Rogers sizes up Marshall, Hester, Bennett, Amendola and Cruz

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Carlos Rogers said Friday afternoon in the media tent about the Bears wide receivers and how they compare to Danny Amendola and Victor Cruz – two receivers Rogers has struggled to cover.

Q: What makes Brandon Marshall stand out at wide receiver for the Bears?

ROGERS: That guy’s big – 230, 240 [pounds], 6-3, 6-4. And he’s got a quarterback who can get him the ball. He’s their main guy. Any time you’ve got a guy who’s targeted 11, 12, probably even more times a game – he’s going to make his plays. We’re going to have to do a better job and try to shut him down. It’s going to be tough – he’s going to make his plays. We just want to try to get in a position to make more than he makes.

Q: How are the Bears using Devin Hester at wide receiver this season?

ROGERS: They use him in a lot of different places. He’s a speed guy, a guy who takes the top off a defense, a guy who they try to get quick screens. We know his ability as a punt returner to make moves and get up the field. They put him in [the offense] more and more. Sometimes you don’t see him as much, but when he’s in, we think there’s something up.

Q: Does he line up in the slot in three wide receiver sets, and how does he compare to Danny Amendola?

ROGERS: Amendola – he’s by far the quickest guy I’ve played with. He’s quicker than [Victor] Cruz. The guy’s real quick. Now I’ve got [Earl] Bennett – he’s still quick. He does some option routes in that slot. I’ll be matched up with him. At times, they have Marshall in the slot – they’ve got plays for him in the slot. I have to be on my game, especially when he comes in the slot. Bennett’s their slot guy, but when they put someone else in there, I’m thinking something’s up.

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