Roman says Baldwin has a “great catch radius.”

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Tuesday morning. Here’s what he said, courtesy of the 49ers.


Opening comments:

“Good morning. We’re working, guys are working hard. That’s what training camp’s all about. I think we’re very fortunate to have some really good leadership on offense. I think [WR] Anquan Boldin is a guy that’s done nothing but impressed since day one with how he approaches his job, how he mentors his teammates. I think [TE] Vernon Davis is another man that’s had a tremendous training camp on a lot of different levels. [QB] Colin’s [Kaepernick] another guy. [T] Joe Staley had his first mental error yesterday of training camp so that’s pretty good going a long stretch without having any kind of mental error. But these guys are working hard and we hope that some of our younger players look to those guys as examples and take advantage of the fact that they’ve got some great leaders sitting right next to them in the locker room. Any questions?”


What are your first impressions of WR Jon Baldwin?

“Well, Jon, Dr. Garza and his medical staff got him a physical last night so he hit the ground running this morning at 7:00 a.m. and he’s been diving into it. Really, not a lot to comment on thus far but it’s been all good. Got to talk to him, meet him, get to know him a little bit. Really liked visiting with him.”


What’s the learning curve going to be like getting him going from a West Coast to a West Coast offense?

“I think that’ll help a little bit. I think there’s a lot of similarities in the language between what he just experienced in Kansas City. He’s been in several offenses up to this point so he’s had to learn quite a few. But, I think it’s just going to be a one day at a time. That’s how we take it and we’ll see what we can get accomplished today.”


Given what you said in your opening about Anquan and Vernon, are you hoping that Baldwin kind of sidles up to those guys and learns from them in the locker room?

“If I was a young player and I didn’t do that, I would want somebody to just smack me in the head. If you have the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from players who have that track-record of success and how they do it on a daily basis, how they approach their job, how they get prepared, how they take care of their body, how they study, how they pay attention in meetings, how they can do everything they can possibly do to know their job so that they can do their job at a very high level. That is the one thing that, if you’re a young player and you don’t take advantage of that, we need to have a talk.”


What are your plans when you bring in a player this late though, and there are so many other wide receivers? What are your plans as to like how much you need to see him in game time and practice and reps and what do you need to see out of him?

“We’ll have to see how that goes as we go, and see what’s appropriate. We certainly don’t want to ask any of the players to do anything we haven’t prepared them adequately for. But, at the same time I’m sure we’ll challenge them with what we present to them.”


He looks like a much bigger target than WR A.J. Jenkins was. How does that size help him in this offense and what positions can he fit best at with that?

“Just speaking about Jonathan the player, I think size is the first thing that you notice when you look at him. He’s got really good range, leaping ability. I think we saw that as we studied him and what not. But, great catch radius is always a great thing. There’s nothing wrong with having a great catch radius.”


You mentioned studying him, did you, once you knew he was coming, kind of look at what he could do or were you familiar with him before?

“I think we were all pretty familiar with him from his college career. And, we certainly took a look at what he’s done up to this point.”


Is black still a non-contact jersey?

“It depends what week it is. We kind of switch that up. We don’t want anybody to get a beat on it.”


So, seeing Kaepernick in a black does not necessarily mean- -?

“I wouldn’t read into anything.”


Is he working through something?

“He’s working through practice every day, learning the playbook. But as far as health, he seems very vibrant and healthy.”


TE MarQueis Gray and TE Garrett Celek, how have they been handling their extra reps the last few weeks?

“They’ve gotten a lot of reps, a ton of opportunity there for them. Both of them are guys that have unique skill-sets. The tight end position is so unique. Each tight end can be so different from a skill-set standpoint. MarQueis has really impressed us with his ability in the passing game. We’re catching him up as far as the blocking and what not. And Garrett’s a guy that’s kind of a got to be able to do everything well kind of tight end. They’ve definitely taken advantage of those reps.”


Is the learning curve, I remember last year Celek, I don’t want to say struggled in the beginning but he started to come on towards the end of the offseason. Is Gray doing the same sort of thing he’s making the same move that Celek did a year ago?

“MarQueis is definitely progressing. There is definitely a curve involved, especially when you look at what he’s done in college. He played quarterback, receiver. So, there’s definitely a curve there. From the day he got here ‘til now it’s worlds apart and he just needs to continue on that path.”


Where do QB Colt McCoy and QB Scott Tolzien need to improve on in this game coming up?

“I think it’s going to be a big game for them, big game for all of us. But, I think they just need to improve really down-in down-out constancy. The right reads, obviously making the right throws. They’ve done some really good stuff up ‘til now, stuff that’s under the radar type things. Again, they’ve had some plays that they’d love to do over again. So, it’s a matter of coming out this week and having a really strong performance one play at a time.”


What kind of under the radar stuff are we talking about? Adjustments and checks?

“Yeah, just adjustments. Managing certain things. Somebody lined up wrong they got him lined up right, that type of stuff. That’s very important at the quarterback position.”


In different forms in the offseason and training camp, Colin was talking about everyone wants to say he’s a running quarterback and he can’t resist that. If he had below average speed, what kind of quarterback would he be?

“Hypothetical, I can’t answer that. I don’t even know. I don’t know how to answer that.”


Let me rephrase it differently then. He obviously, he has enough ability with his arm and his mind to be a high-functioning NFL quarterback even without his speed?

“No question.”


Is that an accurate statement?

“Yes, no question. I think you hit it on the head too with his arm and his mind. He’s got really good arm talent but he’s also learning the game really well. Continues to impress in meetings to no end. He has been learning since the day he got here and he knows things and has very strong opinions, the right opinions, on a lot of things that you wouldn’t even know he had. But, I think Colin’s a guy that’s taken advantage of every day he’s been here in terms of learning, focusing, staying engaged even when he wasn’t quote unquote the starter.”


Are you eager to see QB B.J. Daniels against a little bit better caliber competition on Sunday?

“First of all, I thought B.J. did a great job leading us down the field the other night for the winning touchdown. [WR] Chuck Jacobs making a great play on the fade there when they blitzed us. I just want to tip my hat to that group of players that was on the field. Really, however these guys show up in the game, when they show up, all we’re looking for is them to do their job irregardless of circumstance, who they’re playing against or with.”


Does his ability to make a lot of different kinds of throws surprise you? Were you expecting that Friday night?

“Are you talking about B.J.?”



“No it didn’t. He’s been ripping them out here. He’s impressed us in practice quite a bit from time to time with just the different kind of throws he can make. He can fire some lasers. And I thought he showed some really good touch on that touchdown pass as well if that’s what you’re referring to. He was firing lasers and just laid a feather to the corner for Chuck, and that was really nice to see.”


Given his experience and track record, WR Austin Collie seems on paper to be an attractive option, health wise he’s obviously not quite there. Do you feel like he’s getting close and have you seen improvements since he’s been here?

“Yeah, he’s gotten really better every day physically. I think our training staff, [director of football operations and sports medicine] Jeff Ferguson and those guys are the best there is. He’s been in there working with them, working with our strength and conditioning staff as well as practicing, so he is on it. I mean he is on it. We have seen marked improvement in him and it’s been kind of a daily thing. He’s doing a great job and is just competing like heck right now.”


Is Collie getting reps with the first half with the first team?

“We have not really lined all that up just yet. But, I think he had a great showing in the game the other night and continues to impress in practice.”


Will you keep five wide receivers?

“Again, that’s another thing that hasn’t been decided just yet. We’ll see how it all shakes down. It’s heavy competition right now and you can see it. The guys are in the right frame of mind. They’re competing, they’re on it and with some of these guys on a day-to-day basis, it’s exactly as if we’re getting ready to play a regular season game. They’re fighting and clawing and scratching to make the team and it’s very evident.”

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  1. Baldwin is a serious talent. Jenkins never was.

    Baldwin was a five-star recruit coming out of high school. He did not redshirt as a freshman. As a sophomore, he caught 57 passes for 1,111 yards (19.5 ypc) and 8 touchdowns.

    Larry Fitzgerald redshirted his first year out of high school. His second year out of high school, he caught 69 passes for 1,005 yards (14.6 ypc) and 12 TDs.

    A.J. Jenkins caught caught 10 passes for 123 yards and 1 TD as a sophomore.

    The Chiefs made a big mistake.

    1. Idle speculation here on my part (so as you can see, I’m not a serious Journalist), but sometimes new HC’s cut out a sacrificial lamb from the flock to make a point. Perhaps Reid was sending a message. If Baldwin emerges for SF, it may have been an extravagant message.

      1. “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes – because when you do, you will be a mile away and have their shoes”, American proverb

      1. Thank you Sean in Canada,

        Jr. “He’s been doing it for years”?


        I’m sorry but Jr. is off on 1 of his Delusions again & nobody else caught that? Incredible.

      2. folsom:

        Sorry, I was too busy trying to figure out why stats from one’s first year in college are more important than the stats from one’s final year in college.

        1. It takes serious talent to play that well your first or second year out of high school. That’s part of the the reason why the 49ers were interested in Aldon Smith and Marcus Lattimore.

      1. Baldwin is huge, fast for his size and has proven he can get down field, go up and grab deep passes. He’s done it for years. Jenkins never has.

      2. I’m not arguing with your thinking on Jenkins Grant. Baldwin does possess all that you say but it has not translated to the NFL level. He has trouble gaining separation, running routes and maturity issues. I am hoping that he turns it around but seeing that he couldn’t secure the #2 WR position in a receiving corps that was worse that what we had and the fact that he didn’t catch a great pass from Smith in the second preseason game makes me very leery. That he was traded by the Chiefs to get Jenkins doesn’t bolster any confidence in him.

      3. Baldwin led all receivers at the 2011 Combine with a 42″ vertical. A big dude who can go up and get it. Looking forward to watching him work with Kaepernick.

      4. With a wonderlic score of 14, it’s no surprise he has had lapses of mental ineptitude associated with his brief career. He’ll have the smartest, most physically gifted quarterback he’s ever had leading him now. Baldwin should thrive in this offense. He’ll run block, and win most battles against DBs. The 49ers should not expect or ask him to run crisp, fluid routes. He’s not a route runner, but more of a strider. Once he gets rolling, and you can get the ball up, he can go attack it. A perfectly matched physical specimen for a quarterback with an arm like Kaepernicus. For that reason alone I’m excited, not to mention the red zone issues should be a distant memory. Initially, this could be more about the running game with Boldin and Baldwin….

      5. Baldwin led all receivers at the 2011 Combine with a 42″ vertical. A big dude who can go up and get it. Looking forward to watching him work with Kaepernick.

        That won’t matter if he continues to struggle with his route running and gaining separation.

      6. He’ll run block, and win most battles against DBs.

        Moat of the DBs that he won against aren’t the caliber that he will face this season Razor.

      7. MidWest,

        Crabtree and Boldin are well known for having trouble with separation, but they are strong guys who make plays. Baldwin has not shown that he can play at that ability level yet, but that is proof that the separation thing can be a none issue.

      8. Crabtree and Boldin are possession WRs that create yards after the catch while Baldwin is supposed to be a deep threat WR Jack. Both types require different skill sets and therefore invalidate your post.

      9. It’s alright MidWest. Like I said last night the 49ers WR corps as a whole is pretty bad. The consensus top 4 are Boldin, Moore, Williams, and Patton. Of that group only Boldin has more receptions in his career than Baldwin.

        It shows how poor the 49ers receiver corps is that a guy deemed a bust by the worst team in the league comes here and is among the teams’ leaders in career receptions.

        If Baldwin can come in and give the team in the range of 20-25 receptions this year he makes up for the loss of last year’s 3rd leading WR on this team.

      10. I’m hoping for the best myself Jack. He at least took a good step today by making a beeline for Boldin as soon as he could. That is something that Jenkins would never do.

      11. “Baldwin is huge, fast for his size and has proven he can get down field, go up and grab deep passes. He’s done it for years. Jenkins never has.”

        How exactly has Baldwin been doing this for years Grant? He has 41 catches 579 yards and 2 tds in his 2 seasons. If you’re using college stats then there are a lot of players who have done it for years and never amounted to anything in the pros. Hopefully Baldwin can keep improving and become the receiver you think he already is.

        1. Jenkins is not one of them. He’s never been a deep threat.

          I’m not saying Baldwin is Calvin Johnson, not even close. But Baldwin is 1,000 times better than Jenkins.

      12. OK, now this thread surpasses the usual stat arguements. College stats, high school tapes, heck this is archeology. How was he in Kindergarten? Does he play well with others? Kudos to those digging up this stuff, I guess. I’m holding out for the eyeball test.

      13. Jack

        Baldwin seemed pretty attracted to the Niners QB while he was warming up during the last game. Crabtree has professed his stout admiration for #7.

        Maybe it’s time the expert pundits such as yourself go back to the giving tree. #11 is among the worst QB in the league when it comes to pleasing WRs. In the biggest game of his career, #11 completed 2 passes to WRs for a total of 7 yards.

        No way to accurately gauge Niners WRs until the Bears game last season, when Kyle Williams suddenly became relevant, and when Crabtree’s career exploded. Do the math.

      14. Jack

        I can’t say I have a well-informed take on Baldwin yet. However, I do recall seeing him as a rookie in one game that showed he had incredible potential as a game-changer, that is, a guy like Brandon Marshall who, when it all comes together, can be a dominant force in a game. If I were to compare Baldwin to one of the game’s elite WRs, it would be Marshall, who I think is very underrated.

        That was my impression from watching one game.

        The real mettle of a man manifests itself most truthfully when the man is asked to say something about himself. Kaepernick and Montana are both supremely confident men, but neither guy needed to beat his chest, yet neither guy shrunk from the spotlight. Jenkins seems to be a guy who is overly concerned with himself; I wonder if he himself believes he was drafted too early. Baldwin, from the brief statement he gave after the trade, seems to be self-aware and matter-of-fact. I think that speaks volumes about whether he thinks he belongs.

        The Niners now have a 6’4″+ wide-bodied speedster. Harbaugh LOVES jocks, which is what he said before he drafted Kaepernick, said he loves guys who, wherever they’ve gone, have been the best athletes around, baseball, basketball, football. From the sound of it, Baldwin is that guy. Harbaugh is stoked.

        We should all be stoked.

    2. Hey grant, they showed Baldwin drop 2 passes in today’s practice on sports net. Maybe you should slow down on the kudos for a while

    3. Grant, it’s become tiresome how you manipulate stats to suit your own biased views.

      Let’s compare senior years:

      Baldwin: 2010 rec. 53 yds. 822 ave. 15.5 td 5
      Jenkins: 2011 rec. 90 yds. 1276 ave. 14.2 td. 8

      Hmm…senior stats show something different. Does that mean A.J. has loads more NFL talent than Baldwin? uhmmm…no.

      The reality is that Jenkins was in a bad situation to develop with the 49ers. He was drafted because they thought he was the most polished receiver from a pro style offense. He was just thrown into the mix, buried in depth chart and told to learn all the receiver positions; when he is probably only suited to play in the slot initially and possibly flanker. Watching Jenkins play Split End was like if the Niners asked LaMichael James to play lead blocking fullback. Sure some of the bigger running backs like Dixon can pull double duty but a little guy like James could not play fullback. Jenkins had never shown the ability to beat press coverage and was absolutely abused out there. No the Niners never really had a plan to bring Jenkins along, he was just sort of thrown into the mix. And the Niners already have plenty of flanker and slot receiver types like Kyle Williams and Manningham.

      Baldwin is a prototypical big and fast receiver that is built to beat press coverage and get deep.

      But here’s what Grant isn’t saying:

      BALDWIN DOES NOT BEAT PRESS COVERAGE (despite having the size to do so).

      so it’s not like the Niners got Calvin Johnson’s clone or anything….jeeeze!!!

      Say what you want about Jenkin’s small size and strength but he is slippery and quick. And that’s the kind of receiver that Andy Reid has preferred to utilize in recent years in his offense. So maybe the Chiefs have a plan in mind for Jenkins different than the Niners.

      1. Jenkins is not suited for the slot because he’s not a yac threat, he hears footsteps and he shies away from contact.

        Baldwin isn’t Johnson. Baldwin is a football player. Jenkins isn’t.

      2. Baldwin came out after his Junior year at Lott AFFP, so if you want to compare his college stats to Jenkins compare those three years.

        Baldwin 128 rec 2337 yards 18.3 ypc 16 TD
        Jenkins 77rec 1156 yards 15.1 ypc 11 TD

        As for Baldwin not being fast that’s a fallacy. He ran the 40 in 4.49, Torrey Smith of the Ravens who came out the same year ran it in 4.41. He’s a build up speed guy who fits the 49ers system better than AJ did, and while true he doesn’t get much separation his size gives him the ability to screen off defenders.

        If Baldwin can give the 49ers around 25 catches this year this is a very successful trade.

      3. Grant, I’ll give you the “shying from contact” problem with Jenkins. But he stands a better chance of using his quickness to break away from linebackers and safeties then he does beating press coverage on the outside.

        “Baldwin is a football player. Jenkins isn’t”….uhm…yeah…ok…based on what exactly? the 20 whopping receptions Baldwin had last year? pretty silly definitive statement with such little evidence or evidence to the contrary.

        Jack, you missed my point that it’s ridiculous to select college stats for comparison in the NFL at this point.

        Grant & Jack, you guys should be knowledgeable enough about football to bother using ridiculous 40 times to when talking about gaining separation from coverage. 40 times have little to do with beating coverage unless it’s a simple 9 route and even then a good receiver will adjust the rate of his speed during his route (ie…it’s not just a simple sprint) to get a step on the defender.

        But you’re right, that Baldwin’s skill set (or what there is of his “skills”) better fit the Niner’s need for an outside receiver and big redzone target.

      4. The hyperbole used in this forum is unbelievable. How about we see what each team does with the respective players before declaring who is or isn’t a football player or 1000 times better?

        I agree that Baldwin appears to be a better representation of what Harbaugh likes in a receiver, but he’s far from a proven entity which is why he was traded out of KC. I hope like hell Grant is right and he becomes a big time player for the Niners but right now the jury is out.

        What each guy did in H.S. and College is irrelevant, as is their popularity on the recruiting trail. All that matters is what they do with the opportunity they have right now. We need Baldwin to step up and become the dominant player his physical traits say he can be.

      5. The reason for using the college stats was to show that Baldwin has demonstrated an ability to do well quickly within a new scheme.

        You are right, it’s not just about 40 times, which is why I would point out that he also had the highest vertical jump of all receivers at the 2011 combine at 42″.

        Regarding the lack of separation argument, there are many very good WR’s who are not very strong at this but are able to use their size as an advantage. I would imagine his past as a basketball player has helped him in this area.

        I’m looking forward to seeing how he can perform with a QB the calibre of Kaepernick for a change.

  2. “The Chiefs made a big mistake.”

    Or maybe not. I would consider what you are saying if it wasn’t for the fact that this guy has been with the Chiefs for a year longer than Jenkins was with the Niners. If Baldwin was going to be good, he would be good already or certainly Andy Reid would see the potential. This isn’t Reid’s first rodeo. He has been at it a lot longer than Harbaugh and Baalke combined. So I am thinking your assessment here is going to go the same way your Coby Fleener assessment went which is nowhere.

    I do hope I am wrong, but it does not look too promising. I don’t think Baldwin makes the team and the cap hit won’t be as bad.

    1. The Chiefs didn’t make a mistake, I think Reid clashed with JB. There isn’t much you can do when the HC is picking on you.
      Some of the catches JB made are Extraordinary! Reid only sees the mistakes and doesn’t know how to get the best out of JB.
      Let’s hope JH can make him shine again!

    2. Andy Reid has clashed with talented WR headcases such as DeSean Jackson and T.O., going so far as benching them for important games. He is a man who does not suffer prima donnas.

  3. Boo, more Fangio interviews pls. With Roman and Harbaugh you can usually guess what their scripted response will be.

  4. Loved Baldwin at Pit, he was such a coveted WR. Thrilled we made the trade. Would love to have him, Patton, & Jacobs as the future Air Corps of this team (still hoping for Lockette, too).

  5. I’m looking forward to see what JB can do. I love his measurables and how he fights for the pass in traffic.

    He is a build-up speed type player that needs space to apply his long stride. But with his size, he could out physical any CB who plays him close to the LOS or shield them off with his huge radius.
    Baldwin doesn’t need to be a deep threat, he could make his money making short to intermediate catches and become a YAC demon by using his size.

    This is the type of player I was hoping we would draft to contend with the Sherman’ and Patterson’ of our conference.
    Time will tell if Baldwin’ skills can match his impressive physique.

      1. I’m starting believe that Baalke committed a crime by making what looks like a completely uneven trade in getting Baldwin for AJ.

        I was hoping that somehow AJ would ‘get it’ and make a 180% turnaround this TC, but he never seized the moment which was frustrating because the position was there for the taking.
        But now the AJ experiment is over and its time to move on.

        Do you think that JB will get in on a few plays this weekend?
        I have a good feeling about this guy.

      2. I was thinking of A.Jeffrey as a better-case scenario to hope for with Baldwin. I dunno, the book,is still,out. I won’t be worried if he’s buried early. If he’s good, he’ll rise to the top.

    1. I think his long legs hinder quick acceleration, so if the play is stop and go, nearby DBs are quick enough tackle him. I think that’s what’s behind the complaint I’ve read that he’s easy to bring down. The fact is, though, that his height and leaping ability give him a big advantage over defenders. With Kap’s accuracy and arm strength, JB might make a lot of catches.

  6. I think we know that Baldwin will catch a few passes and he will become an integral part of the team by mid-season. However, I think that his major contribution will be in the running game.

    The Niners are primarily a running team. A physical running team that is about to get more physical with two impossing and good run blockers, Boldin/Balwin. That opens up a lot of possibilities that the Niners didn’t have before; I can see Gore and Co running for a lot of yards in each game.

    1. Maybe a 2 TE, 2 slot formation now and then and pound the rock most times and look for the PAP after a bit. Mix it up with Jumbo and Pistol, 22 and then trips. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

      1. I think he’ll pay a bigger part on the run game. Boldin, Baldwin, and VD are ferocious blockers, they will churn out yards in every down, tire out the D and consume time –giving our D lots of rest time.

    2. There’s a good point. All else aside, Baldwin should provide better down field run blocking than Jenkins could have / would have. And this is still a run first team before it is anything like a Walsh West Coast. JonB is the better fit even if he is a “knuckle head”.

  7. I’m calling it right now. This will be the best passing output in a looooong time. My X factor will be collie. The red zone issue will be gone. We’ve finally got two Fhysical :-) receivers that can go up and get the fade. An believe it or not, there will be good depth at WR this season when someone goes down. MC coming back and will be fresh by playoff time. I’m telling you. It’s going to be a monster offensive year.

    Truly my only concerns with this years team is the secondary and st.
    If they stay healthy in the key positions they aren’t losing in the post season.

    1. Like your tude with the O…we will be good on that side of the ball. Big fysical line, FB, TE and receivers to punish & wear down the opposition. Kap will make plays with whoever is out there and we have a stable of quality RBs.
      I’m equally fired up about the D. The front seven is deeper and better than ever so I’m not too concerned about the DBs. The D will stuff the run and pressure the QB relentlessly making their job easier.
      ST will be fine once final cuts are made and they settle into their responsibilities. Two great kickers and Seely is one of the better ST coaches in the league.
      Can we start the real games already?

    2. And I am saying it is going to be a MONSTER DEFENSE ive year. Something I would not have said a week ago and maybe I will change my mind again before the start of the season.
      This year’s D line and backers have all the look of monster in it. And enough monster to carry an adequate (not great) back field We will be gifting players to the rest of the league out of that monster group after final 53.
      The defense has the depth across the board and that will be very important. The offense has holes in its depth chart. Major drop offs at tackle and QB at the moment and hopefully that won’t become important for the year. I will give you a fragile monster at the O.

  8. Say what you want about baalke’ WR drafting abilities. But he hasn’t disappointed in FA signings. At least for the players first year.
    Man I can’t wait for the 8th.

    1. He loves picking up discarded players and he hits on them sometimes. It’s a dangerous game. Al Davis played it. Jim Plunkett worked. Richard Seymour did not.

      1. He loves the low cost, high return FA signing. The other thing he (or Harbaugh) like to do is to convert players from one position to another, ala Bruce Miller. 2012 was a bunch of projects/injury risk picks, 2013 was a bunch of injury picks. With as few holes as we have on the roster, I would rather see them trade up to get a better prospect, or trade out to another year. Everyone is excited about this year’s draft. Chances are low that Carradine, Dial, and Lattimore all work out to be great players.

      2. They did trade up for a better prospect(Reid) and trade out to next year(Tennessee 2014 3rd I think) and still had picks to burn on injured players.

        That’s alotta picks!

      3. Another cheap shot huh Jack. You’re going to name 1 bust FA? Lol who else on that offense was worth squat before the coach was hired?
        I’m sure players would tell you Moss helped out a ton.
        Carlos Rogers was a pro bowl player
        Bolden is looking like a steal. My My My. How short some folks memories are. 3 years ago every 49er fan would Have sold their soul for the position they’re in, AND a front office and coaching staff they have now.

        Jack idk what’s up your a** with our qb and GM. But take a hike with that hating talk. I think some of the simpletons blew your ego up a bit. Keep questioning a GM that brought this team from rubble to superbowl contenders in matter of a year. I’m sure your ego is telling you, you know more.

        Grant. No where near an al Davis. The problem with Al wasn’t who he drafted or traded for
        Most of the time. The problem was him not having a GM and trying to play coach and GM in a 1970′s era brand of football. Same goes for Dallas. Loaded with talent but the owner won’t keep his fat fingers out of the playbook and football decisions. You really can’t say AD didn’t make some good moves in the past.

      4. MD, you said “But he hasn’t disappointed in FA signings. At least for the players first year” so I pointed to the first example that came to mind.

        Baalke has done a very good job putting this team together but there have been some disappointments with his FA signings.

        In regards to Kaepernick, I think he is a tremendous talent and if he can grow from year 1 to year 2 in the Harbaugh system like his last 2 QB’s Kaepernick will have a huge year.

        I don’t know more than Baalke. I never said I did, but unlike some I don’t put him or Kaepernick on a pedestal and refuse to look at both the good and the bad.

      5. NinerMD, jack is a stubborn old crow who’s only joy in life is to try to bully bloggers by disputing and correcting every comment on here, he does think he’s smarter that EVERYONE, regardless of what he says. You are correct, after 2010 every niner fan would have sold their sole to the devil for a turnaround of this magnitude. Of all the great things done by our FO and CS (coaching staff) as well as the abundant talent on this roster, some people cannot bring themselves to accept the facts, that the sun is shining on this old dog’s @$$! Some people remain bitter, and therefore have poor attitudes.

      6. If Jack were a TV character he would play Burgess Meredith’s old role on batman.
        Pompous for sure. But hey, he has a blog lol.

      7. Jack

        Damn near impossible to say anything bad about Kaepernick after his first 10 games. Is he on a pedestal? Yeah. Did he build that pedestal himself? Yeah, through work, talent, and determination. It’s deserved. So are the accolades Baalbaugh earn daily.

        They are obviously the best 3 in the league at what they do, respectively. To say otherwise is to be a vacant-minded media buffoon.

      8. Jack I don’t put players on a pedestal unless they become, are, and continue to be great. I think my rep on here shows that if a player sticks I will be one of the first to state that fact. This goes back to last weekend when I said I’m glad Smith isn’t our qb anymore an for some reason you had to bring up the horrible overthrow by CK. just like this comment about Edwards. I meant his overall record of FA signings have been pretty damn positive. Are you looking to fight? Or are you just another Ds that was never a fan, just a argument machine? I’m tired of fighting, and that’s why I’ve taken a vacation for awhile. You can carry on, and ill answer any negative comment you have about our team.

      9. “Damn near impossible to say anything bad about Kaepernick after his first 10 games.” 5 yards short.

        Did you see Jaworski say that he believes Kaepernick can be the best QB in the history of the game? That’s a tall order, but with Harbaugh’s mentoring it might be possible when all is said and done.

        Regarding Baalke, he is a darn good GM, one of the top 5 in the business I would say. That doesn’t mean you can excuse some of his mistakes. He left the team with only 1 true NFL calibre WR late in 2011, his 2012 draft class was almost a complete waste with the exception of James, and possibly Looney, who may develop into more than the 8th best OL on the team over the next year or 2.

        1. Looney may not make the team. PFF has given him a -2.7 grade so far this preseason. On the other hand, PFF has given Kenny Wiggins has a +1.0 grade.

      10. In fairness, BE got hurt early on and never got on track. The worst FA was the big fat slow loudmouth RB from the G Men…Jacobs. SMH

      11. MD,

        Refusing to acknowledge mistakes is what I meant by putting them on a pedestal. As for pointing out when someone stinks, I never said that Kaepernick or Baalke stink only that they are not as perfect as some would like to make them out to be. If that bothers you, so be it.

      12. Jack you say that other than James and possibly Looney the 2012 draft is a bust. Do’nt give up on Cam Johnson he has shown flashes of excellence. I believe he will end up on the practice squad but i think he could end up being an excellent situational pass rusher.

      13. Even if that were true, it would be better than the Cliff Clavin/Frank Burns role you play on this blog.

        Just about choked laughing.

        Jack has a valid point regarding Baalke. Overall he’s done a really good job, but nobody is infallible and he has made mistakes. The positive thing is, the mistakes pale in comparison to the success’ right now. Let’s hope it continues.

      14. ..further review..
        I’m not sure, without spending more time looking, 49rs used their own 3rd rounder or Panthers’ to trade w/ DAL to moved up. But they still got Lemonier, that was my point.

      15. That shows the ridiculousness of the PFF grades Grant. Wiggins was awful in week 1, which is part of why they moved Snyder out to LT with the 2nd group last week.

        Has Wiggins received many reps at either guard spot? If not he has no shot. Snyder and Kilgore will be the 6th and 7th active game day linemen and Looney will be the inactive one as he develops.

        1. PFF agrees that he was awful week one. They gave him a -0.8 pass blocking grade.

          But in game two, PFF gave Wiggins a +1.3 pass blocking grade in 35 snaps at left tackle.

        1. True.

          PFF gave Looney a -1.3 run blocking grade in game 1 and a -1.4 run blocking grade in game 2, so he isn’t improving yet. He’s no lock to make the roster.

      16. Who would they keep ahead of Looney? I can’t see them cutting another second year guy who didn’t even get a TC or playing time last year. Whatever happened to giving a player time to develop?

      17. Rocket,

        Looney played in the preseason games last year, this isn’t his first preseason rodeo.


        If they cut Looney who would they keep? Tribue was the new guy in with the 2nd group on Friday.

      18. Jack,

        He missed pretty much all of TC last year and wasn’t activated off PUP until Mid August. He didn’t get much playing time at all and then was inactive all season.

      19. He did get to play in some preseason games but he certainly wasn’t far along in the process after missing the offseason with the Lisfranc issue

      20. Rocket,

        Looney was promoted to the active roster on July 31 and participated in every preseason game last year.

        As I already stated I think he will be the 8th guy on the line this year. Give him 2 full years to develop and see where he is, kind of like what they did with Ian Williams.

      21. Yeah Jack I was talking about the offseason he missed due to the Lisfranc and mentioned TC instead. My mistake. Responding to too many different topics right now. The point was he didn’t get a lot of time to play last year and this is his first full offseason where he’s participated fully.

        I agree he makes it this season mainly because I don’t see who else they’d keep ahead of him.

        1. I agree, Looney probably will make the team. Here are PFF’s grades for the 49ers’ O-linemen so far this preseason:

          Kenny Wiggins: +1.1 (47 snaps)
          Jonathan Goodwin: +0.5 (19 snaps)
          Daniel Kilgore: -0.3 (65 snaps)
          Wayne Tribue: -0.7 (75 snaps)
          Patrick Omameh: -0.9 (104 snaps)
          Adam Snyder: -1.0 (47 snaps)
          Joe Looney: -1.1 (104 snaps)
          Mike Iupati: -1.2 (35 snaps)
          Joe Staley: -2.2 (26 snaps)
          Alex Boone: -2.7 (35 snaps)
          Carter Bykowski: -3.0 (49 snaps)
          Anthony Davis: -3.4 (35 snaps)
          Al Netter: -4.3 (42 snaps)

    2. Richard Seymour mostly played very well for the Raiders. Davis just overpaid him. It was Tommy Kelly that was the big bust.

    1. Nice read.
      I took a little stroll over to a Chiefs popular blog (Arrowhead Addict) because I was curious to read what some of the KC fans had to say about the trade.

      Lo and behold, that blog fan base spoke sparingly of the trade and quickly turned their attention to Alex Smith.
      AS has yet to play one regular season game, and the AS doubters are already gathering and going strong.
      And on a humorous note; there’s a blogger named Suzie that has DS’ DNA written all over her blogs (lol). But I digress, actually only a few Chiefs fans felt that JB should have been given a little more time in KC, while the majority were glad to see him go.

      1. AES/Nick – DS aka Suzie……Hilarious!
        DS/Suzie Q must have been pulling it’s hair out after Alex kept getting pummeled and only threw for about 50 yards passing entire 1st half vs Niners. Yeah, too bad Hofer is still gone…… I really do think he was heartbroken when CK became a star and Alex was buried. I hope Hofe comes back.

      2. Suzi = DS! Hilarious. She is posting the same garbage over there. A good guy like AS doesn’t deserve her support. Nutcase.

      3. Aes….. I believe you’re right. Same exact arguments made on here. I had to do it. I had to go on their and warn our fellow humans of this alien troll. She’s already got some hating her. Man must really be a dull life for poor ds/Alex smith feeling no pressure/Suzy.

      4. Ok reading more comments on their page…
        1 reminds of this one on the Alex smith subject
        2.. If hoff lives… He’s probably the guy named Jim Harper on that page. Doing some research on comments posted Ds/Suzy is fairly new and so is Jim Harper. Now she is KC fans problem. I am glad she only pops in for a bit with her new name on here.
        Busted Ds…. I knew you were a fraud from the get. Keep those wheels trollin. Lol

    2. Nick,

      Funny you should mention that. I went over to read some of the comments the Chief fans have made on the KC Star web site and none other than Jordan23 is there telling everyone how bad Smith is.

      1. F’:

        I went over to read some of the comments the Chief fans have made on the KC Star web site and none other than Jordan23 is there telling everyone how bad Smith is.

        1. 23jordan disappears from this blog after Smith is traded, spends time on a Chiefs’s blog, and shows up here only for the preseason game against the Chiefs. That’s some grade A obsession right there.

        2. Did he welch on any bets?

      2. So what’s your point? Smith is bad…. Yet some morons on this site actually picked the Chiefs as a superbowl sleeper based on Smith being on the team.

        Claude Balls Warning, what’s your point? That Smith is good? Throwing for 50 yards in a half may have won games in 2011 with THAT Niner defense. It won’t win games for him in KC…..

      3. Bayareaastroglidefanatic:

        My point is that no one is more obsessed about Alex Smith than 23jordan and you. Since he left the team, you have either virtually disappeared from the blog, and when you do show up, you can’t stop talking about him.

        Let it go. He’s not on the team anymore, so he won’t be a daily reminder that you don’t know what you are talking about. If you stop talking about him so much, maybe we will forget how uninformed you are.

        Who am I kidding? Nearly every comment you make reminds us that you don’t know what you are talking about. Just look at your comment today about the Chiefs trading Baldwin for Jenkins because they wanted to get rid of Baldwin’s guaranteed contract.

      4. Bay,

        The point is exactly what CB said. Jordan was more fixated on slamming Smith than he was talking about the team in general, and now that Smith is gone, he’s picked up right where he left off only now it’s on a Chiefs board.

        I didn’t read many entries so I don’t know if he’s made any bets yet Claude, but suffice to say it’s going to happen at some point.

      5. Claude Balls Warning,
        why did you choose that name? Just youtube it and your secret is out.
        I have virtually disappeared because it’s the offseason. Thanks for missing me though.
        As for the Chiefs, it has not worked out with Baldwin. His contract is guaranteed. They have now traded him for a player that they can cut and release. Makes financial sense for them. Sooooo, what am I missing?

      6. You are missing the fact that Jenkins’ contract is guaranteed, not only for 2013, but also partially for 2014. Moreover, the combined amount of guaranteed money for Jenkins exceeds the amount of guaranteed money for Baldwin. Trading for Jenkins did not put KC in a situation where it could cut a player without salary cap consequence. In fact, it made the consequences for doing so worse.

      7. Bayareastrogldefanatic:

        Claude Balls Warning,
        why did you choose that name?

        I didn’t. I chose Claude Balls as my screen name.

        Just youtube it and your secret is out.

        What secret? My name has nothing to do with the youtube video you keep obsessing on. By the way, your continued obsession with the youtube video (how many times have you brought it up? 4? 5?) is surpassed only by your obsession with Alex Smith. What does it say that you cannot stay away from either one of them?

  9. AJ was an enigma that some pretty good coaches and mentors couldn’t fathom. His best shot with the 9ers was in motion or the slot, but GRo has lots of weapons he wants to use there. Baldwin is a barely coachable beast. Talk about radius: 6’4″ plus 42″ plus maybe 36″ reach puts his hands about a foot above the rim. He should play round ball. Oops he did. He has good coaching and mentoring and a premier QB. Thinking maybe he could be a weapon we don’t have at WR. Imagine a spread of Boldin Davis, McDonald and Baldwin with a QB that is a threat to run. A defense couldn’t go small. If they go man,Kap can take off. If they zone, remember it was the 9ers who invented the alley oop with RC Owens. No defense including the SeAdderal Hawks can put in 4 defenders that can leap and wrestle with these guys.

    1. You are right. No only is Carroll worried, so is Fisher and every other coach facing the Niners this year. Sinorice Moss and Peterson and “Honey Badger” are going to have to work very hard this year when facing hte Niners. Baldwin adds a new dimension to the running attack.

      The addition of a big WR, to an already great blocking pair like Boldin and TE Davis, who can block and catch–at times, opens up the offensive playbook. The DB’s will get steam rolled. It will be very physical out there. I cant wait to see man coverage on the WR’s…come closer and press, the defensive coordinators will have to think twice about that, because once James/Hunter/CK get around the corner, it will be over.

      1. Chess GM – I figured you might respond to my chess match comment. :)
        Good post bro…..don’t forget about Vance McDonald kickin some booty also!

  10. Why we got Baldwin also cuz he knows the nine route:

    9 routedefinition It varies from team to team. Generally, a 9 route would be a deep route because most teams number their routes from short to deep. But I cannot tell you whether the route would break inward or outward because some teams use odd numbers for inward-breaking and others use odd numbers for outward-breaking routes. The three most common deep routes would be a skinny post, a post-corner, and a go or streak. So it’s probably one of those. You cannot use such terms except within the context of one team where they have a prescribed route tree that specifies what their 9 route is. d

  11. Only 3 things I want to see from Baldwin to earn a long term contract with Niners. This assumes he makes the 53.

    1. Run blocking – this dude has to put the effort in to run block. We need to have him wear down those cb throughout the game and get to the second level as needed. Our run game as you guys know will set everything else up. Baldwin has size and should be able to lean on these nfc west corners. A few forearms to the chest/neck whatever giving back that press coverage to them will have them thinking and providing the opportunities to open the next item…

    2. Deep threat – or should I say the threat of going deep for the big play. I suspect Baldwin has separation issues and may take time to build up speed. Not sure, but if we can hit a couple down field or even have a huge TD play from a previous game that will carry over. It will make the safety aware of this monster running down the sideline and CK not scared of drilling a pass 30 yards down field between cb and safety. You have one safety close to the box with a run first assignment while the other is thinking VD up the seem and oh crap that 6’4″ Baldwin cat that can’t catch has a step on the CB. Maybe CK can drill the ball and get stuck in his face mask.

    3. Red Zone – (full stop)

  12. ninermd says:

    August 21, 2013 at 2:36 am

    “Aes….. I believe you’re right. Same exact arguments made on here. I had to do it. I had to go on their and warn our fellow humans of this alien troll. She’s already got some hating her. Man must really be a dull life for poor ds/Alex smith feeling no pressure/Suzy.”

    There’s no real proof that its DS. I only made the comparisons based on the Suzie’ arguments so closely resembling those of DS’.

    Anyway my intent was to find out what the KC fans take was on the Baldwin/AJ trade.
    No need to go on a DS recon, that ship has sailed.

    1. You stand by aes. And I’ll have my fun. Never got to give that rat a good riddence. Lol not a doubt in my mind its Ds. I said my piece and gave my warnings. No reason to get back on another teams website an troll.

  13. Grant,

    I agree with you…the Chiefs gave up on Baldwin too soon. I saw him play at Pitt and he was outstanding. You can see his physicality and overall talent. Let’s hope this change of scenery and coaching will bring out the best in him. He’ll give Kap a big target, very important with Crabtree out. Kudos to Baalke for getting another trade done that should bear fruit.

      1. E,

        I don’t really care about Manning, my comment was more towards the fact that the Broncos defense has taken some big hits. Losing Dumervil to Baltimore, and now Miller for 6 weeks.

        They may make it through fine because that division is so week, but it will be interesting to see how many wins he can get for them.

      2. Losing their best defensive player is a good thing for Denver? That good thing is probably going to cost Denver home field advantage in the playoffs.

        1. Home field didn’t help them last year. Baltimore didn’t need home field, neither did the Giants the year before.

      3. If there is any truth to the belief that Manning doesn’t play well in cold weather, Denver may be better off going on the road in January.

      4. The Bronco’s were a hail mary away from beating the Ravens last year. Home field is an advantage that every team wants. The Ravens and Giants are the exception, not the norm.

        1. The last three Super Bowl champs haven’t had it. You’re foolish to write off Denver because of Miller’s suspension.

      5. I was kind of thinking that too Grant. It will be interesting to see how they start though. I saw one prediction of 3-3. They are lucky that division is so weak.

      6. I’m not writing them off Grant. I’m saying home field is what every team strives for and Denver may lose that now. Saying a team losing their best defensive player for 6 games is a good thing would be the definition of foolish.

        1. It is a good thing because Miller will be fresh for the playoffs while other pass rushers are worn out. The hottest team at the end of the season usually wins the Super Bowl, not the No.1 seed.

      7. You are correct about the hottest team statement, but home field is still important and better to have than to not. There is nothing good about losing your best player for 6 games Grant. He can come back fresh, he can also come back rusty and take awhile to get back into football shape, meanwhile his team is struggling defensively.

    1. Jack,
      I know that PM’ biggest hurdles are in the playoffs, but until then I won’t count him out.

      If we made it to the SB with a one-armed Justin Smith, and a one-shoulder Aldon Smith, I’m pretty sure that PM can take his team to the playoffs.
      I just wouldn’t bet the farm on him going past the first round.

  14. Is this like turning a lemon into a lemon aid? In Niner lore, will this come to be called “The Trade”? Time will tell.

  15. We’ve had the AJ Watch going all summer. The coaches don’t speak candidly so lots of speculation and head scratching. It didn’t add up that he would make the 53 but cutting him didn’t seem likely either. Then I picked up one little remark that kept buzzing around in my head.
    A couple of weeks ago, I think, in a Press conference setting CK was fielding questions. He’s a subscriber to Harbaugh Non-Speak, so when he was asked about AJ I expected the usual platitudes. Colin said something like he’s improving but we’re looking for more from him. Not much of a statement on its own, but in the context of Harbaugh’s locker room I took notice of that. It was a hint that our fears about AJ were real.

    1. BT
      Funny you should mention something left buzzing in the head about AJ. Mine was the interview with AJ immediately following the KC game. He kept going on about the good time he was having and how he was enjoying the preseason. That had me squirming in my chair speaking to my wife and the tube (who ever would listen), “you are having a good time; dude you are on the bubble; you caught one lousy pass so far; you are drowning in the sea of bust with break out still way over the horizon ……. seriously you are having a good time!?!”
      Still buzzing.

    2. And Harbaugh’s “could have been better” was the basic equivalent of a normal person saying “he’s a bum! A BUM!”

  16. Jon Baldwin making a 26-yard catch over Lardarius Webb last season:

    Webb was the 4th best CB in the NFL in 2011 according to PFF. Jenkins couldn’t make that catch over Webb or any cornerback. Jenkins never has made a catch like that.

    1. Grant, if Moore doesn’t translate his camp success to the regular season, could you see Baldwin taking his spot at X after a few weeks of learning the offense?

      1. Brotha i’ve read so much about Baldwin in the last 2 days i ca’nt remember where i read them. The word hate was’nt in an Andy Reid quote it was the writer describing his or her opinion of their relationship.

      2. “Yes. Baldwin probably will become the 49ers’ starting X sooner or later.”

        Grant, seriously…I have to believe you’re intentionally stirring the pot with comments like this.

        let’s look at this objectively.

        Baldwin is a big and fast athlete.

        He’s not quick or agile and generally doesn’t get separation.

        Has suspect hands.

        For some reason doesn’t beat press coverage

        has had ample opportunities with the Chiefs as a #1 pick to establish himself as even a productive receiver if not a starter. He couldn’t crack the Chiefs receiving corp. Donnie Avery is their number 2 and Baldwin couldn’t even rate a #4 or #5.

        So you’re saying he’s going to be the starting Split End sooner or later? I’m not saying Baldwin won’t make the roster. He may even become a good #4 receiver and possibly a match up advantage in the redzone. But a starter sooner or later??? That just doesn’t sound realistic based on the information we have on Baldwin at this point.

      3. it’s too bad the Chiefs don’t have a guy that was part of all of the Niner’s practices last year, is familiar with Jenkins first hand and knows their offenses and how receivers might transfer to the Chief’s offense.

        But then Reid and the Chiefs don’t have Grant’s NFL experience and scouting track record.

        as I said…amusing….

    2. Grant the word to describe Reids relationship with Baldwin in a couple of articles has been hate as in Reid has come to hate Baldwin. Why do you think Harbaughs feelings will be different?

      1. Coach
        Can you direct me to those articles? I googled Reid and Baldwin and didn’t come across anything that strong. The worst comment I found was Pedersen (OC, I think) saying something like ‘You don’t know what will happen when you throw him the ball’. I got frustration, not hate from Andy.

      2. Thanks anyway, Coach. When we’re bouncing around it can get lost.
        I worry a little bit about the rosey scenario. Are we smarter than Andy Reid? Is Grant? Reid obviously wasn’t invested in Baldwin and the fans were restless. I read a story off PFT from Saturday with KC fans bemoaning the drop. One chimes in that they should trade Baldwin for Jenkins and it gets 300+ Likes and zero Dislikes. If I’d read that Saturday I would’ve laughed it off.
        SB Nation had a look at what they call “Challenge Trades” since 04. Their premise was it usually only worked out if either or both parties had shown success previously.

      3. BT,

        I get the feeling Jenkins was a Baalke pick that Harbaugh wasn’t enamored with from the beginning and that both Reid and Harbaugh now believe they have a player that better fits their system. I don’t think either organization is smarter or dumber than the other. It’s all about trying to find players you can work with who fit your system.

        I watched some video of Reid talking about the trade to get their perspective on Baldwin and he sounds like he has done a lot of study on Jenkins going back to his College time. Whether he is right or wrong, he sees something in Jenkins and the Niners see something in Baldwin. I hope the Niners get the better end of the deal.

      4. that’s some crazy ridiculous arrogance Grant.

        but your years as an NFL receiver, receivers position coach, scout and GM are good enough for me.

        eh, at least it’s amusing.

      5. FDM I do’nt believe Reid sees anything in Jenkins other than some immediate salary cap relief. Grant I do’nt think Baalke sees anything in Baldwin other than some salary cap relief in 2014. Both teams made mistakes in the draft and are getting rid of there mistakes.

      6. It’s not that hard to understand. Baldwin has a guaranteed contract for this year. The Chiefs wanted to part with that.
        The Niners are gambling on Baldwin being productive this year and filling a role. If it doesn’t pan out, their is no risk for next year. Jenkins will still get cut IMO. And KC will be happy because they won’t overpay him and they were able to get rid of Jon Baldwins guaranteed contract.

      7. wow Grant, you were right about Jenkins from day 1?

        1. i’m not sure anyone was saying Jenkins was going to be a superstar when he was drafted. so it’s no big shock that he didn’t pan out.

        2. predicting a drafted WR bust is like forecasting that MUNI may have some delays or that there might be traffic on 880 near Oakland.

        But hey, if you want to claim Jenkins as a bust as a feather in your professional cap….be my guest. I’m sure all the other sports writers and analysts will be waiting to anoint your NFL scouting genius.

      8. I think both coaches talked about having scouted the WRs college days, so they’ve seen some/enough in their minds. Was this exasperation/desperation? Maybe. Could either or both play well? OK, sure.
        It’s hard for me to argue Grant’s point though. If AJ couldn’t get open here against NFL CBs, what will be different in KC?
        On the other hand, while criticizing Reid for liking AJ’s talent despite lack of production, Grant seems to be taking the same approach with Baldwin, although he pointed out the raw talent and potential between the two wasn’t equivilent. I would love it if Grant’s right on this one! I’ll gladly and loudly enjoy Jon proving me wrong with every TD he scores. I’ll toast him and shout “Ah-HA! Wrong again!”
        But until JB proves me wrong, I’m expecting KW will have more TDs than Baldwin this year.

      9. I have been right about Jenkins from Day 1.

        1. You pretend like your blog posts on the draft pick aren’t still available.
        2. Even it that were true, how does it justify/excuse your arrogance?

      10. One commenter on another blog quipped that the KC/SF trade was two neighbors burying something in each other’s yards in the middle of the night. I dunno, but I liked that one.

      11. Grant: “No, you’re the genius. I’ve learned so much from you.”

        “Sarcasm is the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.”

        Then again I did teach him about NFL defensive schemes….

      12. Whoa Grant isn’t holding back and feigning false modesty today.

        What you said about Jenkins was reposted a couple of days ago Grant and you didn’t say anything about Jenkins being a bust or a bad player. You were angry that the Niners didn’t take Fleener and address their problems in the Redzone. Your view of Jenkins was that he would be a slot guy and not help their redzone issues. I don’t remember everything you said later on, but you were hardly clairvoyant from day one. Get over yourself before we have to start pulling up all the times you were blatantly wrong to humble you again.

        1. Day 1 of seeing him play in person. He couldn’t stay on his feet and he couldn’t beat anyone one on one. And my draft grade was correct and I never mentioned Fleener. I had no emotion when I wrote that.

      13. F’ing’s right about draft day quotes and predix. Then in 2012 Minies Grant began to report some apparent weaknesses in AJ’s game. Most on here assumed it was agenda-driven bias and not accurate; turns out either not so or coincidentally so. My opinion began to sour when AJ still offered no help late season when they needed it. So an off-season and into TC and they had to move on.
        If you can accept 2012 MiniCamp as Day-1, then yes I can accept the statement. In THAT context I think Grant gets his 3 days (arbitrary) to gloat. We can always bring him back to Earth with the empirical evidence of his Fabulous Game Predictions! ; >)

      14. I don’t know Grant, your posts on draft day that year were pretty emotional, at least they came off that way. You were pretty set on Fleener and thought he should be the pick there.

        I’ll give you the credit for not thinking Jenkins was a good pick, but you are a going a little hog wild with the predictions lately. All the love for Baldwin, McCoy being cut, Looney maybe being cut. Easy Cowboy.

        1. Predictions are fun.

          Barrows thought Fleener should be the pick, too. I promise I wasn’t mad when they picked Jenkins.

      15. You were right about the SB unfortunately. It’s all about getting hot at that right time now it seems.

      16. That is a profound quotation on sarcasm, allforfunnplay. I do not agree with the premise espoused therein as such a world view is condescending, defensive and small-minded, but the qoutation is profound with respect to the unintentional irony (or at least I presume it was unintentional) brought about by you providing the quotation. After all, not too far above Grant’s comment on your genius, you provided the following gem:

        “[B]ut your years as an NFL receiver, receivers position coach, scout and GM are good enough for me. [E]h, at least it’s amusing.”

        Elitism, sarcasm and condescension in two improperly capitalized sentences — it should be clear to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence that you have the intellectual high ground to chastise Grant for his use of sarcasm.

        And no, my comment immediately above is not sarcasm — sarcasm is the use of the absurd with the intent to injure or belittle. My comment is verbal irony.

      17. Oh goodness jpn….

        i’m fully self aware of what I write….it’s all good fun.

        the handle: F’ing Arrogant Know It All applies to Grant AND me…in fact doubly to me. The only difference between us is that I happen to be right ;)

        our uses of sarcasm differed in it’s application. mine was in reference to the subject of NFL experience scouting evaluation. the topic of our conversation. Grant’s simple use of it was essentially “I know you are but what am I” which if posted with a pic of Pee Wee Herman would have been funny.

  17. The only questions I would be asking Roman would be specifically what is he and the 49ers doing to improve on their Red Zone offense.

    We left a lot of points on the field last year because of Roman’s play calling inside the 20 and we lost the Super Bowl because of his inept play calling on the last four plays.

  18. Grant, you love this guy or at least his image. I don’t blame you. Assuming his mind is not a basket case, they’ll find a good way to use him. Would you please comment on the following? I am wondering if they should assign him to the split end position. My concern is his long stride, which I think might be why he is slow to get going. If I am correct, he would perform better if he were not pressed. That means using him in the slot or on the line as a TE. What do you think?

    1. George, Grant already answered that when he responded to my post above. He stated that he believes Baldwin will eventually become the starting X (split-end) sometime this season.

      1. I would agree with Grant as far as Baldwin being a split-end. Not saying that the 49ers wouldn’t line him up at the other WR positions on occasion, but I don’t see them using him as a TE and having to learn a new position while at the same time just trying to learn the offense as a WR.

  19. Where’s the Cheifs fan that used to come on here and draw pictures? I’d love to hear what he thinks of Baldwin.

  20. For anyone to question Baalke or Harbaugh’s decision making regarding draft picks or free agency signings is completely foolish! Their track record is nearly immaculate other than AJ.

    1. I wouldn’t call it immaculate. Last year’s draft, except for James and (maybe) Looney, was a dud. I agree we should praise their success and that what they have accomplished will make the football history books, but even the best make mistakes.

    2. yes, in 2-3 years Baalke has been calling the shots ( i believe 2010, Singletary had the loudest voice) only A.j and Mays (singletary’s pick) have been disappointments. However, those picks have been overshadowed by “home run” picks like Aldon, Kap, Iupati, and Davis. Not to mention mid to late round gems like Bowman, Culliver, Miller and Hunter.
      In free-agency, we nailed it with guys like Whitner and Rogers.
      Some of the best moves, however, have been who we let walk: A. Franklin, Lawson,spikes, Clements, Snyder and Rachel. And replacing them with young, cheap talent already on the roster. Sopoaga, Brooks, Bowman,Brown and Boone.
      Of course, some homers will point out Jenkins and Braylon. The one bad draft pick and the one bad free agent acquisition.
      Its tough when you can go 18 for 20, and have people constantly point out the 2 blemishes. some people!

      1. “5 yard short!” i wont name the person who’s idiotic quote this is ( rhymes with “crack slammer”). Just another example of how some people can overlook all the good things, and dwell on one or two bad things. People like that must have $h!tty lives.

      2. jshaw,

        If you are going to quote me try to at least not screw up the spelling and punctuation. Here’s the paragraph that immediately followed that:

        “Did you see Jaworski say that he believes Kaepernick can be the best QB in the history of the game?That’s a tall order, but with Harbaugh’s mentoring it might be possible when all is said and done.”

        Maybe you missed it.

        One question for you, isn’t a homer someone who never says anything bad about their team?

        And quit with the name calling. It shows a lack of vocabulary when one must resort to that.

      3. Definition of a Homer; one who ignores facts and logic, instead hiding behind their own opinion, witch is usually based off of bias, ignorance or the “exception” and not the “rule”

      4. “Some fans don’t quite get it: I’ve always said Harbaugh’s a great coach, and Baalke’s a great GM. But I won’t comment on them like they’re a deity. Can be questioned. Sorry.”

        This was originally from Tim Kawakami, whom i think is one of the best in the business. It fits my view so I tweaked it slightly.

        Bottom line, I will speak my opinion on the team and while I am a lifelong fan I choose to not look at things through rose colored glasses. If you disagree that’s fine. All I ask is that you have the ability to debate without resorting to childish name calling.

      5. You caught me Grant, that should have read that Harbaugh and Baalke are very good. I hate the overuse of great.

        If they continue on their current path they could end up being considered great don’t you think?

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