Roman on the Rams defense: “They’re getting better as the year goes on.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is what Greg Roman said about the Rams defense at his Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


Opening Statement:

“Good afternoon. Knee-deep in our preparations. Players, we throw a lot at them each week. I think everybody can relate with the idea of you going into school to take a test and you studied, you prepared well for it, you feel pretty good about it. And I know everybody here can admit this, you’ve all gone in to take that test when you didn’t quite study, kind of weren’t paying attention as much, not feeling quite as confident. Our goal is to get to Sunday with our players feeling extremely confident with the plan because once that ball gets kicked off, we’re playing a very physical, well coached, tough defense in the Rams. A typical [Rams head coach] Jeff Fisher defense, they’re very physical, very smart, well prepared and it shows on film. Any questions?”


What are the challenges this week, you talked about playing in the dome and that defense? QB Colin Kaepernick’s second time facing this team, what’s the challenge that is in front of Colin this week?

“I think there’s a lot of challenges, starting with their players. The defensive line, their two inside guys are extremely physical, underrated players as I see it. Their two defensive ends are extremely athletic, productive players. The linebacker [Rams LB James] Laurinaitis is having a great season, not a good one, a great one. He knows what you’re doing before you do it half the time. Their secondary is very dialed into what they do. They had two pick sixes last week, pretty impressive, really impressive. They’re getting better as the year goes on. So, as with anything, the challenges are pretty steep.”


I guess my question is more about Colin, is this sort of the base point for his second time in the lineup? Do you try to anticipate the adjustments that they’re going to make based on what happened the first time you guys played these guys?

“Well, you can do that, I know that they know, that we know, that they know, it’s like being in a room of never ending mirrors. You’ve just got to go out and play, come up with a plan. I think it works both ways to answer your question more specifically. They’ve seen Kap for a game or three quarters of a game. Kap’s seen them. So, I think it works both ways. ”

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