Roman on Kaepernick

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Greg Roman said at his Saturday press conference about Colin Kaepernick.

ME: How would you grade Colin Kaepernick’s performance against the Rams? Are there any plays you’d like to have back, and if so, which ones?

ROMAN: I’m not going to get into which ones. I thought he did a very good job of coming into the game and moving the team. There were definitely some plays in there that he could have played better on – he knows it. And there were some really good plays that he made off the cuff that you can’t coach. He did a good job. I thought he was very poised. He was very prepared mentally and emotionally. I think there were a couple of plays here and there that we could do a little better. But that’s not just Kaep, that’s everybody.

ME: How much more do you need to see from him before you make him your starter?

ROMAN: That’s really not a relevant question. Kaep’s a guy that’s improving all the time. Really like his mindset. He’s always one play away from being the starter, and as far as I was concerned, when he was in the game playing, he was the starter. Now, how that moves forward when Alex comes back – Alex is our starter, and Kaep’s ready to come in at any time.

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