Santa Clara County jail deputy: “Preferential treatment was given to Aldon Smith.”

I found an article on Aldon Smith you may find interesting. To read it, click here.

  1. With the rumor that the Bears might let Cutler walk in FA next season I’m curious;

    Will any teams be willing to pay Cutler what HE thinks he’s worth.
    Will he be signed before the draft.
    How will Cutler’s presence in FA effect the QB’s in the draft and where they get drafted
    Who will Chicago draft to replace him

    Unless Cutler can make himself appear irreplaceable by the end of the season I can certainly see Trestman wanting to bring in his own guy and the team cutting ties with Cutler. Will make the off season a little more interesting if nothing else.

    1. I think there are some QB’s that got paid big money that are not worth it. Unfortunately those and other deals are bad for the NFL as they set the pay scale bar.
      Aaron Rogers $22 million
      Flacco $20 million per
      Romo $18 million per
      Calvin Johnson $18 million per WR
      Eli Manning $15 million per. More palatable, but still not worth it.
      Brady at $14 million is a freaking bargain. ( HE’S WORTH $20 mil )

      1. I think Brady’s numbers are misleading. Remember it’s not just about the total yearly $$$. It’s even more so about the Guaranteed money. ,b>Brady took less money with more Guaranteed for is own benefit,/b> but also to help his team sign players (which is one of the reasons he was so annoyed that they let Welker walk).

  2. Isn’t irony great. “The Investigate Unit has also confirmed Smith was invited to the sheriff’s shooting range more than a year after three illegal assault weapons were found at his South Bay home.”

  3. Even the legal experts in that video say it is more a matter of perception than anything else. He got out a little quick from his DUI arrest. He got to shoot police weapons and fly in their helicopter but still is being charged with a felony. Yeah, its preferential treatment, but so far, not exactly getting off easy.

    Grant, I need to change the subject:

    I think the 49ers should go for it. They have receivers coming back, but who know how effective they can be. If they can pair Josh Gordon and Anquan Boldin, that would be a huge boost whether or not Crabtree or Manningham come back strong. Finding a WR at the bottom end of the draft is a crapshoot as we have seen. They have the players to trade (Kyle Williams, LaMichael James) and they have more draft picks than they can use. They drafted two good players in the 7th round and then had to release them (Cooper, BJ Daniels). Send players and picks and get a #1 WR.

    1. your opinion is based on the assumption that Kaepnerick can and will find his #3 or #4 receiving option when making his progression reads. To date he hasn’t. So I’m not so fired up about getting a legit #2 WR yet.

      1. Sometimes the #2 is the first read. I think that since the current number two isn’t consistently getting open, Kaep isn’t looking for him as often.
        IMO they are moving Davis around like a WR and currently Davis is the number one making Boldin the #2.

      2. rarely is the #2 the first read because he’s usually the Split End. The Split End is usually up against press coverage and there usually isn’t another receiver on his side to help get him open. Sometime there are play action plays designed to go to the fullback but that’s about it.

        Davis is lined up all over the place but usually on the same side as Boldin the Flanker. Kaep is basically making a 2 pattern read between Boldin and Davis. If those two are covered then Kaep panics and moves out of the pocket and it’s either sandlot football or he scrambles.

      3. Are Williams and Baldwin getting open all the time and Colin just doesn’t see them in his reads? I find that hard to believe. If you watch highlights from last year, you see a lot of great passes to Crabtree, Delanie Walker, Vernon Davis, Mario Manningham, and even Kyle Williams. I think it is pretty crazy to say another great receiver target won’t help the team because he “doesn’t go thru his progressions”. Maybe he is not Tom Brady right now, but give any QB great receivers to throw to and he is going to look better. Team’s going to run better too.

      4. if you watch the all-22 you’ll see that the #2 WR does get open from time to time and Kaep just focuses in on Boldin like a laser to the exclusion of all else. That’s not to say that Williams and Baldwin are getting open regularly. They’re not. And Williams has blown the few opportunities he’s had. But more often than not; even when Kaep is successful when getting the ball to Davis or Boldin, he may have had better options to his #3 or #4 receiving options.

  4. There is nothing surprising here. Innocent until proven guilty, but he is still facing felony weapons charges. That is the reality of the situation.

    I remember when Vinny Sutherland was charged with DUI after he, Kevin Curtis and Josh Shaw went flying through a park in Saratoga. It happened at 2:55 in the morning. My dad was the head of the SFD at the time and has since retired. He was informed about the accident and went to go see the scene the next morning at 8:00 am-but it was already cleaned up! The team apparently had a “Wolf” (Pulp Fiction reference) or a pack of wolves to clean these things up. My dad was as entertained as he was surprised at the whole situation. He said the crash scene was quite a mess and that by early morning it was perfect. New flowers, grass and trees. Everything. His only care was that nobody was killed or injured, but he also found himself amused at how quickly the team reacted, and the fact that the team had a team of people to clean things like this up on such short notice. Teams do some crazy things to protect their investments, from both injury and public perception.

    1. Man, I read a story like that, and I start feeling pretty naive. Thanks for the insight, Big.

      Thanks for posting the link, too, Grant.

  5. Aldon will be fine, being a rich and famous athlete gives you access to dream-team defense lawyers.
    Ray Lewis, Plaxico, Michael Vick, Big Ben, Gilbert Arenas, Donte Stallworth and Kobe Bryant seem to be doing very well.
    As for O.J., …….no comment.

  6. Waste of time- it is unconstitutional to ban those weapons as the state of california has done. The second amendment’s purpose is to resist a tyranical gov- those weapons are exactly the kind that the founding fathers thought of when the amendment was written. The police should not have access to any weapons that law abiding cannot have.

    On top of that, Aldon Smith must have the mentality of a criminal- he must have known the weapons were illegal in ca and brought them to his home anyway. Now if smith knew those weapons were illegal would he Voluntarily invite the police to come in to search his home- likely not- and that is an reasonable interpretation seeing that the sherrifs office invited him to a get together.

    So bottom line- santa clara is just going to waste public money on pursuing a waste of time that maybe the DA can get plead to some probation to save face. Silly

      1. The question has gone up to the supreme court several times and the supreme court refuses to hear it- they just punt on the question- it is to be determined later. If you get a question on a law exam- you have to point out both sides. The only thing the supreme court has said is that pistols must be legal under all jurisdictions because people have a right to defend their homes from criminals.

        That is the ONLY thing they have ruled on.
        Ps- the supreme court is a bad joke and their power was expanded to proportions that were never contemplated by the founders. The supreme court gave their powers to themselves basically.

      2. Ribco restrictive gun laws have been taken to the supreme court hundreds of times and all most all have been found constitutional. Even this current right leaning court has up held retrictive gun laws passed by municipalities. If Smith is going to beat this rap it will probably have to be on grounds other than constitutionality

      3. Rib – Did you know there’s a basketball court on the top floor of the Supreme Court? It truly is “the highest court in the land.”

      4. Suede, I’m for the Second Amendment, and I’m also for a State having some control over it’s own laws. It brings variety to the states, allows us a front row view to things that work and things that don’t work. Also allows you to move to states with laws that line up closer to ones own values. Personally, my values differ with that law, which is why I must remain a long distance Niner fan. Don’t think I won’t come visit for games though! Just leave the guns locked up at home where they belong. :P

        Also, I’m not convinced the founders should have any part in these discussions since they lived over 200 years ago. Guns are dangerous, and should be respected. I would gladly pay for extra background checks to verify my qualifications to own any firearm. People all have different view on this issue, and there are good points on both sides, as adults we need to respect that. Shouting and pissing matches don’t achieve solutions.

      5. Pete- I respect your view, but this nation has always had the constitution and its amendments. You can’t just make law that directly conflict with the constitution.

        You might as well make the argument- yea, the free speech thing is cool and all but I like that you can’t criticize the oil industry in Alaska without being fined. People can just choose not to live there.

        the amendments are too important to be able to just ignore-

      6. Suede, I respect your point of view as well, and I don’t disagree with your points. I’m hopeful that one day the public shouting matches will stop, and this country can remember how to be adults. In shouting matches, it’s not the person with the best solution that comes out on top, it’s just the one with the biggest mouth. Getting the argument going is great, and it’s important to get your voice heard, but I think we can both agree that there are better and more effective ways to snuff out short sighted viewpoints. Cheers!

      7. Pete- the reason i am taking the time here to discuss this is that most people don’t really think about why the laws are the way they are. And there are people on this site that are just here for football-

        but perhaps some average joe will read this and say- oh ok, there is a very sober and reasoned purpose for these guns to be legal. I personally do not own any guns- and i wouldnt have them in my home. But i believe the right to automatic weapons is exceedingly important and we lose sight of it because our media enjoys just ratcheting up conflict and controversy.

      8. >>Rib – Did you know there’s a basketball court on the top floor of the Supreme Court?

        Heh, I can just see Kennedy boxing out Ginsburg now. And that Sotomayor, she has a one sweet J. Not suprisingas her apartment in NYC is a couple of blocks from the W. 4th St “cage”.

      9. Gun issue aside, I find it hilarious that people consider the Constitution to be some kind of holy sacred ground that can’t be touched.

        In fact, I find it ridiculous that there is even the concept of “sacred grounds” just b/c it’s really old and people who were considered important hundreds of years ago came up with it.

        But I guess we need to protect ourselves from soldiers quartering our homes during peacetime ;P

    1. Big Suede

      The founders imagined automatic rifles? How can you be sure? The AR-15 is what you like? You like dead children too? What kind of absurdity are you spewing?

      The government is no more tyrannical than corporations at this point, and to think that guns would provide effective defense against such a government is the thought of a puny mind. Now, should guns be legal? Ideally, yes, but only if people can be trusted with them. Can today’s U.S. Citizenry be trusted with guns? Clearly not, and so guns should be outlawed, just as they were in Australia…

      Take a stab at how many gun massacres have occurred in Australia since the gun ban …

      1. The government is AS tyrannical as corporations at thie point. It does not represent me nor most people middle class or lower. Seems like Aldon was at the Sherriff’s for a benefit for LEO. Sure they will treat him fine. And most cops I know are pro-second ammendment. And even with the restricitve gun laws in this sad excuese for a police state we have an endless supply of firearms violence in all the usual places…

      2. “Ideally, yes, but only if people can be trusted with them. Can today’s U.S. Citizenry be trusted with guns? Clearly not, and so guns should be outlawed, just as they were in Australia…”

        Holy sh*t it’s come to this??? Yeah, we’re almost 30 years past “1984″ so I guess it makes sense…

      3. Ghost, I’m on board with everything you said except the government and corporations being tyrannical. I’m not disagreeing with it, I’m just removing myself from opinion since I don’t feel I have enough knowledge on the topic. Otherwise, definitely not on the same page with E’s statement.

      4. The answer is a big fat ZERO

        So, Ghost, lovely that you give a squat about Australia; by extension that means you give a squat about massacre victims. The correlation between legal guns and gun massacres is undeniable. And there was another one yesterday. Yawn … but who gives a squat.

      5. Ghost of Mustard i was surprised by your statement that most police officers you know are pro 2nd amendment. For the last 30 years i have worked closely with law enforcement and every cop i’ve ever had this discussion with has been strongly in favor of gun control. Coming from a irish italian back ground many of my extended family are cops and their overall politics might be pretty conservative but they all are in favor of gun control. I believe after you’ve faced down the barrel of a gun you really believe that the person holding it on you should’nt have gun rights.

      6. E- the constitution never attempted to say people could own lesser guns than the ones used by the military and police. The amendment says for the protection of a free state. Automatic weapons are what are needed to protect the people from a corrupt government. And that statement isnt coming from a puny mind- it is from a person who is well aware that the US has fought continually in afghanistan for 10 years without taking over because the people refuse to back down. These are the same people who resisted the soviet Union for many years- using the same automatic weapons.

        And school shootings are a tragedy. It is horrible what happened in Newtown where 30 some people were lost. But that is not nearly so bad as the massacres of 100′s of thousands of people that have died when they had no access to weapons.

        Iran is being run by a corrupt government that the majority of their citizens don’t support. They have tried to rise against the country but can’t get anywhere because weapons are banned there. Same thing in Egypt, and russia, and many other places. If the choice is between a horrible situation that kills a few people and a catastrophic take over- resulting in the loss of countless people and an accompanying loss of freedom- I think we live with the danger of the lone gunman.

      7. Fair enough, Suede, but there are far more ghastly and insidious ways of exterminating a culture or worse, a people, than using guns.

        The 2nd AMD states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and beat Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Make what you will of the structure of the AMD, but don’t try to claim that this sentence allows citizens to own assault rifles. Taking your rationale, this sentence would also permit private citizens to own bazookas, fighter jets, ICBMs, and advanced nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons..

        The most significant of the clauses in this AMD, in my opinion, is the first clause, which spells out the intent of the AMD. A Militia, provided it is necessary to the security of a free State, MUST be well regulated, and if it is so, it shall be armed. Militia today does not mean what militia meant in the 18th century, and NO militia today is well regulated; most consist of radicals who believe that freedoms are rapidly being eroded; many consist of outwardly racist members; but none are well regulated.

    2. anytime anyone mentions “the Founding Fathers” I start to laugh. Having read numerous books and papers on them, I always find political nuts have bizarre ideas of what “the Founding Fathers” intended. I also crack up when “the Constitution” is brought up like some Holy Grail; a piece of immutable political divinity.

      But to be fair, I’m willing to listen to anything Big Suede wants to say about the “the Founding Father’s” intentions. I will probably be greatly amused but I’m open to learning something.

      1. You can make me out to be a nut allfor- I happen to have graduated with honors in both my undergraduate and law school at major universities. No one who knows me personally has ever regarded me as a nut.

        The founding fathers get brought up often because they were VERY intelligent individuals who spent years writing about political philosophy. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin were truly bright individuals. I didn’t get how intelligent and forward thinking they were until I got into law school. I think the histories we are fed in elementry school dumbs them down and makes them little more than mascots- but these were amazing people.

        And also a big point I also got from knowing international law is that the founding fathers have had a very strong influence on governments all over the world. Our constitution has been used as a template for several others – (in some cases – US law is cited in making arguments)

        So even though you may laugh and snicker at an ignorant tea party member (of which i am not a member) talking about a founding father doing such and such- it shouldnt take away that these were pretty amazing individuals who are still largely influential today

      2. no question that they were highly intelligent men and wise enough to know they didn’t know everything.

        you sound knowledgeable and I’d probably enjoy a discussion about American political history and international law.

        But then you make statements like these:

        “The second amendment’s purpose is to resist a tyranical gov- those weapons are exactly the kind that the founding fathers thought of when the amendment was written. The police should not have access to any weapons that law abiding cannot have.”

        “All you need is automatic weapons to resist fighter jets, battleships, and tanks. The proof is being proved in Afghanistan EVERYDAY!”

        Statements like those are hard to take seriously.

      3. E, sarcasm is the weapon of second-rate minds. you can hem and haw and bloviate all you want. Just makes you look small.

        Critical thinking 101: “So, Ghost, lovely that you give a squat about Australia; by extension that means you give a squat about massacre victims…”

        What’s wrong with this inference?

      4. Allfor- how is afghanistan resisting the US? How is it that Libya cannot control their rebels? I could go over plenty of real world examples of automatic weapons being enough to resist militaries.

        Now could a jet blow everything up?- sure. But in the real world a tyranical government wouldnt want to blow up their people and infastructure. They want to rule and control, not destroy. The second amendment is only an insurance to make sure that a free state remains.

      5. Big suade… Sadly it’s the America we live in today. The constitution is a racist piece of paper, written by slave owning, gun toating rebels. Yes curse them for knowing what kind of power elected officials could hold and abuse. What were they thinking? No way the most powerful government in the world would ever turn on its people and enslave them for their own greed. Just look at how far we’ve come from just the last two. No way our government infiltrated the media, banks and our rights. The patriot act keeps us so safe from a network and nukes they never proved existed. No way would they set up a bombing on our own soil for fear tactics and backing of their own sheep to storm right into the Middle East for oil and control. Yeah we will buy that a twelve foot hole was put into the side of the pentagon with the same sized airliner that hit TWO buildings an knocked down THREE at free fall speed. No way a president would sign bills like obamacare into place against the will of the majority. No way. No way a president would promise to bring our troops home from a bunk war, then turn around and send more to more countries. No way would they sit there and ignore help calls from Americans in Benghazi that were killed when drones were flying over head and didn’t help a single person, no way this same government that wants to ban our guns SELL the same ones they want open borders too and then all of a sudden lose them, out of thin air. Naaa. The cartels in Mexico wouldn’t use those free rifles. But hey what did our laughable forefathers know about anything? It’s simple half of Americans aren’t free thinkers anymore. They need big brother watching over them and doing things for them. Is it laziness? Or is it they’re to scared or stupid to do things for themselves? Claude which is it lamb cake?

      6. Thanks ninermd. That was was exactly what I needed to make my point.

        Big Suede: Do you think the founding fathers drafted the 2nd Amendment to guarantee access to nuclear weapons to that someone who believes the nonsense that ninermd just spewed?

      7. Ghost

        Ye Bloviatrix, please continue, espouse how your pell mell dismissal of the significance of Australia’s recent gun ban shows any critical thinking on your part. Still curious over here. Australia is the last country to successfully ban guns, and its record since doing so, in terms of gun massacres, is spotless. Why do you give no squats about this evidence of smart policy creating the desired result?

      8. >>Coming from a guy who made a statement about taking it to the Supreme Court

        When someone throws out the “unconstitutional” card, that’s umm, exactly what you do.

        Or perhaps MD, you can you tell the forum here what body has a higher authority of constitutional interpretation ?

      9. p.s. – Realized I had to spell it out for you, Ghost, since you couldn’t infer from the prior comment what the point was. Can you see it now? Have I painted a pretty picture you can understand?

      10. ribico:

        The funny/scary thing is that ninermd believes that we are the ones who can’t think for ourselves and that he is the one thinking for himself. It must be true. The guys who told him that the U.S. government was responsible for 9/11 told him so.

        Speaking of conspiracies, I need to ask him something.

        ninermd: The moon landing was faked, right?

      11. E, the sad part is you are not even educated enough to understand what “critical thinking skills” means. Instead, you revert to name calling and sarcasm which reveals your limited education and probably intelligence. You are a textbook example of why we have the Second Amendment: there are many people like you in government; people who lack of even rudimentary world knowledge can be the most dangerous critters on the planet…

      12. claude, i take his current events / politics commentary with as much grains of salt as his niner commentary. he is good for the occasional spit take though.

      13. Ghost

        Namecalling? I’m a heehawer and a bloviator according to you, and you are a bloviatrix.

        I’m more edumucated than you, probably done just as many illegal stimulants as you, and probably respect the sober mind as much as you. I guarantee you I have a higher IQ than you do, but that would be difficult to prove, so I’ll leave it there.

        What I’m interested in, though, bloviatrix, is how and why you wouldn’t give a squat about Australia’s model for eradicating the gun problem. If you’re so smart, why are you incapable of tackling the substance of the debate? It is you who obfuscate and evade. You’re not Cassius Clay, no matter how you bob and weave.

      14. Did anyone else catch the irony of a poster citing a hyper-generalization (a logical-fallacy) and then pointing out the logical fallacy in another poster’s argument?

        The use of sarcasm is not a always an indicator of a second rate mind (Winston Churchill, for example), but using a logical fallacy in the context of chiding another poster for committing a logical fallacy seems likely to be a contraindicator of a first rate mind.

      15. Gadfly

        Nice vocab. I am above logical fallacies, myself. Generally, any of my audience who believe they find such have really just missed an implied connector that should be obvious to those with superior minds.

    3. Big Suede:

      The second amendment’s purpose is to resist a tyranical gov-

      I agree that the purpose of the second amendment is to allow the citizenry to arm itself to resist, overcome and take back a tyrannical government. The problem is that to resist, overcome and take back the government today, you need fighter jets, bombers, tanks, rocket artillery and, in all likelihood, some form of nuclear weaponry. Do you really think that individuals, or local militia, should be allowed to possess such weaponry? Neither do I.

      If the NRA and other Second Amendment advocates were honest, they’d acknowledge that arming the citizenry in fulfillment of the Second Amendment’s true purpose would mean freely available nuclear weapons, but they won’t do that because they know that doing so would end the debate, and not in their favor. But since they don’t really care about the constitution – they only care about selling guns, and scaring a certain segment of the population into believing that “the liberals are coming to take your guns” is the best sales technique there is – they don’t have to make the argument.

      1. E-san you are in desperate need of a critical thinking skills… And yeah I don’t give even two — count ‘em — two — squats about what they do in Australia. Or China. Or Russia. Or in your house. Or my neighbor’s place.

      2. Claudeballs- I don’t need to make hypothetical arguments to you.

        All you need is automatic weapons to resist fighter jets, battleships, and tanks. The proof is being proved in Afghanistan EVERYDAY!

        That is why automatic weapons are so important. There is no wacky idealogy going on here- just pointing out what actually works.

      3. I’ll let you in on a little secret Suede. If the government really wants to come after you or you and some small rebel town. It will squash you like a bug no matter how many automatic pop guns you have.

      4. Ghost

        Please E-nlighten me as to your opinion about critical thinking. I’m curious. Perhaps your mind space is well-suited for squatting in?

      5. Allfor- again- the second amendment isnt about saving a small group…. it isnt even about protecting yourself individually.

        It is about protecting a “free state.” The second amendment is meant for if a small amount of people try to take over and make an illegitimate government. If the MAJORITY of people disagree with the legitimacy of the government and they have automatic weapons- that illegitimate government will not stand.

      6. Lmao Claude the liberal media lamb trying to use their fear tactics to sway away from the fact that they are banning rifles and handguns with more than 10 rd clips. Oh yeah that’s the same as tanks and rocket launchers. Claude you lamb, just continue to stroll to your slaughter. And keep helping them burn our constitutional rights. Typical lamb. Baaaahaaa

      7. Let’s drop this into the right place…

        E, sarcasm is the weapon of second-rate minds. you can hem and haw and bloviate all you want. Just makes you look small.

        Critical thinking 101: “So, Ghost, lovely that you give a squat about Australia; by extension that means you give a squat about massacre victims…”

        What’s wrong with this inference?

      8. I am right with you Big Suede. The liberal agenda is a prime example why the second amendment was established. The conservative agenda isn’t any better just different. The issue I have with Aldon is that he fired his weapon without caring wear the bullet lands. Also alcohol and guns are like alcohol and cars they do not mix. By the way mal practice kills more people then guns and its not even close. So when all you people sign up for obamascare just keep that in mind. Doctors kill more then guns.

      9. yes, I know, it’s why I threw in “small town” in my comment. I know that it’s intended for actual States, cities…smaller (than the federal government) politically structured groups of people. But other than the Civil War, I can’t really imagine anything bigger than a whacked out small town rebelling…which why I used that term. Okay…I suppose maybe Texas might one day rebel…I dunno.

        Also, I don’t hold the “Founding Father’s” or the current Constitution as divine and immutable. So if the intention behind the 2nd Amendment doesn’t fit today’s reality…than so be it.

      10. But but but if we take a double barrel shotgun and just shoot it in the air, the bad guys will run away. Lol
        A little fact here. The term assault weapon was made up to put fear into lambs like Claude and other libs.
        Virginia school shooting. The kid used 2 9 mm pistols. Son of Sam used a handgun, other serial killers didn’t use guns, okc BOMBING! No gun. Think of you used guns to murder more humans than any American or citizen of another country ever had….. That’s right our government. And you want them telling us not to have automatic rifles and handguns with 11+ rd clips????
        Boy are you all brainwashed media sheeple.
        Clowns like Claude love to use stats and facts an wont speak on opinions, but here’s one for you. Guns aren’t even on the top 5 list of weapons or objects that kill people. Hmmmm. Mainstream media doesn’t show those facts. So how would a commy like Claude know.

      11. Big Suede:

        1. What hypothetical arguments are you talking about?

        2. The second amendment isn’t about mere resistance, it’s about overthrow. You can’t overthrow, or even resist, a government like the U.S. government with mere automatic weapons. Consequently, it’s pointless to get upset about or protest the constitutionality of restrictions on automatic weapons. Those weapons no longer serve the purpose of the Second Amendment; they only serve the purpose of killing people who have nothing to do with overthrowing or even resisting a tyrannical government.

      12. It’s not “liberal” agenda or “right-wing” gun nuts; it’s who has read their history, who can open their eyes and see we live in a police state — a very successful one, but a police state nonetheless. I lived outside the USA for 20 years. Where I lived the yakuza control everything with an armory not much larger than a small-town police station. The control the corporations, the citizenry, the government, everything is under their collective thumb. It’s the same as a boatload of syphilitic Spaniards completely dismantling the new world from south of the Rio Grande to the tip of Tierra Del Fuego. Why? Cause they had a couple dozen canons, some muskets and 500 pounds of gun powder.

        Think what you wish, but just because you Bee-Ess yourselves don’t think your poor reasoning skills and lack of kintamas in the face of a corporate takeover of the American government hasn’t been noticed by others who actually keep their eyes on the ball. That’s not paranoia, just pick up the paper and read between the lines.

        We now return you to the Niners. Still think they play slow…

      13. allfor fun- my lunch is over, so i will get back to work. You seem like a smart person.

        If you take into account all of history- there is no country or civilization that continues indefinitely. Every society has had a beginning and an end. Will the United States go on indefinitely? From a examination of history- it is pretty likely it will fail someday. Now will it be in another couple hundred years? Maybe. In our lifetime? I don’t know.

        I do know that back in the 80′s if someone told you that the USSR would be wiped out by 1991- they would tell you you were crazy. (Even if someone said it in 1990!)

        So I wouldn’t tell anyone they were crazy if they said maybe the US falls apart tomorrow-

        And taking a few steps back- it seems very worrisome that someone would argue that we can trust only the government with all the major weapons. This government that routinely breaks the 4th amendment keeping our emails, this government that has racked up a debt that is unprecedented in history, this government that shuts down the government, but somehow employs people to threaten citizens who walk into a “closed” park.

        This is the same government we want to trust with all the weapons????

      14. But ghost… You don’t listen to what the mainstream media tells you…. So you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist with all that corporate takeover talk.

      15. >>this government that has racked up a debt that is unprecedented in history

        Come on BigSuede, hyperbole much? Use some of that book learning you talk of upthread – our current Debt to GDP ratio is nowhere near our historical maximum. And unfortunately it doubled to where to is today due to the economic catastrophe of 2008. It’s too bad the monetary policy makers are doing their utmost to drag out the recovery as long as possible, so the debt has no direction but up for the short term.

      16. Ribico… Ride or die with the donkeys I see. Put down Obama monthly and realize in his term he’s spent more money than every president combined. It’s fact. Baby Bush was well on his way to destroying our economy before this terrorist. Do you still honestly believe its about Dems and republicans? Two of the same in the last twelve years.

      17. >>How did that work out for Germany then the world?

        Consider this MD. Big Suede (correctly) posts that no country or civilization continues indefinitely. And countless have collapsed without government confiscation of its citizen’s weapons. So throwing out the hitler card has as much value as throwing out the 9/11 was an inside job card. But coming from you, not unexpected.

      18. Except for E and Balls, this has been a most wonderful discussion, thoroughly enjoyable and most interesting. Now excuse me while I retire to the basement and my reloading machinery… (actually I’ll be on the couch playing my F5 mandolin, eating some home-made Thai food and watching NFL highlights. But the image of old BT in the basement cranking out spent-uranium-tipped 50s is pretty ripe for some of you… ;- )

      19. Suede, I hope you come back and read this.

        At the root of all of this is FEAR. Fear of the big bad government. Fear of bad guys. etc.. I’ve been down to Mexico and have seen towns where the drug lords run things and where only the bad guys have access to guns. So this liberal isn’t anywhere close to thinking we need to take away guns from citizens as form of self defense.

        But from the government? As I said below, if the government really wants to squash me or even the entire Bay Area. It can pretty easily. The difference in my attitude and beliefs is that I ACCEPT that there are people and institutions more powerful than me. That’s the way of the world. The silly game in other threads about how powerful do you need to be (in terms of weaponry) in order to be able your personal freedom has a point. And the point is you’ll never be powerful enough to completely defend your personal freedom. And if you’re going to protect yourself from the government, you’re not going to be able to do it with weapons, you’ll have to do it (to a certain degree) through politics and economics.

        As to history, as a counter argument to the unarmed Mexican citizens situation I will bring up the fall of the middle eastern Bronze Age as an interesting story/theory. Back around 1200 BC Ramses II of Egypt and Hattusili III of the Hittite Epire sealed a peace treaty after the battle of Kadesh. Back then most formal warfare was done with charioteers charging each other with “runners” behind them mopping up the enemy charioteers that got by their charioteers. This is different than later Iron Age use of chariots by the Greeks and Romans who used them to attack from the flanks of an infantry unit as part of the cavalry.

        The Charioteers were the superstars that were part of the noble class in those societies. The Runners were basically peasants with a spear and maybe a sword or shield. These guys weren’t even at the level of Roman soldiers who were generally relatively well taken care of. The runners were part of the poor underclass. Anyway, the theory goes that the treaty created 50 or so years of peace which put a lot of Runners out of work. So being out of work along with some natural disasters and famine at the time caused the Runners to go hungry and to realize that with their weapons and their numbers they could take down the ruling class. Now it’s not known if these “Runners” joined formally a group known as “The Sea People” who were (at least originally) most likely Greek/Mycenaean pirates (they became pirates because of a Dorian invasion?…I don’t know) that raided the Hittite, Canaanite and Egyptian cities. But along with pirate raids, there is archaeological evidence at many of the city sites of civil war too.

      20. Ghost:

        Sorry for pointing out the illogic of a position that you apparently hold dearly. The fact is, the protection afforded by the Second Amendment is largely a myth. You can’t have the weapons you would need to take back control of the government if it truly were tyrannical. You can’t have a nuclear weapon. You can’t have a stealth bomber. You can’t have a tank. Where’s the protest over those abridgements? Face it, when it comes to the weapons that would give the Second Amendment any real meaning in the 21st Century, we all accept and welcome the government’s abridgment of our right to bear arms.

        The automatic weapons that you get so excited about? You can keep them, but they aren’t going to help you wrest control from the police state you think you live in.

      21. Right ribico….. And how many of them had guns in the first place to fight their governments? Russia- banned
        Germany- banned. These are the last two superpowers that have fallen due to greed in their government. And the people who tried to fight for their rights were slaughtered. It’s true every superpower has crumbled. Since Rome. But why can’t we be different? We were the different country when we were founded. We’re we not? You don’t think our forefathers knew about Rome and Tyrenial governments? And put the constitution together because they knew it could
        Happen.? Why should we sit back and watch it be destroyed with nothin to say? An you keep touching on the 9/11 “conspiracy” to defer the conversation.
        Tell you what. When I called my uncle who was there at the time as a firefighter to see if he was alright, and thank god he was. And he tells me to not believe the news right away and wait to make my OWN judgment on what went down that day. I listened to what the government said, then I put down my flag and started to research the facts and listened to what he said he saw and heard at ground zero that morning. I’ve read the 9/11 commission report. And it doesn’t add up to what they said happened. My Uncle also said there were explosions in those buildings that were seen and heard after the planes hit. I could go into tons of facts and scientific evidence that proves the report is a joke, but I will save the others on here the agony. Of this argument on a football blog. Just know that 9/11 was the start of all this mess we are in now. And I put down my rosé colored patriot glasses and did my own research through 1 people who were there, 2 scientists that have no hand in the government, and just plain common sense. Don’t take my word for it , open your. Mind and do some research and make your own conclusions. I refuse to buy what their story is. Especially when bush went off record and wasn’t sworn in on his testimony on 9/11.

      22. E I think anybody can get your life’s earning in the seat of a car. What does the color of skin have to do with any of this?

      23. What some of you are missing is. Who’s going to fly these planes? Who’s going to go into combat with Americans? Who’s going to drive these tanks? That’s right American soldiers. Do you believe they will turn their backs on Americans and kill their own? NO that’s why they’re bringing in Russian soldiers. As we speak. You all can be France if you want and think they can destroy us at any time. But for those who choose to go down fighting (if it ever came to that) should be able to do so with any gun they own. And that’s any rifle or handgun made.

      24. Drones and missiles can be programmed, don’t have to be piloted at all. But even these are not the weapons I speak of. Look instead to Monsanto. Look to Fox. Look to J&J.

      25. I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I have to comment. Ghost of Mustard has the right of it. The U.S., a long time ago, ceased being a functional democracy, and is controlled by a powerful minority, chiefly through corporate entities, notably including finance, agribusiness, resource extraction, and military-industrial interests. Perhaps it’s harder to see this, when you’re “inside the bubble”.
        The national security state infrastructure that’s been implemented over the last couple decades, with alarming ease and virtually zero resistance from a population that is lied to on a massive and fundamental scale, is designed to quell internal dissent through propaganda and force.
        U..S. Military operations around the world are not designed to protect/promote “democracy” (which preposterous excuse is considered laughable by a huge majority of the world population outside of the U.S), but to ensure Western (ie. within the U.S. hegemonic sphere, including unfortunately Canada) access to resource exploitation, and markets (both labour and consumer).
        Watch this documentary “Why we Fight”, as one of a zillion examples:

        Welcome to the new world, where telling the truth is criminalized (Snowden, Assange, et al.), perpetual war is the new peace (no example even needed here), while the environment and the working class burn, tens of thousands of poor people around the world die every week by executive fiat, and more and more power is concentrated in the hands of the elite.

        But yeah, talk about the 2nd amendment some more….

      26. >>Do you believe they will turn their backs on Americans and kill their own?

        md,and his usual logic flaw. You need weapons to protect yourself from a government… whose fighting forces will *not* bring their weapons to bear against you? But. But. I thought the American Hitler would just give the order and that’s that.

        Rusaian forces. Snort. The only Russians who might do any harm to America are those billionaire oligarchs that Bloomberg is trying to have take up residence on Manhattan’s 57th street.

        OK, laters. I’m due back on the Planet Earth.

      27. E says: Ghost

        “You can’t handle those of us who don’t agree. I’ll wager my entire life’s earnings that you’re white…”

        I didn’t realize how really, really stupid you are E-san. For one thing, you cannot wager your life “earnings” cause 99 percent of them have been spent long ago. You mean your savings? Jeez man, get a grip. And sign up for some classes at the JC. Your lack of basic knowledge is appalling…

      28. Ghost

        This is another instance of you exhibiting the aftermath of your drug and alcohol dependency in days long since passed. Again you have shown a complete inability to comprehend simple ideas (a drug-addled brain) and a total unwillingness to engage in substantial debate (impotent consciousness).

        Back to Australia. Comment on it or just admit you have nothing of value to add.

      29. Angus

        After reading your entry, it’s clear that you believe the 2nd AMD controversy is a red herring raised by the elite to distract the masses. Correct you are! But this is most certainly NOT the message out forth by Ghost. Have another gander.

  7. Sheriff Smith may be in deeper trouble than Aldon Smith.
    The Sheriff’ Dept. (if these reports can be substantiated) may have compromised the entire Aldon Smith case by escorting AS by helicopter to a Dept. shooting range.
    This is a clear case of conflict of interest.
    This is not on Aldon, this is on the Sheriff’s Dept. and the head of the Dept. Sheriff Smith.

    In any case, my deep rooted 49er competitive side would like for the Sheriff’s Dept. to take the hit on this and allow Aldon to get back on the field.
    But my deeper conscience would like Aldon to learn an important lesson by being kept away from football for the rest of the season.

    Quite the conundrum (sorry, I’m a big Seinfeld fan) lol.

    1. how do you see it as a conflict of interest? Maybe politically unwise but a conflict of interest? I don’t see it. They didn’t contaminate the crime season or jeopardize the investigation in anyway (as far as I know) and Aldon is still facing criminal charges.

      1. Those criminal charges came a few days after the head of the Sheriff’s dept made statements that Aldon was the victim in his house party incident.

        Who is calling the shots here?
        If Sheriff Smith is in charge she needs to have her facts in order before stating that Aldon was a victim.

        This entire episode is looking very muddied at the moment and Sheriff Smith is looking incompetent at best.

      2. we don’t know the full story. for all we know (and it’s probably more likely than negligence by the Sheriff) that after the initial incident, the story told to the police was that Aldon was the victim (he was stabbed after all). Further investigation brought out the gun charges. I find that more plausible at this point vs. assuming negligence and incompetence.

    1. Colts seemed to move the ball well.
      If the Niners go 2 TE most of the game, I think they will have an advantage.
      I don’t buy the fact that the Niners can’t beat the Seahawks in Seattle. I think it comes down to coaching, not players.
      Maybe Harbaugh is being sly and sneaking and saving stuff because it’s really now about what the team does in the Playoffs.
      Russell Wilson gets hurt and that’s all she wrote for them! He just runs around and scrambles, that’s his offense. Without that, they have no scheme at all.

      1. Disagree. Russel Wilson was 8-19 for 142 yards versus the Niners. He was sacked 3 times and ran an offense that converted 30% of their 3rd downs. Any QB can do that.
        It’s not about them, it’s about what we didn’t do. The coaches had a piss poor game plan. Our defense came to play. But the entire team was extremely undisciplined. We had 12 penalties for 121 yards. Two of them on critical 3rd downs in which we had stopped the Seahawks. We gave that game away….

      2. Fansince i do’nt think its impossible for the 9ers to win in seattle but the technologically invented noise advantage makes it very very very dificult with the current seattle defensive line and nothing Harbaugh does can change that. Did you see any of the interviews with players after the game where KC set the new sound record 3 or 4 players said it was no problem dealing with the noise at arrowhead it was’nt near as bad as seattle. Ai’nt technology great?

      3. The Niners are going to have to do something drastic in order to be able to communicate in Seattle. So far the Niners call in plays from the sideline, then Kaep calls the play, then lines them up, then reads the defense, then audibles/or doesn’t…winds the clock down and then starts the play.

        It’s too complex and doesn’t work in Seattle. I know they’ve added some hand signals and stuff but it’s not enough.

        They need to simplify the offense enough to make Kaep a field general.

        3 run plays (dive/iso, power and counter)
        3 play action plays (off of the run plays)
        3 passing plays (with Kaep being able to go to the Shotgun formation if he chooses based).

        Use all hand signals and have Miller, McDonald and #3 WR ready to move in and out and have them plug in to the same routes. So anyone of them can come in and run a flat or wheel route or a stick route for example depending on the play.

        You could have the coaches on the sideline signal (by hand) run, pass or play action. Kaep signals (by hand) the play to the offense. He then can “audible” via hand signals to one of the other plays if necessary

    2. 2013

      Week 3 (vs. Jags)

      Cecil Shorts – 8 Rec, 143 Yards, 0 TDs

      Week 4 (@ Texans)

      Andre Johnson – 9 Rec, 110 Yards, 0 TDs

      Week 5 (@ Colts)

      T.Y. Hilton – 5 Rec, 140 Yards, 2 TDs

    3. 2012

      Week 6 (vs NE)
      Wes Welker – 10 Rec, 138 Yards, 1 TD

      Week 8 (@ Detroit)
      Titus Young – 9 Rec, 100 Yards, 2 TDs

      Week 12 (@ Miami)
      Davone Bess – 7 Rec, 129 Yards, 0 TDs

      Week 13 (@ Chicago)
      Brandon Marshall – 10 Rec, 165 Yards, 0 TDs

      Week 15 (@Buffalo)
      Steve Johnson – 8 Rec, 115 Yards, 1 TD

    4. Only 2 100 yard receivers at home. Last year they didn’t allow a 100 yard receiver until week 6. This year, they are up to 3 so far.

      What is the height of these wideouts you ask? Well… (Per

      Wes Welker – 5’9

      T.Y. Hilton – 5’9

      Davone Bess – 5’10

      Titus Young – 5’11

      Cecil Shorts – 6’0

      Steve Johnson – 6’2

      Andre Johnson – 6’3

      Brandon Marshall – 6’4

    5. The Seahawks met Larry Fitzgerald twice last year, although the QB situation was awful, but one of those was in Week 1, when the Cardinals were looking great. Seahawks did face Calvin Johnson when they played the lions. Dez was there when they faced the Cowboys. Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson were both on the field against the Pack. Although they typically spread the ball around. Same with the Patriots, who had Hernandez, Gronk, Lloyd, and Welker.

  8. Ok this is just bunch of bs! leave it to the coporate sponsored media to focus on matters that are not that important and fail to cover other topics of urgency that impacts our country such as healthcare, education, environment, our road infrastructure, US manufacturing and importations which translates in jobs here in the US.

    Did Aldon Smith receive preferential treatment? yes maybe he did but so what! is there a investigative report looking into every politician, high profile individual or person in power being treated differently! This is such as joke.
    As far as the Sheriff Smith acting inappropriately, Aldon Smith was involve in a fundraising event with other 49ers so i do not understand how that may impact the investigation as long as the department followed the process and conducted their investigation which it appears they did thats why he has charges against him. But if Aldon was concealing banded weapons why would he give the cops willingly permission to search his house and did not attempt to destroy the weapons!

    1. For what two weeks? Lol they have no other receivers. Double him and they aren’t any better than they are now. Their defense wins them games.

    2. You’re kidding right? One hit and he’ll get a migraine and be out for the season. The guy is scamming the system, that’s why the Vikings dumped him…

      1. i hope you are right! as much as i do not like to wish injury for any player i just do not like the Seahawks. The problem is there schedule is also very favorable and the only good team they are going to play is the saints at home and the niners on the road. I guess its a long season and anything can happen. Go Niners

    3. I would like to change that to… Man the Niners are going to be scary when they get Manningham, Crabs, and Aldon back.

      Come’on Chicago, don’t buy the hype!

      Instead of throwing Skittles to Lynch, the SEA fans should throw Excedrin at Harvin.

  9. “A high profile person receives preferential treatment after breaking the law? How shocking!” Sean said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

  10. I’m wondering how Aldon is keeping in shape at his current residence. I don’t imagine there is a killer weight room in rehab.

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