Report: Mangini may have become 49ers’ QB coach had Roman left

CSN Bay Area is reporting the 49ers considered promoting Eric Mangini to quarterbacks coach and Geep Chryst to offensive coordinator had another team hired Greg Roman to be its head coach.

If this report is true, what do you think of it?

I think promoting Mangini to QB coach — considering he has no experience coaching quarterbacks and considering how much coaching and development Colin Kaepernick still needs — would have been insane.

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    1. I think the first question would be: “When you considered Mangini’s resume was it his play at nose tackle in college that most lead you to believe he’d be a good fit as the QB coach, or is it his total lack of ever having been at the position before that you like best?”

  1. Why wouldn’t they want a quarterback coach that was a good quarterback at one time? Sounds like a promotion of a “good guy” to the position instead of a “competent guy”. Bummer mentality.

  2. I wouldn’t put too much stock into this report. All it says is that making Mangini the QB coach was “an option for coach Jim Harbaugh’s reshuffling of the coaching staff if the 49ers lost offensive coordinator Greg Roman.” It doesn’t say “preferred option”, “first choice”, or even “realistic option”. We don’t even know how many options were under consideration. Without knowing more, it’s impossible to evaluate how seriously Harbaugh was considering the idea.

  3. You forgot to mention that Mangini is expected to be promoted to a position coach even though Roman is staying.
    I do agree that him getting the QB position would have been nuts.

  4. That move would have made about as much sense as Andy Reid making Juan Castillo (o-line coach) his defensive coordinator. That move was the beginning of the end for Reid in Philly. Eric Mangini somehow continues to make a living off of the crumbs dropped by Bill Belichick’s shadow. I could see it now….

    Mangini: “Alright Colin, it’s time to get busy. Go hit the sled.”

    CK: “Dude, I’m a QB.”

    Mangini: “Would you question Belichick?!?!”

    CK: “I’m not questioning Bill Belichick. Cutting the sleeves off of your hoodie is cute, though.”

    Mangini: “You have a lot of room for improvement.”

    CK: “Why didn’t you get any HC interviewing opportunities this year?”

    Mangini: “You know, I was on The Sopranos.”

    CK: “…………..” *Puts on his Beats by Dre noise canceling headphones.

    This awkward dance would continue until completely falling apart in glorious fashion, at which point the entire NFL would again question why Harbaugh placed the responsibility of developing the franchise’s starting QB on a twice failed, defensive coach who is most famous for ratting out his ex coach for using the same tactics that allowed Mangini himself to receive HC opportunities.

  5. Mic’d up came out Crabtree not looking good after this.
    Sherman went up to him and said hell of a game tried to shake his hand.
    the problem I see we don’t know what was said throughout the game and thats why Crabtree was pissed, or was it the butt tap cause that would have pissed me off.
    Sherman looks bad also for calling Crabtree mediocre at best and spouting off.
    this rival is going to get more intense as these teams continue to get better.
    Go Broncos

  6. And we wonder what’s wrong with Kap…. This crazy stuff
    Is what’s wrong with him. I understand mangini “Supposedly” he long the offense by giving his defensive perspective, but QB coach. Sheesh

  7. To change the subject. I just need to say some things about my father, whom we lost yesterday. He died peacefully in the hospital after months of trying to recover from throat-cancer surgery. My Dad was the most liked man I’ve ever known and he’s the biggest Niner fan I’ve ever known also.

    He went to the very first Niner game at Kezar in 1946. No matter how many dreadful seasons they had through the years, he was always optimistic that “We’ll win it all next year.” And talk about a memory. He remembers all the greats this team has had through the years. From Buck Shaw as a coach, to Marion Motely as a running back, to todays great players.

    My Dad and I would talk a couple of times a week (I live 3 hours from him) about the Niners. Always right after each game, and then later on I’d call him and tell him about all the things that are said here on this blog (not the bickering)about the team. He was 86 yrs. and didn’t know anything about computers or going on line.

    Ive been reading this blog from the very start, but have commented once before. Thanks for allowing me to share some things about my Dad. I miss him a lot.

    1. Thanks for sharing that 57. That’s one way to keep him alive in your mind.
      Man! This has been a tough month for some on this blog. My sister’s mom-in-law just passed away too. Om.

    2. I am sorry for your loss 57, and I have empathy in your situation, people come and go, but Dads stay forever if we are lucky enough. I loss my Father and my Father in law this past month. Grieving comes and goes and it is tough.

      1. My Dad passed about 9 years ago. Not much sadness anymore, I tend to recall fond memories, but Fathers’ Day and his Bday are always a bit empty.

      2. My youngest son and I visited him in South Fla in August and he made several short clips of him joking around. Some days they make me laugh and other times I get choked up, but glad I have them

    3. 57Niners,
      Sincerest condolences.
      It sounds like your Dad was not only a great father, but a great person as well.

      Prayers and thoughts for you and family.

    4. My condolences to you and your family, 57. It’s good that you have wonderful memories of shared times. My dad lived on the other side of the world and died at 66 and I hadn’t visited him for the previous two years. I’m glad you lived closer.

    5. 57Niner,

      Not the same as chatting with your dad after games, but there’s a heck of a lot of discussion (In between all the bickering) that takes place on this blog that we’d love to have you part of.

      Wish you and your family well in your time of grievance.

    6. Thanks for sharing 57.

      I’m sure your dad was a great man and will be missed by many. Ill make sure to send a prayer your way.

      God Bless

    7. 57,
      I’m truly sorry to hear about your loss. I enjoyed the memories you shared, that’s what life is all about. I’ll say a prayer for him and may he rest in peace. Take care.

    8. I feel humbled that you felt you could share that with all of us 57. Sounds like your Dad is the type of person we should all aspire to be. Sorry for your loss and the best to you and your family during this difficult time.

    9. 57Niner it is amazing how much we have in common. My Dads 86 he will be 87 SB sunday. He along with most of his 14 brothers and sisters had season tickets to the 46 9ers. i live closer to my Pops so i’ve been able to watch games with him on a regular basis including Sundays loss. We talk football all the time it got us through some times when we did’nt talk about much [vietnam era] I can only imagine what you are feeling my prayers and thoughts go out to you. God bless you and your family.

    10. Sorry for your loss 57. Today is my dad’s 5 year. Yesterday my mom went in for surgery too involving cancer. I would like to say it gets easier and it has but something definitely is lost with their parting. Hold strong, remember the good days and know that you’ll meet one day again. Take care bro.

    11. 57niner, I am very sorry about your loss. I wish you and the family strength in this difficult time. We are here Faithful

      1. 57 Niner ,lost my dad 14 years ago.Some of my fondest memories were going to Kesar as young boy with him and rooting for the 9ers,and conversely we shared a sad sad day at the the Stick when Staubach came off the Cowboys bench and knocked us out of contention for a championship.We were together in the ecstatic rapture induced by the “Catch”.We had our ups and downs like fathers and sons do.In the end there was a deep bond and yes some of the most poignant aspects of that were as 9er faithful!I still miss him but funnily enough he always seems present when I address him in my “heart”- right now I can hear say “go niners”.I hope you keep your Dad close always!

    12. Sorry to hear about your loss 57. Sounds like your father had a long full life. It’s hard to celebrate a life well lived while grieving but I hope you find a way to recall memories with fondness instead of sadness sooner rather than later. Prayers.

  8. What’s troubling to me when you look at next year is where to begin. Do we address team wide issues and focus on our long term cap health, or do we look at where we failed versus the Seahawks and try to build a better mousetrap to beat them specifically.

    Arizona held Lynch to 3.9 a carry, contained the smurf and rushed for 140.

    versus SF Lynch averaged 5.0 a carry and our running backs rushed for 32.

    Based on that info, where do you start? And before you say that these stats are an anomaly, remember that three games back versus the Hawks Gore rushed for 16, two games back he rushed for 28.

      1. I would say if they convert one of the field goals into a td, they win at least two more games and the nfc championship this year.

      2. I would say if they convert one of the field goals into a td, they win at least two more games and the nfc championship this year. Red zone offense.

      3. Deezy,

        Eliminate the 3 points Seattle got after the first int and the end of game situation is probably completely different.

        The turnovers were the difference in the game.

      4. I have to disagree jack..Aldon jumping off sides,on fourth and seven was key..That free play resulted in a td..instead of just 3 points..When kap threw the td pass over earl thomas to boldin..We regained the lead 17-13..Then special teams let Baldwin or tate put them in favorable field position..leading to a td..The defense and special teams just couldn’t hold them off at “key moments”..Seattle’s tds came from poor tackling and coverage..couldn’t tackle lynch,aldon jumping offsides,reid and whitner letting baldwin get behind them during russell scramble..

      5. That 4th and 7 play stings the most..cause haushka was gonna attempt a field goal try…but let me goback to the luke wilson play on fourthand forever.To set up that fourth and seven..That was huge..a stop would result in a points given..that’s 7 the defense gave away Jack

    1. Well when you take away Lynch’s 40 yard run… jk.

      The 9ers have 6 picks in the first three rounds, this is what I would like them to do with those picks in no particular order.

      Draft 2 receivers. One big guy, at least 6’3 and another really fast one. By picking two the up their chances of getting an impact player.

      Draft 2 corners. The craze in the NFL are big corners. If the 49ers want to follow suit, I’m fine with that. Nebraska has a big receiver turned corner that is doing well in the Senior Bowl. Also by drafting two the better their chances of an impact player.

      Draft a center. Draft the best run blocking center on the board. They need a walking pancake maker that can move the big DTs out of the way, a guy that wont need help from the guards in run blocking.

      Draft a safety. Whitner had his best season as a pro and he is still in his 20s. He is going to get paid a lot and the niners won’t afford him. I don’t expect him giving a hometown discount.

      4th round and beyond: Hopefully a lot of these picks were used in trades. I expect a QB to be taken and probably a guy that got hurt like Oklahomas CB that just tore his ACL. Heck draft another WR too, like Cody Hoffman from BYU. He is 6’4 and broke all of the school’s receiving records.

      1. I like the way you think. Goodwin was on the light side.
        We still need a cb to play the slot. A tyrann mathieu type.
        Doesn’t Florida State have a monster sized wr? The guy that caught the game winning td against Auburn?
        I also think we need a bigger back to back up gores replacement.
        We need DT help, safety and lb. Time to find willis ‘ s eventual replacement.

    1. Ive said it before. I hate those hawks but Wilson is without question a class-act and hope the best for him.

      But regardless….Go Broncos!

    1. Brodie i never thought that Tomsula would jump from position coach to HC. My concern is one of the new HC’c hires him as their DC.

  9. I actually think that Roman is staying put. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone wants him. His passing offense is broken ranked bottom of the league. This group hasn’t shown the ability to develop wide receivers either.

    To bring in someone ( Mangini ) to work with Kaepernick as a QB coach on the surface tells me that they are admitting that the system needs work. Does that mean they tweak things or is an overhaul of the offense needed?

    1. Unfortunately Roman will be here for a long time, let’s put it another way, if Harbaugh quit tomorrow, no freaking way would Jed hire Roman as the head coach.

    2. It baffles me that a team with Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin would rank in the bottom of passing offense. I guess Crabtree was gone most of the year but teams are doing a lot more with less.

      1. Nope, not the receivers. It’s the growing pains of the QB. He should improve next year, but let’s see. Sure hoping for that.

      2. it’s the QB but also the offensive philosophy of Harbaugh and Roman that lead to a bottom ranking passing game.

      3. Dude, the thing is……we dont have ANYONE after those 3 !!!!! And one dude was missing most of the year. We only lost 2 games all year in witch we had 2/3 of those guys (N.O. and SEA on sun) VD left or missed SEA wk 2, CAR and IND.

        Patton is a nice 3, 4, 5 on the depth chart, but he missed most of the year too.

        The WR suck as a group because of the lack of depth or even one guy that can stretch the field ( vernon Davis is the only legitimate deep threat )

      4. Dude, I agree with you that this is a system issue. Our passing attack is not creative and aggressive except in the NFC championship!!! Colin is not a polished QB yet and still learning. We start with a team that only had A Boldin and VD. Crab and Patton were out most of the year and still do not have the same chemistry with CK. Also as much as i love VD, he struggles when teams play physical football and hit him. Passing production is a multi dimensional issue here.

        By the way to my opinion the following teams have better receiving options than the 49ers:

        . Denver Broncos: Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Jacob Tamme, Joel Dreessen, Julius Thomas

        -Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas,Tony Gonzalez

        - Green Bay Packers: Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, James Jones, Jermichael Finley

        -New Orleans Saints: Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Joseph Morgan, Nick Toon, Jimmy Graham

        -Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, James Casey, Zach Ertz

        -New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Brandon Myers

        - Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Zach Miller (Percy and Sidney did not play but look at what Doug, Tate and Keerse have done in a run heavy offense with huge plays! Doug Baldwin is their number 4 receiver!!! god help us when they have Harvin and Rice healthy with Tate and Doug. they all have big game experience and can contribute.

        -Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten, James Hanna, Gavin Escobar

        - Indianapolis Colts: Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener

        -Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts, Rob Housler

      5. Part of the problem is the current limitations of the QB and the 49ers ball control running philosophy. I would imagine their yardage is near the bottom, but pretty good yards per attempt.

        Most of the problem is lack of WR speed. Colin’s strength is throwing far and fast, but the WR corp is more suited to short/mid range passing. We have a mad bomber with no deep targets. (Imagine Montana surrounded by speed burners in a system that rarely used mid and short timing passes. )

        The Jenkins pick set the team back two years in terms of developing a consistent deep threat.

        Davis is fast, but he’s a TE that runs a limited number of routes. Crabtree and Boldin are not speed burners. Patton is still developing.

        The 49ers rarely throw to backs. Gore and Hunter can catch, but their catching radius is small and CK does not have the short range accuracy. Lattimore was a fantastic receiver but I wonder if CK will ever develop the short range touch to take advantage of his skills.

      6. By the way dude i did not even include Chicago with their two stud big and physical receivers that had over 1000 yards and their TE Bennett or Detroit!

      7. Brodie, you nailed it! I hope to god this coaching staff is planning to incorporate passing to the running backs to stretch the defense and neutralize the pressure on the QB! Why not work with CK to throw touch passes over the LB to LMJ, Kendall Hunter and Lattimore! Latti was a great receiving in the College and he has excellent hands. We need to add this new dimension to our passing. We could have used it against seattle in the NFC championship.

      8. We used to Alex Smith Mr. Check-Down, remember? I recall that he through to the Gore in the Seattle game at home last year. I recall he passed 18 for 19 in the AZ came, and a lot of those were short yardage passes.
        Kaepernick can only see half the field, has no touch on short passes so he can throw any screen passes.
        Eventually teams figured that out, and just stacked 8 in a box to stop Gore.
        Kaep three that deep in route to Moss a few times last year. We rarely saw that this year.

    3. I think you’re right on the money. Plus Harbaugh does not part with his “guys” so easily. Kyle Williams anyone? I can’t believe I’m typing this, but what about Chudzinksi? Did some good work in Carolina before becoming the Browns whipping boy…

      1. Dude, YOU MISSED THE POINT ENTIRELY!!!!!! Our top 3 IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Its the bottom 3 (3-6)!!!!!
        VD is a TE, so in reality, we only had 1 NFL caliber WR most of the year ( AB). And we have zero WR’s that can stretch the field.

        In fact, we dont even have 5 WR’s !!!!!! Thats the problem, we cant even go 5 wide without using TE’s and RB’s !!!!!!

        We have AB, crabb and QP. Crabb and QP both missed most of the year!

        AB was the ony NFL CALIBER wide receiver on the team for most of the season!!!!!!!!!

      2. Yep since the bottom three receivers of any team really make a difference… I bet 2% of receiving yards go to them. I know we were missing our best WRs for most the season but when they came back the passing game still wasn’t lighting it up. Like I said, name 5 teams with a better top 3. I don’t think Kaep is much of the problem, sure he can go through reads a little better but I think the passing game has no design to it. It’s all vanilla and easy to defend.

      3. Teams with a lot less than Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis have better passing attacks than the 49ers.

        I’m not saying he won’t get there, but the team needs Kaep to at least become an average NFL passing QB. With his legs and defenses stacking the box against the run, this should be a lot easier than it would be for a stationary QB w/ no running game.

        When you factor in Crabtree, it’s hard to argue that there are many top 3 receiving options in the NFL that surpass those 3.

        Before blaming Roman, we’d have to see what an average passing QB would do with those 3… even one as crappy as Josh McCown looked elite w/ Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett.

  10. anyone wanting to start checking out draft prospects….check out

    its a nice site with position by position rankings as well as overall, mock etc

    it will also give you height/ weight witch is crucial for my evaluation, since we need tall WR’s to get past the tall secondary of Seattle.

    1. I thought this was a pretty good analysis. Interesting that he did not mention anything about depth at qb. This is something we are hearing a lot of the local media spouting about – drafting a viable qb to push/possibly replace Kap into the future. I like Kap, I think he will only improve and I like the many possibilities that exist with the 12 picks the 9ers have to work with. Should be an exciting off-season…

    1. Despite losing three huge games in three years, this coaching staff has one of the best winning record in the NFL so i am very happy to see this team staying together for development of our offense and our young QB.

      I wish somebody in the media would ask Jim H if he is planning to work with CK this offseason on his throwing mechanics as well as some of the WR/RB on routes/accuracy and soft touch passes.

      Also, it would be nice if we could ask him what is his vision for Colin’s improvement as a complete QB in the near future and how can he continue to improve over last season?

      1. yes but he can tell him to consider working in that area. also if you ask what he can improve on, he is forced to come up with something sense everyone has the opportunity to improve!

      2. Great point on working with the RBs. At one point around mid-season I thought I remember some talk about Kap working on hitting the ‘check downs’ … there were a few instances later (even in the last drive on 4th & 2 to Gore) in the season where he went to it but I think that this is definitely an area they can improve on.

  11. Kap won’t improve until he meets his Birth mom and hears her story.
    But Kap is a FU guy. Kap is the kind of guy who won’t forget and wont forgive. He will carry all this baggage with him where ever he goes. It feels safe and secure caus it’s all he knows. The problem with all this baggage as a QB is that it gives you tunnel vision. You don’t see the whole field. You play tight jaw because you are the FU guy. FU is your motivation. FU works great for single tasked players. A QB needs to bring more to the table and FU is a distraction.
    When the media asks too many personal questions, CK says FU and now he just gives the bare minimum in answers. When people asked about his tattoos, he started to kiss them as a FU. He even mocked Cam Newton as a FU
    When people said you can’t throw to Sherman, Kap says FU, of course I can.
    When Kap played last year, he wasn’t much of a FU guy. He was more of a ‘Yes Coach, I can do that-guy’, as a result he was able to play more relaxed. Now that he is back as the go-to-guy and feels more constraints, he’s back to being the FU guy.
    If he meets his Birth mother, he might be able to see the whole story, not just the narrow narrative he carries with him. It would open the whole field…………………..
    He’ll find out how his birth mom took care of him.
    That she was 19, unmarried and nearly broke when she gave him up. She cared for him for five weeks while she looked for an adopting couple who were (A) set for money, (B) had other kids and (C) loved sports.
    WOW Kap. You wouldn’t be where you’re at right now if it wasn’t for you Birth Mother!!!
    If you were to meet her, it might open up a whole new world for you.
    Don’t do it for me, or the other 9er and Kap fans, but do to show some humanity.
    Unless you want to stay the FU guy for a little longer and not see the whole field………

    1. Golly. Where to begin? I find this rude and presumptuous. Whatever your media-filtered impressions of Colin might be, this over analyzes his psyche and you have virtually no information to go on. Its quite shocking to me that you would speculate on all this stuff.
      We live in a land of free speech, but how about if we don’t talk about each other’s intimate family details and deepest, most personal feelings. The fame that comes with a professional sports career does not give the public unlimited license to invade an individual’s privacy, imo.
      I’m a (happily) adopted orphan and thus have my own feelings and experiences, and yet I would never presume to know that heart and mind of another unique, sentient adoptee. I think you’ve over-stepped.

      1. Gee Brotha, sorry to hit a nerve.
        Your strong reaction kinda proves my point that there are strong emotions inside a adoptee that are carried with him and can become a hindrance to see the whole picture.
        My focus was on him being a FU guy and how that is holding him back, are you saying that is not true? The way he treats the media is not the way other QB treat the media. No I don’t need to know everything about his life, but he won’t even say much about football
        His parents and birth mom have met in private. Kap does not. Will not and want not . Tell me what that is all about. He’s able to meet little kids to put a smile on little boys faces, but not on the woman who had all the best intentions for him?
        Brotha, I’d really like to know because I was not adopted.

      2. Absolutely agree with Tuna. Whatever on earth makes you think you’re qualified to say what’s going on in his mind?

        He’s had his whole life to sort out how he feels about being adopted. Neither you nor I can say what he thinks about it, and to suggest that it’s holding him back is ludicrous.

        There was a point last year where certain elements in the media were trying to push him to meet his birth mother. It was inappropriate then, and it’s inappropriate now. It’s his choice alone. If he does, it will be at a time and place of his choosing. Colin made it clear that he didn’t want to do that now, and that should be the end of it. Others who know him have suggested that he would see it as a betrayal to the mother who raised him, which is not an unusual view for an adopted child to hold.

        Respect his privacy on the matter.

      3. >>My focus was on him being a FU guy and how that is holding him back, are you saying that is not true?

        Kaep has accomplished more in his professional life than you, I, everyone else on this board including the host, combined. If there is anything holding him back from further success, it is well beyond what blog armchair psychologists such as yourself can contemplate.

    2. Deephiant that is possibly the most ridiculous post i have read on this site in the approx 5 years i’ve been hanging out there. To describe as anything more than ridiculous is a complete waste of time.

      1. Are you saying that athletes are only ruled by their ability to compete? Are you saying that the mind and emotions don’t play a part in how a person performs?

      2. Of course he isn’t saying that emotion is irrelevant. He’s saying that your conclusions lack any basis whatsoever.

      3. This is right up there with the guy, a couple seasons back, who claimed Alex Smith’s choice of car was a window into his defeatist mind-set.


        Dee, you must watch too much reality TV.

    3. I agree with the commenters to this post–but hell, I’ll try ANYTHING at this point. If finding his mom has a 0.001 chance of helping him make better reads, study on the sideline, act like a winner… let’s go get her! I’ll drive.

    4. Dee, your comments are very personal and inappropriate because you do not know the man!!! If I understand you correctly, you are just stating that its not healthy to keep everything inside and walk around with a huge luggage from past experiences that hurt you as a person. And its important to face fears, anger and people that did not believe in you in order to heal. I agree with that belief and there is nothing wrong with that statement but you don’t know the man personally so how can you make such personal comment!

      1. Chicago,
        Yes you sum it up nicely. I do not know the man personally, but I have seen him at pressconferences now and when he was just an aspiring QB. I’ve seen him pretend to kiss his tattoos, I’ve seen him mocking Cam Newton and then again see him tighten up at the pressconference.

        So let me ask you and everyone else for that matter, why does he not want to meet the one person that made sure he was taken care ?
        What’s holding him back?

      2. Dee not sure. People face and deal with things differently. You might be right but i do not know him as a person so can not judge base on his interaction with media.

      3. Chicago,
        I never met Aldon Smith. Never saw him drunk, never seen him smoking. People here were all over him to go to rehab for something he did in his personal life. He was pretty good on the field while he was partying. Wasn’t affecting his play or so it seems. Didn’t stop people from making comments about what he should do and where he should go.
        Sometimes we can see from the outside BECAUSE we don’t know the person.

  12. So all of this press about Kap already back to work at 49ers HQ begs the question:

    What exactly is he working on? I sure hope it’s film study, footwork, pocket presence instead of wind sprints with a parachute behind his back.

    Man, if Kap can become lethal in the pocket it’s over for the league. Badly waiting for this to happen.

    1. Just we do not know Exactly what Kap is working on. Don’t listen to everything you hear. I am positive he will be working on his passing mechanics. After all mastering the passing game is what any QB should be striving to achieve. He will get better next season.

  13. Unbelievable. Here’s a team which went 12-4 in the regular season. Won two playoff games, came within inches of going to a second straight Super Bowl; and so many of you bloggers want to get rid of the QB, fire the offensive coordinator, and pretty much tear up the team. Amazing.

    The fact is, all NFL and College head coaching vacancies have been filled and nobody from the Niners staff is leaving. I suppose one of the new coaches might go after Geep Chryst to promote him to the offensive coordinator and Harbaugh will have to let him go, but chances are good that this coaching staff will come back intact. In fact most of the team will be back, and with the extra draft pick from KC (thanks Alex!), the Niners should be able to field a much improved team in 2014. Don’t forget we had what amounted to a couple of Red-Shirts (Carradine, Lattimore) from last year’s draft who will contribute in 2014.

    Thank God this Blog does not represent the views of a majority of 49er fans and more importantly the views of the 49er brain-trust. Grant has learned from the master (his Dad) on how to create imaginary controversies to generate blog hits and keep his bosses happy; and there is no denying he is doing a great job at it. But, I am sure Jed York, Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke and Paraag Marathe are not going to make organizational decisions based on views expressed in the media. the surest way to destroy an NFL franchise is to let the media influence your decisions.

    Go Niners.

    1. Rick, As a faithful that has been supporting this team it has been very tough to watch this team get so close and fail! It hurts to see this team come so close and make bone headed mistakes. However i agree with you about all the drama. We are lucky to have a team that has been competitive for the past three years and every year they came up just a few plays short of winning the big game. I just want to see them to finish the job while we have the talent. GO NINERS

  14. I do not wish for Colin to become this spineless QB and what we had come to know as a mr check down. I just want him to be more balanced and add to his skill set and he will.

      1. I disagree. its all about balance and taking what the defenses give you however if you do not challenge the defenses and take risk sometimes then your offense can suffer. You must be able to throw the ball deep, intermediate and short. If Colin works on adding some of the short soft touch passes into his game he will be far superior than what we had before. I am not worried about CKs intelligence he just needs to get more strategic when he is playing QB and less emotional.

    1. So the season is over. Emotions died down from last week. Now we reflect on the season, determine where are weak links are and how we can affect those areas within the parameters of our cap situation.

      Before you can assess weaknesses though, some big questions come up.

      WR and TE – Why are receiving weapons not named Boldin, Crabtree and Vernon unproductive? Did we draft poorly? Does this staff know how to evaluate receiving weapons and or develop them once they bring them in? Is our system not receiver friendly? Does our QB not trust new receivers? Does our system dictate who the ball goes to and our coaching staff isn’t giving “others” ample opportunities?

      Offensive line – Are these guys really as good as they are on paper? I look at key short yardage situations versus good defenses and we rarely are successful. In fact we rank near the lower half in the league in that category. Which leads to more questions. Is it Gore? Is he not big enough to move the pile. Was it the loss of Bruce Miller? Is it the predictability of the play calling? Or more specifically, are some of our guys under performing in their individual matchups? Are we not running wide enough? I think somewhere Bob McKitrittick is looking down on us saying, “go a bit smaller and more athletic”.

      QB and the System
      I draw parallels between Kaep and Cam. Cam’s first year he lit it up. His 2nd year he stunk it up. This year for a period Cam was being mentioned as an MVP candidate. This makes me optimistic that some of Kaeps short comings were building blocks that our offense will build off of next year. There are definitely some concerns though and I don’t know if they are QB limitations or system limitations.
      Several times this year we’ve seen Kaep look to a certain spot with the ball and if that receiver isn’t open, the play stalls. No big deal right? Wrong because when guys like Hammer pull up the tape, it shows that other guys were open. Brings up a ton of questions. Is Kaep being over coached to hit his first progression? Is he not confident in his second or third read?
      I like V-Mac. This last week he ran a drag, Kaep his him. V-Mac turned it upfield, switched the ball to his outside arm and punished a DB. I loved it. It’s the first time they called a creative play for VMac all season. I saw his face up close on that catch. The moment is not too big for this kid. He’s fiery.
      I like Patton. I like him a lot. There was a game in which a D lineman hit Kaep and laid on him. Patton came up and laid a lick on the guy to get him off of his QB. I love that fire. In the playoffs Patton finally got his first opportunity to make a play when Crabs came out injured versus Carolina. He got open, caught the ball and took a lick and hung on. I loved it. Then nothing……..

      A good offensive coordinator will use his tools. Not just his wrench and his hammer, but all of his tools. If you want to build a masterpiece, you need your screw driver, your chisel, your sander, your centerpunch, some sandpaper.

      I’ve seen enough of this system that I know that we use different variations of the same thing. We are taco bell. Everything on their menu has the exact same ingredients, they just wrap it up differently and give it a different name. We need new ingredients.

      Vertical threat? Other than VD, we didn’t have one. That’s a failure. I understand that we don’t throw screen passes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw to a back out of the flat. Failure. Not creating special plays to get the ball to someone other than Crabs, Davis, Boldin. Failure. All off season we were left with the lasting memory of the Crabtree low percentage fade pass play in the superbowl. This year we are left with the Crabtree low percentage fade route versus the best CB in the NFL. I am left with one conclusion. Roman and Harbaugh called the play and forced that matchup. It’s the matchup they wanted. Leaves me with one last question. Is our passing game broken because of our offensive Coordinators lack of understanding and lack of creativity? Could that be the reason why in spite of so much team success and so many coaching vacancies, no one offers him a job?

      On to the draft I guess. Unfortunately I think we are left with more questions than answers.

      1. Bayarea how does a team with that many question marks win 14 games and come within an eye lash of going to the SB. I believe there are 2 major question marks for next year. Will CK make major improvements in the pocket? Like you i question whether this O line can win the individual match ups when playing top D’s. Other than those 2 areas i believe the team needs some minor adjustments here and there but nothing major.

      2. >>I draw parallels between Kaep and Cam.

        I hope not. Before Kaep got his choking opportunity, Cam choked even bigger. Talking coach into a QB sneak he couldn’t pull off? Throwing game ending 4th qtr int? Having a higher rated defense than the Niners at his back? Doing all this in the friendly confines of his own house?

        Big time choker, right Grant?

      3. The major weakness is the philosophy and scheme..Game changing Wide receivers would make the scheme easier to execute..cause the pass game aint respected..Get a big fast sure handed wideout and the coverage will go rite along with him..thus helping the run game..Our secondary just seems to give up the big plays..2011-eli hits Mario over brock on 3rd and 15? 2012-Made Flacco look like Johnny u out there..2013-fourth and seven smh? How do u let a receiver get behind you?

      4. “We are taco bell.” Awesome.

        Good stuff Bay and I completely agree. I can only hope at this point if they are going to stick with Roman that he opens it up a lot more next season due to Kaps next step in his development.

        Btw…i love taco bell….volcano nachos are so good.

      5. The reason “we are left with the Crabtree low percentage fade route” is simple. Instead of throwing to a wide open Patton the QB chose to go elsewhere. That’s on Kaepernick, not the coaches.

      6. Jack,
        you provide a lot of good technical breakdown for this room. I enjoy reading it. But don’t get to a point of being a know it all. You have no idea where Kaep is coached to go with the ball.
        Like I said, they created to formation to get that exact look. Unless you were in a room with Roman, you don’t know that the coaches didn’t want him to take that shot.
        Earlier in the week Cosell said that based on that look that was the correct throw. I’m not going to put you down and say you don’t know more than Cosell, but I’ll say this, none of us know except Kaep, Roman and Harbaugh….
        What I do know is this, it was a bad throw it was a bad play selection if it was meant to go after Sherman and IMO a timeout should have been called the moment Vernon caught the ball. But we haven’t managed out timeouts well all season so why should we begin now….

      7. Bay @ 10:14 am:

        But don’t get to a point of being a know it all. You have no idea where Kaep is coached to go with the ball.

        Bay @ 8:35 am:

        I am left with one conclusion. Roman and Harbaugh called the play and forced that matchup.


      8. I am left with one conclusion. You are delusional Bay. You would rather swop out all the receivers, coaches, offensive line, and think that will solve all our problems, when the solution is simple: Kaep just has to play better in the pocket. He has to stop being a running QB. Steve Young said it’s hard.
        Kaep is the luckiest mofo in the world to be on a good team with good coaches and you rather burn everything down and start over with your chosen one when it is now clear after two seasons that he has a lot of work ahead of him.

      9. the progressions on the play for Kaep were: single high safety means the middle of the field closed so look outside to your primary receiver (most likely Crabtree). Crab had one on one coverage and QBs are taught to attack one on one coverage.

        The better analysis would have been:

        to know that you still have 28 seconds and 2 -timeouts.

        ID Cover 3.

        attack the back side flat for positive yardage

        increase your chances to throw a TD with a shorter field while still having time on the clock.

      10. Jack thanks for providing the pics but how about if the head coach specificly called that play and wanted CK to go to Crabtree on the last play? Regardless he should have either thrown the ball just a foot deeper or selected Patton or the RB as options.

      11. Chicago,

        The pics were only provided because there was a request for them. 2 Pro Bowl QB’s have questioned the decision. I’ll leave it at that.

      12. Kaep makes a good read (outside of game situation context)

        From a strictly X’s and O’s stand point (outside of game situation context) Kaepernick’s read on that last play was good. He got single coverage on his primary receiver all the way into the endzone . If it were the middle of the third quarter, sure go for it. Kaep’s simply looking outside (because single high safety coverage initially dictates middle of the field closed) at his primary receiver and sees 1 on 1 coverage. usually if you see one on one coverage you throw that pass.

        But the Niner coaches should do a better job of continuing to give Kaepernick the big picture (game situation) and remind him to be patient (because you have some time and 2 time outs). They should have continuously told him all game to remember that the Seahawks run primarily Press Man Cover 3 which will leave the weakside flat open on many plays. That way he spends less time reading the coverage and looking for an open receiver; especially when the primary receiver is covered or the pocket begins to breakdown. Kaep loves to make big plays. He just needs to be reminded that he doesn’t always have to try to make/force the big play.

      13. Jack:

        2 Pro Bowl QB’s have questioned the decision.

        Yeah, but Greg Cosell said it was the correct decision, so it cancels out.

      14. Bayareafanatic you are in serious denial or just completely oblivious to football in general. The player (QB) makes the decisions as to where the ball goes. Every play has an option, sometimes 3. Your hero decided against logic and went after Sherman who was not tested all game. Then he decides to challenge him at the worst possible time? Dumb.

      15. Allforfunplay, i agree that is one area that CK needs to learn. Just to be more balanced and not always trying to make the big play. Balance would be great

      16. claude,

        my whole point of my (as usual) excessively long post was that “the correct read” is also influenced or dependent on the game situation.

        One on one coverage is what Kaep was looking for and he got it and went for it. was that the correct read? sure, when your up or down by 7 or so and it’s the middle of the 2nd or 3rd quarter. but when you’re driving down the field with 2 timeouts and 28 seconds left? No, you make the safe throw, gain some yards and increase your chances of throwing a touchdown on later plays.

    2. How can any of the receivers show any potential when Kaep would rather run then throw? He did that all year. He had a wide open Baldwin but instead would rather take off and run.
      Why would any receiver not named Boldin bother to run their route? Kaep never gave them a chance.

      1. Jack i agree, I believe that just the fact that the coaches drew up a play that resulted in Patton being wideopen means the coaches did their job. CK admitted that he made a presnap read and did’nt look for anything else. He did’nt make the best choice and he took responsibility. contrary to what Grant believes some QB’s have great vison and some do’nt and teaching vison is not easy and just ca’nt be done with some players. Its no different for RB’s F. Gore was born with vison it was’nt learned and no matter how hard he works at it A. Dixon will never have Gore like vision.

      2. old coach,

        I think Harbaugh like’s Kaepnerick’s aggressive big play nature. But I think the coaches need to be in Kaep’s ear to give him the big picture/game situation. The Hawks run predominately press cover 3. which means the flats (especially the weakside) will be open. So there are times (like the last play) where he needs to be reminded that there is no reason to force the ball down the field.

      3. Fan, Because thats their job to run the route regardless if the QB runs or throws! This is football which requires for all 11 players to work together or something is going to go wrong. Colin made many mistakes but is silly to blame everything on his running. Colin alone carried 49ers in Seattle for the first half with his running and then marched the team to the red zone with a chance to take them to Super Bowl. Did you forget what the Seahawks did to Brees in Seattle how he looked! How come Brees could not do anything on the offense and had bunch of turn overs? Drew Brees is a great pocket passer and he is in a great system and surrounded with great weapons and coaches.

        I do agree that Colin cost us the game with his three turn overs but come on man don’t allow your dislike blind you.

      1. Calling for Romans dismissal is the same as calling for Harbaugh’s firing. Its Harbaugh’s offense. Harbaugh hired Roman and has chosen to keep Roman. The plays run through Harbaugh and he could change them if he wants. I assume Harbaugh is very involved in offensive game planning during the week. I just do’nt understand the logic of those who are calling for Roman’s job but they do’nt mention firing Harbaugh.

      2. Coach, calling for Romans dismissal is ignorant. Like you said, everything goes through Harbaugh from the game planning to the call into Kaepernicks helmet.
        Maybe its time to start looking at the players and their failure to execute the play call.

      3. The offense needs to change regardless..and to think everything is fine and dandy is delusional..If u design your offense around a 30yr old rb,a 33yr old possession receiver without speed, a soon to be 30yr tight end that needs the ball on the numbers or one on one coverage..And when that running back cant get goin..The offense goes to hell..Something is wrong..When u have no counter answer or counter attack to no running game something is wrong..when u come up with headscratchin sequences of plays at the most inopportune time..Something is wrong

      4. Let’s look at how the Offense was running before the switch. We’re talking strictly scheme. There were a lot of underneath passes, almost too much. They guy before CK had a big 620 game where the team passed for 300 and ran for 300. Then the guy before CK went 18-19, taking what the tough AZ gave him.
        The Offense changed to include the read option with Colin, and his big play ability. It went away from the check downs, and the progressions, and calling two running plays in the huddle.
        It was all one read, big throw with the deep 20 yards passes. Teams adjusted. And now the one read is now there. While there is a lack of the vertical without Moss, there are still guys underneath now that have been open all year, but the QB does not want to make that throw, doesn’t want to be a game manager. He wants to make big plays. Steve Young is friends with Randall Cunningham, and he said that’s what Randall would always say to defend the way he plays, “Steve, I’m a playmaker.”
        That’s what Colin is hearing, that’s why he got on all those magazine covers.
        So yeah, if you want a playmaker and exciting runs and laser passes in the regular season, then that’s what Colin will give you. But it’s only going to get harder and harder to advance in the post season if he doesn’t change. Especially now that there are so many good defensive teams in the NFC, starting with the Seahawks.
        It’s amazing despite the limited offense the Niners still almost got to the SB.

      5. Deezybee i believe we need to start looking at the O line. In the seattle game they were getting blown off the ball and that was’nt the only game it happened.

      6. Fan this was your best post:) and yes we need balance. Coaches must work with CK to understand the game situation and make the right decision to help the team win the big game. We can not just go for big plays or just play mr check down offense. Why not have both options.

      7. Fan-playmaker is not a bad thing..but im glad u agree that we don’t have a vertical threat..which limits the offense..helps the opponent better prepare for us..Seattle just has an answer for our passing attack..and coach.. yeah the oline has been some timey..

      8. Deezybee,
        At the same time, just because the team didn’t have a vertical threat doesn’t mean it can’t win.
        It really comes down to decision-making and Colin made all the bad ones, which is why he had 3 turnovers. That’s not hating, that’s just the facts.
        He wants to always make the big play, as opposed to the right play.
        You want to be the hero? The be prepared to be the scapegoat when it doesn’t work out.
        Challenging the best DB in the game, with a GO-Route was not ballsy, it was just stupid.
        We all learn from our mistakes. So far Colin hasn’t.
        Next year is a new chapter so we shall see…

      9. Fan-He didn’t have to make that pass but looking at a pic of the play..It was so so close..If Sherman misstimed it..That’s a td..They say it’s a game of inches..It definitely was… like a mutha on that one..If u wanna blame kap for the turnovers I can understand..But to say he singlehandedly lost the game isnt rite..It was 10-0 at one point..Then 17-13…Kap didnt give up the lead..

      10. Deezy you are right, he didn’t give up lead but he did turn the ball over late in the game which changed the complexion of the game entirely.
        You cannot go up to Seattle and turn the ball over. The only way you win up there is to play mistake free football. That’s how good they are at home.

      11. Fdm-i disagree..the complexity of the game changed when we no longer could stop Marshawn Lynch..culminating in that td run..And that fourth and seven conversion?? …that’s when u know things aren’t going ya way..

      12. Deezy when turnovers lead to points and end the game, that’s when the complexity of games change. Just because Lynch was gaining yards, the 49ers were still in the game.
        When Colin Kaepernick throws picks and loses fumbles, that’s when the game changed and Seattle gained all the momentum.

      13. Deezybee,
        Okay, what will you rather have? A defense that gave up two big plays the whole game, and then when their QB turned the ball over twice on their side of the field, both times they held, once they got their own turnover on the goal line, and the 2nd time they held the team to a long FG.
        Or would you rather take a QB who can run like crazy, but in the 4th Quarter becomes a turnover machine. And then somehow, the team is in a position to win the game, and he make the exact same throw that didn’t work in the Super Bowl. Keep in mind he made this throw against the best DB in the league, who is 4 inches taller then the receiver, and the throw took away all the advantages of his receiver, which is quickness and precision route running — oh before I forget to mention, he had three other receivers on the other side of the field, and one was wide open with no defender within 10 yards of him.
        Seattle has an answer to the Niner passing attack because the current QB can’t read the whole field.
        That has to change. I’ve been saying it all year.

      14. Bay, anything but criticism for your hero hey pal? Well keep wearing the rose colored glasses and pretend he is a franchise QB. Problem is, he’s gotta perform when it counts, so far, 0-2.

      15. Fan and Fdm- I understand what you’re saying..Kap messed up in the fourth quarter..But Kap’s int’s only led to a fg..The defense opened the floodgates which led to 17-or 20 of Seattle’s points..That’s all im saying..You know u gotta wrap up Marshawn better than that? You know Russell is gonna run around and try and buy time.Watch your receiver dont let him run behind you?3rd and 22 you’re supposed to get off the field..Not let them drive into possible field goal range to even think about goin for it? Yknow Russell is trying to draw u outsides on 4th and 7.The defense could’nt hold off Seattle in critical stops..Just like Baltimore last yr.Dug the hole and put the offense in a bad spot.Playing into the seahawks hands.It’s sad but 2011 is the best this defense has had to offer.”Everybody” has to perform when it counts..

      16. Deezy i agree with your opinion. Colin hurt us however he was not the only reason that we lost. This team lost due to:

        - turnovers – Colin
        - Lack of running game (only Colin)
        - No VD
        - Poor run defense when we needed to stop Lynch in the second half
        - Poor secondary play to give up big chunk plays for 10 points.

  15. If this offense is a one receiver option and hope he’s open, how in the hell is Kaepernick going to become a pocket passer? Do the 49ers even have a staff capable of running that type of offense?

    1. Someone pointed this out a few weeks ago and it sounded valid. Its not so much a one-receiver option offense, its more of a pre-snap determination of which side of the field you are going to read based upon the coverage you see. As Kap develops the field will start to expand and that’s when we will see more receiver involved and Kap really working through his entire progression.

      He worded it better. Hopefully this makes sense.

  16. Grant you asked whether promoting Mangini to QB coach would have been a good idea. Then answered your own question by saying it would be a terrible idea because he has no experience coaching QB’s. Something i’ve learned from years of experience is good coaches can cross over positions and still do a very good job. Jim Tomsula would make a very good LB coach. T. Rathman would make a very good TE coach. The ability to teach ranks far higher in importance then positional knowledge. Good teachers are good teachers. [now this is all predicated on the assumption that Mangini is a good teacher]

    1. An argument here is that Mangini would be making the switch from a defensive coach to a QB coach. The examples you listed are coaches switching positions but staying on the same side of the ball.

      So for instance it would be like Tomsula switching to a WR coach or Rathman to DB coach… just doesn’t seem like it would work imo.

      But I get where you’re coming from.

      1. Actually there are a lot of parallels between defensive line and wide receiver play. Most of the 1on1 pass rush mechanics of defeating a blocker transfer well to the release mechanics of wr play. Also, universal get off and change of direction drills apply equally to both positions as well. Teaching guys to catch is about repetition and any good coach can learn the finer points of teaching hand eye coordination with respect to wr play. So, Tomsula wouldn’t be the worst candidate to make that type of move. These guys have made it to this level because they are great at what they do. At this level it is more about being a servant leader and creating the best possible group cohesion for your players to be successful.

  17. 57niner sorry for your loss…remember that every time you think of him he will be right next to you…… I make sure I will send a prayer your way GOD BLESS you and your Family…….

  18. I agree it’s a horrible idea to have Mangini coaching QB’s. Perhaps Mangini can give a deeper level of understanding to QB’s on what a defense is doing based on down & distance, and defensive alignment. However, CK’s biggest need is technical expertise on the mechanics of QBing. I don’t think Mangini has that in his repertoire. Plus a great QB coach will know mechanics AND reads so Mangini would be redundant in my opinion.

  19. I would love to learn the reason that Roman continues to be passed up. I’ve seen coordinators from teams with far less success then the 49ers have had in the past three years get opportunities to be head coaches so why isn’t Roman? I realize others like Fangio and Tomsula are passed up as well but I’m really most interested in hearing why our OC is still our OC.

    Grant, what do the boys in the press box say on the matter?

    1. Leo Nomellini says:
      January 24, 2014 at 7:51 am
      Why does no one want Roman? :)
      Sorry I hadn’t noticed this sooner or I would have put my post under yours.

    2. Maybe the known fact that GR shares some duties w/ other coaches and maybe the roster of coaches he would bring w/ him is not as strong
      and maybe other teams read the pressdemocrat.
      My wild guesses.

  20. It was very difficult but i watched the NFC championship game again. Its so interesting all the attention is on the QB or Greg Roman when our defense folded in key situations. I understand CK threw the last INT that ended our season but to my opinion this game was lost as a TEAM. Despite the three turnovers by CK we still would have won the game if the defense would have held up in key situations. Our defense gave up HUGE plays that changed the dynamic of the game completely regardless of the turnovers:

    Defense gets beat on a bomb in the second half to set up a score = 3 points
    Defense allows another huge run by Lynch for 40 yards due to poor tackling = 7 points
    Defense allows another long TD completion on 4th and 7 for over 30 yards!

    All of these plays happened in crucial situation that could have completely changed the game just like the last INT!

    AZ beat the seahawks because their defense was extremely physical and they shut down the Seahawks running attack. We were doing great until Lynch busted a 40 yard play. We must improve the defense if we want to win the Super Bowl. I would say sign Boldin and a WR and Draft bunch of physical DBs, pass rushers and LB.

  21. I have to go off on a rant about something not related to this posting and then I’ll be done with this subject. I find the talking heads reaction to Sherman’s disgraceful actions after the NFCCG to be disgusting. So many of these guys are coming out in support of Sherman for being fresh and just being honest, or they are excusing his behavior because it was the heat of the moment, or because they are impressed he is a smart guy. I heard Lavar Arrington saying that’s just the way the younger guys act and Sherman was just saying what he felt so he shouldn’t be held accountable for outrageous unsportsmanlike behavior. BS! Lavar Arrington, you sir, are a flipping moron. I find all of these reactions to be incredibly shallow, small minded, and idiotic. Why do we teach kids about Sportsmanship? It’s because learning sportsmanship teaches people how to treat others with respect. It teaches people that even people with whom we disagree deserve to be treated with respect. Respect for opponents is a cornerstone of conflict resolution for everyone throughout life. Sherman did not act with sportsmanship or respect. He drew attention to himself instead of celebrating with his team and he accomplished this by denigrating his opponent. I find this behavior to be disgraceful. Sure, I’m a 9er fan but I found TO’s act to be disgraceful at times as well.
    This idea that Sherman was just caught in the heat of the moment is totally bogus. Sherman called Crabtree “sorry” immediately after the game and then repeatedly called Crabtree “mediocre” in several interviews well after the game ended. That was not heat of the battle. That was Sherman being a jerk. Sherman then claimed Crabtree belittled him and tried to start a fight with him at a charity event in the offseason. I have no direct knowledge of this but I’m willing to bet the farm that line is a bald faced lie. Sherman was looking for cover after getting some negative reaction to his behavior so he fabricated a cover story. I even heard one talk show host try to claim that Sherman was upset that Crabtree pushed him in the face after Sherman went over to pat Crabtree on the back and tell him good game. This is a total crock of BS. Sherman went to Crabtree immediately after the play so he could taunt him. This is a stone cold fact. Anyone trying to suggest otherwise is an imbecile.
    Now many people are glorifying Sherman and excusing his behavior because he’s a smart guy. In my opinion, this is either racist or ignorant. History is littered with very smart, gifted, and talented people who were/are despicable human beings. You can come up with your own list of jerks who are smart. Sherman should be on the list. Being a smart person doesn’t excuse abhorrent behavior.
    If this is the direction of the NFL you can count me out. I’m already tired of all the celebrating after first downs and the standing over players after they are tackled. I grew very tired of the NBA for the behavior of the players and for the one-sided officiating for the home team. I haven’t watched an NBA game in probably 7 years. I’d hate to lose NFL football but the NCAA is a great product that is still worth watching.

    1. Well said sir.

      I agree 100%. Its amazing all the people trying to excuse his behavior or convince the nation he’s not a thug, “he’s smart”. I agree he’s probably not a thug, but the fact that he’s smart and still behaved that way makes it even worse, he cannot blame ignorance, he’s just a jerk. My son will be getting a whoopin’ if I see him acting that way when he starts to play football. That’s what Sherman needs….a whoopin’

    2. You know the crazy thing about it all, I don’t know the name of the guy who actually made the game saving INT. No clue who he is, his name, nothing. Sherman didn’t make the game saving play. If the LB had not been there, the ball would have hit the ground.

      1. KY49er you brought up a great point. Seahawk LB Smith was the player that actually ran to catch the deflected ball and he was not even approached by the media. LOL

    3. I agree with the ethic expressed and the criticism of Sherman specifically. Sometimes I can accept Sherman as a loud-mouth talent like Deion was. But to Houston’s point, Deion was self-promoting after the fact, and he tended to talk trash about the other teams, not denigrate individuals. Sadly, some admire that flash. TO’s antics embarrassed me when he was a Niner.

      1. To’s antics as far as td celebrations…we’re funny to me..the sharpie..the pom poms..skipping and dancing in the endzone,running to the dallas star..Now as putting down his qb’s and teamates..that I didn’t like

    4. The choice of words in condemning Sherman’s behavior post-game interview is interesting to me. Sherman’s behavior was boorish, rude, immodest, and unsportsmanlike. But it was certainly not malicious, violent, or indecent. For all his infractions of football rules by holding and interfering with receivers, he has never played dirty on the field.

      It amazes me when people use “thug” to describe his actions. Perhaps folks do not know the dictionary meaning of that word whose synonyms are ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, and criminal. Despite the fact that his behavior was on this issue was completely lacking in class, it was certainly not thuggish.

      I’ve followed Sherman through his Stanford years. While he rubbed Harbaugh the wrong way, he never was involved in any untoward incident, misbehavior, or any fight that I can recall. He did say once that the fact that he came out of Compton affected people’s expectation of him at Stanford. He repeated that point last week, and also said that “thug” is the new “n” word. I have come around to seeing his point.

      And regarding “sportsmanlike behavior”, NFL is a high-risk, high-stakes, gladiatorial business activity, despite its followers idolizing it as a heroic endeavor. It’s not tennis or cricket played in “playing fields of Eton” in the country where the concept of sportsmanship (which when hand-in-hand with amateur sports) was coined. The NFL and its farms (college football) together are a merciless entertainment business machine that uses up players and tosses them aside as expendable.

      Sherman understands this business too well. When he screams into the the TV microphone to let out his views on a perceived personal grudge, he’s just using the system to his own end. I don’t approve of his actions, but I understand it. Note that the person who seemed to be least affected by Sherman’s rant was Crabtree who just responded to the reporter that he was just a football guy and not a TV guy. I know that I don’t understand the competitive juices between a receiver and a corner. This article has a very good description of it:

      I do hope Kap and Crabtree will challenge Sherman next season and win the battles. Until then, as Dizzy Dean of the Cardinals and Cubs famously said: “If you can do it, it ain’t bragging.”

      1. Mood -my response to Dizzy is ,”because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it”.That is a simple tenet of adulthood.

      2. Mood, this idea that Sherman has created that the word thug is the new “N” word is complete and total BS in my opinion. Sherman is manipulating the situation once again to deflect attention from his horrible behavior and redirecting it to assign negative characteristics to his detractors. It’s a very calculated move and it seems it is working as many weak minded people have fallen for his drivel. When a young black person uses the “N” word, which happens quite often, other people do not get offended because there is an assumption that the term is not meant in a mean or malicious manner. When a white person uses the “N” word then racial bigotry is assigned to that person and everyone is offended. With the use of the “N” word by a white person there is an accurate assumption of racial animus in the heart and mind of the speaker. With the use of the “N” word by a black person there is an assumption of innocence. In order to determine the negativity of the word a person makes assumptions based on what they think is in the heart and mind of the speaker. The word thug at one point in history did mean criminal. Tupac Shakur changed that and the word thug is assigned to all kinds of people for various reasons. To be offended by the word thug, one must make the assumption that the user of the word is a racial bigot with hate in his heart and mind. That simply isn’t the case with the word thug. One can not assume people mean “N” when they call Sherman a thug. Thug has come to mean more than criminal. In essence, Sherman is calling anyone who says he acted like a thug a racist. It’s calculated and it’s offensive. I know for a fact that I’m not a racist. I also think Sherman acted like a thug. You can take it from there.

        I also think this idea you espoused that sportsmanship fits other sports but not football is total hogwash. Sportsmanship is one of the key elements that most youth football programs attempt to teach throughout the country. After every game in youth, middle school, and high school players come across the field in a line and shake hands. Players are taught from a young age to respect their opponents and to always act with great sportsmanship. I think a basic expectation from the NFL is that their players should exhibit good sporstmanship on and off the field. In fact the NFL does expect that or they wouldn’t have a penalty called “unsportsmanlike behavior.” I think your entire post is way off base and totally wrong.

      3. Well said Mood. Some have a problem with his act, but I don’t. If you were a 49ers fan in 1994 and cheered for Deion Sanders I think it’s a bit of a double standard to be up in arms about Sherman.

        If you don’t like hearing him talk the solution is simple, beat him.

      4. Jack, I find that ridiculous. Point to one situation where Deion did anything like Sherman. I didn’t like Deion. Always respected his game like I respect Shermans but Deion celebrated himself without denigrating his opponents to the best of my recollection.

      5. In Atlanta Deion picked off a pass and high stepped with his hand behind his head while staring at the Falcons bench. Then he proceeded to get in a fight with Rison. After the game he made sure to tell the media that he built the dome.

      6. Yes, but I understand how most 49ers fans will disagree. Deion talked, he showboated, told everyone how he built the Georgia Dome. Heck he even got into a fight and threw punches.

        Like i said, talking doesn’t bother me. If you want to shut him up beat him.

      7. I don’t find those two things to be in the same ball park. I dont find those two things to be in the same universe.

      8. On how to deal with Sherman: I would like to see us run right at him a few times. Get him to come up to stop the run and nail him with a blindside block by a puling guard or tackle.

        on the word “thug”. I thought the word originated in India, and refered to a gang of thieves who used to roam the countryside in the 1870′s looting and pillaging. The Brits had a lot of trouble with such “thugs” durig the period when they ruled India and that is how the word came into the English language. While it may be an exaggeration to compare it to the N word, it is still not a term of endearment by any means.

  22. To: The Niner O & D Coordinators and
    all of the position coaches. Lay low, willya?
    The period of time from 1/19/14 to 2/2/14
    will be the longest two weeks of Mr. Harbaw’s life.

    Howzabout somebody play ‘Taps’…. okay?
    (call me the Super Bowl monkey; scratch-scratch-scratch)

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