Rob Rang on Davis and Iupati

Here are the comments of’s Rob Rang on the 49ers’ first-round draft choices of 2010.

Anthony Davis:
“I thought it was unlikely Anthony Davis required moving up. But he certainly fills a need. I thought he was the most gifted player, in terms of size and athletic ability, of the entire group of offensive tackles in the draft. And he certainly fills a key area of need for the club. The biggest knock,

 of course, was the passion. But that’s where Singletary does so well. I think he’s a great fit for that team.”

Mike Iupati:
“My one reservation is that he’s a guy who could get by on sheer strength and size at the college level. At the Senior Bowl you saw a tendency to latch on to someone and not slide laterally. But I’m a big fan of Mike Solari – he’ll coach that kid up. And with really athletic offensive tackles, which the 49ers have on both sides now, you can protect him a little.

“What I absolutely love, he’s the best pure drive blocker in the draft. As good as the 49ers were at running the football last year, they had so many short-yardage plays that didn’t work. These guys should really help.”

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