The right choice for 49ers if they plan to draft a QB

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  1. Grant, thanks for the article. One error I found is that BJ Daniels was also a Harbaugh pick. The overall tone of the article is pretty snotty and mostly based on hearsay. How do you know that Baalke wanted Ponder? You “heard.” How do you know that Baalke wants Cook. You don’t. You rely on Jason Cole, who could be falling for a smokescreen, one of Baalke’s trademarks. I like Prescott, but if they picked Hogan I’d be excited too.

  2. Who here thinks that Baalke will actually make the call on drafting any QB in this draft? Anyone? Anyone? That decision will get deferred to the HC (Chip Kelly) as it did when the last “QB guru” was with the team. The whole reason why you hire a HC who knows QBs is so he can draft QBs. I do agree that 49ers either take a premium pass-rusher at #7 or trade down if they don’t see value at the spot.

    1. New HC’s are often thrown a bone. It’s rumored Taylor May’s was a Singletary pick, over Baalke’s strong objections.

  3. I would stay away from Cook. If the Niners aren’t going to select a QB at
    #7, then I would look at Hackenburg from Penn State later in the draft. He has better physical tools then Cook (including arm strength).

    1. Pretty sure Chip isn’t looking for a statue Skip. Hackenberg has never had a statistical season that ended with positive yards. He’s a statue, and would be a disaster in Chip’s system. Can Hackenberg play at the next level? We’ll see. I guarantee it won’t be for a team who covets a QB who can make plays with his legs when called upon.

    1. And really, is this latest article from Grant any surprise? Grant hears through the grapevine that the 49ers might be considering a certain player or coach, and Grant runs to his computer to write why that particular player or coach is a bad pick, pretending to be unbiased while he’s at it.

      It’s so transparent that it’s actually comical Grant!

  4. Not only is Cook plenty mobile enough to run Chip’s system, he has actually made recent statements about how much he LIKES to run the football. He likes the physicality of runningm when required. Anyone who watched MichSt, knows how often Cook burned teams with his legs, making overaggressive defenses pay.

    Here he is running over a Michigan defender. The title of the video: “MICHIGAN STATES Connor Cook runs over MICHIGAN”

  5. Presuming we don’t take a QB at seven I can see Hogan (or Prescott ,George! ) as a solid choice.He doesn’t look attractive in a gauntlet like the combine ,but really drill results are like looking at a cubist abstraction of a player.To me it is film that counts. Check out Matt Waldman’s take on the” Ugly Duckling “of 2016’s draft class -the guy has skills that aren’t always apparent without careful scruntiny .Bottom line is he is a winner. P.S. Brandon Doughty is a guy I alluded to in the last post topic and although he doesn’t have the running skills (Tom Brady slow) Grant denotes as a Chip QB -is just insanely accurate(yes I know he had a rocky Bowl game but the body of his work is impressive) could be a great late round second QB choice for the 49ers.

    1. I stumbled over Matt Waldman’s RSP youtubes several months ago. Great stuff. I must for any draft-nik. Makes me feel better about Goff’s arm, and Jack’s ability to shed blocks.

        1. I watched Waldman’s breakdown of how Treadwell beats press coverage… how Treadwell’s a student of the game, not just relying on physical gifts. . Raises Treadwell’s floor in my mind.

          Not saying the 49ers should grab Treadwell at 7. Just noting how valuable Waldman’s site is to me.

          1. I like Treadwell a lot, and think he would be a terrific fit. Unfortunately, I don’t see the draft playing out in a way that makes sense for the 49ers to draft him.

    2. hightop, Grant is clueless. I honestly don’t think he has a clue what Kelly is looking for, and what types of traits best fit his system. And anyone who watched Cook’s tape next to Hackenberg, and thinks Hackenberg is a better pro QB prospect, well? Hard to take them serious.

      Again, people need to understand Chip isn’t looking for a running QB. He’s looking for a QB who runs well enough to make defenses respect the run. Cook certainly has that ability in spades. Hackenberg simply doesn’t. As for Hogan. Yikes! If you even remotely believe in the importance of mechanics, Hogan should scare the crap out of you.

      1. Cook had the benefit of playing behind a superior offensive line at Michigan State. Penn State’s line was terrible during Hackenburg’s tenure. Maybe Hackenburg isn’t the ideal fit for the Niners and Kelly’s system, but I do believe he will succeed in the right situation. You talk about Cook as if he is the most pro ready of any QB is this draft, a notion which I totally disagree with. Again, just my opinion, but I would stay away from Cook.

    3. Why would the team take a QB at 7? There is one team picking in the top ten who needs a QB now. Cleveland. Outside of that, no one needs one today. None of the QBs are ready to start day one. This is a very weak draft class with very few day 1 starters.
      The media can speculate and build hype. It’s what agents get paid to bait them into. However, I don’t think SF would waste a pick at QB with the 7th pick when there are so many other bad choices they can make ahead of that.

  6. I say the Niners need to pick a QB at #7 since there is uncertainty with Kap and Gab has a short contract (2yrs?). I believe the Browns must select Goff since they need a QB prepared to play this year. This means Wentz can be selected at #7 and spend a year or even two behind Gab/Kap learning the game.

  7. Maybe COOK is the pick, maybe Baalke is laying a classic smoke screen. Who knows for sure. But when Grant writes a completely false article, I am here to call him on it and to set it straight.

    Cook is in fact, very mobile for a guy his size, comperable to Gabbert. Chip isn’t looking for a running QB, he’s looking for a QB who can make quick reads, deliver a strike, and make defenses respect his ability to run. Cook delivers in all these areas. Does he need a year to learn and develop? Yes, all of these QB’s do.

  8. Cook is also a poor leader and not liked in the locker room. How is a senior QB, 3 year starter, not voted one of the team captains? The answer is clear, stay away from Cook!

  9. Isn’t the word on Cook that he’s a terrible teammate and the guys don’t like or respect him? Yeah, sign me up for that guy.

    I think Hogan, and Cook, and Hackenberg are all the same guy. Perhaps different skill sets but definitely not starters in the NFL. Take a flyer on one of these guys in Round 4 or later but none of them are the answer.

    1. Yes and No. Yes, there has been that narrative about Cook floating around out there. But people who are familiar with Spartan Football know COOK was in fact the de facto team leader. His teammates have all rallied to his defense. They do things different at Mich St. They chose captains weekly, and had a HUGE senior class. 22 seniors I believe. Cook was named captain for the 4 biggest games, and was a member of the Leadership Council. So, again, a false narrative. Don’t believe everything you hear out there.

      And no, Cook, Hogan and Hackenberg are NOT the same guy. Cook is considered a superior prospect by every single credible NFL scout. Cook is far, far more mobile than Hackenberg, who is an absolute statue, and Hogan has some of the worst QB mechanic’s in the draft.

      1. The reason Cook is consider a high 2nd round prospect (#40 on my board) and Hogan somewhere around the 6th round, is because Hogan needs to completely rework his mechanics. And that’s hard to do that anytime, but especially when you have so many other things on your plate as a young NFL QB.

        Cook on the other hand, simply needs to work on the little things. His shoulder tends to fly open too soon from time to time, and he occasionally throws flat footed. However, his throwing motion is pro ready, as are his transitions (he has very quick feet), and he has 4 years in an offense with more pro concepts than most college offenses.

            1. Sure, Kelly uses some basic west coast offense schemes but he also has the zone read/bubble screen concepts which are relatively new to the NFL. Not every QB can run those schemes.

    1. I’d be good with Hogan. You really think he’s going to fall that far (5th-6th). Where do most analyst rank him against other QBs?

        1. Grant, are you aware of how scouts feel about Hogan’s mechanics, and pocket presence?

          “Hogan’s mechanics and footwork are a mess. Throws with a very wide base, a pitcher’s stride and a protracted delivery. Ball rarely comes out of his hands cleanly. Plays flat­-footed in the pocket with little bounce as he scans field and does a poor job of re­setting and coming to balance before delivery. Below-average arm strength and struggles to consistently make accurate, catchable throws to the field side. Average at reading defenses, preventing him from getting ball out on time. Needs much more poise and pocket awareness. Had issues climbing and sliding to clean areas of the pocket when they were there. Drops eyes and immediately panics when pressure is mounting in his face. Took sacks he had no business taking. Lacking desired touch and accuracy on his deep throws.”

          1. Does this sound like a guy who should even be drafted? I like Hogan’s toughness, and he does have decent functional mobility. But to tout Hogan as a guy to be excited drafting, with as many flaws as he has is, well, disturbing.

      1. CfC, I appreciate the Ryan Leaf video. Watching that clown never gets old. Leaf was a major league prima donna. Anyone who really know Connor Cook knows he’s confident, sometimes a little too confident perhaps, but he’s no diva. In fact, he’s a gamer. He is tough as nails, and plays hurt. He never backs down from contact (which could be considered a problem in the NFL I guess), and he was well respected on the team, contrary to some of the fictitious reports.

        And you are spot on in terms of his polish compared to guys like Hogan, Hackenberg, etc. In fact, I would say Cook is the most pro-ready QB in the draft, ahead of Goff, and certainly ahead of Wentz and Lynch.

        Here is how I would rate the top 6 QB prospects in terms of long term pro prospects and draft round projection)

        1st) Carson Wentz – rnd 1
        2nd) Jarred Goff – rnd 1
        3rd) Connor Cook – rnd 1-2
        4th) Paxton Lynch – rnd 1-2

        5th) Dak Prescott – rnd 4-5
        5th) Christian Hackenberg – rnd 4-5

        And in terms of pro readiness:

        1st) Connor Cook
        2nd) Jarred Goff
        3rd) Carson Wentz

        4th) Dak Prescott
        4th) Paxton Lynch
        4th) Christian Hackenberg

        And in terms of whether Hackenberg can run Chip’s system effectively, here is one NFL scouts take:

        CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG: Nonexistent feel or awareness in the pocket, struggling to navigate himself around the noise. Slow to process and late reading coverages due to questionable vision. Immature eye use, staring down targets and predetermining throws, which leads to inexplicable decisions.

        Wasn’t consistently asked to make whole field reads or work sideline-to-sideline in his progressions. Confidence needs rebuilt. Too relaxed and needs to show more urgency from snap to release.

        Highly inconsistent ball placement and downfield touch, struggling to control his ball speeds. Upper and lower half mechanics are often on different pages, affecting his overall accuracy. Doesn’t need to drive his hips to add zip on throws, but improved follow through motion will help his precision. Methodical set-up and delivery, but often out of rhythm.

        Deer in headlights when blitzed – often sees it coming, but doesn’t make the proper adjustments pre- or post-snap. Played behind a shaky offensive line (sacked 103 times in his career), but too many of those hits were of his own doing, holding the ball too long and clamming up under pressure.

        Quick-footed athlete for his size, but won’t routinely evade pressures with a bad habit of retreating and getting lost. Ball security needs improved (17 career fumbles). Didn’t miss a game in college, but missed the second half of his final game in January due to a sprained right shoulder – not considered serious, but needs cleared. Completion percentage dropped each season.

        1. The only guy on that list I like is Lynch and I wouldn’t draft him in the 1st round. I guess Goff could surprise me but I really don’t like his game all that much. Seems like he’s an RGIII injury away from being an afterthought with his slight frame. Cook I guess could turn into a Ryan Fitzpatrick type journeyman but I don’t ever see him being a franchise QB.

  10. Hey Chris, your boy KEVIN DODD’s draft stock has gone up post combine. He’s in the conversation for mid-round one! Had an outstanding combine and teams have taken notice.

    1. I saw that! There go my hopes of drafting Myles Jack or Deforest Buckner in round 1 and trading back into the tail end of 1st to draft Dobb.

    1. Grant …

      you should actually look at the highlight clip
      before you post it …

      With Cook … you posted a Bears /
      Green Bay …
      and twice you posted the Miami QB
      instead of Hogan …

      Whatever yer smokin’ … you
      should share some with the rest of the crowd, here !

  11. Kevin Hogan looks like a career backup to me. He’s a try hard, get the most out of what you have player, but he’s not overly talented in any area imo. I would not take him unless he is sitting there late in the draft.

    I’m also not a huge Connor Cook fan, but he is a much better prospect than Hogan imo. Cook has NFL starter ability with questionable intangibles. The whole Captain story is blown out of proportion in that MSU only votes for 3 Captains and the guys who were voted in were mainly 5th year Sr’s. You haven’t heard rumors from his teammates saying he’s a bad guy or a jerk or anything so I don’t think the leadership question is a big deal.

    My preference is to take a QB with the first pick if Goff is there, but failing that, I’d be ok with Cook if they traded back up into the second or moved down with their pick.

    1. What’s your thoughts on Lynch, maybe he’s there in the 2nd or they trade back into the 1st if he makes it past the rams and Jets.

      How about Prescott?

      1. I like Hogan more than Lynch and Lynch more than Prescott. Prescott didn’t test so well. Jeff Driskel tested much better.

              1. I didn’t know he ran that at the combine…he is a freak! Watched some of his games but he! didn’t seem to run that fast!

        1. Grant, I agree. Jeff Driskel is a much better choice than Cook. At least Driskel is fast enough to be a threat to run.
          Hogan is very smart, so he should be able to run the Chip Kelly offense. He also ran a pro set at Stanford, so he could start right away. What I like about Hogan is that he is deceptive. That Fumblefoolski in the Bowl game was sweet.

          1. Driskel intrigues me, but COOK is far more polished and plenty fast (Ran as fast as Dak Prescott in the 40, and his 3 cone drill was 2/100ths of a second behind Driskel).

            Driskel is very athletic, but he’s nowhere near as good of a QB as Cook, IMO, and the opinion of most analysts. I might be willing to take a flier on Driskel late in the draft, but I wouldn’t bank on him as a prospect. Cook I would, in a heartbeat.

      2. Leo,

        Lynch strikes me as a true boom or bust pick. He has a very high ceiling but also a low floor imo. I worry about his size (QB’s that tall haven’t fared very well in NFL history) and the lack of accuracy that shows up the further he has to throw the ball. There is no question he fits all the criteria physically, I just would be very cautious in using a high pick on him.

        Prescott doesn’t seem like an NFL starter to me. He is not a great passer and most of his value is in his mobility and strength. He is nowhere near Cam Newton as a prospect. Newton was a much better passer coming out of College. He reminds me a lot of Logan Thomas actually.

        There really are very few starting prospects in this draft imo. That’s why I’d be ok with Cook if taken later in the second round. After him I don’t see much in the way of long term contributors at the QB position.

  12. you just can’t help using a condescending and disrespectful tone in the articles your write about the team you cover.

    you not only disrespect the players, coaches and the rest of the organization but also the fans of the team as well. ultimately all you do is diminish yourself with a showing of your insecurity. Lack of confidence in writing a that doesn’t “stir the pot” instead of simply communicating your message.

    there’s no reason you can’t write the same article sans the snark, condescension and disrespect. Does Baalke inspire the fan base in his ability to pick a QB? Probably not; he doesn’t really inspire the fan base in evaluating most offensive skill positions. Then again to be fair, he has yet to really pick a significant QB in the draft. Also, I’d say the signing of Blaine Gabbert as an experienced back up worked out pretty well. I’d say objectively that he’s become a pretty good back up QB (starter…eh..that’s another debate).

    As to Cook? I’ve seen no negative reports about his arm strength. Nor really about his lack of mobility. The biggest questions about him that I’ve read are some poor footwork (that have lead to some of his lack of accuracy…which isn’t bad…but not great). The other big issue with Cook that scouts have wondered about is his emotional maturity and leadership skills. Normally, unless it was a huge criminal red flag I wouldn’t pay attention to this kind of thing. But the 49er’s locker room has had to deal with Colin Kaepernick’s less than outwardly social behavior recently. I do not believe he’s the most popular guy on the team and I’ve heard nothing that indicates that he’s considered a leader other than the simply being the quarterback. Now being a strong outwardly social leader isn’t 100% necessary for a QB but it does matter especially when a team needs that kind of leadership when the team is going through a transition (in this case coaching regime). So I’m not sure plugging Conor Cook in even as a back up is a good idea for this team unless the 49ers are confident that his personality will be an ok fit for the team.

    1. eh, on second thought…about Gabbert…I’m thinking he may have been more of a Harbuagh pick…so let’s only give Baalke partial credit for Gabbs.

    2. All, actually, I like Grant’s style. Any 5-11 team should expect the snark. If they were 11-5, I would agree with you, but the Niners have not earned any respect, especially when they send the leaker to talk with Kaep’s reps.

      1. there’s a level of expected professionalism. fans can be snarky…sure. but Grant’s not a fan and he’ll be the first to tell you that. his job is to get people to read his blog by reporting and analyzing the 49ers. his snarkiness and condescension is just a cheap way to get people talking about his topics…a also unfortunate expression of his personality.

        as to snark to team by fans…whatever…I don’t know why anyone would cop an attitude to a sports team. most fans are stupid and claim some sort of personal identity from the team they follow…and from that you get overly emotional and irrational reactions. I love the game and the Niners but it’s a dynamic game of chess…nothing more that is fun to watch and figure out…nothing more…Most unhappy fans wouldn’t disrespect these guys (players, coaches…etc..) to their faces…so why do it on the internet?

        1. All, well I think it is refreshing to get away from the rah rah crowd who parrot the company line.
          You are right. This is a blog site, and can have an edge, but I also think Grant gets to the heart of the matter and focuses on the relevant topics. Now that Kaep may be gone, choosing the right QB in the draft will be critical for success.

          1. you missed my point in my original post.

            you can be critical of the team and it’s decisions without coming off as a snarky condescending punk.

            1. Well, I can also be controversial, so I do not mind at all if he has an edge. I post on this site exactly because of his writing style. You probably could relate better with the Matts.
              At least Grant is not as unrelentingly negative as TK.

          2. Unfortunately, this is not the draft to choose that QB. You see teams doubling down on that idea.
            Cousins got an undeserved amount of money.

            Flacco is once again the highest paid player in the league. This signing was more about freeing up cap room, but the 40 million dollar signing bonus speaks volumes about the quality of the QB class in 2016.

            Bradford was resigned in Philly.

            Jerry Jones is emphatically saying he will not pick a QB with the #4 pick.

            Agents are paid to build hype in the players through the media. There just isn’t the talent level here this year. No day 1 starters in my opinion. Of course, I did make that bet that Goff doesn’t go top 10 to the current list of top 10 teams.

            I guess we’ll both have to see which way things go. I just don’t see any teams drafting a QB in the top 10 outside of Cleveland.

      2. The problem with Grant is he’s not authentic, IMO. He’s an opportunist who takes every opportunity to undermine any decision the organization makes. Grant heard Cook might be on the 49ers radar, and he couldn’t get to his computer quick enough to write an article about why it would be a mistake. He does this all the time.

        If Grant had come out against Cook before the word got out that he might be a target, or Chip Kelly before he was a strong candidate, etc, he might be taken a little more seriously.

        1. No one had a clue that Cook was Baalkes pet target. Now that he was identified as the number one choice, Grant just told everyone that there are better alternatives.
          If Grant had praised Cook, you would be saying he is very astute. Since he panned Cook, you are on his case. Grant is just letting you carry Cook’s jock strap, which you are doing very well.;p

          1. i don’t give a crap about Cook. reread my initial post. I don’t think he’s right for the Niners either. again, you’re missing my point…it’s not about what he wrote…it’s HOW he wrote it.

        2. well, he certainly approaches the Niners with a negative bias for the most part.

          but IMO that’s fine. there’s a lot of things he can be critical about the Niners.

          sometimes he backs up his stuff with some statistics and analysis (though often slanted to his view). but often times his articles use a lot of hearsay and assumptions to make a point. In the case of Connor Cook? Jason Cole has been wrong about rumors so often lately that he has almost zero credibility at this point. its as if he goes out of his way to find something negative to write about the team when there are plenty of legitimately negative things to write about.

        1. AFFP, that wasn’t directed at you. It was directed at this post:

          “All, actually, I like Grant’s style. Any 5-11 team should expect the snark. If they were 11-5, I would agree with you, but the Niners have not earned any respect, especially when they send the leaker to talk with Kaep’s reps.”

      3. This shows you’re realitively new here. Grant was Snarky even when they were extremely successful.

        Doesn’t bother me like it does some though. Usually gives me a good laugh.

  13. I also believe that Hackenberg is better than Cook, but not for this offense. Hackenberg will do fine behind a stout OL – and that is a luxury we don’t yet have.

    I’m not completely sold on Hogan, but then again, even if Baalke were to grab Wentz or Goff there’s no guarantee that they would be counted on to make an impact as rookies.

    My QB pick would be Dak Prescott, Cardale Jones, Jake Coker, and even Brandon Doughty are 2nd day value picks.

    1. Both Hackenberg and Doughty have been graded poor, so I would pass on them.
      However, I agree with Dak, Jones and Coker. They are superior and should be available in the later rounds

          1. I know SEb, it’s just that all of the NFL scouts and talent evaluators are wrong about these guys right? Every scout I have listened to or talked to think Cook is a superior prospect to Hogan or Driskel. But, you guys have some sort of secret system I guess?


            1. Just so we’re straight……you guys do realize COOK was the number one QB prospect coming into 2015 right?

              1. 49, Cook was number one at the beginning, but now he might be a late second rounder.
                Hmm, maybe those pundits saw something to change their mind….

              2. Cook has slipped a bit, but not enough to put Hogan or Driskel in the same conversation as Cook. Not even close.

              3. Just so we’re straight……you guys do realize COOK was the number one QB prospect coming into 2015 right?

                I’ve already smacked down that pointless fact. Please don’t make me do it again.

        1. It’s always a crapshoot, but to draft a guy with one year experience as a starter, and who grades out poorer than a guy with 3 years experience as a starter, is the type of thinking that will get GM’s and scouts FIRED in a heartbeat.

          1. And I am talking about Coker. Again, Grant, I don’t know what kind of system you, or some of those on this blog are using to evaluate these guys, but it sure isn’t the same system NFL scouts and personnel guys are using.

            I know you think you’re smarter than NFL scouts and GM’s who get paid to do this stuff exclusively, but at some point, don’t you think you sound silly when every credible talent evaluator disagrees with you? Because I haven’t heard anyone talking up Coker or Driskel, or Hogan, over Cook. Not a single one.

            1. 49, Well, maybe McCarron and his success may factor in the rise of Coker. Since he won a national championship, maybe he does have the intangibles to succeed.
              Remember, Joe was a third rounder and Brady was a 6th rounder. Sometimes an elite player can be overlooked.

              1. Not my point Seb. You just never know about these QB’s, there are so many intangibles. But, if you’re going to evaluate talent, you evaluate talent.

                I find it funny that Cook has slipped for no good reason. The 49ers have a golden opportunity to draft a QB who was the number one prospect going into the season prior to the draft, and you guys would rather draft prospects who have never been in the conversation to begin with.

                Kevin Hogan has HORRIBLE fundamentals. Perhaps you guys simply aren’t knowledgeable to pick up on that. Well, the PRO scouts are, so you ought to probably do a little homework if you’re going to pretend your doing anything other than pulling names out of a hat!

                Kevin Hogan, Vernon fricking Adams. Really?

              2. 49, you can tout your preferred QB without tearing down the others. Hogan is not HORRIBLE.
                If Hogan has a 65.5 % completion rate while Cook has a 57.5 % CR, who is better?
                If Hogan ran 315 times for 1249 yards, with a 4 yard average, and Cook ran 176 times for 209 yards, with a 1.2 yard average, who is better?
                Hogan scored 7 TDs last season. Cook had zero. Who was better?

        2. Coker is a better prospect than Cook, although neither fits the Niners’ offense.

          Trolling again Grant? If you seriously believe this then you are clearly not watching these QB’s play or paying attention to the analysis.

            1. Thanks Rocket. Sometimes I feel like some on this blog are simply arguing for the sake of arguing. Only Grant Cohn thinks Coker is as good, or better prospect than Cook. Every other professional evaluator thinks otherwise. Hmm. Which way do I go?

              1. Here is just one small evaluation from CBS SPORTS:

                CONNOR COOK possesses ideal size for the next level with the build to take consistent punishment, INCLUDING AS A SHORT YARDAGE RUSHER WITH DECEIVING ATHLETICISM!

                Cook scans the entire field and is a confident passer to all levels, showing touch, anticipation and toughness in the pocket. He has effortless arm strength when he steps into his throws with proper mechanics and torque through his hips to deliver the proper trajectory on downfield passes.

                Mastered Michigan State’s offense, firing quick passes underneath with the ability to thread the needle on deeper sideline throws. Has excellent experience, and his poise in key situations has improved throughout his career.

                N OUR VIEW: Cook isn’t without flaw, but he shows a number of reasons to be encouraged about his potential in the NFL. Cook has the physical traits ideally suited for the pro game with tape that shows off a number of NFL throws.

                –Dane Brugler & Rob Rang (12/8/15)

                How does this not sound like an ideal guy to run Chip’s offense? Again, this is a guy who was widely regarded as the #1 prospect in the country coming into this last season.

                I know, it’s only the opinion of 2 of CBS SPORTS top analysts, and I am sure they have been wrong before.

                But, KEVIN fricken HOGAN? Really?

              2. whoops. and to think i won my school’s spelling bee in 5th grade. nailed ‘impromptu.’

              3. Hey, how come Grant has an EDIT FEATURE? While Us Plebes have to scroll back and proofread?

            2. Which is why Coker was invited to the combine…oh wait he wasn’t. Any QB who in your eyes was “3rd round prospect” would be invited to the combine. Coker is an UFA.

              Any non Alabama fan who thinks Coker is a better prospect than Cook must be blind.

            3. So the College career and on field history has no bearing on your evaluations? If all it took to be successful was height and a big arm then Druck would have been a HOF QB. Coker isn’t an NFL caliber player. It’s why he didn’t even get to play until his final year of eligibility.

              1. Better size, better arm strength and better accuracy. Better traits. Cook is not naturally accurate. When his footwork breaks down his passes fly all over the place. Hogan and Coker are naturally accurate. They can throw accurate passes with feet splayed. Cook cannot, and that explains his terrible completion percentage.

        3. I’m not a big Cook supporter, but I do like some things about his game.
          Stands confidently in the pocket
          Will take the hit in order to wait until the last moment to throw
          Has a quick release
          Reasonable arm strength
          Good size

          1. I agree with all of that, but a big reason he stood so confidently in the pocket is he played behind a great OL.

            1. Agreed, he did have a very good OL. But what impressed me the most about his game is his quick release that can help compensate for a poor OL in the next level.
              But having said that, Cook is a 2nd – 3rd rd pick.

  14. I hope this whole Connor Cook thing is a smoke screen to divert attention from the targeted quarterback.

    (like the Goff’s “small hands” smokescreen. Goff had 23 fumbles in three seasons, but only 4 last season.)

    I have to admit I haven’t watched Cook much. I didn’t see anything special.
    Goff’s pocket footwork and release jump out at you. So does Wentz’s velocity and athleticism.

    I hate to condemn a player I haven’t studied. I’m going back to the draft breakdowns later this week to look for reasons why Baalke would like Cook.

    I just can’t fathom going after a quarterback that’s unpopular with his teammates. Maybe a day three pick at the highest.

    I also agree Hogan is a far better fit. He’s not the great pure passer, but he’s thick bodied and can run inside… perfect for Kelly’s bread-n-butter play, the inside zone read.

    Picks 37 and 68 are not just “2nd and 3rd rounders.” They have higher value this year. They are near the top of the rounds. This year is a deep in defense, with 14 “First round grade” inside DT/DE’s available, and some pretty good options at inside linebacker.

    I’d me major POd if Baalke used one of these on Cook.

    1. Again guys, the narrative about Cook not being popular with his teammates is really blown WAY out of proportion:

      Here is cook answering the question about leadership and supposedly not being selected as team captain (he was, in fact team captain for the 4 biggest games of 2015, and was a member of the 12 person Leadership Council).

      Keep in mind every single one of his teammates have already, publically come to Cook’s defense.

    2. Brodie,

      I think the unpopular narrative surrounding Cook has been exaggerated, and he’s had teammates come out and stand up for him including a fellow QB who was with him at MSU for the last 3 years. The bottom line at least for me, is how did he perform on the field, and in that regard he did pretty well. A player is rarely going to be universally liked in the locker room, but as long as everybody plays hard for him that’s all that really matters. There is no question his teammates rallied around him on game day.

      As to who the Niners take with their second and third round picks, it’s hard to forecast what the best option is this far out, but a potential starting QB in the second is not a bad pick imo.

      1. Valuation of quarterbacks is always tricky. I noted that yesterday. A mid level starter is worth a top 10 of the first round because of the importance of the position.

        1. From Yesterday – Gradient vs Russian Roulette

          Gradient – the higher the draft pick, the faster/bigger/stronger/better film etc. the prospect has.

          Russian Roulette – Does the player have (or lack) fundamental characteristics that determine if he can play the position at all.

          Most positions in the first three rounds lean Gradient, with a modest Russian Roulette risk. Exceptions are players with injuries, off field problems, or combine stars with little good film.

          The Quarterback position seems to be the most “Russian Roulette” of all the draft choices. He can have all the good physical traits, good college productivity, smart as a whip, and still flop.

          This makes it harder to determine if a QB “over drafted.” If there was a magic wand that could give me a player for five years that was the 16th best in the NFL, he’s worth a top ten pick.

          To me the situation is a little more binary. He’s worth the risk, or he isn’t.

      2. +1,000 rocket

        Cook is a confident guy. Some people mistake that for “cockiness.” I, for one, want my QB to be confident! That’s who Cook is, according to people I have talked to and listened to. He’s a confident guy who expects a lot from his teammates. But he’s also always the first guy to praise his teammates, and give his OL credit!

        All I know is that, along with my evaluation, guys I respect, Polian, Mariucci, Davis, Miller, etc, have all come to the same conclusion that I have about Cook as an NFL QB prospect.

        And Cook’s record as a Big Ten QB speaks for itself. There were times throughout the last couple seasons that Connor carried his Spartans teammates.

        The one knock I hear from a lot of evaluators is Cook’s COMP%. However, if you dig deep enough you come to the realization that Cook was asked to push the ball downfield and throw into tight windows much more often than most of these college offenses ask of their QB. The Spartans don’t use a lot of screens and checkdowns. And Connor has the ability to “throw receivers open”. He is, in fact, accurate with the types of throws Chip will ask him to make. He’s got the functional mobility Chip wants. Though the Spartans didn’t ask him to do it a lot, Connor likes to run the football. He has very quick feet. In fact, CBS analyst Pat Kirwan called Cook’s transitions “flawless” at the combine, which is always a good indicator of a QB’s functional mobility. He tied Dak Prescott in the 40 at the combine, and was a top performer in the 40 and broad jump. He has a quick trigger. He’s poised. He’s got a lot of big game experience.

        Perhaps it’s a Baalke smokescreen, but it’s not Baalke’s modus operandi to leak a big smokescreen and, I for one, hope he is targeting Cook in round 2!

    3. Brodie, who or where did you hear COOK was unpopular with his teammates and not team captain? This is how false narrative’s get traction. Someone hears something and assumes it to be true, when in fact, it’s not. Do the homework, if you are curious, but don’t rely on a “he said – she said” narrative that nobody knows where it came from.

      Here is the rest of his combine interview:

      1. I’ve heard it many times on lots of media/TV. That doesn’t mean its true. If Cook’s popular with his teammates, that’s great.

        I’m going to wait until I watch some draft breakdowns, and Waldman’s breakdown later this week.

        I did just check out a few highlights. He has fluid feet. Smooth release. Throws a very catchable ball.

          1. When did Cook hurt his shoulder? I’d like to see a few draft breakdowns of his throwing before the injury.

              1. 49reasons Waldman is the man but his dulcet tones can relax .Just to be clear I see Hogan as a 5 rounder and Cook as a low 1st or high second so different values there.

          2. What do you think George, is COOK growing on you yet. He’s got something special, IMO, though I haven’t yet pinpointed exactly what it is. Maybe it’s his feel for the position. He’s one of those guys that was born to play the QB position.

        1. Those feet and that smooth release (LOL) get pretty dang choppy when he feels pressure.

    4. B2W,
      Nice perception. I don’t know of many GM’ that throw out names of potential players a month or so before the draft.

      Baalke is likely just posturing for a little leverage leading up to the draft. Obviously, Cook is not 1st rd material but maybe by Baalke giving Cook some attention a team may take him ahead of 49ers in rd 2 giving Baalke an opportunity to draft either another QB that he really has been eyeing or actually draft a player not a QB.

      I’m just speculating like everyone else but it will be very interesting over the next month and a half how Baalke and Kelly maneuver around the draft board.

  15. Outside of Wentz, Goff and maybe Lynch this is a pretty weak QB class. Even weaker if you take Lynch out of the equation. We could see Wentz and Goff go in the top 10, I think it’ll be #2 and #6 and then not see another one go until the end of the round when someone grabs either Lynch or Cook. Might even be the 2nd before the next QB gets taken. There’s going to be a glut of choices(of quality back ups) and likely to be a run on QB’s in the late 2nd to mid third round.

    1. Coffee …

      I can agree with that .. and sure … there are
      QBs … that the Niners should grab … but ..
      I’m still thinkin’ … Cassie’s daddy will let Chipster
      select that position … and it won’t be till the later rounds ..

      and I’m still thinkin’ … he picks
      the kid … up in Oregon …

      (to back up Gabbert … cuz Kaep has already
      packed his bags)

    2. I think even including Goff, Wentz and Lynch this is a weak QB class. It’s scary to think a guy like Wentz who played against lower level competition and doesn’t even have two full seasons as a starter to his name is being widely tipped to be the 1st QB taken and 2nd overall pick.

      1. This is not a bad class of QB’s at all. It compares favorably to most of the classes in the last decade.

        Every year next year’s QB class is touted as being pretty good, and then when the season is over and there is endless time to over think it, the view point changes to the class being poor. This could be the best QB class in the last 5 years quite honestly. If your first reaction is “what has he been smoking” just go look up the draft classes over the past few seasons and see how few QB’s were taken in the first round and how many worked out overall in each class.

        Winston went #1 overall last year coming off a pretty mediocre season and only two years worth of starts at the College level. Mariota was being questioned about the offense he played in and whether he could go down field accurately. They wound up 1 and 2, because teams need QB’s and value them the most. I would put this class up there with last years and most of the others for that matter. There are no sure fire studs being talked about, but there rarely is. Other than Luck, there have been no QB’s that have been labelled can’t miss the past few years.

        This is why I want the Niners to draft a QB at #7. Your chances of finding one later are very slim to none and who knows when they will be in position to draft this high again. I don’t think they will be very good next season but even if they reach 6-8 wins, they are drafting outside the top ten. If you think next years class is going to be any better, it isn’t. You take QB’s when you have the chance or you wind up on an endless carousel of washed up vets or never has beens.

        1. I disagree. It is a better QB draft class than 2009, 2010 and 2013, which were really poor, but worse than 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. In some respects I think it is quite similar to the 2008 draft class, though I think Matt Ryan would easily have been the consensus number 1 QB in this draft. I say it is weak, but maybe a better way of putting it is to say it is pretty ho-hum, pretty average.

          I know we’ve had this discussion previously, but I honestly believe if any of Winston, Mariotta, Bridgewater, Bortles, Luck or Griffin were in this draft, they would be the first QB taken.

          1. 2013 was weak in retrospect but if those QB’s were in this draft everyone were talking about this year would be third rounders.

            1. Hmmm, maybe. The 2013 QB class was impacted by the struggles of the 2011 draft class. But while it had decent depth, it really didn’t have any top end talent (that does sound pretty familiar, doesn’t it?).

              It would have been interesting to see where Goff, Wentz and Lynch went if they were in the 2013 draft.

              1. Man, I’m on a roll lately. That was supposed to be 2009 not 2013. Not sure how that happened.

              2. 2013 was a trainwreck. I’m certain Goff and Wentz would still be considered before Manuel.

            2. 2009 was weak in retrospect but if those QB’s were in this draft everyone were talking about this year would be third rounders.

              That makes no sense and the third round reference is a joke I hope.. Sanchez and Freeman both came in with more question marks than most of the guys in first round consideration for this draft.

              1. The third round comment was exaggeration for the sake of but I disagree that the names you suggest would have been anymore or less questioned then the names in this draft, which is exactly my point.

          2. We can’t decide if a class is better until they actually play Scooter, but we can compare how the classes looked before the draft and this one compares favorably to all of the ones you listed. I’m not going to go into the guys who were selected in the second round and beyond because that means they obviously weren’t viewed as top prospects.

            Start with 2011. Locker had pedestrian numbers in College, Ponder was a question mark until doing well at the Sr. Bowl and Gabbert was drafted solely on potential. The top 4 in this class would have been ranked ahead of all of these guys based on the numbers they’ve put up imo.

            2012 featured: Luck, RGIII. Tannehill and Weeden going in the first. No doubt Luck and RGIII (we didn’t know he was going to flame out in this comparison) would have been favored over anybody in this years class, but Tannehill and Weeden? Nope.

            2014 had: Bortles, Manziel and Bridgwater. I’d guess Bortles would still be the #1 ranked QB, but Goff and Wentz would be in the discussion for the next QB taken in this draft.

            Last year I agree Winston and Mariota would be rated ahead of anyone in this draft, but Goff and Wentz would have also been first rounders.

            Overall when you do a comparison of this group of QB’s with others over the last decade, it’s really not a poor class and is in the top 5 easily.

            1. “We can’t decide if a class is better until they actually play Scooter”. I would like to think you know me well enough now to know I am well aware of this, and I am not basing this on what we know now, but on what we knew of the QBs leading into their respective drafts.

              2011 draft had Cam Newton, who would easily be the first QB taken this year too. Yes, there were then a bunch of guys taken too early, who had plenty of question marks. Similar to this year’s crop. Goff may well have been taken ahead of Locker, Gabbert and Ponder, but those guys had no business being drafted where they were which has since been proven out. Since the 2011 draft teams have been far more cautious drafting QBs early.

              In 2012, I agree, Goff would have gone ahead of Tannehill, and likely Wentz too.

              In 2014 you are likely right that Goff and Wentz would be in the discussion as the next QB taken after Bortles. The next QB taken after Bortles was Bridgewater at the end of round 1. And I would take Bridgewater over Goff or Wentz.

              Last year, again I agree that Goff would likely have been a first rounder. But not a top 10 pick. And Wentz would likely have been a bottom of the first round guy.

              It is a ho-hum QB class.

              1. Scooter,

                I do know that and it wasn’t meant as condescending. This is a tough medium to express nuance when making a point. My intention was just to make it clear where I was coming from in making the comparison between the ratings before the QB’s were drafted.

                The rest of your post here is exactly the point I’m trying to make: this draft class is pretty much the same as usual. It’s missing the exciting can’t miss player at the top, but most QB classes don’t feature that anyway. It’s not a poor class of QB’s; it’s a typical class of QB’s is all I’m saying.

            2. For the admittedly very little it is worth, as it is just one scouting sites opinion, Walter Football agree with me about Goff.

              “If it weren’t for so many teams being desperate for a quarterback, Goff would probably be a mid- to late first-rounder. However with the huge demand at the position, Goff looks likely to be a top-10 pick.”


              1. “If it weren’t for so many teams being desperate for a quarterback, Goff would probably be a mid- to late first-rounder. However with the huge demand at the position, Goff looks likely to be a top-10 pick.”

                I think that is exactly what I said with this quote: “there is more need then supply so therefore lesser quality prospects are being pushed up higher then they should be.”

              2. You are hitting me a Walter reference? I thought we were good? Well then I see your Walter and raise you pretty much every other credible draft site that has Goff and Wentz ranked in the top ten :)

              3. CFC,

                There is always more need than supply. That never changes and yet we have some draft years where there are no QB’s taken before the bottom half of the 1st round. There’s no formula here. It’s based on how teams feel about the QB options. This year Goff and Wentz will likely be top ten choices because teams view them as good options; not because of a lack of supply.

              4. WF has both Wentz and Goff ranked as Top-10 picks. They’re just saying they don’t actually believe they deserve that ranking, which is what we’re saying as well.

              5. “This year Goff and Wentz will likely be top ten choices because teams view them as good options; not because of a lack of supply.”

                This is where we’re going to continue to disagree so I’m good at this point old top. We wont really know for a few years anyway, lets see if it’s important enough for any of us to remember by then :)

              6. CFC,

                Rankings are rankings. If you rank a QB in the top ten it should be because you believe that is where the talent places him. If Walter is ranking these guys in the top ten and then saying they are artificially inflated due to being QB’s, then he’s a hypocrite and his rankings should be taken with a grain of salt.

                And you are correct, we likely won’t even remember this discussion by the time the results are in. It’s fun to talk about anyway.

        2. Trying not to give into my fan emotions too much but I would be excited to see Goff siting there when we pick in the 7th slot Rocket( or Buckner M Jack Lawson) unless TB gets “creative” we will get a quality talent!

          1. Despite my above comments, I would not be surprised or disappointed if the 49ers took Goff or Wentz if either is available at #7. They are in my opinion, and more importantly in most pundits opinion, the two best QB prospects in this draft and so grabbing one of them makes a lot of sense.

            However, I don’t feel about either prospect the way I felt about Winston last year, or Bridgewater the year before, and so I find myself wanting the 49ers to go a different and safer direction at #7. And of the two Wentz is the one I feel best about, but I think that is largely influenced by my liking him back when he was considered a mid round prospect by many draft sites (i.e. mid Tomsula era), and I thought I was finding a nice sleeper prospect for us 49er fans to consider. If he had always been considered one of the top two QB prospects the rational part of me says I probably would like Goff more than Wentz.

      2. “It’s scary to think a guy like Wentz who played against lower level competition and doesn’t even have two full seasons as a starter to his name is being widely tipped to be the 1st QB taken and 2nd overall pick.”

        It’s an indication of just how weak the class really is.

        1. It’s an indication of just how weak the class really is

          No it would be an indication of how weak the draft is. If the QB class is weak, then no QB is going top ten and not many will be taken period, much like a few years ago when Manuel was the only QB taken in the first round. This class of QB’s stacks up favorably with the other talent available which is why 2 will go in the first for sure, and maybe as many as 4.

          1. It’s basic market dynamics, there is more need then supply so therefore lesser quality prospects are being pushed up higher then they should be.

            1. That happens on occasion but as I pointed out, there are some years where only 1-2 are taken in the first so that doesn’t fly. If teams truly believe the QB class is weak they won’t take them in the first round.

              1. No they don’t do it all the time. There are many examples of 1-2 QB’s being drafted in the first with most clubs opting not to reach.

              2. “There are many examples of 1-2 QB’s being drafted”

                You think there will be more then 1-2 QB’s taken in the first round of this year? I don’t.

              3. I’m with ya on the 2 I’m penciling them in at #2 and #6. After the 23rd when I start working on my all 32 we’ll see but at this point I don’t see myself mocking more then a third late in the round.

              4. I think if a team wants Goff they haveto be worried we might take him and Newsome made it clear hes Monty Hall at number 6 so if someone wants to hedge their bets and grab Goff 6 is the best spot.

              5. If the team addresses a few of its bigger needs in free agency that will make teams even more worried that we could use our pic on a quarterback. So much will possibly change in the next 3 weeks.

              6. CFC,

                Good points and very possible. It’ll be interesting to see what teams are willing to give up in a trade up scenario.

              7. The Rams have two second round picks and I bet Ozzie would be willing to give up #6 for #15 and #43.

      3. Remember when we first started talking about Wentz and he was a late second to third rounder?

        1. Yep. I was really excited about him mid way through the college season, I thought he’d be an excellent 2nd round target. I still do.

          1. To be honest, I’d even be happy taking him late mid to late first round, given what I thought of him has now been supported by a bunch of people that know a lit more than I do. But 2nd overall? Yikes. Even top 10 leaves me scratching my head.

            And I do think Goff is a worthy first round pick. But again I think in terms of value he should be more a mid to late first round pick. But perhaps rocket is right, and given the other top end talent in the draft (or lack thereof) he is worthy of top 10 in this draft.

            1. Doesn’t your analysis pretty much assume that all teams are in a position to select BPA. To me that doesn’t seem to be the case and that’s why QBs such as Wentz and Goff will go earlier that you might project otherwise.

              1. Yeah, they likely will go earlier than I think they should. I see a lot of bust potential for any team taking a QB early this year.

        2. Yep and it was because none of us really knew much about him or had watched much video footage. I’ve personally held a bias against him because he played in the FCS, but if you look at the physical talent, he can adapt to the NFL game. I’m still not sure if Wentz is worthy of being the first QB off the board but he’s as good a bet as Blake Bortles was at #3.

          1. “Yep and it was because none of us really knew much about him or had watched much video footage.”

            That’s not exactly true. His level of competition and the video that I watched along with the write ups then and still suggest a player that should be drafted int he second to third round.

            The lack of consensus about any of the prospects has allowed him to move up based almost solely on how he performed at the senior bowl and the combine which again should tell you just muddled this QB class really is.

            1. Wentz moved up over a consensus top QB going into the season (Cook) and it’s because people went back and looked at the film when his name started to get brought up more and more. As soon as he impressed at the Sr. Bowl things really got rolling. As I said, I’m not sure if Wentz is worthy of where he will be drafted, but looking at how things have happened in the past with QB’s shooting up the board during the testing and interview process, it’s par for the course. This is really no different from Bortles or Sanchez, Sanchez especially who had one season as a starter and wasn’t considered anywhere near where he was drafted until the combine and his pro day.

              1. If you respect Mayock as an analyst, he stated he essentially had no knowledge of Wentz. Once he looked at his film he was amazed and continued to be amazed as he watched more film. For Mayock he went from an unknown to #1 on his QB ranking.

              2. Cubus,

                Exactly. If we are all being honest, Wentz was somebody we didn’t know much about including most of the guys who do this for a living.

  16. Grant I agree with you 100% I have been touting Hogan since Oct. I am surprised you don’t think the 49ers should trade for David Fales.

  17. Michigan State beat Ohio State without Connor Cook in 2015. Some of you are getting real excited about Kyle Orton 2.0.

  18. Grant,off the topic…In 2011,I noticed that Aldon Smith was ranked by some between the 21st and 25th best player in the draft. 49ers drafted him 7th overall. I am starting to see the same with Ogbah,who I really like over Bosa,Lawson,and Spence. Do you think 49ers he would be a reach at 7th this year?

    1. I do not think Ogbah would be a reach at No. 7. He’d be a great pick, although he probably couldn’t play in the base defense his rookie season, ala Aldon Smith.

    2. They had a mock where the Raiders took him with their first round pick.
      Kevin Dodd is also shooting up the boards, and Leonard Floyd has gone from 44 to the middle of the first round.

    3. Ogbah has been and continues to be my sneaky Baalke pick at 7. I think he suits what Baalke looks for at the position.

  19. I tend not to comment on college prospects for draft because (1) I haven’t watched most of the them in game situations (2) youtube highlights/lowlights are terribly misleading sources to base any meaningful opinions.

    However, as a Cardinal fan, I have watched pretty much every game at least once since Harbaugh era started (pretty much had given up on Stanford football after the Walt Harris debacle against UC Davis). I also follow the program off-field. On Kevin Hogan, I observed the following intangibles not easily conveyed in youtube videos:

    (1) a very smart football player who can master a complex playbook. Comparison with Luck is inevitable, and I’d say that he’s taken longer to master Shaw-Bloomgren-Hamilton-Harbaugh playbook, but that’s not a strike against him.

    (2) extremely tough minded individual: in 2014 season Hogan’s Dad was dying on the East Coast but he showed little of that burden even as he struggled with an unsettled O line. Towards the end as his dad was in his final days, the O line gelled and he and the offense reeled off 4-5 excellent performances including the rout of UCLA at Pasadena.

    (3) Very even-keeled personality, calm in pressure situations.

    (4) a proven leader of men: the public admiration and respect that he earned from his teammates and coaches is, in my observation, exceeded what Luck garnered in his years at the Farm. This season he led many of the game preparation sessions, instructing young receivers about route-running while Bloomgren and Shaw sat in the back of the classroom (from Shaw/Bloomgren interviews).

    (5) has the drive to get better constantly and the willingness to take up challenges. As a recent example, he started working on changing is delivery only a month and a half ago. As a result, he did not throw very well in the combine but I anticipate that he will make improvement by the time Pro Day rolls around. He has a track record of getting better with time as shown on his reads of defenses both pre- and post-snap, movement within pocket, snap decision on when to run, and throwing receivers open.

    In summary, I ‘d rate Hogan overall as a poor man’s (or middle-class man’s :) Andrew Luck. He can become a solid starter under the right circumstances (something I suppose once can say about several past and future draft candidates who have been successful four-year starters in college).

    Like everyone else, I’d rate Goff ahead of Hogan as a passer. I don’t know much about Cook but have watched only 2 games in which he played. He seemed OK but I don’t know much about his intangibles. I watched Lynch in the Bowl game where he seemed to take pretty much every snap out of the shotgun and waited for someone to get open. He seemed to make poor decisions against a decent SEC defense.

    1. Mood on top of everything else you have listed, I believe that all of Hogans measureables fall within the acceptable range. I believe he will be able to improve his mechanics in 2 camps and a full offseason. He could be ready to start by sept. 2017

    2. 5) is what stands out to me with Hogan. He’s clearly improved every year. Much better in 2015 than 2014.

      He’s also good in clutch situations.

    3. Mood, that game against Notre Dame made me a Hogan fan. He dropped that last pass into a perfect spot and helped them win the game at the last second.
      Good analysis.

    4. Mood:

      I liked reading this:

      “This season he led many of the game preparation sessions, instructing young receivers about route-running while Bloomgren and Shaw sat in the back of the classroom (from Shaw/Bloomgren interviews).”

      It’s in keeping with the academic part of a college education and I would argue better prepares the athlete for the next level just like any other field of study. Typically, if you are forced to teach something you will learn the subject more thoroughly.

      1. He’d also explain protection schemes to his younger O linemen.

        Another thing I liked about him is the way he took over from Luck. When Luck left, Hogan was the #3 QB in training camp. He took over halfway through the season and won four straight against ranked opponents and ended the season with a Rose Bowl victory, the first for the Card since John Ralston was the coach in 1972.

        Hogan shows promise when one considers both tangibles and intangibles. Maybe he’s a career backup but I consider him more likely to succeed in the NFL than Cook, Lynch, or Prescott. The only two QBs I’d put ahead of him with some confidence are Goff and Wentz.

    1. I like it. It also fits the pattern of Baalke’s hole patching approach to free agency.

      Fill as many roster holes as possible with serviceable (if unspectacular) players before the draft. This reduces “need” picks, and adds draft day flexibility.

    2. I am surprised that LMJ has not gotten an invite yet. Chip is very familiar with him, and he would add RB depth.

      1. Seb, I think he’s just one of those guys whose college play didn’t transfer over. Part of that doomed AJ Jenkins draft.

        1. Yet, maybe in the right system he will resurrect his career.
          Chip passed on him while in Philly because he did not have the proper QB, and Murray as his featured back.

  20. All we know about Kelly is that he was excited at the prospect of coaching the Niners who happened to have two very athletic QB’s. We also know he wants his QB’s to be very accurate. So, any conjecture that Cook, Wentz or Goff is the guy he covets is purely guesswork. From an accuracy standpoint, Goff’s got the edge. Wentz has great size, good accuracy and is very athletic. Cook’s somewhere in between. One thing I see is neither Goff nor Wentz will be on the board at #7. The Browns need a QB in the worst way…Dallas needs one more than they’re letting on. Romo’s likely going to have another surgery on his shoulder/collarbone…he hasn’t finished a season in the past 3. He’s 36 and injury prone. I get Jerry Jones is at best, unpredictable, but even he knows Romo’s not going to last much longer. So, I’m pretty sure Baalke won’t be drafting a QB in the 1st rd. As for Cook, I can see reasons why Baalke and Kelly might like the guy…he’s a winner. But liking a guy and drafting him can be two entirely different things. Personally, I’d favor Prescott because of his improvement in the passing game, his athleticism and ability like Kap and Gabbert to pick up a 1st down with his legs. That said, I have no idea who Kelly really likes…and that’s the way it should be. You never show your hand before a draft…ever.

  21. Draft will play out like this:

    1. Tennessee: Tunsil
    2. Cleveland: Wentz
    3. San Diego: Ramsey
    4. Dallas: Goff
    5. Jacksonville: Jack
    6. Baltimore: Hargreaves

    1. Dallas: Goff…..hmmm…

      .you think JJ will draft a QB that high to seat on the bench for 3-4 yrs…….when they have major needs at Pass rush…..

    2. I don’t see it like that.


      1) Tenn – Tunsil
      2) Clev – Wentz
      3) SD – Ramsey
      4) Dall – Bosa ( Elliot is a wildcard here )
      5) Jax – Hargreaves
      6) Balt – Buckner

      I think Goff and Jack fall to SF!

    3. I could agree with you on that! I think it will play out differently with a surprise.

      Jac (T\Ten)-Tunsil
      Cle- Wentz

      1. Reuben, I would postulate another scenario. Rams will trade their first and one of their second round picks for the San Diego number 3.Therefor;
        Tenn- Tunsil
        Cle. -Wentz
        Rams- Goff
        Dallas- Jack
        Jac- Ramsey
        Ravens- Stanley
        Niners Buckner.

          1. Could be, but if Flacco is not healthy with his ACL and MCL, the Ravens could be in the mix for a QB.
            Still think the Rams are so desperate, they will move up ahead of the Cowboys. Romo is 36 and just had a plate put in his shoulder.

    4. Dallas won’t take a QB. JJ wants Romo to win a ring and will keep drafting other areas to put around him or on defense. My guess is they go Dline or Jack.

      1. Dallas was 1-11 without Romo last season. He hasn’t finished a season in three years. Dallas is screwed without him.

        1. I’d be surprised if Dallas skipped a Goff or Wentz. Its an ideal time for Dallas to pick a QB. Its not good to wait until your starter is out of football.

          Say Dallas takes Jack. Romo plays enough games to get Dallas a winning record, then breaks. Dallas is stuck with late draft position next year, and no QB. Doomed to be the Rams of the NFC East. Lots of aggregate talent, but no passing game.

          1. There’s a certain unwritten rule about using a top 15 pick on a QB when you have an established and entrenched starter still sort of in his prime. Maybe not so much a rule but a “they just don’t do it” kind of statement.

            If someone slips down to the 20’s I could see them maybe trading back in but that’s the earliest I expect Dallas to take a QB. Now, second is a whole other game. I expect Dallas to be in the QB business in the second to third.

        2. Dallas is screwed without a QB, period. They have a golden opportunity to get one of the 2 best QBs in the draft.
          Romo is a longshot to return, and may be injured in their first game.

      2. Yep and yet JJ still hasn’t drafted a QB through all of those injuries. He believes Dallas is a contender right now and will not use a top 5 pick on a player he hopes won’t play for another 3-4 years. It doesn’t fit his operating style. He will likely draft a QB after round one and bring in a vet.

    5. Grant,

      If Jack slips to 5, wouldn’t you try and trade up to get him? I mean if Dallas passes on him at 4, I would go get him!

    6. That would leave the 49ers with a choice of Bosa, Buckner, Stanley at 7. That’s a pretty good array of talent.

      Many say Bosa is better as a 4-3 End. Some pretty good trade back offers will be there.

      Dallas is the lynch pin of this draft. Barring a big trade up, the Cowboys Jack-vs-QB choice will determine how the draft unfolds.

    7. I expect the Titans to sign a RT in FA and keep Lewan on the left side so they can go with Bosa at #1.

      1. Would be a waste almost to draft Tunsil as a full time RT and it makes equally less sense to move an already really good LT to the right side and start a rookie on the blind side.

        1. Don’t think Bosa will get #3 given the Chargers’ history of trading high picks.

      1. Dallas could trade back with the Rams and still get Elliot. The Rams have two 2nd round picks. They can easily trade up.

        1. Which is one of the reasons they are drafting where they are. Picking up Elliott would make that offense a juggernaut and better able to compete when Romo gets injured again.

          1. Dallas’s pick is D. Either DE, OLB or CB, what they do in free agency will clear up which is most likely.

            1. Because of the defense heavy draft, I bet alot of teams (including the 49ers) plan to lean offense in free agency, defense in the draft.

              You don’t think Dallas could go MLB Myles Jack? For defense, Jack and Ramsey would be my choice at 4.

              1. If Smith wasn’t injured it would be my hands down pick and I still will wrestle with the possibility of it happening. Jones lusted hard for our Willis/Bowman tandem and even said so publicly and I think he’d love to have that type of player at MLB. Do I think Jack is a close second to Smith? Nope. Does Jerry? Maybe but I think it’s more likely that a pass rusher catches his eye and if they don’t address their backfield in free agency then I think Ramsey is a legitimate possibility before Jack.

              2. Given the Preston Smtih discussion I wont ever pigeon hole a player into a single position again but I don’t think they would draft him to play outside.

  22. Agree wholeheartedly. Cook is overhyped and overrated.
    I like Hogan, but Adams is a better fit for this offense.

        1. OK, perhaps 6th round, but no earlier. The combine was not Adams friend. All the hype coming out of the E/W Shrine Game came to a screeching halt at the combine. Adams did not look at all like an NFL. Didn’t look like one, or throw like one, and he ran slower than guys like Cook and Hackenberg.

          VERNON ADAMS: Short, light and small hands. High-end yards per attempt slightly misleading due to scheme. Below average anticipation outside of single read route combinations. Field vision marginal. Fails to see early, easy throws. Extended release time waiting for throwing windows to open wide. Forces offensive line into extended pass protection and high sack total (26). Hesitant to challenge secondary between the hashes. Antsy feet in pocket and prefers to leave and look over sitting tight. Has long windup with slightly below 3/4 delivery. Ball placement needs improvement.

          The low release, for a guy his size, is FATAL at the NFL level. So, he’ll have to completely change his throwing motion.

          1. Seriously, quit using what the scouts say all the time. Watch the players on, come back to what the scouts say and see if it correlates with what you see, AND THEN form your own conclusion.

            1. Oh I watch film. Unfortunately, these scouts have access to a lot more film than we do. Here’s the thing. When all of these talent evaluators see the same thing I see, why not cut and paste? It saves time. And, anyone who was within 10 miles of the combine has heard the reports on Adams. Almost every single scout thinks he’s not a QB worth using a draft pick on. That’s simply reality dude.

              1. Those same scouts have Cardale Jones ranked higher. Sorry, but that alone obliterates the scout shtick.

  23. Niners re sign RB Shaun Draughn to a 2 year deal, per reports. So, I believe that gives them at the moment:


  24. Career college stats vs. ranked opponents:

    Connor Cook
    446 pass attempts
    242 completions
    54.3 completion percentage
    3,135 passing yards
    7.03 yards per attempt
    18 passing TDs
    10 INTs
    80.7 QB rating (NFL scale)

    Kevin Hogan
    528 pass attempts
    345 completions
    65.3 completion percentage
    4,303 passing yards
    8.15 yards per attempt
    29 passing TDs
    14 INTs
    97.8 QB rating (NFL scale)

    Not even close.

      1. Probably because the only people who do any meaningful analysis are team scouts. The rest remember Hogan’s Card losing to Cook’s Spartans in a defensive struggle at the Rose Bowl over two years ago, and it’s all that sticks in their memories when making a comparison of the two.

      2. And Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder were drafted before Dalton. What’s your point?

        1. My point is Cook is thought of as a better prospect than Hogan regardless of whatever stats Grant spins to try and make a point, and will be drafted at least a round or two minimum before Hogan.

          1. You’re missing the point. Draft position is not a tell all sign that the prospect drafted early will be better than the one drafted later.

            1. Mid,

              I understand what you’re saying, but all we have to go on right now is what people think of these prospects before they are drafted. What happens later is anybody’s guess, but at this moment in time Connor Cook is rated as a much better NFL prospect than Kevin Hogan. Scouts aren’t basing decisions on how each QB fared against ranked competition as results are influenced by many other factors besides how the QB performed. What they are really looking at is how each players skills set translates to the NFL game and what intangibles they bring to the table.

        1. Different offense Grant. Apples and oranges.

          You’re making a amatuer mistake Grant. Don’t get caught up just comparing stats. Film doesn’t lie, stats do!


          1. And if you don’t think there is any reason Cook is rated ahead of Hogan as a prospect, then you whole heartedly believe what Baalke said about the draft being a crap shoot. And if that’s the case, why are we wasting our time with all this?

            1. However, I could give you ten reason why Cook is rated much higher than Hogan among the NFL community, starting with arm talent alone. Then, I would move to mechanics. Hogan’s are not good, Then I’ll go to pocket presence. And so on, and so on.

      1. I tried this myself. Here are Prescott’s numbers. However, they are against all opponents, not just ranked. I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Also, I could not find an NFL-adjusted QBR for him.

        1169 pass attempts
        734 completions
        62.8 completion percentage
        9,376 passing yards
        8.02 yards per attempt
        70 passing TDs
        23 INTs
        ? QB rating (NFL scale)

    1. Different offense Grant. Apples and oranges.

      You’re making a amatuer mistake Grant. Don’t get caught up just comparing stats. Film doesn’t lie, stats do!

  25. Doesn’t matter if Cook is a dick if he’s good.(i’m not saying he is)) If he can go out and play teammates will still respect and play for him, they just won’t hang out with him. In the NFL quality of play speaks above everything else. Just read the stories coming out of New England, apparently nobody likes Brady but they seem to do OK each year.

    1. Don’t compare trash to a future member of the Hall of Fame. That’s like comparing Montana to Rattay.

      1. Great, Hogan will probably need it to fall back on when his poor arm talent, and wacky mechanics doom him at the next level.

        1. Fueled By Sports has the perfect Pro Comparison for Kevin Hogan…..Ricky Stanzi. Among their knocks on Hogan are:

          – Needs to work on his mechanics.
          – Doesn’t have great velocity on his passes.
          – Needs to improve his touch.
          – Needs to improve his accuracy.
          – Doesn’t have a very good pocket presence.

          Just another publication seeing it the way I do.

  26. Derrick Henry:
    Sure we have Hyde, but in an ideal world, I think we need to draft him to keep him away from Seattle. Maybe have him rotate with Hyde and be an H-back. Does anyone have any thoughts?

  27. So here’s the thing. Montana probably had all the juju to be Joe Cool when he came out of Notre Dame, but just needed Bill Walsh to dance with him.

    I’m wondering if there are any guys besides Goff in this draft class worth dancing with. He’s got such nice, quick feet. It’s really all you’re looking for in a dance partner.

    1. In this instance, I don’t think he is bluffing either. As rocket said earlier, they want to win a ring with Romo, and they don’t want to be passing up talent that could support him to draft a guy to eventually replace him.

      Unless a team trades up ahead of the 49ers, I believe one of the top two QBs will be available at #7.

      1. Keep an eye on the Chargers. They have a history of trading high picks. That could put teams like the the Texans, Rams, Eagles, and prehaps even the Lions and Cardinals into play.

        1. Maybe. They have already said they are willing to listen to offers. But the Chargers “history” is based on 2001 and 2004, I believe. In both instances the move down was a pretty small one (from #1 to #5 in 2001, and from #1 to #4 in 2004). How far would they be willing to move down this year?

      2. So what ?

        in a year that everyone agrees is NOT a bonus QB draft, why go out and draft a placeholder QB instead of filling in the blanks that will be with us for awhile ? Pick up either Stanley, Buckner, or Miles, and pick up either Adams or Prescott to back up Gabbert and Thompson (who already has one year of bench behind him), and see if AD comes back with an attitude change….NOW we’d have some Oline, and real D

    2. Among the other reasons already stated I doubt Jerry want’s to deal with QB controversy which is inevitable anytime you draft a QB that high with a starter already in place. Add in that it’ll only be a short matter of time before Romo has a stinker game and the media and maybe even the crowd will be asking for the rookie. Not exactly what that team needs right now.

  28. Dak Prescott’s career stats vs. ranked opponents:

    497 passing attempts
    300 completions
    60.4 completion percentage
    3,485 passing yards
    7.01 yards per attempt
    15 passing touchdowns
    14 interceptions
    79.9 QB rating (NFL scale)

  29. Lol at the hogan thought. Not saying cook is any good, but hogan? Really? Take away their only offensive threat and he’s garbaje!!! We all know who the offense was on that team! And it sure want hogan! Pffft

  30. Here is my revised Mock after the Combine.
    Round 1, pick 7. Buckner. Alternatives if taken previously, Goff, Stanley, Jack and Lawson.
    Round 2, pick 37. Jason Spriggs. Alt. Henry, Braxton Miller, Vonn Bell, and Jonathon Bullard.
    Round 3, pick 68. Keith Marshall. Alt. Nick Martin, Kyler Fackrel, Carl Nassib and Su’a Cravens .
    Round 4, pick 109. Scooby Wright. Alt. CJ Prosise, Matt Judon, Charles Tapper and Kevin Hogan.

  31. Paxton Lynch talks about a question he was asked at the Combine:
    “One team gave me this (scenario) where me and a couple buddies are driving a school bus from one state to another,” Lynch said, “we’re going down a winding road down a mountain and we realize the car has no brakes. Where are you sitting on the bus? That was the craziest one I got.”

    So, how did Lynch answer that question about the runaway school bus?

    “I said I’m sitting on the very back of it in case that thing went over the cliff and I was the last one to go,” he said with a laugh.
    I hope he was kidding because he’s got to be smart enough to realize that teams are looking for him to say he’s in the driver seat. Dumb kids.

    1. One of the questions for astronaut training candidates was “if reincarnation existed and you were killed by a truck on the way home, what would you like to come back as?”

      His Answer – “A Truck”

      He was not selected for astronaut training.

  32. 49reasons

    While I have not checked Cook’s film based on what I was able to gleam from the scouting reports I like that he is fairly athletic and appears to have played well enough to win a lot of games. This alleviates most leadership concerns I had. However, what concerns me greatly is that he had a completion percentage well below 60% in college. From my experience, this normally indicates an accuracy or decision making issue.

    As you are a big proponent of his I would like to ask why you think his completion % was so low? What do you see as his top end potential comparable (player he matches up with) and his low end comparable?

    1. Shoupbj, just remember, all completion %’s are not equal. I think you can attribute his lower completion % to the type of offense he runs. Unlike the vast majority of these college spread attacks, the Spartans use very few screens, and dump offs to RB’s. As a matter of fact, the Spartans offense simply doesn’t use a lot of short, high % passes. Cook is asked to thread the football into tighter windows, and push the ball downfield, in a more pro style offense with pro concepts. On top of that, he is a bit of a “gunslinger” in that he’s so confident in his accuracy, he’ll attempt to squeeze the ball into the tightest of windows, while still managing to avoid the big INT’s.

      Now, to be fair, he does, from time to time, tend to open his shoulder too soon, but that’s about the only flaw we see with his mechanics. And it’s an easy one to correct. In terms of mechanics, he’s as polished as any QB in this class, especially in terms of footwork.

      1. In contrast, take a look at a guy Hogan. He’s a gamer, but if he’s going to make it in the pros, he’ll have to fix what he can, in terms of mechanics, and probably learn to overcome his flawed throwing motion, and that makes him a much riskier prospect at the next level. I won’t say it can’t be done, look at Philip Rivers. But I’ll take a guy with polished mechanics and a pure passing motion over a gritty guy with poor mechanics and a wacky throwing motion, 6 days a week and again on Sunday!

      2. Not true. Kirk Cousins completed 64.1 percent of his passes at Michigan State. The problem is Cook, not the Spartans offense. Cook is not naturally accurate. He needs his feet in perfect position to throw an accurate pass. When his feet are splayed, like when he’s under pressure, his passes are extremely scattershot. He’s Brian Hoyer.

        1. Grant, that goes contrary to the scouts evaluations watching his film.

          Sure, like any QB, when his mechanics are off, he’ll lose accuracy. That goes without saying. Like I said, he does have one flaw that tends to happen a little too often, the front shoulder flying open prematurally. When he does that, he tends to “spray” the ball around. Easy, easy flaw to fix. Other than that, his mechanics and throwing motion are what you would expect to see from an accurate QB. When he doesn’t fly his shoulder open, and he steps into his throws, he’s as pure a passer as you will see. Pat Kirwen called his transitions on his drops “flawless” at the combine. I felt he had the best footwork, with Goff right on his heels. But remember, Cook is recovering from a shoulder injury and was advised by doctors to take it easy with his throws. Again, STATS CAN BE DECEIVING, BUT GAME FILM NEVER LIES!

          Also, as I stated, he’s got a bit of gunslinger in him. He’ll try and complete passes to guys who are seemingly covered. I like that in him. He’s sort of the anti-Blaine Gabbert in that respect. Connor isn’t worrying about his stats, he’s worrying about putting his team in position to win.

          All I can tell you Grant is that the vast majority of the NFL scouting community sees Cook as a late first, early second round talent for a reason. And most of the guys I hold in high regard, feel the same way about Cook as I do. The only real hurdle he had to cross at the combine, was the silly question about his leadership in terms of being voted team captain. I think he explained it well enough to make it a non issue with most teams.

          1. A gunslinger who averaged a pathetic 7.03 yards per pass attempt against ranked opponents. He’s a game manager with accuracy issues. Third-round grade.

    1. Cubus

      I read that. The two-step takedown of Kaep appears compelling enough at first glance, but the second step is simply false, despite the common misperception among the ignorant and misinformed, and the first step is something that Chip Kelly’s approach to the passing game should help.

      Kaepernick’s throwing motion is awkward and long looking, but it’s not slow. In fact, it was the quickest of 2011, quicker than Cam, Gabbert, and Dalton, quicker, actually, than every QB tested since 2011, at 0.640 seconds, read to delivery time.

      I’m not saying that an unmotivated, insolent, unprotected Kaepernick is a good QB; that’s what we got in 2015. I’m also not saying that a QB that is so thin-skinned is ever a good option, or that there’s much promise for redemption for a guy who takes business so personally, but the author’s two-step takedown of Kaepernick is both stupid (wrong) and opportunistic (populist).

      The real question as to Kaepernick is whether he can step outside of his self-centric myopia and begin to trust people who know better than he does what is good for him. The people who got him into the mess he’s currently in contract-wise are still the people advising him. They miscalculated the contract situation when they allowed him to sign it, and by publicly seeking a trade, they have driven down his perceived trade value, which will make it less likely, not more likely, that the 49ers will part ways with him.

      He needs to hire new representation, get back to the 49ers for 2016, and perform to his best abilities.

    1. You can pretend you are smarter than the NFL’s scouting community all you want Grant. But until you watch as much film as these guys do over decades, you’re not going to win the argument. CONNOR COOK is simply a higher rated pro prospect than KEVIN HOGAN, and he’s higher rated for a reason. PERIOD. Cook is considered more likely than Hogan to excel at the next level. I don’t know what else to tell you Grant.

      Does that guarantee Cook will have a better career than Hogan? No. Does it mean, in the opinion of NFL talent evaluators that Cook more likely to have a better career than Hogan? Yes!

      1. So now that we are clear that the vast majority of professionals in the scouting community, like Cook over Hogan, in terms of pro QB prospects, the question comes down to draft value. Since neither one of these guys is considered a can’t miss prospect, the question becomes, is Cook a better value at the beginning of round 2, than Hogan is in say, the 5th round? Or is Hogan a better value in the 5th than Cook is early in the 2nd?

      2. Right, because scouts are never wrong. Especially the Niners’ scouts. They have a great track record of identifying QB talent, dating back to 2005.

        1. Of course they are wrong. More often than one would imagine. But with your logic, we don’t need scouts. Why do professional sports teams, and even amatuer sports teams, spend so many resources on evaluating talent? Because logic tells us that when you take 2 prospects, and the vast majority of scouts like one over the other, the prospect they like better, is more likely to be the better player than the one they like less. Otherwise, there would be no need for NFL scouts at all. Teams could save a lot of money by simply closing their eyes and randomly picking players.

          1. Like I said Grant, you may end up being right in terms of the QB’s in this class. So many variables that end up determining which QB will have the better career. The argument we are having, I thought, was which QB has a better chance of having a successful NFL career.

            But there are reasons why NFL teams employ scouts and talent evaluators. And the reason is that these guys, by and large, know what their doing. And when most of these guys like one prospect over the other, logic tells us that the player they like better, is more likely to end up being the better player.

            Of course, the only thing that really matters in terms of SF, is who Baalke, Kelly, Gamble, and the rest of the 49ers talent evaluators like best. And when the guy they like (AND I LIKE), lines up with the vast majority of scouts around the country, and is seen as a guy who can be a starting QB in the NFL, as opposed to a guy the scouting community sees as more likely a career backup, I’ll go with the consensus in the scouting community 6 days a week, and again on Sunday!

            1. Consensus in the scouting community said Geno Smith was a second-round talent.
              Consensus in the scouting community said Brandon Weeden would be better than Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins.
              Consensus in the scouting community said Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder would be better than Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor.
              Consensus in the scouting community said Melvin Gordon would be better than David Johnson.
              And on and on and on.

  33. For me, I’ll take the guy I think has the better chance of becoming a solid NFL QB, even if it’s as high as round 2, as long as I feel good about him as a person and his potential as a pro. Colin is most likely not going to be on the active roster this season. So, I’ll take a guy who’s ready to compete with, and push Blaine this season. Cook is certainly more pro ready than Hogan right now. And I think his quick trigger throwing motion, toughness, willingness to run when needed, and big game experience make him a really good fit for Chip’s system.

    Do I like Goff and Wentz a little better? Yes. I really like the idea of Goff in Chip’s running system as well. And if Wentz falls to #7, I am certainly pulling the trigger on him. But the best plan is probably going BPA defensively, in round 1, and taking a QB in round 2, like they did in 2011.

    1. I would take Hackenburg all day over Cook. Hackenburg had his issues but he has Elite arm talent. Plus when he had Obrien as coach he looked like an easy number 1 overall pick. Let chip get his hands on him. Plus he ran a 4.78 40.. Not bad at all.

        1. You sit Hackenburg for a year under Chip and he could become a star. Cook best case scenario is Kurt Cousins. Hackenburg can become better then Carr..

              1. I think Cook’s best fit is a backup for Romo until Romo retires. He would have a stout OL to play behind.

      1. RAW, there is a big difference between 40 times, and functional mobility. Hackenberg is purely a pocket passer, and has no rushing instincts whatsoever. At least, that’s what the film says. Not only is his pocket presence shaky, he also tends to naturally retreat. It’s the way his brain obviously works. He may end up being a decent pro, but he’s a really, really poor fit for Chip Kelly’s offense, so you can scratch that pick off the 49ers board.

          1. Then why has Hackenberg finished every season with negative yards rushing, and Cook has always finished with positive yards rushing? Now statistic’s suddenly don’t matter Grant? SMH

            1. Because Cook played behind a better O-line and got sacked less. Cook averaged 1.2 yards per carry. He’s not a runner. No instincts.

      2. Hackenburg was terrible the past two years. Some quality physical traits but plays like a deer in the headlights.

  34. Here is the problem Grant, your track record of identifying QBs is god awful to put it kindly. Tyler Wilson and David Fales ring a bell?

    1. Fales could actually end up being OK, tough to say until the Bears finally cut Cutler but if you wanna throw some shade I like to recall the time when Brett Smith was apparently going in the second round.

              1. I think he a great fit for Chip. He seems to be a quick decision maker, and he’s accurate. As long as he learns to slide, and not fight for the extra yards, but rather take what the defense gives him with his legs, I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t be fantastic, as long as you believe in him as an NFL talent.

              2. He has no experience running the zone-read. Silly to spend a top-10 pick on someone and ask him to do something he hasn’t done. That’s how you ruin a kid.

              3. That, and the same reason you don’t like Hackenberg running Kelly’s offense.

                Why do you CAPITALIZE every player’s name?

              4. Goff does not run well. He has 170 attempts for -114 yards for a -0.7 yard average.
                Hogan ran 315 times for 1249 yards, for a 4 yard average.

            1. Goff would be good in Kelly’s offense imo. Kelly doesn’t want the QB running very much, he wants the ball coming out quickly to the play makers which Goff is very adept at. Bradford is a statue and yet he was really starting to play well by the second half of the season. The need for a running QB in this system is a myth.

              1. Lynch is the more likely fit mainly because I think Wentz goes to the Browns with the second pick, but he needs to sit for a couple of years in order to adapt to the game.

              2. Why not on Lynch, Grant? I would think his game is a fit. One could question whether he’s any good, but I would think Kelly’s offense suits him better than a traditional pro style offense.

              3. You could be right. He seems like a better fit in a Gary-Kubiak/Mike-Shanahan-type offense. Doesn’t seem to have the instincts or elusiveness to run the zone read.

    2. I do like Hackenberg’s arm talent. And he’s got an NFL body. I just don’t think he’s a guy who fit’s Chip’s system.

      And your right about Grant. But my biggest problem with Grant, besides the fact that he’s wrong far more often than he is right, is that, as soon as the word get’s out that the 49ers are allegedly leaning a certain direction, Grant immediately takes the opportunity to bash that player or coach, as if he has had the opinion all along, absent of knowledge of the 49ers plans. It’s a clear pattern. If Grant had gone on record with his opinions about Cook, and the rest of this class before the reports about Baalke and Kelly making drafting Cook a priority, he would have a lot more credibility.

    3. The bigger problem with Grant, besides his track record, is his timing. It seems every time a report surfaces or some other evidence points to the 49ers going in a certain direction, be it their head coaching search, draft targets, etc, Grant takes the opportunity to bash the player or coach, etc, after the fact. If he had made his opinions about this class of QB’s prior to the report about Baalke and Kelly putting a priority on drafting COOK, he would have a lot more credibility. It’s disingenuous, IMO, and only hurts his credibility.

      1. 49, I must admire your ardent championing of Cook, but I hope it will not destroy your love of football when he sits on the bench as a second stringer.
        The very fact that Baalke is tipping his hand just means to me that he will not choose him. The guy who he more likely will take is some one who he is ignoring, so other teams will not grab him.

        1. Listen Seb, I am merely giving my honest opinion of this years QB class. I have no idea who Baalke and Kelly really like. For all I know, they are planning on trading up and selecting Wentz at #1.

          I’m simply stating the fact that, in my eyes, and the eyes of the majority of professional NFL talent evaluators, COOK is a better pro prospect than HOGAN. It’s really that simple.

            1. You make it sound like you knew better and yet you didn’t. If everybody is wrong then everybody is wrong. Unless you have a track record of identifying successful NFL QB’s when everyone else is making mistakes, you are still a guy looking at youtube videos and making guesses like the rest of us. There is a big gap between pro scouts and us Grant.

          1. Its OK, at least this discussion has not devolved into yelling and screaming. I am perfectly fine with you liking Cook. He may become a good QB who will lead his team to the playoffs.
            However, please do not call Hogan a HORRIBLE QB.

          2. 49reasons,
            You may be right but I believe that most of us arguing for Hogan believe he is a far far better value in the 4th rd or after than Cook is in the first or second rd

            1. Value has to be tempered with whether a guy can play in the league though. Sure a team will be able to get Hogan later in the draft than Cook, but unless you feel Hogan is a viable QB in this league it doesn’t matter. Based on ratings, not many feel Hogan is a viable QB in the NFL which is why he is forecast to be a day 3 pick. I don’t dislike Hogan, he’s just not a player I think can excel when he has to go against the best talent in the game on a weekly basis. I don’t think his talent is good enough to be much more than a backup in this league. Best case scenario would be a Fitzpatrick type career if he got into a system that protected him.

              1. Rocket,
                I believe he is a value and a talent in a not very talent rich QB class. I watched Goff all year and rooted for him but I’m still not sold on him as a top 25 pick. I believe that Hogan like many others before him,
                Will surprise the pundits and become a good NFL QB.
                But then again like all of us here I have been wrong before especially when it came to QB’s.

              2. Hogan has some similarities with Aaron Rodgers coming out of Cal, too. Quirky mechanics, etc.

  35. Grant, here are some numbers for you since you love stats so much:

    Career rushing stats:

    Christian Hackenberg: -242 yards rushing, -1.2 avg
    Connor Cook: +212 yards, +1.4 avg

    Who’s likely the better rushing QB, COOK or HACKENBERG, based on statistics?

      1. They are about the same? Really? Football is a game of inches, and you’re telling me these numbers are about the same? Oh my!

    1. Why dont you love Hogan since he ran 315 times for 1249 yards for a 4 yard average? According to statistics, Hogan has 3 times better rushing stats than Cook.

              1. Game film shows Cook is a game manager against ranked opponents. 80 QB rating on an NFL scale. 7 yards per attempt. 54 completion percentage. Awful.

          1. And like Grant said, Mich St. beat Ohio St without Cook, so the whole team was pretty good and Cook was just part of it.

  36. Again, the most important quality for Chip’s system is accuracy and quick decision making. Cook’s far more refined in that area, primarily because he has superior mechanics.

    Secondly, you have to be mobile enough to make the defense respect you as a runner.

      1. Not at all. You’re just enamored by Cook’s pretty release. Lots of backup QBs have pretty releases. Cook is not naturally accurate. Hogan is.

      1. Again……not according to most scouts.

        So here we are again, going in circles. let’s just agree to disagree. I agree with the majority of professional evaluators and you disagree. lol.

        Let’s move on. There are far more positions that need to be adressed in the draft.

        1. Cook is not accurate. Kirk Cousins completed 64 percent of his passes at Michigan State. Cook completed 57. Cook is nowhere near the prospect Cousins was, and Cousins was a fourth-round pick.

          1. I didn’t know we were comparing Cook to Cousins.

            We aren’t going to resolve this debate Grant, so let’s move on. Like I said, I agree with the majority of scouts, you don’t. That’s fine. Let’s move on.

            1. They played in the same system at the same school. You said Cook’s low completion percentage was a function of Michigan State’s system. That’s false. Now we can move on.

              1. Rob Rang on Kevin Hogan: “Instincts, accuracy and velocity are enough to overcome quirky delivery…Hogan has a rifle…compares to Philip Rivers.”

          2. Cousins is more conservative, takes less chances, ala Blaine Gabbert. Cook is more of a gunslinger, ala Brett Favre. Let’s move on.

            1. That’s false. Cousins averaged more yards per attempt in college than Cook. Cook is extremely conservative against ranked opponents, as evidenced by his measly 7.03 yards per attempt.

    1. Well, both should be considered. They panned Joe Montana as a skinny kid from ND, but he only had a wonderful quality that willed his team to victories. I think both Hogan and Cook may become starters in the NFL. However, Hogan ran a pro set in Stanford and may fit the Chip kelly system better.
      Once again, you may be right, but it is nice to disagree without becoming disagreeable. I hope Cook lands on a team and is successful.

  37. One of the things I’d like about a Hogan pick is that they could get him later. I think Gabbert would be able to run Chip’s offense next year, so what we really need in a QB is a backup with the potential to start. None of the QBs in the draft is considered “franchise.” What we see now is the typical reaction to the combine; suddenly, the players who shined are all bound for the Hall. Also, I suspect Thompson is better than most credit him, and one has to factor him into the equation. It would be an interesting competition between him and Hogan.

    1. George,

      If our QB room consists of Gabbert, Thompson and Hogan, we are in a world of trouble. Whether anyone believes there is a franchise QB in this draft or not, the 49ers are below average at the position and adding Hogan to Gabbert and Thompson doesn’t make it much better.

        1. I like Goff the most and would take him if he is there at #7. Failing that, I’d try and get Lynch or Cook in the second if they fell that far. This team needs to draft a true option for QBOTF and not a value pick late in the draft imo. Another QB later in the draft is still on the table of you draft one early. Taking Goff and then selecting Hogan or Adams on day 3 would not be a bad idea at all.

            1. Well, since I am resigned that Kaep is gone, the Niners may be forced to grab Goff and miss out on an elite defender like Buckner, Jack or Lawson.
              Since they have 3 sixth round picks, picking up Hogan or Adams may be smart, even with the selection of Goff.

              1. I sure hope so. Sending Marathe to that meeting was another catastrophic brain dead blunder. If Jed truly parts with him, maybe Kaep will be mollified.

          1. +1 rocket, although I have no confidence in Adams as a pro prospect, taking a flier on him with one of our 6th rounders wouldn’t be the worst thing imaginable.

  38. If the 49ers see Wentz or Goff as having a good shot to be potential franchise QBs, you freaking draft one of these guys if they’re available. Get them in there at some point this year and at that point, you will have a future of a playoff run in the NFL.

    This whole idea of building a team without a QB is an unproven model. Who has won a SB like that recently? The QB takes longer to develop than all other positions, it’s by far the most important, and a #7 pick is an opportunity to get a franchise QB. If Wentz or Goff are there, take them and know that this isn’t going to be a playoff year, and wasn’t anyway. But it’ll be a lot more exciting watching the future of the franchise develop than it will watching defense compensate for a lack of offense.

  39. Just throwing this out there:

    Aaron Rodgers (at Cal)
    63.8 completion percentage
    8.2 yards per attempt
    43 passing TDs
    13 INTs
    102.9 QB rating (NFL scale)
    223 lbs.
    4.77 40-yard dash
    4.32 shuttle
    7.12 3-cone

    Kevin Hogan
    65.9 completion percentage
    8.5 yards per attempt
    75 passing TDs
    29 INTs
    104.2 QB rating (NFL scale)
    218 lbs.
    4.78 40-yard dash
    4.31 shuttle
    6.90 3 cone

  40. I’ve scrolled through these comments and honestly at #7 there is too much talent on the defensive side of the ball to pass up. Miles Jack, Buckner, Hargreaves to name a few are quality players that will fill needs right away. In QB talk, we already have Kap under contract….he’s not going anywhere this year. I don’t feel great about anyone particular in this class so why don’t they go spend $5-6 million for a two year contract on Chase Daniels and let him compete for a starting job. He fits all the molds for a Chip Kelly QB. Accurate, can run ball with effectiveness, not recently but played in the spread at Mizzou so he’s familiar with the terminology, and most importantly is he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder being kept in the dark for so long like Rich Gannon. Just my opinion but that’s how I’d approach both topics.

    1. You may be right. Niners best strategy could be to select the best player available.
      Chase Daniels? I would prefer BJ Daniels. Chase ran a 4.92 forty, while BJ ran a 4.63 forty. Both the Chiefs and Texans would have to give them up, though.

    2. Bill, this is not the worst plan I have heard. You make a lot of sense. However, if you were planning on drafting a QB, who do you like the best out of this QB class that you’re not real high on.

  41. Couple interesting articles guys regarding QB prospects.

    This one is about Chip Kelly’s views in regards to QB VERNON ADAMS, and why he’s unlikely to be the next Russell Wilson. An important point Kelly makes, and one I’ve been making, is playing the odds in terms of selecting QB’s who have the best chance at being successful at the next level. Again, I would point out that quarterback prospects who grade out higher, by the majority of NFL talent evaluators, tend to have a better chance at being successful at the next level. It’s not rocket science.

    Read more here:

    This one is about Chip Kelly’s views in terms of the most important QB attribute.

    He cites decision making, and MATT BARROWS goes on to list the 2016 QB prospects TD to INT ratios. Here are the career touchdown-to-interception ratios for some of the top passers in the draft:

    Connor Cook: 71 TDs vs. 22 INTs, 30.9 percent
    Carson Wentz: 45-14, 31.1
    Jared Goff: 96-30, 31.3
    Dak Prescott: 70-23, 32.5
    Kevin Hogan: 75-29, 38.6
    Paxton Lynch: 59-23, 38.9
    Christian Hackenberg: 48-31, 64.5

    1. TD-INT ratio against ranked opponents:
      Cook: 18-10, 55.6 percent
      Hogan: 29-14, 48.3 percent.

      Cook did most of his damage against the dregs of the Big 10.

      1. Grant, if it isn’t talent, tell me again why Cook grades out much higher than Hogan by the majority of NFL scouts, and why Cook is so much higher on everyone draft boards?

        1. Mechanics, which is a bad reason. It’s the same reason the Niners passed on Aaron Rodgers and took Alex Smith.

          1. Aaron held the ball a little higher than experts liked. Hardly a reason to slip as far as he did. Actually, the bigger factor is what scouts had to say below:

            “Of the nine anonymous scouts quoted as the reason Alex Smith was selected ahead of Aaron Rodgers, six said or implied that Rodgers was a system quarterback, another said Alex Smith was a better athlete, and a different one said that “there are some things that are just ordinary about him.”

            1. However, there was not nearly as much space between Alex and Aaron as there is between Connor and Kevin. Not even close.

          2. Twenty two other organizations, for one reason or another, made the same mistake. Scouting has never been a majority rules occupation. As John would say, “That’s why they play the games.”

  42. Sometimes it is just better to agree to disagree. It is very rare that people change positions in the midst of argument – p.s. don’t sleep on Doughty in the 6th ! :)

  43. Stats vs. the same opponents (Notre Dame in 2013, Oregon and Maryland in 2014, Oregon in 2015)

    55.6 percent completions
    6.41 yards per pass attempt
    78.1 QB rating (NFL scale)

    72.1 percent completions
    8.54 yards per pass attempt
    97.7 QB rating (NFL scale)

    Cook is a mirage. He’s a product of his great offensive line and the bad teams in the Big 10, teams like Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Rutgers, etc. He’s a game manager.

    1. It’s all about breaking down the game film Grant. It’s not about the stats. I don’t know what else to tell you.

      Someday you will get that. Apparently, today isn’t that day. So we’ll let history be the decider.

      1. I can assure you NFL talent evaluators take all of that stuff you’re talking about into account. But for the guys that really understand the business of evaluating talent, it comes down to the game film first and foremost. It’s the one thing that doesn’t lie.

        1. And the game film says COOK is a better prospect than HOGAN, and it’s really not even all that close. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research and talk to the guys who spend 24/7 breaking down film.

          Can we move on already. lol. We’ve beaten this subject to a bloody pulp!

          1. Depends on which film you watch. Cook looks great against bad teams. He tends to struggle against good teams, though.

    2. Hogan also had a pretty good OL, and also had one very important thing Cook didn’t have – a superstar RB that teams geared up to stop.

        1. Yep. He was Stanford’s version of Kaepernick that year, but unlike Kaepernick he kept getting better.

          Good arm and a big, strong runner with deceptive speed. He’s a later round and cheaper version of Wentz.

    3. These numbers are incorrect — I left out Iowa, a team both Cook and Hogan played in 2015.

      Including the Iowa games, here are their stats vs. the same opponents:

      Cook: 54.6 percent completions
      6.33 yards per attempt
      5 touchdown passes
      4 interceptions
      73.9 QB rating

      69.6 percent completions
      8.88 yards per attempt
      8 TD passes
      5 interceptions
      101.8 QB rating

      1. One area that needs to also be taken into consideration is who Hogan could throw to.

      2. keep throwing stats around Grant, it only reinforces your lack of understasnding about scouting. If it were all about stats, no one would ever watch film.

  44. I think its strange…
    – the usually secretive 49ers would leak the name of a draft interest
    – Jerry Jones would reveal part of his draft strategy by publicly ruling out quarterback
    – Hue Jackson would talk about the need for big hands

    Usually teams are extremely close to the vest about draft intentions. I think we’re well into smoke screen season.

  45. Jeff Driskel, Louisiana Tech

    Fast, accurate with decent arm strength, and he fits Kelly’s system.

    Remember that name because he will be playing in the league for many years.

        1. You’re kidding, right? Look at his Florida record. He was rubbish, utter rubbish. He had to transfer to a lower level of competition to pad his stats as a senior.

        2. Btw, I do not mean to suggest he wouldn’t be a decent late round pick up, he showed great improvement as a senior against weaker competition, and could just be his confidence was a bit down in 2014 after his leg injury in 2013. But there is no getting around the fact he struggled at Florida and transferred to a lower level of competition, which certainly helped him.

          1. Driskel won’t be drafted. All of these guys including Driskel, Coker, Hogan etc, are late round fliers with little hope of becoming anything more than a backup if they are lucky imo. Much like Fales, Wilson and the Bennett kid Grant liked last year. What ever happened to him?

              1. Which teams are taking Driskel and Hogan in the second round and how many other QB’s will be selected before they are?

              2. There is no chance Driskel is getting drafted before day 3 if that. Hogan is likely a day 3 pick too, but then I though Grayson would go day 3 and he went in the 3rd round so anything is possible.

              3. Hogan has a chance to go as a late third rounder but I agree that I would say both are likely day 3 picks.

              4. Any GM who picks Hogan in the 2nd round goes straight to the top of my “hot seat” list!

                but it WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

            1. Driskel may get drafted late, but I tend to agree he will go undrafted.

              I like Hogan more than you do. But I agree he’s a long shot to develop into a quality starter. In general I am just not very impressed with the QBs in this draft. Even the top guys I think are far more likely to max out at decent starting QB rather than star QB. And those are guys that you have to pay like superstars these days, and can have your team perennially at that almost good enough point if you give them a good supporting cast. The Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford’s of the NFL world.

              1. I want to like Hogan, he seems like a hard worker who loves to play. I just can’t see NFL starting caliber ability when I watch him.

                I know how you feel about the class and there are a lot of underwhelming prospects for sure, but I like the top of the group and think a couple of them at least will wind up being pretty good NFL QB’s. That’s pretty much how it goes every year.

              1. Yesterday, Grant said that poor mechanics aren’t a reason to downgrade a QB, so consider these opinions with a few grains of salt.

      1. Niners should grade out the QBs to target drafting in descending order;
        Goff, Wentz, Brisett, Hogan, Cook, Driskel, Adams.
        They should pass on Lynch, Prescott and Hackenberg.

  46. From PFT:

    “NFL Network’s James Palmer reports the Broncos have made a “substantial offer” to free agent Brock Osweiler.”

    I never understood why people thought it likely that Osweiler would be allowed to test FA.It would be one thing if Manning was playing like he did a few years back, but that was clearly not the case this past year. Rumor also is that Broncos will be moving on from Manning.

  47. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter · 15m15 minutes ago

    “Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse reiterated Thursday that he does not plan to return to Seattle and is looking forward to finding a new home.”

    Although Baldwin had 1069 yards last year on 78 receptions/103 targets, Kearse still managed 663 yards on 49 receptions/68 targets. Can’t see him as a 49er, but I admit to being more than just a little concerned about the experience in our WR corps especially with Boldin gone.

  48. QBs who fit the 49ers’ offense:

    Carson Wentz
    Kevin Hogan
    Jeff Driskel
    Dak Prescott
    Jacoby Brisett
    Vernon Adams
    Cardale Jones

    1. I know the 49ers won’t draft more than one QB but if they miss out on Hogan, I would be happy with either Driskell,Adams or Jones in the 6th rd.

        1. Cubus Jones showed flashes of brilliance 2 yrs ago. I think of drafting him as taking a flyer. I would have posted that the 9ers should take him in the 7th rd but i believe they don’t have any picks in the 7th.

      1. Coach, I forgot about Jones. Do you know the reason he lost the starting job? Was it inaccuracy or did the other QB outplay him?
        Maybe Cardale Jones would be ideal to have line up as a WR and do reverses and flea flickers, and QB options.
        Jones sure played well in the Championship game in 2014

  49. Thanks to Grant’s article, Rotoworld predicts a draft day plunge for Connor Cook: “Michigan State’s Connor Cook registered a velocity measurement of just 50 miles per hour on the radar gun at the NFL Combine. Paxton Lynch (59 MPH), Jared Goff (58), and Carson Wentz (57) all exhibited strong velocity at the Combine. Per Rotoviz’s Jon Moore via Ourlads’ Dan Shonka, Cook’s miles-per-hour measurement was the weakest of all quarterbacks invited to Indianapolis. Cook also opted out of the Senior Bowl, which is where NFL scouts assess throwing strength live. A big-named passer in college, Cook is likely headed for a draft-day plunge. And there are several additional red flags on Cook not related to his underwhelming passing ability.”

    1. Don’t believe it for one miute George. More people I have spoken to think Cook hs a chance to slip into round one, than think he’ll slip down anywhere significant. Post combine, both Matt Miller a Pat Kirwan are calling Cook a 1st round talent, though Miller doesn’t believe he’ll go round 1. However Kirwan does, as do others.

      1. Please be quiet. You’ve spoken to no one with merit that thinks that. (And those here on the blog do not becuse they’re not scouts). The only “people” you have most likely spoken to aren’t even people;they’re the scouting reports you cut and paste because you can’t form your own conclusion.

          1. I could care less whether Cook is overvalued or not when he is drafted as long as he doesn’t get drafted by the 49ers. He’s not accurate or mobile and he’d be playing behind a unit that allows their QB to take a beating. It’s a very bad fit.

  50. Dylan Thomspon’s college stats vs. ranked opponents:

    56.0 percent completions
    7.86 yards per attempt
    18 TD passes
    8 interceptions
    91.9 QB rating

  51. Paxton Lynch’s stats vs. ranked opponents (not including his bad game against Auburn — they were not ranked).

    61.4 percent completions
    6.66 yards per attempt.
    7 TD passes
    4 INTs
    84.8 QB rating

    Better than Cook.

  52. This is how I rank the top 5 QB prospects:


    This isn’t the order I think they’ll be drafted but If I was picking a team this is the order I’d take them.

    1. Prescott as the second best QB prospect? That’s definitely off the grid, but Prescott has some skills. I’d put him around 5th after Goff, Wentz, Lynch, and Cook.

    2. That’s a bold and nice call on Prescott. Of the QBs not being discussed as potential first rounders, I think he is the most likely to surprise and become a top line starting QB. Similar to Tyrod Taylor. And wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he ends up being tbe QB the 49ers target, likely at the top of the 3rd round.

        1. He showed this past season he can be a pocket QB. Like your argument about Hogan being unfairly judged based on his early years, Prescott is being unfairly judged based on his early years. He’s developed a lot, which bodes well for his development as a pro.

      1. He’d be great for the team I just don’t know that the tam would be great for him. He needs a solid QB coach and OC and well…

        1. Taylor has developed pretty nicely, but yeah, top line is a bit much. Lets go with develop into a competent starting QB.

      1. I likely won’t be able to come back for my due credit for at least a season or two but trust me I’ll be back to collect when Goff is struggling or benched and Prescott is winning games and being labeled the next McNabb.

        1. Grant, it’s a light hearted saying. Relax.

          Everyone is entitled to their own opinions no matter how wrong they may be.

            1. And it did remind me I’m on a SRPD blog, and not a serious football blog. Because nobody who wants to be taken seriously thinks Prescott is in Goff’s league, let alone a better prospect!

        1. C4C

          You might check his stats from the ‘Senior Bowl’ 191 yards passing, 3 TD’s, and 75 yards rushing (I think)…MVP, only played 1 half…against Senior all stars. Wasn’t scheduled to play…

          1. I don’t hide the fact that I’m totally biased against short QB’s. If he gets to the NFL and plays well and proves me wrong like Wilson has then good for him. I wouldn’t use anything more then a 6th round pick on him.

          2. Oregonin, I hate to burst your bubble but, ……… Adams never had a chance of being invited to the Benior Bowl. You’ve got the wrong game.

  53. The more I think about it, maybe Driskel with his speed will be a better fit for the Chip Kelly system. He and Hogan can be obtained later, so the Niners should draft Buckner Jack or Lawson with their seventh. If Goff was compared to Cam Newton, Winston or Mariota, maybe they should grab him, but otherwise, they really need to go defense.
    I am also thinking that they MUST draft an O lineman, because it does not matter who they get if the O line still sucks. If they cannot select Spriggs, I really like Shon Coleman. It would be good PR to select a player who beat cancer, and he is older and more mature. He just needs to regain the muscle he lost fighting cancer, but otherwise, he sounds good for the pass or run.
    Cody Whitehair is rated 37th, so he might be available, and he is versatile.

          1. Pointing out that Driskel is physically stronger only strengthens his(Driskel’s) comparison to Tebow.

            1. Driskel stats 2015.
              279 out of 428 for a 62.3 % and 4028 yards.
              9 yards per pass.
              27 TDs and only 8 ints.
              154 rating
              92 rushes for 323 yards, a 3.5 yard average.
              Scored 5 TDs rushing.
              Sounds like he was way more accurate than Tebow.

              1. Tebow completed 67.8% of his passes his senior year. Last time I checked 67% was better then 62.

              2. La Tech receivers were Paul Turner that was rated 126th out of 428 WRs. Josh Gaston was rated 56th out of 122 TEs.

              3. Who was covering Driskel’s receivers? Playing against lower competition means you have lesser receivers, but you also face lesser Ds. Were Driskel’s receivers considered better than the players covering them?

              4. Well, maybe Driskel did have a lower completion percentage in college, but the question is- will he have Tebow like passing in the pros?

              5. Scooter, just looked up the Florida 2010 draft class. they had 9 chosen, 6 in the first 2 rounds, and all 9 started at least 14 games.
                Tebow was the beneficiary of a very talented squad.

  54. Jeff Driskel vs Arkansas State

    Throws a nice long ball. Good release. Can run when he has to. Big.

  55. If we would draft Cook its because he has experience in a pro style offense.

    I would be happy with either Goff,Wentz or Cook.

  56. QB Brandon Doughty out of Western KY. We can draft him late, let him sit, and develope. I’m a Kaep fan but if he’s gone we have more important needs than QB. We need to sure up our defense and OL more than anything. Gabbert did alright. If he wasn’t scared for his life maybe he would have done better. We’re not in a position to draft a QB early only to let him sit.

    1. Doughty ran a 5.2 forty, is an inconsistent deep ball passer, holds onto the ball too long. Cannot find the second or third option. Stares down the receivers. Does not deliver the ball in stride,and is prone to fumble.
      However, he is a good fit for a Chip Kelly offense, has nice touch on the ball with the short and intermediate passes, improvises well and has been productive. He shows good football knowledge and situational awareness, and is poised and patient in the pocket.
      Scout are intrigued with a developmental QB with lots of upside. The experts place him as a 6-7th round pick. Niners could do worse.

        1. High, I just said what the pundits listed. Have to take into consideration the talent level he played against. If he had played Alabama and done well, he might have been graded better.

          1. I’m half kidding Seb of course talent level should be taken into consideration,and after all we are talking about a late round pick
            but within those parameters he might be the coveted and rarely realized
            diamond in the rough :).

          2. Can’t the same argument by made for Wentz playing against lower level of competition?

            Yet, the scouts are looking beyond Wentz’ LLOC and are enamored by his measurements and intangibles.

            I see Brandon Doughty as a poor man’s version of Wentz and believe that he will make an NFL roster this year.

            1. Yeah I know. ;-) Still, the LSU game makes me believe he’s a developmental that has the ceiling of a backup at best.

    1. Below another take on the same thing about this QB class stating they’re over valued.

      Sometimes its a moot point to me because need often drives up draft stock for certain positions. So whether or not they are talented enough to be selected where people think they should go is almost always overridden by the needs of the teams picking first. I know that I am not expert enough to say whether these QB’s should be taken in the first round, but I feel safe saying they’re over valued because of the need at the QB position.

        1. I saw that. The kid has character for sure. Still to me doesn’t prove he’s the solution to all our problems.

        2. If I had a quarter for every QB that Gruden sat down with and said he liked afterwards I’d….well I’d have a lot of quarters that’s for sure..

        3. 1-11. Hmm, Chuckie is projecting that the Cowboys will take him.
          Still, not that I want them to succeed, but the Rams are so desperate for an accurate QB that they may trade their first and one of their seconds to move up with San Diego at three and select Goff.
          Lynch said he would be patient and be content to sit and study,so he would not be considered a threat to Romo, yet will be a good candidate to fill in admirably if and when Romo goes down.

      1. “So whether or not they are talented enough to be selected where people think they should go is almost always overridden by the needs of the teams picking first. ”

        Definitely agree with this statement in general. However, it does look like Baalke tries to position the roster (via FA and other signings) so that he can select BPA at draft time. Many other teams, however, don’t seem to have this “luxury” and need to select based on need. Given the current state of the 49ers roster, however, I’m not sure the team will be in a position to select BPA this year.

          1. OTOH, the team has so many needs to fill, it might make sense to just select BPA realizing that it will be several years before the 49ers are contenders again.

    2. Also remember what the pundits where saying about the 2011 draft class.

      Yates, Ponder, Gabbert, Locker, Mallet, Tyrod Taylor where all taken in this draft as well as Kaepernick. Dalton has been mediocre till this year and Cam is the 2015 version of 2012 Kaepernick and a better deep passer. Its hard to read through frenzy of hype surrounding Goff, Wentz, Lynch and Cook.

      1. Wilson …

        everything you say .. is true … but ..
        I can’t help .. wonderin’ .. though ..
        IF .. he’s there at #7 … do we take him .. ? .. or ..
        wait awhile for Hogan …?

        For me .. these are the one and two QBs
        available .. and ..if Cassie’s daddy blows this one ..
        and we miss out on either of these guys .. then
        Baalke .. should .. be shown the door … !

        (I’m reminded of Mike (know-nothing) Nolan.. and
        the 2005 draft .. )

        1. I am split MW. I don’t feel our defense is so stacked that we can gamble on a QB at this point. But at the same time the gamble can pay off big time if he’s as great as people hope. I honestly won’t be disappointed if take a high defensive player or Goff as long as they perform. What I hate is all the hype and then once they show up on the team we find out that they had these flaws that everyone over looked.

        1. The only thing I remember about the 2005 class ..
          was.. the question Know-Nothing had before him ..

          ” Alex Smith … or .. Aaron Rogers ..?

          and we know how that .. one turned out !

    1. yeah …

      I”ve just .. now .. started looking at videos
      of prospective draft pick-ups .. and
      Miles Jack is one of my early favorites ..


    Pure rubbish. Branch sums it up at the end; “There is certainly some truth in Kelly’s stance, although it’s also obviously a way to avoid publicly criticizing the players he inherited.

    Let me get this straight Chip, Blaine was told to check down rather then look for the first down option? Riiiight.

      1. izzit .. just me .. or does anyone else see the
        irony of Cosell talking prospective ,,QBs
        with a Seattle station .. ?

        Does this mean a chink in the armor .. of
        the SeaChicken .. u-hhhh … “Smurf” ..
        has been discovered .. ?

    1. How did we become the Raiders and Browns? I am willing wait till after this season and see if they get a pass on last season to call us the most dysfunctional franchise.

    1. I don’t want to step on Scooter’s toes because I know he favors this but I’m with you MWN. You’re basically swapping the same player in my book.

      1. And a far worse injury history. Kaep’s injuries are minor compared to RGIII’s. Similar issues with leadership.

        1. Griffin would be a good fit for Kelly’s offense. I think we’d see better performance from both Kaep and Griffin under Kelly.

    1. Maybe, but he is a lot faster than Cutler and could run the Chip Kelly offense. The threat to run is a key component, and Driskel looked quick and decisive. He reminds me more of Jeff Garcia.

          1. Either way, I really like Driskel. He improved dramatically in 2015 and has more raw talent than Paxton Lynch, who has a lot of raw talent.

            1. I agree. Lynch has knee issues and now they found bone chips on his clavicle. Sounds like he is damaged goods.
              Both could be good, but Driskel with his speed could avoid those season ending injuries by out running the linemen.
              However, I still like Hogan, and hope the Niners use their number 142 pick to select him.

    1. That’s sound article. Lets see how the FO does at making that happen.

      Seb this is how you rebuild a team rather than bundling useless players for a low round pick.

      1. Just trying to get something of value, instead of getting nothing.
        Since the Niners resigned Celek, it might mean that Vance could be available for a trade.
        My latest 4 player trade for a second round pick is targeted at San Diego. Since they were 4-12 and in the same division as KC and Denver, they really need immediate help. I would trade Vance MacDonald, Quinton Patton, Corey Lemonier and Marcus Martin for their second round pick. San Diego needs a TE, WR, OLB and C. Instead of an unproven rookie, they would fill 4 needs with veterans. Niners would get a second round pick that is essentially a first round pick, and could fill another need with a first round talent.
        I know, it is a long shot, but I am counting on the fact that both teams desperately need to improve, and those 4 players are probably not in the Niners future plans. Trading them away also creates space for other players to fill. Celek will take over Vance’s role. Rogers and Smelter are good alternatives to Patton. Lemonier may thrive in a different system and Martin is still young and can grow into his position. Niners also have AD coming back, Killgore came back and Tiller looks good.

        1. The Chargers would never agree. They would have the unsettled feeling that The Seb was pulling the wool over their eyes.

          1. Vance MacDonald started and had 30 catches for 326 yards and a 10.9 average.
            Quinton Patton also played ST and had 30 catches for 394 yards and a 13.1 average.
            Marcus Martin started half the year, but was playing out of position. He is better suited for guard. He is also young.
            Corey Lemonier has skills, and maybe he would thrive in a different system.
            None of them are practice squad players and have value. The concept of getting 4 players for one draft pick would make this deal feasible and profitable for the Chargers.
            Niners would benefit by getting essentially another late first round pick.
            It would remove players who do not fit the Chip Kelly system and make room for their replacements.

            1. There is no need for The Seb to explain his many combination trades for someone else’s second round draft choices.

        2. Seb the problem is you get pretty much nothing for those players anyway when you bundle them. Why add one more later round pick, doesn’t really help us. Its easier to cut them and their salaries and invest in proven players.

          I wasn’t trying to start this all again. I was pointing out this is how it works in the NFL. Now whether or not Baalke will go after impact players in FA is the question or will he keep filling the roster with leftovers.

          1. Well, if San Diego offered a third round pick, I might go for it. Cutting them and getting nothing for them, to me, is a bigger waste.

            1. You can keep saying you get nothing for them, it will never be true no matter how many times you say it. They’re valueless as far as trades go. Bundling three or four valueless players doesn’t up their value and no way San Diego gives a 3rd rounder for those guys. You’re thinking about it wrong. Its like replacing your useless old car with a new one that actually works.

    2. I agree with Impact – Not Need

      David Neumann nailed it. The team sorely lacks star players.

      If tunsil, Goff and Wentz are gone… any one of Bosa, Buckner, Ramsey or Jack is a pretty darned good consolation prize.

      I’d miss Tony Jerod-Eddie’s bat downs. If they let TJE go, and extend Ian Williams it still makes room to take advantage of the draft depth at interior defensive line.

    3. I like focusing on impact over need, and making a major improvement in the OL. I also like making room to develop more players going forward rather than trying to scrape together a couple more wins in 2016.

    4. Neumann as usual with a smart and well thought out article.

      Only thing I would do differently is sign Malik Jackson over Ian Williams. But using the money on the OL and a couple of mid tier defensive players, then using the draft to restock the D makes a ton of sense.

  58. Listened to the Greg Cosell podcast on the QBs. Very high on Wentz. Very low on Cook. Mid-round favorites seem to be Brissett and Driskel.

    1. It’s too bad they don’t discuss Hogan or Prescott but they seem to feel the same way about Brissett that I do about Prescott.

      They shred Cook, really go after his accuracy. I think part of the answer to his low ball velocity is mentioned. Yes he has a hurt shoulder and I give him that but Cosell mentions that Cook throws with his arm and doesn’t plant his foot and use his legs in his passes.

      Cosell is intrigued by Driskel but calls him a day 3 prospect. When Greg said Driskel’s name the host goes “ewww.” hehe

        1. The host essentially asked Cosell about specific QB’s. It wasn’t until the very end that Cosell said he wanted to add a name to the list and that’s when he said Driskel. It was at the very end and they only had 15 seconds left so they really didn’t get into it but it was clear that the host who was mostly on the same page with Cosell the entire time was very against Driskel and it would have been interesting to hear his argument against him. Cosell only had time to say he sees the right kind of attributes that you want in an NFL QB, he also thought he was a day 3 guy.

      1. Driskel is a project but he has fantastic traits and he improved last year. Someone will want to develop him.

      2. Cosell’s Driskel transcript from minute 39 of the podcast

        Host: “Real quick, who’s your guy?”

        Cosell: “Jeff Driskel”

        Host: “eew… really?”

        Cosell: “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want him… watching him on film”

        Host: “Give me 15 seconds on Driskel”

        Cosell: “He’s a good thrower. In every game I watched, I don’t think he had many misreads at all. He can throw it well. He moves well. There’s alot of physical traits to work with. He certainly needs experience and reps. I think he’s as intriguing a day 3 prospect as anybody in this draft at quarterback.”

  59. Ok rainy day Mock-presuming Goff Wentz Buckner are gone-(1)Myles Jack LB UCLA
    ;(2)Kevin Dodd DE Clemson;(3)Christian Westerman Ol ASU;(4) Javon Hargrave DT South Carolina ;(4)Karl Josephs DB W&M;(5)D J White CB Georgia Tech;(5)Victor Ochi OLB Stoney Brook;(5) Kevin”Ugly Duckling”Hogan QB Stanford;(6) Keith Marshall RB Georgia;(6b)Mike Williams WR Southern Miss (my fav sleeper this year!);(6C)Clay Debord OT Eastern Washington;(6D) last but not least Brandon Doughty QB West Kentucky.

      1. Seb. You’re probably right about Marshall after his combine just used Nfl draft scout ranking which is probably very conservative.

  60. Interesting quote from Panther’s Gettleman with regard to drafting and player development (quoted by Mike Tanier):

    “Gettleman is often asked about the importance of stability and continuity in an organization: a big deal for both his current Panthers and the ultra-patient Giants of 2007-11. He quoted Bill Walsh and reminded us that for all the focus on 40 times and hand lengths, what we really watched this week was a small first step in a long developmental process.

    “His concept was: From the day you walked in the building, you had two years to prove your value to the San Francisco 49ers,” Gettleman said of Walsh. “It didn’t matter who you were. It went from the first-round draft picks to coaches—the whole building. He said, ‘If they haven’t proved their worth after two years, they gotta go.’

    “Well, back then, the NFL was getting a much more finished product than we’re getting now. So now, it’s really a three-year rule. You gotta understand there’s going to be growing pains—nothing’s going to be easy. A guy can have all the talent in the world, but this game is about fundamentals. When we’re getting them, they don’t have them.”

    In other words, it will be three years before many of these players reach their potential, and many never will.”

    Applied to 2013 draft: Reid and Dial have shown it. Vance, Patton and Lemonier haven’t. These three will probably leave as their replacements are found, which can’t be that difficult.

    1. Maybe that’s why it took the Baalke 3 seasons and 4 training camps to realize Joe Looney wasn’t better than scrap heap OGs.

      My one exception to the 2 year rule… good edge rushers. They show up early. It’s a “sic em” task that inexperienced players can sink their teeth into and contribute. Aldon showed up early. So did Lynch. Armstead didn’t pile up sack numbers, be he had value pressuring the pocket.

      Tank’s entry into the NFL was badly managed. He was rushed into action too soon. The position switch was a big gamble. Now he’s back outside. I’m fine waiting to see how preseason goes.

      I’m thinking Lemonnier is bye bye.

      1. Harold is a puzzle. He’s athletic with a good hand punch (for his size), but he’s at MLB weight. Can he put on lbs and maintain quickness?

        Where does Harold fit? To me Harold might be one of those mozzarella cheese guys… Like LMJ or Ellington.

        Imagine a chef and a French restaurant. His buyer surprises him with a new ingredient he got a deal on… mozzarella cheese.

        The chef is too busy to create a menu special featuring mozzarella, so he puts the cheese in his crowded walk-in cooler to use later.

        Over time other ingredients are plopped in front of the mozzarella. Weeks becomes months. Months become years, until the mozzarella resembles a science experiment gone wrong by a horrified health inspector.

        I like Harold. If he can put on lbs, he can avoid becoming old forgotten cheese.

        1. Brodie,
          Agree on both counts. Pass rushers, esp. edge rushers tend to show their talent early.
          Because of coaching mismanagement, and due to injuries, Carradine gets one more year to prove himself. That’s why I left him out.

        1. Hey !! …

          I like Patton ! … but ..
          my feelings wouldn’t be hurt (much) to..
          see the other three
          somewhere else

        2. Hey, he’s down to 4 players from 5; that’s progress Mid. By the next century, Seb might be proposing reasonable trades :)