Roman says Moss has been “wearing people out blocking.”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the 49ers media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Randy Moss.


Within a couple of snaps of each other against the Cardinals, Randy Moss had a downfield block on the sideline on the touchdown. As an offensive coordinator, which one was more notable or which one stood out to you?

“Did we score on the knockdown block? [Matt Maiocco: “No.”] I’ll take the touchdown. Let me just say this though. Starting in the Houston game in the preseason, Randy was wearing people out blocking. And, can’t stress enough how professional, how team-oriented Randy Moss is. As a coach sometimes you say, ‘Alright, what do I tell the players? What don’t I tell them?’ At some point you can tell them too much, right? Everybody’s got a saturation point. Well, I don’t know that he does. He asks the questions on the smallest little details even in the running game, let alone the passing game, that you say, ‘That’s the question that you should as right now, that’s the question that should be asked. That’s a great question.’ So, he’s selling out to do his job every play.”


Do you think he knows the answer before he asks?

“Well, I think he understands that there’s a couple different ways you can do things. He’s done all the things a lot of different ways. We can do it this way, we can do it that way. What do you want done? Also, he understands the game well enough where he says, ‘Well, have you ever thought about this?’ So, that’s good. That’s productive. That’s progress.”


Does that surprise you? You look back at his reputation as the nine route, long, deep plays, that sort of play. But with you saying how interested he is in the running game. Was that a surprise to you coming in, with him?

“No, not at all. I don’t listen to anything, other than one-on-one experience, interaction. From day one, he’s been that kind of guy.”


Did you find something in terms of one-on-one interaction? Did you find someone who’d coached Randy before and said he’s a good listener, he’s a very coachable guy?

“I’ve heard a lot of great things about him in the past, with my ears. And, I’ve seen a lot of great things with my eyes. So, it’s a good combination.”


Did you see that kind of commitment to blocking over the years?

“You know, what happened, I can’t remember. I really can’t, so I’m not going to speak on it. All I can tell you is as a Forty Niner, he’s busting his tail on everything.”

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