Scott Tolzien deserves better than to leave on a fade route

Here is my Wednesday column.

Scott Tolzien is no longer a 49er. He deserves a proper goodbye.

The 49ers’ third-string quarterback the past two seasons got cut on Monday. He was a terrific quarterback at the University of Wisconsin, the Johnny Unitas Award winner in 2010, but no team drafted him after his senior season. His arm wasn’t strong enough for the NFL then, it isn’t strong enough now and his playing career probably is over.

He was around since Jim Harbaugh’s first season in San Francisco, and Tolzien watched everything on the field. Sometimes he sat on a stool in front of his locker and observed the rest of the players buzz around the locker room, like a writer.

His first year in the NFL was 2011, and that was my first season on the beat. We were both 23. Tolzien and I were in the same place yet we were in opposite universes.

Tolzien seemed to view things with the removed fascination. And that allowed him to be ambassador for the media and the fans. Any time I had a question about practice or meetings or coaches or teammates or opponents, I had to interview Tolzien. He wasn’t the only player I’d go to, but he had the widest perspective and he was earnest. He wanted you to understand his answer to your question. It meant something to him. I’m sure he was a great A.P. Biology partner in high school.

If it wasn’t for Tolzien, you wouldn’t know what makes 49ers’ quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst good: “He’s got a great vision for it,” Tolzien said. “Sometimes coaches may not have a good feel for what the quarterback is seeing, the progression. But I think he has an awesome feel for it.”

And if it wasn’t for Tolzien, you wouldn’t know how Harbaugh delegates the offensive game-planning: “For the most part, Coach [Greg] Roman does the run game,” said Tolzien, “[Wide receivers] Coach [Johnnie] Morton does the pass game and [quarterbacks] Coach [Geep] Chryst takes the red zone.”

Tolzien says he wants to be a coach when he’s done playing, and he may make an excellent coach. Or, he may become an accountant – he was an intern at Merrill Lynch in 2010 and 2011. Or, he may become an umpire – he was a little league ump in high school: “It was tough for those kids to throw strikes,” said Tolzien. “You had to keep your composure with the coaches always barking.”

I can’t imagine Tolzien losing his composure. When he gets worked up, he says “well, shoot.”

In honor of Tolzien, let’s recap the top-three moments of his NFL career:

1. Sept. 1, 2011. As a member of the Chargers, Tolzien completes16 of 23 passes for 226 yards and a touchdown against the 49ers’ third- and fourth-string defenses in a preseason game. After the game, the Chargers cut Tolzien and the 49ers pick him up. Tolzien makes the 49ers’ final roster as an undrafted free agent.

2. Dec. 16, 2012. The 49ers activate Tolzien for their Week 15 Sunday night game in New England, the third and final time Tolzien is active for an NFL game. He doesn’t play, but he is the only player who warms up in shorts and a T-shirt during the freezing rain. Respect.

3. Aug. 10, 2012. Tolzien completes 10 of 13 passes for 84 yards against the Vikings’ backup defense in a preseason game. After the game, Donte Whitner calls Tolzien “Baby Drew Brees.”

A few days later, we were at Candlestick Park and Fanfest had just ended. Tolzien was holding his helmet in one hand and answering questions on the side of the field. I was wearing a giant Tilley hat to protect my neck and face from the sun. Remember the Tilley hat.

I asked Tolzien how he felt about the comparison with Brees. “I’m happy for it,” he said, “but I’ve got a long ways to go before I’m Drew Brees.”

So, I said: “You said you’re not Drew Brees yet. When will you be Drew Brees?” Teasing him a little bit.

“Man, I’ve got a ways to go,” Tolzien said, shaking his head, completely serious still. “But you try to make the most of each day. I’m not big into setting real specific goals. I think really if you just focus on every day – and I know that’s the oldest cliché in the book — but it really is true. Day 1 of camp means just as much as Day 17 of camp. If you really try to focus on each and every one of those days, long-term … ”

“You’ll be Drew Brees,” I said.

Tolzien shook his head again and laughed. “No, I’m not going to say that. I’m nowhere near Drew Brees.”

He turned to walk away and then he said, “Nice safari hat.”

I deserved that one.

I’ll remember Tolzien as one of the good guys. I’ll remember him as an unsung hero, part of the necessary supporting cast to Colin Kaepernick and the other big stars. I’ll remember him fondly as I remember Ricky Jean-Francois and Blake Costanzo, and when Anthony Dixon leaves, I’ll remember him the same way.

Goodbye, Scott Tolzien.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. Hope someone picks him up. He has great vision and a quick release. Always thought he had more promise than Smith…

  2. Loved the guy when he was with the team and wish him nothing bur the absolute best. I agree that he would make an excellent coach and wouldn’t mind seeing Harbaugh bringing him in some form to help mentor him to becoming one.

  3. You could argue he didn’t really get that fair a shake this preseason. First two games he looked bad, but so did Colt McCoy. He didn’t get any time in the third game. BJ Daniels looked good, but he played inferior competition. Tolzein ended up sort of not having a level playing field for either the #2 or #3 spot. On the other hand he did have the advantage of knowing the playbook better.

    1. You can also say the team has had two full seasons and another training camp to see what he can do. It looks like they knew what he could do.

    2. Are you kidding me! he did not get a fair chance! He was lucky to have the opportunity to be on a NFL roster for a few years based on not much talent or performance! his performance last season was not great and he was extremely lucky to make the team while J Johnson was cut. I wish Scott the best but do not feel sorry for him since there are so many other athletes that never even get a chance to have the opportunity to be on a pro sport team. Scott will not make it at the NFL level as a QB, he does not have a strong arm or the athletic ability and after a few years of being in the same offense he also did not have the mojo. Sorry for being transparent but there is nothing to sugar coat about Scott T. Wish you the best Scott

      1. The two games he played in this preseason he was under siege due to terrible o-line play and he was throwing to receivers hoping to make the team. He was also trying to throw to AJ Jenkins to see what he could do. I don’t know, he wasn’t great but neither was Colt McCoy. I doubt Tolzein is that much worse than McCoy. But if the team burnt a draft pick getting you, they are more likely to keep you around.

      2. I am not a colt McCoy fan and not sure if he is going to be productive or not however his mobility is more suitable for this offense. As far as your comment about OL and wide outs, you either have the mojo or you do not have it. I guess that’s why the coaching staff get paid to make that decision.

  4. I thought your column was a classy thing for you to do. It would have been very easy to close the book on him as just another wannabe. I thought he deserved more and I respect you for your eleguent words.

    1. T.Brock is not out of it just yet. He’s been hurt, he needs to stay healthy and have a big game Thursday to win the job.

      1. Do you believe he’s outplayed Nnamdi so far?
        I think NA has been the quiet assassin this whole ore season. If Brock can beat his play out I’m all for it. Ill admit I called Nnamdi starting when they signed him and kinda want the untold you so label. Lol but if Brock is the best choice from the coaches ill trust them and roll with it. Either way I think our secondary questions will be answered with players starting and balling like the 11 defense did.

      2. T.Brock might not have the pedigree Nnamdi does but he will bring way more to the table. He plays tough, good tackler, young and plays special teams.

        I like Nnamdi and you can never have enough corners. But comparing the two, the upside is bigger for Brock because he does more. The only problem is he needs to stay healthy. He might have won the job over Culliver last year if not for injury. Same thing might happen this year. Tonight will should end the debate.

      3. No doubt he’s a talent. But if he’s getting beat out by Nnamdi I think this year is more important than the future of the secondary. With the NFC west having fast receivers we need the best on the field. I also believe Nnamdi will move to Rogers spot at sometime this season. I think he is a better slot cover than Rogers. Let the competition begin. 10 days away. Wheeeeew!

      4. I don’t think Nnamdi is better in the slot because 9 out of 10 times you can get called for PI or holding and that’s Nnamdi’s game, press coverage and hold. He is better situated on the outside where he can press at the line and use his long arms and be physical and push guys. In the slot you have to be quick and get off or it’s an immediate flag.
        Brock can play inside and out. He is quick and not afraid to tackle. Jump balls might be a problem but what corner in the NFL does not have this problem.

      5. From what I’ve been reading is that Nnamdi has excelled in 7-7 drills and have covered the slot and jumped routes for deflections and int’s this whole training camp. You would think the receivers you want to press are the fast ones. It’s my guess and that’s why I said sometime in the season not right away. If he shows what he’s been showing in camp and Rogers continues to struggle it may happen. Ill tell you this, this will be the position battle ill be watching tonight closely. Should be a good one.

  5. Thanks Grant. Its nice to hear about the positive side of the relationship between the players and media. Its something that gets forgotten most of the time.

  6. Merril Lynch aren’t accountants. They’re investment bankers.

    I’d be surprised if a team running a flavor of the WCO doesn’t give him a call at some point during the season as an emergency 3rd stringer. I wonder if he’d consider playing up north or in the arena league?

  7. I’d kinda like to see Scott end up playing for Andy Reid …
    I mean … for Tolzien to be backing up Alex again would probably
    be a good thing for him

    1. Tolzein does not have a strong arm and he is not a great downfield passer. Andy Reid likes the long ball. Tolzein does not fit the bill. Neither does his starting QB.

      1. And like clock work look at what at what you say. Last night you are all about redemption, and not 12 hours later, same garbage.
        In not sure what your deal is,but dude, you are miserable, seek help!

  8. MWNiner,
    I was thinking along the same lines. KC would be a good fit for Tolz.
    Tolz is a drop-back QB and that was his misfortune here because of the leanings of the read-option.

    Tolz is a heady football player who could provide a team with a good option as a #3 QB who could possibly work his way to a #2.
    In the final analysis, I don’t see Tolzien ever becoming a #1 QB, and that may be his downfall.
    But having said that, I still would like to see Tolz get a chance with another team.

    1. If he ends up in KC, he would be injured in the first game he is on the field due to the OL quality as well as the lack of the mobility.

  9. In your life you meet and interact with people. Sometimes a connection really takes. You don’t need to be cruzin buds to mutually respect. Thanks for sharing that. So now will Scot caddy for you? ; >)

  10. His release is just reminder of how totally business like and brutal it is trying to make and stay on an NFL team. One day you’re in your uniform and part of the team – part of the guys. The next day it can be over in the snap of a finger and often no one except you and your friends and family really cares. Thanks for the well deserved goodbye to Mr Tolzien. Best of luck to the young man.

  11. And now it’s down to three, for two spots. Who will make it? I still think there is a chance colt gets traded. Wallace seems more dynamic.

    1. They may keep all of them and BJ could play special teams and slash everything. However, if they cut one, I vote for Seneca Wallace. He’s good for a series here or there, but not even consistent through a full game. I’d rather roll the dice with BJ.

  12. Big time kudos to you, Mr Cohn, for illuminating what a class act and thoughtful fellow Tolzien really is. Once again, that’s the kind of color a faraway fan just can’t get from the usual sources. You do the Press Democrat proud.

  13. This is an outstanding column, Grant. One of the best I’ve read, and I think I’ve read them all. Although I’m mostly sure the 49ers are done with Tolzien, I’m not 100% sure. He can join the PS, and they may do this (if he’s not picked up) in case Kaep goes down and Colt sucks (and he will). BJ can’t be a short-term solution, only long-term when he knows the play book better. The 49ers may want Tolzien since he knows the play book so well. They may want him to hang around. And Wallace? Well… I hope not.

  14. Grant:

    Thanks for giving us a look behind the curtain/inside the locker room. That kind of insight is very much appreciated.

  15. Excellent column. Someone with a life (and a future) outside of pro sports. Even if he does not select accounting for a career, the fact that he has interned with Merrill Lynch tells us this:

    Mr. Tolzien’s net worth in 10 or 20 years will dwarf that of the vast majority of the players who invest another few seasons in pro football. I hope that many high school coaches will read this column. Perhaps they will urge their athletes to study hard, commit to graduating from college, and then consider the NFL. Again, a terrific piece on a thinking man.

  16. Good read. You’re rounding into shape just as the season approaches. Tolzein’s highest value to us was as Alex’ backup. He could mimic the progression and ball security detail that was smith’s hallmark. He wasn’t going to get a reprieve like he did last year with Josh Johnson. McCoy has a high ceiling. Another 6 months with Harbaugh and he’ll be a quality, but not dominant QB.

  17. Grant… Pointing out the parallels between you and Scott Tolzien may not be the wisest career move! He got cut for under performance.

  18. Good read Grant.
    Now if you could do a similar story about ‘Coach’, you’d be set for life!
    Remember Har-Har has a wicked sense of humor!

  19. What about Parys? I think he deserves a good farewell too. He was one of the.longest tenured 49ers and have us his all through the not-so-good days. This guy represented all that it meant to be a niner and is a niner through and through. He was not our best player but he gave us his all and I don’t think he’s getting respect.

  20. Really liked this column, Grant. Thanks. Like many others here, I wish Scott Tolzien nothing but the best. He deserved this kind of a farewell article.

  21. Is he not still eligible for the practice squad? It would be nice to somehow keep him around. With Collin being the starter, I understand why Harbaugh decided on backups that are more proficient running the option. Running QBs are all the rage right now. I don’t see this long term as this seems to happen ever decade then fizzles.

  22. This is the second of two good articles I read today. Though both were interesting, I needed this one after the earlier one. The featured individuals represent the polar extremes of players and the cards they are dwelt in this business called a game.

    On the one hand you had Aron Hernandez. He would break every societal rule in life and yet those serious troubles would be conveniently ignored and overlooked time and time again. He did not deserve to have all that talent to be morbidly misused.

    Scott Tolzien does deserve to have it. With his work ethic, dedication and good nature (what is a good antonym to sociopath?) he could have put such gifts to far better ends.
    Still one can see from this article that Scott has what is important in life and I am going to guess that those qualities will serve him well as a successful NFL coach someday. Mean while as Scott is starting to write his next chapter, that other character in that other article just wrote his last.

  23. Hey remember when Kap haters (where are they now) suggested that Tolzien should be the backup instead of Kap? Remember that? lol!!

    The creme rises to the top. And the sh! falls to the bottom

  24. If Harbaugh would have thought that Tolzien had a handle in the playbook they would not have brought in McCoy in the spring. McCoy doesn’t have a strong arm and he certainly doesn’t know the playbook the way Tolzien does…but I think the coaches didn’t feel that Tolzien could handle the back up duties. In this league you only get so many chances. This was Tolzien’s chance…and he didn’t show up when he had to. Good luck to him…

      1. Jack, I get the sense that in this preseason they are testing him for an expanded role. Maybe they are worrying a bit about Gore’s sustainability. What do you think? I think the kid could do it and do it well.

      2. This was about Dixon? Oops!

        They seem to be doing the same thing with him as last year George. He’s been a core special team guy, and used in short yardage/goalline situations. I see them using him again in those roles this season.

      3. The reason I suspect this is because they have been using him to sustain drives and to catch coming out of the backfield. I don’t recall that in previous preseasons. What I remember is their testing him in 3rd and short and 4th and short situations. Could be wrong, of course.

      4. And he’s been superb so far. I particularly remember his leap over the defensive front by the goal line. I think the kid is now the player they hoped for when they drafted him.

  25. I was shocked as well as others how scott regressed. He didn’t seem competitive. But he’ll move on to the next thing, next team coaching whatever. Bill Walsh was not a great player. Sports is good that way, it’s pure and clean, unlike politics where people listen to bs, promises and excuses like mindless sheep, you perform or don’t. Case in point aj Jenkins , he may be the first wr drafted in the first round to never have a completed pass. ( don’t count fumble) who cares about his potential ( really got to wo der what baalke was thinking about on this debacle) Patton has already caught 2 passes and a td, Baldwin has caught 4 passes, that makes them better than aj’s 2 years. Sure on paper a fast little guy could expose seattles CBS but who cares how fast you are if you can’t get off the Los? If sports were politics we would have a team of manny Lawson’s, kent wan balmer s and drunkenmiller s. in real life, it’s the people who walk the talk that make it, not the ones who talk.

  26. I’m sure he’ll get a shot somewhere to compete for a back-up role. I never really saw his weak arm as that much of an issue. Look, if Shaun Hill can make it as long as he did in this league than obviously arm strength isn’t everything.

    I would have liked to see him with the starters out there to see what he was really capable of.

  27. Nice column Grant, your the only reporter that would dedicate a entire column to Tolzein and he should be thanking you I would consider him lucky.

    1. Thanks for the link Mid West. One correction to Barrow’s article. BJDaniels is PS eligible. Maybe he meant to say that BJ is as good as not eligible since he will never arrive there.

    2. Matt Barrow’s starting point to this article is that coaches have made up there minds on the roster before this last presea game. He uses last year’s Johnson vs Tolzien battle for that third spot as an example. Taking it for what its worth, Harbaugh said they were in a dead heat going into that game. Johnson more than won the battle with a far superior performance in that game but Tolz got the 3rd spot anyway.

      First I don’t agree with that general assumption. But secondly this example to me says that there is a lesson here that when it is that close, coaches should be relying heavily on that final performance. Many of you have been talking about how good Josh Johnson has been doing this year. We know how Tolzien did.
      Here is hoping they don’t repeat history with this year’s up and comer Daniels…….unless he has a gawd awful game tonight.

    1. Do you have a link Razor or were you part of the coaches meetings this morning and can share some insider information?

      1. Ahead in the competiton because Brock has been nursing an injury, but Vic never confirmed Nnamdi has won the job just yet. I think tonight will.

      2. Its all over the internet, Namdi won the job, according to Vangio himself! All who thought Namdi was washed up and would not make the team, give it up! Or even better, get on here and eat some crow!

      3. Jshaw i’ll be more than happy to eat crow but not untill about week 5. If he is still playing well by then i will happily dine.

      4. Old Coach, are you still holding on to the hope that you get to say “i told you so”??? Well it my turn, not yours.
        I love this website, but one thing i do not love about it:
        All the pessimist and the often pessimistic tone it takes on. Everyone was lining up to call Namdi a “bum” and say how he was “washed up”. Not many thought he would make the team, let alone contribute. He made it, he will contribute, he’s not washed up! Pride is a powerful thing, and its dangerous to underestimate another mans pride!

      5. Hammer if I may retort Shaws question.
        From what I’ve been reading Nnamdi has been shutting down corners in camp. Whether or not culliver was injured wouldn’t have anything to do with it IF these stories are true and he is shining in camp.

        On another note. Are their fans that don’t want Nnamdi to start? I remember I was happy they signed him and said he would start and got a little flack.
        Do some of the doubters think he is what he was last season?

      6. I’m sure these stats didn’t hurt NA as well:

        In three exhibition games, Asomugha has allowed one catch for five yards in 39 snaps in pass coverage, according to Pro Football Focus. Quarterbacks have tossed four passes in his direction and have a 39.6 passer rating when targeting him.

      7. ESPN just reported Nnamdi has won the 3rd CB job. Too bad for my man T.Brock but he will be needed against the more pass happy teams we play this year and on special teams.

      8. Grant, that should be an interesting match-up with Givins. But in that game, I think how well all the 49ers DB’s do will depend on the pass-rush. That, and if the Rams can’t get a running game going without Jackson and Bradford is forced to pass, the 49er defense may allow the underneath stuff that will give the Rams WR’s stats, but not allow the big plays. Givins and Austin could have big days in total yardage, but not in yards per catch. And hopefully no TD’s.

      9. Around 3:30am Lemmy and I were dumping the Godfather’s trash cans on our route, when here comes Vic running up with a late bag…I asked, “How’s Nnamdi doing”? He replied, “He’s part of the family now”.

    2. JShaw i absolutley hope i was wrong. Saying i told you so carries no weight with me. If i was wrong means the team is better i will revel in my wrongness.

      1. Hahahah, I love you jack! As soon as i posted my comment i thought of our conversation regarding rookies, how you used that excuse for rookies getting playing time
        Jack Hammer says” Miller and Culliver only started as rookies because the guys ahead of them got hurt”.
        I wondered how long it would take for you to insert that point here.

        Yes, im sure it helped. As far as their careers: Namdi has had a good one (better than Cully), and Cully has had a good 2 years. If they were neck and neck….i can see Cully getting the nod because he is younger.
        I think Perish Cox is a player though, better than Brock.

        Grant! you covered A.J Jenkins for over a year correct??? How did he get off the LOS against bigger stronger CB’s???? He didnt!!!! That is my answer for your question of how i think Namdi will do against the St. Louis smurfy WR’s. Remember: with our pass rush back to dominant…..we only have to cover these guys for 3-4 seconds…and if it takes them 2-3 to get off the LOS………im just saying

      2. Grant, in case you dont like my answer… i have another one for you:
        How about we move Brown to the slot and let Namdi cover the bigger slower WR on the outside?
        You know, like we did with Cully.

      3. Culliver never started as a rookie.

        “i can see Cully getting the nod because he is younger.”

        I tend to agree, so why should anyone eat crow?

      4. jshaw – I asked Grant about Brown playing slot a few months ago and a couple of weeks ago Fangio said Brown will play the slot behind Rogers. I think they need Brown badly to play the slot. He is fast and can lock down. He doesnt have size but that isn’t as big as a concern. Thinking ahead for next year it is possible the 9ers cut Rogers (or at least get him to lower his cap hit) and Nnamdi will probably be gone. Culliver will be back but after a bad knee surgery. Who is going to play corner for the 9ers opposite Culliver? Cooper? They will probably draft a guy but Whitner will probably be gone too so they will have to draft a SS too. I say have Brown play the slot and let Rogers and Nnamdi play outside. Resign Brown so he can continue being the slot DB.

      5. Jack, im not gonna argue with you about Cully’s role as a rookie. I know he didnt start (he only played over %50 of the snaps, in the nickle) (and he only got on the field due to injury, right jack). Even if CC didnt get hurt, i still think Namdi would be on this team. As for the eating of crow….. a few of you are man enough to admit you were wrong, but there were a whole lot more people on here bashing Namdi and saying how his career was over! The guy was garbage and didnt deserve a roster spot on any team in the NFL and bla bla bla! With the amount of criticism the guy faced, you would have thought we were trying to give a roster spot to Lex Luthor or somthing! And now all is quiet, except for a few of us regulars.

      6. Dude, you make some good points. I was personally rooting for Namdi…to replace Rogers and his $5mill salary. I also could see Brown sliding into the slot on nickle and dime packages. Im not sure if he sometimes does or if its always CR. Brown seems perfect for that role. I totally agree that Whitner is gone next year ( unless they get him to reduce that salary waayyyyy down). As for re-singing Brown, i think the Niners have extended everyone they REALLY REALLY want to not named Kap, Aldon ,Iupati and Crabbtree, and therefore, have excepted the fact, that outside of those 4 superstars, they will be letting free-agents walk and be replacing them via the draft. But with that said, i wouldnt be shocked if they worked something out with Brown. Her are a couple of scenarios:
        They decide that they are not gonna pay Iupati (gaurd is not traditionally a position you pay great sums of $ to) or Crabtree (one half of one good year is not a sufficient track record for giving a guy $7-$12 mill a year!

        Or, if Brown takes a “home town discount” and re-sings for around 4-6 mill a year and not the $8+ mill a year i think he could get on the open market.

        Anyway, if he walks….we will replace him with a cheaper rookie, likely a high first rounder that we would have to trade up for.
        The exact same scenario that saw Goldson leave and Ried enter.

      7. But Asomugha hasn’t proven any of the doubters wrong yet. Even you point out that he might be behind Culliver had the injury not occurred.

        Let it play out before telling everyone they are wrong and need to eat crow. I hope this isn’t a case of premature jocularity on your part. The team needs him to play well.

      8. We know Kaep and Aldon are going to be extended for sure. That leaves Iupati and Crabtree. Most likely one will be signed but they could get both or neither. Either way Whitner is in his last year and they aren’t going to pay Rogers 6-7 mil next year. That means they have Culliver, Brock (I assume they will tender him), Cox (tendered), and Cooper as corners. Reid, Dahl and depending on roster cuts Robinson and Thomas at safety. It’s probable their first two picks will be a safety and a corner in next years draft (depending on free agent signings). Who feels comfortable with a second year player (Reid), a guy coming off an ACL tear and first time starting (Culliver), and probably 2 rookies starting in the secondary? I really don’t and I haven’t quite seen anything from Brock or Cox to say they will be great. Secondary might be scary, in a bad way, next year.

      9. Your twisting my words jack, if cully never got hurt, i think Carlos Rogers would be gone at $5 mill a year, leaving Brown , Cully, Namdi and Cox as the top 4 CB’s. Namdi still at # 3.

        I guess my real point is this:
        we are a really good team now, and talented guys want to play here for peanuts, because the Bay Area is a GREAT place to live. And this team gives any player the best shot to win a SB ring. This is about as good as it gets for us fans (except for a parade down Market every year). So instead of being skeptical and critical of guys that want to come here, we should give them a chance and support them.

        This is a far cry from the 2000′s when are own free agents couldnt get out of here fast enough. Nobody was re-singing, giving home town discounts, re-structuring or taking one red cent less than they could get elsewhere. Some guys wouldnt come here even if we offered the most cash! Now people, with talent, are lining up to come here for less or restructuring to stay! Enjoy it! Even you Jack, you old grump!

      10. Jack Hammer says:
        August 29, 2013 at 12:31 pm
        But Asomugha hasn’t proven any of the doubters wrong yet. Even you point out that he might be behind Culliver had the injury not occurred.

        This is where some on here’s head gets bigger than the coaching staffs. With the players on the roster they have, why would you doubt the coaches wouldn’t put the best player out there? Jack in all seriousness… Do you really believe you know more than the 49ers front office and coaches?

      11. NinerMD, of course he does, your a veteran of this website. You know how big Jacks head is!lol.

        Dude, i agree with pretty much everything you said, but here is the wild card:
        How well Ried plays this year! What if he is the DROY? What if he REALLY makes us miss Goldson, or likely somewhere in between. I could honestly see Whitner taking a huge pay cut and staying……for the exact reason you pointed out: Who wants to see 2 rookies starting in the secondary? If we are forced to star 2 rookies: i’ll bet their both early first rounders! Next year we will, once again, have way more draft picks that roster spots up for grabs.

      12. I hope Reid plays good enough to get DROY but I don’t care much for the award, it’s mostly a popular vote instead of actual play. I expect Reid to play good, he will show signs of being a rookie but will also make great plays and hits. After year two I think he will be just as good as Goldson ways, if not better. My bet is the front office will sign a veteran at either corner or safety at a discounted rate, like they did with Rogers or Whitner and see how that works while they develop the two rookies they draft in the secondary.

      13. jshaw,

        Got it, so in that scenario they keep Brown , Cully, Nnamdi, Cox, and Brock. Who out of that group covers the slot? Brown, Culliver, Asomugha, and Brock are almost exclusively outside guys, Brown has done it a little. That leaves Cox as the only experienced inside guy.

        I know there was a lot of chatter in the media and among fans about Rogers being cut, but they don’t have a good slot guy to replace him. I don’t think that was ever a realistic possibility.

        As for your call for blind support, that’s your choice. Some like to come to their own conclusions. It will play itself out as the years goes on. If Asomugha plays well then the doubters should step up and acknowledge it.

      14. md,

        Try keeping up with the conversation. No one said they were smarter than the coaching staff, or even disagreed on Asomugha being named the #3 corner. It was about Culliver and Asomugha, and jshaw, said, ” If they were neck and neck….i can see Cully getting the nod because he is younger.”

        We are talking in hypotheticals because Culliver was injured, and how might things had played out differently.

      15. Dude, i totally agree that instead of starting 2 rookies in the secondary ( CB, SS)next year, its more likely they will sing a low cost free agent or even have someone (rogers, whitner) re-structure and take a pay cut. That seems to be the theme around her right now ( kudos to the front office)!

        As for me mentioning Ried and the DROY award, you are right on there too. It is kind of a popularity contest, and thats why i think he has a great shot.
        No one is more popular than the 49ers right now, that defense is the best in the league and he will be starting on it from day one. The team is primed for a long play-off run and will be on all the highlight reels. As for on the field intangibles: playing safety, he will be primed to make more tackles than anyone except inside linebackers, and he will have a chance to have as many pass-break-ups and interceptions as any CB. Outside of sacks, he will be filling up the stat sheets. I think its his to loose. As long as he’s not on sportscenter getting beat deep every week…..and unless one of these unexceptional pass rushers gets it together and records 12 or more sacks ….!??

  28. Interesting tweet. Where is Lockette going to have a home? Has anybody heard news about this?

    Ricardo Lockette‏@RicardoLockette
    Excited about this upcoming season glad I will have a home as of Sunday

      1. Just found this from Barrows. He seems to think it might be the Bears.

        Matt Barrows @mattbarrows
        My guess is that former #49ers WR Ricardo Lockette winds up with the #Bears, who could use someone with his wheels.

      2. I was checking Bear’s news and saw that Earl Bennett, WR, may be on the trading block, plus he has not come back from a concussion he suffered Aug. 2nd. Signing Lockette could be insurance until both issues are resolved with Bennett.

  29. In an attempt to make two 10 team leagues rather then a single 20 team league a second Quest4Six league has been started. We need 9 people from the original league to drop and join the second one.

    Here is the second league info:

    League id: 1938178
    Pass: blogleague
    name: Quest4Six part Deux

    There is also a blog weekly pick’em game:
    Open to anyone although you must use your blog name.

    1. As I said yesterday, whoever in my league wants to leave my league and join Coffee’s is free to do so, just as long as we both get nine participants each. We need to try and get this done before September 3 or it won’t be able to happen on my end at least.

      1. That’s cool Msclemon. We just need some of the participants to choose either mine or Coffee’s league so that things will be smoother.

  30. You’re lame grant. He got outplayed last year by josh Johnson and outplayed this year by a weak colt McCoy and rookie bj Daniels. I honestly don’t know how that bum Tolzein stuck around this long to begin with. As always grants picks turn out to be the suckyest

    1. Hightop – Marecic has hands like Delaney Walker but he does everything else well. How good can you be if Cleveland cuts you though? One of my brothers is a Browns fan…..he suffers year after year. That was his take on Marecic not mine. I’ve never heard of him.

    1. Brotha, yeah, the Rim fire is far south of me. I’m in the northern sierras. We did get some smoke from the fire near Oroville, but nothing like we had last August when there were several fires nearby. But, it looks like we may be canceling the trip to my wife’s friend this weekend who lives near Yosemite. Was looking forward to that.

    2. We have had three straight weeks of smoke in the Reno, NV area from Northern California fires. The smoke the first week was mainly from the American fire east of Auburn, CA. The smoke from the American fire was moderately heavy.

      The last two weeks we have endured heavy smoke from the Rim fire. The smoke from that fire is blowing northeast over the Sierra, right into the Reno area (see . Today was a good day – the Air Quality Index (AQI) was merely Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups rather than Unhealthy (for everyone), as it has been for over a week. The smoke has been thick enough that on most days during the last two weeks, we have not been able to see the Sierras to the west, and the closest of them is less than seven miles from my house.

    1. MidWest – How many of those 4,500 former players were unsuccessful financially after football career ended?
      BTW, did you notice the babes at the bottom of the article? :)…..I’m having a difficult time discussing pre-season football. Everything is so over analyzed. It’s getting boring. We need REAL games to start. Sept 8th is near!

      1. Probably quite a few Crab. To me I think that the league were given the Manziel treatment. Nothing will truly be resolved until the league discloses what they knew about this problem and take accountability for it. Forcing ESPN to back out of a partnership with Frontlines on a concussion documentary is proof of their lack of taking responsibility here.

  31. From ESPN

    10 plays that most improved our chances of winning through the regular season the playoffs in 2012.

    1. NFC Championship at Atlanta
    4th and 4, 1:13 left in 4th Quarter
    NaVorro Bowman breaks up pass intended for Roddy White

    With the Atlanta Falcons driving for a potential go-ahead touchdown, the 49ers’ defense makes the biggest play of their season to essentially lock up a trip to New Orleans. Bowman’s pass breakup resulted in a turnover on downs.

    49ers’ win probablility pre-play: 65.9%; post-play: 97.4% (+31.5%)

    2. Week 12 at New Orleans
    2nd and 10, 0:31 left in 2nd Quarter
    Ahmad Brooks intercepts Drew Brees and returns it for a touchdown

    Already trailing by a touchdown with the New Orleans Saints nearing field-goal range to potentially take a two-score lead into the locker room for halftime, Brooks picks off Brees’ pass intended for Jimmy Graham and goes 50 yards for a tying touchdown.

    49ers’ win probability pre-play: 18.4%; post-play: 47.0% (+28.6%)

    3. Week 10 vs. St. Louis
    Kickoff with 8:40 left in 4th Quarter
    Darcel McBath recovers fumble on kickoff return

    Just after the 49ers had cut a 17-7 deficit to 17-14, they forced a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Tramaine Brock knocked the ball loose from the St. Louis Rams’ return man, Isaiah Pead, and McBath picked it up and returned it to the Rams’ 20. One play later, Frank Gore took it the rest of the way to give San Francisco a 21-17 lead in a game that would ultimately end in a tie.

    49ers’ win probability pre-play: 31.3%; post-play: 57.1% (+25.5%)

    The rest of the 49ers’ top 10:

    4. Colin Kaepernick’s 50-yard scramble with 2:28 left sets up a game-tying FG vs. the Rams in Week 13 (+23.8%).

    5. Kaepernick’s 56-yard TD run vs. the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Playoffs (+19.8%).

    6. A 38-yard TD pass from Kaepernick to Michael Crabtree breaks a 31-31 tie at New England in Week 15 (+18.8).

    7. Kaepernick’s 49-yard pass to Crabtree swings the division-clincher vs the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 (+17.1%).

    8. C.J. Spillman recovers Marcus Thigpen’s muffed punt in a Week 14 win over the Miami Dolphins (+17.0%).

    9. Aldon Smith recovers Falcons’ fumbled snap in the NFC Championship Game (+15.6%).

    10. Donte Whitner returns an interception for a touchdown to give the 49ers the winning points against the Saints in Week 12 (+14.2%).

    1. Cue the comments saying the Alex scramble leading to his concussion should have made this list…

      It would have been a much more relevant article if the Niners had won the SB. As it is, it’s a trip down memory lane to a place no one wants to go back to.

      I look forward to ESPN’s same article after this season when the Niners win the SB.

  32. Grant, this is just another indication of how biased your writing is. I guess if you personally like the player, he should be given special consideration. You obviously didn’t like A.J. Jenkins from the first day because you wanted Coby Fleener. So you set out on a mission to tear him down every chance you got. Why should the 49ers organization give special treatment to Tolzien? He was paid the whole time he was here wasn’t he. Do the players give the 49ers and their fans anything when they leave the team for more money as a free agent? This is a business and your personal take on these matters make you less of a professional writer and more of a fan. Where have you been for the last twenty years? Better become current with the times and the modern day athlete. All parties concerned are only looking out for their own self-interest, the same way you do when you write you blog. When it comes to parting ways the pendulum swings both ways.

    1. Try to separate how you feel about Grant (and how he reacted to the AJJ pick) and take the article for what it is: wishing Tolzien ( a human being) well. The cuts from 90 to 53 will create a farewell to 37 players. A writer can’t write 37 stories. Grant chose not to be cynical and dismiss all 37. He picked the one that he was most familiar with.

      1. Is he going to wish every player that gets cut well? Why not wish Haralson well? Or better yet, wish those undrafted rookies or injured guys who never had a chance well, because in reality their professional career in the NFL is truly over. 3rd string qbs find a way to latch on here and there. I’ll bet you see Tolzien signed on to another team before the end September.

        Also, Tolzien made slightly under 1 million dollars for his 2 seasons with the 49ers. 1 million dollars to do nothing more than practice and watch…in 2 years. We should all be so lucky.

  33. Sorry but ST doesn’t “deserve” squat. He is not one of the best 53 players, end of story. By all accounts he’s a great guy but the NFL is about earning a spot based on performance not entitlement.

  34. Grant is just upset because Tolzien was one of the only people at the Santa Clara Headquarters who would still talk to him. ;)
    Harbaugh should have kept Josh Johnson instead of Tolzien last year,since Johnson outplayed Tolzien by a wide margin.

  35. Watching Seahawks pre game and these guys are talking like the team like they are going to go 16-0. I love when teams get all this hype and then crumble under the pressure. Week 2 can’t wait!

  36. With our pass rush and a knowledgeable safety over top, Nnamdi is a starter outside, and a good one. I’m seeing some of the 2011 Carlos Rogers(maybe its the money) and improved play from Brock and Cox. TBrown is solid and may even be better covering the slot than Rogers. 2 good rookies in the barn. CB is no longer a liability.

  37. I just read your article on Scott. You are dead on except for the part of his career probably being over. Great job and thank you for recognizing what a truly good guy he is.

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