Roman says the 49ers’ offense needs “chunk plays” against the Seahawks

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.


Opening comments:

“Afternoon. Big division game this week. Very good defense we’re about to face starting with their D-line. They’ve got a lot of depth on their D-line. They roll them through, keep them fresh. Do a nice job starting with [Seahawks DT Brandon] Mebane in the middle. Not a guy you hear a lot about, but very productive at the nose guard position. Obviously everybody knows about [Seahawks DE] Red Bryant and [Seahawks DE] Chris Clemons and they’ve got [Seahawks DT Clinton] McDonald playing at a high level there as well. Linebacking corps, very fast. Very fast linebackers. Do a nice job setting the edge. [Seahawks LB Bruce] Irvin, [Seahawks LB K.J.] Wright and then [Seahawks LB] Wagner in the middle, and then very productive secondary as well. So a tough opponent, division opponent. Looking forward to the game, but right now going through our preparation. Players are doing a very good job and today’s more of a situational day. So any questions?”


Going back and seeing how WR Michael Crabtree performed on his way back, did you think he was all the way back even before you saw that 60-yard catch?

“I thought Mike had a really good game and I thought he got better as the game went on. It’s kind of how we thought it would go. He was very confident going into the game and seeing him out here in practice, it kind of played out like we thought it would. But, did a really good job and I think he’s just going to keep getting better from there.”


He didn’t have any adverse reaction to playing that many snaps and then playing alright in practice?

“Absolutely not, no. And nice hat by the way.”


I know every game is, the saying before every team is another opponent. But knowing how important Seattle has been for you guys in the division and how good they are, during the offseason did you find yourself drawing up some things just because of Seattle or think of a different personnel lineup because of Seattle does? Any extra?

“Well, I think you definitely spend time on all your division opponents in the offseason. Looking back to last year, we spent a lot of time on the Rams in the offseason. I think there’s always time invested in division opponents. Arizona was a little bit less. We’ll see what they’re going to do with the new coach in there. And with Seattle, the beauty of what they do is it’s pretty simple and it’s pretty consistent. So, as far as drawing up new plays, maybe a few. Maybe a few.”


They’ve had a couple that’s been tight at halftime a couple times and they’ve extended it big time in the second half. Was that adjustments they were making? Was that schematic in any way?

“Well, I think looking at both sides of the ball, I just think they’re just playing at a high level. They’re doing a nice job and they really don’t change a whole lot on defense, which is probably pretty smart on their part. But no, I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of adjustments. They’re pretty much a play-it kind of defense and they do a really good job of doing what they do.”


Do you like the emotions your wideouts are showing out there, especially WR Anquan Boldin, who was pretty hyped up last Sunday throwing his arms up?

“Oh yeah, Anquan’s a warrior in every sense. He epitomizes a football player. We all love it when they get juiced up and usually it follows a great play they made and we love that too. And he’s made plenty of them. But yeah, playing with passion. I really think these guys are starting to develop some chemistry being able to work together, talk through things as we go. It’s something that you see developing as well as what’s on the field. But guys that love playing football, I think it all starts there. Just a love of the game.”


Does some of that chemistry come from having that group all healthy again?

“Oh yeah. Oh without question. It’s hard to have chemistry when you’re not working together.”


Has G Joe Looney been working as a right guard this week with pads?

“Joe’s been spotting it. He’s been playing some.”


Who else has been rotated in?

“Every week we rotate guys through, [G/C] Daniel [Kilgore] and Joe. So, you’re never quite sure how that’s going to play out and guys have to be able to play multiple positions. Usually you dress seven linemen going into the game and those two extra linemen have to be multi-taskers. They have to be able to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. So, they’ve got to get reps during the week, which they are getting.”


Do you get him on the left side too, though?



Do you get him on the left side too?

“Every week they get reps. Really, the inside three will have to kind of move around a little bit.”


If neither T Joe Staley or G Mike Iupati can go, who do you bump up to the active 46?

“I haven’t made that decision yet, Matt. But we’ve got somebody in mind and just haven’t really finalized it yet.”


I have a question about QB Colin Kaepernick. Whether it’s through play calling or what you instruct him during the week, do you guys limit how many times he runs with the football in regular season games?

“No comment. No, I really don’t think so. I think we don’t want him carrying the ball every play if that makes any sense. I definitely think there’s a certain number in our minds that would take place, but absolutely not. Once we get to the game, man, it’s time to go.”


Do you keep track of a number? It seems like you track a hit chart, how many times a guy gets hit? Do you guys do that?

“No, I think you just have a feel for that, how the game’s playing. And then, if he’s getting hit, why’s he getting hit? How do you prevent that from happening? It’s not something you chart really, but you find why the problem occurred and then take measures to fix the problem.”


On the play Crabtree broke for the long play, did you put that in especially for him coming back? Was that installed last week just for that?

“A little bit. We felt really good about him doing it for sure and really saw something that alluded to that being a good play. And really it was really good by Colin and Crab kind of having the Jedi thing going on that play. That was something they talked about in the meeting. We talked about it, they got a feel for it, and it happened on the field. So, that was really good to see. Really good football.”


Going back to Kaepernick, how do you feel about how he’s done, how he’s managed getting the yards when he can and then getting down and avoiding the hits?

“Outstanding. I thought he’s done an outstanding job. I thought last week’s game against the Rams was one of the best games, if not the best, he’s played big-picture wise. Everything from soup to nuts, A to Z, I thought it was a magnificent performance on a lot of levels. So, that was great to see.”


How much would you say the improvement recently in passing has to do with the health of the receivers versus it seems like defenses are trying to stop the run?

“It’s a little bit of both. I think anytime you can bring some of your best players back on the field, it’s going to have a huge impact on things. I think earlier in the season, we didn’t have that kind of chemistry, but I think we see it starting to develop now. And the fact that some teams make the decision that we’re going to do everything and anything to stop the run game, it just opens up even more avenues. So, it’s a little bit of both. Ultimately though, it comes down to the players execution on the field and that’s what’s very exciting to see.”


How do you think that these young offensive linemen, or maybe the more inexperienced offensive linemen, would be equipped to handle a game like this? DE Michael Bennett of the Seahawks said he wants to come down here and bloody your guys’ noses and things like that. In a game with the physical magnitude that this will have, how do you think they’re equipped to deal with that?

“I think they’re fully equipped to deal with those threatening quotes or threatening words. I was really very proud of how [G] Joe Looney played this past week. It was really the first live game action and he was in there, he was going after people, was technically pretty sound. Always some things to clean up, but didn’t skip a beat.”


You guys have faced DE Cliff Avril a couple years in a row. Does Seattle use him any differently and I know he’s always lined up on that left side across from T Anthony Davis, and what do you think about that matchup, Avril on passing downs against Anthony?

“Well, Avril in Detroit was an every down player and you knew where he was going to be. They’ll move him around a little bit and he’s done a nice job rushing the passer. He’s very talented and I think Anthony will be up to the task.”


Does any NFC team come to mind that [inaudible] the way they can rotate those defensive linemen, that has that kind of defensive line depth? Real quality guys coming off the bench.

“Yeah, they’ve got starters coming off the bench and it’s pretty unique. And nobody even strikes me off the top of my head. I think it’s pretty unique.”


Why has Seattle been a tough matchup for Colin in his two starts? Is there anything they’re particularly good at?

“Well, I think they’re good, number one. I think he’s started against them twice up at their place and they’ve played very well. I think they were great. Both games were really good learning experiences for him, as well as everybody. But it’s another regular season game and we’re getting prepared for it and looking forward to it.”


We’ve asked the players, asked defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, he said Seattle’s just another game, but how important is it, do you think to the coaching staff, to not be swept by Seattle, show that you can beat Seattle this weekend?

“We don’t want to get swept by anybody. We don’t want to get beat by anybody. We want to win every game and it’s that simple from our standpoint. To make it any more complex or complicated than that, is just a waste of time. We want to win every game and it’s that simple. That’s where it starts, always have and always will.”


Is that something that this offense has won in different ways, and if you take Houston out of the equation, has had a difficult time with really good defenses, like top ranked defenses, is that something that this offense needs to put together a good game. Obviously, against Seattle, like you said, execute just for the benefit when you close out the season going into the postseason?

“Well, we need to play good against anybody. Can’t play down to anybody’s level, and certainly rise to the occasion anytime you’re playing a top-flight defense such as Seattle. It’s really just another game against a good defense. And we need to play, make improvements, and play well and score more points than they score. Again, it’s a division opponent, it’s a big game, we all got that, but it comes down to playing well. What we do, it’s not about them, it’s about us and what we do and I think we’re on track to do that.”


When you’ve beaten the Seahawks, generally what have you done well offensively?

“We’ve played them five times, and I think in all those games, in all those games that we’ve won, and really when you see anybody that beats Seattle, I think one of the common threads is they’re going to make some chunk plays against them. And whether it be in the run game or the pass game that’s a common thread of teams that have beaten Seattle.”


What’s been there for WR Quinton Patton now that he looks healthy?

“Pardon me?”


Quinton Patton, now that he looks healthy, do you guys have a plan for him?

“Yeah, he’s moving around really well. And anytime a guy’s coming off an injury you can have a plan, but you also have to have a plan B and see how he goes day-to-day. And right now he’s doing a nice job. It’s good to have [WR Mario] Manningham, who’s looking better every day, out there. And those guys are moving around good. That’s a group of guys I’ll go to battle with any day.”

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  1. The only thing Roman can hope for is the d scores 3 touch downs.. We need a real QB. Not the same CK who threw 130 yards last game vs hawks…. Than again he sucks at least he does this year!!!!!! Let’s trade up in 2014 draft for a accurate pocket passing quarterback. This guy can’t improve other receivers around him. Same usual three wr are great players and anybody can connect with them! Imagine Russell Wilson had our receivers. Dud would have a 7k yard season… PS don’t give me the crap with Crabtree there are other good players out there like McDonald being one of them he can’t connect with him

    1. Wilson does have one of our former receivers — Ricardo Locketter — and he nabbed a nifty pass along the sidelines in the Seattle win Monday

      1. Yep, and that catch now gives him three on the season, bringing his career total to five. He’s really lighting it up. Sure, I’d rather have him on the roster than say, Jon Baldwin, but I don’t think we missed anything special by cutting him. Perhaps in time he’ll change my mind, but that certainly hasn’t happened yet.

        He never played a single regular season snap with the 49ers. If I recall correctly, he was only on the roster for two preseason games, and had no catches. I’m pretty sure he was never even on the field at the same time as Kaepernick in those games, either. If you think cutting him was a mistake, blame the coaches, not the QB.

    1. Texans made the right move in firing Kubiak but let’s see if they follow that up with the wrong move and hire Wade Phillips to be the permanent new head coach.

      1. I’m guessing they’ll clean house CFC. Kubiak was there a long time so they’ll probably look to move in a whole new direction.

        It will be an attractive job for somebody for sure. A lot of talent and most likely the first pick in the draft. This team can turn it around in a hurry.

      2. This team can turn it around in a hurry.
        I wouldn’t be so certain of that. Foster has proven he can’t stay healthy, Johnson although still darn good is 32 and also has shown reliability issues. I don’t know how their offensive line grades out but it gives the impression of not being very good.

        If they fire Wade Phillips then that defense wont be as good as it is right now.

        If they can find a wunderkid in the draft maybe the transition will be less painful but I don’t see bright times ahead for that organization.

      3. Nothing is absolute, but this is a team with a ton of talent at the skill positions and a very good defense when healthy. This is not your typical last place team in regards to talent. I really think they can turn it around quickly much like Indy did, but it will obviously depend on who they hire and what they do in the draft and FA.

  2. Did he really say the Niner’s need “chunk” plays to win? Crap. We already lost.

    Note to Roman: We need the exact opposite. We need long methodical drives that keeps Russell on the side lines and our defense fresh. In our last lost to Seadderall our defense held them in check for three quarters, despite the fact our offense was the master of 3 and outs. Roman, please. the last thing we need is predictable runs that go for no yards and low percentage throws that only work 50 percent of the time. That is a recipe for disaster. I can’t wait until we get rid of this guy.

    1. So – if Gore or Vernon gets 20 yards or so downfield, they should take a knee, because chunk plays are bad? Because we want to keep Russell Wilson off the field?

      I’m no Roman fan, I’m also praying for him to get fired, but I liked that 60 yards Crabtree reception against the Rams. I like chunk plays. Chunk plays are good. I hope we have a bunch.

  3. Romansaidiot that is funny… Roman is too predictable… Hell maybe the jets will sign Greg Roman as the new head coach.. We could only wish!!! If we can’t draft a real QB and we are stuck with Collin suckernick at least offer Chris Ault a offense Cordinator job let Collin work with him! Stupid of the 49ers not to offer Ault a job.. Instead they sign a Jets reject

    1. … and the SeaChickens are playing a much better Niners
      team as well …
      Plus … the 12th man you hear about ..
      won’t be cheering for Cheatin’ Pete’s team, either !

      Crabs, Boldin, Mario, Vernon … Mickey Dee .. and
      the red headed step kid are all formidable weapons …

      (I just hope Kaep uses them well )

  4. Last time the 49ers played the Seahawks team they got humiliated in Seattle. This Sunday the 49ers are playing against a much better Seahawks team that’s coming to the stick.

      1. LOL at Razor. Crapman if the Niners win, will you become a Niner fan again? That is ok, we the 49 faithful on here, we are going to kick your ass on Sunday Flipper. You won’t be faster then lightning, no one can see.

      2. Neal,
        You sound pathetic, what’s the matter with you? Regardless what happen on Sunday, the 49ers are going back to play the Hawks team in Seattle and the 12th man if they make the NFC playoffs.

        You just don’t get it; the Hawks owned Harbaugh and the 49ers. Until you come to Seattle and beat the Hawks, you have no argument. Honestly, this game on Sunday is meaningless to the Hawks except clinching the NFC West, which they can do that in their next three remaining games… But for the 49ers, it means a lot to them because you don’t want to be behind the other NFC team that can sneak in and take the six spot in the wild card.

        So gather your thoughts if the 49ers lose to the Hawks this Sunday the door for the six spot for the wild card in the NFC are open. And the 49ers might stumble and not even make the playoffs.

    1. Crap,
      Your the one that is pathetic, you became a Sea Cheat fan, because you don’t like ownership. Your not a real fan, the Seahawk fans and the 49er faithful fans, neither wants you a fan.

  5. The 49ers are going to lose on Sunday against the Seahawks and there’s no shame in losing. The 49ers have made some decent moves this post Super Bowl loss season. Let’s not forget that most teams that lose the Super Bowl don’t fare too well the following year – for whatever reason.

    The bright side to all of this is the 49ers, in my opinion, have replacements lined up for next year, and they’re teaching ‘em now…. not in the preseason, in the regular season. Tank, Dial, McDonald and Moody are learning how to be pros, while also learning our system. They’re getting stronger both mentally and physically. They are waiting to replace guys like Justin Smith, and waiting to bolster the TE, ILB and DE positions. That’s the bright side.

    The not-so-bright side is that Marcus Lattimore was a mistake, Eric Reid has two concussions and if he’s not careful his career could go the way of Javid Best. And the really not so bright side is that the 49ers could, next year, go into the next season with both Eric Mangini and Greg Roman as the 49ers’ offensive brain trust. That can’t happen. If the 49ers want to compete next year with guys like Patton, Crabtree, Vernon, Boldin, McDonald, James, Hunter and Baldwin, the 49ers have to fire Greg Roman and Eric Mangini. IF the 49ers want to develop a rookie wide receiver, they need help doing it because Roman and Trent Baalke don’t exactly have great reputations drafting and developing wrs, and that’s what we need next year.

    Will firing Greg Roman happen? A lot depends on how well the 49ers do against the Seahawks on Sunday, and how the 49ers do in the playoffs. But I’m certain Harbaugh is hearing the rumblings around the league about how lost Roman really is, and I’m sure Harbaugh’s frustrated by the lack of output and explosiveness his offense has shown in 2013. Harbaugh will be loyal to Greg…. to a point. But just how we reach that “fire Greg Roman” tipping point remains to be seen. I personally know we aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year, so I’m hoping for us to reach that “fire Greg Roman” tipping point sooner rather than later so that next year isn’t a waste.

    The problem with Greg Roman is that the 49ers have all the tools for an awesome spread offense. They have Crabtree, who was a Red Raider in a spread offense in college. They have Kaep who ran the spread in Nevada. They have Hunter who’s a ready-made spread back (shifty with speed), and they have other compliments who can run and stretch the field in Patton, Manningham, McDonald and Vernon. But what the 49ers don’t have with all of those spread weapons is an OC who understands how to pass the football, and that’s a horrible match because anyone who knows anything about football knows that coaches coach to their players’ abilities and talents. You don’t a power run game with the players I just listed. Kaep can throw the lights out, but the reason so many are blaming Kaep for poor reads, false starts, timeouts, and the like is because Greg Roman’s offense is atrocious. You may counter that argument by citing our huge offensive line and their strength as a power run offensive line, but what dictates your scheme? The skill players or the guys in the trenches? I say it’s your skill players because they’re the ones who get paid the most, and because of this I’m hoping the 49ers don’t make Mike Iupati’s signing this off season a priority. Dump Iupait, and dump Roman!

    But, like I wrote earlier – perspective is important. We just lost the Super Bowl, and in doing so, our offensive weapon cupboard was raided. Gone is Delanie Walker; gone is Ted Ginn Jr, who, despite what you may believe had a huge “behind the scenes,” impact on this offense’s productivity. Gone too is Randy Moss.

    Firing Greg Roman is a lot like the Alex Smith debate that raged on these blogs for years. It’s easy to get confused. Is Greg hamstrung by the loss of these players I just mentioned? Is he coaching to his offensive line’s strengths? Or is Greg just a bad fit the 49ers? Interestingly enough, Greg was a great fit for an Alex Smith lead team. But he’s not the guy to lead Colin Kaepernick into the prime of his NFL career. It will take Harbaugh some tough losses to eventually see this and break through his loyalty to Greg Roman, and move away from a power run game offensive line. What I foresee is some tough “come to Jesus,” moments for Jim Harbaugh. Does Jim abandon his Bo Schembechler roots, and move towards a Bill Walsh pass- first offense, or does Jim sit back and stay with Iupati, Roman and Mangini, holding true to his Schembechler roots while he watches the Seattle Seahawks win a Super Bowl? Watching Pete Carrol win Super Bowls will put pressure on Greg Roman, and I’m just hoping Jim doesn’t stubbornly hang onto Greg Roman like Singletary did with Jimmy Raye.

    Remember – despite all of our collective feelings about Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll, Pete’s a proven winner. He’s a won a national championship – albeit stained. But Pete’s won. Jim Harbaugh has never won anything, not at any level. Want to know a painful little secret? Bo Schembechler never won a championship either. And he coached for a long, long time. If Jim Harbaugh wants to win Super Bowls with Colin Kaepernick, which Jim and Colin clearly can, Jim needs to fire Greg Roman and he needs to abandon the power run game by not re-signing Mike Iupati. Frank Gore is done anyway. Marcus Lattimore was a mistake. Go Niners!

    1. Spitblood,
      The only problem with your spread offense argument is that the Niners Offense line is a power run line. This goes back to Singletary, as he drafted Iupati and Davis.

      So while the skill players are built for the spread, the line isn’t.

      I do think ROman has to go. It’s embarrassing for him to praise Kaepernick and say what a great job he’s doing when we have the works passing attack in the league.

      That’s not acceptable.

      1. Actually, currently, the 49ers have the second “worst” (in terms of yardage) passing stats in the league. The Jets are last in passing yardage right now. It is also worth noting that Carolina has the sixth lowest passing yardage and the Seahawks have the tenth lowest passing yardage. So, yes, the 49ers passing offense is quite bad in terms of yardage gained, but they are one of three teams that are likely playoff bound with passing offenses in the bottom ten of the league.

        Furthermore, in the NFL today, higher passing yardage is frequently an outcome of “shootouts” where both teams compile a lot of passing yards. The Panthers, the Seahawks and the 49ers typically do not engage in these types of shootout games – the offenses and defenses of all three teams are built to prevent shootouts. It makes sense they are in the bottom ten of for passing yards as they are ball and clock control teams. As such, the real issues the 49ers offense has had this year is that a high percentage of three-and-outs and short duration drives have hampered the ability of the offenses to do what Harbaugh designed it to do – move the chains and take time off the clock. Passing yardage, while lower than one might like, is largely a red herring.

    2. Don’t you think it’s a little early to call Lattimore a mistake? The plan was always for him to sit and heal this year. A year or two from now, I could easily see us celebrating what a bargain he was as a late 4th rounder.

    3. There’s some major problems with your thoughts and theories spitblood.

      First off, the offense is not Greg Roman’s. It’s Jim Harbaugh’s. This is what Jim Harbaugh ran before Greg Roman arrived at Stanford, and it’s what he’ll probably run wherever he Coaches.

      Two, Kap can throw the ball, but the offense at Nevada was run oriented first, pass second, running the ball nearly twice as much as they threw it, so going to a pass happy spread is not something he will automatically excel in, and won’t happen on Harbaugh’s watch anyway.

      Three, Seattle is winning while running a similar offense to what the Niners do, and the Niners went to the SB with this offense. Baltimore won the SB with a run/play action based attack as well. So the idea they can’t win a SB with this type of offense is unequivocally wrong.

      I’ll ignore your crystal ball warnings on the players they drafted too. Eric Reid has suffered two concussions this season, but had suffered none before now according to him. There is no history of concussions with him like there was with Best who suffered some horrific ones while in College. Lattimore was arguably the best all purpose RB in the NCAA before his injury. The fact the Niners got him with a 4th round pick and were able to give him a year to rehab is a stroke of genius and will pay off starting next season.

      I do share some of your concerns in regards to the offense and would like to see more creativity in the passing game, but this is the offense we will continue to see as long as Harbaugh is HC and so far he’s given me no reason to question his ability considering his record. So in other words: Get used to what you’re seeing because it’s not going to change anytime soon.

  6. The legend sees the same thing I do. This staff is very smart. Although we want to spend spend spend right now, they are building for a prosperous future. They are transforming CK’s game for the future. So yeah he’s struggling a bit. Here’s what Joe has to say about it.

    NFL games are typically won by the best quarterback making cool-headed decisions in the pocket.

    Colin Kaepernick has improved the more he takes snap under center, but 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana wants San Francisco’s current starting signal-caller to continue to take strides in that area of his game.

    The 49ers legend gave that assessment in a Thursday afternoon appearance on 95.7 The Game’s “Wheelhouse” show.

    “He’s trying to transition from an offense that relies on him running the ball to one that tries to keeps him in the pocket,” Montana said of the differences between Kaepernick’s collegiate system to the one he’s running with the 49ers.

    “He’s definitely talented enough to do it and has the ability, it’s just getting used to doing it,” Montana added.

    Kaepernick has made strides from inside and outside the pocket in recent weeks. He’s completed 34 of 52 passes for 510 yards with four touchdown passes and no interceptions.

    Read: Surging Towards Seattle Matchup

    Montana noted that Kaepernick’s been going through the normal progression that all quarterbacks face in the NFL.

    “There’s always a difference when you start off a year,” the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards said. “It’s a little different mindset and you know you’ve got all these games ahead of you. You’re going to have ups and downs. No matter who it is, you’re gonna see that every quarterback in the league goes through this, it’s not just Colin going through that.”

    Kaepernick has faced a number of unique defensive schemes in 2013, many of which have crowded the line of scrimmage to take away his zone-read play-making ability.

    Becoming an improved pocket passer is how Montana believes Kaepernick can create more opportunities as a runner.

    “I think that’s the biggest transition for him,” Montana said.

    “The worst part about it is everyone is talking to him about it,” the legend added. “So it’s not like he can relax and let it go and not think about it because everyone brings it up to him every day.”

      1. I think I’ll take the word of a legend who was the greatest to ever play the position. But hey. The 49ers nor ck have shown that killer instinct this season. So I can see some fans having some doubt. Well deserved with some of the play an play calling this season. But I truly believe they win this game and don’t lose again this season. Peaking at the right time. And yes I’m saying it. If they go to Seattle in the playoffs they knock them out. If they lose Sunday. (Lol yeah right) THEN I will have some doubt as to where they will go this season. The 49ers will win Sunday, and ck will get the two game ” Monkey off his back”

  7. Lattimore a mistake spitblood? can you give your reasoning except that he was injured and havent played a down yet for our team.

  8. A lot of people don’t like roman, but I’m on the fence. Our ol can’t pass protect, so one wonders if it’s his fault. These remarks bother me though. We are terrible in 3 rd downs for 3 years, and he wants chunk yards!.??!. Maybe he should listen to Wilson who says they focus on getting into short 3rd downs and converting them. Duhhhhhh roman, that was bill walshes and seifrets philosophy , they only won 5 Super Bowls!!!

  9. Chris Peterson to UW. His hiring makes the Pac12 the best coached conference in the country. The SEC can kiss our collective asses.

      1. Hammer – lol….maybe 23J forgot to make his picks one week? Was he really in last? I can’t remember.
        Btw, so much for your Mora Jr prediction. :)

      2. Crab,

        If you can get to a TV you have to tune it to the World Cup draw on ESPN2. You may not like soccer, but trust me you will find it interesting. Viva Brazil!

      3. Hammer – oh yeah!! Smokin hot! She’s wearing Niner gold too! Sexy is better than cute in my book. You made my day bro…..TGIF!

    1. I forgot to post a couple of weeks bro. I was in last anyways. Picking too many underdogs every week. I was really just appeasing jack hammer. Lol.

  10. Once again. Are you Fans of SF. Some of your comments are just a joke. Fire Roman. Have you watched the film. He is a great coach who has managed to take an average team to 2 NFC championship and 1 Superbowl . I would hate to loose this guy. Let him and Ck grow together. Think for yourself do not let the Cohns start talking you guys into rebuilding the Coaching Staff. We seen for 10 years how bad that can be. One more year our Offense will match our great d.

    1. No worries Larry, Roman is going no where, he can’t get a head coaching interview, let alone a head coaching job. If he was a great as you said he is, he would of been gone. That is laughable, you lose credibility when you said the Niners are average. Roman is average, Niners are good.

    2. Larry I love your loyalty to the team. Two issues I have though. First, part of the reason that I believe Harbaugh chose SF is that there were great pieces here being underutilized. He saw that. In other words, this was not an average team. It was a good team with average coaches.
      As far as Roman, tough to tell how much of our offensive failures are on his shoulders. There have been offensive breakdowns by the players across the board. And there are some missing pieces. The most glaring one is a vertical threat WR.
      But if Roman is also going to be held accountable, there have been a couple of head scratcher games in which the game plan was working and Roman stopped doing what was working, basically losing games for us.
      As fans we want answers. We are looking at who to blame for our offensive struggles.
      I think that by the middle of next year we can honestly asses where we are with our team. Especially if we shore up a couple of weaknesses particularly special teams and offensive weapons. Both a vertical WR and a Franchise RB immediately come to mind for the offense. If by then our passing offense still shows signs of struggle then it can only be one of two things. Our QB or our OC. Then it’s up to Harbaugh to have the sac to make the changes.

    1. Nice work as usual, Hammer. Agree on the simplicity of the Seahawks’ defense — it’s a luxury that works when a D has very good personnel.

    2. Jack if the idea is to keep the defense simple so they can go play and not have to think as much to allow them to be faster then I would assume that misdirection, play-action and screens if run properly should be effective. Also and to a more obvious point if the offensive line can consistently execute their assignment then a more sophisticated offense should be able to pick apart a basic defense.

      1. Coffee,

        The key point there is, “if the offensive line can consistently execute their assignment”. They did a decent job up there the first time, but had some potential big plays taken away by missed assignments. The first play of the game being a perfect example.

        I also agree with Mood, while it is simple Seattle has very good personnel and the 49ers need to step up and win the individual battles.

      2. has very good personnel and the 49ers need to step up and win the individual battles.
        This is what I allude to when I mention the offensive line making their assignments. If they win those battles then I don’t see it mattering what formation Seattle gets in but if they want to remain ‘simple’ then all the better for us.

      3. All pregame conjecture is reliant upon way to many IF’s. If this group does this and if this group does that. One of my favorite quotes sums it up “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

      4. I think the key to them being able to stay with the simplicity is the secondary’s ability to cover one on one. When you can routinely allow your front 7 to key on the area within 10 yards of the LOS, you are going to be successful more often than not.

        In the first game at the Stick last year, the Seattle LB’s were routinely dropping back and the Niners finally started to take advantage of that in the second half by running the ball and throwing short to Gore underneath. That is what you have to do to get them out of their shell.

        If the Niners can run the ball, it opens up the passing lanes because the LB’s can’t cheat back, and as soon as the passing lanes open the Niners can then dictate what they are going to do. This is what the teams who have given the Seahawks the most trouble have done and it’s what the Niners must be able to do to win.

        The Niners also have to isolate the LB’s and/or Chancellor in the passing game. As good as they are as a defense, Seattle struggles in coverage when these guys are forced to defend RB’s and quicker TE’s.

    1. The defense doesn’t need to score they just simply need to prevent the other team from doing it, their job.

    2. Jordan,

      No I am not giving the game to the hawks, just think our defense has to got to play lights out, we are leaving a lot of points off the scoreboard last week. As far as this game, we are going to WIN, we are desperate and they are not. We need to kick ass.

  11. I’m all fired up after listening to Ronnie Lott on KNBR on my drive to work this morning :) He wants the Niners’ O to attack the area of strength of the Seahawks’ D (DBs) with a strong passing game, nullify the area of Seahawks’ O, (stop Lynch), and excel in the special team’s play. I have a good feeling about this game.

  12. Well i’m amping up for my annual sojourn to the Stick. I hope its a great game but it will be emotional either way. My Dad was at the first game at Kezar, my Dad and I were at the last game at Kezar, my Dad and i were at the first 49er game at the Stick and now at 87 my Pops does’nt get around well enough to get to the game so it will be me, my younger brother and my 13 yo nephew at the 2nd to last game at the Stick. It will be too expensive to be at the first game next year but my nephew and I will keep up a family tradition by going to at least one game next year. GO NINERS

    1. Happy for you Coach. Sounds like a great tradition you and your Father started that can be carried on by the next generation in your family. Hope you have a good time and see a Niner victory.

    2. OldCoach Great you can go! I’m assuming you don’t need instructions on when to cheer.

      I grew up rooting for Brodie, Washington and Cedric Hardman. Suffered through the CowCheats years. With mom supporting me and my 5 siblings, the first game I could ever go to was the 81 playoff game vs NY Giants (we talked about that). Waited 3 freezing nights for tickets with 5K other fans outside the Stick… but what a party.

      Have fun and beat the SeAdderal SeaRoids.

  13. The first question in the 2014 draft will be who will the Browns give their two #1′s to so they can slide up and draft… _________ __________ QB

    1. Also in retrospect given the major regression that we’re seeing in RG3 I wonder if the Browns owe Holmgren an apology for not making the trade to draft him since the rumor around the campfire was that he was outed for not pulling the trigger on that move.

      1. Isn’t RG3s ‘regression’ a/ driven by the injury and the lack of camp work and b/ like CK’s learning curve?
        I don’t think either guy forgot how to play, they just have to refine their game for The Bigs. I see them both having solids seasons in ’14. CK is on a better team and in better sync with his coaches, but they both are showing signs of development I,think.

  14. I really hope Roman is joking about making chunk plays. I’d rather him say something along the lines of ” We are never going to punt. Instead we will have Kaep use his rocket arm to heave the ball into the endzone, have Crabs try to get his hands on the ball and hope the refs give us the TD just like they did in Seattle…”

    1. I view Roman’s comments about chunk plays the same way I view Harbaugh’s comments prior to the Packers game about the need to protect running QBs.

  15. December 06, 2013, Update News from Seattle for 23Jordan.

    The Seattle Seahawks front seven cannot be stopped.

    Defensive tackles in coverage, linebackers darting around the field and pass rushers in unexpected places, the Seattle Seahawks’ do-it-all front seven will clamp down on Colin Kaepernick and F. Gore and revealed what makes it the most feared unit in the NFL.

    Athletic, versatile linebackers and defensive ends:

    The backbone of Seattle’s defensive scheme is versatility within their personnel. Their safeties can play up at the line or deep in coverage. Their corners can play off, press, zone, and man, can blitz, can tackle, and are functional inside and out. Defensive linemen Red Bryant (6’5, 323 pounds) and Michael Bennett (6’4, 273) can both play either inside or on the edge. Cliff Avril and Chris Clemons can rush the passer and cover in the flats and do so from multiple angles and platforms (i.e., two- or three-point stances). Bruce Irvin can be a pass rusher one play and a run-in-coverage linebacker on the next. Their linebackers too can blitz, stop the run, cover and tackle.
    With this kind of versatility, Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn can change looks, confuse Kap and the 49ers offense, and he can rely on a multitude of his players to execute whatever jobs he needs done, whether it’s in rushing the passer or running in coverage, or both.

    As Greg Cosell of NFL Films put it over the offseason:

    “With Irvin, a returning Chris Clemons, and newly signed Cliff Avril, the Seahawks have three players who can align anywhere in their nickel sub-package. They all have what we call “Joker” ability, the talent to line up in either three-point or two-point stances and rush from different positions and angles. What you have is an ideal mix of physical athleticism, and multiple schemes. It’s the new age pressure concepts in the NFL. It’s very difficult to line up with four defensive linemen in conventional positions, and create consistent pressure on the quarterback. Not only is it difficult to find four players who can do that, it’s tactically easier for the offense to protect against those more basic fronts.
    “What defenses are trying to accomplish is pass protection indecision based on front alignments, coupled with athletic mismatches. The Seahawks are well positioned to do that with their personnel.”

    More generally, as Pete Carroll put it:

    “Our defense is a 4-3 scheme with 3-4 personnel. It’s just utilizing the special talents of our guys.”

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