Report: Singletary will fire Martz as coordinator

Mike Singletary told his players to take one hour out of their days today to focus on football. I’m not one of Singletary’s players, but since it looks as if Singletary is going to be around for a while, I figured I’d better follow his directive.

Singletary will be back next season, but it appears the offense will be starting from scratch – again.


The Sac Bee reported today Singletary will fire offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who has one year remaining on his contract. When I asked Singletary yesterday whether he plans to retain Martz as his coordinator, Singletary said Martz “has been great this season.” But he said the club has to “look at what gives us the best opportunity to win going forward.”


Singletary has decided Martz does not give the 49ers their best chance to win, the Bee reported. While I can’t independently confirm Martz will be fired, one club source told me the feeling in the organization is the 49ers need to find a more stabilizing presence to run the offense.


I’ve reported in the past the 49ers will look for a young quarterbacks coach to serve as offensive coordinator if Martz does not return. This is pure speculation, but some names on Singletary’s list for offensive coordinator might be Mike McCoy (Panthers), Craig Johnson (Titans) and Pete Carmichael Jr. (Saints).


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Singletary asked for just 60 minutes. But defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer said he is not going to stop at an hour to getting prepared today for the final game of his rookie season.


“For me, I’m going to spend more than an hour because I definitely need it,” Balmer said. “The game up here is more mental than physical anyway.”


Balmer said he would study the Redskins’ passing game and some of their protections.


It has been a quiet season for Balmer, the No. 29 overall pick in the draft. In 15 games, he has just six tackles and no sacks. He has almost as many kickoff returns as tackles. He has returned five kickoffs for 47 yard as one of the three blockers in front of the deep men.


But Balmer is not alone. Pro Football Weekly recently posted its list of the 10 biggest rookie disappointments. Seven of those listed are defensive linemen or a pass-rushing outside linebacker, in the case of No. 1 disappointment Vernon Gholston of the Jets.


Others who have failed to produce much as rookies, according to PFW, are No. 2 Derrick Harvey (Jaguars), No. 5 Glenn Dorsey (Chiefs), No. 7 Lawrence Jackson (Seahakws), No. 8 Quentin Groves (Jaguars) and No. 10 Trevor Laws (Eagles). Balmer, by the way, was No. 3.


The Rams’ Chris Long, the second overall pick in the draft, is not on the list, but his production has probably fallen below expectations. He has 39 tackles and four sacks.


That seems like too much of a coincidence. Might it be that it’s really difficult for defensive linemen to make the adjustment to the professional level?


“I can agree with that,” Balmer said. “I had a chance to talk to Chris (Long) after the game, and we’re on the same page as far as this year. It’s been a long year. It’s been tough. But it ain’t over, yet. We still have to play Washington. I’m not looking forward to it being over because I still have a lot to prove.”


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From the pages of today’s Press Democrat, as long as he does not drop his pants on Sunday, Singletary will get the 49ers’ coaching job . . . and . . . Gore’s last chance to get 1,000 yards and make history.


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Of course, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everybody. Thanks to you for making this blog a part of your web-surfing routine. I appreciate the support very much.


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Here’s your handy-dandy guide to the weekend’s games. Heading into the games of Week 17, fewer than half of the teams in the league (14 of 32) have been eliminated from playoff contention.




CLINCHED:    N.Y. Giants – NFC East and homefield advantage.

                          Arizona – NFC West.

                          Carolina – Playoff spot.

                          Atlanta – Playoff spot.


ELIMINATED:  Detroit, Green Bay, New Orleans, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle,                                     Washington.




Dallas clinches a playoff spot with:


   1) DAL win OR

   2) DAL tie + CHI loss or tie + TB loss OR

   3) DAL tie + MIN loss or tie + TB loss OR

   4) DAL tie + CHI loss + TB tie OR

   5) DAL tie + MIN loss + TB tie.




Philadelphia clinches a playoff spot with:


   1) PHI win + TB loss + MIN loss OR

   2) PHI win + TB loss + CHI loss.




  Atlanta clinches NFC South Division and a first-round bye with:

ATL win + CAR loss.




Carolina clinches NFC South Division and a first-round bye with:

   1) CAR win or tie OR

   2) ATL loss or tie.




Tampa Bay clinches a playoff spot with:


   1) TB win + DAL loss or tie OR

   2) TB tie + DAL loss + MIN loss or tie OR

   3) TB tie + DAL loss + CHI loss or tie OR

   4) TB tie + DAL tie + MIN tie + CHI win or tie OR

   5) TB tie + DAL tie + CHI tie + MIN win or tie.




Minnesota clinches NFC North with:


   1) MIN win OR

   2) MIN tie + CHI loss or tie OR

   3) CHI loss.


Minnesota clinches a playoff spot with:

MIN tie + DAL loss + TB loss.




Chicago clinches NFC North Division with:

   1) CHI win + MIN loss or tie OR

   2) CHI tie + MIN loss.


Chicago clinches a playoff spot with:

   1) CHI win + DAL loss or tie + TB loss or tie OR

   2) CHI tie + DAL loss + TB loss.





  CLINCHED:    Tennessee – AFC South and homefield advantage.

                            Pittsburgh – AFC North and first-round bye.

                            Indianapolis – Playoff spot


 ELIMINATED:  Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City,                                       Oakland.




Miami clinches AFC East Division with:


   1) MIA win OR

   2) MIA tie + NE loss or tie.


Miami clinches a playoff spot with:

MIA tie + BAL loss.




New England clinches AFC East Division with:


   1) NE win + MIA loss or tie OR

   2) NE tie + MIA loss.


New England clinches playoff spot with:


   1) NE win + BAL loss or tie OR

   2) NE tie + BAL loss.




NY Jets clinch AFC East Division with:

NYJ win + NE loss.


NY Jets clinch playoff spot with:

NYJ win + BAL loss.




Baltimore clinches a playoff spot with:


   1) BAL win OR

   2) BAL tie + MIA loss or tie OR

   3) BAL tie + NE loss or tie OR

   4) NE loss.




Denver clinches AFC West Division with:

DEN win or tie.




San Diego clinches AFC West Division with:

SD win.


* * *

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