Roman says a lot of defenses have “taken away the deep throws” against the 49ers

SANTA CLARA — This is what Greg Roman said about the Dolphins defense at his Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


Opening Statement:

“Good afternoon. Got a good Miami team coming in here, their defense playing at a high level. When we turn the film on and, you watched them last week, they played New England. We generally, really put about six games into our scouting report for everybody and then we all really look at the whole season to examine the whole body of work. They’re playing a really high level of defense. Excited to get back to the Stick and compete against the Dolphins. Guys are working hard, locked in and know what’s at stake. Any questions?”


Do you expect the Dolphins and every other team you play from this point forward to mimic what the Rams did, especially taking away the deep route, forcing QB Colin Kaepernick to go to the shorter game?

“I think a lot of teams this year have chosen to do that. They’ve taken away the deep throws and tried to force the underneath stuff. At times we’ve been very, very efficient taking advantage of that. It’s something we’ve got to continue to do. You can’t control what the other team does, so if they’re going to take away something, you want to work somewhere else and our guys have done a pretty good job of that so far.”


Does it help that not everyone has a defensive line like the Rams? I guess what I’m getting at is, what made them successful against you guys is in part, talent, not just scheme.

“They’ve got good players, everybody’s got good players. The Dolphins have an extremely talented defensive line. I think they’re ranked seventh against stopping the run and that’s pretty hard to do. They’ve got a really good defensive line and our guys, they’re getting ready. They’re watching film. They’re studying their matchup and have a lot of respect for what the Dolphins are doing.”

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