Report: Linehan could be coming back to Bay Area

It took two trips to the Bay Area for Scott Linehan to come to the conclusion that he did not want to coach for the 49ers. He cited family reasons for turning down Mike Singletary’s offer.

Well, there are reports that Linehan might be returning for another interview . . . with the Raiders.


Hmmm . . .


Linehan has been mentioned as a candidate for offensive coordinator jobs with the Buccaneers and Jets in recent days. The 49ers are none-too-pleased he came out for two interviews and then turned down the job.


It won’t look real good for his reputation if he used his family as an excuse and then accepted a job in the same vicinity.


It also makes you wonder if Linehan was in close contact — or even interviewed — with the Raiders when he came out twice to visit with the 49ers.


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