Rich Gannon says the 49ers have “got to be able to attack underneath” the Seahawks D

Rich Gannon was interviewed Tuesday about the upcoming 49ers-Seahawks game. Here is a transcript.

Q: How can the 49ers beat the Seahawks on Sunday?

GANNON: They’ve got to do a number of things. I’ve been surprised, I thought these guys were the best offensive line in football last year. Even when they were healthy this year, they weren’t dominating like they did a year a go. That’s a big of a surprise. I think that’s had an impact on Gore, but also on Kaepernick’s success as well.

What they’ve got to do to Seattle, they’ve got to have balance – there is no question about that. It can’t turn into a one-dimensional game against the Seahawks.

They’ve got to be able to handle the edge pressure. They’ve got some guys who can rush the passer in Chris Avril and Chis Clemons and, of course, Bruce Irvin.

I think you’ve got to be able to attack underneath. They’re not going to allow you to run by them in the secondary. You’ve got to make yards after the catch against a defense like this, a defense that tackles well.

And I think you’ve got to match their tempo, their enthusiasm, their energy level early in game because what Seattle has done is they have gotten off to early leads and pinned their ears back and gotten after you. They build an early lead and they don’t look back. You’ve got to take the fight to Seattle early in order to keep this game close.

Q: What do the 49ers have to do to knock Russell Wilson off of his game?

GANNON: You’ve got to be very disciplined with the rush lanes. Any smaller quarterback doesn’t like interior push in the pocket, so you’ve got to be able to rush inside, but you’ve also got to set the edge and be disciplined with your rush lanes and not allow this guy to break contain and run around because he can really hurt you doing that. He has rushed for almost 500 yards already, guys. He’s very dangerous. You’ve got to try to collapse the pocket around him and force him to sit in there and function in the pocket. Don’t allow him to get on the edge. They do a good job – Darrell Bevel the Offensive Coordinator does a good job moving him, getting him outside, the nakeds and the bootlegs and the quarterback movement, things to get him outside where his vision is not interrupted.

Q: What do you think Wilson’s No.1 strength is?

GANNON: I think it’s his preparation. He’s a lot like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and Drew Brees and some of these guys. He loves it. He brings a certain level of professionalism that you just don’t see in young quarterbacks.

    1. jack do you agree with this strategy or do you think we should roll out CK and have our WR find holes in the coverage for completions. Also, why not throw some bubble screen passes to LMJ or KH. What is your opinion for the best way to exploit hawks defense.

      1. if you look at Monday nights game, Seattle rollout RW all the time! and some times they just used very quick slants, two to three steps and the ball was out!

      2. Chicago,

        I think it’s a great plan. ; )

        Get the ball out quick and accurate. Take a couple of shots on second down. Try to stay balanced (40+% run).

        This is going to be a battle. In the 90′s it was the Cowboys then the Packers. Now that team is the Seahawks.

      3. No way Jack. We couldn’t beat the cowboys, and couldn’t beat the packers. We have and can beat this team. When we win Sunday that will be a split at home two years straight. This garbage bag team is no where near those other two teams at that time. This isn’t even a rivalry yet. They or we knock each other out in a game that had importance then it will be a real rivalry

    2. Good article Jack. I agree that is what they need to do to beat this team and it’s imperative that Kap not turn the ball over. Seattle thrives on getting the early turnover and putting teams in a hole. They did it to the Saints on Monday night and have done it to the Niners the past two games as well. The Niners have to play a clean game and remain patient with the running game and short passing until the LB’s are hopefully forced to come up and clear the passing lanes further up field.

    3. Jack,

      The Seattle teams that Alex Smith beat were not as good as the current one. They didn’t have Russel Wilson and were not as dynamic on offense. Now, the margin for error is much smaller. If CK relies too much on his D, Seattle will take advantage of it. While I agree that CK needs to protect the ball, they still need to be aggressive on offense. If they don’t take shots down field, Seattle will stack the box and take away the underneath stuff.

      1. “The Seattle teams that Alex Smith beat were not as good as the current one.”

        They had all the same guys in the first game last year as the second. I also noted that Kaepernick has only played them in Seattle so far.

        That being said, he played very poorly in the week 2 game up there this year. He had plays open early that he missed that were key, but also made a couple plays with his legs.

        That interception in the red zone was big. Going up 3-0 there changes the complexion of the game.

      2. Jack,

        They had the sane players but they werent the same team. Their offense was different. They had not released Wilson in the zone read yet when we played them the 1st time.

      3. How does the play of Wilson effect the other QB? They aren’t on the field at the same time.

        And you’re right, they aren’t the same on defense either. Browner played in that first game last year but not the last two.

      4. “How does the play of Wilson effect the other QB?”

        If their offense is dynamic and scoring TDs because of Wilson, that puts a lot of pressure on the D. In that case, the other QB cannot lean on the defense like you suggested.

      5. “If their offense is dynamic and scoring TDs because of Wilson, that puts a lot of pressure on the D”

        And that wasn’t the case in the last game. In the first half the 49ers threw an interception at the goal line after the defense went three and out and the special teams handed them the ball on the Seattle 33 yard line. That’s 3 lost points and an early lead.

        The 49ers offense then gave up a safety early in the 2nd quarter to fall behind 2-0.

        On the ensuing possession the 49ers defense again forces a 3 and out only to have the offense turn the ball over on a sack/fumble and give Seattle the ball on the SF 29 yard line. The defense then holds them to a field goal.

        The half ends with a score of 5-0, and Seattle’s offense went a total of 17 yards for it’s only scoring drive.

        Sorry but that doesn’t sound too dynamic to me. Stop trying to make excuses for Kaepernick playing like dog meat in that game.

      6. Jack,

        I’m not making excuses. CK played terribly in that game. The entire offense was out of synch and didn’t execute. There were a lot of missed assignments, etc.

    4. As much as I respect your football expertise, I think you are comparing apples to oranges. Smith’s method of quarterbacking by getting good field position just isn’t realistic this year. Seattle has a better defense and an offense that is far more explosive than the one Smith faced in Seattle in 2011. Though Kaepernick has stunk mightily in Seattle, my guess is that Smith would have just stunk slightly less in those games and still lost. It’s possible Seattle could fall flat in this coming meaningless road game but they won’t blow it in the playoffs. A team as good as the Seahawks is highly unlikely to lose in the dome this year. That team is going all the way to the Superbowl because Wilson isn’t going to let them lose. We’ve seen teams like this in the past, 49ers, cowboys, bears, giants, packers, steelers, patriots …etc. They all had very good or great quarterbacks and great defense. The Seahawks are one of those teams this year. Wish I was wrong but I’ve seen this year too many times in the past when I used to be a L.A. Rams fan (I was set free when they finally moved to St Louis). My only constructive suggestion is that if the 49ers want a chance at returning to the Superbowl they had better come up with a style of play that negates the noise problem in Seattle. So far they haven’t shown they have a solution to that problem.

  1. Jack,
    Oh no you didn’t!! A certain be like mike guy on this blog and a fanatic are going to lose their marbles when they read your article.

    I think they need to work the underneath. The niners don’t have anyone to stretch the field anyway.

    The niners d will be fine. It’s up to the offense, for Colin, to prove that he belongs in the elite conversation.

    Based on john Clayton’s comments, he will have to do it throwing to someone besides boldin and Davis.

    Let’s hope he can pull it off…..

    1. Did you ever wonder, like me: did John Clayton ever tackle anyone?
      PeeWee? PopWarner? Jr. High? HS? Anything? Would he tackle someone who just swiped his wife’s necklace or purse?
      I’m a little 5’8″ dude, but I played LB/RB in HS. I could and would tackle. USMC & Nam instead of JC ball, but shoot, I showed up.
      Clayton? Sheftner? I dunno.

    2. smith beat the seahawks the last 3 times he quarterbacked the niners vs the seahawks..the seahawks manhandle the niners receivers, and in the 1st game vs seahawks last year, the niners countered that when they came out in the 2nd half and passed to gore and walker underneath, for a long td drive….
      also, in the game vs the broncos last week smith hit 11 different receivers….I think kaepernick is going to have to show some confidence in all of his receivers, not just the usual suspects

      1. Mark,

        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying that ALL year about Kaep needing to spread the ball around to everyone. That in itself helps the Offense be more productive in sustaining drives.

      2. Gee Mark, let’s see if we can rent Smith for Sunday’s game? (smh).

        All the basking under the Alex Smith sun-bathers need to realize that AS is no longer here and no matter how many times you invoke his name, he’s not going to manage another game for us.

        This is Kaepernick’ team like it or not, and we will win or lose with him like it or not.
        If you need to harken back to the good ol’ days when AS was a 49er that is your choice, but I’m living in the present and i’m ready to take my lumps if need be with CK as well as the victories.

        I too, like Alex Smith and wish him the best in KC, but that’ where it stops for me.

        Perhaps we can compare CK’ and AS’ career’s when they are done with football, but at the moment my concern is with the 49ers and wanting to see progress and consistency in Keap’ game.

      3. AES, you are missing the point. No one is clamoring for AS’s actual return to SF (except for that one lunatic here). But as Jack’s analysis makes clear, what the Niners did, and how they schemed, in the the last times they’ve been able to beat SEA, clearly points to a style of play from the QB and the offense they’d be wise to replicate, no matter who is behind center.

      4. I think the issue is that Harbaugh became enamored with Kaepernick because he attacked parts of the field that Smith was reluctant to consistently pull the trigger on.

        The issue is that last year and this year Kaepernick’s mindset was to continue to attack the medium to deep routes. He’s shown great difficulty in making the adjustment. The last two games we have seen baby steps in this direction. That is encouraging.

        We all look forward to the finished product which will be a physically gifted QB that can attack all parts of the field instinctual.

      5. AES,
        I agree with the AS and CK comparison. I only use it to show the hypocrisy of some of the people who post on here.
        When you watch Smith play now in KC, he is taking more shots downfield, and looks a lot more comfortable with the offense he’s in.
        Last year CK played with more reckless abandon. And this year he’s is a lot more cautious and tentative. He’s thinking ALOT. So maybe now he has to play within the same constraints as Alex did when he was in charge. But Colin hasn’t developed a feel for the check-down.
        All great QBs take the check down when all else fails, just look at Manning, Brady, and Brees. Rodgers is the only guy I see that doesn’t check down that much.
        Colin has to evolve from being a playmaker to being a field general. That’s his next step.
        I hope he figures it out. If not, then let’s find the next one. We’re very close to the 6th trophy but that window will close fast. If he develops, that is will stay open for a long time…

      6. An every day game like smith… No way.
        To play the part for a game…. Hell yes.
        I don’t think ck has it in him. His release is slow and he loves to throw low on quick slants. Move the pocket, He has to hit some in the flat and throw those outs on time and with confidence. Run the ball, and run himself. Keep this defense guessing on which way they’re going.

  2. I’m not going to say the niners are better than the Seahawks because quite frankly, right now we are not. But it puzzles me why we aren’t. Looking between the two teams I feel we have the better talent.
    QB- Advantae Seahawks
    RB- Advantage Seahawks
    OL- advantage Niners
    WRs- Advantage Niners. Boldin and crab are better than anyone they have.
    TE- Niners by a landslide
    DL- I’ll say push. Niner DL better v run, sea better pass rush
    LBs- Niners by a landslide
    CB- Advantage Seahawks, Sherman is THAT good.
    FS and SS- I’d say push or slight edge to Seahawaks. Thomas is outstanding but chancellor isn’t very good, I think Whitner is much better than him.

    Thanks how I compare the two teams position group by position group. I fell we have better talent and a deeper roster. But why are they better? Is it coaching? Maybe I’m just a homer.

    1. Adam707,

      You forgot special teams. Their special teams are better than ours. The kickers are a push. Their punter is better than ours and their returner is better than ours. Their coverage teams are better than ours and their return teams are better than ours.

      I do get your point but I also believe that our staff and front office has let us down this year. For as many draft picks as we’ve had and for as well as we’ve done to acquire these picks, we have almost nothing to show for them these past 2 years. We have almost no major contributors to this team from the past 2years draft except Reid this year. We thought Tank was a stud. He’s healthy and can’t beat out 2 undrafted players for playing time. LMJ hasn’t found a comfort zone on this team yet. We waste a #1 draft pick on Jenkins. McDonald hasn’t done much at all for us. Our lack of a downfield speed threat at wide receiver. Seattle has us beat on that front as well. Balke has let us down.

      1. Andy Lee > Jon Ryan… Sorry… If you look deep into both rosters and evaluate their drafts from 2010 until now you will see that they have both provided substantial contributors on both teams. Granted SF’s 2012 draft was a mess, but you can’t look past Seattle 2013 draft which they are only getting contributions from Luke Wilson. Our 2012 draft at least gives us LMJ and Looney who are contributing this season. If you judge only Balke’s drafts then you have to look at 2011 – 2013 and those drafts compare well to Seattle’s as well. The key difference right now seems to be CK7 vs RW shorty.

      2. JjJ,

        Andy Lee very seldom pins teams inside the 20. Even though we usually always control the field position battle. Especially against the poorer teams. He either kicks it into the end zone or he kicks it too short. I can count the times on 1 hand that he’s pinned a team inside the 5 this year. Ryan has better hang time than almost any kicker in the league. The Seahawks have given up no more than 20YARDS TOTAL on punt returns this year. Ryan is causing every returner to fair catch darn near all of his kicks. His coverage team gives up nothing.

      3. Jordan,

        The Niner coverage teams have been among the best in the league this year. Lee is always among the top 3 in net punting average at the end of the year as well. I agree their return game is better.

        I don’t agree with most of your points on the draft though. The 2011 draft was great and the 2013 draft looks even better. You can’t base your view on what last years picks are doing right now. First off there weren’t many spots available for rookies, and secondly we had some picks who missed the offseason, TC and a chunk of the regular season due to injury. Tank Carradine isn’t playing because he’s currently trying to catch up from all the months he’s missed sitting on the sideline. Don’t confuse it with not being able to play. The guy is just so far behind and Jerod-Eddie is playing so well right now there is no need to rush him in there. McDonald is learning on the job too. He was primarily a slot receiver at Rice so he’s got some growing pains to work through.

        2012 has turned out to be a bad draft. No doubt about it, but also keep in mind the Niners only made two picks in the first 3 rounds. For a team as talented as this one, not many later round picks are going to make the team and they still have their 2nd and 4th round picks on the roster.

        We can talk about the failure to draft and develop WR’s but the rest of the team has been built pretty strongly through the draft and that is a testament to Baalke.

      4. Rocket,
        I think you are giving McDonald a free pass. Yes he’s had to make a transition from WR to TE. So what. If he’s got an ounce of talent, it would come out from time to time. In his limited opportunities all I’ve seen are drops and an inability to utilize his height advantage. Our QB has shown that he throws to guys because he trusts them to get open, trusts them to catch the ball. IMO McDonald isn’t gettting the rock because he can’t do either one with any form of consistency right now. I hope he proves me wrong, but right now he looks like a waste of a #2 pick. Looks more like a #4 or #5 project.

      5. Speaking of the 2012 draft, Looney graded out good on Sunday, is now in line to get his first start and is likely the heir apparent at LG.

        Fortunately the front office has built up enough depth throughout the roster that the 2012 draft hasn’t effected them much.

        This 2013 draft class has the potential for big things. It’s very easy to see how they fit in come 2014.

      6. It’s a difficult transition from playing slot receiver in College to blocking TE in the Niner offense Bay. It takes time and while he has struggled at times, he’s also got the ability to be a factor in the passing game. Give it time before forming a conclusion.

      7. Rocket you are absolutley right regarding McDonald. He will be a stud eventually. He is aclimating to the position change and the pro level faster than Delanie Walker did and they had to make the same position change

      8. Claude it was’nt terrible but for the amount of catches he made it was certainly above avg and they all seemed to come at key moments in the game

      9. Rocket you are absolutley right regarding McDonald. He will be a stud eventually. He is aclimating to the position change and the pro level faster than Delanie Walker did and they had to make the same position change

        It’s amazing Coach, I don’t think people appreciate how hard it is to change positions and be effective within a short period of time. I was a LB in H.S. and had to move to SS due to injury, and that seemed foreign to me. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for McDonald going from virtually no blocking responsibility in College to having blocking as his primary duties in the pros. You have to give these guys time to develop and learn the position.

      10. It’s one thing to learn a different skill. VMac learning to have to block will take some time. But running routes and catching passes should not be foreign to him. In fact being that he was a WR, he should excel at that part of his job.
        He’s missed a ton of blocking assignments in the games I’ve watched. We can live with that if he’s going to get better at it. He just hasn’t shown much in terms of being a receiver to warrant a second round pick.

      11. Rocket,

        Let’s also not forget that it’s pretty hard to throw yourself the ball.

        And, no, Bay, I’m not knocking Kaep.

    2. Jack: Thanks. So, as far as being a reliable passing target, McDonald is not a step down from Walker.

      Bay: Thanks for the link. I don’t see McDonald in the top 5/bottom 5 on that chart. Which stat did you sort by? When I sort by drop %, McDonald comes in as 23rd worst. That’s still nothing to write home about, but it’s not bottom 5.

      1. >>play against Carolina fuels the perception of him

        Which is unfortunate, as it was also a great defensive play by a damn good defender. Too many people seem to overlook there is another team on the field as well.

      2. McDonald is sixth worst in terms of drop % when ranked against other TEs. He is fifth worst in terms of % of targeted passes caught when ranked against other TEs. However, if I understand the stat correctly, iy is not equivalent to drops as targets include uncatchable balls as well as catchable balls.

        Either way, the statement made, that “VMac is top five in the league in dropped passes,” is misleading.

    3. Your opinion is appreciated, but the facts of Lee’s historic performance and his stats don’t lie. This year alone he has 15 more punts than Ryan and only 2 more touchbacks with 6 out of 62 punts. He has pinned teams inside the 20 yard line 19 times as opposed to Ryan’s 18. Advantage Ryan, however the real difference is that Ryan’s kick require more hang time because he usually isn’t kicking from as deep inside his own side of the field. Lee usually has to flip field position from deep inside SF’s territory due to the lack of offensive production this year. This all ties into helping Seattle’s coverage unit perform at such a high level.

      1. JJJ i have to agree with you very strongly on this on, not only is the 49ers punt coverage superior but i would take every single aspect of the 9ers special teams over the seahawks with the exception of punt returns.

      2. JJJ,

        Appreciate the stats. I wish we could tell how many punts from Lee are inside the 10. I’ve not missed a kick all year. Like I said earlier, I can only remember a handful. He was supposed to be working on this knuckle punt in the preseason. I’ve not seen it yet. I know one thing, I’m glad he got that punt off Sunday that was almost blocked. Thr crazy part was, the block stopped it from going into the end zone for a touchback. We downed it at the 7.

      3. Andy Lee has put 9 punts inside the 10.

        Of course, it’s hard to evaluate that number without knowing where he is punting from. That said, only three punters have placed more punts inside the 10.

        With half of his games coming in the winds at Candlestick, Lee is 3rd in the league with a net average of 42.9. The two guys ahead of him both kick in domes.

        Lee compares favorably to every other punter in the league and is earning every dime of his salary.

    4. The hawks are better, are better coached, draft better, and play true to form….we can never stop Lynch, and our offensive is overrated and have poor schemes. This isn’t college football, knock the guy in front of you on his ass….Both of our tackles are poor against speed rushers, gore and Kap get the majority of their yards against teams that we should beat. 8-4 isn’t bad( yes our defense should have beat the saints.) We are losing because we aren’t prepared on offense…wasted time outs, not getting plays called on time, trick running plays…Harbaugh, Trent Baalke, and Greg Roman are the reasons that we will never when the Big one…Please stop drafting injured players, over drafting players ….and sign a Josh Gordon when he is available for trade…yes he is bigger, stronger, younger, faster, cheaper and most importantly better than Crabtree and Manningham combined!

  3. So the “normal” betting line gives us +3
    as the home team; however, when we drop
    to a 1.5 advantage against Seattle, we need
    to wonder: are the Niners gonna get
    “touched up” early on Sunday night?
    Does Colin take a shot (absorb a blow) and
    do we get to see Colt McCoy finish it out?
    If McCoy engineers a W over the Seahawks,
    then does Colin get to sit for awhile?

    That way he can feel some of my karma. BTW,
    neither one of us has a Lombardi trophy yet, and

    Coach Hawbaw is still carrying that SB monkey….
    Russell + Sherman + Pete Carroll = ???

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  4. I like the approach of quick slants, quick outs and designed QB runs(not read option). Defensively I think a 4-1-6 with rotation up front can keep Lynch from being a problem. Wilson is the problem. Funnel him into a designed area where Bowman can take him down…..

  5. I see this Match Up completely different I guess,

    No doubt the Hags looked like World Beaters Monday night. However what happened that night does not constitute a Duplicate performance especially against a Divisional Foe such as the 49ers away from the Hags Crib.

    History tells us that the NFL is a Week By Week Proposition.

    The way I see it is the Hags were the Hunters on Monday, but come Sunday the 49ers will be the Hunters getting after their Divisional Foes with the help of the 49er Empire (68,000 strong) coming down on them for the entire game. Now granted the Empire hasn’t set any Noise Records like those Kooks up north, but the energy that Empire will fuel for 49ers will be enough to get the victory.

    Ironic isn’t it?
    Beating the Hags at their own game.

    1. Not sure the crowd responds with fuel for the 49ers the entire game, but coming off a Monday Night game, the Seahawks will not be as fuel efficient and should run out of gas. I like the 49ers to win 21-13.

      1. Razor ..
        According to the guys in the booth.. they took back the
        noise record from the Arrowhead fans during
        the Saints fiasco ..
        I wonder if its even possible for the Niner faithful
        t come close to duplicating the feat
        at The Stick ?

        Gotta try, though !

    2. I’ve got this uneasy feeling about who will show up at the Stick on Sunday, and I sure hope I’m wrong…
      But I’ve heard about a lot of so-called fans that have sold their tickets to seahawk fans over the internet for outlandishly high prices.
      Greed at its ugliest.
      I actually spoke with one of these guys. He said it wasn’t so much about the money, but that he couldn’t stand the thought of being there in the park surrounded by celebrating seahawk fans should the Niners lose.
      Cowardice, plain and simple.
      But I do agree that these new seahawk fans are hard to stomach.

      Let’s hope the place is full of red and gold, and that they keep the energy level up until the game is over.

      1. Faithful,
        I agree. Unfortunately it’s difficult to turn down 5X your ticket face value. One game ends up paying for 50% of your season tickets….

      2. Faithful it’s nothing new. These so called fans have been selling their tickets off for years. I can’t stand them. I’ve sat around more GB fans than if I was at lambou

      3. this is a shame!!! for god sake hold on to your ticket and if you sell it(it must be a niner fan). We have to rock the stick this sunday.

  6. Grant on KNBR this morn Greg Cosell says you are wrong. There is nothing wrong physically with Frank Gore, his lack of productivity is all related to scheme. Being on the opposite side of an issue with Cosell…….Well grant i guess you were right.

    1. Grant only references Cosell when it fits his own opinion. I’ve already pointed out that Cosell thinks Gore is fine but Grant tried to distance himself from Cosell by asking when was the last time he used him as a reference, then followed that up by using Cosell about a week and a half later to prove something else he was trying to say. Classic.

    2. This is such a strange emperor-has-no-clothes issue. Frank Gore has faced loaded boxes his entire career and has run behind much worse O-lines, and yet his yards-per-carry average this season is the lowest of his career and the 28th-best in the NFL. Age affects everyone, even the great Frank Gore.

      1. Also, I don’t accept the implication that Gore previously faced defenses that regularly loaded the box like defenses have in the past several games.

      2. Grant from the first words you’ve posted on this blog you’ve been on Gore’s case always expecting more from the guy. I’ve always wondered if you simply have something against him, maybe you don’t like Miami players, I don’t know but you’ve clearly never cared for Frank Gore.

      3. It’s a combination of Gore getting old and teams just completely selling out daring Colin and the passing game to beat them. The Saints and Panthers had the DBs to do that. Lowly ranked DC and STL, not so much.
        We’re still talking about growing pains for Colin, he’s clearly has not elevated his game like Wilson, who is only in his 2nd year and has just a few more starts.
        Colin has show dynamic athleticism, but poor generalship in games, such as not running out of bounds, forcing passes into coverage.
        Who may surprise us in the next four games. Time will tell.

      4. DS77ever,

        The conversation was about Gore, yet somehow you always seem to bring your rant back to Kap. Get off of his nutz. You can’t even enjoy the season waiting for him to fail. You want failure, move to the chiefs blog. 3 losses in a row and #4 coming shortly.

      5. 23,
        Fan isn’t DS. DS sounded like outsourced customer service when it blogged. Fan77 is a troll. Big difference. When Kaep turns it around and consistently gives us high level starts, Fan will attempt to jump on the bandwagon. I’ll be there every step of the way to lay the smack down. He may be a fan, but what he is a fan of we don’t know. Just know that the troll is not a 49er fan.

      6. You can’t even enjoy the season waiting for him to fail.

        Wow. Although that may be a legitimate response to Fansince77′s recent collection of diatribes against Kaepernick, you’re not entitled to give it.

        It’s like you think no one remembers the 2011 season.

      7. Grant,

        The push back you are receiving on Gore stems from your comment about his legs being gone earlier in the season, and your seemingly endless attempts to try and prove it correct even though it has already been refuted.

        Gore is not in his prime and can’t be a full time player and retain his effectiveness anymore. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that, but he’s also not done or looking slower than he did earlier in the season either imo. The past 3 games have been poor for the running game period, and the reason has been stated by people on here and others who get paid to analyze film for a living. You are the only guy sitting on the Gore is done soap box, and I think it’s as much because you hate to lose an argument as truly believing it.

      8. >>It’s like you think no one remembers the 2011 season.


        Conversely, Jordo knows exactly what it’s like to write off a successful season waiting for the QB to fail, so he *is* the guy to make the statement.

      9. Claude and Rib,
        some of us may not have been on board with a QB that took a long time to develop, but we are on board now. It’s a fresh start and it’s exciting not to be a perennial loser anymore. Instead of riding 23J, why not call guys out that are being non supportive of OUR CURRENT signal caller? By not doing so, and instead continuing to ride one of our supportive fans, you make it sound as if it’s personal.
        The blog functions much better these and I attribute that to less posts from guys like Prime, FDM and hopefully soon Fan77.

      10. I hope I am wrong about kap. I have high expectations this year. It’s not about gore, because if teams feared kaep, he would be running like crazy. Gore is not old. The offense has been limited because kaep is limited in his maturity as a qb.
        When he does well I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I’ll be happy for him and the team.
        Unlike you two clowns, Bay Area and 23 doofus, I expect a level of excellence. Smith never quite reached it, and never has kaep. Why are you giving him a pass?
        Clearly he is the difference between the niners winning and losing. The d has kept the niners in every game this year until the 3rd quarter, when the inept offense of the niners seal the team’s fate.

      11. Bayareafanatic says “The blog functions much better these and I attribute that to less posts from guys like Prime, FDM and hopefully soon Fan77″

        I guess 10 people telling you daily that you have no clue about football is enough. Why add to the piling on.

        You and your boy 23 should try and say off the blog for awhile and I guarantee the dialogue IQ goes up astronomically.

      12. FDM,
        pull up your last three posts that were “just” about football. Bet you’ll have to go pretty far back to do it. My guess is you’ll mostly find childish angry garbage. You’ve even tried pretending that you “know me” personally and tried throwing my name out there. Once again childish. I’ve never hid from anyone, in fact if you pull up my baseball team you’ll easily find my name. Now go on being a douche. It becomes you.

      13. Bay:

        And the blog would have functioned much better in 2011 with fewer posts from you and jordan, but that didn’t seem to matter to you then.

        It’s not the difference in opinion that is problematic for me; it’s the hypocrisy. How was it was OK for you to be unsupportive of the 49ers’ QB in 2011, but it’s not OK for anyone to be unsupportive of Kaepernick this year?

        And the assertion that “some of us may not have been on board with a QB that took a long time to develop, but we’re on board now” sounds good, but conveniently glosses over the fact that you weren’t on board during 2011, when Smith was developed and producing, when the team stopped being a perennial loser and when the team provided the most exciting season in 10+ years.

        Being supportive of the Kaepernick this year doesn’t erase your non-support of Smith 2011 and 2012.

      14. Claude,
        elephants and women are the only two creatures that in my experience have difficulty letting go of the past. You are typing so that at least eliminates you from being an elephant……

      15. Age is for sure one of the variables that changed.
        But you can’t forget Alex Smith.

        He was called Captain Checkdown for a reason.
        The dump offs, screens, short passes, etc., went a long way to help open up the running game.

        Now we don’t have it anymore and once the defenses take out the long pass e stack the box, the offense gets stagnant.

        We desperately needs Kaep to develop a good short-pass game.

      16. How is it not clear that Harbaugh is thinking of the future with Kap? You can second guess the play calling all you want. The obvious if you know this coach and franchise is that they are FORCING him to be a pocket passing qb. For a kid who never played that way in his whole career, he’s not that bad. It’s going to take awhile and I’m very happy that Harbaugh and Baalke are looking towards the future and not stunting or holding off his growth. I don’t think some know how difficult it is to take your team to a superbowl under 8games played. His potential was more than enough to bench Alex smith. Deal with it. He’s the future and these coaches most want to bash are building a great qb. One pocket pass at a time.

      17. DS77,

        The difference between Smith and Kaepernick is that Smith failed here for 5-6 years before JH got here and brought his career from the ashes. Kap has been a starter for this team for a little over a year. That’s the clear difference you idiot. Didn’t you know that already? Of course you did DS. However, you love the ex QB so much that you’ll knock Kap if he wins the Super Bowl.

        I thank my lucky stars every day that Average Alex the CHECKDOWN king is no longer the QB of my San Francisco 49ers. I’m thankful JH had the brains to bench his azz then sell him off for (2) #2 draft picks. I got tired of watching sad mediocre safe play with the master game manager. He is who I always said he was. He got dumped like I always said he would. His Klan is still suffering so they want Kap to fail. What the Smith klan does not realize is that it’s not gonna happen. He’s here to stay, unlike Smith. Remember this quote, ” I told you so!” I remember it like it was yesterday.

        Kap is the man. Can’t wait til he wins the Niners a FEW Super Bowls. He’s already played and led his team to one more appearance than Average Alex. Alex got his chance in the Super Bowl. It was the game against Denver last week. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

      18. Claude I don’t care if DS77 supports Kap or not.

        Let me ask you and everyone on this blog a couple questions. How has Kap played the last couple of weeks? One more question. Do you feel like Kap looked more comfortable as a QBs with Crabtree back in the offense?

      19. You have to appreciate 23jordan. He goes 1 for 20 and brags about what a good hitter he is.

        However, his Count Chocula laugh is spot on.

      20. “Do you feel like Kap looked more comfortable as a QBs with Crabtree back in the offense?”

        Yes, just like I said he would in my piece following the Saints game.

      21. >> Smith never quite reached it, and never has kaep.

        Fan, I’m just as disappointed with the offensive showing this season as you. As all of us are, no doubt. Especially with that tantalizing glimpse from the last half of last season. But, and these are not Keapologies (and even if they were, I’ve accused by enough around here for offering up Alexcuses, so you cant say I’m being hypocritical), Kaep is an inexperienced NFL QB, just a single season under his belt, and you should expect growing pains.

        I’m not ready to the give the MVP award to Crabtree yet but Kaep losing his safety blanket really effected his play this year. He is not nearly along in his development as an all-around QB who can elevate the lesser players on the team. A Brady or Manning he is not. Yet.

        It is now obvious that last season Kaep was able to mask his shortcomings as a game manager, all-around QB, whatever you want to call it, with his physical abilities that took many a D coordinator by surprise. They are surprised no longer. You gotta have faith that 1. our QB whisperer is still up to the task and 2. Kaep takes off his Beats long enough to listen to him. And yes, that means in the off-season, a little less “lifestyle” please, Kaep? (and after his tumble this season from the build up, that shouldn’t be a problem). Less calling out fans over your sartorial choices.

        If we are still having this conversation this time next season, the team will know if they are heading in the right direction with #7.

      22. I thought Kaep played well the past two weeks. He certainly looked more comfortable this past week. He also looked more comfortable against the Redskins, however, so I don’t know how much of Sunday’s increased comfort was attributable to Crabtree’s presence.

        My turn to ask a question. Do you see the hypocrisy in your criticizing another commenter for failing to enjoy the season while waiting for the team’s QB to fail?

      23. >>Claude and Rib,

        I never forget a fan who lays money against his own team. Or another one who publicly declared he was through with his team if they dared continued to play winning ball with someone he had a hatred for.

        And for those knuckleheads to call themselves “real fans” … there is no limit to the amount of disgust I can direct towards such SOBs. Maybe a few years from now and few SBs behind us, but for now you guys get *nothing* from me.

      24. 23welcher says “How has Kap played the last couple of weeks?
        Great if you think playing non-playoff, top 10 draft position teams means something. When Kap beats the Seahawks 23 welcher then you can start beating your concave chest. Otherwise, you and Bayarea need to simmer right down on turning the corner.

      25. ribico:

        Thanks. I forgot that exchange.

        It seems clear that there was a bet. jordan acknowledged it. I wonder if he paid up.

        23jordan, did you pay up?

      26. Claude,

        To answer your question, I wasn’t waiting for smith to fail. I wasn’t waiting for him to get benched or traded. I knew he would fail. I knew he would get benched. I knew he would get cut or traded. I knew he wouldn’t be the QB here for long. It took about 1/2 season longer than I expected but JH was doing Smith a solid for caddying for him T the AT &T golf tournament! Lol.

        I told you all that I wouldn’t pass judgement on Kap til Crabtree came back. He played better against the Rams. He also had 275 yards as well. Having Moss and Delaney would help even more but oh well.

      27. bayareafanatic says:
        December 4, 2013 at 10:58 am
        elephants and women are the only two creatures that in my experience have difficulty letting go of the past. You are typing so that at least eliminates you from being an elephant……

        Lol Claudia balls? Lmao

      28. 23jordan:

        You’re trying to dodge the question by playing a game of semantics. How is what Fansince77 is doing any different from what you did?

        I answered two of your questions, so here is my second one to you. Did you pay up on your bet with KT?

      29. Rocket,

        Grant is right about one thing, age is undefeated.

        The thing is, in mean time he looks like those who kept predicting Alex Smith would not start another game, wouldn’t be on the team the next season, couldn’t win a game, couldn’t be the QB on a playoff team, couldn’t win a playoff game. Then, when Alex Smith was finally replaced by CK, and then ulitmately traded, they all lined up to say, “See, we told you we were right about him all along!”

        Is it really being right, when you have to predict something for an extended time before it happens?

    3. Coach,

      Niners are not getting production in the running game for a good reason. All analysts that I have read and who watch all-22 film have said the same thing: teams are loading 8-9 in the box and challenging Kap and the WRs in the passing game. Grant’s comments on Gore playing badly are quite puerile, and pretty meaningless.

      Seems to me that the only RB in the league who can get better production than our RBs under the current defensive game plans of the Niners’ opponents is Adrian Peterson, and even he can’t do it consistently.

    4. Jim Brown would be miserable, this time of year, currently we have one of the worst O-lines in football, actually that might be a good thing, maybe not for Gore, but Kaep will be rolling out of the pocket, where he seems comfortable.

    5. 23 Insane Clown Nose, and your BFF Bay Area Fanatic.
      You two dimly lit lightbulbs are always quick to judge call people trolls/ You two are the only ones who answer my posts with insults, and look at all the flame wars you have with everyone on here.

      Oh right — and you want me to leave…..

      I never gave any excuses about Alex’s play but you are quick to say I’m a Smither.

      It’s clear you both haven an agenda and that’s to promote your love of CK and hate for Alex at the expense of the team.

      I called it out last year that my big concern with CK was his inexperience. And guess what? His focus on Crabs and no one else on the final drive cost us the SB. The inability to call the right audible to beat the blitz. That was the game. Doesn’t matter what you do before that if you can finish. Isn’t that right 23 clown?

      I said it back when it happened. And now people are saying the same thing. Bay you love to look up old posts so have at it.

      CK is the Niner QB and I have no problem with that, so long as he performs to certain level of QB.
      This is not about potential or future prospect. This is about now. Just because Crabs come back proved nothing. He didn’t look bad in the GB game and Crabs wasn’t in that game.

      He still locks on his reads, other teams figured that out already, and now the offense is clearly being stripped down to what he can handle. Let’s not even pull out the Alex this or that and just look at the facts.

      How did Colin play against Seattle? Horrible. Indy? Horrible. Carolina? Horrible. NO, horrible. He gave us no chance or hope that he could win the game, because deep down, I don’t think he thought he could, not without his security blanket Crabtree.
      We as fans who want the 6th trophy expect more. All-22 has shown open WRs even when Crabs and Manningham weren’t playing.

      Colin’s inept play has a huge hand in all the losses. End of story.

      Just because he didn’t have his favorite wide-out is no excuse. Grow up and play the position. You just said you get to play football, so act like it. We need him to rise up, play like a champion. Make the world think Russell Wilson who? Until he does that — yeah I’ll be calling out his weak play, just like you two idiots have done during Alex’s tenure here.

      1. DS77exever,

        I get it now. You’re avenging Smith’s benching and trading! I get it now. Proceed. Let me help you. Kapis a tramp. He’ll never be as good as Alex??? Oops, he already is. My bad. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

      2. 23 Clown!

        Thank you! Every time you write something you prove what an idiot you are!
        Please continue to not make any support or claims on anything relevant and bring it back to the only thing you know, bashing Alex Smith.

        That’s all you got clown. You got N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

  7. Wilson is to Kaepernick as Aikman and Favre were to Young. Who was Montana’s kryponite? I would say Bill Parcells. He was brutal on the 49ers from 85-90.

    1. Grant i believe very strongly you have nothing against FG, hes just doesnt have great numbers and if we know one thing about you is you love your numbers. Andres Igoudala is the perfect case against numbers. Mark Jackson says he was the best player on the floor for the warriors when he was healthy. I bet you could make one hell of an arguement against Igoudala using stats. Jackson said it best when he said the best player on the floor\field is seldom the player with the best stats. Statistics are certainly not meaningless but they are far less meaningful than you think.

      1. Statistics may be not completely meaningless, but they have to be used with extreme caution for football, the most team-oriented game ever played on a field. Also in football the sample sizes are often very, very small, and when they are large, they are from “experiments” that cannot be used cumulatively in a meaningful way, for example, stats from multiple years being used to evaluate current ability.

        Ever since Football Outsiders opened this Pandora’s box of metrics-based analyses, some of the abuse of stats by many football analysts is borderline criminal.

      2. Using stats is fine, it’s the parsing of stats to fit one’s argument that causes problems. The whole “but if uou take out this” stuff.

    2. Interesting analogy and I hope Kap fares better than Young did in those matchups, but there will definitely be a long rivalry for years to come between Kap and Wilson it appears.

    3. Wow Jack,

      Wilson has had that effect in 2 regular season games in Seattle. Does Kap get a home game before he concedes to such dominance. I think you’re overreacting again.

      1. Overreacting? Nah. Wilson and Kaepernick are the central figures in perhaps the best rivalry in the NFL today, just like those guys were in the 80′s, 90′s and early 00′s.

        Only difference is this one happens twice every regular season since they are in the same division.

  8. Grant is right when he said Frank Gore is slowing down. You can see it.

    I look at the niner team and see greatness coming. Our draft class last year is set to make its mark next year. It was not set for this year. Wide Wrs are next years spot.

    All you fans who are on the wagon and off the wagon are like the experts. You do not see things as they truly are. Our team has been devastated by injuries and we are still 8-4. Look at Luck and what happened when he lost Reggie. He now looks average. Our D is solid. Our O line is solid. We have a stable of RBs. When Latimore comes in that will be the end of Frank. Our draft was awesome. It set us for next year.

    If we win in against Seattle, we will win out the season. If we loose, we still win out the season. We will make the playoffs as wild card. And that has me excited. I am looking forward to playing Seattle for the NFC in Seattle. If we loose so be it. But if win we most assurdly we will win the Superbowl. This team has had so many issues with injuries and we just seemed to hang in there.

    Look at what happened to Luck after Reggie went down. He became average. Kap, has dealt with that all year. If we win Sunday look out NFL.

    So my advice to you guys is go to work. Quit trying be more than you are. Just be a fan. Remember we have been losers for 10 years. The seahawks are Troy and Bret Farvre to the Niners. But we will figure them out. Sooner or later.

    Grant is not a fan. He a journalist who writes opinions without facts. Sometimes he on, sometimes he not. But do not get confused. He and his father greatly dislike the Niners and any coach the hire. That why after every game the are calling for Roman to get dismissed. Our team is just now getting Healthy. Stay in there and get the sixth seed and any thing can happen.

  9. “And I think you’ve got to match their tempo, their enthusiasm, their energy level early in game because what Seattle has done is they have gotten off to early leads and pinned their ears back and gotten after you. ”

    Is this correct? It seemed to me that the Seahawks this season has mostly been coming from behind or going into the second half with a smallish leads.

    >What do you think Wilson’s No.1 strength is?
    >GANNON: I think it’s his preparation.

    This is pretty much how Wilson described himself in a MNF half-time clip. Clearly, Wilson is a slick talker and he may well have a successful broadcasting career after his playing days, but one expects Gannon to bring a little more to the table than repeat Wilson’s self-evaluation. How does he know how much preparation Wilson undertakes, compared to Luck or Kap or RG3?

    I’d guess that the biggest strength of Wilson is how fast his brain processes visual information and translates the conclusions to action, which means that the NFL game had “slowed down” for him from Day 1. Without his fast “data processing”, he would not be able to make those plays off roll-outs and broken plays. It’s also the basis of his supreme confidence in himself. Only vet QBs would have the confidence he showed in making the “backshoulder throw” from his 5-yard line. Unbelievable.

    1. Mood,

      The last couple games with Seattle their defense has dictated the tempo and forced the 49ers offense to be off center. I think that might be part of what he’s pointing too. We saw it again Monday night.

      1. Mood,

        The Seahawks are the ones who set the blueprint on how to play the Niner offense and they do it the best because they have had the CB’s who can play up close and physical in one on one situations. I’m hoping that facing their 4th and 5th CB’s changes the equation.

      1. Jack i think that may change starting next year UCLA is young and on the rise, ASU’s coach is a rising star if he sticks around they will be tough, i believe that sarkisian will return USC to their former power and my dark horse of the Pac 12 is Colorado it might take about 3 more years but i think they will return to their glory days

      2. It’s easier to encourage kids to stay close to home in the Southern California recruiting hotbed. Sustained success in LA usually leads to another NFL shot!

  10. Im thinking four recievers spreading them out might be better this game..There already down to backup corners on base downs and the Saints never challenged them..Only thomas and sherman to worry about split out MM, Davis, Crabs and Boldin and hope our rag tag o line can hold up.

    1. Agree, but would they do it? And then mix it up with run/pass out of that 4 wide set? I only ever see a max of 3 WRs.

  11. So, I think the coaching staff knows they need to hit the underneath/checkdown throws with more regularity. Harbaugh said as much at the postage presser last week against the Redskins, so it’s definitely a point of emphasis. The problem is that hitting that option is usually a function of going through progressions, unless the 1st option is a shallow slant, drag route, or screen.

    I’m not offering any real analysis here…I’m just amped up and ready to see the game unfold just like the rest of you.

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