Robert Saleh on Solomon Thomas: ‘We do need to find ways to get him inside to rush the passer.’



This is the transcript of Robert Saleh’s Week 4 Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


How’d you spend the extra time with the defense? What are the issues that you have to tighten up a little bit?

“It goes back to fundamentals and the things that we always talk about. I felt like we let a few things get away from us, from a technical standpoint. Even myself, going back and evaluating us as coaches from a defensive standpoint, what we could’ve done better from a play-calling standpoint and how we could’ve eased our players with the things that they were doing offensively, which were very challenging. It’s a credit to them, the way they operated on Thursday. I felt like there were a lot of things that we could’ve done better, both fundamentally and schematically.”


As far as schematically, anytime you don’t have sacks and people say ‘Why don’t you blitz more?’ So is that–?

“That will never change for me. I think we blitzed, I don’t want to give a number. I don’t have it on me. But, I do know that we’ve tried blitzing on third down and have lost. We’ve tried rushing three and we’ve lost. We’ve tried rushing four and we haven’t had success. So, we’re digging. We’re digging. We’re trying to find a way to give our guys a chance to be successful on third down. We had that first third down won. Again, it goes back to silly mistakes here and there. Unneeded penalties. Unneeded fundamental flaws. Every week represents a different challenge. So, blitzing is not necessarily the answer.”


Is that what you mean by that? It’ll never change?

“Yeah. It’ll never change. That’s all week-to-week, it really is. We didn’t blitz versus Seattle and got plenty of pressure. We blitzed against [Carolina Panthers QB] Cam [Newton] and he got a 40-yard touchdown. I know the first trigger is ‘No pressure, let’s get the quarterback.’ Well, there’s other ways you can get the quarterback besides blitzing and bringing extra people.”


ME: Some coaches believe if you can’t get there with four, you bring five. If you can’t get there with five, you bring six. Do you not share that philosophy?

“Same thing, it goes back to every week representing its own challenge. You’d love to say bringing five is the answer, but if bringing five was the answer everyone would do it. Just understand the flaws of if you bring five, now you’re losing one in coverage and there’s a hole. So, you play a guy who’s really smart, a guy like [Arizona Cardinals QB] Carson Palmer who knows his offense inside and out. The question is, is that fifth guy worth him recognizing where that hole is voided? So, every week is a different challenge and trying to find out how to best get after the quarterback. Dallas got after him with three last week. Is that the answer? I don’t know. Is it four? Is it two? Is it one? I have no idea. It all goes back on tape and every week is different.”


Looking at the Arizona Cardinals on tape and you see Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald still doing what he’s doing 14 years in, what makes him so reliable for the Cardinals? What kind of role does DB Jimmie Ward have this time as a free safety going up against him?

“I’ve never worked with Larry. I’ve been with coaches who have worked with him. From everything I gather, he’s the definition of professional, in terms of his approach to the game, his work ethic, the way he approaches practice, studies film, takes care of his body, mentors the younger guys. Everything I’ve heard about Larry Fitzgerald is so much more than what he does on the football field. It’s my opinion, my belief, my whole philosophy that what he is on the football field is because of what he is as a man off of the football field. It all translates, it all ties in together. Everything I’ve heard about Larry just shows up on the football field because of who he is.”


Jimmie Ward, he’s covered him obviously from the slot to the outside. Now he’s going to be a free safety defending him–?

“Yeah Jimmie is a free. Him coming out of the middle to man somebody up. Last year he was the nickel corner. Completely different position this year as opposed to what he did a year ago. Our plan for Jimmie, I do think he has a chance to be a really good free safety. A really good free safety. How good is going to be up to him and how quickly he grasps all the concepts we’re throwing at him. He’s unique back there. When you have a unique guy, you don’t want to mess with what you’re asking him to do. You don’t want to flood his mind with too many thoughts.”


Going back to the pass rush, LB Elvis Dumervil has played less than a quarter of the snaps. I know DL Tank Carradine is out so you’re going to have to vary your rotations a little bit. In terms of his playing time, has that been something where you want to ramp it up as the season goes along or are you looking at it like, ‘We’re going against run-heavy offenses and we need to be in base more often?’

“The first three weeks we felt like we’ve been playing some run-heavy offenses, for sure. Again, it goes back to us being dominant on first and second down. Or even first down, to give yourself some second-and-long, third-and-long opportunities where he can get on the field. Before the game, I think we were doing really well on first down after the first two weeks. Really, really well. The whole idea of ‘Let’s get this dude out here,’ the more you have confidence in your first down defense, the more you can get him more reps. Thursday obviously wasn’t good enough for anyone who’s a Niners fan or employee or anything. But, trying to get to that and trying to find opportunities to get on the field, that’s always on our thoughts.


Presumably, DL Solomon Thomas would be the first guy in for Tank. How are you going to rotate at that big end spot and on the left side?

“On first and second down, we’re trying to make due, I shouldn’t say make do, that’s such a terrible term, but we have really good football players on the front that are capable of doing a lot of different things. Between [DL DeForest] Buckner, Solomon, [DL Arik] Armstead, [DL] Earl Mitchell, [DL] D.J. [Jones], [DL] Xavier Cooper, [DL] Aaron Lynch, all of them, we’ve got to find a way to best utilize their strengths to put us in a position to be dominant on first and second down so we can get our four best pass rushers on the field so we can get after the quarterback on third down. So, trying to pigeonhole guys as a big-end LEO, it’s passed that point now. It’s trying to get our four best guys on the football field, to put them in a position to be successful, so we can be successful on third down.”


ME: In terms of Solomon Thomas, when I watched him on tape, it seems he was consistently working into the chest of the offensive tackle. Is that the technique you’re coaching or would you prefer him to work an edge?

“You always want him to work an edge. I don’t know where it came from. No, you want him working an edge, for sure. I’ve said it up here before, the second hardest job for a rookie is to be a D-Lineman. Aside from being a quarterback, is being a D-Lineman, going through the struggles of the grind. They’re such bigger, stronger, faster athletes that he’s going against and trying to find his niche. That is a hard job for him. He’s going through growing pains. My thoughts have not waivered and my opinion of him has not wavered in the sense that he’s going to be special if he continues to work the way he has been working.”


It seems like perhaps not a coincidence that you played 79 snaps in Seattle and then four days later you didn’t have the greatest defensive performance. Not that you can measure it, but how much do you think fatigue played a factor in that?

“No excuses. The Rams played 75 snaps the week before also. Is it hard? Yeah. Did they have to do it? Yes.”


They gave up 39.

“They did. That’s a bad example. It’s mindset. It’s mind over matter. It’s the will to just drive and grind. It’s a grind. Every team is exposed to Thursday Night Football. The week before, Houston and Cincinnati had a defensive slug fest. So, there’s no excuses. We didn’t play well enough on defense at all. I do have great faith in the defense and I cannot wait, I cannot wait for Sunday to see what we’re made of.”


How does their offense change without Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson?

“I don’t think it changes much. I think [Arizona Cardinals RB Andre] Ellington is still every bit as good of a receiver as David Johnson is. They still have great skill players. Carson is still a hell-of-a quarterback and [Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce] coach Arians is a great offensive mind and puts his players in a position to be successful. I don’t think it changes much. I don’t think their philosophy changes at all. I still think they pose a lot of problems. Like I said, I’m just excited to get a chance to go against them.”


ME: One more question about Solomon Thomas. You had him rushing from the edge a lot in this previous game. When he was drafted, general manager John Lynch talked about him kicking inside on passing downs. Do you feel he’s out of position on the edge or do you like him more there?

“We’re trying to get our best four on the field. I think Solomon could be a good edge rusher, but I don’t disagree at all with John. I think he’s going to be a premier inside rusher when it’s all said and done, so we do need to find ways to get him inside to rush the passer a little bit more. When you look at the guys we have, with Dumervil, [LB] Eli Harold, [LB Dekoda] Watson, Solomon, Buckner, Armstead, there’s really good pass rushers, and trying to find a way to get them all on the field at the same time and which combination is going to work, we’ve got to continue to work through that.”


You talked about Elvis, how would you assess his play just through three games here?

“He’s been good. I think someone told me a stat that he’s up there four-three edge rushers in terms of pressures per pass play. I don’t know what the exact number is, but it came from analytics. He’s getting after the quarterback. He had a sack last week on that first third down and it was negated by a penalty. He’s providing juice off the edge. We’ve just got to take advantage of our opportunities when we get a one-on-one. People inside are getting one-on-ones and Buckner will win, but somebody will fall off. It’s close. I wish you guys would just watch the all 22, it’s so freaking close for those guys and if they continue to just freaking work there’s no doubt in my mind the sacks are going to come in bunches and all that stuff will happen. The consistency, the way we rushed against Seattle was awesome. It wasn’t up to par, and they’ll say it too, it wasn’t up to par with the Rams. But, continue to grind and I think more often than not as we continue to work as a group and they get comfortable with each other it’s going to be more consistent rather than not.”


How much of it is individual and one man beating the guy in front of him as well as the collective, two guys working together?

“It’s a combination of both, but in football it always comes down to a one-on-one. Somebody every down will have a one-on-one in pass rush and you have to win. In football, unfortunately, if you’re not winning you’re losing, period. With pass rush, you see the consistency or lack thereof in Week 1 to Week 2 to Week 3. We need to find a way to be consistently creating one-on-ones as a staff to see if we can create more one-on-ones and then as a defense, winning those one-on-ones when we get the opportunity. That’s not just for the D-Line, that’s for the DBs and the linebackers.”


With the pass rush struggling, would it be fair to say DeForest is exempt from that just based on his numbers it seems like he’s generating?

“DeForest is dominating. And those sacks are going to come in bunches for him. I know he hasn’t gotten the sacks yet, but if he keeps doing what he’s doing and he keeps operating the way he is, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to flood the gates open. My comparison would be [Atlanta Falcons LB] Vic Beasley. And I know they are two completely different people, but Vic Beasley through four games last year, so 16, 20 games if you include his rookie year, wasn’t getting much production on the quarterback, but you could feel some of his presence and then the last whatever number games he just opened the flood gates with sacks. I think [Oakland Raiders DE] Khalil Mack had three his rookie year. You’re getting to the quarterback, but you’re a step short. He’s going to find that step. There’s no doubt he’s going to find that step if he keeps working and the doors will just blow wide open and it’ll also give an opportunity to the people around him.”

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  1. Wow. An honest coach who gave more than half-mumbled cliche answers or being an arrogant pr*ck.

    And a good question about Thomas’ technique. Will wonders never cease? Or did I wake up in an alternate reality?

  2. “You always want him to work an edge.’

    Is this Solomon being a slow learner or is he showing a lack of effort at times like he did at Stanford? Or is he just getting swallowed up? I say all of the above.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong #80, as I’m going strictly off memory, but didn’t Thomas work with a lot of former NFL pass rushing “greats” during the offseason? Or am I confusing him with someone else?

        1. You’re making things up. He has at least three (maybe four) TFLs that have come from hustling down the line and catching the back from behind or just beating the o-lineman. Also, he’s made some mistakes while doing that as teams have exploited his aggressiveness at times. (Russell Wilson really burned him once on a read-option.)

          He’s just a rookie who has very limited NFL experience and is, like every other Round 1 DL taken this year, is struggling to find his way in the very massive quality increase he’s facing.

          Myles Garrett — No stats (has not yet played a game).
          Solomon Thomas — Seven tackles (3 TFL), 1 QB hit. Nominated for Rookie Player of the Week in Week 2.
          Derek Barnett — 3 tackles
          Jonathan Allen — 3 tackles, 3 assists, 1 sack.
          Takkarist McKinley — 3 tackles, 2 assists, 1 sack.
          Taco Charlton — 2 tackles.

          That’s the reality of coming into the NFL. Rarely does someone come in like Dwight Freeney (although he was totally punked in the run game for years) and put up any kind of significant stats or not get exploited by the vastly superior (to college) and experienced (to rookies) NFL talent.

          1. The fact Thomas has contributed as much as he has should be seen as something of a positive. He’s not setting the world afire, but he’s also not stinking up the joint, which suggests there is some potential there.

            1. The thought behind my post was that if he spent so much time working with top-level pass rushers, doesn’t it seem unexpected that we aren’t seeing much if any pass rushing moves (I’m not including the bull rush).

              As I’ve said several times now, part of the dissatisfaction with Thomas is how well our other first rounder has played as well as other high-need players, ex. Jamal Adams.

              1. Certainly something that should improve over time, though some guys just aren’t as good at picking up on it as others. And that’s not an intelligence or effort issue either, just some people struggle to perfect things to the point where it feels natural.

                But so far I have to say I feel encouraged by where Thomas is at. Though I definitely would like to see him get more opportunities at 3T.

              2. Tim Ryan mentioned how he forgets to keep his head on a swivel at 5T and gets blocked by a TE. Thomas may also be over-thinking somewhat. He’ll improve.

          2. “He has at least three (maybe four) TFLs.”

            I addressed that earlier this week.

            #80 says:
            September 25, 2017 at 2:37 pm

            “His three tackles for loss came when a handoff was fumbled, when he was was unblocked and allowed to run down a ball carrier and when blocked by Rams receiver Robert Woods (193 pounds), over whom Thomas (273 pounds) has an 80-pound advantage.”

            Haha. Last week you mentioned Jamal Adams’ stats. You can’t do that after Adams’ last game can you?

              1. My last mock has Malik Hooker because he was the closest player to another Earl Thomas.
                However, Solomon Thomas may have been duplicative, but now Tank is on IR, he is needed.
                Depth is good. I remember Baalke pontificating that he felt no need to draft an ILB, and look where that got the Niners. 2-14.

          3. One more thing Sparqy. I didn’t make up Thomas’ lack of effort at Stanford. I’ll post this link for the third time. Feel free to ignore and dismiss it again.


            “Where’s the effort? First, he runs hot and cold with his effort. Part of that is reflected in how Thomas doesn’t always finish plays. I swear this guy has some of the most embarrassing lack-of-effort plays that I’ve ever seen.”

            “But his bad plays
            Plays with the shi**y effort
            Plays when he misses the tackle
            Plays when he shuts it down while being in position to perhaps still make a play
            Plays where he gets pancaked”

            “He was literally walking while the play was going on.”

            “Instead, he frequently stayed stuck to those blocks, and gave up containment far too often.”

            “It’s going to come down to whether teams think he will fix his effort issues on the next level.”

            1. #80

              Nice breakdown on Thomas…It’s better for us to see a real pro’s report who plays it over and over to get an opinion rather than the ‘catch-as-catch-can’ knee-jerk shots of the blog.

              To this point, I am not a fan of Solomon Thomas…nor how he got to the niners, and that by duplicating what we already had on the Dline, we have to sit someone GOOD in order to get him ‘snaps’. It would have been far better to have taken Adams, Hooker, or any of a half-dozen others that would warranted the #3 pick……Are we sure that Baalke is not behind a curtain ? He pulled that crap on ‘Chip’ by hijacking his draft….

    2. Or is he a rookie?
      May I remind you that he is a rookie with 3 games under his belt – and was called on to start because Tank is hurt.
      We are the microwave society that wants quick results I guess.
      I wasn’t a proponent of drafting Thomas but I’m not going to make him a blog punching bag based on 3 games.

    1. Tank’s gone, next man up is Thomas.

      The 49ers had the luxury of working him into the NFL slowly. Now it’s trial by fire.
      Thomas is going to get more reps than he’s experienced so far and we can draw our conclusions from that….However, like a relief pitcher, if you were to start him, batters would solve him by the 5th inning. that’s why he’s a reliever.

      Thomas’ limited assortment of moves could be exposed by opposing offensive linemen in film study.
      This could sour fans on our 1st Rd. selection, when it’s apparent he needs to be stashed behind Tank until he’s polished next year.

    2. Coming into his senior season, Matt Barkley was rated the #3 prospect (#1 QB) of the entire draft class. Sometimes the early production is misleading (for good or bad) and the player settles at his talent level.

  3. Josh Rosen is the nation’s leader in passing yards (1,763) and touchdowns (16) through four games.

    Rosen was 35-of-59, 491-yards, with four touchdowns vs. Texas A&M in the season opener — which rallied the Bruins from a 34-point second-half deficit to a stunning win.

  4. 2018 NFL Draft Player Preview: Josh Rosen, 6-4/210 , Quarterback, UCLA

    2017 Season Outlook: Rosen is going to see some good defensive talent during his junior season. Texas A&M leads off the season and features future NFL defensive backs in safety Armani Watts and cornerback Donovan Wilson.

    Rosen has the physical skill set to be a franchise quarterback. He has a lot of physical talent along with a strong arm, height, and pocket presence. Rosen has a big arm that can make all the throws required in the NFL. He can launch the ball deep, sling the out route to the outside hash, and can put some velocity on the ball. Rosen has an excellent starting point of decent fundamentals heading into the NFL. Rosen’s mechanics and fundamentals make for the best foundation of any of the quarterback prospects for the 2018 NFL Draft.

    Rosen can be an accurate passer who is willing to make tough throws into tight windows. He is able to throw receivers open with well-placed passes and shows the ability to be a rhythm passer. Rosen flashes good timing and anticipation

    Read more:

    1. Why Wyoming QB Josh Allen is a strange study for NFL scouts
      He is a rare physical talent, but his teammates have been overmatched by top-notch competition

      “The stands of War Memorial Stadium are mostly empty as Josh Allen makes his way toward midfield, ball in hand.
      Allen is wearing a T-shirt, brown baggy basketball shorts and headphones. Wyoming’s game against Oregon is still about 90 minutes away.
      Allen is a fascinating case study of the NFL evaluation process. He is a rare physical talent, but his teammates have been overmatched by top-notch competition. As a result, so has he. While some fans look at Allen’s underwhelming stats against Power Five competition and proclaim: ‘OV-ER-RA-TED!’

      Scouts are digging deeper. A player’s draft stock does rise and fall from week to week. In the long run, how Allen deals with failure could be more valuable to him than if he had thrown four touchdown passes against the Ducks.”

  5. A WWI Veteran protest.

    “Beginning in May, 1932, groups of World War I veterans began difficult journeys across the country, traveling in empty railroad freight cars, in the backs of trucks, in cars, on foot and by any other means that became available.”

    “Then on July 29,1932, troops did storm several buildings that the veterans were occupying as well as their main camp, setting tents on fire and forcing an evacuation.”

    “When it was over, one veteran had been killed and about 50 veterans and Washington police had been injured in various confrontations.”

    “A footnote: The break-up of the Bonus Army in Washington was conducted by Army Chief of Staff and World War I veteran Douglas MacArthur, assisted by Majors George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower.”

    1. Key word…”Veterans” so you comparing men who went to one of the worst wars on the face of the Earth,to a spoiled kid from Turlock who is having an identity crisis ,rich millionaire athletes and criminals who couldn’t follow simple orders from police officers?

      When a struggle is real or has valid arguments,it has a chance of maybe turning some heads..But it’s hard for people to get behind a movement that is so hypocritical..You can’t preach that Black people are scared of being pulled over and gunned down by white supremacists when the odds are over 2000x more likely they will be shot by another black man..We can all meet this Monday and see how many black people shoot each other in Chicago or Oakland,or arrested for selling dope to their own people..You can’t tell me to feel your struggle when people are running from the police ,robbing stores and committing violent crimes and then have to suffer the consequences..There is racist police plenty of them,but this argument Black people are being gunned down in the streets is ridiculous..It is such a small factor compared to the other problems going on in Black communities..We just had a Black president and whenever I watch TV I see tons of Black millionaires,I believe one of the richest woman in the world is Oprah Winfrey..Its basically like someone having a car with four flat tires,a blown engine ,no transmission and they’re screaming at the top of they’re lungs the radio doesn’t work…It does need to be addressed but this flag thing is turning people off,right or wrong this is not going to create equality just more division..

        1. They are allowed to protest for sure Ribico,just think it’s misguided.Alot of people take pride in the flag and I think people are taking it as a disrespect to our country even if it’s not what they mean.The problem is the jackass who started this protest was ill informed and very dumb how he approached this..I don’t have a problem with the initial issue but the ignorance that has come out of it..Eric Reid would be a better spokesman for this movement than Kap,he is a confused spoiled kid who is puxxy whooped and being fed a bunch of garbage..Right now the bad thing is you have the extremes from both sides out in front making all the arguments..
          Sorry it’s 2017 and all though race is an issue I think alot of people are fed up with people who pull the race card for everything.. Well never see eye to eye but like I said it’s a hypocritical movement ..You can’t bitch about opression then wear a god damn Fidel Castro shirt…You can’t say you want racial equality then demand white people to give you their houses or a white privilege tax..And on the other side you cant say your a patriot and March with the god damn kkk..
          It’s 2017 people get over the god damn race crap..Were all Americans

          1. “They are allowed to protest for sure”

            Yes, and they believe in their cause. Me agreeing with them or you disagreeing is irrelevant.

            I agree that Kap is a terrible activist with his pig socks and Castro shirt. But his cause should not be forgotten.

        2. Yes they do but there protest is not sweeping the nation it’s not even close..It’s not a separate issue if your protesting the deaths of black men then why does it only matter when it’s by a police officer?Like I said statistics and eyeballs all show a black man being murdered by another black man is going to happen about 2000 more times than being shot by a police officer..Wouldn’t you think that if this was about black lives and keeping young men alive you’d be screaming to the sky for what is 2000 more times likely to kill you?Just doesn’t make sense to me..Then it morphed from police brutality to white privilege and white against black..The whole thing has lost its meaning..You should go to towns like Marysville or Oroville and see what white privilege is getting those people…Plenty of them are harrassed and killed by police and it barely makes the paper…Mexican Americans live in poverty harrassed by police and shot by police and they’re not protesting the flag…

          Gotta get your ducks in a row ..Can’t throw stones in a glass house..Like I said goes back to the whole car analogy anyone who’s sees you sitting next to a car with flat tires and no engine isn’t gonna feel bad your radio doesn’t work

          1. ‘Plenty of them are harrassed and killed by police and it barely makes the paper..’
            Wrong. Now, whenever there is an unjustified shooting, it is front page news, but the heightened sensitivity is making the police show restraint, so the number of officer shootings of unarmed civilians is down due to all the publicity and discussion. Kaep has shown a spotlight on a problem, and he has created a movement with lasting effects.
            Glad you agree that police shoot unarmed people, but you dismiss the fact that blacks are disproportionately slain.
            ‘Mexicans are harrassed and shot by police with little notice’? In Sonoma County, Andy Lopez was slain by a sheriff’s deputy, and the ensuing uproar has put a spotlight on the law enforcement, and they are planning on naming a park after Andy Lopez. Have not seen or heard about any other poor or Hispanics being slain by police lately.
            Being in the landscape business, I have many interactions with Latinos, y yo puedo hablar bastante. I have found over the years, that Latinos are the most law abiding folks I know, and they never drive excessively over the speed limit, because some do not want to be pulled over and possibly be subject to deportation. They may cram 8 people into a car, but one always is sober as the designated driver so there is little drunk driving. I hope I am not over generalizing, but they usually can make in one month up here more than they can during a whole year back home, so they will put up with appalling conditions without a peep of complaint, because they think the US is the promised land. These are my observations, mainly true of the trabajadores or campesinos, but native born Latinos have bought into the American Dream, and their children are enrolling in college, so there is social and economic progress of the overall Latino population.
            Back to Kaep. Dismissing his achievements are made to try and marginalize him, just like the blackballing is. Kaep is fighting against the whole judicial system, because the police are shooting people, but always get off with no convictions, while also getting paid. The Deputy that shot Andy Lopez was exonerated with no charges, and he was recently promoted to Sargent. A 13 year old kid who was shot for carrying a toy gun by a trigger happy deputy who drove up and opened fire. Hopefully, next time, the deputy will stay in his car at a safe distance, and ascertain if it is real or not.
            We need judicial reform, and cross that thin blue line. Yes, Kaep could have been less confrontational and controversial with the pig socks and Castro shirt, and he could have worked on getting his point across without angering so many who misinterpreted his protests. There probably was a better way, but it has been a learning experience for all involved. I hope Kaep reads about the enactment of the Voting Rights Act, and will register vote, because the best and most long lasting way to effect social change is through the ballot box.
            Hmm, my sister in law had her suburban boosted out of her driveway, and it ended up in Yuba City stripped and on blocks. Nice folks up there.

            1. I would have listened to your argument but once again your ignorance has shined threw..Trying to school me on what Hispanic communities go through and what were feeling..That’s funny but if you would have ever paid attention you would know I am Mexican I grew up in East San Jose and South Hayward..So please Seb continue tell me what its like to grow up in the Varrio and what we’ve been through…You are something else..
              And in your own words just proved my point..”nice people up there in Yuba City” exactly it’s full of poor white people who’s privilege obviously got them no where…
              Man you are dumb

              1. I knew it would go over your head. You keep on making blanket statements will absurd assertions, thinking that your life experience is the only reality. I was trying to give a different viewpoint that does not justify police brutality, even with ‘white privilege’ or “poor little ol’ me”, I am oppressed so Kaep has got it all wrong.
                Sure, you are Mexican, but that does make you the sole authority of the Latino experience. Many have worked hard all their lives, built communities and raised families, with absolutely no problem with the police. They did not get tatted up then have to have them removed. However, there are rogue cops in every community, and the problem will not be lessened by ignoring it, or demeaning the people who are trying to do something about it.
                The problem in Marysville /Yuba City is exacerbated by a meth epidemic, and I was being facetious , but that type of humor went way over your head. Even so, the police do not go gung ho with itchy trigger fingers because dealing with armed crank heads is a risky business.

            2. Seb,
              “Being in the landscape business, I have many interactions with Latinos, y yo puedo hablar bastante. I have found over the years, that Latinos are the most law abiding folks I know, and they never drive excessively over the speed limit, because some do not want to be pulled over and possibly be subject to deportation. They may cram 8 people into a car, but one always is sober as the designated driver so there is little drunk driving.”

              I’m surprised that you did not weigh the context of your entry before putting it forward. Why, because I don’t believe that a Mexican would approve of your mixed interpretation of stereotyping and your underhanded compliment.

              1. I am just relating my life experiences, and admitted they may be over generalizations pertaining to campesinos.
                I certainly did not call them rapists, like Trump did.

      1. The only issue dividing the country for the majority of Americans is in the way NFL players have chosen to protest police brutality and inequality. When it comes to the substance of the protest, i.e., that these societal problems are in fact real, and problematic for large numbers of Americans, including people of color, non-Christians, women, and the LBGT community, and the majority of Americans agree that these problems exist, and that we need to have a national dialog as a society, in order to address these issues.

        The only people who deny these problems are real, and deny that they need to be confronted, are those who identify with the 30%ers on the right (and alternate right) of our political spectrum.

        And to be honest, the right wing has done a good job (in part, because it’s something they are very good at dividing people) of turning this protest into a “wedge issue” by feigning outrage and citing #fakepatriotism, by exploiting the National Anthem and American Flag, and claiming that athletes cannot both love our country and support our military while also using their platform to bring awareness by taking a knee during the National Anthem (which, in it’s original form, was/is one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon).

        In fact, there is nothing more patriotic than defending one’s rights and bringing awareness through free-speech and peaceful protests. Colin Kaepernick, did indeed muddle his message with contradictory, seemingly uneducated statements, but he was absolutely spot on with the basic tenet of the issue of police brutality and systematic oppression. For example, we now know for a FACT that people of color were victims of systematic oppression and police brutality in Ferguson Missouri. We also know that America elected a POTUS who openly admitted to sexual assualting women, openly questioned the first black American President’s birth certificate and citizenship while calling African Americans “the blacks”. We also know that Alabama just elected a GOP candidate who is unabashedly bigoted, and believes homosexuality is not only immoral, but that it should be a prosecutable crime. He also believes he is above the law as he defied federal court orders by violating the canons of judicial ethics, which makes him a direct threat to any non-Christians individual constitutional rights.

        Whether or not it’s appropriate for NFL players to protest during the National Anthem is certainly debatable. However, pretending that people of color don’t have a valid reason to protest is disingenuous at best, and morally dishonest, and racist at worst.

  6. I wouldn’t agree that DL is the second hardest position for a rookie. I would tend to agree with Pat Kirwan here in that receiver is the second hardest position to learn followed by middle linebacker.

    Rookie receivers are not only tasked with learning their playbook they also have to learn how to read defenses.

    Middle linebacker is the QB of the defense.

    1. “Middle linebacker is the QB of the defense”

      Why do you suppose that MLBs aren’t typically drafted within the first five slots? Even in
      this last draft, people were saying that it was crazy to draft an ILB (Foster, in this case) in the top five.

        1. Yeah, a QB has to know hundreds of plays and in some cases know route options based on the defense.
          A Lb has to see the the offense and call on of 40 plays in complicated D… or 20 or so in simpler defense. And that gets simplified further based on the personnel on the field. I.e. is it the base D or a nickel or some subpackage? Furthermore safeties can also be asked to do this for the D, on O there is only one QB.

  7. DeMarcus Lawrence- Draft profile. 6′ 3″, 251 lbs. 4.8 forty, 24 reps. 7.46 three cone, 4.31- 20 yard shuttle. Right now, DL weighs 265 lbs.
    Solomon Thomas- Draft profile. 6′ 3″, 273 lbs. 4.69 forty, 30 reps. 6.95 three cone, 4.28- 20 yard shuttle. Right now, ST weighs 256 lbs.
    With both Boone and Iupati limited, they will be playing backup guards. Like Grant said, moving Solomon Thomas inside may be a wise strategic move. With Tank on IR, Solomon Thomas may start, and I hope he gets a sack.

  8. Reid was specifically asked if he thinks Kaep should still be on the team, he wisely deferred but also said it’s a joke Kaep is unemployed. Perhaps an indirect jab at the Niner brain trust. Makes me wonder how many guys on the squad are thinking the same thing. With every mounting loss, the argument against signing him looks more and more about the protest and less about football talent. At least Hoyer finally threw a td in the 4th qtr of our 3rd game, but hey Kaep doesn’t fit the system. The same jive said about Hyde……great players adapt. On the brightside, I should finally be able to afford a ticket at the new stadium……no pun intended. Miss the candlestick atmosphere……seems like our squad does too.

    1. This was pre protest.

      “The deciding factor for the 49ers was that they believed Shanahan did not want to keep Colin Kaepernick as a quarterback,” Cole said Wednesday. “Ultimately, they believed that Shanahan wanted to draft a quarterback with their high pick in the first round. The 49ers wanted to keep Kaepernick because ownership believes he can be salvaged.”

      Mike didn’t want Kap.
      Mike didn’t want RG3.
      Kyle didn’t want Manziel.
      Kyle didn’t want Kap.
      Mike and Kyle don’t like gimmick QBs whether they’re black or white, pre protest or post protest.

      1. to be fair…kap sucks less than 90% of the back up QB’s in the league…..

        Still won’t endorse him back on the niners…..cuz he sucks….and we deserve a fresh start.

      2. Mike is not part of the team, and if he is influencing KS to play Hoyer, he is doing his son a great disservice.
        MS had Steve Young, a mobile QB, in ’94, so he knew how to utilize him properly.
        If it is about emotions, they should wake up and smell the coffee. They are letting emotions dictate their actions, and they are 0-3.

          1. Shoup, with Kaep, the Niners may be 2-1, instead of 0-3.
            Lynch signed 25 FAs before TC. Baalke signed 2, and one was Devey, the QB killer. Beadles was ranked among the last in the league.
            This team is vastly improved, except for the QB position. I have higher expectations, and want the Niners to win a damn game with a damn good QB.

            1. As much as I like Kaep, I can’t see him ever playing another down in the NFL.
              We all witnessed the decline in CKs game for two seasons before he left.
              My personal analysis of CK is simple… He was no longer the QB in his last two years that we saw in his first and second seasons.

              Also, (and we can attach any reason we want for it ) CK lost an extremely vital intangible that is essential for playing football : Courage.
              The moment I saw Kaep running out of the pocket when there was no pressure was the beginning of the end for him.
              Sure, his stance has scared off owners no doubt, but no owner is going to sign a broken QB just because there is outside pressure to do so.
              And I don’t believe that they should either.

              1. AES, sorry to disagree. Kaep is plenty courageous. He may have bailed out of the pocket, but he did that because Devey and Beadles let pass rushers run by them like they were turnstiles. He also used his mobility to elude pass rushers and helped lead the team to a 4th rated running game while converting many third downs.
                You also need to address the lack of WR talent, because they were ranked 32 last season. In 2015, he was injured, so he was unable to throw and needed 3 surgeries. Yes he regressed, but last season, he had a 90.7 QBR, 59.7% completion, and 16-4 TD to Int ratio. There are several QBs who do not have a QBR rating above 90, including Hoyer at 74.
                Questioning some one’s courage is the same as calling some one a coward. I feel that that it is a little over the top. Kaep is plenty courageous, both on and off the field. Delany Walker complained that he is getting death threats. Kaep has had to deal with those for over a year. Kaep is now being called an SOB, and his mother responded magnificently. Kaep has braved this controversy, and was willing to give up millions in endorsements to stand up for his principles. America is a great country, despite its flaws. Kaep wants to make it even better, so there is no Blue Line, racial profiling, and unjustified deaths.

              2. “Questioning some one’s courage is the same as calling some one a coward.”
                No Seb, that’s your interpretation not mine.
                Kaep is very courageous in his social stance, but running away from phantom defenders is completely different dynamic.

            2. The team might be 2-1 ?
              At what point did Kaep put up 39 points last year? He didn’t. And when has Kaep managed to score more than 13 pts in Seattle? Only once, in the playoffs when his 3, 4th quarter turnovers gave Seattle the win. Keep in mind Kaep has never won there.
              Then there is the Carolina game when Hoyer had less than 2 seconds to throw the ball on average and had receivers dropping touchdown passes. Kittle for certain and Goodwins would have given them a first and goal inside the 5 at minimum.
              What 2 games does Kaep win? Considering he is what 3-17 over the past few years and has managed to lose to a plethora bottom dwellers.

              1. Shoup, it is just my opinion. Niners lost 2 games by 5 total points. They were winnable.
                It is established as fact that Hoyer did not win those games.
                Kaep, being a mobile QB, could have used his elusive speed to buy time and let players get open.
                Kaep helped the Niners gain many third down conversions with his legs last season.

              2. well you know what they say about opinions.

                Kaep helped the Niners gain many third down conversions with his legs last season.

                If he could throw the ball accurately he might have actually managed get first downs… without having to run for them. Based on the way you talk about running, the niners should just sign AP and change him to qb.

    2. Perhaps if the niners wanted to wait 10 games to get a win they would… or if they didn’t want to develop and wanted to throw games for a draft pick Kaep would be a good option.
      Keep in mind the offense averaged more pts per game last year with Blaine freakin Gabbert at QB.

  9. Ok, so I guess they will have Thomas rushing from the inside on passing downs. I have reservations about his size but enough people are saying that’s his strength so what can it hurt to bump him inside since they aren’t getting pressure anyway. So who are the best 4 guys? Saleh mentioned – Dumervil, [LB] Eli Harold, [LB Dekoda] Watson, Solomon, Buckner, Armstead, Interesting that he didn’t mention Aaron Lynch. Seems to me your best edge guys are Dumervil and Lynch. So then who on the inside? Obviously it’s Buckner on one inside spot and then Armstead? If you’re pulling Armstead off the field in favor of Solomon in my opinion that’s a tacit admission that Armstead just isn’t working out. BUT what can they lose? Move Thomas inside and pull Armstead off to see what kind of pressure they can generate.

    1. I don’t buy it for a second. I’m certain they’ve already tried putting him there and we’re seeing him on the edge for a reason.

      1. I do he was drafted as an interior rusher and has been forced to play the edge. Shaw said that’s how he envisioned he would be used, lynch said that’s how he would be used. The problem is that was possibly our strongest position going into the draft.

        1. If he was drafted to play the interior then they’ve certainly had him there in practice. If he was better then the other players at the position he’d be there in the games.

          If it’s purely technique then I have faith someone with his work ethic and physical talent can certainly improve and possibly work his way into the interior. If it’s something else, like size then he’s going to be stuck on the edge.

          1. He plays he big end on base downs and kicks inside on passing downs. So he should kick inside in the nickle and dime packages. They have been doing that.
            The problem is to do this you need 2nd and 3rd and long situations to see how he is from the inside and he has no real experience playing from the edge which is where he is more likely to play on base situations. His experience was as a 3-4 DE, which is very different.
            I struggled with the selection because of this very situation. With Armstrong, Buckner, and Blair the niners already had 3 interior rushers and we brought in one more, in my opinion he was only worth the pick to me if he could rush from the edge or if we were getting rid of/giving up on Armstrong.

      2. I’ve been on the record over the last few drafts as favoring drafting the best player at a position of need and not just the BPA. Every year the responses on this blog from posters who know more than me is that you always go BPA. The niners had Thomas as 2nd or 3rd on their big board (I can’t exactly remember), so that’s why they drafted him third. IMO, DL wasn’t/isn’t a position of need (unless they were planning to trade Armstead). Saleh’s answers seems like he is trying to defend the selection of Thomas while at the same time acknowledging that it is hard to find playing time for all of these high draft pick DL.

        The selection of Thomas seems to reinforce my thinking that you draft the best player at a position of need. Adams would have been a great pick. Exception would be if team is already stacked with quality players at virtually all positions; we all know that the 49ers are far from that goal.

        1. Niners must have thought that Jimmie Ward was good enough to be the next FS. They also knew that the defense must stop the run, or the season would repeat what happened last year.
          With attrition, depth on the roster is necessary, and wise.

        2. That’s partially true.
          Teams tend to tier the players and go with a position of need if they are close enough in talent. In the same tier but at a position of need.
          One other major issue that needs to be considered is the players CAP numbers. If you draft a safety at number 2, He will likely be one one of the highest paid safeties immediately. Meaning an unproven rookie will automatically take up more CAP space at a position than some pro bowlers. This also means if that player busts it hurts the team far worse than it would if the salary were allotted to a different position group. And the benefit isn’t as great considering the team could just pay that money to an already established quality safety.

          1. Thanks, Shoup, I hadn’t considered the impact of the salary cap. However, I’m not sure that I agree with your safety example. As you can see below, the cap hit for ST (taken from spotrac) is higher than any other DL on the team in all four years of his deal.

            Yikes, I didn’t realize ST was getting so much money. Here are his cap hits over the next couple of years.

            2017 – $5,118,975 – higher than any other DL
            2018 – $6,398,719 – higher than any other DL
            2019 – $7,678,463 – higher than any other DL
            2020 – $8,958,210 – higher than any other DL (and currently for 2020 third highest on the team).

            1. That’s true but that’s because he was drafted higher than than the other linemen on the team and they don’t have any big name free agent signings at the position.
              Now to to put the point in perspective… if a safety were signed to the same deal they would be paid as a top 20 safety in the league while ST is paid at around 40th as a D lineman.

              1. Okay, but I’m not sure that salary cap should be the main driver of the selection. Other players (Adams and even Foster) would have (and in Foster’s case, have) contributed more to the defense than ST currently has. After all, it’s about winning, right? Sometimes I think the analytics guys forget that point (Cleveland is a great example of that).

                Having said that I’m certainly willing to continue to watch ST’s development [like I have any choice in the matter :) ].

                On a final note, it’s interesting how a certain fear or contentment emerges on the blog during the offseason only to be turned on it’s head during the season. This year the fear was that we wouldn’t be able to run the ball and the contentment was that we would have a powerful DL that would force many sacks. Niners are currently 3rd in rushing yards per attempt and second to last in the number of sacks. Still early though.

              2. Cubus,
                I agree with you. I would have gone elsewhere as well and most likely would have gone with Hooker if I recall correctly.
                I only brought up the cap because I’m certain that it is also a consideration if players are close in grade.

    1. And pray tell what were you expecting this season? That Shanahan would come in and take the least talented roster in the NFL, teach them a new offense and new defense and lead them to a superbowl victory.

      1. I wanted the Niners to improve so much, they could avoid a losing season. I predicted that they could go 8-8.
        I still want them to win the SB, but without Kaep, that is just a pipe dream.
        Giving up on the team is just a loser’s mentality, and I agree with Ronnie Lott.

        1. 8-8 is perfectly understandable… but if that’s your desire with building blocks for the future, the season is nowhere near over.
          The rams had long been one of the more talented rosters in the division but were held back by a coach who the NFL had left behind.
          Their situation was similar to the one Harbaugh inherited in SF… I only mention them because that was the only team the 9ers beat last year.

          And I’m sorry Kaep wouldn’t lead this team to success… because even Tom Brady wouldn’t, the talent isn’t there.
          Case in point L. Tomlinson is terrible and has graded out as such, but he’s so much better than Beadles it’s not even funny. Honestly, Staley is the only player that I would consider a quality starter on the o line. Brown is good at pass pro, but stìll gets confused sometimes and let’s a guy go by unabated to the QB to often, and can’t run block to save his life.
          The dline has no edge rusher save Methuselah (elvis), the line backers without foster are below average and the db’s even when healthy are below average.
          This year should be about finding building blocks and getting rid of dead weight. Next year a playoff contender and in year 3 and beyond sb contenders with a young nucleus, if everything breaks right.

        2. Seb

          A 3-19 record over his last 22 starts isn’t going to get you to the SB without buying your ticket…there’s your pipe dream….

    2. Both those QBs are not shining. I hope they win as many games as possible, then look at Jake Browning or Lamar Jackson.
      Luke Falk looked good last night, too.

  10. This weekend, while it seemed like all of Twitter was engaged in a culture war between President Trump and the NFL, I was worrying about my family in Puerto Rico.

    Roughly 3.5 million U.S. citizens live in Puerto Rico.

    Since his Friday speech, Trump has dedicated 22 tweets (including three retweets) to speaking out against NFL players he claims disrespect the American flag and the country by kneeling for the anthem. By way of comparison, the president has only tweeted five times, in total, about Puerto Rico and the crisis that has ensued since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island.

  11. Republicans claim they voted down the Sandy relief bill because it was filled with pork. Don’t believe them

    A platoon of Texas lawmakers who voted against aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2013 are scurrying to explain their votes in advance of being asked to vote for the same relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

    Don’t believe them. According to an incredibly detailed analysis performed in 2013 by the Congressional Research Service, virtually every cent of the Sandy relief bill was related to damage from that storm.

    TomD’s Take: The region affected was the northeastern seaboard–NY, Mass, RI, Maine, etc.–a democratic stronghold, so the repugnates , from sheer spite, punnished all, and they never received aid.

    1. “Every now and again, the tree of liberty must be watered with bloodshed, to protect us against those who would do us harm, both foreign and
      D-O-M-E-S-T-C”…..Thomas Jefferson

      TomD’s Take: The founding fathers have seen plutocracy’s and religious intolerances come and go in England and France (“Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette) accounting for

      1. The Cardinals are 7½-point favorites. The game is set to kick off at 1:05 p.m.

        “The 49ers were an absolute train wreck for much of the past three years. Things were flying high under Jim Harbaugh, but General manager Trent Baalke won the power struggle and his struggles in the draft showed up big as the 49ers saw a host of players retire or leave in free agency.

        Lynch is proving to be an adept recruiter of players. Big cap space is certainly helpful, but Lynch has the experience as a former player that seems to benefit in their free agent pitches. Lynch and Shanahan are bringing an incredibly straight forward approach that really seemed to be lacking in recent years.

        We are seeing a lot more optimism through three weeks, even at 0-3, but come November or December, I’ll be really curious to see how the 49ers players are operating, and if there is any in-fighting. My concerns might be primarily due to the problems of the past three seasons.”

  12. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 1m1 minute ago
    Good sign for Reuben Foster today. He was doing his light running and climbing the hill during rehab. Guessing he returns within two weeks.

  13. sebnynah says:
    September 29, 2017 at 10:46 am

    “I wanted the Niners to improve so much, they could avoid a losing season. I predicted that they could go 8-8.
    I still want them to win the SB, but without Kaep, that is just a pipe dream”.

    The delusion continues. Has anybody ever seen a fan with such an infatuation with any player, let alone a mediocre QB with a 19-32 record in his last 51 starts, including 3-16 in his last 19 starts, with two of those three victories coming against the then lowly Rams last year in a pathetic 2-14 performance. I’ll stick with the 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent of coaches, analysts, and GM’s that have in so many politically correct words, ALL agree that Kaep stinks. I guess the blackball excuse is running a little thin since just about every player is now taking a knee during the anthem. What’s to stop a team from signing Kaep now? Certainly not the protests. In fact, on the contrary, Kaep has made the statement more than once that he will now stand, so theoretically, he would help the owners that object to the kneeling, not hurt. Maybe he would get all the players to stand. Everyone knows he couldn’t lead the Patriots to the SB, let alone the rebuilding Forty Niners. I honestly think there is a good chance he could get signed now that his protests are no longer unique, and he will fit right in with the other 15 or so mediocre quarterbacks, like he always has. He’s about on par with McNown and Sanchez and other mediocre QB’s, so why not? Does anyone notice that when Seb defends Kaep, he brings up his 2012-2013 seasons and NEVER mentions the fact that he played on a great team and gives no credit to that team whatsoever for their success, but in the following years, 14, 15, and 16 when the league figured out his limited skills and gimmick offense, his rapid decline is all the teams fault, including the coaches, GM’s, and anybody else he can muster up in his delusional mind. It just drives Seb crazy to have to admit that Hoyer, though also limited, is just flat out a better QB than Kaep seven days a week, and twice on Sundays. Of course, he never will. For him to even suggest that ANY quarterback, let alone Mr. Mediocre himself, Kaep, would lead the Forty Niners to the SB this year only magnifies his lack of true football intelligence. It’s scary ignorant. But the delusion will no doubt continue, with vague, factless screeds about how good Kaep was four years ago. You will read nothing about his record in the last 51 games, or 19, or last seasons 2-14 disaster, other that it wasn’t his fault. The infatuation will continue. God help us all! I have one question for you Seb. Please answer honestly.

    Seb, if Russell Wilson (Or fill in any of the top 10-15 QB’s) had kneeled during the National Anthem last season and was a free agent coming into this year, would he still be unemployed like Kaep?

    Very simple question. Yes or No would suffice. Have a nice day Seb. Don’t forget to take your meds!

    1. Juan, Pete Carroll said Kaep could lead his team to championships. Arians said Kaep is scary, and I bet Hoyer does not scare him at all. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton thinks he should start. For every doubter, I can find an advocate. I think Jemele Hill believes Kaep is being blackballed and deserves to play. I think Jemele Hill is right.
      Even John Lynch said that Kaep has accomplished some pretty impressive things in this league. Sure am glad he repaired bridges when he apologized to Kaep about the continued leaks. I am even happier to know that he is still leaving the door open to return. Even KS has admitted that Kaep has been very productive, and I am supremely confident that he is smart enough to be able to utilize Kaep properly.
      To answer your question, if RW does not support his team mate enough to kneel with him, especially if his team mate was forced to lie down with a gun pointed at his head, Why do you think he would kneel like Kaep? According to the rumors, RW is not the most popular leader in that locker room.
      I would like to see Aaron Rodgers continue his protests. He certainly would not be vilified and blackballed for protesting. Many veterans have said that kneeling is not disrespectful at all to them, so maybe the other fans should stop being so hysterical at some one who is protesting against police brutality and racism.
      Fans who have felt they are offended have gone way over the edge. They have now started throwing out death threats. Kaep did not burn the flag, He is silently and non violently protesting, which is American as apple pie.
      Since Twitler has hurled obscenities against protesters, he has egged on the hate. Disrespect the flag? Draft dodgers should not be uber patriots, diss Gold Star mothers and denigrate and insult a war hero. He has disgraced the presidency, and the flag. Only fascists and reactionaries are intolerant of dissent.
      So to definitively answer your question, no, they would not be blackballed like Kaep, because Kaep is the leader, and their Ire and venom is mainly directed at him. Kaep is being prevented from playing because the cowards are afraid Kaep will play well, and destroy all of theirs, and your screeds. This is not their finest moment. Blackballing is mean, vindictive and shows little class.
      Seems like Jed does not want to be a leader, and is afraid of a mean tweet. He should look at Theresa Kaepernick, who has stood tall against a classless foul mouthed bully.
      John Lynch wants a damn win. Maybe he should sign a damn good quarterback.

        1. Gabbert and Davis are playing for the league minimum, and are content to be backups.
          Kaep wants to start.
          Kaep is being blackballed by supposedly the most powerful man in the world.

  14. sebnynah says:
    September 28, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Being in the landscape business, I have many interactions with Latinos, y yo puedo hablar bastante. I have found over the years, that Latinos are the most law abiding folks I know, and they never drive excessively over the speed limit….

    They may cram 8 people into a car, but one always is sober ???……

    TomD’s Take: Seb, If you’re trying to pull a Trump, you have succeeded !! Stereotype , thy name is Seb.

    Stereotype Jokes: Frank Lucero Jokes About Stereotypes! – Stand Up Comedy

    1. sebnynah says:
      September 28, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Being in the landscape business, I have many interactions with Latinos, y yo puedo hablar bastante. I have found over the years, that Latinos are the most law abiding folks I know, and they never drive excessively over the speed limit….

      They may cram 8 people into a car, but one always is sober ???……

      TomD’s Take: Seb, If you’re trying to pull a Trump, you have succeeded !! Stereotype , thy name is Seb.

      Stereotype Jokes: Frank Lucero Jokes About Stereotypes! – Stand Up Comedy

  15. John Harwood‏Verified account

    Trump says 2nd Q GDP growth of 3.1% is “a number that hasn’t been hit for a long time.” It was hit 8 times under Obama most recently in 2015

    Dennis Bailey‏ @DennisBailey 3h3 hours ago

    Replying to @gmmachado1 @JohnJHarwood
    2009 Q4 – 3.9%
    2010 Q2 – 3.9%
    2011 Q4 – 4.6%
    2013 Q4 -4%
    2014 Q2 – 4.6%
    2014 Q3 – 5.2%
    2015 Q1 – 3.2%
    2015 Q2- 3%

    Bill‏ @gmmachado1 4h4 hours ago
    Replying to @JohnJHarwood
    He’s totally certifiable. Where’s Robert Mueller?

  16. If Brian Hoyer passes for 300 yards Sunday he becomes the 1st 49er QB since Jeff Garcia (2003) to do so back to back.
    Source: KNBR’s, Brian Murphy during 3/29 interview with Tim Ryan

    TomD’s Take: 49er fans took 300 yd passing games for granted in the 80’s and 90’s….
    Oh well, all good things come to an end.

  17. For those who feel Solomon Thomas should be making a bigger impact to start the season, DeForest Buckner has a gentle reminder: His first sack as a rookie didn’t come until Week 6.

    He had two in that game and finished the season with six, which tied for the team lead with Ahmad Brooks.

    Thomas, the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, has no sacks and seven tackles through the first three games. But he’s about to see his playing time, and his opportunities, increase.
    Sac Bee

    Matt Maiocco‏Verified
    The #49ers will not face either Mike Iupati or Alex Boone on Sunday.

  18. Go Giants and grab MLB’s brass ring—2018’s 1st pick of the MLB draft. You can do it !

    Blue Jays, 75-85
    Tigers, 63-96
    A’s, 74-85
    Phils, 64-95
    Reds, 67-92
    Giants, 62-97

    The Giants still have a chance at 100 losses, and to get there, they’ll have to lose three straight games at home against the Padres. In a normal season, I wouldn’t sweat it because the Giants haven’t lost three straight home games against the Padres since [reads notes] uh September of last year. It should be hard for a bad team like the Padres to be even a bad team in their home ballpark three straight times.

    You know it can happen, though. You know that it probably should happen, that this year’s team deserves that fate.

  19. BREAKING NEWS: The 49ERS sign scrappy nickel CB K’Waun Williams to a 3 Year extension, which will keep him under contract thru 2020. K’Waun can reportedly make up to $10 million, with $5 million guaranteed.

    Good move!

    1. Yup. Lets hope that this is the game that Thomas and Buckner develop chemistry beside each other and start wreaking havoc from the inside. Although I do agree with CFC about us already trying Thomas at 3T and feeling that he can’t or isn’t ready to play the position.

  20. Thanks Seb, I knew you had no choice but to agree. The answer of course is NO, RW would be employed. So would Tom, Dak, Ben, and a host of other top QB’s. It’s simply about talent. They have it. He doesn’t. Pure and simple. Signing the likes of McCown and others has proven that the owners will at some point sign anybody, so yes, I agree, Kaep could be signed by someone. Desperation has no boundaries.

    1. Juan – Not so fast to criticize your comment about “signing the likes of McCown.”

      McCown – 60/86 for 69.8% – 5th in the league; 602 yards; 7.0 yards per attempt; 3 TDs; 2 INTs; 91.3 rating for 14th in the league with the hapless Jets

      Hoyer – 62/99 for 62.6% – 20th in the league; 624 yards; 6.3 yards per attempt; 2 TDs; 3 INTS; 74.6 rating for 28th in the league

      AND your game manager Alex Smith – 65/84 for 77.4% – #1 in the NFL; 774 yards; 9.21 yards per attempt – 4th in the NFL; 7 TDs; ZERO INTS; 132.7 rating – #1 in the entire NFL

      not too bad for a game manager who everybody wanted to run out of San Francisco……..guess it’s the coaching………evaluation and UTILIZATION of personnel

    2. Juan, thanks for admitting the others would be signed, and the only reason Kaep is not signed is that he is being blackballed, and he should be signed and playing some where.
      Goodell and the owners are scrambling to make some plan to deal with this problem. Trump is on a rampage, and is hiding behind the flag to avoid dealing with more pertinent and dire issues. Trump is using patriotism as his last refuge, and is rattling his saber, to pander to his base. Wag the dog, distraction, subterfuge. Some military veterans do not think the kneeling is disrespectful to them, and support Kaep, so the fans who find it offensive are just being hysterical to gain attention. The faux outrage is knee deep, and they cannot claim a mandate.
      Kaep was almost marginalized, because only 20 or so players knelt. Now that Trump committed another unforced error, he stepped in it. Now we had entire teams protesting, and NONE of those SOBs were fired.
      In fact, some of the owners protested with the players. Jerry kneeling? Nice visual.
      The league and owners have a crisis on their hands, and the hurried meeting proves that. They are getting a black eye by blackballing Kaep, and no one with any football knowledge would say that Kaep is not better than at least 10 starters. They should swallow the blame and shame, and let Kaep play, because as long as he is being blackballed, he achieves martyr status. Then they should hope he fails miserably, and I have no doubt the refs will torment him on the direction from the top.
      However, I think Kaep will pick and choose, and go to a team with a stout defense with good offensive weapons and decent pass protection. He might even take the league by storm.
      Which team should he go to? Any team will have the hateful fans howling, so the league should think of a place with the least disruptions.
      Hmmmm, the Bay Area is a pretty liberal and tolerant place. Kaep used to play here, and he still has some fans. ( I take a deep bow). ;p
      Hoyer is struggling, and the Niners are winless, so the rest of the owners should make Jed take back Kaep, so they can get rid of the headache to the league.
      The league should allow protests, because they are American as apple pie, especially when done silently and non violently. The league should not make a big deal about it, and continue to avoid playing the National Anthem on the air. Fans booing during the National Anthem leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I am offended by the hate. The league should pointedly state that booing during the playing of the National Anthem is disrespectful, too.The league should stress the community outreach many players have done, Kaep included, and they should channel their energies into more productive avenues.
      Above all, they should not fire any SOBs, because that guy is in Washington.

    1. Hyde’s gonna take the brunt of working in a run scheme that will take a toll on him…due to crappy OL play:
      — very bad in outside zone/stretch runs,
      — and nearly achieving mediocrity on inside zone blocking.

      I suspect KS’ stockpiling of smaller fast RB’s (Washington, Brieda, Mostert) is a “live ammo” means of finding which of the 3 is best, also a hedge against attrition, but Hyde is the man for now….till he’s beat up too badly to start.
      Keep Hightower on speed dial

    1. JM? The guy who is on his 8th team? He has thrown 82 TDs, but also 71 interceptions. He has also fumbled 73 times.
      JM has a 19-44 win loss record, and has never played in a playoff game.

            1. You just don’t get it do you Seb. Lamar Jackson is NOT an option for SF… Kyle wants QBs that are pocket QBs. Guys that go through progressions. Stop bringing up Jackson when it comes to SF… Browning is okay but he is small and will be around after rnd 1….

              1. Lamar Jackson is a fine QB, who is a leader. He can deliver the ball from the pocket, but is also mobile and elusive so he can avoid the sack. He is a dual threat QB like Steve Young with the ability to go through his reads while also having nice touch on the ball. Last season he accounted for 51 TDs, an impressive stat.
                KS has an immobile QB, and so far, he has been bludgeoned many times. One time, he was hit so hard, his helmet got ripped off. I do not expect Hoyer to last all season, and CJB has not demonstrated enough poise or accuracy to become the starter.

              2. Joe Montana is 6’2″, 205 lbs.
                Jake Browning is 6′ 2″, 209 lbs.
                Lamar Jackson is 6′ 3″, 212 lbs.
                I am not saying that they will accomplish as much as Joe, but the all have similar physiques.

  21. Brian Hoyer could become the 49ers 1st QB since Jeff Garcia (2003) to pass for 300 yards consecutively vs. Arizona.

    Source: KNBR , B. Murphy 9/29 interview with Tim Ryan.

  22. 49ers-Cardinals: Should Solomon Thomas or Aaron Lynch get more playing time?

    Aaron Lynch is a player I’ll keep mentioning because I think he’s an excellent pass-rusher who has alienated this coaching staff for whatever reason. Maybe Lynch isn’t as good as I’m thinking and the 49ers are correct in limiting his snaps, but I think with Carradine out, Lynch should see his snaps doubled at the very least.

  23. Published: June 29, 2017 at 04:14 p.m.
    17 for ’17: College football’s most freakish athletes

    1. Derwin James*, Safety 6’3”, 211 lbs.
    James is a game-changing presence on the field. He set the tone and made his mark in the opening game of the season against the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. He finished that game with six tackles and contributed with a sack.

    1a. 1. Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson
    At 310 pounds, Wilkins’ athleticism is difficult to fathom. He’s been clocked at 4.80 in the 40-yard dash, with a 10-yard split time of 1.62. That’s ridiculously fast for a player his size, and he has plenty of strength to go with it; he can bench press 225 pounds for 31 reps. You want explosiveness? He can broad jump 9 feet. Then, there is his flexibility, which he put on startling display after Clemson’s national title win over Alabama.

    2. David Ducre , RB, LSU,measured in at 5-11.75 and 234 pounds. At that size, Ducre clocked a 4.42 hand-timed 40-yard dash. He’s a ball of muscle that is imposing and physical.

    3. 15. Braden Smith, OT, Auburn
    The Tigers’ senior right tackle displays ridiculous strength

    4. 14. Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson
    A year ago, Lawrence looked like a seasoned senior in dominating ACC offensive lines as a true freshman. It’s no wonder he was difficult for them to handle. At 340 pounds, he’s been clocked by the school with a 4.90 40-yard dash. But speed isn’t his game — power is — and his weight-room prowess is incredible for a player who has at least two years of college left to play. He’s already repping 225 pounds on the bench press 31 times, he can squat 550, and power cleans 350.

    5.’s Chase Goodbread decided to rank college football’s 17 “Most Freakish Athletes”. He alludes to Bryant’s electrifying 40-yard time:

    6. Brandon Bryant, safety, Mississippi State
    Bryant is back as a fourth-year junior with some impressive credentials as a freakish athlete. He’s consistently run sub-4.3 40-yard dash times in MSU’s team testing, making him one of the fastest players in the game. But at 5-foot-11, 200 pounds, he’s also remarkably strong; he can deadlift 600 pounds and squats 450. He can also vertical jump 35 inches, which would have given him a top-10 finish

    7. Saquon Barkley–Compared to Ezekiel Elliot except with better speed: 4.39

    8. 3. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
    You really don’t need numbers to know the Cardinals’ quarterback has freakish athletic skills — you only need a pair of eyes and a television on fall Saturdays. The 2016 Heisman Trophy winner made easy work of ACC defenses last year with a combination of speed and agility that reminds many of Mike Vick. But for those who like their freak athletes verified by measurables, Jackson carried his 6-foot-3, 200-pound frame 40 yards in 4.34 seconds in the spring, and he’s only getting faster (he ran 4.42 a year earlier). Then there is his arm strength; it’s also plain enough to see on Saturdays, but he’s said to be able to launch the ball 85-95 yards, depending upon whom you ask and what you make of this video testament.

  24. By Matt Lombardo | NJ Advance Media for
    NFL 2017 Mock Drafts
    1. Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold, QB, USC
    2.San Francisco 49ers – Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

    SEC Country Mock:
    1. New York Jets: Sam Darnold, USC QB:
    2. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley, Penn State RB
    3.San Francisco 49ers: Josh Rosen, UCLA QB:

    Walter Football Mock:
    3. San Francisco:
    San Francisco 49ers: Arden Key, DE/OLB, LSU
    A quarterback would make sense for the 49ers if they didn’t stand a good chance of obtaining Kirk Cousins. There’s a decent shot it happens next offseason, so I’m going to avoid giving them a signal-caller for now.

    They used the No. 3 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft on edge rusher Solomon Thomas. Well, why not address the position again? Arden Key and Thomas would form an incredible edge-rushing tandem, assuming Thomas starts playing well at some point.

    CBS Sportsline Mock:
    2. San Francisco: Josh Rosen

    USA Today
    2. San Francisco, Josh Rosen

    5. San Francisco, QB, Mason Rudolph, Oaklahoma St.

    2. Josh Rosen

    2. Josh Rosen

  25. After watching Arden Key, having 2nd thoughts about the QB in 2018.

    Aside from the fact he wears # 49, his quickness for such a large man stands out.

    I know most GM’s agree with Prime, that QB is where you start a rebuild.

    Also, I noticed many of Key’s sacks came w/o a bull rush tech. vs. an O-Lineman .

    Wonder what Grant thinks about the 2018 49er 1st pick ?

  26. Sean Patrick Scott‏ @SPScott19 1h1 hour ago

    Replying to @NinersNation @Timor_Domini
    As a USC fan, Darnold looked terrible last night. If he keeps playing like that he should stay in school another year

    1. Rumor has it he wants to stay one more year anyway. I prefer Rosen anyway. The most talented QB from the pocket with a very soild arm and flashes some mobility. If character concerns check out he will go top 2… Josh Allen will find himself in the top 10 as well. A Mega talent but is very raw. Going to be fun watching it all unfold.

      1. Rebuild,

        Bill Walsh had a habit of finding QB’s, mid-round and developing them, ie., Montana 3rd Rd, and Young (traded a 4th Rd for him).

        What if CJ is better than anyone (except Shanny) expected and develops ? Then we could continue to build our defense, ala, Walsh and draft, the SEC’s best pass rusher–Arden Key ?

        Do you think we should draft Key ? He sure would look good on the other side of Thomas and Lynch.

        1. Oh for sure Tom! If CJ works out and comes in at some point and plays well then that’s a Massive development. That would allow us to draft a freak like Key or even potentially Barkley if they do decide to let Hyde walk. What about if they traded down for a Kings Ransom as well. A lot of possibilities. I’m looking forward to watch it unfold. You need a QB to turn this thing around. If there not sold on CJ or can’t get Cousins then Rosen has to be at the top of the list IMO.

  27. Hmmm, Lynch mentioned that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. I wonder where I have heard that phrase before. ;p
    Niners can win this game if they can get some third down stops

      1. sebnynah says:
        September 28, 2017 at 8:58 pm

        Being in the landscape business, I have many interactions with Latinos.

        They may cram 8 people into a car, but one always is sober.

        TomD’s Take: Seb, isn’t it about time you stopped with your sterotypes of Latinos ?

        I’m sure they all don’t drive with 10 in a vehicle and everyone is drunk as you advocate (indirectly) you do in your life, after be clubbed in the face by a stranger, yet stagger or toddle over to finish your schooner of bud in Sebastopol’s finest taverns.

        Really, Seb, in visiting the California coast my family will skip that town courtesy of your latest Sebastopol tourist description.

        1. Being in the landscape business, these are my observations about the Campesinos, that rely on the fortunate driver who can get a driver’s licence, and they are just employing a hyper carpooling tactic. Sure, some take a bus, but I also know that many come from the same village, so they work together to get to and from work.
          I rarely hear of any farmworker getting a drunk driving citation, but also know some Campesinos do imbibe to soothe the emotions of leaving their family back home. They are smart enough to employ a designated driver strategy, so that is a compliment, not a screed.

          1. I also mentioned the native born Latinos who are living the American dream. They are hard working and are sending their children to college. They sometimes are the first person in their family to attend college, so they are progressing socially, financially and culturally.
            Maybe you think that is also stereotyping, but I certainly did not call them rapists like Twitler did.

            1. I made those generalizations to counter Diesel, who claims he is the norm. I think he is the small minority, because there are probably ten thousand hard working, law abiding Latinos to every gang banger who used government funds to remove his tats.

        2. you at least need to take the fam to see the sacred 3 ton rock that Mr. Legend levitated due to his knowledge of ancient Rosicrucian and Masonic rites.
          perhaps even a day visit to the ward he’s staying at currently…he can show you his “therapy pictures” of the vehicle with the 10 day laborers, only some of them sober…

          1. Speaking of that 3 ton rock, I will give more background. Those 3 workers could not move it because they were working against each other. The rock was also digging in, so they could not get better leverage.

  28. Not true Rebuild, according to Seb the only chance they have of reaching the SB is resigning Kaep! I know, they’re doing wonderful things these days with mental illnesses, including syndromes like “infatuation”. I’m sure over indulgence in the usage of ganja would be the first thing a good therapist would recommend curtailing. We can only hope.

    1. Juan, with better QB play, they could actually win games. Being the fan of a player should not be forbidden, especially since Kaep was the last QB to lead the Niners to the SB.
      Truthfully, I have reduced my intake lately. My son asked me to help him meet a deadline in his workshop, so I stopped smoking before operating power tools. Since my fall off a ladder, I have been a lot more careful in the workplace.

  29. These sterotyped generalizations of Latinos, its surprising considering the author. It’s what Trump does, uses a broad brush to indict (or in this case, to acquit) a huge group. This approach is where objective people who look at the entire picture start to tune out.

    For example, police officers see lots of hispanic and others. They see different ones maybe than those trying to make an honest living for their family. All if us needs to know and remember “we don’t know what we don’t know”. I have family members that seem to think if they haven’t seen something, it doesn’t exist. It gets tedious.

  30. Good to hear Seb. I agree on the quarterback play being key. I always maintained it’s a quarterback centered league. Unlike you, who is completely assuming that Kaep would revert back to 2012-2013 form, where even then it was average by any standard, I adhere to the notion that he would or maybe will return in the 2014-2016 form, which is less than average (19-32 in his last 51 starts). That’s a pretty big slice of reality, regardless of his teams shortcomings. Nothing leads me to believe he would be anything more than mediocre. Honestly, while I KNOW he won’t be coming back to the Niners, I hope he does get a chance so we can put this debate to rest once and for all, either way. Good luck with your sons workshop. Family is more important than all this nonsense. Have a great night.

    1. there was never a “2012/2013 form” for Kap– he benefited from:
      — super strong D- field position often good to great,
      — excellent power run game
      — excellent OL designed for power run game,
      — poor initial NFL defensive response to “read option” with some plays designed to get Kap out in open field running– which once he was clear of nearby DL and LB dangers, he’d run free in backfield, and so…

      MASSIVE media overreaction to Kap’s early success (i.e.- Jaworski, appearances on late night tv shows) and by 2014, when NFL made the defensive adjustments like a antibody response– Kap was over, as was Roman’s version of R.O. offense– and Kap’s 15 minutes of fame fizzled out. So does Roman run the same system for Tyrod Taylor???? Hell no. Taylor has far fewer throwing mechanics issues to have to compensate for…. and so can be a far more effective pocket qb than Kap could ever hope to be.

      1. Roman was a run first OC, and did not have a clue how to utilize Kaep properly.
        BTW Roman was run out of town in Buffalo, because he did not know how to properly utilize Tyrod Taylor, either. Roman has landed in Baltimore, and both he and John H recognized Kaep’s talents and wanted Kaep when confronted with the possibility of losing Joe Flacco, but it was scuttled by Kaep’s gf and her slavery gif.

  31. Lol! I was sitting here thinking about you Seb, and really, you have to privately be just wishing, and a hoping that Kaep comes back and leads some team to the playoffs or further!! Please, please, please, oh God, let him come back and be great!! Imagine!! You could have just about everyone eating crow!! Even I would eat it, provided he did at a minimum lead whatever team to the promised land. Just getting signed is not enough, remember. By your standards, and nothing less, he must “take the league by storm”! I think you set the bar really high Seb. I hope we can witness it. I’m a betting man. I’ll bet he’s done. Even if he is signed, and he plays, he’s going to be a disappointment to his proponents. He’ll be the ’14-’16 guy. Mediocre!

    1. Juan, keep it up! Someday, you will even start believing what you write.
      Kaep is not a mediocre QB. Kaep has set playoff records, and stormed into the SB after playing only 10 games. With the proper support, he may do it again.

              1. More tedium. This blog was mostly OK a couple of years ago, before it was taken over by trolls. Pity.

      1. you mean proper support like he had in 2012/13?? With NFL DC’s not figuring out this version of Read Opt. offense until 2014, when it was obvious Kap & Roman could not find a way to reproduce 2012/13 success. Seb, you’ll need a time machine to see Kap storm anything again. He was the beneficiary of a somewhat novel offensive scheme– Roman’s version of it, tailored to minimize Kap’s bad passing mechanics, and due to the threat of Gore and the OL, gave Kap options to be a running threat until 2014. Once Gore and the overall Roman run game had been “stymied” in 2014, Kap’s effectiveness as running QB was over, and his pocket passing game was shown to be the sham that it always was….how many times will you (Grant?) keep pushing this narrative to drive some posters– like me, to rebut you, over and over and over, ad nauseam ….
        Seb– you don’t control our mind’s… you’re just a means to “slake” our boredom… (like that one, do ya? you can use it if you want– noticed you’ve cooled off using the old “self inflicted wounds” and “unforced errors” cliche’s that you… and Grant…. use so often)
        I’d like to see you post Taylor’s numbers under Roman before the idiot Ryan canned him…

        1. Bad passing mechanics allowed Kaep to throw for 10,000 yards in college? QBs with bad passing mechanics are usually incapable of throwing for over 400 yards in a game, something that Kaep has done.
          You keep on intoning that the Read Option is dead, but I keep seeing that play run all the time in the NFL. With the proper QB, it can be highly effective.
          I have kept saying for years that Kaep has not been properly utilized. Forcing him to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. I think KS is smart enough to accentuate Kaep’s strengths and disguise his weaknesses, but maybe his father is giving him bad advice, especially with a 3 game losing streak.
          You keep ignoring 2016 like it never happened. Kaep had a 90.7 QBR, 59.8% completion, 16-4 TD to Int ratio, even with the putrid O line and worst ranked WRs in the league. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, QBs Kaep has competed against and beaten, all think he is talented and should be allowed to play.
          I drive you to post ad nauseum? Interesting, that I have so much control over you.
          Yes, I claim that I have advocated for years that the Niners stop shooting themselves in the foot, they stop the unforced errors, stop the self inflicted wounds and stop beating themselves. Glad to see Lynch and KS finally starting to stress those points.
          Some day, they will consider Time Outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. Have yet to see that so far this season, but there are still 13 games.
          Before, I wondered if KS will be rigid, or flexible. So far, he is rigidly sticking with Hoyer, and still thinks he does not need an OC.

          1. –where’s the denial of the two implications in my post that you are Grant? Getting sloppy?
            –and- since you posted at 2am sunday morning, I’d say you’ve got the “control over whom” thing wrong…
            –Roman’s version of RO is dead…that is, his version of it to compensate for Kap’s pocket incompetence…
            –Dig up Taylor’s stats under Roman– afraid to post them?
            — so your case that Kap has has great throwing mechanics based on the “Pistol” offense against the Mountain West conference translates perfectly into the NFL…Delude much?
            — Newton, Brady, and Rodgers all support him– they know he’s a good guy, and since they know he’ll not start again in NFL, they can publicly say he should be signed.

            1. Green Bay has the Pistol in their offense, and I think the Chiefs ran it a few times this season.
              Kaep could run the Pistol in his sleep.
              Post whatever stats you want. Buffalo did not play in the playoffs last season.
              I will take those QB’s opinion over your opinion, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  32. Thanks tjf, your right as usual. Everyone knows this. Lack of talent. It’s the main reason why he is not signed. His proponents like Seb will milk the blackballing excuse for all it’s worth (yes, it is a small part of the reason, but certainly not all) because they know down deep that he is not that good, especially when compared to the top QB’s in the league., which is actually where you want to be talent wise when trying to win a SB!

  33. Juan, milk the blackballing excuse?
    Guess you did not hear that the President called Kaep and his fellow protesters, SOBs.
    Trumpty Dumpty also threatened to send Jed a mean tweet if he signed Kaep. Denying this is not blackballing is denying reality. It would be like you denying Trump called Hispanics rapists.
    The hate is overt and repugnant. Many vets are not offended at all, and support their right to protest peacefully, as a cornerstone of American democracy. If cops stop racially profiling and shooting unarmed civilians, then there would be no need to protest.

  34. Rosen is a star! He is the best QB in the class and it ain’t close. His team is bad around him and he continues to ball.

  35. Seb, I said that blackballing played a part. You only see what you want to see to fit your narrative. His lack of talent is the overriding factor as to why he is unemployed. A good QB would have been signed by now. He’s not good. He’s mediocre. This is why he is unemployed. I know you can’t except that because four years ago he was pretty good, in your view. Four years ago. Since then, he’s stunk up the joint, winning just 19 times in 51 starts. These are the facts of the case, and they are indisputable.

  36. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Seb’s bizzaro world office where the GM is trying to convince the owner to sign Kaep. “But sir, were talking about a guy that went to the Super Bowl five years ago and then followed that feat by going to the championship game the very next year. Of course, since then he has compiled a rather crappy record of 19-32, and has pretty much sucked, but it isn’t his fault. He was stabbed in the back and sabotaged by the GM and ownership! The coaches were horrible. The receivers were horrible. The line was horrible. The gardener was a bum. The cheerleaders were flirting with him. Kurt Warner totally screwed up his already lousy mechanics. Also, to ad salt to the wounds, the stadium vendors yelled really loud and disrupted his cadence. None of his sucky play was his fault sir. Of course, in the two years of his rather inconsequential five year career, when the team was winning, it was all him. He was the straw that stirred the drink. He did it all! He’s going to come back and magically return to his form of four or five years ago. He just needs a little coaching. I know, he doesn’t like to be coached. Oh, and I forgot. We’ll have to completely revamp the offense to fit his limited skill set. To hell with the coach’s offensive philosophy. He’ll be more than happy to change everything. If he doesn’t, then he’s just lazy. After all, according to an obscure fan in some place called Sebastopol, this guy can put his foot on the one inch line and take it to the house untouched for a TD”!! Or so the legend has it, sir! Nobody has actually seen him do that, but then again, nobody has actually seen the Loch Ness Monster either. Sir, did I tell you I have a bridge I want to sell you? Yea, it’s in the desert, but with climate change, you might need it someday soon, perhaps in a few thousand years or so! Sir, I almost forgot to tell you that at least half the fan base despises him? Not a problem. Once they see his perceived brilliance, they forgive and forget. Have you given any thought to that bridge sir”?

    1. Juan, google Chargers vs 49ers Dec 21, 2014, and you will see Kaep put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint upfield untouched for a TD.
      Glad you admit you hate him, so you let your emotions control your diatribes. Kaep could probably win a Super Bowl, and you would still hate him.

  37. Lol! You throw the hate word around pretty hap hazardley Seb. Accusing me of hating Kaep would be like me accusing you of hating cops, going by your often broad brushed criticism and demonization. I’ll bet if one saved your life tomorrow, you’d still hate them. No, I don’t hate anyone, let alone an insignificant, unemployed mediocre QB whose NFL bio will be more about his sideline protests than his on the field play. He’s not going to lead anybody to a SB in the real world. That is for sure. In the bizzaro world of Seb? Maybe. Enjoy the game today. Hopefully I’ll be back in time for the start. Out your way today, playing Northwood this morning. Always one of my favorites!
    Go Niners: SF 31 AR 24

    1. BTW, I do hate rogue cops, because they are doing evil, with little repercussions. They are supposed to protect people, not slaughter them. Rogue cops abuse their authority to the detriment of others, and spread hate and pain. Rogue cops create anarchy and people start to lose respect for the law with those few bad apples.
      The cops I admire are the peace makers, who use de-escalation tactics trying to avoid violence and bloodshed. The cops I admire treat everyone equally and respectfully, and fulfill their responsibilities with class and dignity. I want cops to show restraint, even while being provoked, because letting their biases and emotions dominate their actions, lead to poor outcomes. I want all cops to stop profiling and start holding themselves accountable.
      If we had no rogue cops, and police would not be put above the law, maybe there would be no need to protest.

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