Roman: “It just so happens that the Seahawks are the next team up. The Rams, same thing.”

Greg Roman was interviewed on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: How different are the Seahawks at home as opposed to on the road?

ROMAN: There is no question when opposing offenses go up into that stadium, a lot of times they’re a fraction of a second late off the ball because of the crowd noise. That will happen. I definitely think that the crowd noise has an impact.

Q: Why has the run game not been as productive the past few games?

ROMAN: I definitely think that the production needs to be better than it has been the past couple of weeks, but I’d say also that there was a bit of a conscious decision to attack the La… the Rams through the air a little bit more the way they were playing us, and keep them honest with the run game. We’d like more yards per carry always. We’re very greedy in that regard. But at the same time with what they chose to do against us on defense, it really left some opportunities open to throw the ball.

Q: Are you seeing teams recently saying, “We’re going to take away the run game and make Colin Kaepernick beat us with his arm?”

ROMAN: To a certain extent. We’ve seen a little bit of that the past three games. That’s fine with us. We’ll take those looks any day. We’re getting healthier at the receiver position. If that’s how it’s going to be, then we’re all for it. But we do have to be a little bit more efficient running the ball and we will get those things fixed.

Q: Why was Kaepernick in a slump earlier tin the season?

ROMAN: A lot of little things not all in the quarterback’s control were contributing factors. Colin is doing a really good job and I thought he had his best game since he’s been here across the board in terms of managing the huddle, the line of scrimmage, how he might have changed a play or two, handled protections, threw the ball with just pinpoint accuracy and used his legs really well, which he does all the time. All told, I thought that was his best performance from a coach’s standpoint – how he managed the pocket, how he handled some pressure situations – it was a really, really good performance and I’m sure something he’s looking to build on.

Q: Last night during the Monday Night broadcast, the camera kept showing Russell Wilson studying the black-and-white printouts of the film with his coaches. Does Kaepernick do that? It doesn’t seem like he does. It seems like he just chills out. Is he doing enough work on the sideline during the games?

ROMAN: Yeah, he definitely goes through those pictures. And he’s a pretty smart guy. And you’d be pretty amazed at how he can see something on the field, look at the picture and tell you what’s on the picture before you even show it to him. But yeah, he’s always working, always working.

Q: How big is this game?

ROMAN: It’s a big game. I think everybody knows it is. It’s a division opponent. It’s December. They’re all big. This is definitely going to be a big game. I don’t think we’re going to get our guys all tightened up about it. Certainly not. I think they’ll see it for what it is. We’ve just got to have a great week of preparation and go out there and play loose and focused and let it rip.

Q: Do the 49ers and the Seahawks really dislike each other personally?

ROMAN: We don’t look at it that way. We’re trying to handle our business. It just so happens that the Seahawks are the next team up. The Rams, same thing. I’ll tell you this: When you keep playing an opponent in the division, you get to know each other more and more, really any of the opponents. When you watch any of the NFC West teams play each other, it’s usually always a different kind of game then when they play other teams. It’s going to be one heck of a battle.

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