Reuben Foster disputes report that he needs second shoulder surgery

On February 13, 49ers first-round pick Reuben foster had surgery on his shoulder to fix a torn rotator cuff. Thursday morning, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reported that Foster’s shoulder will need a second surgery.

Thursday afternoon, Foster denied the report: “That’s not accurate at all. I’m fine. I’m on schedule.”

Asked when he will be ready to practice, Foster said, “I’ll be limited in OTAs. Training camp, I’ll be full go, but if it’s my decision, I think I can go now.”

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  1. He needs brain surgery. Because, right now, he’s looking about stupid as you can. The ‘do you know who I am’ crap. The dilute sample. The vaping. ****.

    He has a chance to make millions if keeps a good reputation. But he acting the fool, he’s not be rolling in that endorsement money like he could be.

  2. Where did Pelissero receive his information from? Has he authenticated his report following a doctors documented examination?
    And if Pelissero cannot verify this report he needs to apologize to Foster.

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