How does RG3 affect Colin Kaepernick and 49ers?

The Cleveland Browns have signed quarterback Robert Griffin III, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

How do you think this move affects Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers?

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  1. I see two outcomes:

    1. It means diminished trade value and/or opportunities for the limited pool of acquiring teams to restructure Kap’s contract, causing both Baalke/Kap to decide to stay in SF for 2016.

    2. It means Baalke blinks and accepts Denver’s last best offer before 4/1/2016 because Cleveland is now out of it.

    1. I see it completely different.

      I think Cleveland taking RGIII out of the market gives SF leverage.

      Cleveland always had the option of not taking anybody and just drafting their QB with the #2 pick.
      Hue will have no pressure this year so they could just sit their QB and develop him and don’t care about their record this year.

      Denver on the other hand has a championship defense. They have to contend now while they can. They had the option to bet on RGIII and let him compete with Sanchez. Now that’s not possible anymore.

      If the Jets re-sign Fitz Den will have to trade for Kap or just go with Sanchez as their starter.
      If I’m Baalke I’d let Elway think about wasting their defense’s prime with Sanchez for a while.

      1. I can see Denver doing a number of things. They could trade for McCown. They could trade for Glennon. They could trade for Kap. They could go with Sanchez and draft somebody at the end of the first round.

        Denver just won a SB with some pretty poor QB play. I don’t think they feel they have to worry about finding other options. If I were Elway, I’d trade for Glennon and draft Cook or Lynch with their first round pick.

  2. It means that Denver has one less option available to them. If Fitzpatrick and the Jets are able to agree to a deal, then the Broncos might have no choice but to offer a second round pick in exchange for Kaepernick.

    1. Either way, it adds incentive to both Niners and Broncos to get a deal done. IMO, unless Broncos feel comfortable starting Sanchez, they need Kap more in the 2016 season than Niners need a second round pick which is more of a early third round pick.

    2. They have draft options, two of the ‘better’ ones are:

      Connor Cook is a good prospect that landed in the media’s hate-train and has been relentlessly pummed. He could easily land there though there are questions about his accuracy.

      Hogan from Stanford has some mechanics issues, but is a good prospect and really blossomed into a very good QB his senior year. I wouldn’t count him out of Denver’s thinking.

  3. Guessing and speculating at the Browns motivations…

    – The Eagles moved up to 8 and signed Bradford to a two year deal. Now the Browns sign RG3 to a two year deal. Two years is the perfect length of time to groom a young QB. I can see both going after a QB at 2 and 8.

    – Patched roster holes (even if they’re not very well patched) provide draft flexibility. If a team offers a massive trade up haul to the Browns, they will be in better position to say “yes.”

    – Smoke screen. I don’t see Goff falling to 7. I give Wentz 50% chance of falling to 7.

    1. I don’t see Wentz or Goff making it past six. The Browns will take one of them with the second pick, and a QB needy team is going to trade up to where the Ravens currently sit and take the other guy.

      1. Yes. Eagles acquired pick 8 for a reason. They have an extra third rounder. Picks 8+80 is an exact chart match to move up to 6.

    2. I don’t think it affects the 49ers as much as it would have two weeks ago. Baalke has a price in his head and is willing to take the cap hit.

      – CK on the roster provides more draft day BPA and trade flexibility. It doesn’t rule out drafting QB at 7 either.
      – Don’t rule out late April trade for players/picks.
      – If CK has an acceptable 2016, he would fetch a far bigger trade haul.

      1. All these people saying SF and CLEVELAND are still drafting a QB with their first pick are ahead of the curve when it comes to legalizing pot in CA. Please self medicate a little less. :)

          1. Mid, first let me backpedal just a bit if I may. It was a snicker’s moment. Your insight and assessments are always very indepth and appreciated.

            I think you are spot on when you mention what Cleveland intends to do with the RGIII contract and developing a QB. My opinion is that the team either trades out of the #2 spot (insert LA Rams) or adds to their offense with a key player and takes a QB in the second round.

            My opinion is that Cleveland has so many holes on offense, they are almost required to trade out of the #2 spot in order to draft some talent. The RG III signing confirms that assertion for me.

            SF though is not drafting a QB in the first round. It doesn’t fit. Could you imagine the draft equity if either Wentz or Goff QB’s are still on the board at 7 and LA didn’t move up to take one? SF would be hard pressed not to trade back and allow a team to take that spot and the QB. Baalke will want picks next season since he is incapable of making good decision on the spot.

            It seems very unlikely either team will choose a QB first. The QB has to have someone to throw the ball to.

            1. Good post Matt. I mostly agree except I don’t think anybody is going to trade up for that second pick because it’s probably going to take a king’s ransom in order to do so. The Eagles are in the best position to trade up, but I still believe it would take a large number of picks or at least two first round picks in order to get the attention of the Browns.

            2. Good point,Matt

              If both Goff and Wentz are still on the board at 7, we are in the ‘catbird seat’ to trade back and pull a 1 or perhaps two 2’s…we ARE talking about some needy desperate trade partners….and we already have three QB’s on the roster…four if Kaep’s still here.

              Nice math, Matt

          1. Same, but I can honestly say I don’t know which way Baalke will go. My current inclination is that he’ll trade back a little and draft Treadwell.

            1. I’m guessing it will either be a DL or OL unless they are smitten with an athlete like Darron Lee. Baalke has a terrible track record with offensive skill position picks and I doubt he’ll risk using a first rounder on one. It’s too bad because he will likely pass on a potential franchise QB.

              1. I think DL is an area that will be addressed after the first round given the the extension of Dial and the team already having Armstead.
                OL is going to strongly depend on what happens during the first six picks and whether Davis chooses to come back or not. I think Stanley and Tunsil will be off the board before the 49ers are on the clock.

              2. Rocket

                It would indeed be strange to have Goff, Witten, Buckner, Darren Lee,and Stanley still on the board at 7, but stranger things have happened….remember ’81 !

          2. Who would the Browns have that QB through the ball to? Wouldn’t they want to replace some of the players that left in Free Agency? If they swapped picks to get out the top ten, they could still choose a QB but also get some offensive weapons in the process. This would be a case where the organization needs as many early picks as necessary just to field a team.

      2. Has everyone forgotten about the York’s strong aversion to paying people they don’t like? Does Baalke have the guts to keep Colin Kaepernick on April Fools Day if John, and Denise don’t like Colin as a person?

        Then there are the folks working for Jed that appear to have characterized Coin as a lazy loner and a malingerer.

  4. Make me laugh.

    Kaepernick: I want OUT! OUT! OUT! I’ll play for the Browns!!!

    Browns: Pay cut.

    Kaepernick: Errr… Ummm…. Well…. I went to the Superbowl!!!!

    Browns: Sorry Charlie, we’re not into ESPN highlights and myth making. The tape says you ain’t that good. We’ll take RGIII with an incentive contract that could pay him $22 million over the next two years…

    1. Moses

      Can you blame CK for not wanting to take a pay cut? I can’t and neither should you. CK is currently underpaid based off his talent alone….

      1. If he’s underpaid on talent alone and Gabbert played just as well last year, then Gabbert must be one heck of a value!

  5. With a little less then $7M guaranteed the Browns will still be taking a QB in the first round. The contract basically pays him to start for most of the first year. If the rookie isn’t ready or if he’s a bust then they can re-do Griffin’s contract in the second year based upon just how good he’s been playing. If Griffin stinks it up or if the rookie they choose is special then they’ve basically rented Griffin for the 8-10 games.

    1. Browns will draft a QB with 32nd pick. That is the best and wise choice to do! Past 5yrs, 2nd to late round picks have panned out better than early 1st round picks.

    2. Yup, baseball does this all the time especially when trade for a player who they feel can help them reach the playoffs and beyond. Although baseball teams typically do this more towards the end of the season – the Browns on the other hand are just to do anything to become relevant.

  6. Kap has reauested a trade the same way he plays. Choatic. If he was smart this would of been hamdled behond the scenes. Kelly could of said he was not a good fit. But now he looks like the same lame QB over the last two years. We will win without him.

      1. That’s an ignorant statement in itself. Our best players are Staley, Bowman, Lynch, Ward, and Smith. Your best players don’t shrivel after a four interception game.

          1. What did I miss Rocket?

            What an ignorant statement. CK is by far our best player

            Is that in code or something?

            1. It’s somebody pretending to be Bay and making fun of his support for Kap in the past. Bay has never said things like this.

    1. Larry, the first 2 lines gave me a great laugh. Thanks, I needed a chuckle.

      The way Kap had his agents requet permission to seek a trade reminded me of the errant pass he threw against the Seahawks, that drilled a staff member in the back of the head. It was the second of back to back passes that sailed wildly over his receivers head, and couldn’t have hit the staffer anymore square in the back of the head.

      What the ……………… Bam! #@/?

  7. I know others have mentioned this elsewhere, but it means we should be engaging the Jets in a trade offer for Muhammed Wilkerson. I’d give up Kaepernick and a fourth rounder this year and a fourth rounder next year for Wilkerson.

      1. I think it may take a 2nd next year, though now it appears the Jets want nothing to do with Kaepernick (a 2nd because it is more than the Jets would get than just letting Wilkerson walk, which would be a compensatory pick at the end of the 3rd round the year after).

        Given the Jets lack of desire for Kap, this is all wishful thinking unfortunately.

  8. Kaepernick’s decision making process is also bad off the field. He over played his hand demanding a trade a day after Baalke and Kelly both said Kaepernick was in the Niners plan for 2016. IMHO the teams seeing how Kaepernick’s brain flow malfunctions as a QB and as player seeking another team got turned off to trading anything for him. Got know the market and how you are seen.

      1. I know that. Bay has a different avatar and sounds very different from this poster who has popped up on here from time to time.

          1. I have always addressed Bayareafanatic as Bay whenever he has posted on here. You’ll notice I didn’t do that in this thread. I also can’t recall the last time Bay was on here. I recall a kerfuffle between him and Coffee when Coffee pretended to be him for a few days but not much afterwards.

              1. Can’t really ascertain whether that’s a complement or not since I’m focused on keeping what I ate down, so I’ll just take it as such.

              2. I meant it, because I didn’t want you to think I was being sarcastic. I was referring to the ability of some people in the blog to ID imposter’s.

                On the other hand, I wish there were fewer people who feel compelled to debate inane remarks posted by twits trying to get attention.

              3. I agree with that last part even though I have been one of those who have done so; however, I’m trying to work on avoiding those twits.

  9. With Cle out the fold, it only weakens Niners position for a 2nd round pick. I see two things…either Niners do want to keep Kaep by setting the price high for the purpose of retaining him but say they tried to trade him or they are bluffing Den into giving up their two. I don’t see Niners paying the guaranteed money for Kaep to compete.

  10. In my opinion, this works in favor of Denver. There really is no other home for Kap now. Denver can wait for the April 1st deadline, the Niners have more urgency. While they will say how much they want him publicly, the reality is they want to trade him. If they trade him post April 1st, they may be on the hook for some of his salary. And if they cut him, they get nothing. Time is on Denver’s side.

    1. I don’t know why people keep referring to April 1st as if a trade can’t happen well beyond that date.

      I think we could very well be looking at some sort of draft day trade at this point. It’s really the best time to make a trade because everyone is gathered together in one spot, and needs can shift drastically, depending on how the draft plays out.

          1. No Seb, you are one of the posters who definitely, do not understand the kap scenario. How do I know this? Because you are all over the place with wild speculation, most of which doesn’t make sense.

            Under your scenario, kap’s not going to pass a physical, which entirely clouds the entire situation, doesn’t it?

            What I am saying is that, April 1st is not as significant a date as some seem to believe. If Colin passes a physical, and is still on the roster, there is nothing to suggest the 49ers are going to eat a portion of his contract in order to deal him. I’m not saying it would never happen, but the fact of the matter is, the team views Colin’s contract as actually very affordable, considering the current market. And considering the 49ers cap situation, they have zero need to make a hasty move regardless of the April 1st deadline. The team is far more likely to stand pat, and wait till the draft approaches.

            1. And I am still confused about why you believe so strongly that Colin’s not going to pass his physical, Seb?

              Unless you have some sort of inside information that nobody I have spoken with has.

              However I am certain that in the event that he doesn’t pass his physical, you have absolutely no idea what happens from there. Every other post your write is full of contradictory statements, no of which you seem to base on any known facts.

              I mean, you’re the guy who thinks Colin has grounds to claim “breach of contract” against the 49ers, for cryin out loud (as my father would say).

              1. 49, time will tell. Lets wait until April, and see what happens, because even though you claim to know, you do not have a clue how it will unfold.

              2. Matt Barrows seems to think that Colin will not pass his physical by March 31, but if the 49ers are not going to cut Colin, then it doesn’t make any difference.

                The source for something unexplainable will come from the Yorks.

      1. So the trade partner would have to be happy with Colin’s great contract? Or, Colin would have to agree to renegotiate down to what?

        1. This is why CK has no leverage in all this. No team will want to pick up that salary if he can’t win the starting job. And it appears no team is willing to trade anything more than a 3rd or 4th for him.
          The kid has so much to prove. At the end of the day the 49ers decide where he goes if he goes anywhere at all.

            1. Well first the Niners have to find a trade partner who are willing to give them what they want. It starts there. After that it begins with CK’s contract and if he is willing to renegotiate that.

              1. So how do the 49ers control Colin at that point unless Colin, on his own, likes that new team to the extent that he’s willing to give up significant money.

              2. HT forget the contract for a minute. Its irrelevant until both teams figure out the compensation for the player.
                If the contract is a hold up, the Niners don’t care. It works under their cap situation.
                End of day they don’t need to trade him if they don’t get the value they determine he is worth.
                Remember it was him who asked for permission to be traded. It’s up to him to find a mutual team willing to work with him and all his baggage, including the contract. The Niners are sitting there saying what are you gonna give us. They control all of this!

              3. Prime you have my permission to forget the contract. No one else will, but go ahead if it makes you feel better.

                We don’t know if any other team want’s Colin’s contract. Some think it’s valuable, but I don’t know that is given Colin’s play the past two years.

                If the 49ers keep him, and he won’t renegotiate his contract, then they will have to decide if they are going to play him. If they don’t play him then he is a $14+M hole in their roster which will be 52 players instead of 53. How would that help a “rebuilding” team? Don’t you think they might want all 53 slots for players with a future in Santa Clara?

                Why not just take what they can get or cut him? Oh, right. His contract is also guaranteed if they cut him and he can’t pass his physical prior to March 31 at 1:00 PM PCT. Matt Barrows doubts that Colin can pass his physical at this time. Maybe he can next week.

                It’s just not as simple as you would like it to be.

              4. Without knowing the true details and loop holes of his contract, it’s best in my opinion not to pretend to know what is guaranteed and what isn’t. As well, if traded, is it renogiable or does it terminate?
                My point is the Niners control this situation with him because if they don’t get what they want via trade he remains property of the team. Why is that so complicated for you?

  11. The Yorks do not like to pay money to people that they dislike, or anyone else for that matter.

    If Baalke keeps Colin he better be prepared to play him, and make him look as good as possible.

    1. The recent episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with him in it is worth a watch for fans of his. Though, it’s a little eerie given his passing and some of the macabre subject matter.

      1. +1. The talk about Robin Williams, and how the material comedians put out being the baring of their souls as the sum of their existence was poignant.

  12. Fallout from this development? More posturing by Seb, and flogging of Seb. Gonna be a fun spring and summer!

    1. Have you heard something from Kaepernick or his agents beyond the request for permission to seek a trade? I didn’t think so.

      Where does the “more posturing” come from? Is that what you expect? I expect Colin to report for work and collect his $11.9M and then follow it up with collecting his $400K bonus for reporting. Then over the 2016 season I expect Colin to collect over $2M in roster bonuses.

      Or Colin will be traded for something. Denver has an OL guy who has missed thirty games over the last three seasons. That should be right in your “dad’s” wheel house.

      The Yorks, as you know, don’t like to pay people that displease them.

      1. Unless it’s in their best interest htwaits. If Jed believes it serves his interest, he’ll pay him. And if Jed wants to make an example of Kap, he’s got the leverage to do so. Baalke has Jed convinced that Blaine is a stud. And he’s paying Blaine penny’s on the dollar to be a starting QB. The 49ers are under no pressure in terms of the cap. Colin picked a bad time to play the disgruntled employee role, IMO, and I hope Colin figures it out, quits whining, and turns his energy towards reclaiming his starting spot.

        1. “And if Jed wants to make an example of Kap, he’s got the leverage to do so.”

          Would this example be paying Colin but not playing Colin? Any examples of making an example of Colin by Jed will be appreciated.

          1. Seriously?

            OK, it could be as simple as this. Jed gives Colin two choices. Colin can show up, compete, and honor his contract, or he can retire from football at a very young age.

            We saw this scenario play out in Cincinatti not very long ago. Palmer decided he wanted to be traded, and the Bengals owner Mike Brown said:

            “Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. We relied on his word. we relied on his commitment. We expected him to play here. He’s choosing to walk away from his commitment, and we aren’t going to reward him for it”

            The Bengals eventually dealt Carson Palmer (and made out like bandits) about 3/4ths of the way through the season, after Carson spent the majority of the season on the RESERVE/DID NOT REPORT LIST, and failing to collect a paycheck.

            And there are a couple things that work out far worse for Colin, than Carson.

            1) Carson Palmer reportedly had $80 million dollars in the bank. He’s was already wealthy beyond belief. Colin isn’t.

            2) The Bengals were not in nearly as comfortable position in terms of Cap space that season. The 49ers have more cap space than they will likely use this offseason, even after taking into account Colin’s cap hit.

            Kapeesh, ht?

            1. “And if Jed wants to make an example of Kap, he’s got the leverage to do so.”

              How can Colin be made an example by Jed?

              “OK, it could be as simple as this. Jed gives Colin two choices. Colin can show up, compete, and honor his contract, … hold out.”

              The most likely thing that Colin will do is your first option. Will that constitute Jed making a $14+M example of Colin?

              If Colin, mistakenly follows in Carson’s foot steps, then he will certainly be made an example of, probably to a greater extent than Carson’s case.

              I don’t expect Jed to make a fool of himself and order that Colin not play in 2016 in the way that Al Davis made a fool of himself.

              I don’t expect Colin to make a fool of himself either. We’ll see, as soon as he is cleared to participate.

              If the 49ers agree with a trade partner before April Fools Day Colin may or may not agree to renegotiate his contract. Jed will have no control over that choice, so it’s possible for Colin to choose to spend time with the 49ers until his 2016 contract is in force.

              Then Colin will still have a choice in any trade where he is ask to renegotiate. That’s a lot of choices for someone they want to dump, and who is totally at the mercy of his contract.

              Shortly all this conjecture about control will be history.

              Kapeesh, 49?

              1. htwaits, you asked for an example, and I gave you a very valid one. However, I don’t expect it to play out that way, but in theory, it could. Jed certainly has the leverage in terms of controlling when and where Colin plays in 2016. And it’s not going to cost Jed $14 million if Colin refuses to play, is it?

                Now, I didn’t say I expected things to get to that point. But Colin certainly picked a bad year to be disgruntled, because the team is not going to release him, and it’s looking more and more like Colin’s “value” is not as high as Colin believed it was a month ago.

                If you want to know where I think things are at the moment, here it is.

                The 49ers have already given Colin’s agent permission to seek a trade. And that in itself, is drastically different than the game of chicken Carson and Mike Brown were playing. And I agree with you, that I don’t expect Colin to hold out. From what I have heard, Colin is absolutely not planning on refusing to report.

                But let’s make no mistake who has control of this situation right now. It’s not Colin. Why? Because when push comes to shove, Colin is not ready to take a drastic pay cut, certainly not for a bad team like the Browns. As we stand now, the 49ers absolutely expect to get nothing less than a third round pick for Colin. And the team is fully aware of the April 1st “deadline”.

                It seems to me like the Jets might be the best opportunity for a trade. But I don’t get the sense that the Jet’s are all that high on Kap. I think the Jet’s would rather have Fitzpatrick behind center in 2016.

                As for the Broncos, I know for a fact that Trent Baalke and John Elway are fairly tight. I don’t see Baalke (or Jed) insisting on a 3rd round draft pick as compensation from John, if they were even slightly considering releasing Colin before his contract becomes fully guaranteed. If the 49ers are holding firm for a 3rd round pick now, then you can bet your sweet bippy that it’s not going to change a week from now, unless something else changes the equation.

                And that brings us to April 1st. It’s very possible that the 49ers are aware that Colin isn’t going to pass a physical on April 1st, although I haven’t heard anything to that effect. However, I don’t think the team is ready to come to an injury settlement with Colin either. So I guess will have to wait until that date before we get into where things go if Colin isn’t healthy.

                But one thing I can say now, with near 100% certainty, THE 49ERS WILL NOT FLAT OUT RELEASE COLIN FROM HIS CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS ON OR BEFORE APRIL 1ST. They are absolutely prepared to, and plan to, carry the cap hit in order to maintain control of Colin. They will not let the Rams swoop in and sign Colin. And if that means there is essentially $15 million in “dead money” on the books in 2016, so be it. They have more than enough cap space.

              2. I agree that when Colin passes his physical is not a factor, and that the 49ers shouldn’t release him for nothing. For a “total failure as a QB and as a person” it’s amazing how much value Colin seems to have.

                From Colin’s point of view, given that he will probably fulfill his contract, then competing for the QB job will be his first choice. If Jed is out for making an example of Colin, and will pay that kind of money to reduce his team roster to 52 by not allowing Colin to play, more power to Jed. May Al Davis rest in peace, but I doubt he does.

                It’s time to watch and see. Without a playoff ready roster, what else is there to do — pretend to make draft picks?

      2. No need to speculate or make up dramas that probably don’t exist. Ironically, we will know who the fools are on April Fools Day!

        1. Someone send Seb the memo.

          All he does is speculate wildly, throwing every insane idea against the wall, hoping something will stick.

          Just ask Seb whether he thinks Chip Kelly truly believes what he said about Colin’s injuries, or whether it’s just as likely that Chip doesn’t actually believe what he said, however by stating that he believes injuries were the cause, simply benefits the 49ers no matter how this situation unfolds from here.

          1. Wildly speculate? Isn’t that delicious? Spoken by the poster who touted Cook as if he were the second coming of Joe Montana.

            1. And right on cue, the SEB-crazy-train-NYNAH goes right off the rails, proving my point.

              Based on my personal scouting, as well as the opinions of others, it’s my belief that Connor Cook is the 3rd best quarterback prospect, and quite possibly the most NFL ready QB in the 2016 draft class, and Sebnynah translates that opinion to mean that I am equating Cook to Montana, and I see Cook as the second coming of the greatest quarterback to ever walk the planet earth?

              If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a donkey, right Seb? SMH

              1. 49, you may like Cook. and he did produce in college, but I think there are superior choices. You can disparage my opinion all you want. It sure seems like you all are tag teaming me. 49 seems like my next opponent. So maybe we should just cut to the chase.
                I have my opinions. You may not like them. I do not call you an imbecile for your opinions. I may disagree, but I will not stoop to hurling insults ad nauseum in an effort to shut you up. In the end, what you do and say have no impact on me, and it is a lesson in futility.
                Please re-read what you have written. Attacks make you look the fool, and really have no place in civil discourse. I will continue to post, but your extreme vituperous screeds are tiresome.
                I will say it a million times, Do not address me, and I will leave you alone. Attack me like you do, and do not be surprised if I defend myself. I will just be happy being left alone so I can post in peace, but I see how this site can degenerate into insults and slurs. If you have not noticed, I have not addressed Prime for a while, so I can show restraint.
                Maybe you did not like the toady comment, but I nailed it. You are acting like a 49er surrogate, and parroting the company line. I am extremely thankful that Grant invites contrary points of view, because if everyone talked in lock step, it would be boring.
                back to your post, you are right, he is the third best, but he may be only the third best of a weak QB class. None of the QBs will be declared the next Cam or Payton, even Luck or Mariota. Cook is not perfect, he does have flaws. He also might have been fortunate to play with a talented team that made winning easier.
                I also wish to differ with you about who is the most pro ready. I think Hogan is superior because he ran that Cardinal offense that had a pro system. I also think that Hogan is a better runner, and will be more durable than Cook.
                I think Cardale Jones will be selected before Cook. and Hogan may too. So many teams need a starter, and I think that Cook would benefit from the Aaron Rodgers treatment instead of the Alex Smith treatment.

              2. 49, I said AS IF he were the second coming. You have written pages of posts lauding Cook. It is way over the top. You have not written treatises, you have written tomes. Joe Montana himself did not get such laudatory praise. Many thought he was too small and pointed out he was not always the starter. Some preferred Steve Deberg. Randy Cross himself wondered about a skinny kid from ND. It also took Joe time to develop, and you talk like Cook is going to take the league by storm as a rookie. SMH.

    2. Cassie, my take on the RGIII signing is that the Browns knew that Kaep would not want to play for them, so they moved on. Cleveland may trade back, but they also may take an Ohio darling and select Bosa with the second pick. Still think that Goff and Wentz will be gone before the Niners pick, so they should select Buckner, Jack, Lee or Lawson.
      It just solidifies Denver as the most likely trading partner, and the only sticking point is the compensation. Niners want a second, and Denver will only give up a third. Denver said that they consider Kaep worth only a 4th, so they have established a trade position, even though they do not have a fourth. They will offer a third, and the Niners should be smart and insist on a third, along with a conditional 5th in 2017.
      Trump will not invade Mexico, because who will he get to clean his casinos? Canada has an unfenced border, so he might create a pretext and steamroll that into a takeover of a liberal resource rich country.

  13. I think the 9ers will keep kap this season. Balke will draft a player to help our front 7 on def. Lee or buckner would fit nice to our def. Doubt jack will still be on the board at 7.

  14. Tartt is a stud. He has the ability to be just like a kam chancellor. With him and reid that will secure our safties

  15. Trent Baalke – “We all know Carlos when he’s healthy is one of the better backs in the National Football League.”
    Too bad he can’t play the Vikings 16 times a year.

    1. Or stay healthy… he has a history of nagging injuries. The niners will need to draft another capable running back as Mike Davis was has been a disappointment and the drop off was big.

  16. What it means is the rest of the league does not think highly of Colin Kaepernick. It means the rest of the league would rather have guys like Sanchez, RGIII, and McCown better than they like Kaepernick. For Kap it means he should be extremely happy with his current deal. For the 49ers it means they are stuck with him and they possibly over paid him unless Chip can get CK to return to respectability.

    1. Could also mean that our GM set the asking price too high and has been unwilling to budge. 2nd or even a high 3rd round pick plus a big chunk of change for a guy who was benched for Blaine Gabbert? That sounds exciting, hard to believe teams aren’t jumping all over it.

      1. Im willing to bet that teams like a lot of fans don’t see that large of a separation between Griffin and Kaepernick. To get Kaepernick was going to take a high pick plus taking on his salary. They(Browns) got a very similar player for no pick and practically no pay.

    2. Gabbert may or may not be the fallback plan. His mobility /accuracy fit Kelly’s offense so the 49ers are not under pressure to draft a franchise QB….However, a good GM who plans 20 years into the future and has Joe Montana on his roster might notice a Steve Young or, in this case, a Jeff Goff out there who can be an understudy to Gabbert and thereby our QB for the next 10 years.

      1. Kap’s trade occurring afte4 4/1

        Rapoport: Trade partners waiting to see what the 49ers do with Colin Kaepernick on April 1

        March 24, 2016 at 12:00 PM • Comments

        By Site Staff

        “He’s going to be on their team April 2 when his money becomes fully guaranteed. If there are teams waiting to see if the 49ers will cut him, they will likely wait until that time,” said Rapoport. He continued by saying that if there is real trade interest by the Broncos, which he believes there is, then talks will ramp up on April 2. “At that point, the expectation will be if the Broncos trade for him, they’ll do it and pay his $12 million salary.”

        Rapoport stated that his $12 million salary is not that far off from what Griffin will get with Cleveland, as his contract is reportedly a 2-year deal worth $22 million.
        – See more at:

        1. Rapoport stated that his $12 million salary is not that far off from what Griffin will get with Cleveland, as his contract is reportedly a 2-year deal worth $22 million.
          That’s not even remotely close. It’s a 2-year deal worth $15M. With only $5.5M being paid in the first year.

      2. Amazing. Who are the good GM who plans 20 years into the future.

        Don’t be coy, we all want to know.

        Would a twenty year plan involve keeping at least a few payers for 10, 15, or 20 years?

        What would the roster age look like in a twenty year plan?

        Were you quoting or was the twenty year plan your idea?

  17. Griffins contract just cut the legs out from under Kaepernick in any attempt to re-negotiate his contract with the Broncos if a trade is going to happen.

    Griffin singed what is essentially a one year deal with the Browns. All of the dead money is in year one which means there is no chance he gets cut in the first season unless the team wants to eat nearly $2m in salary. If they cut Griffin next year it’s an $8M savings. Griffin essentially gets paid $5.5M this year and then IF he’s still on the team next he’ll make about $7.5M between salary and roster bonus.

    This is the kind of deal that Denver is going to want Kaepernick to restructure to and if it wasn’t before it certainly is now. Is a team going to give up a high pick for a player that they would only offer a one year contract to?

    IF Kaepernick gets traded it’ll be a 4th rounder. The 49ers and Kaepernick have zero, zero leverage at this point. Denver has already traded a 7th rounder for a QB that can start in the NFL and the Browns just gave Griffin nothing to compete with a rookie for a year.

    1. At best that 4th rounder might be conditional to either a third or second depending on how many games Colin starts for them.

  18. Anthony Davis tweet – “I miss the candle stick park fans. These new dudes on some other [shinola]. Choke collars with the top 3 buttons undone type [shinola]. #GolfClaps”

      1. My thoughts exactly. This is the stuff that makes me think a conditional trade might work. If he sticks with his new team, the 49ers get another pick.

    1. “shinola” is my replacement word. His comment (correct or not), doesn’t sound like a guy that truely wants to reestablish a work relationship with his employer.

        1. A clear shot at the Levis Stadium fans. Things like this make me think his statements about returning to the 49ers are fake.

          But why? Is it the $3m in prorated signing bonus 2016-2017? I heard he gave all/part of it back, but filing papers to un-retire could still be a factor. Or maybe he wants to get released or traded?

          1. The guy clearly wants out. He’s doing everything he can to make himself undesirable to the 49ers. He’s betting that he’ll get traded and that he can rebuild his reputation on a new team.

            He’s in for a rude awakening when he steps back on that practice field. Whatever teams trades for him will bench him by mid season and probably cut him after next. He has no idea what being away from the game for this amount of time has done to his body and skills. Given his overall maturity and attitude I can already tell you he’s not the guy who’s going to give what it will take to return to full form.

            Even though he’ll get a chance to play somewhere this year, he’s done in this league.

            1. I’m thinking conditional trades of AD files to un-retire. Examples:

              – Trade AD to for a 2017 pick. If he’s released from his new team before March 10, 2017, the new pick gets bumped down a round.

              – Trade AD to for a 2016 pick. If he’s released from his new team before March 10, 2017, the 49ers give up one of their own 2017 picks a round or two lower.

              – Package AD+pick to move up in this year’s draft. If he’s released from his new team before March 10, 2017, the 49ers give up a 2017 pick a late two or three pick.

              Can teams trade the rights to a retired player?

              1. Can teams trade the rights to a retired player?
                I guess the question would be why would they and what would they offer. If the player hasn’t committed to the point of actually filing for reinstatement then what is a team going to give up for a player like that?

                I suppose it could be some type of conditional pick that goes back to the team if the player doesn’t come out of retirement but still. I think even if it was technically possible and I’m not even sure it is I doubt anyone would ever do it. Most teams would just wait for the player to commit to playing again before giving anything up for them.

          2. Davis has always been a strange dude, but even after all this, his greatest value is to the 49ers imo. You aren’t going to get anything in trade that comes anywhere near his true value, so the options are and should continue to be, playing for the Niners or not at all. I’m still not sure he even wants to come back, but if he does then we need him here. He was one of the best RT’s in football and this team needs all the help it can get on the Oline.

            1. Agree – “his greatest value is to the 49ers”
              Agree – “You aren’t going to get anything in trade that comes anywhere near his true value”
              Agree – “He was one of the best RT’s in football and this team needs all the help it can get on the Oline”

              Look at 2014. The run game magically revived when AD returned to the lineup late in the season. He’s a fantastic right tackle.

              But if Davis is determined to torpedo his work relationship with the 49ers, the only choices remaining are bad ones.

              Same with CK. He has his flaws, but in the right offense using the “Turlock Tornado” capabilities, he’s far more valuable than what teams are offering in trade. But where’s his head at?

              1. Brodie,

                I’m not sure where his head is at, but I haven’t seen anything from him that is out of the ordinary lately. He is eccentric to put it nicely and nothing he has said recently is very different from the things he said while he was playing. If he says something derogatory about a member of the FO or Coaching staff, that’s a different ball of wax, but musings about the difference in crowds between Candlestick and Levis is pretty harmless.

              2. The one thing I’ll say about AD is that for a guy who wants to come back he sure is putting a lot of pressure on himself with all the controversial tweets.
                He was a good RT but was injury prone. I’d say he is on a try out basis like any other draft pick. Meaning he will need to earn it!

            2. Not sure he was one of the best. In the run game, I’d agree. But Seattle’s Bennett routinely beat Davis during passing plays. It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

          3. I can’t blame him. It’s a corporate playground with halfa$$ fans who want to be in the new “cool spot” once the novelty wears off and the blue collar fans start getting back to games with cheaper prices it might become a home. You could literally smell the new hats and shirts the first season on some of these “die hards”.
            Total different vibe!

    2. Though the comments shouldn’t have come from Davis, his comments are more or less a reflection of what a good number of posters were saying last season in regards to the fans.

    3. I see Davis believes Levi’s fans are the corporate types that aren’t as devoted as ‘Stick fans. As a fan who has/had season tickets to both stadiums, he’s not that wrong.

  19. 49ers rumored to be one of four teams in play for No. 1 pick in 2016 NFL Draft

    he San Francisco 49ers have done a lot of draft maneuvering under Trent Baalke, but this would certainly be a sizable move. MMQB writer Robert Klemko reported earlier this week that the 49ers are one of four teams in play for the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

    1. Robert Klemko of the MMQB reported the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Los Angeles Rams are all interested in trading up for the No. 1 overall pick.

  20. Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to meet San Francisco 49ers LG Zane Beadles during a conference call.
    I asked Beadles on playing in ZBS and how much that impacted his decision in coming to SF: “It was a big deal for me, it fits my strengths.”

    Ryan Sakamoto
    Beadles said that #49ers QB Blaine Gabbert reached out to him via text and welcomed him to SF. Also spoke w/ T Joe Staley.

    Darrell ‏@dskailua · Mar 22

    @SakamotoRyan Now that’s a leader. Lose Kap. Start Gabbert and draft talent around him #49ers

  21. On Kelly’s praising of Blaine Gabbert:

    I have to side with Joe Montana here when last season he stated: “Keep Blaine Gabbert.”

  22. Many around the league believe the 49ers will use their No. 7 pick in the April 28 NFL Draft to select Cal quarterback Jared Goff.

    Niners fans, those who haven’t jumped off the bandwagon that moved to Santa Clara and the bottom of the NFC West, are getting delusional.

    They believe taking Goff will get rid of the curse that was put upon the team when it didn’t select Cal’s Aaron Rodgers with the first pick in 2005. They opted for Alex Smith, who was displaced by Kaepernick, who was benched last year for Blaine Gabbert and, well, who knows?

    Coincidentally, we hope, both analysts, Rob Rang and Dane Brugler, name Goff as the San Francisco pick in their most recent mock draft.

    1. Does Goff really Want This Chaos?

      What’s crazier is, Kaepernick has regressed so woefully since the team move to Levi’s — or since Jed and Trent turned on Jim Harbaugh, the coach who created the once-revolutionary Kaepernick …
      But 11 years after the York family rejected a Cal QB named Aaron Rodgers, why do I see a scenario where the 49ers don’t pursue Goff and then watch him enjoy a fabulous career elsewhere?

  23. Ryan Clady, left tackle, Drafted: 1st Rd., 12th pick, Den., 2008

    Rapoport suggests left tackle Ryan Clady — who is likely to be traded or released following the signing of Russell Okung — could be added to Denver’s offer (for Kap).

    Source: ESPN

  24. I think Kap could be a very good QB. The coaches ruined him. Let him play like Steve Young did. Never saw Steve run out of bounds and slide like a sissy. He was a football player. Let Kap run like a football player anytime he wants and roll out. Seen Kap run out of bounds a yard short of a first and the next play they were stopped. I say let him play if he will man up and play like a football player and if he won’t get rid of him. Maybe we can coax Steve into coaching him how to play like a man

  25. OT but very relevant, the NFL said that there needs to be more study of the Concussion dilemma, but they have actively conspired and colluded to downplay and ignore the problem. It is outrageous for them to posture like they are concerned, but they did not include Steve Young in any studies. Steve Young almost died on the field because he was concussed, and then was bludgeoned on the field because the RB whifffed on a block. It was extremely dangerous to have a concussed player receive another big hit, but they put him out there anyways because winning was more important to them instead of the the health of the player. maybe it will take a player to die on the field before something is done.
    Jerry Jones is another tool who pontificated that concussions are not a problem, but forgot to mention that Troy Aikman was left on any study. His career, too was ended after a concussive blow.

    1. The Yorks run an operation that will just make the low end of the cap range allowed over the 2013-2016 four year span. They may start the new four year span being more active in the free agent market, but will also wind up near then four year low spending boundary for 2017-2020. Where they save all that York money is by avoiding any serious competition for their players who are negotiating their second contracts.

        1. That’s why I keep a lot of other stuff around to keep me interested. Knowing what’s likely to happen is not satisfying if it’s negative to begin with.

          The Eddie arch started in the pits, hung around the moon for a long while, and was just starting a downward trend when his overpowering greed got him in trouble. John, his beloved brother-in-law continued that trend, and Jed made a dead cat bounce out of it.


          1. Same. This team’s front office and ownership have killed my interests in doing mock drafts this year. I’m focusing more on my degree and the other aspects in my life now.

              1. LOL hwaits. I just completed my second course and will be moving onto my third one starting next month.

            1. Bummer MWD, but it’s hard to find fault in a person’s educational ambitions.

              I consider it a hobby, and It never gets old for me. as a matter of fact, call me pathetic, but I have a passion for football, and with the advent of the internet, my interest has only grown over the years.

              Any other sport and I might get more frustrated, but the way the NFL is structured these days, the next deep playoff run can happen before young know it. I like the way Baalke acquires draft picks in bunches.

              It’s a make or break draft for Trent Balke this year. And the team is bound to start running into some better luck with it’s roster. Draft week can’t be here soon enough for me.

  26. Eric Rogers:
    37″ vert
    10’01” broad
    4.20 shuttle
    7.08 3 cone
    33 7/8″ arms

    Jordan Matthews
    35.5″ vert
    10’00” broad
    4.18 shuttle
    6.95 3 cone
    33 1/4″ arms

    1. Is that supposed to make me feel good about his addition? It doesn’t. Sorry Grant.

          1. Highly unlikely since hwaits and Msclemons were both on here at the same time when Msclemons was posting and hwaits’ tone and clever comments are different from how Msclemons’ posts were.

            1. At my advanced age, I don’t feel bad that I have no memory of Msclemons.

              Most of the 25K AVS posts I have been guilty of were used to answer repetitive questions about home theater issues. By answering the repetitive questions, I have felt like I was taking some of the load off of the real experts that are active there.

    2. Given a supposedly weak WR draft, I like the signing. He seems driven and hard-working, and isn’t a punk. Grant’s saying he fits Kelly’s offense, not that he’s another Jordan Matthews.

    3. Mike Thomas Wr S Miss ( fav sleeper) combine snub:
      200 lbs
      4.44 40yd pro day
      VJ- 36.1″
      4.28 shuttle
      6.94 cone
      33 3/8 ” arms
      10 1/2 ” hands

  27. Here is my Connor Cook “scouting report” (read: thoughts on the player) for those that are interested.

    Player Summary:
    – 6’4″, 217 lbs
    – 3 year starter

    – FR: 52.9% completion rate, 94 yds, 5.5 YPA, 1 TD, 1 INT
    – SO: 58.7% completion rate, 2755 yds, 7.3 YPA, 22 TDs, 6 INTs
    – JR: 58.1% completion rate, 3214 yds, 8.8 YPA, 24 TDs, 8 INTs
    – SR: 56.1% completion rate, 3131 yds, 7.7 YPA, 24 TDs, 7 INTs

    – Ran a pro style offense which required him to run all facets of the offense, read the full field and go through his progressions. And generally did it well, as evidenced by the number of wins he tallied.
    – Holds an exceptional winning record (36 wins, 5 losses). He played on a good team, but he was a big part of what made the team good.
    – Aggressive passer, willing to take risks and capable of making some excellent throws, in particular in terms of fitting a ball into tight windows to hit his receiver and touch throws down the sidelines.
    – Has a capable but not great arm. But demonstrates very good anticipation on throws to hit receivers as they come open.
    – Good on 3rd downs. His passer rating on 3rd down was higher than 1st and 2nd down in 2015, and he typically passes beyond the 1st down marker on 3rd down.

    – Accuracy is wildly inconsistent, as evidenced by a fairly low completion %. He throws off his back foot or with feet perpendicular to where he is throwing far too often, leading to too many passes off the mark. He does this especially when forced to go through his progressions, leading to a lot of poor passes underneath. However, when he sets his feet properly he often throws good passes. Sloppy/ lazy footwork is his main issue when it comes to accuracy.
    – Played behind a very good college OL, that typically gave him plenty of time to throw. When he doesn’t have time he can be quick to drop his eyes or make rash throws, and his footwork is sloppy. This can be hard to fix for a QB in the NFL (see Gabbert, Blaine).
    – He had the lowest velocity at the combine, but I think his arm injury was affecting him. He looks to have sufficient arm strength to make all the throws on film.
    – Major red flags regarding his character. Never voted team captain, and reports suggest he has an ‘odd’ personality. May not be a leader, or charismatic enough to win over an NFL locker room.
    – Got destroyed in the playoff game. Entire team was outplayed, but Cook was awful. Was it partly because he was carrying an injury? Or did the game get too big for him?

    If he cleans up his footwork he has the tools to become an effective NFL starting QB for a team with a good supporting cast. But I have concerns about his ability to hold up behind a poor OL. I also can’t help but wonder if he ends up going the way of Jeff George. Its tough to lead an NFL team, and nothing I have read suggests Cook has the mental make-up to be a leader. I also worry about his play on the big stage. Can you trust him in big games?

        1. One of the main reasons that I keep bringing up as to why he isn’t a good fit for this offense. …which probably means that Baalke is going to draft him.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think he’s a good fit for the 49ers offense this year. But I doubt any rookie QB will start this year. If the 49ers draft Cook they also have to invest in the OL too.

            1. And that’s something I just don’t see happening. My guess is Baalke feels comfortable with the offensive line as it is and will be unless Staley retires.

              1. I think it’s mainly going to depend on whether Davis comes back before the draft or not. If he does add someone to the group, it will be in the later rounds or as an UDFA.

              2. So OTA for niners begins on April 4th. If Anthony Davis was excited about coming back, wouldn’t he have filed his unretirement papers by now or be in the process?

              3. You’d think so, wouldn’t you Cubus. I am no longer expecting him back. If he does then great, but need to plan as if he isn’t.

              4. Again, are the OTAs starting on April 4th a requirement for the veterans to attend? If not, then we shouldn’t be expecting him back at that time.

              5. As cubus said, if he is really that keen and serious about getting back into football with the 49ers after a year out, you’d think he’d be back at the start of OTAs. I bet most of the vets are there.

              6. And if he’s not in shape, it only further strengthens the argument against whether he’s really that serious about returning.

              7. And if he was injured during voluntary OTAs? C’mon Scooter, April 4th isn’t a make-or-break date for Davis just as April 1st isn’t a make-or-break date for Kaepernick to be traded.

              8. Mid, if Davis is not in football shape, when do you see him getting in football shape? If he doesn’t start with OTAs, when then? If he’s in bad shape it could take months for him to get back into football game shape. Then there’s a new offense to learn. Also, what’s his experience with zone blocking? I’m guessing it’s not much at the NFL level, but I honestly don’t know at the NFL or college level. I wouldn’t underestimate the mental work that will be needed for him to win the right tackle position in a new offense that features ZBS.

              9. Comfort with the 49er OL would be a serious error by Baalke. Devey,Pears alone should cause him discomfort .Martin is young however the onus is on him to dramatically improve over last year,Brandon Thomas one can hope but we still we don’t know if he can realize his pre injury potential. AD is talking but hasn’t made the move to reinstate ,should we rely on him? Beadles ???? Tiller and Brown are probably the closest cause for some optimism.We are however an injury away from a serious problem at the key position of Center again.All reasons for uneasiness I’d say.

              10. C’mon yourself Mid. Do you honestly think a guy that is truly eager to resume his career after a year away would be avoiding an opportunity to learn the new offense and gain fitness? That he wouldn’t have filed for reinstatement by now? Even if he comes back, you have to question his motivation.

        2. The 49ers haven’t had an offensive line that good since John Madden used to comment that “Montana makes everything look so easy”, “so many weapons” and “Montana’s uniform is spotless.”

          Even that wasn’t every year or every game under Walsh/Seifert/Montana.

    1. Scooter,
      Good work. But college and the pros are two different animals. Here is a similar college read on a QB we drafted sometime back in time.

      “CAREER: The latest in a long line of outstanding University of Miami quarterbacks…has distinguished himself from his predecessors at UM by breaking several career school records and setting a new standard of winning for a Miami QB…an excellent student who is a three-time BIG EAST All-Academic Team member (2000, 2001, 2002)…the 2002 BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Year who shared the award with teammate Willis McGahee…holds BIG EAST career records for touchdown passes, passing yards, pass completions and pass attempts…prominently mentioned in the Miami record books for career completion percentage (4th at 57.9%), touchdown passes thrown (1st with 86), passing yards (1st with 9,565) and total offense (1st with 9,165 yards)…compiled a remarkable touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio of 86 TDs/28 INTs in his career…owns four of the highest single-season completion percentage totals in UM history, having completed 57.9 percent in 2001, 58.4 percent in 2000 (11th in UM history) and 61.7 percent in 1999 (3rd) and 56.5 percent in 2002…has compiled an astounding 38-2 record as a starting quarterback at Miami, the best winning percentage in UM history…is the winningest quarterback in Miami history with 38 victories, a total that also ranks among the best in the history of college football…holds school career records for career touchdown passes, passing yards, pass attempts, pass completions, victories…has been named BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Week seven times during his career (three times in 2002), the most ever by a Miami Hurricane…particularly effective in clutch situations, completing 205 of 333 (61.6%) attempts for 2,531 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions on third down passes during his career and 91 of 158 (57.6%) attempts for 1,359 yards, 11 touchdowns, and only 1 interception in fourth quarters of games during his Miami career.”

      *Found this on Wikipedia.
      But again, we just never know how talent in college will translate to the pro level.

      1. I am really not sure what you are getting at. Are you saying Cook reminds you of Dorsey? If so, I disagree. Dorsey simply didn’t have an NFL arm. He had to put everything he had into a 20 yard pass. Which was a shame, as he had the right mental make-up to be a quality QB if he only had the athletic ability to go with it. But that’s why he is making a good QB coach.

        1. Scooter,
          Not being disingenuous with my reply. Just making a win/loss and stats comparison with Dorsey and Cook. And the fact that we don’t know how these college players will transition into the pros.

          Aaron Rodgers almost sweated out the entire first rd before being drafted because we felt that Alex Smith was the better QB. And given Smith’ college stats the 49ers had a good reason to choose Smith over Rodgers.

          Again, we just don’t know – and could only go by their college stats. Hence the Dorsey selection.

          1. I didn’t think you were, I just wasn’t sure what you were getting at. Not being sure whether a prospect will pan out despite how they play in college is par for the course. You can say the same of every prospect. Of course we don’t know for sure. I certainly don’t. But being a winner is a good sign and a good trait to have.

            Dorsey was selected in the 7th round and had a 6 year NFL career. That is pretty good for a 7th round pick, and just goes to show how good his other qualities were despite being a noodle armed QB.

            1. I’m pretty sure a lot of these posters don’t understand the scouting process Scooter, that’s why we see some player comparisons that are way off the mark (Dorsey? Lol).

              Of course, we definitely have take statistics into account. I am not sure about you, but I like to watch as much game film as possible, BEFORE I start breaking down stats.

              By the way Scooter, where does Cook rank among this year’s prospects?

              1. I rate Cook as the 3rd best QB prospect in the draft, but he has to go to the right situation. I think he’s a late first/ 2nd round QB based on talent alone, but question marks regarding character and ability to handle pressure in my opinion makes him a risky pick that high.

              2. 49reasons
                I catch the little indirect dig here. But understand that I was comparing records and stats (Cook and Dorsey) not the necessarily the skill set.

                Cook has more skill set than Dorsey had. But when you look at the face value of the numbers they are very similar.

                But as we have seen in many instances, even players with strong college QB skill sets don’t always translate to the pros.

                I believe that Paxton Lynch has some very good skills and would place him above C.Cook. Lynch was considered the top college QB for the better part of the season but tailed-off at the end of the season and looked bad in his bowl game loss.

                I ask you this question. Do you judge Lynch on his overall college career or his last 3 games and bowl game?

                In a similar situation, Cook showed some good qualities over his career but seemed to fall off the map after the 38-0 thrashing at the hands of Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.
                My point to Scooter is who knows how these guys will do in the pros. All the video and film on players is a must for scouts to do their due diligence but in the end every team has to cross their fingers and hope that they made the right choice when drafting.

    2. Thanks Scooter. I appreciate your honest evaluation.

      I have zero concerns in regards to Cook’s character, and leadership qualities. From all of my research, I have concluded that Cook was highly respected and considered a defacto leader of the team, ragrdless of whether he was named captain for every game The Spartans had 22 seniors on the 2015 team and chose team captains on a weekly basis. As a matter of fact, Cook was named team Captian for the 4 biggest games of the 2015 season, and the only player elected captain for games. It’s been my experience that, when as many people rally to defend a person’s character as have for Conner, then it’s probably been blown way out of perportion.

      However, you appear to feel differently in terms of his leadership qualities, and that’s OK.

      The only people who really need to be convinced are Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke, and I trust that they will do their due dilliegence in regards to their research.

      As for Connor’s skill set, I’ll be posting my full analysis next week.

      Thanks for your efforts Scooter. I appreciate your opinions.

      1. Correction: Cook was the only player elected team captain for 4 games in 2015. There were 5 players who were elected captain 3 time during the season.

      2. Neither of us can know for certain whether the character “issues” are real or myth. We simply don’t have access to the truth of the matter. But regardless of whether he was named captain for 4 games in 2015, not being voted a team captain by his teammates for the season in any year is very unusual for a star QB. If reports are to be believed, a lot of NFL teams feel his character is of some concern. So I find it hard to understand how you are able to dismiss it, no matter how thorough your desktop research.

        The comments from teammates suggest they don’t see his personality as a problem (ie, not causing rifts), but if they truly respected him as a leader you can’t help but wonder why they didn’t vote him a team captain.

        1. Sorry Scooter, I thought I explained why I thought he wasn’t named Captain for every game. The Spartans do things differently than a lot of other college teams.
          They name their Captains on a weekly basis, and had incredibly strong, and deep, senior class. OF course, I cannot say for certain. But, based on every other bit of “evidence” I have dug up, it doesn’t appear as if Cook was disliked, or disrespected by his teammates. And that’s where it ends for me.

          I think Connor is one of these uber-confident QB’s, who expect a lot of themselves and those around him, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I am OK with that.

          1. They name captains for each game, who represent the team in that capacity for that game. But they also vote on team captains for the season. To me that is far more important and telling than game captains, as it reveals who the squad believe should lead them week to week, behind closed doors. For whatever reason, Cook was not voted by his teammates as a captain for the season.

  28. The saga of Anthony Davis continues. I wonder why he has not asked to be reinstated, and if the Niners are communicating effectively with him. Last year, they should have made sure of his intentions way before he decided to retire so they could have drafted differently. This year, Baalke seems to not want to even talk about him. Did Baalke assure him he would get his starting job back, or is he going to give AD the Alex Boone treatment? Will Baalke let his emotions dictate his course of actions to the detriment of the team, or will he swallow his pride and welcome back an anchor to the O line that was sorely missed last season?
    I do not fault Davis for doing what he did. The league has downplayed and ignored concussion dangers, and seem to place the goal of winning higher than the health of its players. If Davis did have those recurring headaches and was in a fog, rest was the best course of action for him. I hope they treat him with kid gloves and do not work his ass off in practices, so he can be fully functional and fresh for the games.

    1. Seb, I think your looking at this wrong. Since when has Balkee done anything Status Quo? Nobody will ever know what he’s doing unless he’s doing it. If we haven’t noticed, there may be leaks about certain players and things but rarely has there been a leak about personnel moves that have been accurate. That’s also why a big part of this panel gets so ticked off at him. While them and the national media thinks he should do or thing, he always surprises and does something different. Then there come all the negative grades, the bloggers and the commenters stating he doesn’t know what he’s doing, blah, blah, blah!! So we all assume, but none of us really knows what goes on behind the scenes. Was Balkee really suppsed to go to every player on the team last year and ask, are you retiring? This man along with others retired out of left field. Due diligence was done. I don’t think you should always assume blakee didn’t do his homework. I just believe he works differently than others think he should work. But that’s just my opinion!

      1. Steele, when they were going to the playoffs, I thought Baalke did a masterful job, but subsequently, he has regressed, and this last FA period just confirmed by beliefs.
        It just is common sense to pick up the phone and talk. Baalke tries to be the GM guru, but when players avoid the team like the plague, and retire instead of wanting to play, the whole atmosphere is toxic.
        Whiffing on an entire draft class and last years, FA class (other that Torrey), does not instill me with confidence in his abilities.

        1. Seb.. Understandable feings, but sir, he is not the only GM to whiff on an entire draft. Aside from the newer guys, there is not one in the last 10 years that hasn’t done it. No GM is perfect, so we should stop assuming he is. I know his failures, but he also has his success in the draft area. And this is a GM that doesn’t believe in spending much in the free agent market. He gave the offense torrey Smith last year ad look how the coaches used him. He wasted his money trying to help out our offense and it bit him in the butt. And again you are assuming he didn’t or the coach didn’t pick up the phone and talk to these guys. None of these retired players left because of the front office, they left because of injury and fear of injury. But some assume, like you, that they retired because of Balkee and York. But hey, it’s your opion. Who am I to argue

          1. Steel, thank you for being so reasonable. I admit that I do not have all the answers, and as a poster on a blog, no one should expect me to be able to out maneuver an NFL GM. You are correct, many GMs do not have perfect records, and many can point out many failures, to go along with the successes.
            I am just giving my opinion, but I also have past history to bolster my arguments. I think Jed and Baalke did not create an organization built on trust and loyalty. They did not retain Cowboy because I think they said to him that he had to run a 40 at a certain level, or they would not promise him his starting job back. It was very revealing to see how hard Cowboy was working out, just before he announced his retirement. Willis could also have been retained if he felt that the Niners were loyal, but after he saw what they did to JH, he decided to retire, even though I thought that he should have been retained for his leadership alone. He was not that much hampered by a bad foot that he could not play very effectively, and he was light years better than who they played. Gore was not shown any loyalty at all, and was kicked to the curb by announcing that Hyde would start. Baalke should have tried a lot harder to keep Gore and let him retire as a Niner. In hindsight, Gore had a much more productive season than Hyde, and the loss of the heart and soul of the offense cannot be overstated too much.

  29. Another National Reporter picks Goff:

    Dane Brugler, CBS Sports: QB Jared Goff, Cal

    Many assume Chip Kelly desires a mobile quarterback, but the most important trait to run his offense is quick mental processor, which fits Goff, who also happens to be a native of the Bay Area.

  30. In Connor Cook, the Dallas Cowboys will be receiving a quarterback that won 34 games and lost only five. He has more victories than any other quarterback in the history of the Michigan State Spartans. Cook beat out Kirk Cousins, who is now the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Cousins had 27 victories in college. Cook knows how to win football games on the college level, so there’s a chance he can learn to do the same in the NFL.

  31. 49ers could trade down from # 7 and pick up another 2nd rounder then draft Laquan Treadwell # 1, Connor Cook # 2 package a pick to move up further in the 2nd round (acq. from 1st Rd. trade) and draft Joshua Garnett, T, Stanford University, 2nd Rd.

  32. So, I find out that the perfect QB for a chip Kelly system, has signed with the Brown’s. Oh well, I just think that means Kap isint going anywhere. I seriously doubt Balkee is going to use a number 7 pick on a qb. And the rumors about him moving up to number 1, I believe is completely false. That man loves draft picks to much. I doubt he gets rid of 4 picks for 1.. Now, he might trade back a couple of spots to get his defender, so he can add more picks, but never trade up that far and lose that much Capitol. I also think he’s letting the media do his job by letting them assume who he’s picking. If someone wants one of those quarterbacks, and they think that the Niners are going to pick one of them, maybe they will be crazy enough to jump to their spot, and offer a couple of good picks..

    1. Steel, I agree that maybe his best strategy is to move back to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds, but I strongly disagree that RGIII is the best QB for Chip’s system. RGIII is damaged goods, and he had too many surgeries on his knees, so he could be side lined with a single hit.
      With his leadership questions, he would be a huge distraction, especially if he struggles, and Chip does not need any more controversies.
      Ideally, a healthy Kaep is perfect for his system. However, since the FO poisoned the well, he may be gone. Gabbert has good skillsets to run that system, but He is also 5-27 as a starter.
      I think the best QB to draft to fit Chip’s system is Cardale Jones. He may not have elite passing skills, but he sure can run the ball. Hogan is better than Goff because even though Goff seems to be very accurate, Hogan can also drop the ball over the LB and in front of the safety, and he is a much better runner.
      If Jones and Hogan are gone, maybe the best alternative is Driskel because of his 4.56 forty. Adams would also be a good late round pick.

      1. Seb I agree with the first part of your post completely about RG3. Not as much with the rest of your post. Kap is probably not ideal either. He is too slow at his reads and not quick or crisp at getting ball out for short, intermediate and quick throws.

        Need a Peyton manning type with ability to run.

        Alex smith and Aaron Rodgers come to mind. Hehe.

        1. Please, Do not put Alex in the same sentence as Aaron Rodgers. Since the time they were drafted, Rodgers has shined, while Alex has competed valiantly, but demonstrated that he is limited.
          Of course, Rodgers had the good fortune to sit behind a HOF QB and study for years while Alex was thrown into the meat grinder, but Rodgers was a great backup, never caused problems and kept his nose to the grindstone.

  33. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 2h2 hours ago
    While Carson Wentz was throwing in Fargo, GM Trent Baalke was in Clemson working out two pass rushers
    Misdirection or indifference?

    1. A glimmer of hope. Maybe Baalke is getting smarter, and realizes that the Niners need an immediate pass rush more than a rookie QB who may sit.

    1. Brown and Tiller concern me the most. We’ve made no moves in FA except for a guard swap of Beadles for Boone. If AD doesn’t come back, we could have serious OL problems again if Kelly is adamant about only or mostly running a ZBS. I wouldn’t expect much from this year’s draft. Except for first round picks (and even they are inconsistent), my understanding is that few OL make an impact as rookies (maybe more so late in the season). That could mean that Baalke and Chip are going to rely heavily on B Thomas and M Martin.

  34. As they should rely on B Thomas and M Martin. It takes at least 2 years for most lineman to develop. You don’t give up on draft picks that early.

    1. Not giving up, just haven’t seen much. Nothing from Thomas and disappointing from Martin.

      The OL was a huge problem last year and I was hoping for a well-thought out plan to fix that issue. With nothing happening in FA and this year’s draft picks most likely not making an impact, it seems that the OL will be built on a wing and a prayer.

      1. It’s possible that, after the new staff has evaluated what they have, Baalke will try to acquire an available FA. As per Rotoworld, here’s a list of who are left:

        Offensive Tackles

        Cordy Glenn (Re-signed 1-year, $13.706M deal with BUF)
        Russell Okung (Signed 5-year, $53M deal with DEN)
        Donald Penn (Re-signed 2-year, $14M deal with OAK)
        Kelvin Beachum (Signed 5-year, $40M deal with JAX)
        Mitchell Schwartz (Signed 5-year, $33M deal with KC)
        Joseph Barksdale (Re-signed 4-year, $22.2M deal with SD)
        Bobby Massie (Signed 3-year, $18M deal with CHI)
        Andre Smith (Signed 1-year, $3.5M deal with MIN)
        Will Beatty
        Jermon Bushrod (Signed 1-year deal with MIA)
        Chris Clark (Re-signed 2-year, $6M deal with HOU)
        Ryan Harris (Signed 2-year, $3.9M deal with PIT)
        Donald Stephenson (Signed 3-year, $14M deal with DEN)
        Nate Chandler
        Byron Bell (Re-signed 1-year, $2.25M deal with TEN)
        Chris Hairston (Re-signed 2-year deal with SD)
        Sam Young (Signed 1-year, $760K deal with MIA)
        Jake Long
        Don Barclay
        Byron Stingily
        Jason Fox
        Bradley Sowell (Signed 1-year, $1.5M deal with SEA)
        J’Marcus Webb (Signed 2-year, $6.25M deal with SEA)
        Bryce Harris
        Jeff Linkenbach
        Tyler Polumbus
        Eric Winston (Re-signed 1-year, $1.09M deal with CIN)
        Khalif Barnes
        Charles Brown (Re-signed 1-year, $760K deal with DAL)
        Ben Ijalana

        Interior Offensive Linemen

        Alex Mack (Signed 5-year, $45M deal with ATL)
        Kelechi Osemele (Signed 5-year, $58.5M deal with OAK)
        Brandon Brooks (Signed 5-year, $40M deal with PHI)
        Alex Boone (Signed 4-year, $26.8M deal with MIN)
        Jeff Allen (Signed 4-year, $28M deal with HOU)
        Richie Incognito (Re-signed 3-year, $15.75M deal with BUF)
        Louis Vasquez
        Ramon Foster (Re-signed 3-year deal with PIT)
        Geoff Schwartz
        Jahri Evans
        Evan Mathis (Signed 1-year, $6M deal with ARZ)
        Ben Jones (Signed 4-year, $17.5M deal with TEN)
        Stefen Wisniewski
        Ben Grubbs
        Ryan Wendell
        Mike Harris (Re-signed 1-year, $2M deal with MIN)
        J.R. Sweezy (Signed 5-year, $32.5M deal with TB)
        Chris Chester
        Manuel Ramirez
        Lyle Sendlein
        Amini Silatolu
        Zane Beadles (Signed 3-year, $11.75M deal with SF)
        Will Montgomery
        Lance Louis
        Kraig Urbik (Signed 1-year deal with MIA)
        Ted Larsen
        Willie Colon
        Tony Bergstrom (Signed 2-year, $5.75M deal with HOU)
        Josh LeRibeus (Re-signed 1-year, $940K deal with WAS)
        J.D. Walton
        Tim Barnes (Re-signed 2-year, $5.5M deal with LAR)
        Mackenzy Bernadeau (Signed 2-year, $3M deal with JAX)
        Chris Scott (Re-signed 1-year deal with CAR)
        Dallas Reynolds
        Mike McGlynn
        Vlad Ducasse
        Fernando Velasco
        Shelley Smith
        Brandon Mosley
        Doug Legursky
        Gino Gradkowski (Signed 3-year, $3.15M deal with CAR)
        Johnnie Troutman
        Joe Looney
        Jamon Meredith

        1. Could be, George. In my post I was going to include that they might trade Tiller and possibly Brown. But to me that is on the borderline of a well thought-out plan especially with so much available cap space. I think it’s going to boil down to Martin and Thomas during training camp. If they truly disappoint, then Baalke/Chip might look to facilitate trades.

          I hadn’t really given any thought to the team taking an OL in the first round…..

          1. cubus

            I really like what we have on our Olines…Brown and Tiller could become long-time starters or backups…Thomas is gold, and Martin may develop also.

        2. George

          I think that is the plan….I’ve been waiting to hear that we picked up Geoff Schwartz and Ben Grubbs…both battle tested and with mean streaks…Save the OT’s for the Draftees….

          1. Agree on Schwartz. You should listen to some of his podcasts. I’ve only listened to one, but some of them provide some technical detail regarding offensive line play.

      2. Not really. Balke expects his picks to develop. Time will tell. Guys that are so young need to get stronger each off season. Do they have the work ethic to improve. We will see. People forgot how bad Staley was when he was a couple years in. Boone was undrafted and on a practice squad. It takes time. I think both Martin and Thomas improve a lot this year. Just a hunch. If they don’t we are F’d! I think I just wrote what you stated in a round about way. Lol

  35. Good point Brown and Tiller were in some ways the bright spots of a paltry OL last year, how they fit in the ZBS will be worth monitoring .

  36. I just can’t buy into these suggestions that Ramsey will go #1. Nobody uses the #1 pick on a S which is where he’ll end up playing in the NFL.

  37. Unless you are willing to believe that Baalke would trade away next year’s first round pick there is no reason to think we’re in play for the #1 spot.

    The #1 pick on the traditional chart holds a 3000 point value. If you add up every pick we have in this years draft that is tradable it comes up to just short of 2500 points. Not saying that they wouldn’t trade it for every pick we have but you get the idea of how far off #7 and #1 really are. The trade chart is only the ‘start’ to the conversation and terms get worked out from there but you can still see that a chart that’s even close to the traditional one is going to require two first round picks. Even if not, it would be a 2nd and third and possibly a 4th this year plus our 2nd next. No way a deal would be done for the #1 pick for less then that and even then I doubt that deal would get it done.

    No player in this draft, including Tunsil, is worth those prices. At least not to this team. Those picks even in Baalkes poor hands are more valuable then taking such a big swing on just one player.

  38. Great post coffee..You are a 100 percent spot on.. I heard Phil Savage suggest that the Titans should trade Mariota to the Niners for the 7th pick plus a 2017 first.. I know Chip would be all over it but No way Balke does it. Savage said that Titans would take Wentz and maybe Stanley at 7., plus have SF’s first next year.. Would you do it for SF? I wouldn’t!

  39. NN had someone advocating getting rid of Brown and Tiller because they would not fit Chip’s system. That kind of thinking kinda got the Niners in the mess they are in. Brown and Tiller played well, and the Niners should not let talent go. Just like last year when they let Iupati walk so the Cards could go to the NFCCG. Letting Gore go who ran for almost another 1000 yards, and Crabtree who made a bunch of catches, yards and TDs.
    If anything, they should let Devey ,Pears, Silberman and Thomas leave.
    Heck, even Looney was let go and he was versatile and a starter for the Titans, so the Niners better brush up on their evaluation process, keep the good ones and let the bad ones go.

    1. However, I also saw he advocated getting rid of Patton and Miller. Actually, I agree with him there, and I would throw in Vance Macdonald because of his stone hands. The Niners cannot count on some one who is in position, has the ball hit him right in the hands, and then drop the ball, or even worse, bat it up in the air so it could be picked off.
      I would hope the Niners would consider offering San Diego, Jax or the Titans those 3 players for their second or third round pick

      1. Seb you’re jumping to conclusions. The article doesn’t say anything about getting rid of players. It says they might not fit the scheme. Its postulation not a proposal. If they don’t fit the scheme you can then conclude they will get cut or traded. People on this forum have already stated neither Miller or Patton fit.

        Any you’re back to multiple player trades for picks again.

        1. Wilson, the writer seemed to want to get rid of players who do not fit, so I just proposed a way of doing it. If you can remember before, I advocated trading both Miller and Patton. After reading his article, I just added another player who has decent value, but also does not fit his scheme.

          1. Seb that’s your assumption and its not stated any where in the article that he “wanted to get rid of players.”

              1. Its useless. See the operative word “might” not fit the scheme. Your arguing he’s actually wanting to get rid of players, he’s postulating they might not fit. Also see what Cubus wrote that Modkin’s might be changing Kelly’s scheme a bit where these guys could fit. Also see that I already stated that if its proven they don’t fit then they’d be cut or traded.

                Repost from earlier:

                March 26, 2016 at 1:39 pm

                Seb you’re jumping to conclusions. The article doesn’t say anything about getting rid of players. It says they might not fit the scheme. Its postulation not a proposal. If they don’t fit the scheme you can then conclude they will get cut or traded.

              2. Wilson the writer did say that those players may be looking for employment elsewhere next September, so that is a big assumption that may not be as harsh as getting rid of, but with the same result.

    2. Seb you should re-read the article. They weren’t advocating getting rid of those players, they were stating that neither of them is typical in size and quickness for what Kelly chooses in his OL’s. The article clearly states both of them played well in the end of last season in a PBS and they didn’t know how they might fit into the ZBS. The article was about fit, not about skill level. We don’t know how they might fit. They might do really well under Kelly’s ZBS and they might not. Its not thinking, its film review that shows neither of these guys do well finding their man in space. Here’s a few quotes from the article you show pay attention to:

      “Brown and Tiller finished 2015 as starting offensive lineman for the 49ers and even looked mostly competent in the process, which you would have trouble saying about the men they replaced.”

      “Physically, neither Brown (6-foot–8, 355 pounds) nor Tiller (6-foot–4, 324 pounds) fit the profile of a Kelly offensive lineman. The lineman who were on the Eagles’ season-opening roster during each of his three seasons in Philadelphia, per’s archived depth charts, averaged just shy of 307 pounds.”

      “All of this showed up on film at the end of last season as well. San Francisco used more power-based runs late in the year, which allowed Brown and Tiller to utilize their considerable strength to move defenders on down and drive blocks. But when the 49ers went to zone runs the lack of athleticism showed, and both players often struggled reaching defenders and moving in space.”

      1. Wilson, that is why I advocate drafting Spriggs because he ran a 4.85 forty and 4.44 shuttle which is outstanding for a 300 pound line man.
        If they do not fit Chip’s scheme, what is the point of letting them languish on the bench? I just assumed that they would try to trade them instead of cutting them and getting nothing in return.
        I still think Brown is really important, especially considering the iffy return of AD. He is young, and seems pretty quick on his feet. Once he replaces some of his fat with lean muscle, he could quickly turn into a good RT.

        1. Seb, Brown is like a 7th round pick and Tiller has been on three teams PS’s. Tiller’s play might earn him a team to pick him up but not a trade or a low round trade or a trade for another position of need. Brown still is very unproven.

          Will Baalke go for someone like Spriggs?

      2. Wilson:

        I’ve been giving some more thought regarding Tiller and Brown. I think I’m recalling correctly that Kelly plans to modify his running offense based on input from the new OC, Modkins. Modkins strength is the run game. I believe I read somewhere that his run game is more oriented to power running than ZBS, but I’m not sure. If that’s the case, then maybe there is a place for Tiller and Brown on the offensive line.

        1. Wilson, I really hope to God that they do not put back Devey and Pears as the RG and RT.
          Devey and Pears do not fit Chip’s scheme because they suck.

        2. Cubus, that’s a good possibility. NN is presupposing that Kelly will be static in his scheme. I haven’t looked into what Modkin’s did in Detroit. I was merely pointing out to someone the point of the article not supporting its conclusions.

          I looked up a few things on Detroit’s blocking scheme. Here’s a link.

          Looks like the 49ers did, more ZBS in the beginning of the season and more PBS in the end of the season. It was attribtuted to Prince not to Modkin’s though.

          1. Thanks for the link. I especially liked the statement from the left guard Larry Warford regarding Jim Bob Cooter using less zone blocking:

            “It just helps us not have to think so much at the line, and allows us to play more aggressively with each other,” Warford said according to the Detroit Free Press.

            This is exactly the point I was making about Anthony Davis earlier. It won’t just be the physical conditioning but the mental work that he’ll need to do if he wants to make a comeback with the 49ers. Even if he succeeds on a personal level, he still might not be a good fit for ZBS.

            1. I haven’t done any research but this is the third team I’ve read about that simplified their ZBS. Denver moved to ZBS this year and had issues, we moved to ZBS and had issues and it sounds like Detroit did as well. Sounds like it takes a really different lineman to play ZBS vs PBS. It could be why Zane Beatles might be a better fit here than in Jacksonville.

              Why do OL’s struggle when moving to ZBS so much?

            2. I think it important to consider Pat Flaherty, and his O line coaching style, too.He seems to get the best out of players, and has coached them well enough to win SBs. He also has had to deal with injuries to his players, so he has had to juggle the lineups. Maybe the ability to make adjustments and perceptive knowledge of the players strengths will help the O line improve next season.

              1. Seb, Flaherty will have some influence but its Kelly’s offensive scheme. So if the play primarily ZBS they’ll find players who best fit that system. As many have already said, they drafted Martin and Thomas for that and picked up Beatles in FA for that same reason. They also picked up another CLF OL Colin Kelly. Its possible they have Tiller and Brown slim down. They could fit the system. They also might not. Read the link on the Lions I posted above. Its a very similar situation to ours. The guys they had really struggled to find their man in space. If you look how our line was ranked, we were like 16th in pass blocking and like 23rd or 24th in run blocking. Our guys didn’t know how to ZBS well so they moved to PBS later in the season. They always ran some of both but its really true Tiller and Brown are much better at PBS as well as Boone and AD too. Iupati was also a good PBS guy. They are remaking the OL and offensive scheme.

              2. Wilson, even with all those players, I hope they draft another O lineman. If Stanley falls and is available at 7, the Niners may pick him so they an get a lineman who has good enough skills to play for 10 years in the league. He and Tunsil seem to be the cream of the crop, so he may be the BPA. This draft is loaded with good defensive linemen and LBs, so they could be chosen after the first.
                Maybe the best course of action is to trade those players who do not fit. AD will garner at least a second, since he was the 11th player chosen in the 2010 draft. Give away Devey.

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