Road game on a Thursday is not the scenario for a 49ers recovery

Here is my Tuesday column on the upcoming 49ers-Rams game.

You don’t have to look hard to find reasons to pick the 49ers to beat the Rams Thursday night in St. Louis.

Here’s one: The Rams stink.

Last Sunday they got destroyed by the Cowboys, a .500 team the past two seasons. And the Rams showed no emotion while they got stomped. It was like they expected it and didn’t object to it.

The Rams’ head coach, Jeff Fisher, is overrated. This is his 18th season as an NFL head coach and he’s reached the playoffs just six times.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is no good. His offense is disjointed and his running game is a mixed mess.

And the quarterback, Sam Bradford, still has too many holes in his game and tends to throw the pick that kills his team.

Given all of that, I still can’t pick the 49ers to win.

The 49ers stink, too. They may not stink all season but they stink right now. They’ve been outscored 56-10 the past two games.

And they have to play this Thursday night game on the road, and road teams lose Thursday night games roughly 65 percent of the time in the NFL.

And key 49ers have gone down. Aldon Smith won’t play against the Rams. Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis and Nnamdi Asomugha probably will not play, either. Last season, the 49ers scored 13 points in St. Louis and they had receivers Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham. Now, the 49ers have Anquan Boldin and that’s about it.

Oh, the 49ers have running back Frank Gore, too. He did run well against the Colts last Sunday, not out of the Pistol formations but out of the traditional I-formations the 49ers ran when Alex Smith was their quarterback and Colin Kaepernick first took over.

Is it reasonable to assume Gore will have a big game against the Rams?


Because when Gore played in St. Louis last season he got shut down.

He started off well, three carries for 34 yards. And then the Rams made an adjustment and then Gore rushed 20 more times for 24 yards. All but one of those carries came from traditional I-formation with Kaepernick under center.

Fisher, overrated as he may be, seems to know just how to stop Greg Roman’s running game.

But can the Rams’ stop the 49ers’ passing game?

Who can’t?

The 49ers’ passing game has flamed out. It is completely inept. Kaepernick has played terribly and his only receiving weapon is Boldin. Kaepernick has a 108.7 passer rating throwing to Boldin and a 19.5 passer rating throwing to anyone else.

So the question is can the Rams stop Boldin?

And the answer is yes. Boldin mostly will face Rams’ cornerback Cortland Finnegan and the last time those two faced each other, Week 2 of the 2011 season, Boldin caught just three passes for 46 yards and Finnegan broke up a career-high four passes.

The Niners’ offense is in trouble.

What about the defense?

It’s in trouble, too.

No Aldon Smith could mean no pass rush. Since the start of the 2012 season, Aldon Smith has accounted for more than half of the 49ers’ sacks – 51 percent to be exact.

Pass rush is key to stopping Sam Bradford. He’s horrible when facing pressure but he’s good when he has time to throw.

He should have time to throw on Thursday night and he should have open receivers, too. His rookie slot receiver, Tavon Austin, is one of the quickest players in the NFL. Carlos Rogers consistently has struggled against quick receivers like Austin and Danny Amendola and Victor Cruz and Randall Cobb and Percy Harvin. The 49ers gave up 21 catches in two games last season to the Rams’ slot receivers, Amendola and Chris Givens. You can be sure the Rams will test Rogers on Thursday.

Also, Tramaine Brock probably will play left cornerback in the 49ers’ Nickel defense in place of Nnamdi Asomugha who injured his knee against the Colts. Brock is not so good, so the Rams will exploit him until he shows he’s decent.

So, the 49ers’ pass rush and coverage are compromised, but the defense still can stop the run, right?

Yes and no.

The 49ers’ base defense can stop the run. It’s giving up just 2.5 yards per carry.

But the 49ers’ base defense won’t play much on Thursday night. The Rams mostly use three-wide-receiver formations, meaning the 49ers will have to use their Nickel defense most of the time. And their Nickel defense has given up 5.6 yards per carry this season, and that was with Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith, two of the team’s best run defenders. Willis suffered a groin pull and is unlikely to play.

As bad as the Rams’ running game as been this season, the Rams should have more than enough room to get it going against the 49ers’ porous and banged up Nickel defense.

Final score: Rams 20, 49ers 13.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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    1. It is CRAZY how ignorant Grant Cohn is- it is actually embarrassing to read this. Grant- you will be 30 something some day- and you will ready this stuff that you are writing and it will be like nails on a chalkboard- you will get a sick feeling in your stomach that you had these wacky ideas.

      The niners lost two in a row- They lost to two teams that could realistically meet in the super bowl. And now they stink? No just- playing poorly- but STINK.


      And Jeff fisher stinks because he got to the postseason on 6 out of 16 years- OK…. nevermind that he shared the division with Peyton Manning during the majority of those years- the best regular season QB ever…. nevermind that he had Steve McNair who threw 150/100 td’s to interceptions and lucky if he could hit a 80 passing rating- but somehow fisher got the scrub a couple yards away from winning a super bowl.

      Hell he got VINCE YOUNG into the playoffs!! Sorry- anyone who could get VY anywhere in the postseason should be looked upon as a miracle-maker.

      IDK- just not a whole lot of thought in this article.

      1. Big Suede,

        “Jeff fisher stinks because he got to the postseason on 6 out of 16 years”

        Overrated is what Grant called him, and he is. In 17 full seasons as an NFL head coach he has won more than 8 games only 6 times.

  1. I think jon baldwin will spark the passing game also i think corey lemonier will pick up the slack from aldon being out.As for tramaine brock wasent he fighing asomugha for the 3rd cb all training camp so thats a wash there. We will be fine.

  2. I think this is a pivotal point in the season. Niners are eithet going to turn it around this Thursday or not at all. To me this just seems like a now or never game.

    Anyone else get that?

    1. Yes Leo,

      I agree with you for 2 Reasons,

      If the 49ers lose than they’re not 1-3 but the Lowly Rams will be 2-0 in the Division & the 49ers will be 0-1.

      Double Negative.

      And I don’t want to hear “It’s too early”

      I’ll ask the questions to those who think this way…..

      When will it be too late?

      1. If the Niners lose, they won’t be 0-1 in the division, they’ll be 0-2.

        BTW, I’m looking forward to Grant eating crow tomorrow.

  3. The Rams’ head coach, Jeff Fisher, is overrated. This is his 18th season as an NFL head coach and he’s reached the playoffs just six times.

    It’s possible that Jeff Fisher is overrated, but his success in reaching the playoffs isn’t the whole story. Maybe the general manager couldn’t get quality talent for the team or didn’t know how to deal with the salary cap (which started in 1994, which was Fisher’s first year). Maybe the franchise had bad ownership, like Washington and Dan Snyder.

    I’m not discounting your argument, but without more evidence it’s unconvincing.

  4. You are probably right however I just want to point out that Willis doesn’t play in the nickel so him not being there won’t be that much of an impact against the run out of the Nickel. That being said they still struggle out of the Nickel this year. Hopefully Brock tackles better than Nnamdi!

      1. Which brings up an interesting question: Once Willis was out or the game Sunday, why didn’t Fangio go with his dime package on those two critical third down plays? I can understand playing nickel with Willis and Bowman, but once Wilhoite came in wouldn’t it have made more sense to put Spilman or Cox on the field and encourage the Colts to try and run for those 3rd downs?

  5. I think all we need is to bring back Nate Davis. I mean, all the Niners need is a strong arm in QB. Wait, they already have that, so why are we losing? I am confused…

    1. That’s really dumb. He is not even playing football. He couldn’t learn the playbook. You must be a jump on the bandwagon fan or you would know about Nate Davis.

  6. One thing that I don’t like about sports reporting is most of it just exaggerates whatever the current situation is to extremes. Kaepernick had some good games last year and he’s “unstoppable” and going to be “one of greatest ever”. Now that he’s had a bad couple of games he’s terrible. Reality is just a lot more boring. He’s a young player who hasn’t even played 16 games who can play great at time but can struggle at times too. He is not at this point capable of making up for the team having a very mediocre set of receivers and struggling running game and defense. But then again, just about no QB ever has been able to do that.

    1. Exactly well said! What is amazing to me is that the niners have a riddicoulus number of draft picks coming up and they are not exploring a trade for a Gordon and or a britt! Either one of those two would be a huge upgrade to what they have! Gordon has some off the field issues no doubt but he can put them over the top! A move needs to be made and giving up a second or third for him is worth the risk ! Especially since our GM has had a very difficult time finding wideouts other then crab….. Make a move niners cause you know the Seahawks would.

      1. If we traded for anybody on the Browns, it would be for TE Jordan Cameron. The Titans have nothing worth going after. At all.

  7. Pretty good summation Grant. However, I think that it will another bad game that isn’t even close. We have to many concerns on offense and defense. If RB Daryl Richardson can return and be effective in spite of his foot energy, then this game could end as yet another massacre by its end.
    Rams 34 Niners 13.

  8. I have different reasoning, but I think the Niners haven’t solved their problems yet. I think it’s likely the Rams win this one. My feeling is that they will get it turned around. In time to beat Houston? Not sure yet.

  9. Bad pick Grant, the niners are a wounded team this week that will be looking for blood. It is time for the rookies to step up, Niners 20-14.

  10. What a solemn blog. I hate it. I hate losing more, but I hate self loathing fans that don’t support their team.

    I’m not gonna lie, I see issues with the 49ers this season. Their defense hasn’t done squat. Kaepernick looks afraid and only because he can’t get the ball out. Play calling has been horrible and our special teams has been less than spectacular.

    With that said, the Rams suck. We don’t, we’re just a little lost.

    Niners 30, Rams 10.

  11. I suspect the Niners will pull out a win here. Roman and Harbaugh will pull out one or two of the cards they have up their sleeves that they saved for Fisher this season. Next to the Seahawks, this is the team that Harbaugh wants to beat most, and his reputations is at stake.

  12. You know it is true what they say, adversity reveals your true character … Grant, please try to be a journalist, it is not too late!

  13. Mister Harbaw: one of the fans sez that your reputation is at stake here.

    After you lose to the Rams, if you refuse to start Colt McCoy, how in this wide world do you get a young QB named Kaepernick back on track?

    For the head coach to rejuvenate/reinspire a key player, a team leader, a QB, this assumes that the player believes in the coach. Both you and Colin are about ready to go “up in smoke” on Thursday night. You need to sit the young fella, and trust Colt McCoy to carry the water.

    A win for the team (with Colt under center) is a win for you and for Kaep.
    Trust me, Jim.

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.

  14. Can’t argue with the prediction, even though the 49ers should stomp them they are a worse team right now than last year and even last year they couldn’t beat the Rams. Hopefully we get a win, but I’d at least like to see some progress with Kaepernick in the pocket.

  15. Kaepernick was like a bottle rocket..Came out blazing reaching for the stars..Now hes just floundering falling back to earth…Matt Castle 2.0

  16. In his introductory press conference two seasons ago, Jim Harbaw was asked why he left Stanford, and he said:

    I view it [the position of Niners head coach] as a perfect opportunity, the perfect competitive platform…the chance to be a part of a team that goes after the highest award in all of sports… the Lombardi Trophy.

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 – “the perfect opportunity”
    ( “precision” … “perfection”. . . . . . “premonition” – Rams by +7 )

  17. My fan prediction says Niners 17 – 13 over the Lambs. Reality says Rams 21 – 10 over the Niners. I hate reality, right now.

    The Niners D must set the tone from series one for the Niners to have a chance. Can’t let Bradford think he can win this game. Problem is the Niners D is missing key parts, on a short week, on turf.

    The Niners O, well at least the off season should have solved the play tipping problem. But who cares when you can only run plays to 1 WR and an OL that so far can’t grind out a running game. Plus play calling has not solved defenses loading up the box problem. Our stud QB has got to learn a humble game of working with you got or be utterly humbled.

    WCO anyone, with simple dump offs to the outlet RB to set up the run?

    Go Niners!

    1. Kezar-
      Are you advocating check downs? LOL. Boy have we come full circle. Just kidding around…. I do agree that CK might look to spread the ball around a bit more. It seems like the most effective QBs do that.

      1. I’d come out in a two back set with Hunter/James running little swing routes to each side. TE’s running short seam routes and the WR running quick inside slant, setting up for fake slant and go. I want the ball out in less than 3 seconds in a hurry up style offense…

      2. Brotha if the Rams spy CK he needs to throw the ball to the RB out in the pattern. Spying takes another defender out of coverage more than likely if its a LB that will leave your RB open. I would like to see Gore carry the ball a minimum of 15 times and catch 8 to 10 passes. It doesnt have to fall completely on Gores shoulders Hunter and James can catch the ball also.

      3. Yeah, it seems like both Gore and Miller were open a few times. I think the Rams will be pretty aggressive using penetration along the line to hem in CK, force him off his spot, and disrupt the running game. Oh, and look for a war between Finnegan and Boldin; they won’t be matched up every time but sparks will fly when they are. If Vernon can’t go we’ll hope for some production from Celek & V-Mac.


    Then there’s the matter of the naked quarterback. Kaepernick has thrown for three touchdowns and four interceptions, with a 72.5 passer rating. At Kansas City, Alex Smith, sent packing to grant Kaepernick the San Francisco job, has four touchdowns, no interceptions and a 92.1 rating. Discounting for the 2012 San Francisco-St. Louis tie in which both played, since the beginning of last season, Smith is 9-2 as a starter, Kaepernick is 8-5. All of Kaepernick’s starts are with a team many touts view as having the league’s best roster. Three of Smith’s starts have come with the worst team of 2012.
    Just saying!

    1. That is cute. A lot can be said about all the success over there and not in SF. It is all summed up into “any given Sunday”. This is why the NFL is so great.

      Smith had years to prove himself with the Niners. He is captain check down and game manager. On our side we have been put on a pedestal. Also do we really need to talk about all the injuries to this team since the end of last season. We are lacking some talent and we drafted injured players. We seemed to be geared for a sustained run at playoffs for the next 5 years.

      *** BUT right now we need current players to step up and more importantly the coaches to put our players in position to be successfully. There needs to be a monumental team effort here and I think is starts with the coaches.

      1. Smith had years to prove himself with the Niners.

        And once he had competent coaching, he did so. It’s just that it took the 49ers a few years to provide such coaching. Smith was 20-6 in his final 26 starts.

        He is captain check down and game manager.

        He’s proven to be more than that. I also am curious as to why you think those are bad things.

      2. claude balls says:
        September 25, 2013 at 8:52 am
        Smith had years to prove himself with the Niners.

        And once he had competent coaching, he did so. It’s just that it took the 49ers a few years to provide such coaching. Smith was 20-6 in his final 26 starts.

        Obviously not good enough. Did HE win those games or was it Gore and the running game, #1 defense and special teams?

        Let me ask you fair weather fans who wished Alex smith was still here one simple question.
        Do you honestly think the 49ers would be 3-0 if he was our qb?

      3. >>Did HE win those games or was it Gore and the running game, #1 defense and special teams?

        Did HE lose the games that the team lost? Giants? Vikings? You know the ones the haters whined about incessantly?

        (psst md: you are close to the right track. It’s a *team* game)

        Or how about not beating the Jets by enough? Ahhh, remember the halcyon days when the haters would complain about AS not winning by enough? Good times.

      4. MD,

        They will never admit that we’d actually be 0-3. Smith will never hold Kap’s jock strap. He’s a 9 year vet with below average stats. 1 playoff win. Let’s see if he can lead his team to a.500 record for that 2nd round pick
        before he gets hurt running with the
        ball and not sliding like he did here last year!

      5. >>They will never admit that we’d actually be 0-3.

        pfft. 1-2… 0-3… what’s the difference? Both are marks of a team that’s not good ATM, no matter who’s playing QB.

      6. They will never admit that we’d actually be 0-3.

        Because you have no type of evidence to support that theory 23. Smith isn’t with the Niners anymore ergo you have nothing to back up that foolish statement. Nothing.

      7. That’s not the question ribico. It seams guys like you love to avoid questions with stupid questions. Fact is smith is gone. Whether he helped win games barely or by blowout. Old news. Since you and others want to continue to ride his jock even though he’s in maroon and gold, and dump on the new qb I’m calling you all fair weather fans. Period. I was right about hoff and Ds. You are all in the same boat. So answer the question chump. No need to get your feelings hurt. It’s just a question

      8. Midwest true smith isn’t here anymore. So why are these “fans” bringing him up and comparing stats?
        Is it bitterness? Racism? Or live for the blue eyed man?
        I don’t get it. A 49er fan bashing their qb who’s only played 14 games and praising the one who lost his job to our new starter. Can you figure that out?

      9. ninermd:

        Obviously not good enough.

        Says who?

        Did HE win those games or was it Gore and the running game, #1 defense and special teams?

        It was a combination of all those things, including Smith’s contributions as QB. Football is a team sport, remember?

        Let me ask you fair weather fans who wished Alex smith was still here one simple question.

        Oh look, another strawman. I have never expressed any such wish. Nor have I ever wished for any such thing. Moreover, I haven’t seen anyone, other than one or two trolls, wishing that Alex Smith was still here. Quit making things up.

        Do you honestly think the 49ers would be 3-0 if he was our qb?

        Has anyone suggested that the 49ers would be 3-0 with Smith at QB, or is this just another fictional argument you created? Is it that difficult to respond to what was actually written?

        Also, I’m not a big fan of hypotheticals because they don’t settle anything. That said, given the way the team as a whole has played the past two games, I think it is doubtful that the 49ers would be 3-0 with Smith. I also think, however, that the offense would have scored more than 10 points combined in the past two games.

      10. >>So answer the question chump.

        Answer what question? The hypothetical ones that people disconnected from reality like you ask?

        Ask a question that has some basis to something meaningful, if you can, and I’ll consider it.

      11. Claude….. If you’re not one of the “fans” who continue to support smith and wished he was still our qb, then why are you always taking cheap shots at the fans who tell these bandwagon fakes to take a hike?

        Ribico….. Since you want to ride Claude’s nuts and state that my question has no substance. Then I guess you should start calling out these wanna be faithful’ for posting stats comparing the two qb’s this season. What kind of substance do those have? Since they have played different teams? Naaa you two wouldn’t dare call out these bums that you defended through the Alex smith days. It always seems to be the same circle with the same old bitterness. Fakes like you who still want to take jabs at the so called smith “haters”
        All I see is some fans who have moved on from smith and defend their new qb when some put his play down. And every post I see the same trolls pulling the same old weak ass jabs out. Who are you defending now?
        It’s clear. You wanted to be right about smith. And you weren’t. Take a back seat and roll with ck or beat it. Nobody is forcing y’all to call yourselves Niner fans.

        Oh and Claude. Says who????? Harbaugh that’s who. Again a quality starting qb doesn’t lose his job after 1 week with a concussion. Ask Bledsoe about that. You smith riders have nothing left, so you are just trolling looking for comments from some for the sake of arguing. True definition of a troll. And why does my question have to have substance? It’s a simple question of opinion. And it’s an opinion that fits mine. But you don’t have the “balls” to answer it. So next time you two bandwagon jumpers ask a question of opinion or post up meaningless stats. Ill be sure to call you out on them. Questions with substance ONLY for now on.

      12. ninermd:

        Where you see bandwagon fakes, I see 49ers fans who simply don’t accept the nonsensical hypocritical b/s put out by the likes of you, bay and 23jordan. You are no more of a 49ers fan than they are. The idea that there is a litmus test defining whether someone is a “real fan” or a bandwagon fake is laughably ignorant, and your demagoguery is tiresome.

        You are free to jump to conclusions and to form whatever uninformed opinions you want. You are free to form your opinions on baseless assumptions, rather than actual facts. You also are free to cling desperately to those opinions no matter how many contrary facts are brought to your attention.

        However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to share those opinions. We are similarly free to hold differing opinions, and if we choose to arrive at those opinions by applying thought and reason to actual facts, well, that is our right. You simply are going to have to live with that. I’m sorry if that bothers you.

      13. Lol Claude. Talk about funny. Trolling and looking for fights on here is your staple. It’s what you do. You can’t let it go. A real fan would tell these fakes to beat it if they are praising a player that doesn’t wear the colors of the 49ers. But you don’t. You troll looking for arguments with no substance in itself. You uniformed your outlook on me. I asked you to go back in the archives (because that’s your ace) and show me where I didn’t predict his benching and tenure here. You didn’t. But yet you’ll pound those fat fingers for archive posts to prove a point if it goes in your favor. I know your type Claude. You probably have somewhat of an education and think you know it all. That one semester of psychology has you thinking you are smarter than anyone else. But reading your crap for a couple of years now only shows you pull up stats and pretend you even know the game. I don’t need to make this up. Your posts show it. You resort to talk trash when you get confronted. Hammer smacked you so bad last season that now you ride his nuts. Yeah Claude you’re not stealth like Ds thought it was. Your colors show. And it shows you are a chameleon troll.

        Oh and when grant posts his non substance questions on what we think a score will be, let’s see if you answer those posts. Because remember you don’t answer those type of questions, since you pussed out and couldn’t answer mine. You calling yourself a fan…. Lmao

      14. ribico says:
        September 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm
        >>So answer the question chump.

        Answer what question? The hypothetical ones that people disconnected from reality like you ask?

        Ask a question that has some basis to something meaningful, if you can, and I’ll consider it.

        I guess you won’t ever be answering a question for opinions. Nice try. But this comment is chump **it! And you know it. But hey I did say none of you trolls would answer it. So lets take a “left” turn off topic and ask a question you might be able to answer.
        How’s Obama working out? Lol

      15. And Claude you can go ahead and lump me in with j23 and bay. I see two fans backing their qb and moving on from the ex qb. The kid has played less than 20 nfl games, and took us to a superbowl. How can ANY REAL fan bring up and whine about a qb that isn’t here anymore. And you have the nerve to call those two out? For what? Telling it like it is? Not giving a crap about an opposing qb? That’s the fans you troll against? Yeah rib, Claude, ex, fdm, and still defend hoff and Ds “fans” who have disappeared since smith did.” They aren’t here to defend themselves?” And why is that? …… That’s real fan stuff right there. Fans of the year! Wheeeeeew! Comical!

      16. >> A real fan would tell these fakes to beat it if they are praising a player that doesn’t wear the colors of the 49ers.

        You mean like the “fans” who were in Peyton Manning’s jock back in the day? Got it.

        Look dimwit. We *want* AS to succeed. His success gives the Niners a better draft pick. Got it? JFC, what a moron.

      17. Lol WE? Who’s we? I don’t give a damn what Alex smith does. It’s not like the 49ers are starving for draft picks. Nice try chump. Yeah hoping for a hall of fane qb that was being targeted by our team is a bad thing now huh? lol Hows the old man that some on here said wouldnt be better than smith looking now? And besides that why would anyone want to hear about how Baalke messed up more draft picks? I make perfect sense to someone with a fans common sense.

        And tree…. You are 100 percent correct. A fan should be able to speak up if a player is playing bad. But comparing him to what some think could have been with Alex smith is garbage. Period! It’s these folks that couldn’t handle some criticism on smith. My my how the tables have turned. It’s a joke.

      18. MD,
        nicely done handsome. Way to lay the smack down. You have to have quite a bit of tribal knowledge pertaining to this room to be able to accurately lay it down the way you did. Nice job Rocky….

      19. ninermd:

        At the risk of encouraging you to vomit another rambling, incoherent mess of unwarranted assumptions, uninformed opinions and counterfactual declarations, I’d like to respond.

        A real fan would tell these fakes to beat it if they are praising a player that doesn’t wear the colors of the 49ers.

        What are you talking about? People on this blog praise players on other teams all the time, players who never played for the 49ers, and no one tells them to beat it. Does the name Peyton Manning ring a bell?

        You uniformed your outlook on me.

        I’ll need you to translate that for me because I cannot decipher it.

        I asked you to go back in the archives (because that’s your ace) and show me where I didn’t predict his benching and tenure here.

        What point are you trying to make? You have been all over the place on Alex Smith. Remember when you said you were so confident in him that you made a bet that he would be a top 7 QB in 2012? You were actually right about that prediction. Why you want to run away from it now is curious.

        Instead of asking me to search through the thousands of comments you have made (or at least what’s available in the archive) to prove that you didn’t make some prediction (has anyone ever explained to you how difficult/impossible it is to prove a negative?), why don’t you show me where you made this revelatory prediction, and I will look at it.

        I know your type Claude. You probably have somewhat of an education and think you know it all.

        Actually, I don’t think I know it all. That’s why I don’t offer a strong opinion on topics unless I have the relevant facts and have given it some thought about . That’s why I pay attention when others make thoughtful, informed comments, particularly when those comments are contrary to my thoughts/opinions. That’s one way to learn. You should try it some time.

        Hammer smacked you so bad last season that now you ride his nuts.

        You’ll have to provide more detail. Jack and I have disagreed on multiple topics. And to the extent I “ride his nuts” (I call it respecting his opinion, but I’m not the wordsmith you are), it’s because he doesn’t make up facts or pull opinions out of his ass. Instead, he waits until he has sufficient relevant data, applies knowledge and reason to that data, and then offers an informed opinion. Again, you should try it some time.

        You resort to talk trash when you get confronted.

        No, I usually produce the facts on which I base my opinion and challenge the other person to do the same. That said, when the other person refuses to do so and instead slings b/s (for example, changing my argument to something I never said or writing nonsense like “‘real fans’ agree with me” or “stats are for losers”), I’ll call out that b/s and criticize them for it, but I think that’s appropriate.

        And Claude you can go ahead and lump me in with j23 and bay. I see two fans backing their qb and moving on from the ex qb.

        Really, you think they backed their QB in 2010? In 2011? In the first half of 2012? It’s probably not a good idea to be this drunk at 8 am. Aldon Smith is not a role model.

      20. Lol Claude…. 7 years and 14 games. Like I told tree.
        You can trash a player if he’s playing poorly.
        But to bring up a qb that lost his job to the new one to rub in weak stats is another. And as far as Peyton manning “jock riding” is Alex smith being looked at by the 49ers as our qb? I know you’re not that stupid. I don’t read anyone praising other players on teams. You and everyone else here knows the Alex smith talk is about. Waaaay different. Claude you’re an instant classic. Keep it going bro. It’s making my day.

      21. >>I don’t give a damn what Alex smith does. It’s not like the 49ers are starving for draft picks.

        Let me spell it out to you – draft picks are GOOD. The more picks the better. Better flexibility come bargaining time. Package picks to move up in the draft. Package picks to land that player we need in a trade. Basic NFL 101.

        But hurt the team as long as you can feel cool about your continual AS hatred. Bay, here’s your “real fan” bro for you, take note.

      22. ribico:

        Basic NFL 101.

        Well, there’s your problem. You’re expecting a guy with the equivalent of a football GED to understand and appreciate college level concepts.

    2. Mountain,

      What is pathetic is that you seem to forget the scheduled. Take a look at who we played this year. Now take a look at the K.C. Schedule the last 3 games. Here’s a test coming for Alex Smith. The lowly N. Y. Giants. The Giants own Alex Smith. It was the Giants game last year that I

      believe was the indicator to JH . He knew the Giants had beaten us the year before in the playoffs and then we got trounced in the game against them with Smith at QB. We could not

      1. (Continued from post above). beat the giants with Smith at QB.

        Let’s see how Smith plays against the Giants this Sunday. Perry. Fewell, the Giants D coordinator, owns Alex Smith.

      2. Fansince 77:

        The Rams own Colin Kaepernick! He can’t beat them!

        That conclusion seems to be a tad premature, don’t you think?

      3. Fansince 77:

        You didn’t state that Kaepernick hasn’t beaten the Rams; you stated that he can’t beat the Rams. That’s a conclusive statement.


        You and I have different definitions of “hero”.

      4. His name is “fansince 77″, it doesn’t say what he is a fan of. If you read most of his posts from last year, he was very anti CK. I can pull all the comments up.
        It’s very telling that the douche otherwise known as prime slime who is a double poster, bet welcher who make fun of cancer patients is also not a fan of the team.
        This is the first time we as a team have faced adversity.
        There are three ways to deal with this. First, be patient and trust the coaching staff. Wait for some of our wounded to come back.
        Two, begin to finger point. Begin to lose trust in the organization, the coaches, players and overall direction of the team.
        Three ( these are the douche bags ) Use this tough moment to attack players you don’t like. Most of it is directed at CK. They also seem to have the sky is falling mentality.
        For me, while I do not give any player or coach a free pass, I do choose to have patience with CK. He’s been handed a team that doesn’t resemble the team that started the 2012 campaign. Gone is the defense that cannot be run on. Gone is the fierce pass rush. It’s been replaced with a defense that regularly yields 30 points or close to it. Funny how the douche bags blame the defensive woes on our young dynamic QB.
        Gone are all the offensive weapons of old. We now boast one of the five worst receiving corps in all of football.
        The folks that understand the predicament that we are not enjoying it, but understand it and have patience with it. They trust that we will come out of it. These are the real fans. Now where do you stand?

      5. Claude,

        No lie little guy. I said JH knew we couldn’t beat the Giants with Smiths play from the 2 prior meetings.

        I told you Smith was done last year in S. F. He Gone! And about that and
        round pick. We won’t be getting tha
        t if he keeps trying to get injured by not
        sliding like last year. He looks as
        wreckless as Vick. Concussion number 2 coming right up!

      6. Please stop with the “real fan” b/s. What you really mean is “people who agree with me.”

        In 2010, those who pointed out the QB’s alleged flaws were the “real fans”. In 2013, commenters who do that are douchebags. In 2013, “real fans” realize that most of the team’s woes are not the QB’s fault and preach patience while the team fixes those problems. In 2010, however, people who realized that most of the team’s woes were not the QB’s fault and preached patience while the team fixed those problems were “not real fans”.

        I also have to call you on your discussion of how fans respond to the team facing adveristy:

        Three ( these are the douche bags ) Use this tough moment to attack players you don’t like.

        Are you so self-unaware that you don’t see how that describes you exactly?

        And, somehow, you don’t understand why you get labeled as a hypocrite.

      7. Claude –
        I was being sarcastic to 23 Jor.
        BayArea Fanatic–
        How are you? Are you having a nice day so far? I’m not sure how long you’ve been a Fanatic, but you don’t seem like much of a fan since you despise Alex Smith and hate on anyone who disagrees with you and call them douchbags.
        It’s not point in discussing anything with you or you boy toy 23 Jordan because you’re only recourse to to insult and call names.
        Last year you tried to pull up all my old posts to say I was a Smither, and I told you that I stated that the Niners should go after Peyton Manning. You gave up because you knew I was right.
        Colin has only throw 397 passes. There will be growing pains, but guess what? The team was built to win now.
        Vince Young and DeMarcus Russell both were athletic freaks, and both are out of the league.

      8. Clod,
        I’ve grown fond of our exchanges. Not really but it sounded good. I pretty much ignore you as much as possible these days. Please tell me which player I’ve attacked since Smith lost his spot subsequently being traded to another team?
        I supported Smith up front but ultimately lost faith in him even taking into account all of his adversity. The bottom line was, he NEVER lived up to being the number one overall pick.
        Now shut your pie hole and lets talk football. Lets support our 49ers…..

      9. Fanofanythingexcepttheniners77,
        I too wanted Payton Manning. Move on, we didn’t get him. CK is our QB of the future and of now. Your lack of support, whoops, your zero support of him backs my statement that you are not a 49er fan. You in essence proved my point thanks.

      10. Sorry Primeslime,
        are you back to talking football yet? Or still being a douche and not supporting our team and ALL of its players?

      11. @bay
        Funny. It’s now “team, Team, TEAM.”
        Where was this cocept when you and the members of your WWC club kept pointing finger at one person.
        I’m a Kaepster/Smither, if you want to label people.
        I’m just rooting for hard working team players and especially when they are good players and over all nice people.
        Maybe in your next WWC meeting, you can explain this thing call “team concept” to what’s remaining in your club. LOL

      12. Michael Bay Area Fanatic,
        So you agree that I wanted Peyton Manning? So then I am not a Smither.
        I win!
        Colin is showing he may not be the QB of the future because at the present he sucks.
        NFL = Not For Long.

      13. Albert,
        there’s no such thing as a Kaeper / Smither. See, Smith is not on our roster. After being benched over the years in favor of three other QB’s, we traded him last year. We only have one QB on our roster now and I fully support him and also acknowledge his struggles. Looking forward to an entire team rebound tomorrow night. I hear that LaMichael James is back and ready to go….

      14. Yeah Bay, still waitin to hear an arguement from you regarding CK’s play. Instead your just circling with name calling and now asking for team support? Get serious waffler!

      15. Fanofanyteamexcepttheniners77,
        I usually trust my judgement. Thought you were a douche last year and I was right. You are not a fan of the team : ) Exposed much?

      16. 49er fans shouldn’t be blaming Kap for everything, just like they shouldn’t have been blaming Smith for everything. This is the ultimate team game. It only takes one guy not doing their job to mess things up. Kap appears to be struggling a bit but he’s also not getting a lot of help from the play calling. He has the talent, now he just needs experience and help from his Coaches.

        Alex Smith was set back by injury and bad Coaching. That’s a fact and no matter how people want to spin it, once he got proper Coaching and support, his play improved and he won games. No QB is going to succeed without having a strong foundation around him.

        This is a tough game to predict because both teams need it badly and both games last year were so close. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with Grant this week. With it being a short week, on the road, along with injuries and the low moral and confidence I’ve seen on the field the past two weeks, I can’t pick the Niners. This will be one of those weeks where I hope I’m completely wrong and the Niners rise up and do what I don’t see them being able to do right now.

        13-10 Rams

      17. 23liar:

        I said JH knew we couldn’t beat the Giants with Smiths play from the 2 prior meetings.

        That’s not what you wrote in your 8:29 and 8:33 messages. It’s pointless to write falsehoods when there is an easily accessible historical record that documents what actually happened.

        I told you Smith was done last year in S. F.

        You have told us lots of things. For example, you told us that the 49ers couldn’t win with Alex Smith at QB. You were wrong. You told us that the 49ers couldn’t get to the playoffs with Alex Smith at QB. You were wrong. When they did that, you told us that the 49ers couldn’t win in the playoffs with Alex Smith at QB. You were wrong. You told us that the 49ers couldn’t beat teams like the Saints and the Packers with Alex Smith at QB. You were wrong.

        You once told us that the only reason Smith had success in the red zone was because teams played prevent defense when the 49ers got into the red zone. You were wrong and ignorant.

        Since he went to KC, you have told us that KC can’t win with Alex Smith at QB. While the season is still young, the Chiefs currently are 3-0. To borrow a technique I learned from Bay, I will say that “real fans” of the 49ers are hoping the Chiefs win 8 games this year so that the 49ers get another 2nd round draft pick. You seem to be rooting against them.

        You told us in 2011 that Smith wouldn’t be on the 49ers roster in 2012 and that you would leave the blog if he was. He was, and yet you didn’t.

        You said that Josh Johnson had taken over the No. 2 QB position in the 2012 training camp, that he would take Smith’s job, and that the team should trade Kaepernick because he wasn’t the answer. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

        You then subsequently tried to tell us that you were the first to recognize Kaepernick’s greatness. When I reminded you that you had suggested trading Kaepernick, you told me I was a liar and demanded proof. I provided that proof by reprinting your earlier comment, and you skulked away.

        Finally, you told us that you would pay $100 for a video showing Vernon Davis dropping his shoulder and running over a DB. It took me 5 minutes to find the video. You welched.

        You’ll forgive me if I don’t put much value in the things you tell me.

      18. Michael Bay Area Fanatic

        I don’t know about anybody else, but this seems more like a compliment. Who wouldn’t want to be Michael Bay (or at least have his fortune)?

      19. @bay
        Yes, we need more healthy bodies.
        And we’ll find out if the addition of Dahl, a former Ram, will tell the coaches what the Rams saw last year.
        Kaep needs to be his instinctive self again. A couple of the option-keeper when they gave defenders easy
        tackles for losses. Kaep was rusty on the read part.
        I don’t even know how much they practice the read option plays. nowaday.
        I just wrote I’m a Kaepster/Smither. I root for both.

      20. Michael Bay Area Fanatic,

        Michael Bay is one of the biggest hack directors around. He’s all flash, no substance.
        So you’re the one that’s been exposed as a double dutch douche who can’t keep up with any intellectual conversation because it’s a little too much work for your three tiny brain cells.
        I hope Colin plays well tomorrow because if he does, Niners win.
        Did you ever wish that Alex played well? Not judging by your posts and hatred for the guy.

      21. >>Watch your hero this week against those same Giants. The 0-3 giants.

        23, your forecasts for the Chiefs thus far have been total fail. If you are really intent on trying to make yourself look good by making Smith and his team appear bad, I’d suggest refraining from any further predictions.

      22. Claude,

        Lil man, you never found a video of Vernon Davis running over anyone. If you did, produce it. All that crap you typed is a waste of time. I don’t read all of your silly rambling. You try so hard to prove your point. You don’t have one. You lied about the video. And several people said as much.

      23. >>You are not a fan of the team : ) Exposed much?

        Says the guy who was ready to the dump the team if they had the temerity, the gall! to keep winning with the same QB whey had been winning with the last 2 seasons. That’s the bay definition of a “real fan”.

      24. 23liar:

        You lied about the video. And several people said as much.

        Who, your bff, Bay? More commenters told you to pay up. That’s where your reputation for welching started. I think it says a lot that I don’t have a reputation for lying.

        I don’t read all of your silly rambling.

        I understand. I don’t think anyone would want to read a long list of their documented failures. It’s got to be humiliating.

        You try so hard to prove your point. You don’t have one.

        You’re right; I don’t have one point. I have three:

        1. You are a liar .
        2. You are a welcher.
        3. You don’t know very much about football.

      25. Claude lil guy,

        I’ll just name one person. Ninergirl said Vernon certainly didn’t have his head down. I remember your video like it was shown to me 5 minutes ago. You produced a video of VD catching a pass across the middle and trying to avoid a head shot by getting down. You acted as if you misunderstood my statement.

        I’ll make the offer again. If anyone on this blog can produce a video of Vernon Davis putting his head down in an effort to run a defender over instead of running high like he’s done his entire professional career, I’ll send you $100 or I will leave this blog. My offer stands. We’ll let Grant decide if Vernon Davis is dishing out the punishment instead of avoiding it.

        Just 2 years ago when the Niners played the Ravens, I heard Patrick Willis tell Vernon Davis to run the cornerback over instead of Going out of bounds. It was on a sound FX video on NFL channel. The Ravens players were teasing Vernon Davis about running out of bounds instead of creating contact with a defensive back who was coming at him.

      26. In the video MidWest posted above, at the 2:12 mark, Davis lowers his head and hits a Rams’ defender.

        Hey Grant, care to review the tape and decide ol’ 23′s fate? I am sure MidWest would be happy to have the $100.

      27. Gadfly,

        Are you talking about the spot where he has 5 guys surrounding him and he tries to get down below the guy who’s hitting him. Understand the bet was made because I said Vernon Smith never tries to run a guy over. He never lowes his head and tries to inflict punishment on a defender. I guess it’s not all bad. I guess that’s why he’s never hurt.

      28. Who’s the dumbest guy on the blog? Bay who thinks Canada is overseas from the USA or 23j who can’t spell if his life depended on it?

    3. @Smithers or Whomever is argueing the Smith point…

      The Dude could not beat the Giants. Him and the WRs. Captain check down is a bad thing b/c it is easy to defend against. If you play a team that is putting up points they will love for you to check down all game and “try to stay in it”.

      The philosophy is simple, you play to win. Not the safe check down, run game. This is a passing league…wake up people!!! We need a QB that can throw for 400 yards and take over a game when needed. GB this year, Atlanta playoffs last year.

      1. This is a passing league…wake up people!!!

        Check the Super Bowl winners from 2003-2013 and you will see that most of them won with with a balanced offense alongside a complementary defense. It may be a passing league, but balance continues to win in the end.

      2. shawnrhod,

        That statement is just blatantly false. He did beat the Giants, and was in position to beat them a second time if two punts are muffed leading to points for the Giants. Nothing went right in the game against the Giants last year, it happens, but to decide based on one game that the QB couldn’t beat that team and he was replaced because of that ignorant reasoning is unrealistic. If Harbaugh had really decided he wanted to replace Smith with Kap after that game he would have done so during the bye week before the game in Arizona. He didn’t do that, and Smith also had a fantastic game that week. Harbaugh decided to replace Smith when Kap played so well against the Bears and Saints. Smith was replaced because the other guy was better; not because the Coaches didn’t think they could win with him.

        As to your philosophy, it is also flawed because sometimes the checkdown is the best play you can make and last week would have resulted in a lot of yardage had Kap taken it and the Coaches called more plays with that option available to him. When a defense is playing man with both Safeties high, short passes are there all day. When the Safeties are forced to move up to defend those passes is when the big plays start to open up.

        Oh and just for the record, GB and Atl are both 1-2 right now as well, so obviously your theory is not quite on point there either.

      3. >>The Dude could not beat the Giants.

        Taking your argument, right now we have a Dude who could not even beat the Rams.

        But both statements are complete fallacies, as it is not one “Dude” versus the other team.

      4. Sure GB and Atlanta are 1-2…

        Balance and Defense, yes…

        Still this is a passing league. If we are behind we need Playmakers and a QB that can drive the ball.

        It is differnet philosophies and everyone on here is quoting, this and that stat and where are they now.

        I will make it easier, we NEED to pass, to set up the run.

        This is typical west coast football. Just extending from check downs to deep routes, a la GB. The quick slant and screen once in awhile but defenses know this 80′s west coast football and zone blitz.

        I’m tired of this talk, can’t wait to see the Rams on Thur. See how the team responds.

      5. @ ribico:

        Well, yeah, the lack of an ethos probably doesn’t help on the football field.

        Nihilists! ₣µ©Ӝ me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

    4. Midwest true smith isn’t here anymore. So why are these “fans” bringing him up and comparing stats?

      Ask the ones who keep bringing him up and get back with me MD. It has come from both sides, those who like(d) Alex Smith and those who hate(d) Alex Smith. I will be a fan of him from afar, just like I am with Brees, Rodgers and other NFL players, but all I really care about is Smith and the Chiefs getting to eight wins so that the Niners can acquire an extra second round pick that is becoming more of a need than a want.

  19. I have faith that the 49ers will turn it around. All we need is one good game and we are back in the mix. Go ahead and jump ship. Trade everything and we could be and then were would we be. Just roll with the punch’s. Colts and Seahawks just outright beat us. But it happens. I am not ready to turn it out. I am looking for the 49ers to get back to .500. Niners 16 Rams 14. Bolden will get a touchdown and Gore will drive in field goal rang 3 times. It could be all good after this game.

    1. Larry,

      We will win this game. Injuries and all. Stay committed to the running game and keep the penalties down. Kap will ball this week. The Rams are hot garbage.

      1. Bay don’t let the remaining Smithers get the best of you. We expected a little adversity for Kap. This is the NFL. He will bounce back this week. He’s got the best QB coach in the league. We have a lot more trolls on the blog. Kap will get rid of them soon enough.

      2. 23welcher you were the one spewing your typical garbage during last weeks game about CK and what he and every single player needed to do. Now you are offering a brighter perspective? Comical.

        @Bay, all you do is make excuses now when in the past you called people out on making excuses. Typical fairweather fan. Both of you make no sense whatsoever. Now cue the name calling in 3,2,….

      3. Bay,

        Most people here are fans of the 49ers or they wouldn’t be here. There is no rule book to being a fan of a team. You guys hated Smith’s game yet still cheered for the team. Some people are now questioning Kap, but are still cheering for the team. You are all fans, just fans with different views.

      4. FDC,

        I call it like see it. If Kap is playing like crap, I’m gonna call it. If he starts playing like Alex Smith did, I’m gonna call for his head as well. 2 games is not 8 seasons FLX.

      5. maybe Kap misses AS’s sideline QB whisperer type inputs….AS is clearly a student of the game and of defenses and having current knowledge of the defenses provided Kap a sounding board and kept those deer in the headlights from showing up last year…both Kap and JH alluded to it last year…

      6. 23Jordan, you always come up with excuses for your boy Kap. The bottom line here the 49ers under Harbaugh and your favorite Qb Stinks for the last two weeks, as a matter of fact they got Blown Away in the 2 games. They had a good offensive game against a defenseless Packer team who gives up tons of points. Whats is your excuse when the niners lose to the Rams and the Texans? Kap and the niners still going turn things around? Goodluck to you, you’re going to need it. I expect the niners by 5th week will be 1-4 record.. Maybe they’ll beat the lowly teams like the Cards and Jacksonville?

      7. 23Jordan, you always come up with excuses for your boy Kap. The bottom line here the 49ers under Harbaugh and your favorite Qb Stinks for the last two weeks, as a matter of fact they got Blown Away in the 2 games. They had a good offensive game against a defenseless Packer team who gives up tons of points. What is your excuse when the niners lose to the Rams and the Texans? Kap and the niners still going turn things around? Goodluck to you, you’re going to need it. I expect the niners by 5th week will be 1-4 record.. Maybe they’ll beat the lowly teams like the Cards and Jacksonville?

      8. 23Jordan, you always come up with excuses for your boy Kap. The bottom line here the 49ers under Harbaugh and your favorite Qb Stinks for the last two weeks, as a matter of fact they got Blown Away in the 2 games. They had a good offensive game against a defenseless Packer team who gives up tons of points. What is your excuse when the niners lose to the Rams and the Texans? Kap and the niners are l going turn things around? Goodluck to you, you’re going to need it. I expect the niners by 5th week will be 1-4 record.. Maybe they’ll beat the lowly teams like the Cards and Jacksonville?

      9. Mr. No name,

        Can you post 1 excuse I’ve listed on this blog for Kaps play. Why don’t you try looking at the live blogs from the games. I was critical of his play lil buddy. Apparently, you must have just joined the blog today. Especially if you feel the need to post the same garbage 3 times in a row.

  20. I wish Alex Smith well. The few times I’ve heard about him he seems like a really nice fellow. That said, I’ve also seen him on cruddy 49er teams. He has looked like Kaepernick does right now. No difference. The 49ers would still lose. There is more upside to Kaepernick and he might as well learn what chances to take and what not to take in this season that is going nowhere. Yes it’s only 1-2 but there are too many problems and this looks like one of those 7-9 seasons I’ve seen in the past. The 49ers need to draft better. Balke is a weak GM (maybe because he’s new) but he has to draft or hire better talent. His receivers and cornerbacks are too small. The 49ers (mostly Balke) showed horrible judgement on Aldon Smith. Being very drunk at 7AM means showing up at work at 10AM under the influence. Smith should have been suspended on the spot just as any other worker at any other job would have been suspended. I hope Smith realizes he is an alcoholic and changes but like all of us he should also pay for his terrible judgement. So should Balke (unless York overruled him). Thats how everyone learns. From mistakes.

  21. sounds like our friend Razoreater knows how to dial up a win
    (see below):

    I’d come out in a two back set with Hunter/James running little swing routes to each side. TE’s running short seam routes and the WR running quick inside slant, setting up for fake slant and go. I want the ball out in less than 3 seconds in a hurry up style offense…

    Only one thing to add: Colt McCoy under center.

  22. Grant,

    I know you like to pull certain threads and tap into the emotions of your users. You are becoming good at it. Congrats on your growth as a beat writer and eventual next steps. My only suggestion would be to ensure you state some clear facts around some of your opinions.

    In particular, the Fisher being “overrated” coach scenario. He is widely regarded among NFL experts as one of the greatest minds in his generation. There is a reason he has been a head coach for so long. The same for Andy Reid. Fisher has inherited a no talent Rams team. They are getting better but let’s be real here. Reid inherited a talented team. He has them on the right path. Reid has proven himself over the years.

    Grant on that note, one could argue you could state a case (article) that JH and his coaches are “overrated”. This may put you in the dog house with Niners, but if we end up 3-5 at the bye week and no reason to think it is turning around, then yes I would start questioning the coaches. JH inherited a talented team and motivated and “coached” them to win. Now that adversity is hitting, how are the coaches going to respond. Will they put their team in position to win or will we simply deflate.

      1. Is it Fangio repeating his history or is it some miscues by Baalke coming to the forefront Grant? From what I have seen, it is a combination of both.
        By the way, good read Jack.

      2. The resigning of Carlos Rogers for one and the missed opportunity of signing Sean Smith for another. The next four weeks will also determine whether trading Parys Haralson and Cam Johnson were the right move given the sudden lack of depth at ROLB.

      3. Jack,

        I don’t disagree that the defense is not as good as the previous years but I also don’t believe they are that bad right now. From your blog posting:

        The newest excuse is the play of the offense. While the 49ers offense has struggled, that has nothing to do with the defense giving up back to back 10+ play, 5+ minute drives to open the second half the last two weeks. Teams have realized that while they may not get big yards on the ground, sticking with the run game will eventually break the 49ers defense down. Until they prove otherwise, look for the defense to be tested on the ground week in and week out.

        Giving up a couple of 5 min plus drives shouldn’t be the difference between winning and losing. If the offense was scoring then the onus isn’t on the defense to hold a team to 13 points in the 4th quarter.

        The bolded part rings true for every team in this league. You run the ball to milk the clock with a lead. You can do this when the other team can’t score. If the Niners were able to put some points on the board the opposition wouldn’t be able to depend on this strategy.

        Also, the problems the defense had at the end of last season were in the passing game. This season the pass defense has been fine with the exception of ill timed penalties that have allowed drives to continue. The problems right now are not the same as the ones they had the last few games of last season.

        The Niners are currently 8th in pass defense, and yes part of that is because the opposition can run the ball in the second half for the reasons stated above, but it also shows that the Niners are playing pretty good pass defense right now. You’ve also been talking about how bad the run defense has been, yet the Niner defense is only allowing 3.9 yards a carry so far. They have to cut down on the big plays, but overall again, they have done enough to keep the team in a position to win.

        I said it before and I’ll say it again, the defense is not the issue. It’s not at the level of 2011 but it’s not the reason the team is losing.

      4. Sean Smith would have been nice.

        I don’t have a problem with them trading Haralson or Johnson. They were on the fringe of making the team with Skuta filling a need on special teams and also having a pretty good offseason, and Lemonier showed pretty good too.

        The loss of A Smith is big, without him they lose their pass rush, but that would have still been the case if Haralson and/or Johnson were on the team.

      5. Mid,

        They resigned Rogers after he had a great season. I don’t think they can be blamed for resigning a player who played well. Signing Sean Smith wasn’t an option with the salary cap I would guess. I do agree that it would be nice to have Haralson right now though. I didn’t like that trade when it was made, and sure don’t like it any better now.

      6. “The Niners are currently 8th in pass defense”

        That’s only because they have faced the fewest passing attempts in the league. In fact they are 23rd in the league in yards per pass, and 16th in the league in opponent QB rating.

        Teams are running the ball because they are comfortable with their ability to beat the 49ers pass defense.

      7. True Jack, but Haralson is strong against the run, an area which our team has been greatly lacking in. The team could have inserted Haralson into the starting lineup and replace him with one of the others in a passing situation. I agree that Johnson probably wouldn’t have made the team though.

        Don’t get me wrong Rocket. I thought the resigning of Rogers was genius at the time, but I thought the same thing of the Nate Clements signing when it happened as well. One was a colossal mistake and the other is starting to look that way as well. I also believe amount of money still owed to Rogers played a huge role in the team not going after Smith in free agency.

      8. Teams are running the ball because they are comfortable with their ability to beat the 49ers pass defense

        This doesn’t make any sense Jack. If they were comfortable in their ability to beat the 49ers pass defense then they’d do it. Yards per pass can be skewed by a couple of big plays, just like yards per rush. The Broncos have given up 7.9 yards per pass compared to the Niners 7.7. Doesn’t seem to be affecting them to badly. Have you seen the Niners get chewed up in the passing game the past two weeks because I sure haven’t, and both QB’s had over 20 attempts and are pretty good last I checked.

        The reason teams are running is pretty simple, because they can, and they can because the Niners are doing nothing on offense when they get the ball.

      9. The Bronco’s have given up 7.3 yards per pass is what that should have read.

        That’s been without their top rusher who tried to cheat the system in Von Miller. The fact that the Niners were that high with Aldon Smith on the field is concerning to say the least Rocket.

      10. “Have you seen the Niners get chewed up in the passing game the past two weeks”

        They did on the Colts first possession last week, both Wayne and Heyward Bey had pretty good games, and Rodgers didn’t seem to have too much trouble with them, posting a rating 10 points higher than either game last year, when the exuse was the lack of pass rush.

        As I said, teams aren’t throwing much on them, so the pass defense looks better than it is. The 49ers have given up 351 yards on the ground the last 2 weeks, and been dominated in time of possession in the 3rd quarter of both.

        What does the Broncos defense have to do with the conversation? Nobody has referred to them as being among the top defenses in the league as they have with the 49ers.

      11. Mid and Jack,

        The yards per pass is going to be affected greatly from big plays when there are fewer attempts against them. The one big play they’ve give up the past two weeks was a 51 yard pass to Seattle on a broken play.

        That first drive against the Colts also included 2 questionable penalties Jack. The next 3 drives resulted in punts, the drive after that was extended by a holding penalty on 3rd down. That sure shows a defense that was struggling against the pass doesn’t it? Not to mention that we are talking about one of the better passing offenses in the league that put up 300+ against the Dolphins a week earlier.

        Here’s the bottom line guys: It was 13-7 in the 4th quarter with the Niner offense doing nothing. The Colts didn’t have a lot of success in the passing game and were running the ball to try and preserve a slim lead. They were able to do so because the Niner offense couldn’t move the ball or put any points on the board. Trying to blame the defense in any way for losing the past two games is absurd when the offense could not sustain drives and scored 10 points total.

      12. Trying to blame the defense in any way for losing the past two games is absurd when the offense could not sustain drives and scored 10 points total.

        The offense has been mostly been the reason, but the defense has played a role in the losses to Rocket. They have allowed too many yards on the ground when they shouldn’t, given up too many big plays caused by their mental lapses, and keep committing penalties that keep them on the field longer than they should be.

      13. Rodgers didn’t seem to have too much trouble with them, posting a rating 10 points higher than either game last year, when the exuse was the lack of pass rush.

        Well first off it’s Aaron Rodgers, and second his game in week one was quite similar to the first game last year. The difference was 30 yards and a TD. The Niner defense held him to pretty pedestrian numbers – for him anyway – in the playoff win.

        The biggest difference this year was he had a poor completion rate of 57% which dispels your theory that he didn’t have much trouble. He made some great throws and the DB’s missed some tackles, but the coverage was pretty good overall.

      14. Luck went 5-5, 48 yards on the first drive.

        No one in this thread has blamed the defense for the loss. Simply pointing out that they aren’t as good as many believe them to be. They’re overrated.

      15. Mid,

        The penalties I will agree with, but the rushing yards are due to the anemic offense which allowed Seattle and Indy to run the ball so many times. I’m not sure what you want them to do quite frankly. If they play base defense to stop the run against a 3 WR formation, they are leaving themselves open for big plays in the passing game. You never want to see big rushing yardage given up, but the fact is if the offense were giving them any help at all, that wouldn’t be the case.

        The defense has played a role in the losses, but their role is about 10% compared to 90% for the offense, and my point is Jack focusing on the defense is missing the boat as to why this team isn’t winning. The defense has played well enough to win; the offense has played like a Jr. Varsity B squad. That is why they aren’t winning. Maybe the defense will collapse at some point and look like the one that got shredded by the Falcons and Ravens in the playoffs, but they haven’t been that defense so far.

      16. I’m not sure what you want them to do quite frankly.

        1. Stop missing tackles.
        2. Stop commiting stupid penalties.
        3. Stop with the mental lapses.
        4. Follow step 1-3 so that they can get off the field

        The formations would probably be more successful if they did these four simple things Rocket.

      17. Luck went 5-5, 48 yards on the first drive.

        And was 12-21 for 111 yards the rest of the afternoon. That is a win for the defense.

        No one in this thread has blamed the defense for the loss. Simply pointing out that they aren’t as good as many believe them to be. They’re overrated.

        That’s not how any of this got started. It began when Grant gave the defense F’s against Seattle and you chimed in with an opinion that they got dominated in the running game, neither of which stood up to the evidence. Nobody has said they are a dominant defense. What they are is a defense that has played well enough to win the past two games if they were given any support from the offense.

      18. Mid,

        I agreed the penalties are a problem. The missed tackles have not been as prevalent the past two games and mental lapses are pretty much in line with penalties. I haven’t seen many if any breakdowns that have led to big plays. The defense is doing it’s job for the most part.

      19. Rocket,

        Grant had nothing to do with this thread. I started it with my blog post by saying that they are overrated.

        And they are. You say the defense hasn’t given up very many big plays, and you are correct, they haven’t. Instead they are giving up long time consuming drives.

        Against Seattle it was back to back 5+ minute 10 play 80 yard drives. Against Indianapolis it was 5 straight drives of 8+ plays starting in the 2nd quarter.

        Sure, it’s missed tackles, mental mistakes, stupid penalties, however you want to categorize it. It has now happened in back to back weeks.

        The 49ers pass defense for the entire 2012 season averaged 6.1 yards per attempt. However of the last 3 weeks they gave up an average of 7.0. Then in the postseason they gave up an average of 8.2. Now to start this season they have given up an average of 7.7.

        They have clearly declined.

      20. Jack, I’m not convinced the 49ers defense has really declined that much. As you said, and rocket highlighted, teams have simply figured them out – they realise they can run the ball on the nickel defense if they stick with it.

        This year teams have really attacked the nickel defense with the running game. It is a great strategy because, well, it works. In previous years teams have given up on it way too early. But the Seahawks last year and again this year showed uou can sustain drives going this avenue, and the 49ers only response so far has been to keep trying to prevent the big play, let the opposition eat up the clock, and hope the offense can score more points than them.

        What this really says is the defense was always over-rated, but in the past the 49ers were able to convince opponents to make themselves one dimensional by the 2nd half. More teams are now wise to this.

        The key moving forward will be whether Fangio has it in him to switch things up and game plan ways to stop the run when teams go 3 WR sets. I’ve suggested in other posts they should look to switch one of the pass rushing DEs with more of a run stuffing DE on 1st and 2nd downs. How would you approach it Jack (or anyone else)?

      21. Jack,

        You started a new thread but the topic is the same as it was after the Seattle game in that you and Grant didn’t think the defense played very well. You think they are overrated and that’s fine, but from what I’ve observed, the defense has done a pretty good job considering the offense has given them nothing the past two weeks. I think the defense would look a lot better if they could get some drives and points from the other side of the ball.

        Again, not saying this is the same caliber of defense as 2011, but this teams issue is clearly offensive futility at the moment. The performance of the defense pales in comparison to how bad the offense has been.


        Really good observation with the need to tighten up the run defense in Nickel. I think in those instances your idea has merit. Maybe they need to go with 3 big bodies and one OLB more often in those situations. They’ve done it at times but without Aldon, it might be something worth doing all the time.

      22. Thanks Rocket.

        I think the key thing is the defense will continue to struggle getting off the field until they solve the nickel defense woes against the run.

        I don’t think playing more base 3-4 is the solution against 3 WR sets, as that leaves an OLB covering a slot WR. So they need to find ways to stop teams extending drives by running it against their nickel defense.

      23. Jack,

        It seems to me we have to know what you feel their rating is, before your statement that they’re overrated can be evaluated.

        How do you think the 49ers’ defense is rated by those who you believe overrate it?

      24. Scooter,

        The Colts ran the ball well against the base defense, not just the nickle. They did to the 49ers what the 49ers used to do to other teams. They came out with their 12 and 22 personnel to keep the 49ers base defense on the field. Then they would shift into a variety of sets, often pulling the OLB off the line and covering the slot like you mention here.

        They did this repeatedly through the whole game and were picking up 3-4 yards a pop this way, because now the tackle was free to double team the end. It is easy to see why J Smith ended up grading out so poorly by PFF.

      25. Ex,

        I think that many still consider the 49ers defense to be at minimum an above average group. For the most part they are being given a pass because the offense has been struggling and many are blaming for their poor play.

        My feeling is that they are somewhere between the bottom half and bottom 1/4th of the league.

      26. Jack, I don’t thave the stats to back this up, but watching the games live it appears the biggest issue is by far stopping the run in nickel. The base defense appears to be doing a solid if unspectacular job stopping the run. But hey, that’s just my observation watching it live, so could be completely wrong.

      27. Scooter,

        For the first 2 weeks you were right. They did ok in base but struggled from the Nickle, especially when the opponent went from the shotgun.

        There was some of that against the Colts too, but they also struggled with them out of their base 3-4 because of what I mentioned above.

        You’ve got to hand it to Hamilton, he dictated the game to Fangio all day. He did it through formations and personnel groupings to put the defenders where he wanted them for his guys to succeed.

      28. Mid,

        It was more off guard stuff at the ends. The Colts took A Smith and Brooks off the edge by using formations that forced them to flex out.

        Once the 49ers adjusted and started bringing the safety down instead in the second half, Hamilton countered by using personnel to put them in Nickle. What hurt them in Nickle was the substitution of Dobbs and Jerod-Eddie inside.

      29. Thanks for letting me know Jack. I couldn’t watch the game this past Sunday, so I was guessing that the defense was poor due to Williams being knocked out for the season by a cheap shot.

      30. Jack,

        Thanks for the clarity.

        I couldn’t disagree with you more. The defense isn’t what it was in 2011, but it’s hard to see them outside the top third of defenses, and there is no way they’re not in the top half. At least that’s my opinion.

        Did you take into account that the opposition had the ball one and a half times longer than the 49ers in the last two games? The defense was on the field too long and it showed in both fourth quarters.

        We’ll see how it plays out.

      31. Jack, you bring up another interesting point in that last post. Fangio has been criticised in the past for not subbing his DL enough. This season he has started subbing the DL more, but there is a noticeable drop off in talent when Dobbs and Jerod-Eddie come in.

        This is something I’ve mentioned for a while, and why leading up to the draft I was keen on them drafting someone like Kawann Short. They got Carradine, and he may end up being good, but they could use better depth now. By neglecting the DL the past two drafts the 49ers have missed an opportunity to take a good defense and make it great in my opinion.

      32. Ex,

        “Did you take into account that the opposition had the ball one and a half times longer than the 49ers in the last two games?”

        Yes I did, and I believe that the defense as a lot to do with that. As I said in my post, “While the 49ers offense has struggled, that has nothing to do with the defense giving up back to back 10+ play, 5+ minute drives to open the second half the last two weeks.”

        And it even goes further than that. Against Indianapolis the defense gave up five straight drives of 8+ plays beginning in the second quarter. The average Colts possession lasted 6.6 plays. That’s not on the offense. This defense is struggling to get themselves off the field.

      33. Ex is getting old. He pulled that number out of his arse. Made it up.

        I don’t think so, Pascal.

        Week 2 Time of Possession
        49ers 23:17
        Seahawks 36:43

        Note: 36 = 24 x 1.5

        Week 3 Time of Possession
        49ers 23:35
        Rams 36:25

        Again, 36 = 24 x 1.5

        49ers 46:52 (let’s say 47 for ease of calculation)
        Opponents 73:08 (let’s say 73 for ease of calculation)

        73/47 = 1.55

        It would appear Ex’s statement that “the opposition had the ball one and a half times longer than the 49ers in the last two games” was an accurate assessment of the actual facts.

        You must have been projecting again when you said that he pulled the number out of his a$$. Not everyone treats facts as casually as you do.

        Also, aren’t you supposed to be an engineer?

      34. Thx, CB.


        I should’ve gone with 60%, instead of one and a half times. Don’t misunderstand, they’re the same thing, but maybe you would’ve understood what I was saying. Well, probably not.

        Whenever you have the urge to challenge anyone who uses math to support their opinion, find a dark room, lay down quietly and wait for the impulse to pass. You’re record on such challenges is mind bogglingly bad.

        What kind of “engineer” are you, building or domestic.?

      35. Jack,

        I get what you’re saying, it’s obviously not only a time if possession issue, but the 49ers were within one TD deep into both if the last two games. So, despite some less than impressive stats, the defense kept the games within reach until the fourth quarter.

        All I’m saying is being overused in both games might’ve had something to do with the apparent breakdown if the 49ers D.

  23. We are going to have to run successfully to win this game. Our receivers are crap and can’t get off the line. Boldin has never been a number one receiver and Kyle Williams, would not be a # 1 receiver in Arena Football. Time for Patton to play well and Baldwin could be our ace in the hole, he is big and fast, but wearing street clothes on the side line not going to help. I would even play the guy that we took from the Seahawks at cut time. Time for a change. As Albert Einstein said. “Insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Got that Roman noodle.

    1. Neal (real deal) – I agree but when do we hold John Morton accountable for not developing these WR’s? Crap rolls downhill right?
      Solari should get a splash of caca on him too for O-line not dominating.

      1. Crabs
        I hear you, these other coaches need to be more accountable, although it is hard to develop receivers that I do not think are NFL material. Now you have to go back with Trent and Jimbo. The Grant column a few weeks ago, he was right on, that we seems not to be able to catch a break with a good receiver from the college level.

    2. Neal,

      Boldin was the Ravens #1 receiver for the past three years. We’ve hardly seen Patton on the field. The receivers are not crap; they are inexperienced and haven’t gotten a chance to play much. If Baldwin were the Ace in the hole he’d be playing but he isn’t which tells us he either is not doing much in practice or doesn’t have a handle on the playbook yet. I’d love to see him play but he’s obviously not there yet. Maybe this week or next.

      1. Rocket,

        Our receiver’s are way too small, and are being man handled by bigger corners on the line of scrimmage. We are very predictable and unless we established the run, we will see more of the same. Baldwin might play as Kyle Williams has sore ribs and pretty much ineffective, perhaps won’t be on the field as much.

      2. I believe Williams is the only one under 6 ft. Neal. Boldin is built like a brick sh*t house. The problem with getting off the line was more pronounced in Seattle than this past week, but it’s still something they have to work on. The fact they went away from the WR motion and bunch formations that worked so effectively against GB doesn’t help either.

      3. Patton will only get better.

        Remember, it is easy to beat on a lame horse. Grant will have 8 games to look like a champ, after that, after we start getting healthy, after teams start taking us lightly, things will change…no one will want us come mid November and December. Hopefully, we make the wildcard, cause once in playoffs we will be a team with a chip on its shoulder.

  24. OK, here’s a little tease of Grant, though almost all on this site are guilty of the same transgression from time to time; even yours truly (gasp!).
    “…got destroyed by the Cowboys, a .500 team the last two seasons.”
    In order to make a point about the Rams’ suckiness, he chooses to downgrade the opponent who beat them, just for emphasis. “a .500 team” Some here were pointing out that .500 thing a few weeks ago yet he had the ‘boys as his SB faves. So why not: ‘The Rams couldn’t keep up with the Dallas Juggernought”?
    Just kidding around, but you see? ; >)

  25. I wrote this on an earlier post. But it seemed appropriate for this post too.

    It’s almost like Roman has fallen in love with the big play ability of Kaep’s potential. Without deep analysis on my part, it seems like he needs to dial it back some at times and go back to playing for field position.

    I think the Rams game will be a good test for both Kaep and Roman. Their defense can control the line of scrimmage. It will probably be a slow, knock down, slug it out affair (unless they get Tavon Austin going against Rogers). Roman may need to play for field position and Kaep play the part of patient game manager that has to wait for his big play opportunities.

    There’s a chicken and egg question about the defense. Has the offense’s propensity for early 3 and outs contributed to the defense becoming softer? Or has the softer defense caused the offensive game plan to change from ball control and field position to a more explosive and riskier game plan (thus more 3 and outs) because they don’t have as much confidence in the defense?

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head. Roman has fallen for Colin’s big play ability and is no longer trying to create a game plan of scheme. Tim Kawakami wrote a great article about how the Niners had an identity on all sides when Alex was QB, because they had to work around his limitations. So they came together and were efficient. Now they are a very sloppy, undisciplined team, thinking that Colin can bail them out.
      But now Colin is showing a lot of inconsistency and poor decision making.
      Who would have thought that this Thursday Night game could potentially knock down this House of Cards?
      I think this is an important game because the Niners needed to be humbled in the Harbaugh era. They’ve made too many excuses on why they didn’t beat the Giants in the title game, and the Ravens in the Superbowl. Time to build some character.

      1. That was a good article Fan and I meant to post a link to it as it made a great point about how the offense has made everything run through Kap as opposed to what made it successful before.

  26. Well, after last Sunday’s stinker at the Stick, maybe going on the road will be a good thing. Without Willis and Aldon, Fangio’s defense will have to step up. Wilhoite, Lemonier and Skuta will have to be up to the challenge. The offense will have to regroup and execute. Vernon will be back. This team has a lot of pride…and I think we’ll see that in St. Louis.

    1. I will be looking for the veterans on the D to step up…especially Bowman. I will also be curious if Fangio goes to more dime packages with Willis out. I would note that the defensive holding call that essentially ended the game Sunday was on Wilhoite covering Fleener – although I thought it should have been illegal contact as opposed to holding.

  27. >>Last Sunday they got destroyed by the Cowboys, a .500 team the past two seasons.

    OK Grant what is it? Cowboys – a .500 team the past two seasons. Or Cowboys – a team on their way to the best conference record and SB victory this season? One or the other might or might not excuse the level of play shown by the Rams and how it bodes for tomorrow’s game.

  28. If the Rams “own” Harbaugh, like several have said, then it was David Akers who sold him into slavery last year. Had Akers not missed two game winning field goals, Harbaugh would have c0ntinued to “own” the Rams as always.

      1. Akers’ missed field goal and Delanie’s drop would not have mattered if Keapernick had not first been called for intentional grounding from his own end zone on a play that originated from the 17 yard line, or the poor option pitch over Ginn’s head.

        The defense didn’t give up any points until Zuerlein tied the game up on the final play of regulation with a 53 yard field goal.

        That’s not anti CK, that’s just reality.

  29. Jack,

    If I read your post on your blog correctly, you are saying the defense has been regressing since Harbaugh and crew came aboard. Is this a fair statement?

      1. Space,

        Thanks for asking. I’m working on it, and should have it up tomorrow morning. Waiting for injury information from St Louis.

      2. Keep an eye on RB Daryl Richardson Jack. He was a full time participant in Tuesday’s Rams practices but is currently dealing with a foot injury.

  30. Um grant… I know u tend to be as neutral as possible but Aldon is probably our 6th best run defender and best pass rusher. We’ve played 3 play-off teams so far, got physically punished in Seattle and by the Colts. This is the best possible game we can ask for after two defeats, a short week against a devision foe.

  31. The only team that has shown undeniable ownage of the 49ers is the c-hawks.

    The game last year against the Giants was a sound beat-down, but not ownage. The championship game a couple years ago was a heartbreaking loss, but did not in any way prove to be ownage because we could have easily won that game except for a couple of mistakes.

    Seattle on the other hand…. well.

  32. I see the children are at play again, SMH.

    Kap’s performance has been atrocious over the last 2 games. He is the starter now, and be called out if he plays poorly, no excuses….

    1. I agree.

      I also think it is important to see if CK is progressing as a QB through all this adversity. Will be go backwards like Cam Newton or overcome and stabilize his pocket presence and go through progressions like Luck.

      I don’t mind dropping a few games if it makes our team stronger and doesn’t impede us getting into the tournament.

    2. Absolutely agree txtree.
      But the Alex Smith comparisons are over-the-top. I know that Greg Cossell is not very popular around here, but he said something today that I would tend to agree with.
      He said “that there are no teams that would chose Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick.”

      CK has been underachieving over the last two games. But that’s two games. The season is far from over and the 49er Faithful should make their assessments on the team and each player at the end of the season.
      But hey, I guess that’s a pipe dream on my end (lol).

      1. These are the lastest pieces available Shawnrhod. I will post them regardless of whether they are positive or negative because they usually involve the franchise in some shape or form.

    1. MidWestNiner:

      I can’t tell whether this is a problem or not. You have to expect repercussions when you pee in someone’s car. This video also makes it seem like the fights almost comical:

      That said, it seems like fights at Candlestick have become commonplace. Has it always been like that, or have fed up Raiders fans been switching their allegiance to the 49ers?

    2. Did you see that one comment? ‘Niner fans are tougher than Niners’
      That’s so wrong on so many levels, but, ahem, I did laugh.

    3. It’s only goin to get worst when dec 8th comes around. And if these bandwagon fans start talking crap like they do on their keyboards out loud at a game. I’m betting some fans are going to call them out.
      All of the pages and blogs I’ve been reading this week consists of 9er on 9er attacks. I don’t personally condone fighting over a team, but if you come out to a teams stadium and run your mouth. I can’t feel sorry for you when you get dropped. It’s a new age in sf. The old wine and cheese fans are fading away. Every game I go to I see tons of punks walking around with red on not knowing crap about the team. It’s pathetic. And embarrassing.

      1. Yep CB. It seems to me it’s the Raider ‘fans’ who go tired of the total ineptitude across the bay and decided to jump on the Niner bandwagon. There has always been a few punks, but the amount of young people who just want to deck themselves out in red and talk smack while grabbing their junk has really increased the last few years. As MD said, it’s pathetic and embarrassing.

  33. According to Grant, a scenario for a 49ers recovery is booze and chicks. No need to play this game, folks, because Grant says they’ll lose.

    Niners 38, Lams 13

  34. It won’t surprise me if the 49ers by the 6th week will be 1-5 record. The 49ers where to busy admiring harbaughs Qb kap, but in reality the other NFL teams got better also in the off season, and they also went and got players that can play defense against Qb’s like Kap and the niners. NFL teams have a pretty good idea now how to defend against Qb like Kap that runs with the football. When kap can’t run and Gore can run the 49er’s offense becomes one dementional.

      1. BayTimex,

        Jack has forgotten more about football than you will ever know.


        I know you know that really isn’t a complement. I’m not saying you don’t know plenty about football, just pointing out that I could’ve put almost anyone’s name in my comment to BayTimex and it would’ve worked. It’s not that high of a bar to clear.

  35. “According the the Santa Clara DA, Aldon Smith was stabbed after he fired the warning shot at his party” From Henry Lee of the Chronicle.

  36. Cannot really argue with the points, the Niners are struggling. Like I’ve said, 4-4 is acceptable in the first 8 games in my opinion. It is what we do after we start getting healthy after the bye that will determine are season. Right now, it is survival mode. Love my Niners, but the injury curse that we have avoided for two straight years is upon us.

      1. What he should do is stay the hell away from twitter. It’s just a distrsction and neither he nor any other member of the team needs that right now.

    1. Good point oneniner. The kid (Kaep) I used to see at Pittman High would not take to kindly to a loss (in all sports).

      It will be very interesting to see his demeanor tonight.

  37. New to posting on here, but I’ve been following and reading this blog since the second half of last year! First off its a lot of trolling on here, just people trying to get inside other people’s feelings lol! to become a great winner you must fail miserably a few times, every great player in any sport has done so! So to read anything into Cks last 2 performances and judging him off that is foolish! Everybody has bad games and every great player has had stretches of poor play, give him the time to adjust! Ck will be fine, the niners will be fine!
    The defense has played well for the most part, but they’re gassing in the second half due to no substained drives by our offense! We need to get back to smash mouth football to set up the pass like we did last year! Let Kap throw it only 20 to 25 times, simple quick routes, get Patton and Kyle in open space! Even hit James out the back field like NO uses Sproles! The offense needs to be simplified, simple as that!

    1. 4life – Welcome to the blog!…good post… yeah you need 2 inch thick rhino skin to survive long term in here. I hope you stick around bro.
      I agree with all of your comments except for the Kyle Williams usage. He’s no Wes Welker. It’s time for the youngsters to prove they belong on the field.

    2. The sample size of CK’s work is way too small to anoint him the GOAT. However, the eyeball test is that he is in fact regressing, for a variety of reasons. Let’s hope that he learns from the past two games, and get better.

    3. 49er4life,

      Welcome to the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

      I like your post. Of course, it’s exactly how I feel (most of the time, anyway), so why wouldn’t I like it?

      I do feel the doubt creeping in occasionally, especially when I read comments from the Debbie Downer of the blog, Jack Hammer (colon / closed parentheses).

      Should the 49ers lose tomorrow, it will be hard to remain sanguine and I may even join Jack’s dark side.

  38. As if the 49ers didn’t already have enough players out with injuries, Anthony Davis is listed Questionable (shoulder) for tomorrow night.

  39. I think the plus side of Asomugha being out for Thursday’s game is that Asomugha won’t be playing. He’s been a prime target/liability in the passing game so far this season (like we knew he would). This will give Cox, Brock, and Morris a chance to step up. There might actually be better coverage. I’m also excited to see Lemonier get substantial playing time.

    On offense I just want to see our guys come out and get rolling fast. We’re going to be in a hostile environment, we can’t afford to run a bunch of plays that take time to develop. Simple and effective.

  40. Crabs15, Midwest, ExGolfer

    Appreciate the official welcome bros!

    Fansince77 by your logic, Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers are regressing too lmao! My eyeball tells me Kap has had more good games than bad! No one on here has anointed him the GOAT! Simply said he had the potential to be ONE of the greats! His mental make up, and drive tells me that he does have the potential to be great! Way to early to hit the panic button, if fails continuously when he gets his full compliment of receivers back then will talk regression! Not to mention Lattimore waiting in the wings hungry as ever! I’ll hate to call you out on your trolling already bro! But til I do that I guess I have to respect your opinion!

    1. Well alot of people on this site have anointed Colin as the best thing ever. And the minute you bring up facts — well you can read. I’m not the only one that has said Colin’s regressed. Practically all the reporters are stating the obvious.
      A lot of players the potential, now that he’s the starter he has to live up to it. I hope he does!

      1. 49er4life,

        Welcome to the blog. I must commend you for recognizing the fluff from this particular poster and Alex Smith fan. You’ll be amazed at how many are still here. Some here are Smith fans that are still upset with the benching and
        the trade. Especially fan77. He doesn’t
        seem to realize how bias he sounds
        when he speaks on Kap. He has never
        believed in Kap. These last 2 games is what he’s been waiting for from Kap so he could troll.

        Its good to see someone that can keep it real and see through the crap from the trolls. Lap will be fine and he will play well this week. At least we 49er fans hope as such. We will see. Less than 24 hours to go. Go Niners!

      2. 23 Paxon
        I’m not biased. I’m just offering my opinion and it bothers you because you can’t make an argument that is valid. Facts are facts. All you care about is the stats.
        You would rather lose with Colin then win with Smith.

      3. Fansince77,

        Is may be semantics, but after two subpar offensive games (not all Kaep’s fault, IMO, plenty of blame to go around), which is more appropriate? Kaep has regressed, or Kaep has hit a little bit of a dip in his development? I’ll go with the latter.

      4. exgolfer,
        It’s not the end of the world if her has regressed. He has to suck it up and play better. He looked completely confused against an average defense.
        Even if he has great stats against the Rams, it’s clear now that it’s going to be a bumpy ride this year.
        The coaches did not help him in the Indy game, that’s for sure…

      5. Fan77,

        Who is this lot of people you speak of? Exaggerate much?

        Kap has regressed? Exaggerate much? After 2 games?

        You wanted Manning? Yeah right!!

      6. Fan…. How is it a fact that they would have win with smith? After reading some of your comments yesterday, I wonder WHO you’ve been a fan of since 77.
        You sound no different than these chumps jumping ship after two games. They rolled up their brand new car flags and stuffed them under the seat, brand new hats are on the rack and new shirts hanging in the closet. So you sound like one of two fans I could never stand (bandwagon) if you will…..

        1 those clowns that claimed they were a Niner fan in the 70′s when they stunk (eh emm meaning they were a damn raider fan) and rode the success of the 80′s with raider guilt.

        2 or these all of a sudden “die hard” fans who can’t name a single coach besides Harbaugh and stink of new apparel.

        I’ve met your type plenty of times. And you’re the reason other fans laugh at the fan base in sf.

      7. Ninermd

        Do you know who Monte Clark was? Or Joe Thomas?
        Who wore #18? Do you even know which year Joe Montana was drafted?

        Did you know OJ Simpson was 9er?

        Like I said, anyone who offers any criticism or comment on Colin gets branded as a Smither and not a fan while they get a free pass for whining about how bad Smith was, when the team was winning!!!!

        23 Jordan — You still rooting for the Bulls? Can you even name a Bull besides Pippan? Do you even know who coached Jordan in college?

  41. The Niners will be wanting to get inside pressure on the QB. Any pressure, of course! But inside pressure in this case. I think the Rams will anticipate Fangio resorts to some blitzes, and they’ll scheme for it. If they can catch some inside blitzes with some screens, they’ll be happy. Who’s going to block Long? Boone? Snyder? Celek in to help meaning fewer receivers downfield?
    OK, so the bigger picture is that the team is going through adversity, and let’s see what they do about it. One-game results are unlikely. Let’s see where they are Week#8. In fairness though, if they want week-8 to be respectable, they’d better get some sh*# started soon!
    Final thought from a registered Old Fart: WTF with Twitter, Kap & everybody else? Dang, CK gets an account, dribbles his every thought, and then a whole buncha of mf’s insulting him. Who the heck needs that aggravation? I’ve got no account and don’t have Trolls f+*%#€# with me.
    Just sayin’.

  42. The lamest most ignorant comment is when people say”your not a real 49er fan” because someone doesnt agree with them..Thats the most petty sh#t ever..Everyone here is a fan or they wouldnt be here..I freeking hate that!
    In my opinion the defense has regressed but both games were winnable up untill the 4th quarter..The offense had done nothing and our d was bone tired..29 teams in the NFl wojld die to have our defence..
    Our offense aint scaring anyone..Kaep has been figured out..our wr core is one of the worst I can remember and our o line is garbage all of the sudden….Just my 2 cents…

    And after all that my friends the Niners are going to win the SB…They remind me of the giants team a few years back..Every year the dominant team usually never wins the SB..Just like the Ravens last year..Week 6 were gonna be healthy and get Mario back..We go on a roll and win it all..Go head and archive this..see u in Febuary

  43. 23 Jordan, appreciate the welcome bro!

    Fans77 reporters get paid to stir the pot and cause controversy, anything othe than that would be boring on they’re behalf! They get paid for that though! How much you make off your trollmanship? But again I respect your opinion, until I find that you truly troll for nothing! Again 2 games of poor play doesn’t scream regression when the game before those 2 games he threw for 412 and 3 tds, we all know what he did in the playoffs last year!

    1. I called fanofanyteamexceptthe49ers77 out last year. He was a troll then, and just further exposed now. The DBag can paint it, explain it, any way he wants. He’s a troll.

      1. Michael Bay Area Philly Fanatic,

        You gave up on your genius detective work last year when I specifically told you that I was not a Smither. I told you that I would have traded for Peyton Manning. I told you to look for it. And yet somehow when I called you out, you stopped pulling up my posts, which you took out of context.

        But all your name calling tactics are a clear diversion to the topic at hand — which is that Colin could be a flash in the pan, I hope not, but why don’t we look at his play for this year:
        GB — Awesome!
        SEA — Sucked
        INDY — Sucked worse

        He better start playing better, because the coaching staff put it all on him.

        The Defense also has to step up. Maybe if they didn’t have so many 3 and outs, if only they had a game manager to give some rest.
        If only……….

      2. You are not a 49er fan…. I wanted Payton too. He’s not here, he’s in Denver. Go root for Denver if you want. Our quarterback is Colin Kaepernick. Hope you enjoyed the superbowl he carried us to last year. 49er fans only….

      3. I root for the 9ers regardless of who is at QB. I would criticize that starting QB if he sucked regardless of who it is.
        That starting QB is CK and two awful losses when the offense is anemic will get you criticized Son!
        No wait, you’re a grumpy old man….

  44. Go 49ers!

    If you wanna make a life playing in a rock and roll band
    You’ve got to take a chance and don’t look back
    There ain’t no easy way, you can’t fake it
    You’ve got to be yourself, don’t follow the pack
    When it seems you’ll never get a break
    You’ve got to make a vow to keep the faith

    You got to fight
    For all that you believe in
    You’ve got to fight
    It’s you against the world
    Stand up and fight
    Stand up and fight

    If you’re looking for the light of inspiration
    Waiting for your story to be told
    When music is your life and your vocation
    You’ve got to give your soul to rock and roll
    When things around you start to fall apart
    Don’t forget what drove you from the start

    You got to fight
    For all that you believe in
    You’ve got to fight
    It’s you against the world
    Stand up and fight
    Stand up and fight

    It’s never easy living on the breadline
    When every day you’re following your dream
    If you catch the rising star, you might make it
    But nothing’s ever as easy as it seems
    When it seems you’ll never get a break
    You’ve got to make a vow to keep the faith

    You got to fight
    For all that you believe in
    You’ve got to fight
    It’s you against the world
    Stand up and fight
    Stand up and fight

  45. Note to Coach Harbaw: win or lose tonight,
    let’s ditch the postgame locker room cheer:
    “who’s got it better than us” ….. NOBODY….. okay?

    It’s sorta like the Gatorade shower;
    ya need to save it for a big win.
    No, this year it has gotta be reserved for a Super Bowl victory.
    Otherwise, you pissed away the season.
    (feeling that Lombardi monkey on your back…??)

    Alex Smith (enjoying my extra prep time before meeting the Giants)

    1. You are a Dbag. Who could possibly have it better than us is a family mantra. In victory and in defeat you have to look at reasons why you are blessed. That is what this speech signifies imo. Crawl back under your rock troll.

      1. Since Columbus Day is coming up……

        CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: Bay Area Fanatic, I know this may come as a surprise to you, but the world is round.
        BAY AREA FANATIC: #$@#!!!! Christopher!!!! It’s flat! Get out of here you troll!!! Hey everybody, Chris is a troll!!! &^@#^%!!!!!

      2. Hey Dbagtroll77,
        I don’t see a lot of folks coming to your defense. You are transparent. Go to Denver, cheer Manning on since that is what you wanted all along…. Buh bye.

      1. Thank you Lion.

        Oh yeah. Kaepernick played very well from the pocket last year. The question should be if he played over his head last year and is coming back to reality this season.

        We’ll fine out over the next few weeks.

    1. Jack, thanks for getting that one up this morning. I hope Roman does what you suggest with Gore and using play action. That makes the most sense. But with Roman, it’s a hard call. Most of us are expecting a heavy dose of the running game from the get-go, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he tries to get Kaepernick into a groove with some high-percentage passes early. As long as that doesn’t result in quick 3 ‘n outs, that might not be a bad thing. But at some point, the running game is what will be needed to win this game.

      13-9 sounds about right. I don’t think the winner of this game scores more than 16 points, but heck, I would take a 6-3 score if the 49ers can get the win.

      1. Thanks Space.

        We’ll see what Roman does. He tried the quick easy throw approach at the beginning of the last game and Kaepernick threw a worm burner to Kyle Williams. The 49ers need to stick with the ground game, no doubt, but they need Kaepernick to stay calm, go through his progression and make some throws too.

      2. Jack: I would add to your summary that I would be nice if someone other than Bouldin made a tough first down catch or two for Kap to help give him a little confidence and keep drives going. Like Patton on that seam pattern last week (you gave him half the blame on that pass). I thought Williams could have caught another pass that was behind him but did hit his hands. Both tough catches but even if Kap is still a little shaky in the pocket, it would be nice if he had confidence in someone other Bouldin to help him out with a touch catch if necessary.

    2. Good stuff as usual Jack. I hope for Kaepernick’s sake they do go with a heavy does of running and play action, to try and ease him back into the groove.

    3. Another job well done Jack. Though Rogers’ coverage in the slot will be critical, I think that someone needing to step up in the receiving corps behind Davis and Boldin is the bigger concern right now. The passing game can’t afford to have those two being the only legitimate options.

  46. Here’s what drives me nuts about this team. I predicted the Niners would have issues at receiver and absolutely had to bring in a free agent or make a trade. We did neither. Now we are paying for it.
    Taking a look at Brandon Lloyd would not have killed anyone. If it doesn’t work out then cut him. To not bring him in because you prefer to stay away from certain personalities is lazy.
    Refresh my memory, when can Manningham come back?

    1. “Here’s what drives me nuts about this team. I predicted the Niners would have issues at receiver and absolutely had to bring in a free agent or make a trade. We did neither.”

      They traded for Boldin.

      “Taking a look at Brandon Lloyd would not have killed anyone. If it doesn’t work out then cut him. To not bring him in because you prefer to stay away from certain personalities is lazy.”

      They did reach out to Lloyd, but were told that Lloyd was not interested in coming back to football.

      “Refresh my memory, when can Manningham come back?”

      Week 7

      1. Boldin did nothing for them if they didn’t have a true number one. They needed an experienced receiver who could command the attention of the oppositions number one CB.
        As for Lloyd, we did not contact him. He retired because he didn’t receive the attention that he wanted. But please provide proof of the contrary if you have it. I doubt it exists…

      2. C’mon Bay do some homework before you start throwing out more of your false claims. I’m now starting to feel embarrassed for you.
        BTW Canada is not overseas from the USA. I can send you a map of the world if you don’t believe me!

      3. Thanks for the link Jack. I stand corrected. Restores some of my faith.
        @ Prime, lets just say this, Canada is a foreign country that lets a douche like you live there….

      4. Since Columbus Day is coming up……

        CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: Bay Area Fanatic, I know this may come as a surprise to you, but the world is round.
        BAY AREA FANATIC: #$@#!!!! Christopher!!!! It’s flat! Get out of here you troll!!! Hey everybody, Chris is a douche!!! &^@#^%!!!!!

      5. Dbag77,
        A better example would have been Christopher Columbus bagging on his brand new ship the Nina. And the entire time they are sailing he keeps making comments that he wished he has the “other” ship that the Spaniards sold to the Portuguese. At that point, the crew of the Nina would hopefully get tired and throw his ass off the side of the ship. Dbag….. This room I repeat is for 49er fans…

    2. In addition to the Boldin trade, there were free agent WR signings too. Some didn’t make the team (like Austin Collie and Lavelle Hawkins), but one did (Marlon Moore, though I can’t fathom why).

      1. I think Moore keeps his spot until the staff feels the Jenkins fiasco is sufficiently behind them… Or when MM or MC are brought back. Whichever comes first.

  47. Well, we’ll see how the Niners face adversity this week. I sure hope they keep their poise better than the fans on this blog have (not) kept ours.

  48. IMO – Best Niner/Rams game ever was in 1975. I was a nine year old little squirt and was listening to the game on a palm-sized transistor radio. I lived in SoCal but I still hated the Rams.
    Entering the game the Rams had won 10 straight games over Niners. This game was at the LA Coliseum and then Niners pulled it out 24-23. Thanks to Rams kicker Tom “stub foot” Dempsey’s missed extra point, Niners trailed by only 2 pts (23-21) with only a couple minutes left. Niners drove to Rams 37 yard line with 30 seconds left…On 4th down
    Steve Mike-Mayer lines up for 54 yard fg attempt. I almost was going caca in my pants before the kick. Mike-Mayer nailed it and I went nuts….I still remember sitting in driveway waiting for the newspaper to come to my house left following morning. Die hard for life! Good times!

    1. Ha, good memory there Crabs. For me it’s the 1989 NFCC. Rams were coming in riding high. 49ers showed them who the kings of the hill were – 30-3

      1. C Balls – You talkin to me? Easy fella…half the time (now) I’m bloggin roadside or with a frickn subway footlong in one hand. Occasionally I’ll “extreme multi-task” (blog one hand, steer with knees, slam a big gulp and check out the hot chick walkin by). The hottie that’s undressing me with her eyes.
        What’s your deal C Balls? This aint fixin to be no English class cuz.

      1. Add to that ’88 with the “he might be the best back in the league” run by Craig. Also, after they beat the Rams at home in ’81 to take a two game lead in the Division, I was walking out of the game and I heard a guy saying “We’re going to the Super Bowl”. I thought he was nuts – the Niners don’t go to Super Bowls (boy was I wrong). Throw in the “Same old Rams” game…oh boy do I love beating the Rams.

    2. My favorite was when kenchen scored a quick td on us as the rams were supposed to “threaten” the 49ers that season and he go’s over to the goal post and starts the ken Norton heavy bag punching. I believe that was the only time they scored, and as fate would have it, K Norton got a pick 6 and of course went over to the goalpost and gave a little extra power in his punches. Directed squarely at Kenchen and the rams. Classic!

  49. On a different note Robinson Cano wants a 10 year $305 million contract. You got to be kidding, they already got burned with A-Rod deal.

  50. “fierce devotion to winning”
    (some journalist’s description of Mister Harbaw)
    will not automatically produce a victory over the Rams.

    What we are looking at… in a few hours… is…
    to quote the coach himself… a football fight.
    Hope the Niners bring it.
    Hope-a, hope-a, hope-a…

  51. “Importance of getting pressure: Sam Bradford’s accuracy percentage when not pressured is 91.1% (best), when pressured it’s 47.4% (30th).” – From PFF

    Who is going to put the pressure on tonight?

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