Roman on the Seahawks defense: “They play a lot of man coverage outside.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Greg Roman said about the Seattle Seahawks defense at his Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


Opening Statement:

“Good afternoon. We’re back in the division. The Seattle Seahawks defense, I think, they’re ranked fourth overall statistically. Pretty high against the run, they play a lot of man coverage outside, their corners are doing a real good job. Their secondary has great length. They’re getting a lot of production out of their front seven. They’re a team that we know, obviously played them twice last year. On a short week, we’ve got a lot to get done. Any questions?”


Pretty much the same as you saw last year, as far as personnel wise?

“Yeah, for the most part. They’ve got a young linebacker in there who’s doing a really good job [rookie Bobby Wagner]. But pretty much same team and they’ve continued to get better. They’ve got a good defense obviously, very productive. The secondary, the two safeties are very good players, corners are doing a great job out there and it’s allowing the front seven to fly around. So, personnel is very similar and another year. They appear to be even more cohesive than they were last year.”


What have you seen from their front their first round draft pick Seahawks DE Bruce Irvin, as a pass rusher?

“Good pass rusher, really quick. They run a lot games and line twists with him up front. He’s done a nice job, really executing his job and getting penetration in passing situations. The guy can play with a really low center of gravity, dip, rip and trim the fat as they say around the corner. So, he’s a pretty dynamic player.”


Do they move Irvin around, left side, right side?

“They will. They’ll move him around some. They’ve got a couple different nickel packages. He’ll line up primarily in one spot, but he won’t end up there after the ball is snapped.”


Are you surprised at the success that Seahawks CB Richard Sherman has had at the corner back position? You had him at Stanford.

“No. Richard is doing a really nice job for them up there. Real happy to see a former player that you coached do well. Both of their corners have great length, and they like to get up and bump and use that length to their advantage. Richard has done a really nice job and real proud of him.”


What’s the most difficult thing about preparing in a short week, offensively?

“I think there’s a lot, it definitely changes a lot of what you do. You can’t do too much because you can’t practice too much. So, I feel real good about where we are this year on a short week relative to where we were last year on a short week, just based on time on task and what we’ve been able to build up experience on. We’re a lot better off than we were last year, but still there’s

a lot of different challenges just from a gameplan specific perspective. How specific can you be this week, because you really don’t have a lot of time to work on new things. Time is of the essence.”

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