Roman: “Repeating successful plays is something we’ll do, just didn’t have a chance to get back to them, really.”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

ROMAN: Short week. All the coaches were back in about an hour after the last game, getting to work on the Rams. Guys have been working hard and late into the night. Seeing our coaching staff unshaven, a little gritty but grit is good. We’re getting ready to play a Rams team, a division team. Their defense probably has the best defensive front we’ve seen. They’re playing very well. It’s a very explosive and aggressive front at every position. They play an aggressive style up front. They have a very athletic secondary. I think the linebacking corps has a great mix of youth and experience. They fit in really nicely. A lot to get done in a short amount of time. Guys are very focused on playing a little bit more precise and really dialing in on this game. Getting on a plane tomorrow and getting ready to play. Any questions?

Q: What have you identified as the offense’s major problems the past few games?

ROMAN: Again, I think Jim mentioned it the other day, just a little bit more precision. There are a lot of different plays that we’ve made before, it’s just this much off and as we know it has a trickle-down effect. It starts with all of us, really. When you go through a dry spell like this every guy has to look at himself and see what he can do better. That starts with me. It’s really across the board.

Q: What can you do better?

ROMAN: I’ve just got to do better, got to get results. I’m not into excuses, I’m into results.

Q: You guys were having success in the run game and then very early in the second half you guys went away from it. Why did you guys go away from the running game?

ROMAN: I think it’s more a function of staying on the field and having the opportunity to get into a rhythm or call those plays. The past two games, aside from late in the game when you’re in two-minute mode, we’ve had very few base downs to get into a rhythm. We’ve got to do a better job of extending drives, making first downs and creating opportunities for ourselves to get into a flow, get into a rhythm. When we do that, we’re pretty good. But right now, the past couple of games we have not been. We’ve got to get it done.

Q: Do you think Colin’s confidence is wavering a little bit?

ROMAN: I think Colin is doing fine. He’s coming in every day and working hard. That hasn’t changed.

Q: What instruction have you given him as far as waiting for a pass route to develop versus scrambling? What restrictions or instructions is he under?

ROMAN: I’m not going to get into the strategic part of it but across the board the execution needs to be better. We have the capacity to do that. We have the means to do it. It’s something that it’s not just one little thing and every play is a little bit different. We’ve all seen him pull it down and have a big scramble.

Q: Kaepernick hasn’t been great on the first series this season, a lot of three-and-outs. Has that been a focus to get that drive going?

ROMAN: I think everybody has to get into a rhythm early. We had a third-and-three and we missed a block on a run and that’s why we didn’t stay on the field. When you stay on the field then you get to move through your game plan accordingly. It’s a function of execution, really.

ME: Against the Colts you called two runs in particular in the first quarter that we very successful, runs for Gore outside and both gained more than 20 yards. Why did you choose not to call each play a second time? Was it new scheme? Were you surprised how successfully those particular runs worked out?

ROMAN: Again, those plays probably would have been revisited but really just the opportunity to call them didn’t come up based on certain things that they adjusted to, how they adjusted. Repeating successful plays is something we’ll do, just didn’t have a chance to get back to them, really.

Q: Do you think you’ll have Vernon on Thursday?

ROMAN: We’ll have to wait and see. It probably will be a game time decision. Jim could talk to you further on it.

Q: What about LaMichael?

ROMAN: Also a game time decision.

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