Roman on Crabtree: “He’s running after the catch better than anybody I’ve seen.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is what Greg Roman said Thursday about Michael Crabtree, courtesy of the 49ers.


What makes WR Michael Crabtree so valuable on third downs?

“Well, Michael’s a really good football player. Mike’s got great hands. I think Coach [Harbaugh] said he’s got the best hands he’s ever seen. We marvel at his hands every day in practice.  He’s a natural catcher; we can’t take credit for that. The guy’s got great hands. He’s running after the catch better than anybody I’ve seen and I don’t want to invite people to tackle him better by saying that, but it’s a fact. The guy after the catch is just running with a purpose and a mission. He’s gotten us several first downs just by running tough. He’s a good all-around player that continues to improve. He’s still young in this league and we’re counting on him to get better all the time.”


Who has the best hands you’ve ever seen?

“You know I don’t like to compare players. Have a great day.”

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