Santa Clara Police arrest four in connection with Monday night’s assault at Levi’s Stadium

The Santa Clara Police Department just announced they’ve arrested four people in connection with an assault outside Levi’s Stadium Monday night.

The suspects allegedly beat a Minnesota Vikings fan while he was on the ground after the game. The assault was videotaped and posted to facebook.

Here’s a statement from the 49ers: “The San Francisco 49ers organization commends the Santa Clara Police Department for quickly identifying and apprehending the four alleged assailants involved in Monday night’s incident.

“During the investigation we learned that one of the assailants was identified as a 49ers season ticket member. As a result of his behavior, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority is terminating the individual’s Stadium Builders License and the 49ers are revoking his season tickets.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to fostering a safe end enjoyable environment at Levi’s Stadium for all visitors and remind fans that behavior like this will not be tolerated.”

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    1. These four should absolutely be charged. That said, I think the Vikings fan should be charged as well (misdemeanor disturbing the peace) if there’s evidence that he instigated his own beatdown.

      Being violently victimized in the act of trying to incite violence doesn’t negate the fact you were trying incite violence. And I’ve read multiple accounts that this fella was begging for a fight.

      The only way to curb fan violence is making ALL responsible parties (to include instigators) accountable.

    2. I agree about charging those involved, but I don’t feel sorry for that guy. Pushes his wife into a barricade to get at a niner fan and the niner fan turns and walks away and the viking fan turns to a crowd that has stopped to watch and says “any of you f..kers want some?”. Sorry, no sympathy from me.

  1. Grant

    When are you and Pop headed off to Pennsylvania?

    Inquiring minds would like to get a little color from one or both of you about the Steel City and its environs, a la Nola a few years back!!!

  2. To all you naysayers out there, here are the names of the 3 “adult” suspects:

    Felix Chavira
    Juan Arias
    Eric Martinez

    Add them to the growing list … the Machismo just keeps benefitting our melting pot. Yay for Machismo!!!

      1. Tim

        Not racist. Latino in-laws. Hate Machismo. Worst aspect of the culture. Predominant though. Leads to violence. Unfortunate. Every recent, reported 49ers-related attack perpetrated by Latinos. Fact.

      2. Somebody posts an opinion that differs from yours, and you refer to him as a ‘racist A-hole’….the facts are the facts…bury your head in the political correct sand if you want to…..E is 100% correct with his assertion

    1. Finally!!…somebody brings the problem to light….the city council in Santa Clara is conidering as ban on beer sales after halftime? Are you kidding me? With the prices the 49ers are charging for tickets, resepctable fans shouldnt be punished because a few “macho, tough guys” cant function like normall humans after drinking…..unfortunately, with the massive change in demographics, this incident could become more of the norm, than isolated…

    1. He shoved his own wife into a barricade to get a 9er fan he was talking trash with…. At which point the 9er fan just turned and walked away. Then the viking fan turned to the crowd that had gathered to watch the incident and he said something along the lines of “whats up? Any of you f..kers want some?”

      A good friend of mine saw the whole thing.

      1. Well if that’s the case. Then he got what he asked for…. Literally! Never got these type of guys that wear the other teams jersey and walk around with their chest out waiting for a fight

  3. I was there. The 49ers Stadium exit plan was 90% responsible for this. This happened exiting Gate C. There are 2 bridges that fans use exiting Levi’s across the creek. They are 50 to 70 ft wide each. Last year fans crossed the creek and exited unobstructed to the parking lot. You could exit as fast as you could walk. Now the 49ers have blocked the exit causing the fans to funnel through a small fenced corridor maybe 20-25 feet wide. The fans get compressed together sometimes not even moving, Fans are bumping and jostling getting very frustrated. About a dozen parking people are there on the left guarding the portapotty’s from the fans. It takes 10-15 minutes instead of 2 to get out over the creek into the parking lot. Yes this was bad behavior and indefensible, but the 49ers mismanagement provided the spark.

    1. Yes this was bad behavior and indefensible but the 49ers mismanagement provided the spark.
      Then stop defending it.

      1. Maybe the situation wasn’t ideal but you can’t suggest that one thing led to another and then say you aren’t giving the offending party a defense for what happened. How many other people had to move through that tight area but yet they somehow managed to not lose their temper and beat the crap out of someone else. Seems like these 4 people were the problem not the area in which they were put in.

    2. I even emailed my 49ers contact Brandon Lohman on Tuesday but he has not responded to date. The 49ers should make it easter to exit not harder just to protect their portapotty’s from being used after the game. It absolutely makes no sense. What if the Niners had lost and more fans were angry?

        1. its totally relevant. Its just another aspect of that crappy stadium that was not thought through. 70,000 ppl being dangerously funneled through small openings!?!?


          how about being responsible as an organization and allowing your guest to use all the amenity’s we are paying top dollar for ( when did a restroom even become an amenity). Allowing security to make sure guests are secure, not imitation toilets. and doing everything in your power to ensure your guest have a comfortable experience that lasts until they get into their car. Not funneling us through small openings like plebs who have just been fleeced for all their cash??

          And as for the fight, i dont know about you but that belligerent,dangerous, aggressive Vikings fan looked about 6’5 350. Someone like that, threatening me and my family or friends in a confined space with no security around…… lets just say i have absolutely no sympathy for that great big dope and hope he faces charges for starting the whole thing!

          Were all hardwired with the fight or flight instinct when threatened…..flight was out of the question thanks to Jed York caring more about his porta-potty’s than his customers.

    3. Seriously? 49ers management? That is ridiculous. If you need a perfect exit plan to stop you from kicking someone in the face while he is on all fours you have serious problems.

      1. He has a point to a degree. Leaving the stadium with half of the place drunk and pumped up raises the potential trouble up 10 notches. Especially when you’re trying to get home and being shoved, feet stepped on, ear yelled in and touched. Last year was free flowing in the way out. Don’t know why they would do that.

      2. Most fans are normal people who come to the games to enjoy the experience. But there are some aggressive drunken fans by the end of the game. If the 49ers choose to compress them during exiting then then assaults are more likely. It’s a little like putting pit bulls in a ring. The result is amplified.

    4. Louis,
      You are correct in terms of “critical crowd densities.” Studies have shown CCD is a common characteristic of crowd “disasters.” In general, CCD is approached when floor space per standing person is reduced to approximately five and a half square feet. Adding other social factors such as alcohol, drugs, venue environment, even the emotional affect of black uniforms, may produce forces impossible for people in crowds to resist (think mob mentality). Crowd control is a universal component of special event planning in particular for large venues. Managing crowds to prevent potential harm to patrons should be a major concern for site control officials.

      1. Thank you. I am glad to get the conversation started about this change the 49ers made since last year. This was the first game of the season with a normal attendance and there was an immediate result to the Niners new exit priorities.

    1. Lol imagine how visitors would feel about coming back if they had to wait to leave the park due to home fans who “may” act stupid.

  4. Haven’t been lucky enough to see the new stadium in person. Can someone please explain why the hell they have port a pottys in a billion dollar ( or whatever it cost) stadium.

    1. I haven’t seen any inside the stadium. The access to the restrooms is far better than candlestick. If you’re talking outside, remember a lot of the lots aren’t owned by them. They are private lots from surrounding businesses. I’m sure they don’t want to get out of their old Benz and smell urine while going to work.

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