Rob Schneider wants to buy the 49ers

Local comedian and Hollywood actor Rob Schneider made San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York an offer via Twitter this past Monday afternoon:

Chances are slim York would sell the 49ers to Schneider and his “consortium,” or to anyone for that matter. But if York were willing to sell, would you want the buyer to be the star of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo? Why or why not?

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  1. Ah… Hell NO!!!

    Not unless a whole bunch of competent people were the real owners and his share was like 0.001% and meaningless.

  2. Why not? Any Owner is fine as long as they stay out of the way in making football decisions. At least Rob Schneider loves his favorite team and wants to win unlike the Yorks!

  3. Brent Jones and Steve Young should team up with Larry Ellison to form a consortium to buy the Niners, then they would have solid backing to get the Niners back to their winning culture.

    1. Larry Ellison-Owner
      Steve Young – GM
      Brent Jones – PFO
      David Shaw – HC
      Joe Montana- OC
      Ronnie Lott – DC

      (and then I woke up)

  4. Schneider’s sarcasm seems well placed given there are nothing but clowns involved with the organization. One fewer now that Baalke is gone. Adam Sandler could be President- didn’t he have a staring role in The Water Boy and other sport related films? Way more experience right there than the York’s combined.

    1. It seems that the problem with the franchise is centered in the total lack of a proper organizational structure. To much interference in area’s by people who meddle in area’s of responsibility that are not theirs. This makes it unfair to those that are ultimately responsible for things they did not have control over. People making decisions that when they go south end up being put on the shoulders of those that really had no control over. Authority and accountability must go hand in hand. This all falls back on Jed. He is clueless as to what proper organizational structure entails. Of course this makes it easy for him and those in his circle to pass the buck of blame down. This is why anyone with a brain would never work for the Yorks. It all goes back to the tops pattern of interference and then deferring accountability when it blows up.

  5. Schneider is an anti-vaxer. I think it’s a fair bet he’d be even worse than Jed, as unlikely as that may seem.

  6. Not that unusual that a consortium of comedians want to purchase the 49er franchise. I mean comedians are always in the market for JOKES .

    1. So funny love your post guys you guys buy the team it would be # 1 again Walsh era or let’s just get trump the boss swamp them all that is the ticket

    2. So funny love your post guys you guys buy the team it would be # 1 again Walsh era or let’s just get trump the boss swamp them all that is the ticket

  7. This team passed Cleveland last year as the NFL’s top comedic act. What’s one more comedian owner, more or less. Being the top talent on NFL’s “Football Follies is an honor, thx, York family.

  8. A publicity stunt. Rob Schneider’s net worth has been estimated to be around 15 million dollars. A team like the 49er’s would be in excess of 200 million dollars based on past sales of successful NFL teams. “You CAN’T do it”.

    1. Actually its closer to $2B.. As I think this is the peak the Yorks should sell. Because they have no where to go but down from here

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