Roman says Alex Smith will have physical test on Sunday to determine status for Bears game

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Saturday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Alex Smith, whom the 49ers have listed as questionable to play Monday night against the Bears.

LC: Is Alex Smith going to play Monday night?

ROMAN: Alex is going through the protocol right now, and that’s in the doctor’s hands. When we know, you will probably know.

LC: Does he have to do anything on the field as part of his protocol, or is it just neurological tests?

ROMAN: I’m not an expert on the protocol, but part of that process is physical.

LC: Has he done that part yet?

ROMAN: Not to my knowledge.

LC: Would he have a chance to do it tomorrow?

ROMAN: I believe that’s part of the schedule. I think that is consistent with the schedule.

LC: Tomorrow?


CI: How has he looked on the field this week?

ROMAN: He’s looked good. He’s looked really sharp.

CI: He’s done basically the same workload as he would do in a normal week?

ROMAN: Thereabouts.

LC: But he hasn’t been cleared to play yet?

ROMAN: I think there’s protocol that the league mandates the player must go through. That’s a process, and at the end of that, that decision is made.

MM: Did you say Smith’s reps have been pretty much the same as they would be in a normal week?

ROMAN: Not quite as much for Alex, but I think he’s gotten plenty of practice time.

MM: Obviously, you would think if Colin were to start, you would want Colin to have all the reps this week.

ROMAN: Is there anything else I can wish for? It’s just one of those situations when you don’t know, so you try to allocate your resources and time on task accordingly. In the end you really don’t know, and you just have to try to make the best decision you can and be ready to adjust.

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