Robert Saleh: ‘I felt like we could have kept (the Panthers) under 10.’



This is the transcript of Robert Saleh’s Week 2 Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Bear with me, I’m doing a story on the history of this defense that you’re playing. I was just wondering how far do the influences go back? Can you go back to the old Raiders and how they played press and maybe former NFL defensive coordinator Floyd Peters and what he did?

“Coach [Seattle Seahawks head coach] Pete [Carroll] always told stories back then. I couldn’t get you many details on all that on my recall of what those stories were. I’m sure with coach Carroll and [former NFL defensive coordinator] coach [Monte] Kiffin there’s a lot of football knowledge. To really pinpoint where all this stuff came from, that’d be more of a question for him.”


With coach Kiffin, obviously he was a Tampa-Two, it was more of a two-deep thing. Now it’s more of a one-deep thing. How did you get from the two to the one?

“The principles of it all remain the same, where you’re in so much vision and emphasizing fundamentals and technique over scheme. There’s similarities obviously. If you really looked at it from a scheme standpoint you could kind of say, ‘Well he’s just like the hook player.’ Or, ‘He’s just like the buzz player.’ Whatever you want to call it. So, there’s similarities there and how it got to cover one was it’s all in philosophy and how you’re trying to approach things I guess.”


Are you able to rely on your familiarity with that offense, having practiced against it during your time there? Or do you look at it that they’re drastically different?

“There’s some similarities, but also it’s been almost three years now. Little over three years. So, I’m sure there’s a lot of nuances. I couldn’t even tell you what the verbiage was back then. I don’t have the recall on that. But, when you watch a tape they have a ton of playmakers and they do a great job putting those playmakers in positions to make plays. That has remained consistent. Of course, it always starts with their run game. They try to establish a line of scrimmage and [Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach] coach [Tom] Cable does a great job getting those guys ready to play. Again, from a familiarity standpoint and their message, understanding what they try to do offensively maybe. But, they’re a well-coached football team and they’ve got playmakers all over the place.”


What were some of your more memorable duties when you were up there?

“It was a cool time. Just from a memory standpoint, just swallowing and absorbing all that information that was there. From philosophy to [Los Angeles Chargers defensive coordinator] coach [Gus] Bradley and preparation. [Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator] coach [Ken] Norton [Jr.] and his view from a player perspective. There’s just so much information to gather that I had not been exposed to as an individual. So, my growth as a man, as a coach, as a person. That would be the most memorable thing for me. Just the overall information that was allotted to us.”


In some ways that defense that year was historically good. When you were in the middle of it, did you realize that you were a part of something special there?

“Yeah. Because I was in Houston for six years before that. We had decent defenses, but you recognize, it was like right when we got there. Like, ‘Man these guys are a lot different than what we had in Houston,’ at that time. To see those guys just taste a little bit of success and to see [Seattle Seahawks S] Earl [Thomas], [Seattle Seahawks CB] Richard [Sherman], [Seattle Seahawks S] Kam [Chancellor]. [Seattle Seahawks LB] Bobby Wagner was a rookie, [Seattle Seahawks LB] KJ Wright. Then once [Seattle Seahawks DL] Michael Bennett, and [Seattle Seahawks DL] Cliff Avril came in it was like they just took that thing completely over. It’s a testament to them, the leadership that they provide. The best coached teams are teams that coach themselves. Those guys are well oiled in that regard.”


Do you see any of that in your guys here? Obviously not yet, it’s a development process, but do you have that kind of leadership, the kind of player that you feel could eventually kind of coach himself?

“I think it’s in every player to be a servant leader and to really provide leadership to all the people around them. Servant leadership to me is the ultimate form a leadership where anyone, from a rookie to a veteran, can put himself in a position to help everyone around him get better. Doesn’t matter whether you’re the star or not, you can provide leadership. So, have those guys come to fruition yet? I have an idea. I’m not going to name names or anything. But, I’m excited for this group because they really believe in the things they’re capable of and they really believe in the system. It’s cool to see other teams like Jacksonville, Atlanta, Seattle and now the Chargers to have success, and them understand they can do that too. There’s a lot of tape for them to watch to show that what we’re asking, they’re capable of. Especially this group. From a maturation standpoint, they’re so young. I do believe that it’s in this group.”


What kind of influence did Pete have on you and your development as a coach?

“The biggest influence I took from coach Carroll is from a philosophy standpoint. Understanding who you are as a person. Understanding what’s important to you as a person. And, how to apply it to the message that you’re trying to deliver. Understanding that everybody has a style and that every style is the right style provided you apply it in the right way. So, just from a philosophy standpoint, speaking to people, handling people is where I have my greatest growth from coach Carroll.”


ME: You mentioned the playmakers on Seattle’s offense. That offensive line has a few new faces, they lost their left tackle in the preseason. What have you seen from that group so far, just in the first week?

“Like I said, I think coach Cable is one of the finest O-Line coaches in all of football. The message he delivers is awesome from a physicality standpoint. I know that whatever trouble they had last week will not be an issue this week. In our mind, we’re getting ready to play a prepared team that’s very well coached. I never take a player for granted. I do believe that they’re going to be very well prepared to play us on Sunday. Especially at home.”


How’d S Jaquiski Tartt do in his first start at single high safety?

“I though he did a really, really, really good job. He had a couple of plays that he wishes he could have back. But, he played fast, he was physical, had a key takeaway. Like everybody else on the defense, they would all tell you the same thing, that there’s a couple plays that each player wishes that they could have back. Thought we could’ve played a very dominant football game on Sunday. It was really cool for those guys to see it on Monday that we were close to playing a dominant game, as opposed to the game that we did play.”


That 40-yard pass, obviously he should’ve knocked the guy out of bounds. How did the wide receiver get so open?

“There was a mistake in coverage and he got open.”


ME: It looked like one of the cornerbacks was playing man while the rest of the defense was playing three-deep zone. Is that an issue of preparation, focus? How did that breakdown happen?

“I believe that the guys prepare. I do believe that. I know we rep’d it a couple times in practice. That’s the cool part of this league. You can cover things 100 times. A player can go through it, a player can be very comfortable in what their assignments are, but you can never simulate the exhaustion and the amount of hyper-focus that you’ve got to get to when you’re just dog tired. That’s the challenge. To be able to get to that point within a 20-second timeframe. You get the call, you get aligned, you survey the formation, and the ball is snapped. And you’re exhausted. That’s why I’ll always say a player never gets paid enough in this league. For what we ask them to do and the things that they actually do on a day-to-day basis, and on game day. It is hard. You wish that those mistakes don’t happen. They do, but now how can we fix it. Of course, we go back to the eraser, getting that thing out of bounds, giving us a chance to play another down.”


Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton wasn’t sacked Sunday. There’s some metrics out there that indicated he wasn’t pressured very often either. How do you diagnose the issues with the pass rush?

“I thought they did a great job even leading into the game. They did a great job protecting Cam. He’s got one of the deeper set points in the league at almost eight and a half, nine yards. Their offensive line does a great job holding the point and giving him, he’s such a big body, he can stand in there and take a pounding. We do recognize that we need to get after the quarterback. We do need to affect him. And like I said, every week is different. We’re going to approach this week different than we did with Cam. Just form a D-Line standpoint, I don’t know if I can say it’s much different, they’re both running quarterbacks so they both present very similar issues. But, there’s no question it’s got to be better.”


What are your objectives with LB Reuben Foster in his time when he’s not able to play? What do you want him to be doing?

“Learn. Just watch tape. Try to take in as much information as he can and to really focus on his body, getting it right. If he can come out of this really understanding the way we’re being attacked and to be able to really see what teams do to our scheme would be very beneficial.”


Is he not understanding that now?

“He does, but there’s nothing like live reps and there’s nothing like seeing it. You can coach it until you’re blue in the face, but until you actually see it or actually even go through it, I always mess with the backers or even defensive players in general that there’s nothing like getting scarred. You never forget a scar and when you’re performing a technique and you get exposed at that technique, getting scarred is what helps you grow. So, for him, being able to see that through his teammates, like I always saw my brother get beat by my mom once and a while, my dad and I would be like, ‘Darn, I’m not going to do that.’ So, I felt like I had great growth. Didn’t have to actually go through it to learn from it, so kind of the same thing.”


You were with Seattle during the height of the rivalry with the 49ers. In terms of extreme violence, were those among the most extreme violent games you witnessed?

“They were physical, but we felt on defense that we brought that every week. It didn’t matter the opponent. Every game is a championship game and you treat every opponent the same. And when you play a great team, you’ll make them look normal and when you play a poor team, you’ll just beat the daylights out of them. That’s the mindset we took every week. That’s the mindset we’re trying to develop here, that it doesn’t matter the opponent, you play to your level, you play to your highest level and it always comes back to us and how we operate. Those were fun, but it never was about San Francisco. It was about us and showcasing who we were to the world.”


Seattle Seahawks QB Russel Wilson changed his body a little bit in the offseason. Has that, it’s a very small sample obviously, but has that changed his game at all? Is he a little bit different?

“He looks the same to me. Runs around, makes plays, great arm. He’s a problem.”


You said scars earlier, are you talking about making mistakes and sort of learning from those?

“Yeah, like getting beat in man coverage. Just the technique you used and you’re like, ‘Darn that technique.’ Notch it up as a scar in his belt, so he’ll learn from it. But, hopefully he can recognize those from the game and just recognize what’s happening to his brothers in his room, so he can learn from those hopefully. And, he should. He’s a really smart kid, too.”


ME: You had some busted coverages and you gave up 23 points, but you didn’t give up very many yards and you were very tough against the run. I believe it was like 3.1 yards per carry. So, how would you assess the defense overall in that Week 1 game?

“We didn’t win. There’s two types of mindset, there are those who are happy to not be the reason why you lost. Am I making sense? And then there are those that are happy to be the reason why we won. For us to reach and arrive on stage, we’ve got to understand that we’ve got to dictate games. And once we reach that mindset that we will dictate the outcome of a football game, that’s when we will have arrived on stage, if you will.”


ME: You mentioned that you felt you were close to having a good game earlier in this press conference. Did I read that wrong?

“No, I felt like we could have dominated. I felt like we could have kept them under 10. That’s always a challenge, how much further can you push it? I do think Carolina is a really good football team. I think their O-Line is fantastic. I think Cam, you can say he was rusty, but that’s Cam. He makes unbelievable throws and he’s just a big person you’ve got to deal with. Their receivers are real good. And so, just from our standpoint, looking over the tape, a lot of the mistakes were things that we had complete control over and that’s what I’m excited about moving forward.”


CB Rashard Robinson was saying that on the fumble that he caused, Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey was going to give him a dead leg and sometimes when that happens, they’re not paying attention to ball security. Do you like to see that? Obviously he could have missed that tackle because he was going for the ball so blatantly, but what’s your view of that?

“I don’t mind what he did because I believe Rashard felt his pursuit coming from the inside. And so, even if he did miss, he was going to get just blown up by [LB] Ray-Ray [Armstrong]. So, for him to take a shot at the ball, that’s what we preach. It’s all about the ball. It’s everything. He had a shot. Christian, I think we got the ball out three times on him, twice they said he was down but it was close. So, we were very well aware that ball was popping out, and so it was just a matter of time for us to get it out.”

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  1. “Christian, I think we got the ball out three times on him, twice they said he was down but it was close.”

    Ball security could be an issue for Caff.

    “No, I felt like we could have dominated. I felt like we could have kept them under 10.”


    Do you think Saleh took a subtle jab at Shanny going for it on 4th down in the 1st half?

    1. To be fair to Shannhan, after failed 4th down conversion, the defense gave up a first down on 3rd and 15 which allowed Carolina to get into scoring position. So they are also partially responsible for those points.

  2. From what I watched week one this defense really does suit this personnel. It requires athletic players and there isn’t much reading but rather more reaction.
    The problem with this defense is you need to generate a heavy pass rush with 4. I don’t think the 49ers have the guys to consistently get there.
    That’s why the Thomas pick was concerning and why not going with corner or safety would have been better as there wasn’t a legit pass rusher in the top 5 of this draft.

    I like Saleh, but I like Mike Vrabel better. Better experience and played on many championship defenses.

    1. Addition by subtraction. Bench Beadles and Ray Ray.

      Start Tomlinson and Elijah Lee.

      Starting 5 vs Seattle:


  3. Or, if it’s that bad, move JP Flynn of the Practice squad onto the bench to light a fire under Kilgore’s A$$.

    If Kilgore consistently gets pushed into the backfield by Seattle, this would be your starting 5:

    LG–JP Flynn

    Then run inside zone/power a fricking night long

    1. TomD,
      I would like to see your original suggestion at some point. I Don’t think Kilgore is getting pushed back routinely it was Beadles for the most part. The play Grant highlighted was a reach block, which would make it harder for him to anchor.

      LG–Kilgore (or RG depending on comfort level of the 2 guards)

  4. “Imagine the feeling surrounding the 49ers if they left Seattle on Sunday night with a victory over the Seahawks.

    It might be a spark that could fuel a franchise-altering season in Kyle Shanahan’s first year at the helm.

    The Seahawks have a glaring Achilles heal: A patchwork offensive line. It showed up in a big way Sunday’s loss to the Packers”….

    The 49ers are built to win up front. They invested three straight first-round picks along the defensive line”….

    TomD’s Take: Now that the rooks have 1st game jitters out of their system the 49ers could surprise !

    Go Niners !!!

  5. Cam Inman‏Verified account

    Laken Tomlinson lined up at LG with #49ers first-string unit in warmups, FWIW. Joe Staley talked highly of him today.
    2:35 PM – 14 Sep 2017

    1. * Javier Figueroa‏ @Ninerfaithful25 2h2 hours ago

      Replying to @CamInman
      It’s our only hope Beadles will open the lane with open arms with a piece of Apple Pie 2 all of Seattle’s interior linemen

      TomD’s Take: Javier, it’s been tried before when Kap’s Thanksgiving interception-fest at Levi’s resulted in Seattle enjoying Thanksgiving on our 50 yd line…..Proven loser tactic, it doesn’t work vs. the ‘Hawks.

  6. Eric Branch‏

    The 287 yards the #49ers allowed in Week 1 was their fifth-fewest in past 38 games dating to 2014.
    10:39 AM – 14 Sep 2017

  7. “Pete Carroll still gives me a hard time,” Lynch said, laughing while recalling what the Seahawks’ head coach told him. “He said, ‘You knew you were doing this and I let you in!’”

    Indeed, Carroll repeatedly let Lynch, a former Fox analyst, see how the Seahawks run their wildly successful program after arriving in Seattle in 2010.

    Lynch’s final telecast? That would be the Seahawks’ divisional-playoff loss to Atlanta in January. The analyst when the 49ers made their last trip to Seattle? Yes, Lynch again.

  8. 49ers notes: Wide-bodied newcomer reminds Staley of former teammate
    Sept 14, 2017 3:30 PM

    Joe Staley’s scouting report on newcomer guard Laken Tomlinson: Quick feet. Eager to learn. Wide bodied.

    How wide?

    “He kind of reminds me a little bit of Mike by the way he’s built,” Staley said in front of his locker on Thursday.

  9. The biggest difference will be no Kaepernick. He was 1-7 as a starter against the Seahawks and holds a 63.7 life-time QB rating against them. That’s despite last year being his best effort ever where he pulled in a 122+ rating.

    2012 – loss 42-13 — 72.0 QB rating.
    2013 – loss 29-3 — 20.1 QB rating.
    2013 – win 19-17 — 67.5 QB rating.
    2013 – loss 23-17 — 56.4 QB rating (Playoffs – 2 INTs)
    2014 – loss 19-3 — 36.7 QB rating.
    2014 – loss 17-7 — 81.2 QB rating.

    2015 – loss 20-3 — 67.7 QB rating.
    2016 – loss 25-23 — 122.3 QB rating.

    Total — 4 TDs, 8 INTs with a 56% completion rate.

    Ironically, the man he replaced was 7-4 against the Seahawks (including his Chiefs win).

  10. Grant , you question the offense in how and what works ,how about a defensive analysis of what we need to attack on there offensive line and who is going to have the best day (ie sacks ,tfl,int)

  11. What are the possibility of our defense showing up ,and getting to RW ,and getting in the back field disrupting there game . Any thoughts , and how ?

  12. Nothing like the niners defense to come into town so the Seahaks offense can get rolling. Who are we kidding. They’ll put up 25 easily on Sunday.

  13. Of coarse they will score ,ninermd but are we as a team going to let them know that we’re coming , and coming for them . Giving them something to focus on . are we going to show up . Show improvement ?

  14. With the Seahawks coming off a loss I have a feeling we will get blown out Sunday. Our OL cannot stand up to Seattle front 4. My prediction Seattle 34 SF 10.

    1. The Seahawks will be quite agitated for sure. I think the game will be closer as the Seahawks will still have lingering issues. 9ers 17, Seahawks 27.

  15. Wayne how do we score , 10 ? Offense , defense, special teams. Where is the glimmer of hope come from ? 10 points against Seattle defense? Just wondering?

    1. I see our defense creating a turnover that will lead to points for the offense. We will be totally overmatched but praying I am wrong.

    2. Niners need to line up Hyde deep in the I with Juszczyck lead blocking. They cannot run wide because of the Seahawk defensive speed.
      Maybe they need to be desperate enough to put in Tomlinson for Beadles, and Magnusen for Fusco.
      If the defense does not give up a deep play, and the Niners manage to have Goodwin catch the deep ball, they may be competitive.

  16. Even with the injury bug in Seattle, Sherman ankles , backup hurting too . I think it’s possible that it’s going to be close , closer than they think , I hope . Seattle offensive line is just a tad better than ours ,and can be breached. Think they will win but not by much , Hyde should have a good day . 24-17 bad guys . Offense scores 10 , special teams 7 , defense gets RW 3times , and holds there running game under 100 rushing yards

  17. Take Seattle to cover in this game. The Niner defense will play a solid game and will keep it close for a half, but because the offense will be over matched by a very good Seattle defense, the Niner defense will wear down in the second half and the game will get away from them. No surprise. I have them losing twice to this team this year. They are not ready to compete against one of the top teams in the NFL, especially coming home angry after a opening day lose on the road to GB. The offensive line issues will continue another week. I see a 13-3 Seattle lead at the half in a tightly contested contest. The wheels will fall of in the second half. Final score Seattle 37 SF 13. Having picked the Niners to beat Carolina, my 9-7 prediction is now 8-8 unless we can steal one against the 7 teams I have them losing to. Who will it be? Seattle (2), Dallas, Arizona (1), Colts, Giants, or Houston. I’d say the Colts.

  18. Yea we will see Prime. Right now they look weak (Colts and Houston), but that could change. Houston’s defense can shut down anybody. The Colts are a trainweck but the Niners have never had any luck in that stadium. Also troubling for my picks are the Jaguars and the Rams. That’s another three W’s I have in the win column. At least for one week , they both look formidable. It’s gonna be interesting. I know 9-7 is probably wishful thinking and I am prepared for a 4-12 season if it happens. First year of a major rebuild. Very difficult. I’m willing to give JLKS the time. I’m not sure the Niner base as a whole does reading some of the criticism leveled at them after one game. Amazing really. What do people expect Prime? Really. I don’t get it. It’s gonna take two or three years for this team to get back to prominence. Period. So fans need to relax and enjoy the ride. Yea right!!!

  19. I’m usually always positive ,keeping hope the Niners will one day quit being a perennial doormat ..But let’s be real here,Seattle literally owns us..Our players shake in their boots at that stadium,it is and has been a house of horrors..Even with Harbaugh and a stacked team the 49ers always seemed intimidated there..That’s what having a legitimate home field advantage does..Our oline is one of the worst in the league and there defense is still top 5..Seattle’s offense will struggle and our d will look good till halftime…I’ll go with 10 -3 Seattle at halftime,then after B Hoyer (if he is still alive) has been sacked 5 times and we can’t run the ball our defense gets gassed and Russel Wilson hits the gas and does what he always does to the Niners,destroys them..Seahawks 31 Niners 3..and once again we’re punked like little bitxhes in Seattle and have to hear from Seahawks fans how great their dynasty is and how they own us…then get ready for when the Cowboys come to town and Levi’s is a sea of blue and we as 49 er fans are embarrassed again…Thanks Jed and Baalke..

    1. Ironically that’s only been since the Kaepernick/Gabbert experience. Smith, QBing a bunch of teams, most of which never finished above .500 was 7-4 as a starter because while he captain flashy, game managing (as people like to denigrate it) is far more important that two or three flashy plays that give you man wood while the QB ****s up the 35 times he handles the ball…

      Kaepernick was 1-7 as a starter against them. 4Td in 8 games with 8 INTs. Last year, ironically, was his best-ever effort against the Seahawks as he posted a 122.3 QB rating. However, his lifetime rating against them (including that last game) was just 63.7. And Gabbert lost his one start.

      So as a fish rots from the head and offenses rot from the QB. And we had a couple of really rotten QBs.

  20. I understand we are rebuilding but I expected better than what I saw last week. Rams are rebuilding too and they might win this division. Our biggest issue is OL and this could have been addresssd in the offseason by using some of our Trillion dollars in cap space. There is no excuse for not being competitive as we have more talent than the past 2 years. Shanahan better win at least 5 games because Tomsula won 5 with less talent. No excuses!!!!

    1. The Rams have been rebuilding since 2004. After 13 years of futility, they opened 1-0. Do you think that going from the #32 offense in 2016 to the #1 in 2017 might be, after just one game, oh, a bit of an outlier… Might of been helped by the fact the Colts are completely inept on both sides of the ball?

  21. I suspect SF cuts Lynch a day or two before the Seattle game. The team will expect Seattle to sign Lynch and they hope to postpone that as long as possible.

  22. I wish Grant or some one could have asked about Aaron Lynch. With zero pass rush, the Niners need some one to step up. It was interesting to hear about the DL tryouts.
    The most critical job the defense will have is containing RW. The Niners should throw in some safety blitzes.
    The offense needs to sustain some long drives, or the defense will wear down and it could get ugly. Seahawks are gnashing their teeth over the last game, and will want to dominate the Niners. If the Niners can exploit their O line deficiencies, they can make it competitive. Hoyer must play flawlessly.
    Niners could win if they play smart, disciplined, and do not defeat themselves.

  23. It was obvious from the training camp reports. And it’s not going to get magically better anytime soon.

    “It’s always hard when a team scores three points, so it’s easy to say they stunk,” Greg Cosell said on KNBR 680. “I thought Hyde ran well and looked good.

    “I thought the pass game — you saw really good concepts. Don’t forget — Goodwin drops the go route … on the sack-fumble, he (Hoyer) was getting ready to throw the ball to George Kittle, who was wide open on a corner route in a beautifully designed three-level stretch.

    “I think the issue for their offense — and it will be all season — is their interior three on their offensive line. This was a really good D-line they played against; they’re gonna face the same issue this week when they play Seattle.

    “That’s where they’re going to have to get better and it’s not likely to happen this season.”

    Left guard Zane Beadles, in particular, struggled mightily.

    1. “I think the issue for their offense — and it will be all season — is their interior three on their offensive line”.

      Gee, I wonder where we’ve heard that before?

      1. Cossell is Captain Obvious, but he does watch a lot of tape and it’s often worth repeating the obvious — Shanny did put together a good game plan that was undone by poor implementation. This is a change for most of the past 15 years where offense was like throwing spaghetti at a wall and checking for what stuck. In fact (with some exceptions last season in Chip’s offense), I’d forgotten what it was like to see a Niners receiver get open repeatedly.

        1. Cosell may watch film until his eyes bleed, but there also needs to be some cogitation and analysis involved, or he will just keep on picking that low hanging fruit.

      2. From everyone…. lol Problem is when you think about everything new we needed… It wasn’t going to get done:

        3 WRs
        2 TEs
        2 Interior Linemen (starter quality)
        1 Back-up OT
        2 Back-up Running backs
        3 Quarterbacks (at least one that could turn into no less than a game manager).

        2 DEs (At least one who is a pass-rush demon)
        2 NT (starter & BU)
        2 LBs
        2 CB (1 starter, i nickle)
        1 Dedicated Slot Nickle

        And that’s presuming Reid & Ward picked it up as safeties.

        It just really can’t be done in one season. And there was plenty of competition for OG FAs in the NFL as there were really just two starter-quality guards worth signing and I know at least one of them was massively over-paid.

        As it is I don’t think we got half that list. And quite a few starters we do have are not good fits for the various schemes we run.

  24. Don’t forget
    “Niners could win if they end regulation with more points than opposing team”
    “The Niners should throw in sime offensive scoring. O wait a minute, what the heck, add some defensive scoring too”

    If they follow this strategy it can work. If KS reads my post, he has a good chance on Sunday.

  25. I talked to Kyle last night. I told him if he plays smart, disciplined football, and his team does not defeat themselves, he’d have a good chance of winning. He stared at me with puzzled look and said “duh”. I asked him if he ever reads and takes advise from posters on the Inside the Niners blog. He replied, “Whats a blog?” I said, “Nevermind, nothing of any importance”. “Have a good game coach”.

    1. Juan, it is a literary device to assume the coaches are reading these posts.
      If I were truly serious, I would be flooding the Niner HQ with all my posts. It would be very simple to cut and paste, and posting takes just one click.
      To see you get so upset about the very idea that they might read these posts, just means you are mentally a lightweight, and easily frazzled. Please grow up.
      If they were 14-2, they would not need any advice, but they are now 2-15, so they need all the help they can get.
      Sure am glad Lynch read all my mock draft scenarios, since he stated he would consider all of them. I was ecstatic he followed 9 out of 10 things I wrote for him to do during the draft. The only one he did not do is to make was avoid the unforced errors. Something he still has not mastered.

      1. They are 0-1 Seb. Who taught you math! Last year is a whole different story. New players, new scheme, new coaches. This year has to be evaluated on its own merits!

        1. I’m thinking he’s more a device with small oscillating electric motor, powered by some kind of battery, or a small power cord to wall socket? Seems kind of familiar…like there’s a slang name for it…
          apparently the morning Librium dose hasn’t quite kicked in yet….

          1. tjf, Cassie…………..your busting me up!!!!!!!!!!! Then ol Sebs comes in with a “your no good” to somebody.

            Too funny!!!!!!!!!

      2. Just killing me , Sebs!

        All of your posts essentially go like this…………….”blahblahblahblah……..then……”your stupid and not very bright.”

        Do you have any idea how humorous that stuff is? Just killing me!!!!!!!!!!

    2. no, I suggest it would go something like this: .you talked to Kyle last night, told him etc., etc., and he said: “Call security!! Who the hell are you?!!”

  26. Hey Captain, get your own material!

    Previously posted:

    September 10, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Juan’s key to the game inspired by Seb.

    1. Score more points than the other team

    That should do it.

    Go Niner’s

    It’s just so obvious! ;>)

    1. No, no, that was BT who said that.
      That was so obvious, I thought that was not necessary to state. However, you and BT think it is so brilliant because that is the extent of your football knowledge.

        1. Yes, and I have stated many times that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and for the last 2 minutes of each half.
          So what do the Niners do? They squander them like a drunken sailor.
          Obviously, they need to learn from their mistakes so they do not repeat them. They may follow my advice, and actually win a game.

          1. Tells us more coach! How many reverses and screens should they run? Run deep from the I to have the Seahawks get deeper penetration against our O line? Please continue…

              1. Or I should say an OC to begin with. Seb doesn’t like a staff spread too thin. And since he’s already owner, GM, director of scouting, capologist (not to be confused with his other title, Kaepologist), HC, both coordinators, every position coach, sideline inspirational guru, sole keeper of the Bill Walsh flame, I’m glad to see him finally reaching out.

              2. Seb,

                faux pas
                ˌfō ˈpä/
                an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.

                I believe that definition really describes you and all of your posts far better…

                As usual you are late to the ball and you’re desperately trying to fit into a dress that is clearly not for you! Keep trying!

          2. so to review:
            — Seb shall be the decider (thanks Dubya!) of what constitutes a “legitimate challenge”– KS has him on speed dial
            — drunken sailor’s in Brig…squandering now limited,
            — don’t repeat mistakes once learned…

      1. Wrong again Rainman. That’s not my quote. Your detractors are so numerous that you’ve lost track of your axewhoppings!
        How do you manage to be wrong so often? You’re a Legend, heh heh heh

  27. It’s going to be a wet one in Seattle. That should quiet the crowd a bit and will create some volatility in ball security. I like the 9ers +14.

  28. ‘The best coached teams are the teams that coach themselves.’
    Maybe the best way to do that is to coach them up so well, they do not need more coaching. That requires thorough and meticulous preparation, so they can handle adversity and every contingency.
    We all saw how a team with a lack of coaching performs, these last 2 seasons.
    The team tried to coach themselves, but did not have a clue.

    1. Sebbie…. Oh! Oh! How many degrees should the QB’s eyes deflect in order to properly look the safety off? I forgot. Please tell us!

    2. I suggest we share same look on all our faces after reading “coach them up so well, they do not (contractions- Seb!) need more coaching”- this shared look among us–the very same look that BB & Patricia had in 2nd half vs. KC…

          1. What do you mean? His gargantuan vocabulary is due to a desk reference? Say it ain’t so Saw! My admiration for his voluminous word smithing is misplaced?im crestfallen!

  29. After watching that horrible game last name, very grateful the 49ers never considered Watson. He is Kaepernick 2.0. Can’t get past second read, wants to run and has no sense of pressure and when to step up in the pocket.
    I’ll say it now, CBJ will be a better QB than him.

      1. These running QB’s cannot sustain the level of play required to play in the NFL George.

        If you cannot sit and deliver the ball in the pocket, you become one dimensional.
        You either have it or don’t. To me it’s not a skill you can develop and I just don’t see it in Watson.

        I’m hoping Kizer starts this weekend as I want to see what he can do.

        1. I guess you have to be married to me or be one of my kids to know I was pulling your leg. I should have used an emoji. Sorry. But we’re on the same page here.

            1. Scant to none. Hoyer will be under seige against still a very good secondary, and we’ll have below average ability to run. They’ll have difficulty running too, but they have Wilson and that crowd noise. I think it’ll be close, though. Maybe a couple of field goals.

        2. Yup. Watson gets thrown into the starting role because of the incompetence of Savage, so he has little prep time.
          Watson does not throw that well, but he was second string and Savage got most of the first sting snaps, so it is understandable that he is not totally synced up with his receivers. He did protect the ball, and did not commit any turnovers.
          Then this mobile QB makes a fantastic run eluding several defenders, using the blocking like a seasoned pro, and scores a TD that proves to be the game winner.
          With that stout defense, Watson will not have to win games by himself.
          Prime, your assertion gets blown out of the water when this mobile QB makes a 49 yard run that wins the game. Maybe you should wait until he loses before declaring him a bust.

          1. As my buddy (a diehard Redskin fan who named his dog Griffin) says: “Dual threat means no threat!”

            Although the verdict on Watson is premature, dual threat QBs generally cannot thrive unless they become pocket passers (Steve Young, Russell Wilson).

  30. Interesting bit of information tweeted by Gil Brandt. The 49ers have the most amount of players under 200 lbs. on their roster at 14.

    You know that the boom will be lowered in Seattle this weekend.

    1. if/when this OL and other blocking assets get going– this offense– with it’s speed, could be the 2017 version of “Greatest show on turf”, etc.

  31. I really feel for the guy given that he’s clearly got the talent to be a quality NFL starter but when are teams going to realize that Bradford simply doesn’t have the physical fortitude to play in this league?

    If he really wants to stay in the league his best place is as a teams back up. He’d only have to play a hand full of games(if at all) and he could certainly keep your season afloat while your starter convalesces.

    1. Careful CFC. As we all know this blog is must read for the Niners brain trust, the team will run with your analysis and sign Bradford…. to be the starter!

      1. Nah Ribico. CFC doesn’t have the football “acumen” that other bloggers have who have the ear of Lynch. To bad Baalke didn’t thane advantage of the profound knowledge of their mind. This might have saved us from being the West Coast Browns!

    1. * “I can tell you this, that Aaron has had a tremendous week of practice.

      As to whether he’ll be up or not (against Seattle), I don’t know the answer. I think that’s going to go right down to the wire but I can tell you we’ve been very pleased with the way he’s been working out on the practice field and, to me, that always translates to the game day when you have the talent, which Aaron Lynch certainly has.

  32. Brian Hoyer discusses facing Earl Thomas and the Seahawks defense for the first time
    17 hours ago • 14 comments

    TomD’s Take: I don’t think Hoyer will have the miserable game that Kaepernick had vs. the ‘Hawks– throwing interceptions,getting sacked–and allow them a feast on the 50 yard line……Man, what a blackeye that game gave the entire franchise.

      1. Laken Tomlinson could begin stint with 49ers where he ended with Lions
        By Eric Branch Updated 8:31 pm, Thursday, September 14, 201

        Laken Tomlinson’s tenure with the 49ers could begin at the same stadium where he played his last meaningful game with the Lions: CenturyLink Field.

        “It’s definitely one of the loudest out there,” Tomlinson said of Seattle’s crowd noise.

        Tomlinson, the No. 28 pick in 2015, credited Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley, the No. 28 pick in 2007, for assisting him with his crash course in the offense.
        “He’s come in very eager to learn and to pick up all that stuff,” Staley said. “He’s not overwhelmed by anything. Coming from another team, he had excuses he could make. ‘Oh, I wasn’t here in training camp.’ He’s come here and been gung-ho about picking up everything he can.”

        1. “The San Francisco 49ers are long-shots at best to upset the Seattle Seahawks, but they do have one area where they might be able make some noise on Sunday. The Seahawks offensive line”…

          “I sat down with Kenneth Arthur over at Field Gulls to discuss this weekend’s matchup.

          I don’t think think you’re misreading the situation in terms of how bad it is.”

          “So I think that they’ve done a lot to try and fix it….That probably won’t improve much against the 49ers”…

  33. LOL Eastcoaster!! I know. Getting lectured from someone who has never played on so much as a Tiddly Winks team. It’s pure comedy. He is a pure example of “This is your brain, this is your brain on dope”! The delusion is priceless! Like I stated before, he couldn’t pick a football out of a “ball lineup”. Can you imagine living in that house. OMG! I’d love to be a fly on that wall!

  34. sebnynah says:
    September 15, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Juan, it is a literary device to assume the coaches are reading these posts.
    To see you get so upset about the very idea that they might read these posts, just means you are mentally a lightweight, and easily frazzled. Please grow up.

    MWNiner says:
    September 15, 2017 at 6:39 am
    Now …. where … have we heard
    these same words .. before ..?

    (Talk about a deja vu .. overload !)

    The offense needs to sustain some long drives, or the defense will wear down and it could get ugly.

    TomD’s Take: Seb, maybe before you lecture Juan, you should stop parroting MW Niner who posted your “tired defense” post, W-A-Y
    above yours…….

    My humble take on this:
    There is a bunch of bad parroters,
    They are usually mailbox narrators;
    But these guys steal books,
    They’re out and out crooks,
    Let’s hope they all end up in slammers.

    1. Giants lose game, series, sense of self-respect
      The Giants scored a run in nine innings. The Dodgers scored two within nine minutes.

      “Apologies if I’m wallowing, here, but did you see that game? The Giants were awful, spectacularly awful. Matt Moore gave up a pair of runs five minutes after the National Anthem”…

      The Giants were lucky to be down by just two. Then the defense made sure a national ESPN audience could get the full aroma and mouthfeel of this vintage, screwing up in several different ways within a short span.

      If there’s solace to take from this game, it’s that the Giants stand alone with the worst record in baseball. That’s right, they might get the first-overall pick next year. I don’t know who the consensus prospect will be, but there’s a chance it will be Kumar Rocker, who grades as a pure 80 in the named-Kumar-Rocker category. I can get behind that.

      The Giants also crept closer to 100 losses. They’ll have to go at it….



    @annkillion @timkawakami @BASportsGuy Hi! could you all look into the 49ers selling single G tics at much lower prices that ST hldrs pay?
    11:55 AM – 15 Sep 2017

    Endo Anaconda‏ @EndoAnaconda 24m24 minutes ago

    Replying to @EndoAnaconda @annkillion and 2 others
    As a ST holder this does no make me feel good. Already burn in the sun and now know team actually sales tickets cheaper. Thanks!

    Ann Killion‏Verified account @annkillion 9m9 minutes ago

    Ann Killion Retweeted Endo Anaconda
    There’s no demand. There are still defaults. The ST holders who got out early, even at a loss, are feeling good.

  36. TomD’s Take:

    If Jed, Paraag, and Guido hadn’t been so greedy to ignore fans hot weather cries and did something–started to build Miami Dolphin Sun Net from the outset it wouldn’t be an issue .

    Instead, the 49ers counted their PSL cash and gave their own fan pleas the middle finger and are reaping the repercussions of fan default

  37. Just think… There’s a receiving station deep within a distant galaxy that will take in this blog. The purpose of the station is to gather evidence that there’s intelligent life in the universe. Hundreds of light years from now beings on that far away planet will determine that Sebbie must be a God, and the rest of us are mindless drones. Not sure what they make of Grant…

  38. Asked how long it would take a late arrival like Tomlinson to pick up the blocking technique, Staley noted that he’s been here since the offseason and hasn’t mastered it.

      1. “Would you start Hyde against that defense in fantasy?”

        That’s a tough call. You never know what Shanny will call. I say start him. He looked good inside last week, Shanny will call more inside zones this week. This is a high profile ‘Money Game’ for Hyde in a contract year. I expect 75 to 120 YD’s on the ground and another 20 to 40 recieving YD’s. It’s hard to say if he’ll get any TD’s. I think you will get at least 10 points (100 total YD’s) out of him.

        Disclaimer: I haven’t played FF in a long time. Not sure if the scoring is the same.

        10 YD’s = 1 point?
        TD = 6 points?

          1. George kittle may be a dark horse for te, for rb you may want to pick up cohen of the bears, he is a true duel threat, I am afraid that d of Seattle will make Hyde in effective this week. Good luck this week.

  39. Why I’m concerned with the team going on the road.

    1-3rd down efficiency was a dismal 2-11 for 15%. That was simply awful. Needs to improve if the team has any chance of meaningful offensive success.

    2- this dovetails what is stated in 1 but 4th down percent was 1-4 for 25%. A lot of people think going on 4th down on the opposing part of the field is always a good decision if it’s for short yardage. I disagree as it depends on context of the game, flow, situation, personnel and circumstances. I do believe sometimes you go for it, but you have to be prudent. With poor 3rd down figures and bad personnel you punt in my opinion unless late in game and need points fast. Having said that, 25% won’t cut it!

    3-Seattle home field advantage. This has always been a bugaboo for the 49ers. I have no reason to believe that the crowd will be quiet, save a NK missle attack directed at Pete Carroll’s home.

    4-OL stinks on the middle. Well it isn’t yo to par in either case and with Seattle’s D line I can only expect to see Beadles or Fusco pirouette throughout the afternoon.

    5-People talk about KS genius but they forget that Pete is a pretty good coach too. I expect the home opener will be a good one for the birds.

    6- Time of possession did not favor the Niners last weekend. If they cannot fix the D will have a long afternoon.

    7- mental mistakes. If the offense is so difficult to grasp that it takes so long, I expect continued execution mistakes. That does not have a favorable outcome.

    8- we have Hoyer, they have Russell.

    9- Oh where, Oh where is our Pass Rush? Three years and we haven’t dealt with this gaping wound in a significant way. Can’t pressure the QB means our defense will break down. Matter of time.

          1. Thanks for letting me post my 10 point plan that I wrote 1-17-14, since you sound like you would be interested in my repeating it, just to compare with yours.
            10 things Kaep (Hoyer) should do on Sunday.
            1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.( Do not let the crowd noise build into a crescendo.)
            2. Always put a man in motion, and read the defense’s reaction. ( Put Goodwin in motion so he could be at full speed at the snap of the ball, and he could avoid the check at the line of scrimmage.)
            3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense. ( This strategy may get Hoyer bludgeoned, so he should put a TE in motion to pinch in the DE so he can roll out. This will buy enough time to allow the receivers to get downfield. If stuck in a collapsing pocket, he must get the pass off by 2 seconds, or it will be a long day.)
            4. Invite the blitz, (and target the area the Blitzer left), or roll away from the blitz or complete a quick slant.
            5. Take advantage of Defensive speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.
            6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in another direction.
            7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes ( of each half).
            8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
            9. ( During the game, display total mastery of the playbook. Be crisp and efficient. Do not waste time, especially if behind. Vary the snap count to draw them off sides for a free play which morphs into a long strike down field. Run the no huddle at times to prevent substitutions. Pass when they expect run, and run when they expect pass. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Do not let the Seahawks shape the Niners ) After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give autographed hats.
            10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands as much as possible.

            1. Sebbie… You are soooo slippery! Really clever that you left Kaep’s name in–Gore’s too but we’re well past that, aren’t we? Trying to be cute you rascal.

              I think Bread’s IF is more motivating than Kipling’s IF.

              I guess you no longer fear for player safety because there’s no mention of head slapping and falling down.

              You should update your plan–make it comprehensive for offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Add sideline physical layout guidelines too (where the Gatorade should be located, etc., where sideline staff should stand, etc.).

              Be bold Sebbie, have a 50 point plan!!

              1. Cassie, I just want to show that I have been consistently saying the same thing for years, with a few addendum’s.
                Since you want me compare your IF, to Rudyard Kipling’s IF, here it is.

              2. Sebbie you change positions like a chameleon changes his look. You are very inconsistent. You loved Chip and thought he was the savior. You champion Kap but that is up for grabs too. Please, you ooze hypocrisy. P

              3. IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
                If you can keep your head when all about you;
                Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
                If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
                But make allowance for their doubting too.
                If you can wait and not be tired of waiting,
                Or being lied about, don’t deal with lies,
                Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
                And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise.
                If you can dream- and not make dreams your master,
                If you can think- and not make thoughts your aim,
                If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster,
                And treat those two impostors just the same;
                If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken,
                Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
                Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
                And stoop to build ’em up with worn out tools.
                If you can make a heap of all your winnings
                And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss,
                And lose, and start again at your beginnings
                And never breathe a word about your loss;
                If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
                To serve your turn long after they are gone,
                And so hold on when there is nothing in you
                Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”
                If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
                Or walk with Kings- nor lose the common touch.
                If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
                If all men count with you, but none too much;
                If you can fill the unforgiving minute
                With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
                Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it,
                And- which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son!

              4. If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
                Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.- RK
                The stench of Baalke is strong this morning.

              5. When hypocrisy is a character trait, it also affects one’s thinking, because it consists in the negation of all the aspects of reality that one finds disagreeable, irrational or repugnant.
                ~Octavio Paz

            2. I have a one-point plan: NO KAEPERNICK.

              He was 1-7 with a 63.7 QB rating, 4TDs and 8 INTs. He has been boat anchor of the Good Ship 49ers. Now, as lousy as are team is, I feel like it’s not an automatic loss. We’ll probably lose. But I at least feel we have a puncher’s chance.

              1. Hey Kids: how about this comment from the Legend elsewhere in this thread on his Watson defense– I’m changing Watson’s name to Kap, and Savage to Gabbert– it’ll have an eerie familiarity… let’s listen in now….

                “Kap does not throw that well, but he was second string and Gabbert got most of the first sting (sic) snaps, so it is understandable that he is not totally synced up with his receivers. He did protect the ball, and did not commit any turnovers.
                .Then this mobile QB makes a fantastic run eluding several defenders, using the blocking like a seasoned pro, and scores a TD that proves to be the game winner.
                .With that stout defense, Kap will not have to win games by himself.”

      1. Don’t forget to wear your trader bill hat! Course if Lynch ever took his advice it should be a sombrero for all the shade he would get!

        1. East, thanks again for allowing me to bring up what I had posted just before the draft. I have not posted this for a while, but since you like the Trader Bill Hat comment, here it is again.

        2. 10 Things Lynch should do (before the Draft)
          1. Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 team that needs bodies.
          2. Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third (or 4th) round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back from 34.( Or move up to get the player they covet)
          3. Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely come back at 100%, and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.
          4. Avoid the red flag players. If lynch wants to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon and Brantley should be radioactive, and off their draft board.
          5. Make safe picks. Avoid the unforced errors like picking players who are too small or too slow. ( Also, do not waste draft picks to move up, when being patient will allow the Niners to still pick the player coveted, but also save that draft pick spent to move up. e. g. CJB and JW).
          6. If there is a player the Niners love, and he may be taken before they pick, spend an additional later round pick and move up. (Reuben Foster). It will be worth it to get the player they want, and he could be a good fit for the team.
          7. Make available every non starter as trade bait. ( Increase leverage to facilitate a deal).
          8. Do not make desperation deals. Do not let teams take advantage of the situation. Only make fair deals that both teams can profit from.
          9. Think about the future. ACCEPT DEALS THAT INCLUDE 2018 SECOND AND THIRD ROUND PICKS.
          10. Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, (be bold) and have fun.

          1. 10 Things Seb should do:
            1- stick a cork in it
            2- stfu
            3- get out of the house once in a while
            4- seek treatment for Acute Chronic Narcissism
            5- cut back on The Chronic intake by 80%
            6- go watch Analy High football practice so you actually can learn to understand the fundamentals you so tediously allude to
            7- “Grok” the concept of self awareness as explained by the Dirty Harry character: “A man’s got to know his own limitations.”
            8- Get back on your meds
            9- consider taking your nonsensical dog & pony show act somewhere else; to another site where they don’t know you yet. Spread your misery around a little. We’ve done more than our share here of watching your mental and emotional disturbances.
            10 – FFS understand that nobody in the NFL, and I mean NOBODY knows you exist, reads your posts, or would ever in a million years take your opinions seriously.

            1. Why would someone post here multiple times every day, get the “crap” kicked out of him day after day and then declare “I Win!”? Look up masochist in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Seb.

              1. No, I only declare victory when some poster loses his cool and spews expletives.
                Too bad posters do not have enough self control to refrain from getting so emo.
                “Crap kicked out of him” ? No, you have not laid a finger on me. I certainly will not run away and hide, because the detractors amply display their own shortcomings, and they cannot engage me civilly, so they devolve into juvenile tantrums.

            2. BT, thanks for your 10 point plan. It is interesting, you think nobody knows I exist, but I can have an entire blog site attack me, so I guess you are a bunch of nobodies.
              Actually, I do think the Seahawks peruse these posts, because they did exactly what I proposed. They traded back multiple times, something you and many other posters thought was impossible.
              Since you used an expletive, even though you capitalized it, I will claim victory, again.
              You deny you posted that quote- The team that wins will be the one with the most points. You can run, but cannot hide. I remember that distinctly, because I was going to needle you about it.
              Mentally lightweight posters are the ones who get upset. You are too easy. Buck up, and stop being so emo.

              1. Your welcome, no charge.
                Once again you can’t read, since in plain type I said nobody in the NFL.
                Wrong much, Mr Legend?

              2. Wrong again. Jed himself told me he reads these posts.
                ‘I get the message, loud and clear. Be it directly from the fans, social media, or planes flying overhead.’ JY

              3. ‘Jed himself told me’ hahahahahahahaha
                You rant constantly about Jed being a money-grubbing, backstabbing liar, but in THIS case you not only believe him but you’ve deluded yourself into thinking he was talking to you.
                Bless your heart……?

    1. I believe I may be one of the only Jeff George fans in the world- he may have been a dic, but he was pummeled and few have ever thrown the ball as well……..

      If Wilhoite is on the field, the 49ers should literally run every play at him- get him in coverage on the TE every single play……….

  40. Interesting read:

    Hyde was still among the most productive offensive weapons. Interesting though the difference between his elusiveness and Garçon’s. Another point that may be of interest was Hoyer. Though as the game progresses Hoyer’s effectiveness goes down. Wonder how Shanahan is looking at this.

    Was watching some of the game film again (glutton for punishment) and noticed that while Beadles pass protection was pretty awful his run blocking was not too bad.

    Saw an article which quoted Diehl an ex lineman who criticized both the Niner and Seahawk OLs. He recommended that Beadles start again due to his experience and background. Especially since it is Seattle. Tend to agree though don’t like it. Unless Tomlinson is absolutely ready to go I would go with what is on board and sub in.

  41. Oregoniner Harold , by default. Lynch will see some playing time. Think our defense will get pressure on RW . His escapability will hurt us. Elvis gets his ? th ,and they don’t give up a 100 yrd rusher . Even though our offense doesn’t get it done ,there is a sign of hope , defense takes a big step forward . Special teams makes an impact , with a fumble . And a score . Raining , so the ground game may carry the day . It shouldn’t be a blow out . Closer than some are thinking .

  42. #80 it’s only fair for it to be in NY ,that way it’s unbiased . Not all cowboy fans play fair . Or court systems . None of the high profile players would get a fair shake at all. He’s a local hero to most . ? Try to get Brady busted in new England ,not happening ,all should be tried in New York,unless the person plays for a NY team . Fair play . Why do you think the appeal was done in Dallas . You think that judge would be able to go home.

  43. 49er Blue Print to Victory

    1. Start Aaron Lynch—Screw your doghouse for not jogging fast enough or whatever in summer practice. Pff gave him the NFL’s 2nd highest rating at QB pressures, so you have no choice—we need wins…..I want winners (Mike Singletary)

    2. Review the GB film and run some variations off their line stunts that gave Seattle trouble. Tackle “Rees Odihambo shouldn’t be on an NFL roster, ” quoted FortheWin. Except for one vet, their O-Line hasn’t played together.
    Or, play it safe, rush four and drop 7 in pass coverage. You’ve invested in 1st round linemen 3 years in a row so they should whip the man in front, man on man, right ?

    3. Since Seattle’s O-Line is new, a good game to start LB Elijah Lee and bench Ray Ray, while getting pass rusher, Pita Taumoepenu some reps.

    4. Start OG, Tomlinson and run more inside zone…Would like to see more wheel routes and Texas routes from Matt Breida, and get Mostert involved this game on swing passes….Remember those two during the summer ?

    5. Send Kendrick Bourne on a deep route for a jump ball on 1st down with a play action pass at some point.

    6. Run a reverse (but do not get cute and try a flea flicker–your offensive line can’t block that long)

    7. Outside runs won’t work vs. Bobby Wagner unless you try a fly sweep with Mostert or Brieda lined up at WR.

    8. More quick outs off a fake slant route.

    9. More slants run off fake out routes (c’mon Niners, mix it up man, like a boxer).

    10. Don’t forget the helmet mikes, although I fully expect Pete Carroll to have a bench power outage so his 12th man can help out at some point during the game.

    10a. Go Nineers !!!

    “Left tackle Rees Odihambo shouldn’t be on an NFL roster. He definitely should not be starting on opening day. And we saw proof of this all day long Sunday…Seattle’s big free agent acquisition, Luke Joeckel, wasn’t much better, which will come as a surprise to exactly zero Jaguars fans….The Seahawks offensive line is bad. Horrendous at certain positions, including the most important one. ”

    1. Sebbie is jealous of Rudy, hence his anger vented in your direction the moment you bring Rudy up.

      Why ?….Well CassieBaalke, Seb’s issues are deeply rooted. Lets just say the scene at the bus stop for Notre Dame visit day, when the priest asks Rudy why he’s standing in line, and Rudy said: “to visit Notre Dame.
      Priest: Long pause. Rudy, this line is for college recruitments, I don’t think your college material.

      Seb remembers his high school days when the priest or teacher said that to him and he folded like a cheap suit, and rang up groceries at a stop and rob–7-11 for his career.

      Rudy, however, was brave, despite his limitations, stuck it out and not only graduated, made Nortre Dame’s football team (Joe Montana was his teammate and remembers Rudy—do you think he’d remember Seb?).

  44. It’s been eating at me months who Seb actually reminds me of and it came to me suddenly yesterday. For those of you that are as old as I am (60’s) you probably remember the series “Perry Mason”. In that show there is a fictional character played by William Talman named Hamilton Burger. He was the prosecutor who was Mason’s adversary in every case for nine years (1957-1966). He always lost! Never won a case on nine years! Always had an argument but when the jury analyzed it, it was always debunked! Seb is the living reincarnation of Hamilton Burger in real life. It’s fascinating! Deja Vu all over again!

        1. Would prefer more than a one word response, a critique perhaps ?….Did you know Joe Montana was a teammate of Rudy’s and was interviewed about him–said he knew Rudy….Does Joe know you, Seb ?

      1. Rockne’s not-ten-point plan…(as recited by Rudy)…

        “We’re gonna go inside, we’re gonna go outside, inside and outside. We’re gonna get ’em on the run boys and once we get ’em on the run we’re gonna keep ’em on the run. And then we’re gonna go go go go go go and we’re not gonna stop til we get across that goal line. This is a team they say is… is good, well I think we’re better than them. They can’t lick us, so what do you say men?”

  45. The only slight difference between Mr. Burger and Seb is Mr. Burger always accepted defeat with humility. Seb on the other hand, after being pummeled for 12 rounds time after time, limps around the ring with his hands held high claiming victory. Mr. Burger, the jury has spoken.

    1. Well,

      There was the episode where Mason told Della to hide his client in his spare apartment from Burger, and Burger threatened to bring him up on obstruction charges….Mason, slippery devil, asked Buger if he remembered the prosecutors oath which was “to protect your client in the interest of justice.”

      Burger let Mason go.

      Juan, if the shoe was on the other foot do you imagine Seb taking it all the way to the Supreme Court at taxpayer expense, as I do, just to say…….”I W-I-N !!!”

  46. Fast facts: 49ers visit Seahawks looking for first win there since 2011
    Three keys for 49ers to pull off first win in Seattle since 2011

    3. Avoid turnovers. A weekly goal, the 49ers offense especially can’t afford turnovers in Seattle. Just ask Colin Kaepernick, who accounted for eight turnovers in his first three starts there in 2012-13.

  47. Just watching the UCLA game. I still remember when Grant was touting Jim Mora as a good coaching candidate for the 49ers. I am still not sure if there is a coach that does less with so much talent, so happy the niners didn’t hire him.

    1. He was totally ‘meh’ as a DC and failed as a HC.

      2003 – 1.74 PPD (19th)
      2002 – 1.97 PPD (25th)
      2001 – 1.51 PPD (12th)
      2000 – 2.30 PPD (30th)
      1999 – 2.28 PPD (30th)

      It wasn’t all his fault. But he was over-matched.

      1. Yeah he has always been terrible.
        I don’t even think you could say he was a good DC. I have no idea how he got a Head coaching gig.

  48. NFL compounds its bad call on Tartt hit with additional fine:

    NFL fines 49ers safety Tartt
    By Matt Maiocco September 15, 2017 1:44 PM

    The NFL fined 49ers safety Jaquiski Tartt $9,115 for a hit on Carolina tight end Greg Olsen that drew an unnecessary roughness penalty.

    Tartt was not called for a hit on a defenseless player. This season, a hit on a defenseless player draws a $24,309 fine for a first offense.

    TomD’s Take: Call resulted in a fresh set of downs and a score, instead of a punt for Carolina.
    Tartt didn’t have a tape measure and luxury of standing 20 yards away in the defensive backfield, like a ref, so had to make a split second decision….He noted the pass headed for a wide open receiver , lowered his head and timed his tackle perfectly, and actually tackled him lightly. He could have destroyed him. Ref made the call because the ball was uncatchable.

  49. Once again, White House , stay out of our sports, P-L-E-A-S-E:

    “The Democratic Coalition, a group that filed an ethics complaint against Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday for essentially calling for ESPN host Jemele Hill to be fired, has filed a second grievance with the Office of Government Ethics Friday after the White House press secretary doubled down on her earlier comments”…

    “After Sanders second comments on Hill, the Democratic Coalition responded with a second complaint.”

    “Yesterday, in response to a tweet posted by ESPN host Jemele Hill where she called President Trump a ‘white supremacist,’” the complaint said. “White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said “it’s a fireable offense.”

    For the second time, the coalition cited a federal law, which states that certain government employees — including any executive branch employee — are prohibited from influencing the employment decisions or practices of a private entity or company “solely on the basis of partisan political affiliation.”

    “We respectfully request that the U.S. Office of Government Ethics investigate these potential ethics violations and take all appropriate disciplinary actions against Ms. Sanders,”

  50. Golovkin Vs Alvarez. Could be the fight of the year. This is a statement fight for GGG. Too bad Mayweather ducked GGG. My prediction. Golovkin wins by KO in the 9th.

    1. Tell me why in blue blazes did we waive Reaser (a quality CB ) to bring Asa Jackson up to the active roster ..?….when we could have waived Jimmie Ward instead….Ward will be on IR more than active….MY projection….

  51. Well, I knew the Giants were in for a tough season. I predicted on this blog that they would finish 75-87, much to the chagrin of a few. The first month or two was filled with “its early”, “they’ll be ok”, and other hopeful quotes. At 92 loses, with the possibility of closing in on the century mark, the season is even more dismal then predicted. Where do they go from here? I say stick with the formula of pitching and defense. That’s what brought home 3 world titles in 5 years. Though Balls are flying out of stadiums at a record pace, that will never work at ATT. Forget about it. The Giants will have to rebuild as dramatically as the Niners, but keeping their basic philosophy in place. My top 10 order would be:
    1. Bullpen
    2. Bullpen
    3. Bullpen
    4. Bullpen
    5. Bullpen
    How many games have the Giants had the lead or were tied after 5 innings this year? The bullpen is the key to the Bochy game. Without a dominant bullpen, you end up with this season. Completely revamp.
    6. Starting Pitching
    7. Outfield
    8. Third base
    9. Base coaches
    10. Hitting coach

    Contract situations obviously throw a wrench in many cases when considering wholesale changes, but I would clean house in the bullpen where I could. They are horrific, especially Strickland, Osich, Suarez, Okert, Law, Melancon, and Gearrin. Starters who should be done are Cain, and Moore. Cain is definitely gone but we might be stuck with Moore (terrible) because of his contract.
    The outfield is a disaster. Old man Spann should be history. Left field? They’ve fielded a small village and nobody has stepped up. They need to trade for a big bat, I don’t care if he can’t catch (I know, pitching and defense but exceptions can be made) Pense ( who doesn’t live the guy) but his defense is slacking and why would anyone throw him a fastball? He’s replaceable maybe as part of a trade to bring some bullpen, or maybe left and center field help. Third base is another problem. Panda is not the answer. Maybe Arroyo has learned how to hit a breaking ball? Take coaching advise? That leads me to Bam Bam. How long are we gonna stick with this guy? Even in their WS winning years, their hitting was average at best. It’s time for some new blood there. Bonds? Just a thought. And the base coaches. who actually play an intrical part in each game, have been fairly inadequate, especially at third where
    Base running blunders have been rampant all season. Lot’s to do! The question is, with near sellouts every game, does the ownership have the interest in major changes or are they going to put a bandaid on it and trot out the same basic team in 2018. Thoughts?

  52. For each sports franchise there is that one game the changes the team culture.
    When Drew Bledsoe got hurt Tom Brady came off the bench and it propelled the Pats to a dynasty.
    Joe Montana brought the 49ers back from a 35-7 half-time lead against the Saints and win on a Ray Wershing FG. Even Montana has said that it was that game that changed the 49ers destiny.

    We need this type of game tomorrow against the seahags! If we can find a way to win this team will be energized for years to come and Seattle’s dominance and ownership over us will finally come to an end.
    I believe that this game is our opportunity to remove Seattle’s curse and propel us forward for years to come!
    Time to shock the world! (lol)

  53. I was at that Saints game AES, and no doubt that game was the christening of the Joe Montana era. One of the most incredible comebacks I have ever witnessed, other than maybe the Jeff Garcia led team that came back against the Giants in that playoff game at the ‘Stick. Just off the top of my head it was 38 14? Three touchdowns including 2 consecutive two point conversions gave the Niners a 39-38 lead before the Giants blew a last second field goal attempt with a botched snap. I’ll never forget that game because it was the last one game I saw with one of my sisters before she was tragically killed in a vehicle accident. God bless her heart. Your right in the fact that a dramatic win in a venue like Seattle against that arch nemesis would go a long way in turning around this team, especially mentally. Let’s hope!

    1. Juan,
      So sorry for your loss.
      You my friend were blessed to witness one of the greatest games ever by our team.
      A win tomorrow will put the 49ers back on the map.

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