Santa Clara PD considering boycott of 49ers games due to Kaepernick

Check out the latest chapter in the Colin Kaepernick saga. The Santa Clara Police might refuse to work 49ers games until the team “takes action against” Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem and his socks with pig cops on them. To read more, click here.

Seems like one giant distraction that won’t help the team or go away.

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    1. I disagree, Moses. These guys are supposed to be professionals, and this kind of whining is anything but. I’ve seen cops stand up and be professionals in the face of MUCH more egregious behavior on the part of citizens…in fact, I’ve been amazed at how well they’ve restrained themselves, when I’d have been inclined to pop a guy in the mouth. This is disappointing.

    2. Kaepernick related – the Santa Clara PD threat to boycott…why isn’t anyone screaming foul about this in the media? You got a professional force suggesting they are so bent out of shape by Kaepernick’s comments that they would forego their sworn obligation to the public and abandon their post as 70,000 people/tax payers amass in one place. They apparently aren’t as concerned about safety or intoxication or property, as they are about their offended egos. I find this this sensitivity and discernment concerning. They are supposed to be above the fray, cooler headed, and professional. Their priority of pride over public welfare is unconscionable. Not a proud moment for the blue.

      1. It is a volunteer gig, though not volunteer pay. If they want to forego a few extra $ to make some point, it’s their call. I’m sure there are plenty of other bay area law enforcement professionals that will jump at the chance.

  1. My comment from the other thread:

    I guess the pledge “to protect and to serve” only applies to those who agree with you politically? What kind of banana republic do these cops think they are in?

    Kaep’s points are becoming more and more crystal clear.

      1. So you think they should be “voluntold” to work these games? It’s pretty hypocritical to support ck7s right to sit, but force these officers to volunteer or lose their jobs…men with families.

        I don’t know you but I don’t think that is what you want to happen…and I don’t think you would want to be forced to volunteer for extra work or lose your job. Someone will fill the slots, the 49ers and. NFL have the obligation to make sure fans are safe. There’s also private security.

  2. SCPD just embarrassed themselves, and should never be allowed to step inside Levi Stadium again.There are plenty of other cops around the area who would love to be able to watch a football game while being paid.

    1. Never??? That’s pretty emotional and childish…

      Why are they supposed to do this? Colin can protest, but they can’t counter-protest? That’s the height of hypocrisy…But your second point is spot in…they will find someone else to do this. Why do you think it is SCPDs responsibility to provide security? What about the 49ers and the NFL?

  3. Not sure if this has been posted before and maybe nobody cares, just found it interesting.

    From Rotoworld:

    Lions waived OG Brandon Thomas.
    Detroit acquired Thomas from the 49ers in exchange for Jeremy Kerley less than a week ago. One of the 49ers many ACL rehab picks, the 2014 third-rounder has yet to play a regular-season game. He could end up on the practice squad.

  4. Hail JPN!
    In my on-going effort to receive legal counsel without actually paying for it, would you care to weigh in on the Santa Clara POAs legal options on this?
    Is a boycott by sworn officers legal? (Blue flu is just a dodge)
    Would the team be able to demand police services from the City, and make it their problem?
    If a corporation (Niners) is a “person”, can they invoke Equal Protection?
    You see the kind of goofy stuff running through my mind; you could quash such foolishness and naïveté with some straight scoop.

        1. Brotha, it’s a responsibility they volunteered for and were rewarded with. Now it seems they want to commit a form of blackmail….

          1. I’m going thru this in my plodding way…. It may be that SCPD is responsible (not optional) for everything outside the venue, like traffic, and the team is responsible for inside, like at a concert. In that case the cops would just be exercising their discretion of whether to volunteer. That’s quite different, and I could accept that, even though it’s coals to Newcastle.

            1. Responsibility comes with the signing of a contract. If they entered into a contract to take care of the security inside, they need to honor it without threats….

    1. I have spoken with the SCPD…. they are willing to continue as volunteer police enforcement at the venue… as long as they can exorcise their first amendment rights and wear socks with black folks and watermelons on them.

      You don’t have a problem with that… because you love that constitution right?

      1. No, no, there are plenty of other cops who would jump at the chance to see a football game while being paid. The SCPD just made themselves personna non grata.

      2. Outrageous! You got a “professional” police force suggesting they are so bent out of shape by Kaepernick’s comments that they would forego their sworn obligation to the public and abandon their post as 70,000 people/tax payers amass in one place. They apparently aren’t as concerned about safety or intoxication or property, as they are about their offended egos. I find this this sensitivity and discernment concerning. They are supposed to be above the fray, cooler headed, and professional. Their priority of pride over public welfare is unconscionable. Not a proud moment for the blue team.

  5. Criminals/lawbreakers need the police as much as the ordinary citizen. Want proof, I will give you proof, the guy that killed my wife over three years ago is damn lucky there is police and jails, and I am too, as I would be in jail for breaking every bone in his worthless piece of —- body. You all want anarchy, I say bring it on, I can take care of myself just fine don’t need police or jails or courts. So you all think they are worthless so be it.

    Some of you are a piece of —- and your mommies need to turn you over her knee and give you a good whooping. But I am sure these same people would run to the police screaming at the top of their lungs help, help my mommy spanked me.

    Why would you want the police at the football game. After all they shoot just because of the color of your skin, they are untrained, they have an agenda, they love blood in the streets. So tell me again why you want the police at the games?

    1. I am sorry for loss undercenter. Having been a part of this blog for over 10 years I never knew and I respect your honesty in sharin
      I couldnt begin to imagine your adversity. I am sorry for your loss.

    2. My condolences, Undercenter. For the record, responsible police officers sworn to serve and protect are not my enemies. The effort to weed out the bad apples should in no way be considered a pathway to Anarchy….

      1. Under, I am truly sorry your loss. I cant imagine what would happen if I lost my better half.

        With your pain, you can call me anything you want, Just know, My mother did spank me, but I still loved her with all my heart.

        1. I got the belt. Had to drop my drawers with hands on the bed, while I heard the jingle jangle of the belt buckle as my dad made his way down the hall to my room. Meanwhile, my butt tingled with nervous apprehension of the pain to come my way….

        2. Seb, you should know by now I don’t do the name calling thing, I avoid conflict and for the most part I am peace loving guy that sometimes gets his dander up. My apologies.

          1. I totally understand your pain and can understand why you are lashing out.
            It is cathartic, and I gracefully will accept your lashes if it makes you feel better.

            No need to apologize, I have thick skin.

            You post came from the heart, and that is why I like this site so much. Look forward to more of your posts.

        3. Not enough. Anyone who is enamored with a QB after very mediocre play like that deserves to be spanked.

          Seb, its been so long since you have seen a really good QB in the red and gold, you have forgotten what it looks like.

      2. Razor true that, and of course there are bad in all walks of life, and that has to weeded out. Just wanted to make it clear there are two sides to a tale.

      3. No disrespect to you or your wife undercenter, sorry for your loss.

        However, Razor said it beautifully.

        I’m pretty sure you are grossly misstating, and distorting what most of our positions on this forum are. I think we all agree that most men and women in law enforcement are fine, upstanding people who are not racist and don’t have any agenda other than to do treat people fairly and do their jobs to serve and protect.

        However, there is an increasing number of bad apples who abuse their positions in law enforcement, and who do have an racist agenda. And the unfortunate reality is that there is a “blue wall of silence”, or code within law enforcement that protects the bad caps who should be removed from duty.

        Regardless, those in law enforcement are supposed to serve and protect everyone equally, regardless of politics. And I think most officers agree that it’s not up to them to decide which citizens are worthy of their pledge to serve and protect, especially since Colin is a law abiding, taxpaying citizen who is simply expressing his own personal views, of which are protected by his constitutional rights.

        1. 49reasons – “I’m pretty sure you are grossly misstating, and distorting what most of our positions on this forum are.”

          That ‘may’ be true, I didn’t use an absolute term. The term I used was “some in here”, which is different from Kaep which didn’t use the term ‘some’ police he lumped them all together and then walked back on it. And no I don’t find it disrespectful to me or my wife for your comment far from it. My point being people were being inclusive instead of stating, a ‘few’ of our police really suck big time, which would be a truer statement. It comes down to this a few in all walks of life screw it up for all of us. I understand and respect Kaep’s point of view I just don’t like how he went about it.

          1. I agree. Kaep, while being passionate about justice, did paint a large brush, and I am glad he clarified and walked back from his statements.

            Even though I could be called the most ardent fan of Kaep on this site, I was furious that he was disrespectful and thought it was misplaced anger and misguided strategies.

            Glad he knelt instead of sat. That showed that he was listening and was adaptable.

    3. >>After all they shoot just because of the color of your skin, they are untrained, they have an agenda, they love blood in the streets.

      Other than your mis-characterization, no one has actually said that.

      1. Rib – the first two are absolute true statements and were said. The third one is implied and the fourth one my mistake – Just got pissed my apologies.

    4. Really sorry to hear of your loss, Under.
      BTW, if I had been on your jury, you’d have never seen the inside of a cell. The phrase that comes to mind is “justifiable homicide”.

  6. Such hypocritical views here. If the player was to have views that differed from your own, you’d support the boycott. The NFL is a private corporation. Scpd has no legal responsibility to work sf events. They are paid as independent contractors just like the medical staff at games.
    I am just tired of the charade.

    1. Protect and serve maybe?
      Whenever there is a crowd over a certain number, it’s mandatory to provide security. Yes it could be private security, but when the public safety is involved, like at big events it is mandatory nowadays to have police presence. That’s why you have to pull a permit.
      Oh and the cops don’t work for free at 49er events….

      1. They’re not indentured servants!! I doubt you would work an OT gig where your profession was disrespected. Why is it that so many ppl insist that police show them respect (which they should) but REFUSE to show police respect in return? Respect is a two-way street. Cops take enough crap during their 40 hour work week. Don’t blame them for bowing out.

  7. What a bunch of cry babies and whiners. “we wont do our job if you criticize us ‘

    Let’s be clear, you are Government employees paid by tax dollars. You will do your jobs.

  8. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch 2m2 minutes ago
    I’m hearing, via my common sense, that the #49ers will be investigating just-released WRs after final roster cuts.

  9. Crap is just raising a stink because he is losing his job on the field and has no friends on the team. Classic 8 year old response. He even sounds like one with that high pitched nasal whine. I’ll be SOOOO happy to see the last of him. It’s probably worth writing off the $12 million he scammed with the phony injuries he went shopping for in Colorado so the team couldn’t cut him in April.

    1. Kaep had already lost his job, but is in a competition to win it back. All those non friends should not have been embracing and shaking his hand during the game. At 8 years, his biological mother told him she did not want to see him anymore, so he had every right to be upset.

      Kaep went to Colorado to get the knife removed from his back. He deserves every penny of that 12 mil.

  10. The Vikings gave up a 2017 first-rounder and a 2018 fourth rounder for Sam Bradford. Wow!

    Think the Vikes would have made an offer for CK if the anthem protest never happened?
    If so, what would the compensation be?
    Think Norv turner can get the best out of Bradford?

    I think the cut down deadline’s 1pm.

  11. So the real question is WHY do we play the national anthem at the beginning of the game?
    This isn’t the national team representing US.
    Some countries come to mind who do the same thing; N-Korea, Cuba, Russia, China.

  12. I was thrown for a loop at the cops as pigs socks because it generalized that all police office were bad. This is the one area of Kap’ protest that I don’t agree with.

    You can’t assert the all police officers are bad. I have a relative that was unmercifully beaten by 4 police officers over 40 yrs ago over mistaken identity. To this day my cousin is crippled in one leg. Btw, the person the PD was looking for was caught at an address that was similar to my cousins.
    After years of legal action taken by my cousin (and family) for police brutality and wrongful arrest, the issue was settled – but needless to say, it was far from what the family felt was fair.

    Yet, to this day I view this incident as a few bad police officers that took the opportunity to overstep their authority. I don’t have this view of all police.

    And this is where Kap’ socks presentation went off the grid in my opinion. His NA protest has merit for me, his representation of all police officers not so much.
    Kap has made his point regarding the NA on a national level, he doesn’t need to throw darts at the police dept.
    Now, I believe that CK may be overstepping his protest.

    1. I had cops break down my door when they saw that I was clearly about to open it. Then I had one of those cops allow his german shepherd to bite me because he said I resisted arrest when I fully complied….

    2. The message is…

      Treating all blacks like criminals is bad….


      Treating all police as racist pigs… is good.

      Its about equality and freedom from oppression… for their select group.

  13. Hallelujah, Lemonier is cut! It’s about frickin time!

    Sorry to see Garrison Smith cut, I sure hope he clears waivers an ends up back on PS.

  14. Cut- potential niner signing-history w Gabbert:
    #18 Cecil Shorts III
    Houston Texans2016 Record: 0-0
    Rec RcYd RcTD
    42 484 2
    2015 HOU 42 484 2
    2014 JAX 53 557 1
    2013 JAX 66 777 3
    2012 JAX 55 979 7
    2011 JAX 2 30 1
    TOT 6 yrs 218 2827 14
    MORE +
    Vikings acquire QB Bradford in trade with Eagles

  15. So these guys have to go in and hang around the facility waiting to see if they’re called into Kelly’s office? Brutal day, even for the survivors.

  16. Adam Caplan ‏@caplannfl 1m1 minute ago
    From 4 pm ET Saturday until 12 pm ET Sunday there’s a roster freeze. Once 12 pm ET Sunday hits, teams can make roster moves.

  17. Police aren’t indentured servants. They have the right to protest in their free time just like anyone else. Don’t blame them one bit.

      1. I’m sure they’d rather spend their off-hours hanging with their families/friends than watching Mr. Piggy Socks preen for the world media.

  18. OLB Ahmad Brooks
    OLB Eli Harold
    OLB Tank Carradine
    OLB Marcus Rush

    Rush is not only going to make the team but probably will see plenty of snaps. At least for the first 4 games.

  19. Cuts so far…

    Colin Kelly – Maiocco

    Kelvin Taylor, Je’Ron Hamm, Shayne Skov – Branch

    Demetrius Cherry – Barrows

    Garrison Smith – his agent. (Mildly surprised. Does it mean Dorsey’s ready for game one?)

    Corey Lemonier – Schefter (Church bells ring throughout the 49er kingdom)

    Ryan Whalen – Matt Maiocco.

    BJ McBryde – Barrows.

    Note: Aaron Lynch suspension the first four games opens a roster spot.

    1. Ian Rapoport – Sounds like the 49ers will keep QB Christian Ponder as their third quarterback. His audition worked well.

      1. Maiocco – Sounds like Michael Wilhoite and Bruce Miller have good chances of making it. Wilhoite has flexibility to play both ILB positions.

        Schefter – Broncos are releasing QB Mark Sanchez, per source.

        1. Treggs cut. Another good PS move.

          Note: Jeff Deeny – “CK gets Kaepernick gets $125,000 per game in roster bonuses if he is on the active 46.”

          One minute remaining…

    1. When I had Knicks season tickets, at 2:05 left in the quarter everyone in our row would yell “HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT?”. The PA announcer would dutifully announce “two minutes” ;)

  20. Is there any reason Grants not tracking the cuts? Does he really believe that we would rather read these stale CK\political stories or is he just forcing his point of view down our throats?

          1. Prime, guess you are now condoning rape. Guess you think that his sentence was fair because a harsher sentence might ‘ruin his life’.

            You turn my stomach.

    1. Isn’t that the quarterback that Hammer said would lead the Broncos into their 2016 campaign? Does anyone in their right mind think Chip Kelly will go get the butt fumbler? BigP? TomD? Prime? Jack?

  21. Cam Inman – 49er QBs on initial 53-man roster (per league source): Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick, Christian Ponder

    Its official. The 49ers will carry 3 QBs

    1. Good chance one of the teams “best two quarterbacks” will not suit up for 46 man rosters because of his $125K weekly roster bonus (and long term injury risk)

      CK 2016 = RG3 2015?

    1. Its almost 1:30. One would think the 49ers or NFL would release a list at this point.

      Not making a prediction, but it might go something like…
      Marcus Cromartie – Cut
      Prince Charles Iworah – Cut to PS
      Alex Balducci – Cut to PS (or Marcus Martin – Cut)
      Norman Price – Cut
      John Theus – Cut to PS
      Smelter – IR or Redmond – IR

        1. I like Goff. My one reservation was Kelly goes through NFL QBs like Spinal Tap goes through drummers, so why use a high draft pick on one?

          Overall I’m still a Goff hopeful (except when he plays the 49ers)

  22. Kaepernick is a 49er and should be afforded the support that any other member of the team deserves. Let’s focus on protecting Gabbert against that defensive front of the Rams, and making them regret not keeping their 3rd string quarterback(Goff-Teehee) active on game day….

  23. Niners Nation Retweeted
    James Brady ‏@JamesBradySBN 1m1 minute ago
    Marcus Rush outworked the guys he played against, which were mostly 3rd-stringers. But lack of true arsenal of pass-rushing moves hurt him.

  24. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 2m2 minutes ago
    #49ers acquired WR Rod Streater and an undisclosed draft pick from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick.

  25. Cuts Official

    Dres Anderson
    Alex Balducci
    Devon Cajuste
    Demetrius Cherry
    Fahn Cooper
    Je’Ron Hamm
    DuJuan Harris
    Prince Charle Iworah
    Colin Kelly
    Corey Lemonier
    BJ McBryde
    Norman Price
    Marcus Rush
    Shayne Skov
    Garrison Smith
    Kelvin Taylor
    Bryce Treggs
    Ryan Whalen
    DeAndrew White

    1. Inman – Cut from 49er draft class: Cooper (5th), Driskel (6th), Taylor (6th) Iworah (7th)

      I’m assuming they will be PS or claimed.

      1. So angry about Draughn over Harris. Idiotic comes to mind. Draughn is a midling, below average RB at best!

        Willhoite…..Seriously? Streater and Kerley are decent pickups, but I don’t get this roster, at all.

        3W-13L best case scenario

  26. My take away from the Niner’s roster cut’s is 3 fold:

    1) The Niners aren’t hoping to be at all competitive this season.

    2) I can now say I have flipped on Baalke, he’s clearly got no clue what he’s doing!

    3) This team is going 2-14, 3-13 at best

  27. NinersWire Chris Biderman:

    The decision to go with three running backs is a surprise. Carlos Hyde missed nine games last season with a stress fracture in his foot and is in the concussion protocol entering Week 1. Kelly said Hyde is on track to play. But only keeping three means the 49ers are one injury away from having to go outside the roster to find a replacement. Rookie sixth-round pick Kelvin Taylor and DuJuan Harris were released.

    The 49ers were not expected to keep five inside linebackers. Wilhoite, Hodges, Armstrong and Bellore all made the team. It’s a versatile group that has a bunch of special teamers. But it’s also redundant. San Francisco typically keeps four inside backers.

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