Roman: “It just so happens that the Seahawks are the next team up. The Rams, same thing.”

Greg Roman was interviewed on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: How different are the Seahawks at home as opposed to on the road?

ROMAN: There is no question when opposing offenses go up into that stadium, a lot of times they’re a fraction of a second late off the ball because of the crowd noise. That will happen. I definitely think that the crowd noise has an impact.

Q: Why has the run game not been as productive the past few games?

ROMAN: I definitely think that the production needs to be better than it has been the past couple of weeks, but I’d say also that there was a bit of a conscious decision to attack the La… the Rams through the air a little bit more the way they were playing us, and keep them honest with the run game. We’d like more yards per carry always. We’re very greedy in that regard. But at the same time with what they chose to do against us on defense, it really left some opportunities open to throw the ball.

Q: Are you seeing teams recently saying, “We’re going to take away the run game and make Colin Kaepernick beat us with his arm?”

ROMAN: To a certain extent. We’ve seen a little bit of that the past three games. That’s fine with us. We’ll take those looks any day. We’re getting healthier at the receiver position. If that’s how it’s going to be, then we’re all for it. But we do have to be a little bit more efficient running the ball and we will get those things fixed.

Q: Why was Kaepernick in a slump earlier tin the season?

ROMAN: A lot of little things not all in the quarterback’s control were contributing factors. Colin is doing a really good job and I thought he had his best game since he’s been here across the board in terms of managing the huddle, the line of scrimmage, how he might have changed a play or two, handled protections, threw the ball with just pinpoint accuracy and used his legs really well, which he does all the time. All told, I thought that was his best performance from a coach’s standpoint – how he managed the pocket, how he handled some pressure situations – it was a really, really good performance and I’m sure something he’s looking to build on.

Q: Last night during the Monday Night broadcast, the camera kept showing Russell Wilson studying the black-and-white printouts of the film with his coaches. Does Kaepernick do that? It doesn’t seem like he does. It seems like he just chills out. Is he doing enough work on the sideline during the games?

ROMAN: Yeah, he definitely goes through those pictures. And he’s a pretty smart guy. And you’d be pretty amazed at how he can see something on the field, look at the picture and tell you what’s on the picture before you even show it to him. But yeah, he’s always working, always working.

Q: How big is this game?

ROMAN: It’s a big game. I think everybody knows it is. It’s a division opponent. It’s December. They’re all big. This is definitely going to be a big game. I don’t think we’re going to get our guys all tightened up about it. Certainly not. I think they’ll see it for what it is. We’ve just got to have a great week of preparation and go out there and play loose and focused and let it rip.

Q: Do the 49ers and the Seahawks really dislike each other personally?

ROMAN: We don’t look at it that way. We’re trying to handle our business. It just so happens that the Seahawks are the next team up. The Rams, same thing. I’ll tell you this: When you keep playing an opponent in the division, you get to know each other more and more, really any of the opponents. When you watch any of the NFC West teams play each other, it’s usually always a different kind of game then when they play other teams. It’s going to be one heck of a battle.

  1. I hope we get the Hawks that lost to Indy and not the Hawks team that completely dismantled the Saints last night…time for our Red and Gold to step it up a notch…let’s do this!

    1. How about let’s get the best of what the Hags can bring so when the 49ers do win there’s no excuses. Same on the other side, yes the 49ers are down 2 Pro Bowl O-lineman but again no excuses.

      GO 49ers!

    2. The Seahawks played most of the of the 1st half of the season with 2/3 of OL starters out due to injuries. The backups mostly rookies who stepped up were baptized by fire playing against the NFL top elite defenses. The Seahawks won their games partly because of Russle Wilson’s talents on the field, and 2ndly because of the defense ability to shut down opposing teams, keeping the score low, allowing RW to win the game without having to put up allot of points. (something stats don’t reflect) Now that the OL line is back, they have had 2 games to knock the rust off before playing 40Whiners. If you boyz were watching the MNF game, you would have notice that RW had allot more time to stand in the pocket to make his reads. Far cry from the beginning of the season when most of the starting OL was out. Seahawks have show a commitment to win every game… A total team effort!!!

      Pete Carrole on Percy Harvin’s return,
      “I’ve already heard from the trainers [Tuesday] morning, Percy came in jacked up. He had a little procedure done last week that made a difference. He wants to play so bad. There’s nobody that wants to get out there more than he does. He’ll do everything he can possibly do toward that. It’s been frustrating, but he’s going to pop out of this thing.”

      1. do you know that it was 75 degrees here yesterday and come to think of it, it has actually been nice for as far back as i can remember (maybe i have a short memory…who knows). anyways, i miss living in seattle (puyallup for those in the know), especially the winter. short days, hours of darkness, the wind, the wind and the rain, gloom. hey at least the coffee was really good and we wore fleece first.

    3. Remember guys, that last MNF game was IN Seattle. Different beast up there in that stadium. Let’s rewind to their last MNF game, an AWAY game vs the rams. They got absolutely dominated on both sides of the ball, badly. And that was with their backup QB’s first game, and rookie RB’s 5 game ever. Seattle won on a whim with a dropped pass in the endzone when STL had a 1st and goal from the 4. They decided to let their backup QB attempt to throw it in, which he was way off, when their RB was averaging 5.3 a carry. Oh well.. The point is, the Seattle team is FULLY beatable when they aren’t in their scientifically designed stadium where they attempt to set a sound record in every big game up there. It’s super childish and looks pathetic from the outside looking in, but it wins games for them . Good thing the whole league got to see how the team REALLY plays, without the benefit of having the opposing offense completely baffled, in their last MNF game where the rams team were 3 bad throws and 1 dropped pass from beating them.


      We beat them up in their tricked out stadium just last year. On our way to the Super Bowl.

  2. Your All pro Left tackle and Left Guard are both out and people really wonder why the running game has slumped the last two weeks? Hmmmm. Must be that Gore is wearing down again….!

    1. From M.Barrows: “You would know more than me on that front, Jed. … But he’s signed for one more year beyond this one. And if the subtext of this is that Gore is slowing down, I don’t think that’s right. None of the 49ers running backs can run against the defensive fronts they are seeing. The 49ers’ rushing woes are not a Frank Gore problem.”

      1. Until defenses feel they need to respect the pass, teams will stack the box and the running game will struggle. In the meantime, that should give Kaep and his improved receiving group plenty of opportunities. The passing game has to take advantage of the stacked box or this offense will sputter.

  3. Chance are….Niners first playoff game is in Det, Phi or Dal.
    IMO, this is order of preference I feel Niners match up best with and brief reason why.

    1. Phi (inexperienced QB Foles can’t handle Niner D). Philly would be happy to just be there. Chip Kelly is a great coach but he had no prior coaching experience in the NFL until now. Unlike Harbaugh, who was QB for Raiders in the 2002 under Gruden.

    2. Dal (Romo is known to choke in big games and our O-line can dominate Dallas D-line). Gore gets 100 yards on Dal.
    Their talented backup RB Lance Dunbar was just injured and is out for the year…. Behind DeMarco Murray, the have nothing.

    3. Det (Reggie Bush can’t run on Niners D so Niners can focus on applying pressure on Stafford, which will help slow down Megatron). Lions secondary is too weak to stop 3-headed-monster of VD, Crabtree and Boldin.

    Of these 3 teams, who would any of you guys want to play?

    1. We’ll beat any of those 3 teams without too much trouble to be honest. We just matchup really well against them. However, the PHI offense is worrisome because they play at such a fast face. I’d be worried that our defense would be pretty worn out and tired before the divisional game against Seahawks or Saints.

      1. Dan – good point about fast paced Philly offense. They could take a little energy out of Niner D for following playoff game. It should be pretty damn cold in Philly too.

  4. I’m cautiuously optimistic about this game. CK won’t have a huge game throwing (no one does against the hawks) but I anticipate him using his legs a lot more and just having an overall efficient game. This will be low-scoring and close. Whoever has the least mistakes will win.

    1. I dunno about CK running on the hawks. Gruden spent a lot of time talking about the ’4 under’ on their defense and it seems like that would make it difficult for a running QB.

  5. No turnovers, execute the game plan, manage the game, control the ball and tackle Lynch and Wilson would go a long ways to win this game.

    1. Hmmm….manage the game? Why would we wanna do that? We had a QB that was a “game manager”, and all he got on this blog was grief…..I don’t know about anyone else, but my inclination is to believe that the offensive woes the 9er’s have suffered through in the last couple of years has more to do with the coaching staff, and their game planning, than the QB….IMHO

      1. He may be able to attack all parts of the field, but the fact remains that the Red Zone production is still the sh!ts….still settling for FG’s, and not TD’s..Alex was not the problem…..contrary to what alot of you think, and this season thats fairly evident.

      2. We have seen 3 years of Harbaughs red zone offense. It’s below average. Jimmy Raye may have had a better red zone offense.

      3. Unfortuantely Bay, I may be gulty sacrilege tonite, but, if JH wants to continue to run a power, run based offense, Frank Gore can no longer be the feature back. Minnesota has a RB that will be a FA at the end of the season by the name of Toby Gerhart…..’nuf said

  6. The notion that CK doesn’t look at stills on the sideline has been perpetuated on here for some time now; it’s a false notion because he does. It depends when the camera is on him.
    Camera on Romo the other day sitting on the bench all by himself doing nothing, no pics, while his D is on the field. Later the tv guys are all bloviating about Romo looking at pics while he walks to the locker room at Halftime. I guess it’s Existentialism; if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.
    Romo ain’t thinking about his girlfriend, he’s quietly digesting all the info and trying to integrate in his mind how to translate onto the field. Having your WRs yapping at you on the sideline isn’t necessarily the best way to get your head in the game. CK is working out his own way. Do you tell a hitter what little mannerisms he should have in the on deck circle? Pro sports move so fast that most performers need to find their calm center; and that’s a completely individual quest.

    1. @ Brotha Tuna:

      I too have wondered where that notion comes from and suspect it is complete b/s. It sounds like the typical uninformed nonsense that makes up so much of sports talk radio.

      1. Tuna,

        I’ve been to 2 games this year and I’ve not seen. Ap looking at photos on the sideline once. Not once. I’m not saying that he does not do it. Maybe he’s so smart that he can get information from the coaches or from the backup and understand what he’s missing. I’ve seen McCoy looking at photos before. I’ve not seen Kap. So it’s not about talk radio with me. I’ve been to the games for 20 years and I keep binoculars and I pay attention to the players on the field and on the sidelines. I like Kap. I think my posts are indicative of that. However, I’m not gonna make up things to make him look bad.

      2. They actually showed Kap and Colt looking at stills just this week during the Rams game. Kap was nodding yes and motioning like the WR ran the wrong route.

      3. bray:

        I remember seeing Kaepernick reviewing stills in at least one other broadcast this year. But that obviously was some sort of cgi trickery. 23jordan didn’t see it, so it couldn’t have happened.

    2. Tuna, it always make me laugh when i heard people stating that CK does not study pics on the side line. The questions is how do you know? do you have a sideline camera that shows CKs every move on the sideline!

    3. I wonder why we don’t hear about CK and how early he gets to the faciulity, and how late he leaves…..does JH not believe that it’s important for the fans to know their QB is working diligently at his craft, or is CK putting in just what he feels he needs to? Has anyone seen a ‘tweet’ about CK’s schedule, how much time he spends working with the WR’s, etc….? We all know that CK is an outstanding athlete, but so are the rest of the players in the NFL…pure athleticism ain’t gonna make CK follow in the footsteps of John Brodie, Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jeff Garcia, just because he wears the Red n Gold….I sincerely hope he’s putting in the work necessary, because frankly, there are times when he looks completely lost during a game.

      1. Yeah, 55, I’m thinking you’re a little off on this one. Since Feb I’ve been reading about his work ethic. I’d also note that he seems to have been willing to take the heat personally as the QB for the offensive woes of his team, which are not all his doing. CK is or has become shy and wary of the media. I have my own theories about the reasons. But shy people (CK, Crabs) have been perceived as arrogant. It’s not just in sports, I’ve noted it in my business and personal life as well.
        Most people make the first and easiest assessment of those they encounter, the wise man leverages that to his advantage. Since when are twenty-something’s wise men? Both CK & Crabs should control their brand, manage their brand.

      1. I saw that, but Advanced NFL Stats uses WPA as their default sort. How many times did you sort the stats until you found the one that supported your predetermined narrative?

        1. He’s second-worst by one metric and the worst by the other. He was bad. To put it all on the O-line and/or the defense’s approach is incorrect.

      2. It depends. Do the Advanced NFL Stats metrics account for o-line performance and number of defenders in the box?

        I agree that it’s not all on the o-line and/or the defensive schemes faced, but I also think it’s incorrect to ignore those factors and put it all on Gore, which is what you seem to be doing.

    1. My unadvancedNFLstats show that Gore and Lynch both averaged 2.8 ypc this week and only 1 scored a TD for their team. They also tell me that the last time Lynch played the Rams he averaged 2.9 ypc.

    2. Gore has had a poor 3 game stretch. So has any other RB on this team that they’ve given a carry too in that span. The reason is not related to Gore’s legs unless you want to say the same thing about Hunter. It’s because defenses are selling out to stop the run.

      From Eric Branches column today:

      Said Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis on Sunday after Gore had 42 yards on 15 carries: “We had a goal to come in here and stop the run, and I think we did that today. When you dare somebody to put it in Kaepernick’s hand, you’ve got to make plays. And he made more plays than we did today.”

      It’s about the Oline and the defensive mentality; not Gore.

      1. But the issues are related to Hunter’s legs, too. He hasn’t regained all of his quickness from last season. He’s easy to tackle this season.

        To say it isn’t about Gore at all is unrealistic. He’s 30 and he’s had the 9th-most carries in the NFL this season.

      2. 200 carries at the 3 quarter mark of the season is not an extremely high number of carries Grant. Sure he is not what he once was, but he didn’t hit a wall all of a sudden and lose his legs. The biggest impediment to the running game has been opposing defenses selling out to stop it because they don’t believe Kap can make them pay for it. The last two weeks he has. If he keeps it up, you’ll see the running game start to become effective again.

      3. Grant… just saying. How do you seem to be the only local sports writer that keeps saying Gore is slow and washed up. How can you honestly see things so different then everyone else

    3. Grant,

      Barrow’s said and we’ve also mentioned that Gore or no other running back would have been able to run through the defensive fronts that we’ve faced the last 2 weeks. They were geared to stop him. How does he have success if there are no holes to run through? Please answer that for me. If your line can’t open holes because they are being outmanned or missing assignments, how does the running back have any success? Does he run through 3 defensive linemen in the backfield, then shake 2 linebackers at the line of scrimmage? Please help me out with that?

      1. What do you think about his snap count and his amount of carries in blowout games? Poor way to manage an aging back…

      2. Anyone seen a running lane in the last three games? There aren’t any, it is really simple to see where the fault is. Metrics aren’t needed, just watch run play after run play to see are line get overwhelmed.

      1. Jack I am sure defensive coordinators also know that they can adjust their linebackers to attack the run versus the Niners when Gore is running because too high a percentage of his runs are tackle to tackle.

        He’s part of the reason the offense is PREDICTABLE.

      2. Bay,

        Yeah I thought that too until I actually did some research and found that his % of runs in the c and d gaps is about the same as the a and b gaps.

        For those who don’t know, the C gaps are outside the tackles and the D gaps are outside the tight ends.

      3. Actually, Gore has 423 yards after contact, and that’s eighth-most in the NFL, and that’s because he has the ninth-most rush attempts.

        Where does he rank in yards after contact per attempt?

        1. It’s a function of his rushing attempts. He ranks tied for 27th in yards after contact per attempt, and tied for 28th in yards per attempt.

  7. We don’t need to worry about Kaep being in the pocket this week, as he will be running for his life, with our crappy offensive line. Adam Snyder just sucks among a couple of others.

  8. 11:19
    Comment From Should Be Teaching
    I look at what Josh Gordon is doing the past few weeks. Why didn’t the 49ers pull the trigger on that trade? Was the price too steep? Do you know what they were asking for?

    MattB_49: The Browns wanted a first rounder.

    1. The 49ers probably are going to spend their first rounder on a wide receiver anyway, though. Is Davante Adams going to be better than Josh Gordon? Probably not.

        1. Oh no, I don’t want to bet on that. I wouldn’t spend a first rounder on a receiver if I were them. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers did. They’ve done it twice in the past four years.

      1. Doesn’t really matter. The fact is no team was willing to give up a first round pick for a talented but troubled player who is one positive test away from a year long suspension.

        The Niners weren’t the only ones who didn’t pull the trigger here. That should tell you all you need to know.

      2. I’m not sure about a 1st Rounder either. Would Gordon be worth a 1st if he had a nagging injury problem? Maybe not, kinda risky.
        So with the League’s Sword of Damacles hanging over Gordon’s head…….maybe not, kinda risky. How much is PH helping Seattle right now?

      3. Jack,
        Do you think the Niners possibly had Cyprien in their sights last year in round 2? That was my initial thought after they traded back to land Carradine. Reid and Cyprien would have made a formidable safety combo. You and I talked about the safeties leading up to last years draft, I thought they would draft two safeties during the first four rounds.

      4. It’s possible BigP. That would have been a good pick.

        I don’t right now Razor. I’ll get back to you in the spring.

      5. At this stage of their careers, I think I’d rather pay TB than CR. Depends on the offers Brown gets.
        I’d agree Safety is on the list; Dahl and Spillman are limited; but 1st Round?
        CB 1st Rd only if someone they love falls close enough.
        They’d have to be awfully excited about a WR there too.

      6. Assuming this site is accurate, Rogers is slated to have the 14th highest CB cap number next year.

        If the team believes that it is getting midlevel No. 1 CB value from Rogers, then his salary isn’t out of whack. And his play this year is noticeably improved from last year.

        In fact, given that the entire secondary’s performance seems to have picked up with the switch from Dashon Goldson to Eric Reid, it’s not unreasonable to think that Rogers’ seemingly poor performance last year was not entirely of his making.

      7. I’d have no problems with drafting a WR in the first round. Just so long as they don’t draft a WR with a 3rd round grade in the 1st round!

        They should definitely take at least one WR in their first 3 picks – and I wouldn’t blink at taking 2.

      8. No problem. Rogers is also the #7 CB in the NFC and #13 in the league with an overall QB Rating against of 67.4.

        Money well spent.

      9. Last summer we were being told by Grant, with agreement from some here, that SF had nobody who could cover a slot receiver. Now Grant or anyone can correct my memory if I’m wrong, but I thought Grant asked Trent at a Presser who could cover slots and Trent said Carlos or Cully, and seemed puzzled by the question, as though it were obvious to him.

      10. Rocket,

        Everyone, nobody needed a wide receiver as bad as we did. Barrows did say the Browns wanted a #1. However, 2 picks combined my have done the trick as well. Ballke clearly didn’t feel like we needed him as bad as I did. However, only time will tell. We’d better not spend a #1 on a wideout. Not with the WR scouting we’ve done in the past 3 several years. How many quality wide receivers have we missed on? He’ll, even Jenkins is catching passes now.

      11. Rogers is not having to cover a quality receiver in the slot either. It’s not like he’s seen Victor Cruz this year. He’s not seen walker or any other quality slot receiver. Check his penalties. More importantly, check his support in the run game. Look at the video on the TD run by Williams for Carolina against us. Rogers didn’t even make a serious effort to tackle the guy. He runs around and hopes the LB’s make the tackles. He doesn’t even try. GOOD RIDDANCE ROGERS!!!

      12. WELKER I meant.^^^ Rogers couldn’t cover Amendola last year. This year would be no different. He hasn’t improved. He hasn’t faced anyone.

      13. Yes, Baalke should completely ignore Rogers’ performance this year (except for one play in a game in which the defense surrendered 10 points) and make a decision based upon memories of Rogers’ play last year. Smh.

        If Rogers grades out as the 13th best corner in the league, he is providing appropriate value for his cap number.

    2. Rocket @ Grant.

      I do not think they will choose a wide receiver, especially after the poor choice was made on Jenkins, they might be gun shy. I do agree about a corner,similar to Richard Sherman, minus the arrogance and big mouth. They still need a good return man, although I don’t think they would choose that sort of player in the first round. Bad Nightmares of Dexter Carter appear.

  9. 11:26
    Comment From Gary
    How much input does Harbaugh have on offensive/defensive gameplan?

    MattB_49: I don’t know if he has any say on defense. He has plenty of say on offense. in fact, he’s the gatekeeper between Roman and Kaepernick. He can veto any call.

        1. No, it’s about how he’s going to do down the stretch this season. He doesn’t match up well against Marques Colston or Dez Bryant or Miles Austin or Percy Harvin.

        1. Yes, except for the 20-yard catch he gave up to Colston in the slot to lose the game a couple of weeks ago. And he was bad against the Colts. So he was a major contributor to 50 percent of the losses.

          He also did not play well against the Titans, Jaguars and Panthers.

      1. Sorry Coach. He’ll answer you, but with me he’s being slippery again. Jack pointed out Rogers #6 rating which is based on what he’s done this year. Y’all like these quantitative ratings so much, so that’s what that is. Is it Objective Reality? No, its the rating from a rating system frequently referred to here by Grant among others. Now that it doesn’t fit his opinion, he’s dancing. He dodges more than mayor Ford at a Press Conference when he doesn’t want to be wrong.

      2. Grant i will rephrase my question. Taking into consideration who he has played against, do you think C. Rogers has played well so far this season?

      3. OK Grant that answers my question and i guess i have to agree with you because you are using the same logic many of us here have tried to get you to employ in the past. That being all the stats that you constantly throw around here are useless unless you put them in prespective and stats are great for fantasy football and roto geeks but the eye test tells the real story. GHopefully in the future we will see more of this sort of insightful writing. Bravo Grant

  10. No one is talking about it, but something is not right with Lynch. Haven’t seen BEAST MODE in the last two weeks. While he’s still been getting in the end zone, he’s not piling up the yards like years past. Wonder if his style of running is catching up to him….

    1. His legs are gone. He’s washed up. You can tell by how defenses are selling out to stop him……oh,… wait.
      More to your point, Bay, he didn’t break quite as many tackles as we’ve seen him do. Even SuperSkittle feels the effect of an NFL season.

    2. Bay,

      I know Lynch has ball security issues. We need to get 2 fumbles from him this week. He’s always fighting for extra yards. He fumbled once last night and a Saints player was laying on the ground right next to the ball and didn’t recover it. We have to be trying to strip him and be around the ball at all times when he’s running with it. He will give it up.

  11. Jeff Garcia on Marcus Mariota: “He’s a special player right now… he has a better delivery and is more accurate than Colin Kaepernick.”

      1. Technically, healthy RG3, Michael Vick, and Terrelle Prior are more physically gifted (all ran in the 4.3′s and have cannon arms). Cam Newton and Andrew Luck (at 4.59) are a smidge slower than Kaep at 4.53, but they are outweigh Kaep by like 20 lbs meaning Kaep will probably be slower if he were as big. That weight makes them harder to bring down

        Kaep also has very stiff hips. He’s like a Vernon Davis straight line speed time whereas some of these other guys have more Crabtree like shiftiness to them.

        He’s still in the top third in terms of physical gifts, but this over-hyping of Kaep will only lead to more unrealistic expectations.

      1. You will watch kaepernick take off from here on out now that Crabtree is back….I don’t care that seatle is coming and our O Line is banged up! Kaep delivers a victory this week to silence the critics… Mariota is a talent and so is teddy bridgewater but NO one has the ability of kaepernick….

      2. He seems flimsy like Dennis Dixon. I would like to see the Niners draft a promising QB prospect. Kaep needs to have somebody pushing him and Harbaugh needs to start developing some QB’s. I could be the QB whisperer if I was coaching Andrew Luck. It’s time to sharpen that iron.

      3. Other then Dan Fouts and Norm Van Brocklin, Oregon QBs usually do not translate to the NFL. The Eagles might be Mariotta’s chance for success.

      4. Jack
        That was a no brainer on my part, Mariotta was Kelly’s pet project at Oregon. I was really high on him last year, not so much this year.

      1. Mariotta is not a number one draft pick, he isn’t ready yet and may not ever arrive for that prestigious pick. However I think he is better then Johnny “what’s his name” Football.

      2. Grant
        Since 2014 is looking like a pretty good vintage for QBs, I’m curious as to why you think Mariota would go higher in ’14 than ’15. Lockler syndrome?

        1. I think there’s a better chance a team could talk themselves in to Mariota over Bridgewater as opposed to Mariota over Winston, but I could be wrong.

      3. Thanks. Its always a gamble for a young guy to make that decision. Of course #1 Overall has been a curse for some guys too.

      4. It’s a good move for him. Maybe he likes college, or wants a degree or another shot at a National championship or Heisman. He’ll get his money in another year.

    1. Norcal 2 weeks ago i was right there with you on Lee but now i wonder if we can sign Boldin with a front loaded deal maybe we can use our 1st and 2nd rd picks better than picking a WR.

      1. As I look at the success of the Brandon Marshall / Alshon Jefferey tandem in Chicago, I wonder if a Boldin/Crabtree tandem might be just as good. Those Bears are doing it with McCown at QB. Heck I want Calvin Johnson too, but , ya’ know.

    2. I want a deep threat. A WR who can beat a corner and safety on the deep balls. Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham, and Patton are ALL possession receivers with the threat to break loose. If we had one guy that made teams respect the fly route it would truly open up everything underneath.

      1. I’ve got just the man, Mike Evans. It’s gonna cost you, but he’s fast, can leap into the air and go get the ball high, and has great hands…..

      2. He makes a lot of plays for J. Football, but he’s been unproductive lately. You think we would have to trade up for him, Razor? Over/under 4.5 40?

      3. He’ll probably go top 10, and I think 4.56 or something close…..You’d probably have to package a deal like Atlanta did for Jones. As much as I love Evans, I’d try and make a trade for Benjamin like they did Reid. I think he might go 18.

  12. Some info for those thinking the Niners should blitz more this week against Seattle:

    Russell Wilson completed 8 of 9 attempts against five or more rushers Monday. That 88.9 completion percentage is tied for the worst the Saints have allowed in a game since 2006.

    1. You blitz non moblie QB’s who aren’t the best decision makers. Wilson does NOT fit that bill. Possibly blitz on running downs, but I believe rushing 4 and mixing coverages with a extra focus on outside contain, is the best course of action against Mighty Mouse.

      I’d like the guy if he wasn’t on our biggest rivals roster.

    2. Rocket,

      It’s not always about the fact that a team is blitzing and trying to cover. It’s about which team is blitzing and covering. Bowman is a better blitzer than Willis. Both of them have been blitzing lately a bit. They both had sacks against the Rams. Obviously you don’t blitz every down. But we definitely need to blitz some. We need to collapse the pocket on Wilson. One thing that I think will help us this week is that we are rotating our defensive linemen better. The D linemen are fresher late in games these last couple.

    3. Wilson is a hell of a player, I don’t know what else to say. At some point, somebody is going to get a shot on him, but he can squeeze through the smallest of creases when pressured. He also throws a phenomenal deep ball, which keeps defenses back and gives him room to run if things break down. You just want to see him get blown up, but he never does. He killed the Saints when they blitzed him last night. The front four has a tough task ahead of them. This game is going to be a street fight.

      1. Big P, i am amazed with his football IQ, not only he is elusive under pressure he is always looking to make a big play!!! He just plays with such confidence and no sense of pressure.

  13. Rocket

    I don’t think blitzing is the solution for Wilson. I think containment and make him throw from the pocket is a better prospect – easy to say, hard to do.

  14. Did you guys see this article on CSN Bay Area about the seahawk fans planning to fly a banner over candlestick part to support the seachickens!

    Many of us can’t make to Candlestick park to support our Seahawks on Dec. 8th when they play the 49ers. To show our dedication and support as members of the 12th man Travis Platt and I (Cedric James Morris) propose that we fly a plane with a banner attached that reads “GO HAWKS-12″ over the staduim 10 minutes before kickoff not just showing San Francicso, but the entire nation that we are the most passionate, the greatest, and the LOUDEST fans in the NFL. The banner would fly for approximately 10 to 15 minutes above Candle Stick!!! The amount total is exact to the dollar of the price for this task to happen, and the pilot has a no fly guarantee. If for any reason conditions are not suitable to fly, our money will be returned, and every individual that contributes will get any contributions back via paypal. Let’s show the world, and those 49er’s what the 12th Man is all about. ARE U FIRED UP? Let’s make this happen my fellow 12′s.

    Go Hawks!!!!!!

    Niner fans better be ready to scream their lungs out on Sunday. This is our home field.

    1. I have it on good authority there will be a no fly zone restriction enforced in a .75 mile radius around the stadium……

      1. We got to get the fan based fired up if they are not already on sunday. I would like for us to break the record. Jed if you are reading these blogs, you should be planning a strategy to rock candlestick on Sunday!!!

    2. Seahawk fans be like:

      “Hey every body look at me! look at me! See? I’m winning!”

      “My team is the best team ever and your team sucks! ”

      “I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?”

      :more childish, ignorant statements:

  15. Dammit, how come no one asked Roman about this 3rd and goal screen pass call in the red zone? Dumbest call I’ve seen in a while.

  16. Question for you all. I, like many of you, have been thinking of the team next year and our cap. Many have said to get rid of Rogers, which is a move I agreed with early in the season but now am second guessing. I think we keep him since it seems brown is on the way out. And what do we do about Whitner? Do you think we keep him or let him go? And if it comes down to us keep either Iupati or Crabtree, which one do you all think is the right one? Cuz I think that’s what will happen.

    1. I would keep Crabs because the FO and Coaches are better at drafting and developing linemen than WRs. He’s gonna make a lotta money but I think he’s worth it.

      1. They just extended justin. What I was thinking was releasing McDonald with how good TJE has been but McDonald’s cap hit is so small there’s no reason to do that.

    2. I think they probably try to get Rogers to renegotiate his deal, but I’m not convinced they would cut him. I think they would like Whitner back, but he may be able to make more on the open market. Assuming he holds up and looks like he is 100%, I would go with Crabtree over Iupati, but I wouldn’t offer him a mega contract. He isn’t quite that type of player and he doesn’t stretch the field. His contract situation will be interesting because I dont think the Niners will offer him a top five deal and I dont think he will want to risk further injury before getting payed. As good as Iupati is, he’s a guard. It’s not a position you traditionally invest heavily in in terms of cap space.

      1. I would like Rogers to negotiate but with how he’s played this season he very well may think he deserves his contract.

  17. Oh wow the Seahawk fans are the lamest most ignorrant jealous little fans in the history of the NFL..Now they raised money to fly a go hawks banner around candlestick for 15 min before the game…These guys are so lame..Shows how desperate for success this morons are..Jealous little brother.

    1. It sounds to me you’re the one that’s jealous. Why don’t you also raise some money and fly over the Sticks with a Go Niners Banner.

  18. Despite the two suspended corners, I still think the best way to play SeAdderal’s defense is…

    - Run the ball inside.
    - Stick to the run even if the yards per run aren’t that great in the first half.
    - Avoid turn overs and negative yardage plays.

    Unfortunately with Staley and Iupati out, the 49ers might have to play to the SeaRoids strength.

      1. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now Go Kaep Go… and don’t you, step on his 500 pairs of shoes. You can do anything, but lay off of his 500 pairs of athletic shoes.

      2. The Seahawks defense would to love to see Kap run with the football, so the legion of Boom can lay the boom on him… Beware Vernon Davis don’t be trying your stunt jumping over the Hawks defenders or you’ll be exiting the game early. The Hawks CB are going to cover Boldin and Davis like a hawk, it’s doubtful they’ll be a factor in this game, like those two previous game against lowly teams.

        For you 49ers fans, just remember this names, CB Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane and Deshawn Shead and Safety Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and LB K.J. Wright. This talented group will shut down Boldin, Davis and Crabtree, and the Hawks front seven will pressure Kap in the pocket and contained Gore these two will have a tough time in the line of scrimmage against the Hawks D.

        Roman you better have a lot tricks in your magic bag, because you’re going to need all of it comes Sunday..

  19. The most interesting stat from the Rams game… TEs Derek Carrier and Vance McDonald had 23 snaps. (I was wondering who 46 was)

    I don’t think its a knock on VMac. I heard he was hobbled a bit, and his body type is not exactly the SAK like D Walker. He seems like the classic TE that belongs on the line of scrimmage.

  20. I hope 49ers can get themselves jacked up emotionally this Sunday, as it’s EMOTION that moves people, passion that get’s it done. Roman doesn’t sound likely to help with this, but someone needs to……hopefully some of the players.
    It IS the emotional play that I think has been key to Seahawks winning big at home…….powered by their noise levels. They played at near juggernaut levels much of Mon night, jacked out of their minds, and they played 9ers that way at home…..esp last year.
    I’m hoping it will be harder for Seattley to get up again so much on Sunday……
    If NINERS can get up, we beat them

  21. December 04, 2013, Update news from Seattle for 23Jordan and his buddies.

    The Seahawks 34-7 beat down of the Saints accomplished a number of things for the NFC playoff picture. First and foremost, it makes the Seahawks the first team in the league to clinch a playoff spot. It also gives them a three-game lead over the 49ers with just four games left on the schedule, making next week’s road clash against San Francisco one with division-winning potential. And lastly, it gives Seattle a two-game lead over the Saints for home field advantage throughout the NFC side of the playoffs, compounded by the fact that the Seahawks hold the head-to-head tiebreaker in case the two teams end up with the same record.

    It’s getting to the point where it almost doesn’t matter who wins in the games that the Seahawks aren’t playing. Such is the luxury of having a team that’s leading the conference by such a healthy margin – especially since our next game is against a divisional opponent that could potentially grant us the #2 seed. Because of that, we can start turning our attention a little bit, towards who our potential playoff opponents might be. Even if we get to host the games, it still would be nice to have the right opponent coming to the CLink. Thus, here’s how we want Week 14′s games to shake out:

    Realistic Scenarios for 49ers to miss the playoffs.

    Playing around with the NFL playoff machine, there are realistic scenarios for the 49ers to miss the playoffs. That is probably the best reason to determine interest in other games. It requires the following:

    1.49ers must lose 2 more games. It does not matter which 2 they lose.

    2. Dallas and Philly must each get to at least 10-6. If Dallas, Philly, and SF are all at 10-6, then according to the Playoff Machine, either Dallas or Philly wins the East, and the other one is the #6 seed wildcard. SF is eliminated in the tiebreaker (again, it looks like it doesn’t matter what the wins/losses are for each to get to 10-6. I could not find one where SF wins the tiebreak). So, go Dallas and Philly!

    3.It will be a sad day for all the 49ers fans if their beloved 49ers team missed the playoffs this season and the Super bowl as well.

    3. The 49ers are not a well balance team. San Francisco has a very good defense, but their Qb Kap struggles against quality teams with outstanding defensive schemes. When Gore is contained, the running game struggles and the 49ers offense becomes one dimensional and when Kap is pressure, he becomes bewildered and that’s when everything falls apart for the 49ers…

      1. Ribico,
        Sorry to disappoint you, who’s afraid of kap and the 49ers? You’re welcome to come back and play the Hawks in Seattle in the Playoffs, the result will still be the same. Both the 49er’s and Saints found it out how hard playing the Hawks in Seattle.

  22. I see this weeks game as CK’s biggest test of the year and a possible precursor to his success or failure next year. He looked lost for alot of the first half of the season, lately he has looked a little better each week. He has all of his weapons back at the skill positions. The game is against one of the best D’s in the NFL but its home. If i do’nt see at least a solid performance i will be worried about his future.
    now if he does’nt play well this week but plays well in the playoffs i will relax but if he follows up a poor showing this sun with a poor showing in the playoffs i do believe the 9ers should package their 2 2nd rd picks with one of their 3rd rd pick and move up into the first rd. Then use one of those picks to draft a QB.
    My real wish is CK continues to improve and we use those picks for other needs.
    GO CK

    1. Old Coach,

      But you got to remember too, the reason for kaps success in the last two games is because they were playing teams with fewer talents. Sure, you can say Crabtree is back with the team, it still doesn’t say much how well Kap can play against quality teams with good defense.

      If Kap is struggling against quality teams in the regular season, what makes anyone think he would have success going in the playoffs against a much better quality teams with great defense?

      Nobody knows, I for one, if kaps regression this season will make him a better Qb in the future. I’ll give him another year, if he has it or not to be a big time Qb in the NFL.

      Coach, There are a lot of NFL team’s defensive coordinator who picked up talented players from FA and in the draft in the off season to better their defense. Now they have a lot of film on Kap they know where his weakness and where he is vulnerable. Last season Kap caught the other teams they played off guard; they didn’t know how to defend against a Qb like Kap. That’s why he had a lot of success in the short period of time he started for the 49ers.

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