Rounding out the 49ers’ first-round draft board

In my feeble attempt to confirmation that I was 100-percent accurate in my rankings of the first 14 players on the 49ers’ draft board, I placed a call to a team spokesman in Santa Clara just moments ago.


On the other end of line was uproarious laughter. “No, I can’t confirm that,” I was informed, followed by more uproarious laughter. And that was followed a “click” and an ear-piercing dial tone.

* * *


As I glance back at the list of eight players “In play at 13,” I do not have much confidence that the 49ers would select Derrick Morgan, C.J. Spiller or Dez Bryant at 13 or 17. Despite that obvious self-esteem flaw, we must move on . . .


Sweet 17 (plus four)


15, Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama: He has more value to other teams than he might for the 49ers. After all, the 49ers already have Patrick Willis at inside linebacker. But, in the unlikely event McClain makes it this far, the 49ers have to consider his value.


16, Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho: I should not dismiss the possibility that the 49ers would select Iupati over Maurkice Pouncey at No. 13. It’s just a guess. Heck, there is rampant speculation that the Raiders could take Iupati with the eighth overall pick, so he might not even be an option for the 49ers at 13 or 17.


17, Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame: I would be stunned if the 49ers traded up to select Clausen. I would be surprised if they selected him at No. 13. At No. 17, it makes a little more sense – but only if the team believes the organization is better off in the long term with Clausen at quarterback instead of Alex Smith.


18, Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee: This is a tough one to read. I wouldn’t fall out of my chair if he’s chosen at No. 13. After all, he might be the best of the nose tackles. But it’s a deep enough crop that the 49ers might find better value later.


19, Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas: He’s a better fit, scheme-wise, than pass-rusher Derrick Morgan. Kindle can play every down at outside linebacker, and he would give the 49ers double-digit sack potential. I wouldn’t think the addition of veteran Travis LaBoy this week would prevent the 49ers from looking at this position.


20, Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan: He deserves mention in this spot, but I get the feeling that several other teams like him better.


21, Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State: I’ll toss his name out here because he’s at a position of need, he has return skills, and some believe he could fly off the board even before Joe Haden.


* * *


Depending on who is available at what selections, it would not surprise me if the 49ers traded one of their first-rounders to acquire more picks. The problem, of course, is finding a team that wants to trade up.


If the 49ers trade back in the first round, they could target such players as tackles Charles Brown (USC), Rodger Saffold (Indiana), Vladimir Ducasse (Massachusetts) and Bruce Campbell (Maryland). They might also be willing to use a late-first or early-second pick on safety Taylor Mays (USC).


* * *


Here are the first two parts of the 49ers’ draft board:


The Dream-On Six




The In-Play at 13 Eight


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