Scout Rob Rang breaks down 49ers’ draft

In just a few days, we’ll be into the rookie mini-camp and then OTAs, and soon enough the NFL draft – which arrived with more fanfare than ever this year – will be an afterthought.

Before we let it go completely, I wanted to solicit the opinion of a legitimate draft-watcher. Rob Rang, head evaluator for, is a guy I’ve relied on in the past for honest, insightful analysis. I talked to Rob today and checked off his opinions of the 49ers’ maneuvers over the three days of the draft.


Overall, Rob really liked what Trent Baalke and company did last week. “Top to bottom, I thought it was one of the more solid drafts by any team in the league.”

His one sour note was the 49ers’ trading a fourth-round pick to Denver to move up two spots from No. 13 to No. 11 in the first round. “It was very aggressive, but I thought it was very unlikely that Anthony Davis required moving up,” Rang said.

To be fair to the Niners, I spoke to a college scout from a different team recently, and he argued that it’s unrealistic to think you know exactly when a player is going to go. His point: If you really want a guy, go after him. This NFL scout said it may be just 10 minutes between two first-round picks, but if the player you want is still on the board, those will be the longest 10 minutes of your life.

Next: the 49ers’ first round.

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