Reuben Foster’s draft party was sponsored by a tobacco and marijuana vaporizer company

Thursday night, the 49ers traded up to draft Alabama inside linebacker Reuben Foster, who was not at the NFL Draft. He was hosting a private draft party sponsored by VaporFi — a company that makes tobacco and marijuana vaporizers.

I mention this because Foster failed a drug test at the Scouting Combine and for the rest of his career will take frequent, random drug tests in the NFL’s substance-abuse program. If he fails another drug test, he will face suspension.

Foster comes to the 49ers with one strike against him. So, why did he choose a sponsor that is associated with marijuana? Seems like a bad sign.

UPDATE: I just asked Foster why his draft party was sponsored by a company that makes vaporizers for tobacco and marijuana.

“This is a new leaf,” Foster said. “And I’m not answering that. Um, I’m not answering that. I’m sorry. Next question.”


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    1. Well I mean you’ll do anything to get notoriety as a “journalist”… to get a leg up. Won’t you. Why don’t we just wait and see what happens with him. He’s a kid…Let’s not forget that. Everyone gets a fair chance.

    1. I’m not worried. At least he didn’t have a gas mask on and smoking a blunt, like a certain offensive tackle last year who will remain nameless

        1. But if vincent vega is there, don’t tell him what to do. And be sure to say please. Go big kahuna burger!!!!!!!! Oh I mean go niners

  1. So, why did he choose a sponsor that is affiliated with marijuana?
    Not a smart decision given the drug test failure but at the same time they probably offered him a poop load of money. How many other first round prospects had sponsors hosting their draft watch party?

    If the choices are wait for my name to be called sitting next to my remote or wait for my name to be called sitting next to bag full of money I’d probably go for the second one too.

  2. How long until the NFL stops testing for Marijuana? I bet there is a test case this year by a player who plays in one of the states where its legal.

    1. Not just in the NFL but employment law in general is about to be challenged by the contradiction between federal and state laws regarding marijuana. Many companies drug test and deny employment for marijuana use even in states where it’s legal. I’ve got to think there is a discrimination case waiting to happen in some industry because of this contradiction.

      1. So much heartbreak and carnage is directly related to drunk driving, and alcohol was the original and proven date rape drug. Tobacco is deadly if taken as advertised, yet they are legal and pot is classified with heroin.

        Drug and alcohol companies have conjured up arcane laws, and the police like it because pot heads are easy to deal with compared to crankheads. The asset forfeiture laws are a boon to law enforcement, yet pot cannot be stopped. It is also a good way to marginalize the poor populace, and deprive them the right to vote.

        Why? Because pot made billions in revenues. Coloradans are getting their potholes filled because of the influx of pot taxes. The drug, tobacco and alcohol industries have been fighting pot tooth and nail, but the problem is- pot is very easy to grow.

        Right this very second, pot is the biggest cash crop in America. It dwarfs all the others individually, and collectively. It commands almost a 10% share. Communities will want to tap into the tax potential like Washington and Colorado are finding out.

        Someday, the NFL will recognize pot as benign, because it is. However, they may find out that pot may help lessen the ravages of CTE, just like they found out that pot helped prevent Glaucoma.
        For some people, I think pot may help them medicinally, and even if it only lessens the amount of alcohol consumed, it might be a good palliative.

        1. Big difference with marijuana and alcohol though. I can consume a glass of wine and fully metabolize it within a couple hours. Not so with marijuana. Additionally, one glass of wine is not the same as smoking a blunt. By any stretch…

          Those comparisons are not analogous.

          1. I heard the NFL is about to legalize smoking marijuana as long as it’s done while standing for the National Anthem.

      2. This is a more interesting issue (but not in the NFL, under the current CBA). Alcohol and drug use may be disabilities, which means such substance users may be in a protected class if said use or a history of use “substantially limits one or more major life activities.”

        An exception is that, under federal disability law and employment law, refusing to hire a potential employee or firing an existing employee for current use of illegal controlled substances does not give rise to a discrimination claim. And in this area, federal law preempts related state laws, which means that the federal controlled substance laws apply, not state laws. Thus, as long as marijuana is defined under federal law as an illegal controlled substance, current users are not afforded protection against employment discrimination.

    2. Old coach… would you dump millions of dollars into an athlete that smokes pot?
      I don’t care about pot and think folks should be able to smoke it, BUT if I’m a business owner especially one that dumping millions into an employee I’d probably make that a rule. It’s simple. Pot or the game you “love” for a boatload of money.

    3. Old Coach (and others),

      The legality of the substance in question is a bit of a red herring with respect to NFL drug testing. Through the CBA, the players agreed to be tested for a list of banned substances, some of which are otherwise legal and some of which are not. As the players agreed to the CBA, it is binding with respect to testing for marijuana, regardless of any discrepancy between state and federal control of the substance.

      Further, if interstate commerce is implicated, state law is preempted by federal law, which means that in such context, marijuana is a controlled substance per federal definition regardless of a particular state law. And if I were the NFL, I would argue (successfully, I believe, even in the absence of the CBA) that the regular business of the NFL, its teams and their players implicate interstate commerce sufficiently for federal law to preempt particular state laws.

  3. Just hope bowman puts him on the right track,bowman defiantly leads by example.also you can see a trend developing, strengthen defense to keep us in close games,we just need a wr and a rb that complements hyde,I’d like to get Zay Jones but I doubt he makes it out of 2nd rd may e the kid from cal drops to 3rd round Hansen

  4. Vaping is big business. The kid is making a buck, big deal. Honestly, this is good news. Foster has to walk the narrow path or he loses big money. Now there’s even more reason for the 49ers to be extra cautious with Foster.

  5. Seems more like a bonehead move. A young guy taken advantage of. Could also be more common (and less shocking) in economically depressed parts of the country where vaporizer shops are almost like a jobs program.

    Foster will definitely need a close mentor to transition.

    I like the Foster pick, but I will also acknowledge he’s a risk pick that can turn into a pumpkin after a random sampling.

  6. Looking at the photo, I assume the CEO is the guy on the right. He looks honest–maybe worked at Carmax a few years ago?

  7. As others have mentioned, Foster needs mentors like Dr. Carson and Bowman.

    It’s funny how Mary J gets demonized while alcohol ads air during every game. SMH

    1. Let’s keep it real. The stuff today is hardly just a plant from the earth. So many chemicals in it. It’s beyond Marijuana

      1. What planet do you live on? Not any more. Mine is completely chemical free because I grow it. Typical Nazi propaganda.

  8. Not overly bright to put a target like this on your back, but at the same time it’s not against the rules and he likely made a few bucks to do it. Seeing as though the majority of the league is probably smoking MJ and not getting caught, Foster needs to talk to the NFLPA and figure out when the tests are and stay clean during those time periods.

    1. I remember back in the ’80’s we’d have to take random drug tests in the USMC. I picked up this copy of High Times in February with the cover of Cupid pissing on the Constitution. To sum it up, it told me that you cannot defeat the test, however you can fool it by drinking water, and urinating over and over until you fill your bladder with water right before your test. The THC ratio to water would be so minute it was undetectable. It also said to avoid getting tested first thing in the morning, which was ultimately out of my control regardless. I never had difficulty, but my buddies who were overweight got popped because the THC would constantly get released into their system because it stores in your fat….

        1. They weren’t hip to diluted tests back then. We were in PRP (we worked with nukes) so we got tested a lot. But year-after-year, pot-head-after-pot-head made his four years and got out without ever getting caught.

      1. A buddy of mine got pulled over at the Pendleton Gate for a random drug sniffer dog inspection. He ate a gram of hash he had and got through, but then I had to ply him with coffee all day long to keep him awake. I was telling Top and Gunny he had a wicked hangover.

        1. Ha! I’ll never forget the time me and my buddy, Glenn Shrawley, a redheaded, freckled englishmen were coming back from Oceanside into Pendleton on the bus. The MP planted weed on him and he was taken away and ultimately received office hours….

  9. Never knew vaping was exclusive to weed, sometime we will believe anything we read. Yeah you can vape weed but that’s not it’s “intended” use. But let’s take anything and run with it. Weed will be legal in 5 years across the U.S. anyway.

    1. Jason,
      I am the Student Services coordinator at an Alternative high school for at risk students. About 40% of our students have vapes, 2 or3% use them for nicotine and another 2 or 3% use them for the flavored spray 90% od them use them for weed, wax or dabs. Vapes are for weed no matter what the industry propaganda is.

        1. Moses,
          If by made up you mean estimated you are correct but after 31 years I know my clientele pretty well like I imagine you know your profession well.

    1. Definitely interesting. Didn’t realize that Thomas and Lynch had done a class project together at Stanford!

    1. Well that makes it easy there are hundreds of sleazy Dr. feel goods in cali that will write anyone over 17yo a script.

  10. Foster is a young 23-year old man. If he has been following NCAA regulations, this is probably the first time that he’s had a pseudo endorsement. This deal was probably setup and negotiated by older individuals with little input from Foster since he is inexperienced in this area (in fact, he might not have had any say). The tweet does indicate, however, that he wasn’t against the idea. If this becomes a bad press image for him, he’ll become experienced very quickly. Another question would be, who is his agent and why didn’t he put the kibosh on this.

    1. He made a stupid mistake. Hopefully there’ll be enough blow-back behind the scenes someone will knock some sense into his head.

  11. Foster will do fine in SF. His pot sales sponsorship will go through the roof here.

    Better than drafting a rapist like Vegas

  12. While right now being an aficionado of hemp, if I were a young athlete with a multi million dollar contract, I would refrain from ever endangering that source of income.

    I would refrain because it is not addictive, and just be high on life.

    Alcohol would be affordable and plentiful, and totally legal.

    1. Seb,
      Just because a substance isn’t physically addictive does not mean its not addictive. Psychological addiction is far worse. You can kick a drug and be done with all of the with drawls and then a month later back on the drug because of the psychological addiction and weed is horribly psychologically addictive.

  13. I was semi-crazy about the pick until I read this. There’s nothing wrong with pot . . . unless your boss thinks there is.

    How can he be the next Patrick Willis if he’s banned from playing?

    Speechless is San Jose.

    1. Cassie,
      You do know the smell they are referring to in that song is the smell of death. Its an anti drug\alcohol song

      1. Oh yes, I got that. I had to load a stabbing victim onto a UH-1 on a helipad in Korea. Stabbed in a fight over drugs.

  14. He won’t play much this year with his shoulder. He will end up needing surgery on the shoulder and missing pretty much all of the season. Not sure why college student who are likely to go high in the draft don’t have better surgeons work on them instead of 2nd rate drs.

    1. Lol squinching Paul, apparently the 49ers semi-pro medical staff disagrees with you. Hard to imagine that.

  15. Oy vey, oy vey, chicken little, chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling don’t bogart that joint son and let’s move along to some real issues rather than imaginary disasters. This qualifies as a Pulp Fiction headline. Has someone gotten one’s leading ego bruised?


    “McAdams just completed his 11th season with the 49ers and his fourth as the team’s medical director and head team physician. He’s also a consultant team physician for the San Francisco Giants since 2012 and a team physician for the Golden State Warriors. Outside of his duties in professional sports, McAdams serves as a clinical professor and orthopaedic surgeon. His clinical focus includes sports medicine, sports injuries, knee surgery, knee injuries, SHOULDER and elbow surgery, hand surgery and ankle injuries.”

    I think I’ll trust this guys evaluation of Foster’s shoulder.

  17. Sounds like John Fox wasn’t the only HC blindsided by his team’s move up for a QB. This from Tony Pauline:

    “Unlike the handshakes, hugs and backslapping that went on in other war rooms, many in Houston looked as though they had just awoken on Christmas morning and found no presents under the tree after it was announced the team traded up and selected quarterback Deshaun Watson.

    Watching the stone-faced expression on the face of head coach Bill O’Brien and the subdued attitude of those sitting at their desks made me and others I was with feel something was not right.”

    GMs that don’t give their HC what they want are just asking for trouble. I’m looking at you Trader Trent.

    1. It just boggles my mind that the GM and front office would choose to work in isolation from the coaching stuff AND still hope to succeed in this highly competitive league….

      1. Yep. I’ve been a frequent critic of this separation of GM/FO and coaching staff – yet most tell me it’s a smart way to run a football team. Note that Lynch is not running the team this way.

    1. Saints GM Loomis is an idiot and only has a job still due to the profound dysfunction of ownership down there Loomis has horribly mismanaged their salary cap and should have been booted three years ago.

      1. That sounds about right. Maybe a 5th. Or they could package him with next year’s extra 3rd to get a 2nd round pick.

        1. That would be a beautiful trade back up. V McD, notorious for dropping the big one Not in the least surprised Shanny wants to replace him in his WCO sure-hands game plan


    “I said ‘Hello’ while the New Orleans Saints were on the other line,” Foster said. “And I’m like, ‘Dang.’ But I wanted to be a 49er so bad, it wasn’t funny. Man, it was crazy.”

    “I told John Lynch that it was too late,” Foster continued. “I said, ‘Man, coach, you’re the 34th pick. It’s too late. The New Orleans Saints about to get me.”

    “Foster said that the Saints were certain that they were going to select him and were welcoming him and his girlfriend when the 49ers called. Foster was asked if it was awkward when he clicked back over to speak to the Saints following the news from Lynch that the 49ers had traded ahead of New Orleans to select him. “No,” Foster said. “I hung up.”

    1. Whoooeee, cold! Frigid, LOL, but I get it, he was excited. It was rude, but I forgive him. Not sure about the Saints……

  19. Players I like for the Niners on Day 2 (Rounds 2 and 3):

    CB Kevin King
    S Budda Baker
    S Obi Melifonwu
    TE Adam Shaheen
    WR Zay Jones
    WR Chris Godwin
    QB Nathan Peterman (I am hoping he slips to Round 3)
    TE Adam Shaheen
    CB Quincy Wilson

    FS Desmond King
    WR Cooper Kupp
    WR Amare Darboh
    TE George Kittle (probably will be there for Round 4)
    C/G Pat Elflein
    CB Fabian Moreau
    CB Teez Tabor
    CB Sidney Jones

  20. Honestly, call me ignorant but I had no idea vaporizers were used for anything but Tobacco… not saying that was the case with him, but honestly I’m not looking too much into this.

    1. Foster knew though. Otherwise he wouldn’t have avoided the question and said this was a chance to turn over a new leaf.

  21. Wow. Just, stupid.

    I love herb, been smoking everyday for 17 years, but the lesson I learned long ago was hide it. It never helps to let others know, especially employers.

    He is going to be drug tested a lot, and weed is unforgiving with a 2 week to 2 month latency (depending on how much you consume).

    Pains me to say this to anybody, but he needs to quit. I’d quit for millions of dollars.

    1. What does he mean by new leaf. I’ve heard of turning over a new leaf but that doesn’t seem to apply unless he intends to become a pothead.

  22. From what I have read he is not in the program for frequent random tests for the rest of his career but rather 160 days.
    If he doesn’t fail a test within that period he should not longer be in the program for frequent random drug tests after that.
    Additionally, while the opticsecond are bad, I would assume the party was organized prior to his failing the drug test as I have to believe his agent would have advised against it otherwise.

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