #unprofessional.

      1. At that point in the morning there were multiple 49ers writers reporting exactly what Killion was. But, yeah she hates Kaepernick if that makes you feel better.

        1. Sure, Jack. If she’d write like a pro that would make me feel better, not you?
          She stated that Miami cops confirmed TMZ, they did not. Perhaps factual accuracy isn’t important to you. Grant handled this one just fine.

          1. It was a tweet. She changed just like Grant, the Merc, and everyone else did as more details were made available.

    1. Can we at least agree to go back to talking about football until there is some actual news to report on the subject instead of just speculation.

  3. Greeeeaaaat. I don’t know if this is a 49er thing or an NFL thing in general, but the game is starting to lose me as a fan, much like the NBA did after Magic, Bird and Jordan left. It became a thugfest after that and the NFL is headed in the same direction. Doesn’t help much that we have a total hypocrite sitting in the NFL Commissioner’s chair.

    All I know is I’m in the minority here but I don’t subscribe to the win at all costs mentality. At the end of the day I want to root for my favorite players, but not if I can’t even imagine wanting to be around them in person.

    Hopefully this is much ado about nothing. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there have been quite a few smoke signals coming out of Santa Clara last 12 months or so.

    1. This is a society thing… If the wackos didn’t read every tweet, TMZ article and jump at the opportunity to bash someone they’ve never met, these articles wouldn’t even be reported until AFTER the investigation.

      The fire is society’s hunger for dirt on ‘celebrities’, the smoke is what TMZ is blowing on a daily basis.

  4. “#49ers receiver Quinton Patton and #Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette also are part of the investigation by Miami Police.” ~ Matt Barrows

    1. According to a Miami PD report, the incident in question occurred April 1 at Ricardo Lockette’s apartment in Miami.

      1. “Nowhere in Miami Police incident report regarding Kaepernick is sexual assault mentioned. Instead it is being called a “suspicious incident” ~ Barrows

        “Kaepernick is supposed to be at Anquan Boldin’s golf tourny today. Harbaugh is there.” ~ Killion

        1. “According to the report, the incident occurred April 1 when a woman went to Lockette’s apartment in Miami at 9 p.m. Kaepernick and Patton were there, and the woman made drinks and served shots to the players. She was also told “to drink the shots she had to “hit” the bong which contained marijuana,’ the report said.

          The report continues to say that the woman felt light headed and went to a bedroom where she was later joined by Kaepernick, with whom she had a sexual relationship in the past. Kaepernick then left the bedroom. The two did not have sex, she said in the report. The report says that Patton and Lockette peeked inside the bedroom and that the woman yelled at them to get out.

          According to the report, the woman does not remember anything about the night after that. She woke up in a hospital bed not knowing how she got there. The woman, whose name is redacted, reported the incident to police on April 3.” ~ Barrows

          1. From the police report:

            [The alleged victim] adviced that on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at approximately 2100 hours, she went to visit Ricardo Lockette at his apartment…. She stated that [Kap] and [Patton] were also at the apartment. They talked for a while and she mixed some drinks for all of them and gave them shots. [Redacted] advised they they told her that in order to drink the shots she had to “hit” the bong which contained marijuana.

            They sat down, talked, and watched the basketball game. She started to feel light headed and went to a bedroom to lie down. [Redacted] took off her jacket and jewelry. [Kap] came behind her into the bedroom and started kissing her. She advised they were kissing (mouth) and [Kap] started to undress her. She got completely naked. [Kap] told her that he was going to be right back and left the bedroom. They did not have sex. [Redacted] advised that she was in bed naked and [Patton] and [Lockette] opened the door and “peeked” inside. She told them “what are you doing? Where is Colin?”; “get out!” They closed the doot and left. She cannot remember anything after that.

            [Redacted] woke up in a hospital and doesn’t remember how she got there or who transported her to the hospital.

            [Redacted] advised that she has had a sexual relationship with [Kap] in the past.

            1. Wow Barrows certainly didn’t mention her being naked… good stuff Jack…you are on it!

              From Barrows report the situation seemed somewhat innocent. but after reading the police report her being naked definitely sounds a bit fishy. And who just leaves a naked chick in bed and doesn’t come back.

              Stage fright?

              I thought Kap was better than this. We’ll see, but it seems like most of this will likely blow over. Could affect his endorsements.

            2. If she woke up in a hospital then they will have all the facts they need to proceed. They would have checked for drugs and evidence of rape. If there is something to this it will come out later. For right now, it’s all gray area and not worth debating.

              1. Maybe one of them took her to a hospital because she was knocked out cold from drugs and alcohol. How else would she get to a hospital…. they couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to rape her and throw her on the street….especially if she’s had a past relationship with Kap.

                At least she’s not just going on the extreme and calling rape….seems legit and potentially innocent

    2. Sounds like some stupid teenage shenanigans gone wrong.

      Oh well, I figure if she was so wasted she can’t remember getting to the hospital, she probably didn’t magic herself there. Would seem to suggest the lads probably took her there when they realised she wasn’t well.

      But, as rocket said, just need to let the story play out and facts come to light.

  5. How about we all wait until the facts come out before tossing him into the sewer. Same thing happened with Culliver and now as more facts come out it’s not looking as dire as the original reports made it out to be. Being investigated is a long way from being indicted.

  6. It’s almost Friday, you guys sure you don’t want the strfry recipe? Should try my cacciatore if Asian food isn’t your thing.

  7. Well what do you expect from a vein narcissistic idiot who kisses his biceps on the football field all the time, obviously he expects the women to be in lov with his body too!!!

    1. It slays me that you made the effort to look up the proper spelling of “narcissistic,” but misspelled “vain.”

      1. ‘It slays me that you made the effort to look up the proper spelling of “narcissistic,” but misspelled “vain.”’
        And LOVE.

    2. Speaking of idiots…. They (you) don’t know what he is kissing on his biceps. Trying doing some investigation before outing yourself as an idiot here.

      As to the report, rocket has it. Do we care about the facts or just idle speculation? *slaps head* This is the internet! Duh. Carry on.

  8. Since this is a non football related subject Im gonna post whatever sounds like fun to talk about.
    Top 5 time travel movies:

    1-Groundhog’s Day(is this really a time travel movie, Ive had this debate before but it’s hard to find a TT list that doesn’t include it so I offer it to be safe since it’s such a great flick)
    3-12 Monkeys
    5-Time Bandits(sentimental pick, saw this in the theaters a very long time ago)

    What about BttF or Terminator 1-80? If it was a top ten they would show up.

      1. No and that’s why I question whether Groundhogs day should be as well. I think TT movies should require a machine or natural phenomenon of some type but in Chirstmas Carol and Groundhogs day it’s implied that the time travel results from ethereal motivations.

          1. You’d think but I just don’t care for them. I’d put them(more then one version of the same story) in the top 10 or top 15 mostly out of obligation.

            1. I always liked, “Time atfter Time” with Malcom McDowell as H.G. Wells, especially when he goes to McDonald’s and discovers french fries.

              1. Good call Space I’d forgotten about that one. Some brutal scenes like the bloody room, but a good under appreciated movie.

              2. Would you count Idiocracy as a TT movie? Since they got frozen and wake in the future.
                Hmm, it’s an interesting suggestion. I think since they were frozen and didn’t continue to live out their natural timeline lives and that they can’t go back excludes it from consideration. Also they are now part of the future time line but their presence wouldn’t change anything that wasn’t supposed to happen anyway.

        1. ‘No and that’s why I question whether Groundhogs day should be as well. I think TT movies should require a machine or natural phenomenon of some type but in Chirstmas Carol and Groundhogs day it’s implied that the time travel results from ethereal motivations.’
          That’s GROUNDHOG DAY.
          It’s not plural.
          And he doesn’t really travel anywhere…he stays in Punxsutawney…sorta the premise of the movie.
          Just saying…

    1. Liked your choices but I really enjoyed, Time Cop- Before Van Damn became a full idiot!
      Time Rider- 1983, It was cool when I was 14 might be sill now, Back to the Future, Star Trek a Voyage Home! and Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure! with the clasic quote“As you can see, Genghis very much enjoys Twinkies because of the excellent sugar rush.”
      I guess most of mine are silly but lots of adventure and fun!

      1. You dont’ find a lot of people that have seen Time Rider but that’s a great choice!! I spent a boring summer in 1985 watching the same 5 vhs tapes and that was on one of them.

        I love STiv and the B&T films are fun because they remind me of my youth more then entertain as good movies. Both would be on a top 20 list for sure.

        1. I would like to find a copy of Time Rider on DVDI! I guess I will have to try Amazon or something, some of the things in these movies will melt your brain if you think too hard. Like in Time Rider, his great , great grandfather his himself? How do chart that in a family geneolgy tree! I really love Ground Hog Day, It would of taken him years to perfect everything! Bill Murray running from the cops with the ground hog was pretty entertaining!

    2. On the sentimental side I’ve always had a soft spot for Somewhere in Time. Would put that on my top 10. Jane Seymour in her prime.

          1. whoops, I will be more careful with my posts, I just love this thread and totally tired of character flaws and athletes making terrible decisions if it is true!

      1. A great movie that was clearly underrated. The ending with Reeves’ character dying so that he could once again meet Seymour’s character was definitely beautiful yet sad at the same time.

        1. Im the perfect age for that movie too, I was the same age as those guys were in the 80’s. That movie was a lot of fun.

    3. I just realized as I mentioned Source Code that I left off the top 5 one of my all time favorites which is also a TT movie so I’m going to bump GHD because to me it isn’t a time travel move and make the list without it;

      2-Donnie Darko
      3-12 Monkeys
      5-Time Bandits

        1. I just watched that movie recently and I think I get it. He was a troubled kid who was going to tragically die alone in his room. But he got saved and placed into an alternate reality where he worked out his issues with his school and his family and himself. Then when the alternate dimension was collapsing, he chose to go back in time and sacrifice himself so the rest of the world could go on existing. Is that it?

          1. You made more sense of it then I ever could! the wikipedia link also gives the run down but I like your description better!

          2. That is one popular interpretation, it’s not mine but I wouldn’t argue too hard against anyone who believed it.

        2. I don’t want to say too much without giving away some of the ‘deeper’ aspects of the movie but Donnie is the time machine. If you can get a hold of the directors cut it includes scenes where you get to ‘read’ snippets from the book that Roberta Sparrow(grandma death) wrote and those really help to explain the finer details that are easily missed in that movie.

          Like Primer it’s a mind mender and those are the TT movies I like best.

          1. That makes sense. I’ll check that out. Still, the point of the ending is that he chose to go back in time and die, which means he’s kind of a Jesus figure, no?

              1. Donnie’s job as the ‘Living Receiver’ was to guide the ‘Artifact’ into position for it’s journey back to the ‘Primary Universe.’

                Yea, it’s pretty deep.

              2. …sorta…

                The ‘Manipulated Dead'(Frank) will often set an ‘Ensurance Trap’ for the ‘Living Receiver’ to ensure that the ‘Artifact’ is returned safely to the ‘Primary Universe.’

              3. Donnie Darko blew my mind. And then again when I watched the Directors cut. Fantastic movie.

                Since were going off topic today, Grand Budapest Hotel is the best movie in theaters right now. If you haven’t seen it, go.

              4. Since were going off topic today, Grand Budapest Hotel is the best movie in theaters right now. If you haven’t seen it, go
                There isn’t a Wes Anderson movie I haven’t seen 20 times. Rushmore is on my all time top 10 list.

              5. His therapist was also a ‘Manipulated Dead.’ I didn’t figure that one out right away because her part is more subtle then Franks, obviously.

              6. If you watch the DC version shoot me an email if you wanna discuss further. I’d love to go on but I don’t much else can be mentioned without giving away important details.

              7. I’m sorry I just realized I wrote the wrong thing, his GF Gretchen is the other MD, I don’t know why I typed therapist other then I might have been thinking about her character as I posted. Sorry my bad.

          1. I have, and I like it. In many ways, it is a better movie than 12 Monkeys. But, 12 Monkeys presents a better exploration of the inherent paradox of time travel.

          1. The entire movie used to be available on YouTube. That is where I watched it. It is very low budget, so the camera work, sound and lighting are not even close to big studio movie standards, but the editing (which often makes or breaks a low budget movie), is very nicely done, and the story is great.

            1. Indeed it was shot and produced for $7,000, no joke. The main character, Aaron is the writer and director of the movie.

      1. I have to say that the original “Planet of the Apes” was one of the best time-travel movies because it actually used Einstein’s special theory of relativity where time dilation brought the astronauts back to earth in the future. I don’t think I’ve seen that used since then in movies.

        1. Star Trek IV uses the ToR to use the sun’s gravitational pull to accelerate them fast enough to travel back in time.

          1. CFC, but they also used superluminal speed (warp speed) which Einstein’s theory forbids. I love ST and SW movies, but both need quite a bit of suspension of disbelief from accepted scientifc theories.

            1. I wouldn’t say his theory forbids it, it simply collapses at the point that matter reaches the speed of light. Which means he was only smart enough to think of what happens up to that point and no one knows quite what will happen after it.

              1. CFC, it’s been pretty much proven by super colliders. It just takes too much energy to bring mass to those velocities. Now maybe if you had the energy produced by the Big Bang you could, but I don’t think we’ll ever have the technology for that.

              2. But that’s the point Space. His theories do break down once you accelerate mass to the speed of light and because we lack the ability to reproduce the effect we can’t prove or disprove anything.

              3. Good one, Grant. Now can I sell you some fake tupperware?

                CFC, yeah, if you’ve ever been in a room full of physicists, the arguments can go on endlessly between them on this kind of thing, especially the existence of tachyons (superluminal particles).

              4. I was part of a project that was in the hunt to discover the mass of neutrinos so I’m far too familiar with those debates and the silly frustrations that come out of them. It’s like nerd religion, people get way to worked up over it.

              5. You both make compeling cases. For all cosmic matters as a tiebreaker il side with the guy who has “space” in his name :)

              6. Nope, I was just a graduate assistant to a small project that was trying to use theoretical models to predict the mass so that once one of the chlorine tanks was able to consistently discover them we could apply our theories to their techniques.

        2. I remember my dad loving that movie and I watched it with him before, That was a good memory for me and I needed that today! Thanks Spaceborn, Their is alot of time travel or bending movies! I still would like to get a hold of that Sports Alamanc book featured in Back to the Future II and go back in time and make a few bets, We can dream!

        3. Another good one. The original was great then they tried to make it a franchise and it got a little ridiculous. The remake was pretty good too. Not the Mark Walberg one, but the James Franco reboot from a couple of years ago.

            1. One of the few Keanu Reeves movies I can actually sit through without wanting to throw something at the screen due to his terrible acting.

              1. He worked in Matrix 1 because he just had to act confused the whole time. He stunk in Matrix 2 and 3 when he had to be a bad ass.

              2. I’m not going to pretend that my undying love for that trilogy doesn’t effect my opinion of him in the movies but I don’t think he was as bad as normal. I’m usually one of the first to wretch at a Reeves performance, just ask him to use an accent but I thought he played Neo…correctly? To say that’s how I imaged that character would be.

                The 2nd and 3rd movies are weaker as a whole compared to the first anyway.

              3. Keanu Reeves’ best movie was Speed. Everything else starring him is just too painful to watch.

              4. Hence, guilty pleasure tag. It’s a terrible movie that you can’t help but like. Like the 13 Warriors, god awful but I’ll watch it every time it’s on cable.

              5. Too awful for me. I could easily be one of the most hated movie critics if I choose to be because of my preferences.

              6. CFC,

                Can’t agree on Devil’s advocate even though I am a big Pacino fan. The combo of Reeves mannequin like acting and Pacino over acting just made it unbearable.

              7. Add in Charlize Theron’s horrible turn as Keanu’s wife and you have a real stinker.

              8. Add in her scene in the church towards the end of the movie and you have a reason worth watching it. :)

              9. The 13th Warrior is a remarkably good movie considering: (1) creative differences with the original director led to Michael Crichton stepping in as director and reshooting major portion of the movie; (2) the dialogue is poorly written and/or directed for much of the movie; (3) the pacing/editing is inconsistent at best; and (4) Antonio Banderas was, without question, a horrible casting decision.

                The movie works because the action/battle scenes work to move the plot along (instead of bogging it down) and convey a sense of brutality and chaos that is mostly believable. However, more importantly, the movie works because Crichton preserved the often reverential view of the heroic ideal from his source material, Beowulf. Like Ibn Fadlan (and the Beowulf poet he represents), the audience experiences an outsiders view of the heroism and sacrifice of Buliwyf (Beowulf), and in so doing, grows to appreciate and admire the nobility, and the simplicity, of heroic ideal which he embodied.

                Or, maybe it is just a fun action movie with Vikings and swords. ;)

              10. Or, maybe it is just a fun action movie with Vikings and swords. ;)
                I think I’m just a sucker for a good Viking movie even if it isn’t that good. How many are there really?

                Lo there do I see my father…

            2. Like I stated earlier:Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure! with the clasic quote“As you can see, Genghis very much enjoys Twinkies because of the excellent sugar rush.”

            3. Great call! And a HUGE surprise to me. When it started, I thought, “Uh-oh, this one’s gonna kill some brain cells.” Turned out to be one of the most fun movies I’ve ever seen.

      2. Great list CfC! Donnie Darko is my favourite, and kudos for understanding what was going on.

        Primer was also fantastic. Amazing what they could do for such a limited budget.

          1. One of the best rock voices of all time. I actually met Ronnie at a convention in New Orleans in 95 and remember thinking “how can a voice that big come from somebody so small?” Great guy too.

            1. Developed the strength in his voice from playing the trumpet and growing up Italian, he was influenced by opera music….

    4. If they ever made a movie of the book “Time and Again” that would blow all those others out of the space-time continuum.

      1. Lionsgate studios optioned the film rights to the novel, with Doug Liman set to direct and produce.

        1. I like Liman, he made Go and Swingers along with the Bourne movies. Not sure how his style will translate to the novel but at least they handed it to a director with a decent resume.

      1. I probably should have read the next several hundred comments prior to posting :).
        And what’s happened to my avatar!?

      1. I mentioned Looper, you have to scroll around to find it but I didn’t love it as a TT movie but thought it was OK as a popcorn flick.

  9. THIS!

    Or, if you’d like a conspiracy theory aspect, someone in the 49ers brass made this happen with an eye to lowering CK’s price.

  10. Barrows has a complete description of the alleged incident. I’ll reserve judgement until the investigation is complete and of course presume Kap innocent in the meantime.

  11. I thought this would lighten the mood a bit. This is from our friends at NFL Memes on FB:

    Breaking News: Colin Kaepernick is currently under investigation for sexually assaulting the Green Bay packers defense.

    Seems legit to me.

  12. Seeing the TMZ photo of Kap? The man is out of his mind on steroids. He has the body of a 60,70 year old weight lifter. Funny what roids does.

      1. Are you kidding me? Like a steroid body is hard to sport?? lol,where you been the last 30 years?
        Those leathery vein popping arms…

  13. When you have all that money and are pumped up on steroids? Life is like one big happy high when things are good…and then when things go bad,its like the whole world is against them paranoia.
    Sound like some athletes other then Kap huh?

    1. I’d have to say no on the dreams unless you are able to alter the future course of ‘real’ events in your ‘dream’ travels. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ‘astral’ travel in respect to the subject.

        1. Altered States? Good movie, time travel movie too you’re right. Good call I’d have to say. Not sure I like it enough personally to put it higher then a top 20 list but it’s a good pick.

  14. CFC
    Looper is a very good time travel movie.
    The original Time Machine is excellent and I like Time after Time.
    Time Rider not so much.

    1. I think Looper is a decent popcorn flick but the TT theory breaks down pretty easily. If you wanted to dispose of the bodies why not build the time machine were a huge lake once was or a pit of lava or something very deadly and just cut the loopers out of it all together?

      1. build the time machine were a huge
        Oops, guess I don’t know the difference between where and were either.

  15. The good thing is that our front office is investigating Brandon Lloyd. That would be the kind of no-holds-barred IMPACT signing we’ve been begging for!!

      1. I’m not totally against the idea of bringing Lloyd in on a 1-year, minimal guaranteed contract similar to what they did with Boston, Moss and Asomugha. At best he’d only be the #3 receiver, but if Crabs or Boldin got hurt he may be a better option than Patton, Baldwin or a rookie as the #2, even after a year out of the NFL (emphasis on “may”).

        Worth a kicking-of-the-tyres kind of look.

  16. Remember two years back when Crabtree was accused of sexual assault and it ended up going away. You never know until you know.

  17. CFC
    Looper is really about the consequence of actions or inactions, The child’s mother is murdered, he has no one and becomes a monster. His mother lives and cares for him and he does not become that monster.
    I love Scfi books and movies, but my rule is I have to give them one big suspension of believe, like the mob having time travel capacity or not simply dumping people in the middle of the Atlantic.

    1. Like a quote I heard from one of my favorite tv shows, “We aren’t just responsible for the choices we do make but also for the ones we don’t”! I work with kids for a living and the ones that have steady , loving , good adults in their lives have a much better change of living good or better lives but still no gurantees.

  18. Kaep continues to show a sheer lack of maturity with this latest incident. Even if nothing happened, he shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. Last off-season he did it of his own accord. This off-season? TBD.

              1. In Grants defense he was referencing another source article with the headline Coach. He changed his when they changed theirs.

              2. Too late. Damage has already been done. It starts with Kaepernick and his choices. Choices that allow these types of media to run with a story without worrying about the consequences if it later is proved disingenuous…

              3. He did not choose wisely. He has tarnished his image and fueled the bigots who slammed him for the tatoos. Scriptural tatoos that appear to be inked on hypocritical flesh that does not walk the walk behind closed doors….

  19. bayareafanatic

    April 10, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Remember two years back when Crabtree was accused of sexual assault and it ended up going away. You never know until you know.

    Bay, Great point! Very true. Until this plays out nobody except the people involved know squat! I for one sense a money grab scenario at work. I really hope its something like that and not something criminal on any 49er’s part. Can’t take anymore.

  20. From reports…she was willing,but that wasn’t good enough,they thought it would be fun to drug her. Something went wrong and she woke up in the hospital. No wonder she filed a report.

  21. I made a joke back in February when the whole Harbaugh to the Browns rumours were in full swing that the front office was secretly hoping for a player to do something stupid and turn the spotlight somewhere else. Culliver, Kaepernick and Patton later… yikes, this off-season has had an above average amount of 49er drama, and we haven’t even made it through April yet!

  22. Even if criminal charges are not brought, Kaep gets a loud boo from me just for putting himself in this position. Boneheaded indeed. Kaep may have just cost himself millions along with a tarnished image.
    I truly expect much better from my starting QB.

    If CK did commit a crime, he should pay the full penalty as handed down by the NFL, 49ers Org, and Miami penal system.
    No free pass if found guilty of any wrong in my book.

      1. Yeah and it doesn’t sound like there was any party or any other people involved. It seems to have started out pretty innocent, although I do not promote the use of drugs and alcohol.

        At least this didn’t happen at a night club or strip club like we’ve seen in other cases. But if a rape drug was used then I fully blame him because he had to have known what was going on. Its not like he was with complete strangers.

        1. Again we still don’t know the situation.

          But just to speculate… Think about the situation. You’re with 2 good friends at their apartment. A girl comes over that you’ve had a past with and probably know well. Why would he leave? It sounds like an everyday situation.

          Again we don’t know the facts. but fun to speculate.

      2. Let’s just say that trying to explain how this women ended up in a hospital without her knowing how she got there raises some suspicion.

        1. Better than finding her in a ditch somewhere. At least someone did the right thing by taking her to the hospital…

          1. Exactly razor. Sounds to me like some guys being stupid (certainly not condoning their stupidity), but when things went pear-shaped they did the right thing.

            1. Assuming of course it was indeed them that took her to the hospital.

              The sticky point is why was she so wasted she can’t remember anything? Was it simply a case of too many shots (and maybe some dope), or was there something else too?

              All speculation at this point.

              1. A dab of PCP on that bowl would explain the physical reactions of the woman in question…..

            2. Did they? We really can’t say one way or the other. Some people have been able to do miraculous things while under the influence of drugs. The girl could easily gone to the hospital on her own and just doesn’t remember doing so.

              1. Maybe. As you say, we can’t know one way or the other.

                Another 49er drama… at least it gives us something other than the draft to talk about.

              2. I’d rather talk about the draft rather the questionable maturity of players and their actions off the field.

          2. Yup Razor.
            Its always much better not being found dead in a ditch. But I believe its medical protocol to examine a person for rape under these circumstances.

            That thought alone is disturbing.

        2. Being super crossfaded on booze and marijuana isn’t explanation enough? I guess it’s more fun to make supposistions from facts not in evidence.

  23. IF and I say again IF, this all somehow turns out to be that Kaep is the victim, that this persons just trying to get a money settlement, or if she’s just a “Fatal Attraction” type of nutcase, are all of you that are saying Kaeps image is ALREADY tarnished still going to feel that way?

    I don’t think we should be judging him by saying his image is tarnished yet, because it’s still possible he’s completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

    1. The fact that he has put his self in a situation in back-to-back off-seasons is enough of a reason to be concerned. He needs to start showing a better sense of judgment.

    2. I can’t speak for anyone else but yes, for me his image is tarnished for being in this type of situation.

      Maybe I’m just disappointed because I’ve known CK since his High School days in Turlock. The kid was a model student.
      But obviously he’s not a kid anymore.

  24. This is why the NFL is best to follow from August till January, then once more at the draft. That’s it. Too many other sports and good things happening right now then to follow this garbage. You guys need a hobby or something. Go outside, play with your kids.

  25. For the moment lets assume that the womwan is truthfull about the Bong( her blood test will show if she smoked) Florida is one of those states where weed is not legal in any form . They still put people in jail for using weed!
    Not good even if Kaepernick is found to be clean.
    You know ,association ,hanging with the wrong folks.

  26. Probably no crime……..definitely stupid for a quarterback that wants 18 million a year to be associated with dope, alcohol, and a woman waking up in a hospital. Smart guys don’t put themselves into those situations.

    Kaepernick is not the same guy that graduated from Nevada a few years ago. He’s too cocky for his own good and this is going to cost him $$$ no matter how it comes out.

  27. Kaepernick says he knows he’s under investigation, but not sure what for because he put on his Beats before they finished telling him.

  28. In other news, San Diego Culinary Academy officials are investigating a woman’s report that she had an “absolutely splendid evening” after consuming a delicious home cooked meal in the company of Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and two other graduates of the “Healthy French Cooking” class.

    The report does not specifically allege the meal was to French Laundry standards, but officials said they were looking into the situation. Smith,who will turn 30 in May, has been taking culinary classes at a community center in San Diego.

    The woman, according to the report, followed an 8 course dinner with a rich Pot De Creme followed by samplings of Creme Brule before going into a blissful sugar coma.

    The police report says the woman “doesn’t ever remember ever having a better meal” and was astonished to discover Alex Smith “left a care package for my mom and did all the dishes, including put away.”

    The report was taken April 3.

  29. This news has been a little overshadowed due to kap, but the niners are looking into Lloyd? what the heck. Idk how to feel

    1. But…but…he’s big…and um, he caught a game winning TD…and he’s big…uh, he could be a deep threat…and he’s big…oh, did I forget to mention that he’s big?

    1. Nice work Jack. You are all over the 49ers news.

      Colvin, Dominique Easley and Brandon Thomas could all be good options for the 49ers to stash away for a year.

        1. Agreed – to make sure you get them. Colvin you might wait to the 5th or 6th and hope the other teams don’t value him that high due to his injury.

          But yeah, Easley and Thomas I don’t think will last much past round 3.

          1. Assuming the investigation is inconclusive due to lack of evidence, how much leverage does the front office gain from this poor decision by Kaepernick?

      1. He has a few flaws in his game. That’s why I’d likely wait more to the 6th (or even 7th) before taking him.

  30. I’m not sold on anything I’ve read. The woman said, “her and Colin have had sex multiple times in the past.” She also stated her and Colin did not have sex.” Miami PD is always reaching to convict someone. The entire story is odd, but I don’t believe anyone will be charged or convicted. And yes KAEP is an IDIOT for putting himself in that position.

  31. People wonder why some athletes hate the media. Well heres a perfect example of why. No where in the police report or the woman’s statement was there a mention of sexual assault, but the media deemed it that. And bad news travels fast. and by 10am this morning there were countless reports of Kap being investigated for “sexual assault” when in reality that is not true. That is how people reputations get ruined, from people opening their mouth before being fully aware.
    On a side note i am disappointed Kap allowed himself to be in a situation like that. I understand he is young and may not have been smoking himself but he was around people who were. When you’e a high profile name like he is you should avoid that. Im not saying to not go out and have fun, but please be smart

    1. I think the other thing that has gone unmentioned is the fact that Patton is involved as well. Kap needs to be a better example for him. Once again we do not know the situation just yet.

  32. Where there’s smoke, there is fire. This is not good. I’m disappointed that Kap would allow himself to be exposed like this. I told this blog at the end of last season that I’m concerned about Kap’s immaturity. The guy is not in the right mindset to be the face of a franchise. He’s entirely too immature to make a 90 million dollar investment in him right now.
    If I’m the Niner front office, I have him play under his current deal and I also draft a QB in the 2nd round. I’d seriously think about trading Kap. As this blog knows, I’m one of his biggest supporters. However, this crap is unacceptable on many levels. What’s going on with this team? These clowns sneed to stay off of the police blotter for at least a month!!
    Kap is looking like every bit of the knucklehead. His image is gonna take a hit either way. The guys waiting for an 18 mil a year contract and he’s smoking pot taking a chance on getting a 4 game suspension. Well it should be obvious that Kap is hardly Russel Wilson. The backward hat, baggy jeans and beat headphones are just the beginning. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This kid needs to mend fences with his mother, close his Instagram account, and get himself a real agent. Oan agent that will insist that he change his image before he’s out of the league.
    Jed York needs to hire Harry Edwards like his uncle did. All Niner fans should remember him. This new generation of Niner players need his guidance!

    1. I hate the fact that you associate a backwards hat with immaturity. Matter of fact how are headphones a sign of immaturity. Many people white black, and yellow wear beats. It’s an endorsement for him. Now as far as the position he put himself in, yes, that’s a sign of immaturity. But the way you dress, that dumb. I guess Bill Belichek is VERY immature. He wears hoodies every where and gives one word answer. Kap put himself in a bad situation. I was in favor of him getting a big contract but no he should play under his current contract. As far as saying he’s immature because of a backwards hat, baggy, jeans, and headphones – that’s dumb. That has nothing to do with the way a person acts.

    2. 23J – Those TMZ scumbags once published a picture of someone they thought was John F. Kennedy on a ship with a bunch of naked chicks. It turned out it wasn’t even him……I wish it was me though.

    3. I happened to know Harry Edwards in college. I was in charge of his dorm the first two years he was at SJS. He’s an amazing guy. I happened to clime over a fence to get into a track meet a few years later. Harry was climbing over the same fence, along with his companions — three very lovely young ladies.

      Harry’s work for the 49ers had nothing to do with establishing moral standards for the players.

      It’s my opinion that you are making moral judgements in regard to Kaepernick that you have no basis for making.

  33. So not a fan of the new draft schedule, should be happening two weeks from tonight yet were a month away.

    1. I keep thinking the same thing…but then I tell myself that the time between the Draft and TC will be shortened, so I feel a little bit better about it.
      At least we have something to look forward to in May for a change.
      OTA’s and minicamps don’t exactly do it for me…

  34. A look back at history – a 2013 list of draft prospects the 49ers were known to have shown interest in:

    Of note, 4 of the guys they drafted had private meetings/ visits (Carradine, Lattimore and Dial) and 1 was a combine interview. They also signed 4 of those guys as UDFAs (Marquardt, Omameh, Okoye and McDermott).

    So what does this tell us? Not much. Just that the guys they end up drafting will probably be a mix of guys they were known to be interested in and some they kept quiet. And that guys they meet with that look like late round/ UDFA types are probably guys they will try hard to sign after the draft if they go undrafted (potential 2014 candidates might be Albert Wilson and Sammy Seamster).

    1. It was pretty well known they had done a lot of background on Reid prior to the draft although he didn’t have a private meeting.

      1. Was it? I don’t recall to be honest. I thought they were linked to him very early on, but then nary a whisper after that.

          1. Oh I’m sure it was – Baalke all but confirmed that afterwards. I just didn’t recall it being well known they did a lot of background checks on Reid prior to the draft.

    2. BTW, Did you see any of the “Catching The Draft” show on NFLN about the 1964 draft?

      They had no time limit for picks and one team took 3 hours to make a pick only to trade him a few days later. Another team sent a doctor to check on a player, during the draft. Crazy stuff.

      1. Sadly we don’t NFL Network here in Australia.

        That’s nuts! I imagine it wasn’t long after that year they started implementing time limits.

        That would have been a golden era for being a scout though – none of this being able to break down coaches film, that would have been all based on scouts’ opinions from watching these guys live and talking to coaches.

  35. where and when and how is Coach Harbaw
    leaving his mark on his starting quarterback?

    mathematics (according to the 49ers):

    MIchael Crabtree + 2 women in a motel

    Colin Kaepernick + 1 woman + 2 guys
    (in an apartment)

    the result?
    distracted football players.
    Do not expect miracles in the postseason, okay?

    1. How exactly can Harbaugh control a player he can’t contact without violating NFL regulations? Think before you post in between scratching those unsanitary places on your body.

  36. So it turns out that tattoo article guy was right all along ! LOL!
    (I’m kidding…..please hold the vitriol).

          1. I concur with Jack. I would have advised either no comment or a short statement, issued through his agent or a publicist, indicating that he has confidence that the results of the investigation by the Miami-Dade Police Department will show that initial media reports mischaracterized the incident, etc.

            1. Although I don’t think his statement will hurt him legally, his use of “completely wrong” and repeated reference to “making things up” likely will come back to haunt him if/when the public learns that some of the initially reported facts were not made up (e.g., the bong).

              A more limited, focused statement like the one proposed by JPN would have served him much better.

              1. His people have put a statement out there. It reads like JPN put it together for them.

                I agree Claude. While it definitely looks as though the nature of the initial reports were untrue something happened and there is in fact an investigation.

              1. Claude hit it on the head above. Even if a criminal or civil case arises from this incident, his statements likely will not have any impact — what usually hurts people are admissions they should not make — but his statements contribute to a growing image of immaturity and petulance.

            2. While I agree that it’s better to say nothing, there is always the chance that the story is completely wrong and if so, I can see why Kap would say what he did. As it stands, the original story from TMZ was refuted by the Miami Police in that there is no evidence of a Sexual assault and no investigation into a Sexual assault has taken place.

              I would imagine Kap has retained a lawyer who will tell him to stay quiet from here on out.

              1. How off the TMZ report was can be disputed. According to a Miami Herald report, after the wowan was brought to the hospital she went through the testing they do for rape victims.

              2. Jack,

                Administering a tox screen and a rape screen is standard operating procedure in the circumstances documented in the police report. At this point, I would not read too much into the fact that the screenings were performed.

                It is the same with respect to SVU leading the investigation. SVUs have the knowledge and experience to determine if a crime of a sexual nature was committed. Thus, in law enforcement departments with an SVU, most investigations in which sexual conduct may be a factor are done by the SVU.

                If the SVU investigation determines that a sexual crime was committed, that unit will retain the investigation; if the SVU determines that insufficient evidence exists to show that a crime of a sexual nature was committed -or- determines that a crime of a sexual nature was not committed, the investigation usually will be transferred to a different department.

                Tox screen results can take up to 4-8 weeks (depending on how many tests for different substances are involved), although this one may be fast-tracked. DNA results can be obtained in 72 hours, but often take as long as seven days. Unless the investigators obtain warrants for DNA samples in the next few days (that would indicate the rape screen found something), the status quo will likely continue for at least a couple of more weeks (with information trickling out).

    1. I guess we should at least be comforted by the fact that he didn’t use the same ignorant statement from the last off-season.

      1. Hammer – I can’t see it until next week, please post a review if you see it this weekend bro……Thanks! …..I’m mocked out man…..need the real thing.

      1. Yes, but you wont like it;

        1. Houston – Blake Bortles
        2. St. Louis – Jake Matthews
        3. Jacksonville – Johnny Manziel
        4. Clevleand – Jadeveon Clowney
        5. Oakland – Greg Robinson
        6. Atlanta – Anthony Barr
        7. Tampa Bay – Sammy Watkins
        8. Minnesota – Ra-Shede Hageman
        9. Buffalo – Justin Gilbert
        10. Detroit – CJ Mosley
        11. Tennessee – Kahlil Mack
        12. New York G – Taylor Lewan
        13. St. Louis – Hasean Clinton-Dix
        14. Chicago – Darqueze Dennard
        15. Pittsburgh – Eric Ebron
        16. Dallas – Stephon Tuitt
        17. Baltimore – Mike Evans
        18. New York J – Kelvin Benjamin
        19. Miami – Austin Seferian-Jenkins
        20. Arizona – Zack Martin
        21. Green Bay – Trent Murphy
        22. Philadelphia – Kyle Fuller
        23. Kansas City – Marqise Lee
        24. Cincinnati – Brdley Roby
        25. San Diego – Ryan Shazier
        26. Cleveland – Derek Carr
        27. New Orleans – Jason Verrett
        28. Carolina – Brandon Cooks
        29. New England – Kony Ealy
        30. San Francisco – Keith McGill
        31. Denver – Chris Broland
        32. Seattle – Odell Beckham

        1. Raiders would be pretty lucky if Robinson fell to them.

          Why are you so into the 25-year-old CB prospect? He’s just a year younger than Sherman.

          1. It’s not a personal like; I wonder if Baalke will try and draft a big CB. If he does I think Harbaugh would convince him that he could turn this kid into the next Richard Sherman. Every report on him uses the word “raw” like ten times but he’s lightning fast for a kid that size and I think he just the kind of Baalke surprise pick we’ve come to expect from him.

            It’s a highly unlikely pick and I’m only superficially defending it, I know it’s a long shot to actually happen.

              1. Probably but I was reminded of last year when the #2 OL went first plus the Rams don’t have a good sense for picking offensive lineman.

          2. A mock with trades will look significantly different. I’m still working on that version, seems to be a bit harder this year to figure out potential trades.

        2. CFC, I would be very disappointed if 49ers pick McGill with the 30th pick. Talk about a complete reach when there are so many better options on the board.

  37. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 49s
    Central Florida RB Storm Johnson (6-0, 210) to visit #49ers on Monday. First reported by @nfldraftscout.

    1. Storm Johnson to visit the 49ers. His youtubes show a power runner with nice body lean. When he makes a move he maintains forward momentum.

      1. 49ers need a new power back, Storm Johnson would seem to fit the need nicely. He’s also got some feature-back potential down the track.

        1. Marion Grice is my pick for a RB. The fact that he can be had in the 4th or later will make him a bigger draft steal then Gore was.

            1. Have any of you guys checked out Andre Williams of Boston College?
              I love him as a 3rd rd pick.
              Power, good speed, forward lean, good blocker, and the best straight arm among all the RB’s coming out.

      1. Crabs, you got it if we get things back together. Still “working through something” myself and haven’t picked up the strat in a while because I’m having problems with my pinkie and ring fingers on my left hand — which is also causing problems with my typing skills, lol. Guess I need to work harder on my rehab.

  38. Have you seen the Canadian lineman that the 49ers are supposedly interested in, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif? He’s the #1 OL prospect in the CFL draft but yet he’s projected as a 3rd or 4th round pick in the NFL. Dude looks like a stud, I wonder if he’ll stay in the North.

  39. RB really has become the redheaded stepchild position it seems. CJ1hitwonder is still looking for a team, while other backs signed for less then punter money. My how things change in this league.

    1. So true. And its such a tough position to have a long career at as well.

      When do you think the first RB will go off the board in this year’s draft?

      1. When do you think the first RB will go off the board in this year’s draft?
        The highest I’ve seen a RB mocked is to the Patriots at #29 and that’s about as high as I would expect one to go.

  40. Don’t know why more people aren’t sold on someone like Verrett. The niner’s road to the superbowl is a hell of a lot easier if it stays on their home field as we’ve seen. That said, that’s two games a season against harvin and austin and to a lesser extent, a game against desean jackson, a game against sproles, a game against welker… Receivers like this have killed the niners before in so much as they are a bend but don’t break defense which makes them susceptible to the one or two splash plays that can change a course of a game. I’d much prefer a verrett like player on an island against a harvin or cobb in the post season allowing brock and culliver to play on the outside with safety help over the top. Verrett has the fluidy and speed to run with these guys along with the strength/recovery speed to jam them off the line. Rogers played the slot without the same type of recovery speed, often lining up off so that he would allow the reception while being in good position to get the stop after the initial gain. I’d be much more inclined to see the niner’s take verrett in the 1st and trade up into the 2nd after the QB rush that’s bound to happen to start targeting players like matthews/robinson/sefaris jenkins/ et al. by giving up a kaepernick like package of a 3/4/5/6 for an additional mid 2nd.

      1. Austin 5’9″
        Cobb 5’10”
        McCluster 5’8″
        Sproles 5’6″
        Desean Jackson 5’10”
        Harvin 5’11”
        Golden Tate 5’10”
        Welker 5’9″
        Kendall Wright 5’10”
        Lance Moore 5’9″

        1. OK well first the only ones on that list that are any good are;


          Second even if you add back in the average players what % of receivers are 5’10” and under in the NFL?

          1. Oops, I also meant to add;

            Third why are you listing receivers and a running back when you are talking about a CB?

            1. I’m writing in response to who the slot corner typically has to cover. Randall Cobb isn’t any good? I’d love to see him on the niners. Tavon Austin hasn’t done a ton but I’d bet he’d be part of the trade up for speed receiver X talk that’s so popular if he were in this year’s draft. Having a shutdown slot guy allows brock to take chances outside going for the ball with help over the top and allows culliver to shadow the larger more physical receivers.

              1. Cobb has been in the league for 3 seasons and has one good one. He was hurt last season but that has to be taken into consideration as well, is he injury prone because of his size?

                Having a shutdown slot guy allows brock to take chances outside going for the ball with help over the top and allows culliver to shadow the larger more physical receivers.

                Not really and none of that has anything to do with the fact that Verrett is tiny which was the crux of this debate.

  41. Is it my computer or is this site getting worse everyday. I log on and the last comments are from 3 hours ago then i click the back arrow and it gets me to a page that is current then i log on again and i’m back to 3 hours ago. There is no pattern to getting to a current page or losing that page and getting an old page.

    1. Boston College has a pretty decent history of producing NFL calibre OL.

      I haven’t watched any of his tape, however, the reports I have read are pretty contradictory. I’ve seen one report saying he really struggles to bend at the knees, move laterally, and break down in space, while CBS seem to think he’s at least passable in this area, and is a great athlete overall.

      One thing reports appear to agree on though is he’s pretty talented, but has a long injury history (sounds like calamity just follows him – shot in the shoulder as a bystander + 2 accidents while riding his scooter) and he might need to switch from the LT position he played in college.

  42. “At 12:32, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the Viceroy (hotel) and transported a 25-year-old female from the Viceroy to the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room,” Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll told the newspaper. Carroll later told The Bee that the Miami Police Department summoned emergency responders to the hotel.” — Barrows

  43. The blog seems to be acting strange.

    “At 12:32, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the Viceroy (hotel) and transported a 25-year-old female from the Viceroy to the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room,” Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll told the newspaper. Carroll later told The Bee that the Miami Police Department summoned emergency responders to the hotel.” — Barrows

  44. My (most likely rubbish) attempt at a first round mock with trades:

    1. Texans: Blake Bortles
    2. Rams: Greg Robinson
    3. Jaguars: Jedeveon Clowney
    4. Browns: Johnny Manziel
    5. Trade – Lions (from Raiders): Sammy Watkins
    6. Falcons: Jake Matthews
    7. Buccaneers: Mike Evans
    8. Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater
    9. Bills: Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix
    10. Raiders (from trade with Lions): Aaron Donald
    11. Titans: Khalil Mack
    12. Trade – Dolphins (from Giants): Taylor Lewan
    13. Rams: Justin Gilbert
    14. Bears: Timmy Jernigan
    15. Trade – 49ers (from Steelers): Odell Backham Jr
    16. Cowboys: Anthony Barr
    17. Ravens: Cyrus Kourandjio
    18. Jets: Eric Ebron
    19. Giants (from trade with Dolphins): Kony Ealy
    20. Cardinals: Dee Ford
    21. Packers: Calvin Pryor
    22. Eagles: Darqueze Dennard
    23. Chiefs: Marqise Lee
    24. Trade – Raiders (from Bengals): Derek Carr
    25. Chargers: Bradley Roby
    26. Browns: CJ Mosley
    27. Saints: Ryan Shazier
    28. Panthers: Zack Martin
    29. Patriots: Ra’Shede Hageman
    30. Steelers (from trade with 49ers): Louis Nix
    31. Broncos: Kyle Fuller
    32. Seahawks: Allen Robinson

    – Lions give #10 + #76 to Raiders for #5. As with last year, Raiders are happy to move down and pick up an extra 3rd.
    – Dolphins give #19 + #48 + 5th rounder for #12 + #74. Dolphins need a tackle and Lewan is the last of the top 3 available.
    – 49ers give #30 + #77 for #15. 49ers move up to get their deep threat and PR/KR. Steelers make this trade knowing they have a number of holes to fill with limited draft picks.
    – Raiders give #36 + #67 for #24 to get their long term QB. Bengals have no glaring needs but could stand to upgrade their depth across the board. This move would allow them to take 4 quality players for depth in rounds 2 and 3.

    I know I’ll get grief over the trade up for Beckham, but that is what I think they will try to do. And no, it isn’t just because I like him as a player (though I really do) – I think he is a perfect fit for this team. So does Bucky Brooks:

    1. Nice job, this is a tough year to come up with trades.


      The Giant’s are in play for Lewan themselves I’d be surprised to see them trade the spot to someone who wants that same player.

      The Lions need to give up more then #76 to get to #5, it’s a 400 point move and #76 is only worth 210points. When you look at the picks the Lions have they can give up #45 and give the Raiders a little extra since it’s worth 450 points or they could offer them #76 plus their 2015#3.

      I’m not sure Hageman fits with the Patriots but that’s probably just me.

      1. Thanks CfC!

        Yeah, the trades are hard. I’ll do my best to give my reasoning to answer your queries:

        – I agree the Giants could (and should) look at Lewan, but this is a team that has had its most successful seasons in recent history through a dominant DL rotation. They’ve lost Umenyiora and Tuck in back-to-back seasons now, and while Damontre Moore showed flashes last year, I think they’ll look at a guy like Kony Ealy in the first who is built similarly to Tuck. They can likely move down to #19 and still get him or Dee Ford. The OT depth is pretty good this year so they can get their OT in round 2.

        – According to the draft trade value chart the Raiders would be the “losers” in that trade, but then the Raiders also “lost” in last years trade shipping #3 for #12 and #42. I think in a deep draft the Raiders don’t mind losing the value chart battle again to get an extra 3rd rounder, especially when it means it gives them more ammo to get back into the tail end of the first to get their QB of the future. And despite signing Tuck, Antonio Smith and Lamar Woodley, the Raiders should still be in the market for a disruptive 3-tech early in the draft, as Tuck and Smith are on the wrong side of 30, but #5 is too early for any of them – they can move back 5 spots and still get their guy.

        – Hageman I think fits the Pats as a penetrating DT that can also hold up against the run, and has some versatility to play across the line.

        1. I think the Raiders are more interested in the players in their slot range and will either stay put or require better compensation then just giving away their pick last like they did last year. Reggie is a clown so you could be right though.

          To me Hageman is a 4-3 DT through and through.

    2. Nice mock.

      The Titans should be thrilled of Khalil Mack fell to 11. Baalke might be calling the Raiders about that 10, need or not.

  45. 32 team mock with trades

    1. Houston – Blake Bortles
    2. St. Louis – Jake Matthews
    3. Oakland(#5, 2015-2nd) – Jadeveon Clowney
    4. Detroit(#10,#45) – Sammy Watkins
    5. Jacksonville – Johnny Manziel
    6. NYG(#12, #43) – Greg Robinson
    7. Tampa Bay – Mike Evans
    8. Minnesota – Ra-Shede Hageman
    9. Buffalo – Hasean Clinton-Dix
    10. Cleveland – Derek Carr
    11. Tennessee – Kahlil Mack
    12. Atlanta – Anthony Barr
    13. Philadelphia(#22, #54&#162) – Justin Gilbert
    14. Chicago – Darqueze Dennard
    15. Pittsburgh – Eric Ebron
    16. Dallas – Stephon Tuitt
    17. Baltimore – Kelvin Benjamin
    18. NYJ – Marqise Lee
    19. San Francisco(#30,#77&#129) – Kyle Fuller
    20. Arizona – CJ Mosley
    21. New Orleans(#27,#91&’15 3rd) – Jason Verrett
    22. St. Louis – Bradly Roby
    23. Kansas City – Zack Martin
    24. Cincinnati – Keith McGill
    25. San Diego – Ryan Shazier
    26. Cleveland – Odell Beckham
    27. Green Bay – Trent Murphy
    28. Carolina – Brandon Cooks
    29. Atlanta(#37,&#103) – Kony Ealy
    30. Miami – Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    31. Denver – Chris Borland
    32. Seattle – Davante Adams

    1. That’s thoughtful, I can see the logic for a number of those picks. I agree that Philly goes Defense. I wonder if SF would have to throw in #129? They didn’t last year for a,similar move.
      One question; Lewan falls out of 1st Round?
      He’s a hoss-and-a-half. I think he would be hard for maybe Miamimor KC to pass on. Just mulling it over, I dunno.

  46. As mentioned on your Dad’s blog about Tim Lincecum’s landlord,people do sometimes lie through their teeth about the athletes.
    Or, I can imagine a movie scene where the star QB is yelling at the other star dor drugging what was a willing girl..”And now what do we do? She’s not waking up!” they rush her to the hospital as the star QB screams “You idiot,how do we explain this? My reputation!”.
    Like maybe Pulp Fiction or those Vegas movies with that fat guy with the beard.

  47. Kap is acting like he is one of the guys when he should be THE guy. You’re the team leader. Now, damnit, act like it. Grow up or move on.

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