Rodgers on the 49ers’ pass defense: “I don’t think they’re too concerned about it.”

SANTA CLARA — Aaron Rodgers spoke to Bay Area reporters on a conference call Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: Was there any rust for you last week?

RODGERS: No, I felt pretty good. I made a couple of bad decisions, but overall felt pretty good getting back into it.

Q: What was the biggest adjustment for you?

RODGERS: It’s a little bit like preseason, such a long layoff. Kind of want to get that first hit out of the way, the first completion and get the adrenaline flowing. It’s one thing to practice for a few weeks, but it’s another to be back out there getting the live game reps. I felt good.

Q: Is the injury still improving? Is it better now than it was last week?

RODGERS: What injury are we talking about?

Q: The one that kept you out for several games.

RODGERS: I’m cleared. I’m fine.

Q: They’ve given up a lot of passing yards the past two weeks. Do you see some opportunities?

RODGERS: They were ahead pretty good in both games. When you’re behind, you’ve got to throw it a bunch. You’re going to give up some yards. I don’t think they’re too concerned about it.

Q: You’ve lost three-straight games against the 49ers. Is there any extra motivation for this game for you because of those games?

RODGERS: The playoffs alone give you an extra motivation. It’s a new season. It’s been an up-and-down regular season, but now we’re in the tournament and one of 12 teams with a chance to win it all. We just have to approach it that way.

Q: What does it mean to have Randall Cobb back?

RODGERS: It’s great to have Randall back. He adds a lot to our offense. He can do a number of things from the slot. It was tough having him out for so long. Our offense definitely suffered a little bit but, in his absence, Jarrett Boykin really emerged as a guy who can play outside and be productive, and Jordy Nelson made some plays in the slot.

Q: You won a Super Bowl playing out of the Wild Card round. Is that experience a calming factor at all for your team right now?

RODGERS: If you look at the short-term history, there are teams playing on Wild Card weekend making deep runs in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter where you’re at. It obviously helps if you can host a game for the home-field advantage and all the things that come with that. It’s all about giving yourself an opportunity to get in. We did it as a sixth seed. The Steelers have done it. The Giants have done it. Baltimore last year had to play on Wild Card weekend. You’ve just got to get hot at the right time.

    1. Neal,
      Welcome back buddy. Hope all is well. I was also hoping for Goldielocks/Fabio to play. Get ready for a classic ass whipping on Sunday. 34-17 Niners.

      1. Thanks Nick, Niners will win, hope your right about the ass whipping,that would be nice. A little Sean Payton would be good.

      2. I want to echo all the other sentiments sent your way Neal. I wasn’t in here much over the holidays so didn’t get a chance to send my condolences, but would like to do so now. I hope you and your family are able to heal as soon as possible and wish you the best moving forward.

      3. Thanks Rocket, I appreciate that. My Dad’s life was miserable for the last three months, so it is a relief in some ways, but still hard that he is gone. My youngest son and I visited him in August, and we have great video clips of him, that I will watch and cherish for a long time.

  1. Razoreater, Brotha Tuna, Big niner…
    Somebody buy these fellas a plane ticket
    to Green Bay… and a hankie to cry into.

    Coach Harbaw will need a caddie soon
    (….Pebble Beach………)

  2. Interesting to follow Stanford fans on Twitter during the Rose Bowl. By their comments throughout the game you’d think Greg Roman was calling the plays.

    1. Surely Shaw started calling different plays after he read the tweets. That’s what coaches do, right? Take direction from fans on what plays to call.

    2. The heavy personnel, run up the gut plays on short yardage situations were so predictable and cost Stanford the game on the last drive of the game.

      1. I’m not a Stanford fan and don’t care either way. But, they didn’t do themselves any favors with their offensive strategy.

      2. Jim Harbaugh and now David Shaw have done an oustanding job at Stanford. Their success cannot be denied. As a Golden Bear, I envy that.

        But, I was talking about this particular game. Not the entire program. Call it what you want, but the poor play calling in the 2nd half cost Stanford the game.

        When a linebacker goes Bobby Boucher on you on 4th and 1, then something is being telegraphed. That’s exactly what Michigan State’s Kyler Elsworth did when he soared over the pile to deliver the final hit on 4th and 1 near midfield with 1:46 to play. Game over.

        Since you know so much Jack, why do you think Stanford lost the game? Enlighten us. Perhaps write a blog about it.

  3. Looking forward to a great game on Sunday. Aaron will be at his best, and the Packers are looking to settle some scores with the 49ers because of their wins over the last few games.

    I see us winning, but obviously I am cautiously optimistic because I’ve seen some totally unexpected craziness happen in playoff games.
    The Broncos were supposed to just show up and beat the Ravens in last year’s playoff and we know how that one ended.

    I have this sneaking suspicion that GRo will do some things in this game that he has kept under wraps throughout the season. The pass to Joe Staley last week was just a small sample of what Harbaugh/GRo is capable of doing when they deem it necessary.
    Aaron’ quick release may be the only hope that the Packers have, but even with him putting up big stats it may not be enough.

    26-17 49ers

  4. This weekend will probably be the first look at a 49ers secondary minus Carlos Rogers and could determine whether he is still with the team next season.

  5. Just re watched the Packers game from this season. Rogers moved the ball at will. He ran an uptempo no huddle quite a bit. I hope we figure out a way to dial up the pressure.
    As for Lacy call me arrogant, I don’t expect him to be an issue.

    1. In our last two games Qb’s have dropped back over 90 times. During that span we only have two sacks. That’s not gonna cut it.

      1. A lot of attention being paid to the pass defense y his week, and that’s understandable given the opponent. More attention should be focused on Green Bay’s running game.

      2. I can think of one. Reid pressuring Ryan into that throw that turned into “the Pick”. The likes of that will definitely cut it.

      3. Don’t know specifically Claude. Just looking for the sacks. To be specific though, in the last two games QB’s dropped back 97 times. Since those teams were trailing, it is safe to say that we forced them into being one dimensional. To not have more than three sacks is inexcusable. Especially with Aldon, Cowboy and Brooks on that line.

        We learned nothing from last year. Our inability to get to the QB late in the season was due to injury. I believe it was also due to fatigue. Unless there are specific injuries on the line this year, I once again believe our starting front four are worn down.

        Our offense is not geared towards a shootout. We can play that style, but it’s not our style. Unless our defense can figure out a way to pressure the QB, we will be forced to play that style.

      4. Rib,
        that is a good example. Unfortunately that blitz stunk of desperation. We dialed it up FINALLY because we were about to lose a game that Atlanta should have never been competitive in. Especially in the last quarter.
        I don’t know where I could get the stat, but I would love to know QB’s completion percentages versus our defense when we face no huddle.

        It just seems like when we face the no huddle, we stubbornly stay in our base defense. Sort of with the mentality of “don’t panic, someone will make a play”. I now know that the stubbornness that we display is cultural. Anyone that watched the Rose Bowl knows what I’m talking about.

        What I’m getting at is this game we cannot just sit back and let Rogers pick us apart. We need to be better at mixing up our looks. We need to disrupt timing by occasionally pressing receivers and sending an extra guy.

        Also I may be wrong, but I believe that CR not being on the field might not be such a bad thing….

      5. Jack,
        you can list all the fancy stats you want. We’ve all watched the games and we know that we are not getting to the QB. We all see way too many clean pockets.
        We’ve been playing safe vanilla defense. Getting a lead. Sending four, occasionally sending three.

        Has that strategy cost us games? No yet. Has it left teams in a position to give them a chance to beat us? Absolutely.

      6. Bay:

        I asked the question because I believe evaluating a pass rush or a pass defense solely by the number of sacks can be misleading. First, sacks aren’t the only measure of the pass rush. Hits and hurries (the other components of pressure) also need to be taken into account. Taking into account those things as well as sacks, the 49ers’ pressure numbers have not declined significantly in the past three 3 games (pressure on 41.61 % of drop backs vs. 46.31% for the season).

        Second, there is more than one way to play pass defense. Some defenses focus on bringing pressure, often with blitzes; some rely more on coverage schemes; others do it with a combination of the two. I don’t know that any one of those methods is more highly correlated with success than the others. I think it mainly comes down to execution of the game plan. If the players execute well, the defense likely will be successful, regardless of the scheme.

        The passer-rating-against numbers that Jack posted tend to demonstrate that the 49ers’ approach has been successful this season. It has only been in the last three weeks, and then only when the 49ers have been up by more than two scores, that QBs have had much success against them.

        Those numbers also suggest that the 49ers don’t have to worry about getting into a shootout.

        And if the 49ers do get out to a big lead against the Packers, Aaron Rodgers’ relative inability to achieve come from behind victories should give you some comfort. Surprisingly, he has one of the worst records in the league in terms of converting game-winning drive opportunities (27% coming into this season). Last week’s comeback against the Bears was a rarity for him.

        But if insist upon blitzing, you’ll be happy to know that the 49ers blitz Aaron Rodgers more than they blitz other QBs and that Rodgers doesn’t do well when blitzed by the 49ers.

      7. Jack,
        I’m talking about here and now. You can list all the old stats you want. It doesn’t change the fact that in the last few games beginning in Tampa, we have struggled versus the no huddle faster tempo type of offense.

        It also doesn’t change the fact the last two QB’s we’ve faced have had tons of clean pockets in the last few games and that we are not getting to the QB. It also doesn’t change the fact that the last two guys threw for 348 and 407 versus us. That is a direct reflection of no pressure, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY JACK that is the truth. But according to you, don’t worry, it’s a winning formula lol.

      8. Jack:

        Thanks for the numbers. If possible, I’d like to put them in context. How does getting pressure on 44.4% of the opponents’ dropbacks compare to the numbers for the rest of the league?

      9. Claude,

        Here is the pressure % for the NFC playoff teams over the last 3 weeks.

        Carolina – 64%
        Seattle – 63.2%
        New Orleans – 46.7%
        San Francisco – 44.4%
        Philadelphia – 40.3%
        Green Bay – 34.9%

      10. Bay,

        I share your concerns and watching opposing offenses move the ball down the field in the 4th quarter the past couple of weeks drives me nuts, but they win pretty much every game that plays out that way. I want to see tighter defense in those situations and would love to see more pressure generated by the front four, but their formula is to stay in base and keep as many in coverage as possible with two deep to avoid the big play which is the safe way to play with a lead.

        As much as we hate it, there’s little to say until it bites them on the ass and so far it hasn’t. Let’s hope that continues.

      11. Those pressure stats are pretty good considering the Niners don’t blitz as much as the others on the list especially the Saints.

      12. Thanks Jack.

        By my calculations, the average for the six teams is 48.9 percent, which makes the 49ers slightly below average among the playoff teams. That’s not quite the absence of pressure that some would have us believe.

      13. rocket:

        … their formula is to stay in base and keep as many in coverage as possible with two deep to avoid the big play which is the safe way to play with a lead.

        Exactly. And, as you noted, they’ve been successful doing so. I can’t help but think this is yet another style-over-substance thing, much like the complaints about Roman’s play-calling.

      14. rocket:

        … their formula is to stay in base and keep as many in coverage as possible with two deep to avoid the big play which is the safe way to play with a lead.

        The safe way maybe. Luck had been on their side. On the road vs playoff teams will bite them in the a$$ eventually. And give me a heart attack. And to pull this type of defense or offensive calling in the 2nd and 3rd quarter isn’t smart. Didn’t work at all. If its the 4th an you have a 3 score lead I can see it, I still don’t like it, but it’s better than doing it late 2nd and early third or with only a 10 point lead.

        I think they got cocky with atl. And with Arizona they thought the game was over after a 17 point lead. That’s why JH went for it on that 4th down. And if they had just put them away Carlos Rogers wouldn’t be pulling hamstrings late in the 4th quarter when he could have been rested.

      15. Bay,

        The high on Sunday is 0 degrees with a low of -18 and winds of 9mph and it’s the late game. We’re talking -30 wind chill. I wouldn’t be too worried about a hurry up offense. This will be a grind and a game of attrition. Go Niners!

      16. “It also doesn’t change the fact that the last two guys threw for 348 and 407 versus us. That is a direct reflection of no pressure, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY JACK that is the truth. But according to you, don’t worry, it’s a winning formula lol.”

        It’s a direct reflection of the 49ers defense making teams one–dimensional, and the “truth” is….it’s been a winning formula. Stop the run first. But i’m all for more pressure on the QB if it happens because you can never have enough of that.

      17. MD,

        It’s been the 4th quarter that has been a problem the past two games. Against both Atlanta and Arizona, the Defense played well and held the score down through 3 quarters allowing the offense to get a lead. Then when they got the lead, Fangio went to the two deep zone that is geared toward guarding against the big play but allows the offense to complete shorter throws pretty easily.

        I hate it and your heart attack comment is spot on, but as I said earlier it seems to work for them and they haven’t lost very often playing that way so I think we are going to keep seeing it and will have to deal with it.

      18. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, I’ve rewatched the game and was actually surprised to see the 49ers got more push and pressure on the QB than I had first thought watching the game live. As rocket points out, the big passing yards didn’t happen until the 4th quarter when the Cards were chasing the game and the 49ers reverted to more of a prevent defense.

        And the offense wasn’t that conservative. They were still playing to score points, they just weren’t executing.

  6. Hammer,
    Are you suggesting that less focus be placed on Aaron Rodgers?

    Lacy is a good runner and a strong candidate for ROTY honors, but Rodgers can take over a game with his accurate and quick passes.
    Even with CK having a career game in the season opener, AR kept it close until the final minutes of the game.

    Our defense cannot allow AR to get into a rhythm. We have a good run stopping defense, my concern is pass rush.

    1. AES,

      Go check out the 49ers record when opponents throw for over 390 and compare it to their record when opponents rush the ball 30 or more times.

      1. Hammer,
        I’m sure the numbers can validate your comment, but my take was the impression of AR from the opening game of the season.

        As good as CK played in that game, AR’ passing kept them in the game until the final minutes.
        I think we have the ability to stop Lacy. Our defensive front has to keep Rodgers uncomfortable because he is still perhaps the most dangerous passer in the league.

      2. The Niners have typically struggled against teams like themselves who can play physical and run the ball. That is not the Packers who run the ball with a zone system and pass more than they throw.

        You obviously have to focus on Rodgers but the key is not letting the Packers put together a running game to force the Niners out of what they like to do because that just makes Rodgers all the more dangerous. They’ve won the past 3 games against the Packers with Rodgers putting up big numbers and can do so again as long as they don’t let Lacy extend drives. That’s what Lynch and the Seahawks have done to them in Seattle.

      3. The 49ers struggle when teams stick with the run. Green Bay has 30+ rush attempts in 5 of 8 games with Rodgers this season.

      4. 49ers are 9-1 when an opposing QB passes for over 300 yards under the Harbaugh/Balke era.

        Out of that record, they are 5-1 when a QB passes for over 390 yards.

      5. In the playoffs you can never count out an elite QB. Even last year’s game was close until the 3rd quarter and then Colin had that big long TD run and then the momentum shifted.
        The key to this game is Roman’s play calling. Despite his success against Capers, this game is at Lambeau. It’s going to be cold and the cold sucks. If you’ve never lived in cold weather, then you are lucky. It takes your body time to adjust.
        Roman needs to move the chains, and play field position, keep Rodgers on the sidelines. That Lambeau crowd is going to be amped. They are not even supposed to be there so Rodgers is their hero.
        The Niners offense has a tendency to go through 3 and out in bunches, and we can’t give Rodgers so many opportunities.
        Niners are the better team but it’s the playoffs and anything can happen.

    2. “Lacy is a good runner and a strong candidate for ROTY honors”

      Have to disagree there, Lacy plays in the NFC north where some of the worst run defenses in the NFL reside. Average quickness, no cuts, he just has the ability to keep going after contact.

      ROTY will be Keenan Allen no question. Especially if the Chargers advance.

      1. I agree with you regarding K.Allen, but Lacy will be a strong candidate as well.
        Lacy did a good job keeping the offense moving during Rodgers absence. That will be taken into consideration when votes are discussed.

      1. Plan A
        Clinton-Dix(S) in a trade up similar to the one they did for Reid.
        Plan B
        Stay put and select Kelvin Benjamin(WR).
        Plan C
        Continue evaluating players…..Just Win By Any Means Possible, Baby!

  7. I’m surprised to read this morning that the Packers are talking about hitting Kaepernick again. Maybe Grant can ask the OL how they feel about it:

    Daniels said the Packers also must take a physical approach against quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

    “You have to stop the run and hit the quarterback,” Daniels said. “Hit him!”

    When asked about Kaepernick’s penchant for scrambling, Daniels said: “He needs to be hit.”

    1. I’m sure people say the same about Russell Wilson when he runs…but he gets away far more often than he gets hit.

  8. I am so glad the KC Indy game is on Saturday. By the time the Niners kick off on Sunday, Alex Smith will have cleaned out his locker, and maybe the Moron who keeps posting here as Alex Smith (blah blah blah) will also go into hibernation.

    Bad thing is, I still like Alex Smith. I supported him on this blog when he was here. I wish him luck unless he plays against the Niners. But, Harbaugh made the call to go with Kap and only a total idiot will keep claiming that it was a mistake. The results speak for themselves.

    1. +1

      … Imagine a KC-SF superbowl….

      That being said I really don’t see the Chiefs going very far in the playoffs. They are just so up and down and though their offense is playing much better, the defense is no where near the level it was the first half of the season. I like them to beat the Colts, but that’s probably as far as they go. But I pulling for Alex.

      1. I read an article that said the number Kap has put up since he took over proves he has been SF’s most productive QB in over a decade.

  9. Tampa Bay picking up Lovie Smith should turn Tampa Bay into a winning franchise. I expect them to now trade for Michael Vick and draft a QB who can start next season.
    My superbowl Prediction 2013 : Cincinnati and winner of the Carolina game.

    1. Tampa should stay with Mike Glennon. He was the best rookie QB this year in the NFL. Should be better next year. Not saying he is ‘the answer’ right now, but I’d rather go with him than Vick who is a turnover waiting to happen.

    2. I just don’t see Vick as a starter anymore unless it’s a team totally deprived of talent at QB. Maybe Oakland or Jacksonville…

    3. Yea I’d say Glennon is world better than Vick at this point and with a much higher ceiling of course. But I do expect them to bring in anoter Qb via the draft, but I doubt it would be in the 1st round.

      Great hire though. Lovie is a great guy with great leadership skills. And he know not get too involved with the offense. Tedford would be a great hire as well. I really like Glennon, so we’ll see what’s in store. That team has talent.

      NFC South could give NFC West some competition for best divsion next year.

    4. Matt,

      I disagree. I think Glennon did enough to warrant more time as the starter and I highly doubt Vick fits anything they are going to do under Tedford. I think Vick will find few options to start this offseason. Maybe Oakland will be interested if they don’t find a better option.

    5. I don’t really understand why they picked Lovie Smith, their defense was not really bad, their offense was horrible. Tedford is a big question mark, nice guy but can he lead the offense.

      1. If Roman was African American, he would probably at least get a interview because of the Rooney Rule, however we can debate whether he is good coordinator, till the cows go home, but it appears the rest of the league and top college teams, don’t look at him as a Head Coach. Nice guy’s finish last.

      2. Roman IMO would not work in their pass first offense. That would be one of the worst fits for him.
        I think Tampa would have worked. Maybe the Texans. I just don’t see Roman being a strong candidate for an NFL job. He’s not well rounded enough as an OC.

      3. Shaw stock might of dropped a bit after last night, 3:40 seconds left in the game, one timeout and they continue to run the ball. Every ones brother knew what they were doing on the last offensive play call. No doubt in my mind that Shaw will get a head coaching job in the NFL, but not for another year or two.

    1. L. Smith made it to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB. That has to rank as one of the greatest coaching jobs ever. He may surprise you.

    2. My bad Coffee. Just saw you were referencing Jay Cutler with the Bears. You are 100% correct. As a talking head mentioned last week, Cutler is Jeff George II.

    1. I say it doesn’t matter. Maybe more coincidental? I think what matters is Crabtree is back causing defenses to have to figure out how to defend Boldin and Davis. Makes the Niners a much more potent offense. Add Q. Patton and SF should be really tough to stop.

      1. Agree Nova that it doesn’t matter right now with Crab back and QP now on the map.

        I was interested though in how most would perceive that record. Is it that we don’t call scoring plays for other guys or that the QB won’t throw to other guys in scoring situations.

        Again, I don’t think that’ll be relevant going forward into the playoffs with the weapons we have and are developing.

      2. I don’t remember the 49ers throwing to many other offensive players not named Boldin or Davis near the goal line, but I’m sure other posters will set the record straight. And I do think it’s amazing how much mileage the 49ers got this year with primarily two receivers for 3/4 of a season. I would not be shocked if LMJ had a TD out of the backfield this game.

    2. Well Jon Baldwin almost had a TD but he couldn’t control it all the way down. I don’t remember which game it was. Saints perhaps?
      This is a combo of Roman and Kap. There’s no excuse why a RB such as LMJ or Gore or Hunter didn’t score a TD on some kind of screen of swing pass.
      The Niner Red Zone offense is suspect regardless of who is at QB. They play for field goals and don’t go for the kill.

      1. Saving it for the Playoffs?

        Also, don’t the Niners have one of the higher Red Zone offenses in terms of scoring TDs in the Red Zone? If true, one should compliment the Roman/Kap Combo, too.

  10. Grant,
    can you find out where the Packers practice when it is this cold outdoors? I bet they practice indoors. And if that is the case, IMO the weather is a disadvantage to both teams.

    1. Bay, You are correct, it’s a disadvantage for both teams. If this was a car race in the snow, GB would have the advantage as they are used to living in the element, but not so much for football. Freezing is freezing for both teams. I’m sure many 49ers have played in terribly cold weather and even more importantly, Kaep has played a few games in it and wont let it mentally beat him.

    2. The weather angle is severely overhyped especially considering the Niners offense translates better to bad weather than GB’s does. There is some truth to the idea that having played in it before helps that particular team, but when you get out there and the adrenalin starts flowing, I don’t think it matters nearly as much as people think.

      1. Limiting fumbles and being alert for fumble recoveries will be critical. When the Giant’s beat GB in the Ice Bowl 2, they fumbled 5 times, but only lost 1.

  11. Grant, just my two cents, on these interviews, it would be nice to see what reporter asked the questions, but then again your newspaper would probably not want to give other reporters recognition, even if the questions were stupid, which seems to be the case in many situations.

    Are you and your Dad going to the game?

    1. Neal:

      I also would like to know who asks each question in these sessions. In the past, Grant has on occasion indicated when he asked the question, but he has never identified the other questioners.

      1. Claude,

        Sometimes you can guess, especially if it is Barrows or Maiocco, but it is just a guess with some of the sentences they use. I am not expecting Grant to answer this.

  12. The Packers will need to score 46+ points to win this game. Its time for a breakout game and put the rest of the playoff teams on notice. Crabs, Boldin, and Davis will each catch one TD pass. CK and Gore each will run for a TD. LMJ will have a kickoff/punt return for a TD. And to add to the Packers pain Dawson will kick one field goal. Niners score 45 points. I know its going to be cold but its going to be one of those games. Feeling it!

  13. Everytime fans gets cocky and call blowouts we lose.
    A blowout isn’t happening. This D-line is struggling to get sacks and pressure. Rodgers is at home and had two targets to work with plus a better running game. I’m very nervous about this game, especially of we get a 10 point lead early.

    1. This will be a hard-fought game, much more difficult than last year’s playoff game. Tough to beat a good team 4 straight times in two years. I hope to be surprised by a 49er blowout win, but I’m thinking 30-27 49er win.

    2. Seems like all our games are close. I too, am nervous about this game. Anytime you have a Rodgers, P Manning, Breeze, and a Brady, regardless of the makeup of their teams there is always a good chance of them beating the other team. I just have this feeling tho…Niners win a high scoring contest.

      1. Undercenter,

        I’m sorry to disappoint you braddah, the game between the Packers and 49ers is going to be a low scoring game. If you think in this coming Sunday game is just cold. Maybe you better think twice about a single digit -2 degrees F weather with a low -18 degrees F during the game time and snowning.

      2. Cpeman
        Cape my man, don’t ever take me too seriously when I spout off scores. Of course its unrealistic that’s why I posted it. I don’t care what the temps are, those kind of games can be a one score like 3-0 or it could turn out to be lots of scoring. That’s why they play the game. By the way Cape we will see you up in Seattle for the NFC championship game its the last stop for the Niners before they go to New York (Jersey) on their quest for number six. Oh by the way Cape how many does Seattle have?

      1. It seems to me, since GB is practicing outside today and Friday in the cold, the Niners should of done the same. Go rent a High School football field in Milwaukee, enjoy a cold Budweiser, have some cheese and a Brat, get initiated by the cold and culture.

    1. Yeah, Seattle and Denver would be two. I think the Vikings did it a long time ago with the same record as GB 8-7-1. After that, I can’t think of another team.

  14. What was the most entertaining football game (college or pro) that you have ever seen? I’ll probably have to think about it further, but here are a few that come to mind right away.

    1. 1989 Super Bowl. Montana to Taylor, enough said.
    2. 1994 NFC Championship game. A monkey off of everybody’s back.
    3. 1998 NFC Wildcard. Non-Romo induced tears for Owens were a beautiful thing. The Super Bowl seemed ours until Hearst went down on the turf the following week.
    4. 2011 NFC Divisional playoff game. The Vernon post and for Alex Smith, perseverance rewarded. The most fun I’ve ever had on this blog, it was like a family that day.
    5. 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Boise State vs Oklahoma was pure entertainment. It featured a barrage of crazy plays topped only by the finale. A must watch that even non-sports fans will be captivated by.

    1. The 1981 NFC Championship Game didn’t come to mind? That’s probably the most famous game in franchise history. You could probably downgrade it due to the turnovers but it was the most entertaining game I’ve ever seen and it also seems to be the cornerstone of the Bill Walsh era.

      1. Houston,
        I was four at the time, so I’m listing my personal recollections. I vividly remember the 84′ Super Bowl, though. I was playing football outside at halftime with about half the neighborhood.

      2. Ok, gotchya.

        You know all my best games are 9er games. I’m not quite as emotionally invested in any other games so they mean the most to me. I’d have to create 2 separate lists of most entertaining 49er games and most entertaining non-49er games. The Boise St v Oklahoma game would certainly be up there. If you like great offense and horrible defense then the A&M vs Duke game the other night would also be up there.

    2. For me, the Catch game. The game was so dramatic and had so many side plots. 49ers having 6 turnovers, the 71 & 72 playoff losses to Dallas fresh in my mind, the damn Cowboy aura, and being down 27-21 with a few minutes to play and seriously not knowing how this was going to turn out. And then having tears of joy in my eyes when the Niners sacked White forcing the game clinching fumble. That game had everything.

      It was a Back to the Future moment. Only it was Montana who got in the DeLorean and changed history for the 49ers.

    3. Ah, there are too many 49er games I could name, so I’ll go with a game that was pretty entertaining just as a football fan to watch: The ’93 playoff game between the Bills and Oilers. What a comeback by the Bills.

  15. Packers, Bengals and Patriots facing potential blackout for unsold seats. The local tv stations will probably buy them to protect their advertising income, but you might think the NFL would take notice. These are hardy fans from the Ice Hockey Homeland whose teams are in the Playoffs and yet they balk at braving White Out driving conditions to and from the game and freezing their monkey tails off sitting in outdoor stadiums. So let’s start the Yukon, er Green Bay game at 4pm. Then let’s host the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in February in New Jersey. Oh, but those NFL Execs will be all cozy in their Sky Boxes; IF their Mercedes TundraCat can reach the stadium.

      1. Jack, just messing with you a bit, but who were the teams? Pretty sure I was right about Denver, Seattle and Minnesota being three of the teams. I kind of thought Cleveland might be one when they won the division at 8-8 a while back, but I don’t think they won against — Miami or Oakland? Trying not to cheat, lol.

      2. Space, The 4 are:

        2009 Cardinals
        2010 Seahawks
        2011 Broncos
        2011 Giants

        Would not be surprised at all to see this Packers team make a Giants type run.

  16. BigP:
    Like your list. I would add “the Catch” 1 game like everyone else.
    The 81 games against the Steelers and Cowboys when it became clear we had a really good team.
    For non 49er games:
    The Denver-K.C. game with Joe and Elway going back and forth with TD drives at the end of the game.
    The Heidi bowl.
    I think it was the 1970 season when Blanda came in and won all those games for the Raiders.
    Any game where the Cowboys lost in the last few minutes, hopefully by making a stupid mistake.

    1. Thanks, Jason, that’s been tweeted by both Barrows and Maiocco that he is listed as questionable on the injury list.

  17. note to Colin Sack N Pick
    from SB MVP Aaron Rodgers.
    getting there is one thing;
    winning is another ball of wax, hmm?
    Suggest that you pull up some film of
    Super Bowl XLV.
    See ya in a few days, rookie.

    1. I would love to see you say the to Colin Kaepernick. He’d ‘Kaepernick’ all over you @$$…and I’d be there with a camera to capture the beautiful moment.

  18. Cheathawking: n, v, adj. What a flavour of the month fan does in order hide the fact that he switched teams over a stupid reason and trolls his previous team’s blog in a weak attempt to show his false superiority.
    N. Ex. My name is Caperman A.K.A. Flipper and I love Cheathawking.
    V. Ex. Caperman was finally banned from all of the Seahawks blog and so he decided to start cheathawking on on one of his previous teams’ blogs in order to make himself feel good.
    Adj. Ex. Everybody on the blog quickly realized that Flipper was nothing but a Cheathawking troll.

  19. Mid Hupo and Ahi Po’o,
    You people make me laughed you have know idea what was said Braddah. You are both a Kolohe! haha..

    1. Atleast both of you know your names in hawaiian. That’s why my advise to you people you should learn to speak other language so you guys don’t look stupid and making fool of yourselves. Aloha Braddah!

    1. Really, Ahi Po’o, if you’re truly Hawaiian born or an Islander braddah you would’ve understand what i was saying you’re the one that’s a Fraud… Kolohe! Whoever gave you the name he should be disappointed for giving it to you.

      1. Whoever gave you the name he should be disappointed for giving it to you.

        Says the Cheathawking troll Flipper.

    2. My name came in Nam. Everybody was FNG until named. I was named by a Waterman, who was the Chief of the enlisted men, a native Mauian, a USMC Sergeant Major. Think Jesse Sapoulu/junior Seau. I earned my name. FU, you know squat.

      1. Capeman called you two KOLOHE. Thought I’d help you out a little since you’re both close to my heart. Here’s what he was calling you:

        nvi. Mischievous, naughty, unethical or unprincipled in any way, illegal, fraudulent, destructive; rascal, mischief-maker, scamp, rogue, prankster, comic, roughhouse, crook, vandal, lecher; to act in this fashion, misbehave, cheat, transgress, tamper; to violate, as a taboo. Kolohe wale, to be mischievous for no particular reason; to trifle. Nānā ʻia ke kupu, ka ʻeu, ke kolohe o kai, look at the upstart, rascal, and mischief-maker of the sea area. Moekolohe, adultery. Hihia waiwai kolohe, law suit or case involving smuggling; lit., case for dishonest goods. Kō lāua hui kolohe ʻana, their adulterous union. Waiwai loaʻa ma ke kolohe, illgotten gains. hoʻo.kolohe To do mischief, play pranks, etc.; to cause to be mischievous; to disturb, annoy; to do amusing things to create laughter; funny, humorous, comical, mischievous. Hoʻokolohe nohoʻi kāna hīmeni ʻana, he sings in such an amusing manner.

        Hey, it coulda been a lot worse, right? LOL! (But why do some folks go to such lengths just to be mean?)

      2. Thanks Max. Truthfully though, I could care less what Flipper called me or described me as. All he did was support the definition of the word I invented called Cheathawking and I strung him along in the process. He just kept ranting while I pulled the puppet strings. He did exactly what I wanted him to do and didn’t even realize he was doing so. The poor Palipeli!

      3. I actually kinda got a kick out the guy. I mean, like, I could just see him all alone at his computer, writing away and somehow getting a tremendous amount of pleasure out of knowing no one else was likely to understand what he was writing. Can’t you just see him laughing hilariously at his own antics? It’s in the tone of his comments. Anyway, he seems to’ve been having a lot of relatively harmless fun. BTW, is Hawaii one of those states that’s legalized the sale of marijuana? LOL!

      4. Funny, Max. I was going to say that I’ve been called worse, but this about covers it. He could’ve saved some typing by just calling me an Aho. Heck it looks and sounds Hawaiian.

      5. Can’t you just see him laughing hilariously at his own antics? It’s in the tone of his comments.

        Yep, which is why I instrumented what I did. All in good fun of course.

      1. damn…gonna be a long day for the secondary. that pass rush better get there. when they go 4 receivers…the rookie cornerback will be out there (forgot name)?

  20. There is some wacky blog magic going on. It seems to be frozen at Jan 2, 1:38pm on my home computer. Its like Groundhog Day. The funny thing… yesterday (Jan 4) it was up to date (at least on my laptop in town).

    Must be the arctic cold weather.

    1. There was something wacky with the site on Thursday. A number of posts disappeared between 11:30-2:00, and off+on logging on was a problem. Not sure why your computer won’t refresh. When in doubt, reboot.

    1. Never a good idea to hire an offensive or defensive coordinator with zero head coaching experience to be a head coach. See Dennis Allen.

      1. See: Mike McCoy
        Sean Payton
        Ron Rivera
        Chuck Pagano

        Bet those teams regret taking coordinators with no head coaching experience

  21. Here’s what the blog master has to say about people seeing an old version of this blog: “Some people are seeing cached versions of the site in their browsers. The way to make sure to see the latest version is to either clear the cookies and history of the browser, type in the actual URL of the blog, or search for it through a search engine like Google. Sometimes, just refreshing the blog a bunch will force some browsers to show the newest version, but other times, the browser will take a while to not deliver the last-cached version.”

    1. I think there is a deeper problem, I’ve tried three different browsers (what dedication!), all with the same results.
      However, direct access from twitter takes you to the right page.

  22. This blog is no longer accessible via google or by typing in the URL by hand. Other features of the Press Democrat are instantly accessible, such as your father’s daily column. This feature has been inadvertently disconnected from general internet functions. Too bad. I’ve enjoyed following the running commentary on this site for the past 4 or 5 years . . . Hope you get it up and functioning again.

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  25. Great, the site doesn’t work for half the uses and now it’s the recipient of actual spam postings.

    Grant, something is way amiss here. Despite clearing cache, cookies etc, I cannot get a current version of the site from Safari on my iOS devices. Skyfire on my iOS devices does work, as does Foxfire and Explorer on my windows desktops (I didn’t have to muck around with cache or cookies on the working browsers).

      1. Rib- My wife still can’t get a current page on her OS7, but the desktop and my old wood-fired iPad are working. I suspect all this goes back to a tech hiccup on midday Jan 2nd. By the way, there actually is no IT guy at the Press Demo; the e-mail is just wired up to an old 8-Ball that responds to messages with random quotes.

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