Reuben Foster sprains his surgically repaired shoulder

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster warms up before practice

The 49ers just released their practice-participation report for Thursday, and it contains troubling news.

A team spokesman says Foster’s shoulder injury is a mild AC joint sprain, and is “different from his previous injury,” which was a torn rotator cuff.

Are you concerned?

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  1. Seb will be their with his Kap jersey and ‘Please Hire Kap Shanny’ sign.

    sebnynah says:
    August 16, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    Lynch may want to call what Kaep did as divisive…….


    Hoyer’s been in Shanahan’s system and knows it verbatim. Kap’s starting over as an old man.

    You are the D_E_V_I_S_I_V_E poster. GET OVER IT. Kap’s an old man trying to learn a new offense. Go buy some Geritol and alzheimers meds so you can quit toddling over to your laptop parroting the same “Kap still has it” pablum.

    He’s a washed up has been as are your Kap posts…..Beat it ‘Sir Lose A lot.’

      1. Thank you. I hope other posters will slap him down, because if I have to start engaging him because of his constant trolling, other posters will get upset.
        I hope other posters have noticed that I am trying hard to ignore the trolls, but TrollD seems obnoxious and persistent. I will continue to talk about football, and the team I love.
        GO NINERS !

        1. Seb, you are trying to ignore him, but you are not successful enough. try harder! Discussions with similar types is a waste of time.

  2. No. The season is 4 weeks away, if this was remotely serious he would be held OUT (Like they are doing with Buckner) and not limited.

    1. Yep. This is blown out of proportion by Grant.

      Grant’s a good guy, he’s just not really cut out for this. Or he is cut out for it, if you think being disingenuous is an okay thing to be.

      He’s right that nothing after surgery is as good as it once was. And this particular type of injury might be more common now. There is even the remote possibility that continued shots to the shoulder will eventually lead to a separation of the joint itself. But that too is correctable surgically. Ultimately, this is something he’s going to have to live with, but also something he can play through, Football is a tough sport.

  3. No more concerned than I was during the draft build up. Injury is part of the game, but some are more prone. Whether it be their style of play, or body makeup. If players can’t stay healthy in college, chances are they’ll struggle in the pros. I like players that weren’t injured…;>)

  4. SMH. I wanted them to be conservative, and let him heal fully, but they went gung ho and sent him out with no limitations.
    Now we have the possibility of him missing games.
    In hindsight, I was correct, but I am not jumping for joy, I am kinda sad. Hope Foster can heal fully, and make contributions to the team to help them win games.

    1. It’s a rare team that holds out a rookie in the preseason. All new players, especially drafted rookies, must earn their positions through many reps in the pre season. Plus he needs the extra reps to learn his position better before the season starts. In 2018, as an accomplished veteran, he’ll likely get more reps off this time of year.

      1. On a 2-14 team, first round picks usually play, but some rookies should not be thrown to the wolves. Foster just came off surgery that had complications.
        It would be smart to be conservative, and work him in slowly. Making him play too early risks long term effects.

  5. Injuries last year decimated the defense and it seems this year is taking on the same. Not worried about Foster but the defense as a whole, yup.

  6. There has to be concern if it’s the same shoulder he had surgery on. Just give him whatever time he needs to heal completely which they will do.

    1. The AC sprain involves different components of the shoulder that the rotator cuff–for the most part. But, if the degree of the sprain is ‘high’, then in total, he’s got a shoulder issue which could bit him later in his career.

      1. Hard to know without more information, though Grant will go wherever he wants with it. Nevertheless, injuries can compound and when one part of the body is weak another can weaken as it compensates and it offloads work.

  7. Sakamoto: 49ers dominate Broncos secondary, killing them softly with crisp route running!

    Call a Dr., 49ers receivers are breaking DBs Ankles!

    Strong Hands. Savvy route runner. Uncanny Explosiveness. These are the three most important traits I look for when evaluating the wide receiver position. A wide receiver needs sure hands to help sustain drives. A wide receiver must run methodical (crisp) routes in order to gain proper separation from defensive backs. And a wide receiver must display elite athleticism to run after the catch.

    1. * Case in point. Just look at San Francisco 49ers 13-time Pro Bowl WR Jerry Rice. “The book said he’d only run a 4.70 40 [40-yard dash],” said Craig Walsh. “But my Dad [Bill] saw that he had tremendous speed from 15 yards to 50 yards like he’d never seen before.”

      1. lol. Of course he said that. But coaches say stuff like that all the time and doesn’t mean it’s true. In Walsh’s coaching history Bullet Bob Hayes was playing. He was an Olympic Sprinter and the fastest man in world.

        He ran a 60-yard dash, on a cinder track, at 5.28. He ran the anchor leg of the 4×100 in 8.6 seconds in the same Olympics. Nobody in the NFL, possibly even to this day, could match Bullet Bob Hayes though a few have come close.

        As for Rice, despite the claims to the contrary, he was caught from behind a few times. I’ve seen Sanders catch him. Green catch him.

  8. Fast forward to today and the 49ers wide receivers put on a clinic in their first joint practice with the Denver Broncos. Simply dominating one-on-one drills, you can clearly see the fundamentals in my three videos below.

  9. Seb,

    You have already demonstated you hate for Shanahan (for firing Kap as a 1-read option QB, unqualified for his offense) simply with the last 4 ajectives: 1. “I will call Shanahan unimaginative if he lets Kap go. 2. I question Shanahan’s QB acumen (after firing Kap). 3. Shanahan is lazy.

    Now you question Lynch’s abilities because of you definition of divisiveness. You see it one way, another….I side with Lynch, not Seb……..Since you hate both of our leaders, maybe you should pick up your torch and wave it for the LA Rams or Raiders…..I notice you never write hate speech about them, only the 49ers, so you obviously love our hated rivals…..Let us root for our beloved 49ers w/o your hate speeches.

        1. Jeez, no. His knees are gone. You have to time him with a sundial because the batteries in your stop-watch die.

          And that’s a sad thing, because he has pretty much everything else you need to be a good linebacker.

          1. I still like Skov because he was light years better than Bellore, but Baalke made them play his favorite.
            Skov was actually pretty decent against the run, it was just his pass defense that was deficient. Hope he is healthy now and has regained his speed.
            I hope Skov does not paint his face with eye black, although that is his signature look. Maybe if the Niners win at least 4 games, he can go back to his war paint. When the Niners lost, it looked like clown paint to me.
            In fact, I hope the Niners do not use eye black at all. It really is not needed, and if a player thinks it helps him play, he has more dire things to worry about.

  10. Concerned? Depends on the degree of the sprain–there’s quite a range, type/grade I through VI. If truly mild, then not concerned. If III or greater, then yes.

    1. Any injury to a surgically repaired shoulder that had complications and setbacks afterwards, is very disconcerting. Hope they go conservative, and let his shoulder heal fully.

      1. Whenever you have an injury, the surrounding tissue and muscle groups, etc. are also weakened, and consequently more prone to injury. This is something most people tend to forget or consider….

        1. Yes. And…. 49reasons has an excellent point about rigorous physical therapy related to the rotator cuff repair…

          “In fact, it’s even possible that, through the course of a rigorous rehabilitation, his AC joint is even stronger now, than it was prior to the rotator cuff tear, and actually prevented this injury from being a more severe separation causing the ligament to tear.”

          No shortage of drama this season…here we go!

  11. It appears the 49ers/Broncos aren’t in pads…..maybe morning walk-throughs.

    Troy Renck @TroyRenck 24m
    #Broncos Sanders not practicng. Had minor shoulder issue yesterday @DenverChannel

  12. Nah, I am no more worried now than I was prior to this injury.

    This injury is more commonly referred to as a minor (or mild) shoulder separation. If it is an AC joint separation, there would only be an indirect relationship to his rotator cuff injury, not a direct relationship. Any time you immobilize your shoulder for a period of time, you’re going to suffer atrophy to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the shoulder. In this case it’s the ligaments that hold the collarbone (clavicle) to the highest point of the shoulder blade. The rehabilitation process is designed to allow for the opposite of atrophy, or hypertrophy, to occur. An injury to the AC joint is a very common football injury, most likely cause by a blow to the shoulder, or a fall onto an outstretched arm and/or hand. It’s very possible that this injury has absolutely nothing to do with the rotator cuff injury, and unless we know just how strong his shoulder is now, it’s impossible to know if there is any relationship between this, and the previous injury. In fact, it’s even possible that, through the course of a rigorous rehabilitation, his AC joint is even stronger now, than it was prior to the rotator cuff tear, and actually prevented this injury from being a more severe separation causing the ligament to tear.

    One thing we know about Reuben from his time at Alabama is that he’s a tough kid, and he’s able and more than willing to play through these kinds of injuries. So no, I’m not concerned as long as it is, in fact, a minor separation.

    I am not a doctor, but yes, I do have a background in sports medicine.

    1. I will listen to the opinion of Gary Furness, who thinks the injuries may be related.
      He is a sports medicine doctor, so he might know more than us.

      1. Like I said Seb, there may be an indirect relationship, but it’s impossible to know for certain. At least it’s not a re-injury of the rotator cuff itself, knock on wood!

    2. This was something I was alluding to earlier. I had not delved into the particulars regarding the injury, thanks for doing so 49reasons.

      Like you stated there is little to be gained in conjecture at this point, but that hasn’t ever stopped our reporter from doing so.

      It looks like the most recent injury is likely from a blow and unrelated to the AC joint issue. Without additional information it’s speculation on any of our parts.

      1. Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account @NickiJhabvala 4m4 minutes ago
        And now there are brawls on both fields . Gettin chippy out here!

        1. 49reasons,

          Hoping to keep this quiet and maybe we’ll sneak up on some teams in’17….Was one of those who predicted 9-7.

  13. Denver media is blaming Garcon for one of the brawls:

    Troy Renck‏
    Verified account
     @TroyRenck 2m
    2 minutes ago

    Garcon’s actions started scuffle. @ChrisHarrisJr took exception.As did Talib and Von Miller. Fair to say D not fan of Garcon @DenverChannel

  14. Unfortunately, I have a ton of experience with shoulder injuries. I’ve had surgeries on both shoulders and my son had to have major reconstruction surgery on his shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, and repair a Hill-Sachs lesion. There is no way on earth an AC Joint sprain is not related to his previous injury and/or sugery. Perhaps the injuries were technically different but the 2 injuries are most certainly related. To claim otherwise is asinine.

    At any rate, I’m not particularly concerned. Any AC injury is serious as it relates directly to the stability of the shoulder. Even if Foster misses time, I’m not too worried about it. Let it heal and hopefully he comes back as good as new. The 49ers didn’t draft Foster to be dominant over the first couple of games his rookie year. They drafted Foster to be an All Pro level player over a decade. If the injury lingers and he keeps reinjuring it then I’ll be worried.

    1. If anything, the silver lining (grasping at straws) to this, might mean he misses the hardest part of the schedule, and can come back when the schedule is much easier in the second half.
      I will hope for the best, and hope he can heal fully.

    2. It’s impossible to know for certain Houston. Linebackers are constantly banging their shoulders, and this is a common shoulder injury. He’s a tough kid and I am confident at this point that he’ll be able to work through this, even if it is related. I think he’s still on schedule to start the season as the first string weakside backer.

    3. Houston,
      Agreed. We aren’t going to challenge for a playoff run this year so give Foster the time he needs for a full heal.
      We could make some serious noise next season with some more draft picks and FA signings.
      This year will also let us know if Hoyer is ready to fully take the mantle as a franchise QB or if we need to find one in the draft.

  15. So we just re-signed Shane Skov now. I am very concerned, now I feel like the 49ers brass did not listen to very accurate medical reports before the draft and put on “goggles” to see what they wanted.

    1. They just placed 2 ILB’s on IR. You still want depth at every position at this point of the preseason. I doubt the Skov signing has anything to do with Foster’s AC Joint. Certainly no reason to panic about Reuben right now, even if he needs to sit out Saturday’s game. He’s a tough kid!

  16. I’d be completely OK with them deciding to let him sit out a good portion of this season if not all of it. I don’t think we have to question that he has the makings of a great linebacker, no need to ruin it by putting that shoulder under stress when it’s still not 100%.

    1. Coffee.. I 100% agree. We aren’t going to the super bowl this year.Sit out and rehab it or have another surgery if needed. It’s year one of this rebuild, no need to waste a diamond in a mine

      1. You guys are being overly dramatic. It’s a mild shoulder separation. It’s not a re-injury of the rotator cuff, which was the concern during the draft. Get a grip guys, this is likely no big deal.

    2. Guys, come on man!

      The concern with Reuben’s shoulder within some medical circles was not his AC Joint! The concern was that the Supraspinatus or Infraspinatus muscle tendons hadn’t fully re-attached to the bone, and because supposedly the surgery “didn’t take”, they might detach from the bone on impact.

      When you repair a rotator cuff, there is always a chance that the shoulder is still a little weaker post surgery, but that’s the case with ALL rotator cuff surgeries, and guys come back during this time frame all the time. So, while you always hope guys don’t come back before they are ready, this is not what teams were concerned about during the draft.

      1. One of us is definitely being over dramatic but it isn’t me. I merely suggested that if his shoulder isn’t healthy or healed then there is nothing wrong with him missing all the time he needs to get it right. That’s the right approach when you have a player that can be special. Not sure why you’re so anxious to ruin his long term health and potential when it’s totally unnecessary.

        1. Because, if Reuben Foster can’t work through a mild shoulder separation, we should never have drafted him. This isn’t a re-injured rotator cuff, which was what the predraft concern was.

          How does the nursery rhyme go?

          The Scapula is connected to the Clavicle … the Clavicle is connected to the Sternum ….. the Sternum is connected to the Rib Bone …. the Rib Bone is connected to the Ilium, the Ilium is connected to the Sacrum …. the Sacrum is connected to the Femur … the Femur is connected to the Patella Tendon ……

          So, like the nursery rhyme goes, should we not play Reuben because, in a roundabout way, his Scapula is connected to his Patella Tendon? It’s a ridiculous overreaction. The kid could just as easily tear a ligament tomorrow (knock on wood). Football is a man’s game and men play through mild sprains! Suck it up!

        2. You need to be more specific CfC.

          This is NOT the same injury. This is NOT what doctors feared could happen to Reuben as a result of his surgery supposedly “not taking”. If we shut guys down every time they suffered a mild sprain, we wouldn’t have enough guys to get through practice, let alone 16+ games.

          I feel like you guys are jinxing him, by worrying about things that weren’t what the initial concerns were.

  17. Our team is young on defence ,they should recover quickly . Sprained joints are common in impact sports , ankles, knees wrist, elbows, shoulders. The younger the players the quicker they heal , yes preventive measures should be taken,but you can’t learn from the side line. Not worrying yet .

    1. +1, 49er since 78.

      Young player MUST play their way through mild sprains. What did Harbaugh call it ….. working through something?

  18. Same shoulder, different injury. I don’t know if the injuries are related. I could spend some time doing research on AC joints, but I’m not a doctor, so I’m not qualified to judge the injury. I will also never be able to examine Foster even if were a doctor, so my opinion is worthiness, credentialed or not. This was also my pre draft take. We have a respected medical team and I will defer to them.

    Am I concerned? Yes, I’m always concerned when one of our guys get injured. But I expect him to play in Week 1 unless we hear different from the team. I really dont care what the arm chair doctors have to say.

    1. Spot on #80. It’s a mildly sprained shoulder, and it’s a man’s sport and men work through mild sprains!

      If it was a problem with the same rotator cuff, of course that would be an entirely different story! It’s not, so why are people being overly dramatic?

      1. “If it was a problem with the same rotator cuff…”

        Interesting. If the cuff was reinjured they would have probably shut him down for the season and scheduled a surgery. Again, I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think the real doctors are going to risk their reputations on this. And our FO and coaching staff would look like fools if they played their 1st round pick against the medical staff’s recommendation.

  19. Well I like to see the level go up . Fighting means competition and someone getting the better of it . Always good ,long as there is no one hurt . Glad to see there is some fight there . Broncos got lit up yesterday ,I assume they got lit up in the locker room too . Competition usually make friction, jobs to be won and lost . Don’t know who wrote it ,but yeah there’s going to be a good game soon . Yeah !!!

  20. Grant Cohn‏ @grantcohn 58s59 seconds ago
    C.J. Beathard will be the second QB in the game for the 49ers on Saturday.
    Can see where this is heading. After he looks good, possibly even better then Hoyer facing second and third stringers we’ll have to deal with the “should C.J. be starting” questions. Context does not seem to exist in fandom.

    1. Every indicator suggests that Hoyer has been playing well. The only exception being the preseason game where he only played two series. Unless Beathard looks like the second coming against first stringers, this isn’t an issue for the team. The fans could be different. Long story short. +1 CFC.

    1. I anticipated Beathard doing it to Barkley, and if it happens, I thought there’d be a strong possibilty that Shanny would then go with two QB’s. Here’s to health!

  21. Yeah that’s crossed my mind to razor , it would help with the rooster spot ,too . I think by preseason game 3 , he will be the number 2 . He is a pretty smart guy . Clearly headed in the right direction. What you thinking on the running backs

    1. Hyde/Hightower/Williams/Breida/FB Juice

      They run Hyde and see how he does. Maybe a team loses a back and they trade him prior to the deadline for a 3.

      TE’s I’m wondering if Kittle might get IR with designation to return, because that hammy seems to be lingering. That way they don’t need to risk Dirty Tini getting to the practice squad. Maybe find a trade partner for VMac right at the deadline. Grant seems to think Shanny is going to hide Dirty Tini, and try and sneak him onto the practice squad. Risky, but it could work. Dunno…U?


    “We’ve said from the beginning, we want a franchise quarterback around here,” Lynch said, via Eric Branch of SFGate. “And a lot of people are making assumptions as to what Brian’s role is. Is he a bridge — is he all those things? Our response to Brian and to everybody is he’s got the first crack at being that guy. I love the way he’s embracing that opportunity each and every day … I think he’s probably exceeded my expectations for how I thought he could play.”

  23. Really like the 2 rookies ,both showed up on film , think trading Hyde to get some value would be smart . Especially for next year. Tight ends are a little more confusing, there’s no clear cut standout , really like kittle ,but has to stay healthy , don’t think any of the holdovers bell celek will hold on . V Mac if we can trade him great ,he doesn’t have the hands ,no Brent Jones . ( Didn’t like v Davis either) that’s a tuff one going to have to see how that pans out , like kittle the best . Can’t see paying vmac that kind of money to be a number 2-3 , , but who needs a te , or rb ? Right now ?

    1. Tough to trade VMac right now, with his contract extension, Kittle’s hammy, and Bell clearly not up to the task. Hopefully we can sneak Hikutini onto the PS.

      1a) VMac
      1b) Kittle
      2) Paulson
      3) Celek

    1. Wow. That would be CRAZY! Rams and Donald playing a classic game of chicken! Who’s going to flinch first? My guess is that the Rams will cave. It sets a tough precedent, but Aaron Donald is THAT good!

      1. Either way I’m happy.

        Short term: Donald continues to miss camp, preseason, and possibly some or all of the regular season.
        Long term: One step closer to salary cap hell.

  24. At the bottom right of this blog’s home page, there’s a link to my twitter feed. That will contain a link to my periscope feed once it starts in seven minutes.

  25. I forgot about some of the Brock details. Details like visible injuries and child endangerment. Pete and Tramaine can go f*** themselves.

    “Brock, 28, was arrested on April 6 on suspicion of felony domestic violence and child endangerment after officers responded to a call that evening. Officers reported that an adult woman had visible injuries and was “in a dating relationship with the male suspect.” Brock pleaded not guilty to those charges. Charges were dismissed on Aug. 9. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case because the alleged victim declined to cooperate.”

    1. From that link.

      The 49ers insist they aren’t concerned about the injury, because it’s unrelated to the torn labrum Foster had in his shoulder at Alabama. Shanahan called Foster’s injury “common” among linebackers, and Navorro Bowman left practice early Thursday with a similar issue and later said he’s “probably had a million of these.”

      1. Thanks for the link #80.

        I think that’s where the rubber hits the road. These are common injuries for Linebackers and Safeties in particular. Flying around the field and lowering the boom! It comes with the territory, and if you can’t play through these kinds of injuries you need to find a new position or find a different career, IMO. Like Bow said he’s …

        “probably had a million of these”

  26. The 49ers, by most accounts, got the better of the Denver Broncos during their first joint practice on Wednesday.
    There was one minor skirmish in that practice, leading players on San Francisco’s side expecting the Broncos to come out aggressive in Thursday’s session.
    That fueled three separate skirmishes Thursday early in full-team drills. The first came between the 49ers offense and Broncos defense following safety Justin Simmons’ interception of Brian Hoyer in a red zone drill.

    It bounced off Jeremy Kerley’s hands and Simmons had a clear path to the end zone for the would-be 100-yard return. Behind the play, it appeared a Broncos defensive back blocked veteran receiver Pierre Garçon, who took exception, and a giant dog pile broke out in front of Denver’s defensive sideline….

    Moments later, on the far side of the field where San Francisco’s defense was going against the Broncos offense, rookie pass rusher Pita Taumoepenu was involved in a scuffle with an offensive lineman.

  27. Grant,

    Got your feed today. Thx for the improvements, and your Tank Carradine/Defensive analysis…Will have to research yesterday’s offensive analysis later.

    Also, thanks for the Vance McDonald update.

    1. # 80,

      I would like to see more of Pita in this game too…..Go UTES and 49ers, and C AL !!!

      Don’t know if you watched Grant’s periscope update. But he’s concerned about Blair, someone posted RIP Ronald Blair, and Grant said it didn’t look good for him.

    2. It’d be really, very, very, surprising if Brooks is replaced by Harold….

      Need lots of qualified guys to get after qb’s quick. Can’t ask D-backfield to cover longer then 4-5 secs. after snap…need to make front pressure early, often, violently, quickly, and did I mention early & often? Especially early…

      Sadly, this situation makes Lynch’s transgressions less of a stigma to staff. He’ll not be sat and/or traded.

      1. remember– front 7 pressure required:
        early- in the season,
        early- in the game,
        early- in every series of downs,
        early- right after snap,
        early, early, and early (and often)

        1. If Brooks 53 spot isn’t safe and he’s to be shopped, then I’d suggest Lynch’s is in same sushi boat too.
          That would mean mgmt going with youth and season goes with ’em.
          And proven pass rushers are popular currency in NFL, so you could see them shopping Brooks/Lynch around, for interior lineman maybe???
          I just don’t think that’s gonna happen, whatever proven and useful strengths we have on either side of ball have to be exploited, not traded away….mgmt want us to see some upside this season, upside in the product, in league-speak.

  28. Grant do you think this new one cut down/ roster is a good thing?
    It seems like it’s hard for teams to keep their starters safe from injury?

  29. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 1h1 hour ago
    NaVorro Bowman confirmed the #49ers were expecting fights today after frustrating the Broncos Wednesday.

  30. Also Grant,

    Look forward to you periscope postgame reports this season. (Thought Sakamoto was taking the lead on you, but now you’ve out-tech-ed him—–arrow up).

  31. Oh Grant …… sebnynah is a legend? Noooooooooooooooo

    You’ve just created a monster! lol You know I kid you seb.

    By the way, is it Frankenstein or Frankenstein?

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