Why the Seahawks are destroying the Broncos

The Seahawks’ defense is closing the middle of the field and forcing Peyton Manning to throw outside. The Seahawks’ defense is doing this mostly by playing “robber” schemes — safeties in the alleys taking away the slants and short passes over the middle.

When Manning tries to throw outside, his two tackles — Chris Clark and Orlando Franklin — are giving up so much ground to the Seahawks’ two defensive ends — Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril — that Manning does not have a clear, unobstructed lane to throw.


Are you surprised?

  1. The Seahawks defensive line is pressuring the NFL’s golden boy into mistakes. Seattle is more physical than the Broncos. They are the Alpha dog and the Broncos have submitted. The Broncos know they have met their master just like 1989…..

    1. I don’t understand how anyone gave the finesse Denver team a chance against the physical brand of football played out west. Smh….

    2. Game was un-watchable. When Seatles Harvin returned the punt for a TD, game was over. Broncos coaches and players must have spent the two weeks prior to the game partying. The Broncos horse ran with of only two legs + one eye. Shame on AFC! Looks like NFC will rule the league at least during the next 5 years. Manning’s dream for Superbowl before retiring seems unrealistic at this time. He should have signed with the Niners.

  2. You must be surprised Grant, because this is third game in a row, that your predictions were wrong. That being said if Kaep threw the ball a foot further we would win the Super Bowl today, because like the Hawks we play physical football and Denver is a JOKE.


  3. Told you. Seattle had a strong opening gambit. Denver and Manning fell right into the trap. After that,its just Seattle taking Denver apart. If Carrol has any kind of end game,he should win by attrition alone.

      1. The NFC West Coast Division is far to none the hardest and most physical Division in the NFL. I’m a Hawks fan but the 9ers and Cardinals are in that line up of tough teams to beat and if you play any of them you better have your A game or you will be crushed.

  4. Since Baltimore and Pittsburg got old and are rebuilding there isn’t a top 5 d in the conference. Kc was good at the beginning then got dodged up and didn’t have the depth.

  5. We might as well start talking about the NFL draft and how this team is gonna address the secondary and making this offense better.

  6. Kaep’s performace doesn’t look so bad in light of this complete butt whipping. I wonder if Denver would take a “running” QB right about now.

  7. I can’t believe it. Ya’ll sound like Seahawks fans to me.

    I was rooting for the Broncos all the way.

    Not because I like them either but how could you even think of giving them Shehawks props.

    You local’s better tell Kap to watch some film and learn how to read defenses cause for now Seattle owns the NFC West.

    1. Dude i’m with you. Was pulling for Denver all the way. But reality eventually sets in. We were the only thing standing between those loudmouth, amateur bandwagonners and their first opportunity to brag on behalf of their team. In hindsight, Kaep is infinitely more equipped to take them diwn than any old-guard statue QB.

      1. That is absolutely what every Niner fan who talks about Kaep needs to understand. He is the only QB who can beat the Seaturds. Moreover if u listen to earl Thomas they know that too.

      1. why should the Whiners have won that game? The Seahawks spotted them 10 points, and then out muscled & outscored them 23 -7 the rest of the way. The 49er’s wouldnt have even been in that game at the end if the Seahawks hadn’t fumbled away a couple opportunitys in the 4th to blow the game wide open.

    1. Wilson seems more cerebral at this time, but his physical skills do not match Kaepernicks. One can be learned, the other can not. For Kaepernick, it’s one has a Super Bowl, and the other does not. It’s up to him to realize his potential or make himself comfortable in the backseat…

      Baalke better address the secondary day one with a move up for a Safety and day two with a Corner….

    2. Very true Jack, along with being a better man too. Kaep has shown he is quite a sore loser too. Russell has class and Kaep is Kaepless.

    3. There’s no comparison between Wilson and Kaepernick. Wilson is a far superior QB to Colin. Kaepernick is an athlete gifted with an amazing body but he’s not a particularly great QB. If Wilson had Kaepernicks body. forget about it. Wilson has vision and the ability to extend a play but then actually finish it. Kaepernick is a one read then run player much like Michael Vick. Kaepernick can extend plays but he cant always finish. The 49ers will be able to compete but will constantly fall short of expectations as long as Colin is the QB.

    4. Can we have some reality in our views here instead of the hyperbole that seems to take over so often?

      Wilson is not a way better QB than Kap and really is along the same lines in his development quite frankly. He is not a progression QB, he stares down where he’s going a lot of the time, and his biggest plays are a result of escaping the pocket and throwing to receivers who have broken off patterns.

      Wilson had little to do with that win yesterday as he was leading 29-0 12 seconds into the second half after having thrown for less than a 100 yards and failing twice from inside the redzone in getting TD’s.

      He’s a good young QB just like Kap, who benefits from a great defense and running game. He didn’t have to carry his team’s offense in the NFCCG like Kap, didn’t have to move his team down the field for a late score, didn’t really have to do anything over and above for much of this season because his team performed so well in all areas.

      1. I would put it this way:
        Colin Kaepernick has confidence and cockiness. A sense of bravado. He has a superior belief in his physical abilities. He can run it and throw it better than anyone who has ever played the game. That’s his mojo.

        Russell Wilson has moxie: He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He made critical 3rd down passes all game. He has more composure then Kaep. This is only his 2nd year. Although he did come from a more pro-style offense.

        Also, Kaep had veterans all around him, with Crabs, Vernon Davis and of course Boldin.

        Wilson is throwing to Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, and was still able to spared the ball around.

        Kaep focuses on the same guys all the time.

  8. Whats up niner fans missed you guys. I literally boycotted sports for the past two weeks. That nfc champ game had me thinking, Kap came in this year overthrowing his receivers, as the year went on he started underthrowing guys. Ppl complained about his arm strength, and i believe kap strted listening to the ppl. Even if u look at the packer game in the playoffs he underthrew that pass to davis. My thoughts on that game, we cant afford to keep Carlos Rodgers as the 3rd cb, we need a speed wr, utilize LMJ, stop running on 3rd and 8, and continue to be the badd ass Niners we are. Kap will continue to get better, he will have a better understanding of all his key playmakers (barring injury), Crab will comeback strong, we will take the seahawks rings next year IN the NFC HAMP GAME, go to Super Bowl 49 for a 49er victory in Levi Stadium in San Fransico. #Bust ass in the offseason

  9. Watching McCloughan’s current product on the field makes me believe that the ownership is truly what kept this team from doing anything.

    1. Mid West
      I believe that as soon as John (who IMO never gave a flying F about the 9ers) gave way to Jed things started to improve. Like the saying goes “fish rots from the top” and as soon as Denise took over and let John run the franchise things started to go south. Slow at first because we still had talent and leadership in key positions but as time went on and the team started to erode the process was sped up exponentialy. When we fired Mooch after a playoff victory citing wanting to be SB contenders it sent a clear message to the league “stay away from the 9ers and their FO dysfunction”. Thats how u end up with bums like erickson and unprovens like nolan and sing( they took the only job offered no matter how dysfunctional the owner was).
      Jed clearly cares. from the stadium funding, to the JH hire he is looking to bring the 9ers back to glory years not just turning a profit each season

      1. I get sick and tired of hearing about how bad Dennis Erickson was . Check the record…what was the niners record the season before his tenure, and what was it during his tenure. Dennis was and is a good coach.

      2. Well Oregon
        After going 10-6 and beating NYG in the wild card and loosing to eventual sb champs TB. We fired mooch and the honorable Erickson went 7-9 his first year and then slid to 2-14 his second year after which he was fired. Thats 9 wins in TWO years after mooch wasnt good enough winning 10 games in one. Ur probably a OSU fan and feel like you have to defend ur boy, thats fine but HE WAS AND IS A TERRIBLE NFL coach and his stint in Sea further supports it. I stand by my statement Erickson is terrible

  10. Because they draft better then us and have better coaching..We draft a jenkins, la Michael james, vane mcdonald, Eric Reid …bwahaahaha…They draft Chancellor Thomas Sherman Baldwin…It’s not even close and it’s not rocket science…oh nice clutch catch by Lockette..another ex niner..Harbaugh and Baalkes have their heads up each others but ts telling how good they are..We’ve been brainwashed..The lamest team on earth just dominated the superbowl..Meanwhile the Yorks will take your money for that lousy looking shack in the mud flags of Alviso and take all your money for a team that lives off of a reputation from 30 years ago..Niners will never be winners like we were ..Seattle is the new powerhouse dynasty..Niners will beg to leave here to play in Seattle as Harbaugh act has gotten old already..It’s all downhill from here boys! You will wait all off season and watch the draft just to get kicked in the nuts again…The Yorks get rich off you off of a question named Montana 25 years ago and you sit andbelieve while the Yorks snicker..TThey’re billionaires and we the pawns follow this lousy franchise loyally..Seahawks are the dynasty to be beat..They have the best home field advantage and we have levis stadium which will be quiet and full of yuppies from the south bay

    1. A bit of an exaggeration with the drafting. However, a valid point with the Stadium. I can’t seem to understand why the 49ers didn’t implement the sound design for home field advantage for Levis as well. Create the same issue for visiting teams and call it fair game…

      1. Do your really think the wine and cheese crowd will make much noise consistently? We have to have one of the quietest fan bases in the NFL not counting Jacksonville and their half full stadium.

    2. Should have built the stadium in San Francisco, just as Seattle did.

      Paul Allen > Jed York

      McCloughan > Trent Baalke

      Pete Carroll > Jim Harbaugh

      1. I’m thinking extra speed on offense with the drafting of one or two WRs plus a RB. As for the defense, BIG AND PHYSICAL, especially in the secondary. For example, Jean-Baptiste would not be my SS. He would the big CB that we need.

      2. Please get a running back who can run inside and outside. Right now the Defense sees that Gore is in and packs the middle knowing he cant run it outside… and if Hunter/James are in the defense defends the outside. I never understood drafting change of pace backs that limit your offensive capacity.

      3. We dont know how fast Lattimore is? He was thought to be a 4.6 guy before his last injury. I want him to do well and loved him in college but can anyone honestly know what we have in him?

      4. I like what I see in Simms, he seems like a good insurance plan to have. Might as well release James and let him go somewhere where he will be used.

  11. I would like to see Kaep work on his footwork, reading defenses, and progressions rather than speed training. I am pretty sure the upper body weight lifting diminished some of the arm flexibility and further hindered his accuracy.

    Niners need to address, secondary, and perhaps a more explosive return game. Field position can be key with a physical team like Seattle.

      1. Wilson really only makes one read his play calling is way better. Roman keeps the niners from doing anything. They need to learn to run a true west coast

      2. Peyton, Brees, Rogers….going through reads is important. Would you rather him lock onto his first progression? Or perhaps get it to a 2nd or 3rd option?

        And actual yes, Wilson does go through his progressions.

        Agreed that the Seahawks play calling is less predictable, uses deception, and plenty of mis-directions. Roman needs to go…

  12. The way I see it, if we had crabs the whole year, we win 2 more games and home field. We’re sitting here watching the 9ers whoop the broncos. No need to panic

    1. Having Crab the whole year still does not change the fact that Kap made some questionable decisions this year. Russell Wilson is a mobile Qb however, he seems to be more of a student of the game.

      Kap has raw talent that needs to be refined. Raw talent alone can get you to the big game but it can’t win the game and more importantly it cannot be sustained. As he gets older he will need his wits in order to survive.

      If you’re a 49ers fan and you’re older enough to remember the glory years. This is not where you want to be after a NFC Superbowl win.

      The 49ers and their fans get to watch the bully ride into the sunset with their lunch money

      And the girl.

      If you’re a true fan this one should hurt for a while.

      1. It’s only one game but it shows how much better the Seahawks are then the Niners. They have a more inventive coaching staff. They have younger players. They have a more mature QB who is a student of the game. He played a pretty good game. There was a stat line where he threw to 7 different receivers. When did we ever see that with Colin? Umm. never.
        They have a better front office. Look at all the draft busts we’ve had under Baalke. Jenkins, LMJ, MacDonald.
        I think this is a good thing.
        It will force Harbaugh to get better. The division was ours and now it’s not. Close doesn’t count. Carroll won the big one, just like he won a national championship.
        Just as the Niners forced teams to change in the NFC West, now so will the Seahawks.

      2. here we go again doom and gloom and bashing CK.

        Yes Seahawks also were better than Manning, Brees, Brady, Flacco, Romo, Rivers, Alex Smith and the remaining 31 teams.

        LOL, whatever fan. Yes Seahawks were better this year and please don’t let the door hit you when you move on to support your seahawks with a better organization.

        Man it must be so difficult to live with you! are you always the glass is half empty type of person? Sorry for disagreeing with your point of view but i am a 49er Homer and very proud of this organizations accomplishments for the past 3 years. NO regrets and hope for a great season next year. GO NINERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

      3. For the CK bashers, ya think the Broncos would have liked a weapon like CK in the superbowl? Now you understand what we have?
        My wish for next season. That the offensive minds see the value of integrating the RB’s into the passing game. Not necessarily screens, but also passes in the flat.

        That Kaepernick learn to scan the field more effectively and that he learn to play chess on the field.

        That Harbaugh actually learns something from Pete Carroll. To step on the accelerator and not ease up. The Hawks were up 4 scores and still playing off of play action. Harbaugh went into ball control mode and began his Jimmy Ray style offense with a 10 point lead. Game set match Carroll. Get better in this area next year Harbaugh.

      4. Bay, Ck has to use his weapons and make it less predictable by spreading the ball. Also, hopefully Jim will get more brave with play calling based on CKs comfort of the system. After watching the tail kick bowl i am sure we need speed in the offense in addition of VD.

      5. Chi
        Its not doom and gloom its reality. Sea is now the team to beat and we are chasing them as they are on top. You can “hope for a great season” all you want but what is being said here is that “hope” will not be enough, we will actually have to “improve” our talent and our strategy. Last year everyone (on the 9ers and us as fans) 0acted as if we WON the Sb instead of coming up 5 yards short. This led to the “keep doing what you are doing” strategy because “after all we were only 5 yards short and SHOULD have won etc etc” This led to the “redshirt draft” because how can you possibly expect a draft pick to crack this vaunted lineup. I hope tank and Latimore contribute in the future but getting nothing from them as well as a measly 8 catches from Vance was a problem.

  13. Can’t deny Russell Wilson his due. He is throwing lasers from the pocket as well as on the run and scrambling when needed. Looks like he is in his element.

  14. It’s good..It’s purple and has crystals all over it…It’s made me see reality..it must be from Washington state cause anything from Northern cali looks good but just let’s you down in the end..

    1. Its funny Broncos/Seahawks fans celebrated/mourned in the same exact fashion. I guess the real winner here is the junk food industry. Oh yeah and the citizens of Colorado and Washington

  15. I really hope that 2013 draft class can produce this coming season, the front office took some big chances on injured players. WR is obvious need on offense and secondary on defense. Any names out there you would like on this team that may have a chance of coming aboard?

  16. I hope Treat Baalkes is choking on his orders right now..we could have M Lee sitting right there in the draft and he’ll pick some receiver from Chabot college in the first round instead..

      1. He may even draft one from Hartnell College, Gavilan College, Monterey Peninsula College and De Anza College for good measure…

  17. You know the Broncos are bad when they can’t complete any passes with both Sherman and Thrumond III off the field.

  18. man I just cant watch this anymore. Ill just wait till this site starts talking about the draft. You guys have a lot of interesting things to say about it.

  19. Looks like you have to have a mobile QB to beat Seattle. 9ers have one. Look at how bad the old school QBs got dominated by Sesttle this year.Hopefully Kaep can develop more this off season.

    1. Exactly right, which begs the question, why do these people continue to sound ungrateful for the most lethal weapon in the National Football League….

      1. Because he has been lethal with his legs but inconsistent in the passing game. Blaming the Super Bowl loss on a timeout and saying that he would take the Sherman-Crabtree any day doesn’t help his cause either.

  20. Are we destined to be like the rams of the late 80′s? A very good team trapped in a division with a more dominant team? They have multiple runningbacks that can play every down, a plethora of great db’s, a very good young qb… a wide out who is game breaker when healthy (almost never)…
    Oh and they have the youngest roster to win a superbowl in history.

      1. I know they just won the Superbowl but dag don’t count us out before next season starts……………..lol.

        Contrary to the opinions of a few others were not the Rams. Were 49ers with only a hand full of free agents to sign for next season, everyone else is secured.

        I moved from the Bay area in “93″ to Kansas City and have suffered every since. The NFC west plays the AFC west next season and i plan on seeing two things. The Chiefs and Shehawks lose in Levi stadium.

        Save me a some tickets damn it.

        One more thing, in the past the impression of 49ers fans are that were cheese eating, wine drinking individuals who are incapable of displaying emotion during a game.

        I for one have never fit that description. Its time to get loud and vocal about who we are.

        Go hard or go home……………… 9ers for life.

      2. I like your fight Beast but I do wish it was more common in Niner fans. I only compared us to the rams because were going to be a good team for several years but the seahawks dont look like they are going to be slowing down any time soon and should be better next season.

        On the plus side we should have Tank, Lattimore, Culliver, and Ian Williams back next year… that should help a lot but wont help us offensively.

    1. I think the 49ers will be like the Raiders of the 70s… Super Bowl or not, they will consistently be one of the best teams in the NFL.

    2. Could be, but not likely … The difference is the Niners coaching staff and FO. My bold prediction is for the Niners to win the Super Bowl next year.

      Keep in mind that we weren’t expected to do much this year especially when Crabtree went down in training camp.

      1. Don’t think Harbaugh and Roman have what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Roman is a project and Harbaugh does not know how to finish. As Jack Nicholson one said ” This is as good as it gets”

  21. I can’t wait to see all the film jack hammer will have on missed receivers by manning. Of course that only applies to Kap.

  22. The NFC West stomps. No close 2nd when it comes to the best division in football. To make it more fun, the worst team (Rams) have two first round picks.

    1. Many of us deep down share the same doubt, NorCal. Hard to believe 3 whole seasons have gone by, each ending in excruciating fashion. 2014 will be telling.

    2. Yep, and a dumb Carlos Rodgers 4th down 35yd td allowed from us being in the dance. Seattle is not superior to us. A couple of bad plays from a win. The best of harbaugh n balkee is about even keel to carrol and Schneider. But for about 6 months they have bragging rights. Big Time

      1. Steele ..

        The Niners downfall this year wasn’t anything the team did .. to didn’t do …

        I believe it began with the bad call on the Breese “fumble” …

        If that call had been correct .. the Niners would
        have had the division crown .. as well as the first seed …

        Since that game … how many (really) bad calls
        went against the Niners … with momentum and
        game changing after-effects ?

        A few …I’d say …

        The head buffoon (Goodell) … has got to do something about the refs …
        Hell … almost as bad as the replacements were !

      2. Agree with mwn 100 percent. The constant personal fouls on Whitner although he uses his shoulder. Momentum changers that should never take place. Niners dominated for 3 quarters IN Seattle. To me it’s obvious the niners were better. Unfortunately, the outcome doesn’t always reflect it……

      3. Steel
        respectfully disagree. They are better because they won. Were the Falcons better than us last year because Bowman ran through the wr on the 4th down stop? NO Were we better than the Ravens? NO
        If we “just keep on ticking” we will be the eagles of the aughts. 5 NFCCG in 5 years with only a SB loss to show for it. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AS IS Newsflash you are not. We need to improve big time or the young hungry seahawks will keep winning. Im not saying blow up the team and start from scratch but YOU MUST IMPROVE beyond “just keep doing what ur doing”

    1. Hawks fan here, I just read this whole thread, and wanted to confirm that you did indeed call that. That is all. Looking forward to next year!

    1. I hope so, Jack, but since the NFC West plays the AFC West next year and Denver will be visiting Seattle for their game against the Seahawks, I wonder if they will schedule a Super Bowl rematch for Sept 4th.

      1. I hope you are right, Fan, but I may have less faith in the NFL’s marketing department than you do. They seem to always think that having Manning or Brady in a game makes it a compelling game.

      2. Ahh you’re right JPN. I screwed up when I looked at the list of opponents for next year. Thought that game was in Denver.

      3. Can’t wait to see the League post Mannings mug on gigantic posters on the outside of Seadderol’s stadium. They put Flacco up on Denver’s house for this year’s Opener. Guess what, corporate geniuses? You don’t have to advertise the Home Opener in the home city with billboard posters, the fans will show up; especially for Opening Day of Title Defense. And putting up 40 foot tall pictures of a player from another team isn’t the best marketing scheme to make people come to the game or watch on tv.

      4. I hope hope hope that we play Sea on the 4th. This would take care of the mandatory thursday night game that everyone has to play, minus the short week of preparation and beat up bodies. otherwise somwhere down the line we will be forced to be shorthanded

  23. Lots of negativity today.
    We are less than one minute away in each of two games of being two time Super Bowl Champs.
    We barely lost to the Hawks at there house. We need some improvement, I think we need a more aggressive offense and a more effective attack in the Red Zone,but we are clearly one of the top TWO teams in the league.

  24. Good night. See all of you close to’ the draft. Hoping Kaep worlk on his touch and finesse too, with reads, footwork and so on, as all of you that knows more then me about football said in many posts, past and present. GO NINERS!!

  25. FanSince77 so you think that the Seahawks are that much better than the 9ers? In the NFC championship game it looked like the 9ers outplayed the Seahawks in thir own stadium. I think that not scoring a TD on the opening drive and Kap uncharacteristically turning the ball over 3 times in the 4th qtr costed us that game. Of the 3 turnovers the strip/sack was the the only turnover they forced. Both picks that he threw were bad decisions I don’t care what Harbaugh or Kap say otherwise.

  26. FanSince77 so you think that the Seahawks are that much better than the 9ers? In the NFC championship game it looked like the 9ers outplayed the Seahawks in their own stadium. I think that not scoring a TD on the opening drive and Kap uncharacteristically turning the ball over 3 times in the 4th qtr costed us that game. Of the 3 turnovers the strip/sack was the the only turnover they forced. Both picks that he threw were bad decisions I don’t care what Harbaugh or Kap say otherwise.

    1. Vegas,
      Well I think winning it all sort of changes everything, don’t you?
      Like you said, they didn’t score a TD after the turnover.
      You’re right that only one turnover was forced, but those were two bad throws by Kaep. And simply put, Carroll is now out coaching Harbaugh. This s Russell Wilson’s 2nd season and look how poised he looks out there. It’s not even a fair comparison between Wilson and Kaep.
      And Wilson was slumping in the middle too.
      All we kept hearing was wait until Colin gets all his weapons back, and the QB play was the same.
      We used to think we had the best defense in the league, but that’s no longer the case.
      Bowman made a statement after the Carolina game that the Niners had better players.
      Seattle has a much better defense. Just look at that front 4. They have a much more reliable pass rush with Avril, Clemons and Bennett.

      So now the needle has moved and I hope Harbaugh and Colin look in the mirror and stop making excuses. Stop whining and raise your game.

      1. Seattle went over the cap to ein this year. They pulled a 94′ niner’s type of season. They’ll lose a lot of players next year.

      2. Fan…. You sound like the little girl getting dumped. Lol, Suck on some eggs move to Seattle and buy a Russel Wilson jersey. Your the new ds. On your fan boy is on another team. God bless you young man, but a Niner fan, you are not

      3. Fan, Wilson didn’t have to play against that Seattle defense and that crowd either in the NFCCG. You really think Seattle’s secondary will give up those 2 big plays that our secondary did? And CK was one play away from winning.

      4. I like how anyone who dares criticizes the team is not a fan. You can take this current Niner team as is if you want. But they didn’t get it done. Wasn’t it Harbaugh who said the goal was to get 1% better every day?

        Ricardo — Colin was one play away. But guess what? A better player made a better play.

        He has to get better. That’s not hating the team, that’s just demanding more.

      5. Fan,

        if you can’t be honest, you should stop posting. Seattle’s defense is a bit better than ours but not by as much as you make it appear. Seattle’s clear advantGe on is their crowd’s ability to keep it loud enough to where our offensive line can’t move on a cadence together so we can aggressively block them their D line is certainly deep and ours is too. Our linebackers are better than theirs and their secondary is better than our.

        Our QB is better than Wilson. He just has to grow up. He has to mature on and off the field. He has to have a hard conversation with his agent and get his image together. He’s immature and it shows on and off the field.

        I don’t care what anyone says. When he changes his image, his game will change as well.

        1. Hire a wardrobe consultant. You are the starting QB of a storied franchise. You have to dress the part.

        2. Develop a better report with the media. There’s a way to address them without telling secrets about the team and your gameplan. Ask Jerry Rice what happens when you ruffle the feathers of the media.

        3. Kill the social media and grow up! MATURE! Stop trolling Instagram and Twitter. Focus on your team and the organization.

        4. Last but not least, and a lot of my fellow Niners fans won’t like this one. FORGIVE and develop a report with your biological mother. We all make mistakes, including you! How can anyone forgive you if you can’t forgive. I don’t know if Karma is real but my mother always told me this. If you mistreat your mother, your life will forever be scarred. He needs to repair that relationship and fill that void.

        Our young QB has some personal issues. He’s hurt over the loss and he feels largely responsible for it. We’re seeing him lashing out now. For example, Who thinks Richard Sherman is afraid of our wide receivers? I don’t. Kap has to get himself together for himself and the TEAM. Beefing with the Seahawks is minor. There are 31 other teams in this league trying to win as well.

        Management has to sit down and have a real conversation with Kap. Make us fans think for once that it’s not just about winning. It’s about shaping a better man, person, franchise QB and father one day. In the end, I guarantee you all that it will make him a much better QB.

      6. 23 Jordan,
        Let’s talk about that Seattle D:
        First in points allowed, First in yardage. You agree that they have a better front 4 and a secondary, and we have better linebackers. That’s two levels of Defense!
        They also have better special teams.
        They’re also a lot younger and made up of a lot of mid to low round picks.

        The Niner D is solid and the backbone of this team, but they were vulnerable at times.

        Wilson is better then Kaep right now. You need to stop posting if you say otherwise. Wilson is younger and more mature.

        Kaep does have more potential. More upside. But there’s no guarantee he figures it out.

        It takes brains and even though everyone says he’s smart, he hasn’t shown or demonstrated any of that intelligence.
        Right now Kaep is great runner, but below avg passer. The stats bear it out.

        Of all the young QBs, Kaep has the least amount of pedigree.
        Cam won the Heisman and the BCS. Luck was runner up, and led Stanford to a few bowl games. RG 3 also won the Heisman. Although he’s hurt now.

        Wilson was a 3rd rounder so anything can happen.

      7. clothes don’t make the man jordan..His image aint got anything to do with how he plays.As far as making it right with his mother..That’s personal..Thats his right and has nothing to do with football..He’s entitled to a private and personal life too..I think that’s kinda crossing the line..Now u can critique him for his overall playing..But making it right with his mother is Bs..She gave him up..We don’t know all the circumstances..So..but let’s keep it on football..All that karma mess sounds ridiculous..I understand u upset and hurt but come on now…We didnt lose these last three years because of how Kap looks,dress and talks..and making it right with his birth mother..We loss because we were outcoached and outsmarted..Til the coaches and front office make better decisions..We’ll keep bein close but no cigar

      8. And fan..Russell is not better than Kaepernick..His team just played better than Kaepernick’s..His defense and special teams practically won him a superbowl..His run game also didnt fail him like Kap’s..It’s easy when u aint gotta do heavy lifting..That much I know..

      9. Deezy,

        Trust me. My feelings about the loss had nothing to do with my position on Kap’s image or anything else I posted. It has everything to do with overall maturity. The maturation process. He’s 26- 27 years old now. He’s not 21. He’s the face of the San Francisco 49ers. I’d feel the same way if we had won the Super Bowl this year.

        Did you see how silly Marshawn Lynch looked after the game. The guy is wearing a ski mask and a hoodie with earphones dancing for the media to inappropriate for TV rap music. That’s fine for Lynch but I’m hoping for more from my QB.

        You may very well think the biological mother thing is a personal issue. However, just measure Kap’s maturity level based upon what you see. He’s a gifted athlete, he’s an Intellegent kid but he is an immature individual. There are some changes that need to be made and I hope the Niners brass include these changes before they award Kap a new contract.

        I hope his agent has the guts to advise Kap on his image. The Panthers front office insisted that Cam Newton adjust his image in the same fashion. Why, because he is the face of their franchise. He grew up this year. Both on and off the field. Look what Kap did. Mocked Newton in the end zone after a TD. Real classy. Not!!! Cam still took the high road. Kap didn’t know how to do that after a loss to Seattle. As I said, it’s time for a full image makeover from Kap. It will require some trust and understanding from him. Hopefully he has people in his corner that he actually trusts.

      10. Idk Jordan..I see ya point..but still..it ultimately comes down to how he play on the field.Maturity doesn’t happen automatically with a new image

      11. Steele
        No offense but by that same light you sound like a kid with his eyes closed tight rocking back and forth hugging on his teddy bear while muttering “everything is ok everything is ok” Criticism is healthy, it leads to improvement, JH himself said you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse you never stay the same. If fan77 was a hawk fan he would say “great job SF keep doin what ur doin” because that would mean more wins for them.

        While i agree with you that CK needs to act/dress/talk better in pressers I don’t think it’s his wardrobe thats holding him back, rather its his poor footwork and the slowness of going through progressions.
        Also you said something that doesn’t add up “Our QB is better than Wilson. He just has to grow up. He has to mature on and off the field. ” If he has to grow up that means that he is not there yet and therefore NOT BETTER then Wislon. Right? or are you saying that even an immature CK is already better than RW? Like fan said CK has more potential and a higher upside but potential/and upside get coaches and GM’s fired. AJJ had potential so did RWoods

      12. Bos,

        I mean he certainly has a ton more potential. He just needs to clean up some things on and off of the field.

        As far as immaturity is concerned. It affects the decisions you make on any and every level. Just take a step back and look at his decisions when he’s been pressed in a big game. He’s made some critical mistakes. He got away with half of them. Defensive backs dropped interceptions in our wins. They caught the picks in our losses. THAT really worries me about Kap. He’s shown us on several occasions that the playoff moments affect him in a way that the regular season games don’t. He’s been shaky in most big games. That’s a fact! I didn’t say all, I said most.

      13. Isn’t Jordan the guy who used to complain that his quarterback aint accurate, wouldn’t throw past five yards wont throw to a wide receiver check down check down. Now you got a gun slinga and your in the playffs all the time and you still cry….

      14. 23J
        Oddly enough we agree on the main part (kaep needs to improve) but differ where and how. Mechanics/footwork is a main area and so is progression/decision making. Id like him to be more polished in pressers but that comes third after the footwork and decision making. I second the call for him to train with House, Whitfield, martinez etc any coach who will help him re-set and then still throw accuratley. What bothers me is his reluctance to admit that he was wrong to throw it to Crab 3 times in a row in the SB and throw it again to a covered MC on yet another fade route

      15. Bos49,
        I think you and I are saying the same thing, but since I got into all these exchanges with BAF, people think I’m trolling or nit-picking on Kaep.
        Well Kaep took over for a QB who was finally playing well, no doubt Alex has his faults, so with the switch comes higher expectations. Last year was Kaep’s magical ride, it all seem set up for him to win the game in his “rookie” season but he just didn’t finish.
        This year was his year and had the ball in his hands to get us back to the Big Dance and didn’t finish.

        If you take a step back beyond the highlight reel stuff, you see a pedestrian QB with major footwork and bad mechanics.
        He wants to be a playmaker so he makes all the plays and people say wow he was 92% of the offense. That’s because he wants to be that guy. He’s going to scramble and run before he passes to an open resort. Just watch him — he throws it as a last resort.
        And then your watch Russell Wilson, he buys time and then flings it and the WR makes a huge gain and play. Kaep doesn’t have that vision yet but if you ask him, he’d probably say he’s awesome as a scrambler.

        The Honeymoon was over with Kaep for me in mid-season. The team was winning but I just had the sinking feeling that his flaws would get exposed again. Before we get into how great he played in 3 quarters, it’s a 60 minute game and the 4th quarter is the one that matters. And it doesn’t matter how well you move the ball in between the 20′s, it’s what you do in the red zone.
        This year, even with all the experience as the #1 guy, he led the 31st passing attack. Even when we were playing some really medicore teams, it was Gore that led the way.
        It’s scary that if he said if he was in the same situation, he would do the same thing. Kaep is never wrong. That’s now growing from experience, that’s all ego.
        Hey I’m old man. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. In life you try not to make the same mistake twice!

  27. The Seattle victory was predictable, the NFC is way better than the AFC. Look at the AFC Championship, a completely hamstrung NE team could get all the way to that game, in the NFC NE is one and done. This was the first time Denver got to play a real defense. It just continues to reinforce that defense wins championships. It has been a long, long time since a top rated offense won the Stupor Bowel. Teams should stop thinking about only offense if they want to win a championship.

    1. Interesing but one could argue that this years Broncos were better than the Ravens team that went to the superbowl. The Niners were more talented than the ravens in almost every position but lost… granted it didnt help that the Smith Brothers were hurt. But the fact is they choked in that game badly.

  28. First and foremost, congrates to the c-hawks on their 1st Superbowl win. It was an awe-inspiring and convincing win to go with a great season. Seattle earned and deserved it.

    Fan77 put it a good perspective tonight. Harbaugh/Colin and I will add Baalke will need to raise their game for us to knock them off next season.
    But having said that, we are the one team that can beat this team and I am looking forward to some hard hitting battles next year that will weigh on the outcome of our 2014-15 season.

    1. AES,
      I know we may have disagreed a few times this season and now that it’s over, I was never Kaep hater, I just wanted him to get better.
      If he continues on this whining path, then we could have some serious problems.
      The cold reality is the Seahawks won it all and we did not when we had a chance last year.
      Now it’s time to get back to work. Make tough decisions. And take the division back.

      1. I agree…right Pete and the Seahawks are in the driver’s seat…Kaep needs to get to work and NOT on his physique…he needs to get in the film room and start working on reading defenses and going through his progressions…if he doesn’t learn to do both of those things…and Baalke and Harbs don’t address the things they need to do to beat Seattle…we could continue to be a bridesmaid and not the bride…

  29. Final Score: 43 – 8
    What flavor is that chewing gum, Coach Carroll?
    ” I dunno, but it tastes goooooooooooooood.!!!!

    3 minutes and 32 seconds (with three time outs)…
    plenty of time to move the ball a mere 78 yards…
    unless Jim (football fight) Harbaw is at the helm.
    Seattle says “Thanks for giving us your best shot.”
    (yes, this feels better than the 2-point conversion.)

  30. Denver’s cream puff schedule made them appear much better than they actually are. Easy schedules don’t do teams any favors come playoff time – see KC and Denver.

  31. Who cares if they lose a lot of players next year..They got a Lombard …We could have had 6..3 times now we’ve blown it..Everyone’s excited for a new stadium..I’m not that place is a disaster we can’t even have a Monday night football game? What a joke..

    1. Wow this place has turned into Russia. I said nothing that needed to be censored. No name calling, swearing, anything. What is going on here?

  32. I guess I was indulging in wishful thinking when I thought Denver would win. We all knew the real Super Bowl was two weeks ago..

    Kudos to Seattle. They were the best team this year.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if the NFC championship game had been at the Stick the Niners would have beaten Seattle. The bogus roughing call on Brooks in the Saints game cost us Lombardi # 6. I hope the competetion comittee looks at how big that one play turned out to be and makes such calls reviewable.

    I have a good feeling about 2014. Kap will be much improved. I believe Boldin will re-sign. Gore will be sent off into the sunset and the Niners will enter the 2014 season with a younger and fresher set of wheels at runing back. Carlos Rogers will be shown the door and someone much better will replace him on the roster. As bitter as the way the season ended I still believe the glass is half full instead of half empty. In fact, it is three quarters full.

    Go Niners.

  33. As far as I’m concerned this loss should end all talk of Manning as one of the greatest QB’s of all time. All the stats and regular season wins in the world mean nothing when you consistently blow it in the important games. A QB that gets discussed in the way that Peyton does should have more then one SB win in a 16 year career.

      1. Joe 4X> Steve

        Eli 2X> Peyton

        Winners win. Losers choke. This isn’t Hasselbeck’s Seahawks, unfortunately. Wilson is solid, a better version of Alex Smith. Kaepernick is transcendent, but need to watch more Joe and less Brett.

        Big offseason ahead.

      2. I was waiting for the quote in which I totally defended Peyton against some blowhard like me who was saying the same kind of thing at the time.

    1. Tries to tell us to not play the alternate universe games but then tells us not to question the golden hayseed because he was under pressure. I saw manning get pressured when he stepped up into the pass rush after bouncing around with his happy feet. I also saw him miss receiver after receiver and make terrible choices. But Ratto the Hutt tells us not to question his legacy even though he has a clear reputation for choking in big games.

      1. What really gets me about that article is how he more or less compares us to Seahawks fans who cheered and threw trash on an injured player.

    2. Ray Ratto is the largest (pun TOTALLY intended) Niner hater in the world…I let anything he says go in one ear and out the other….he makes Andy Reid look slim….

      1. Ratto columns are unreadable and he is horrific on the radio, he says a word, then 5 seconds of silene, another word and another 5 seconds of silence.CV

      2. Gotta agree with you there Matt. Ratto is a DUD.
        I used to think the Razor was, and I was thrilled to see him go. But Ratto is truly worse.
        Makes the show almost un-listenable.

      1. Carson Palmer and his four picks that game? bahahahaha..Seattle mailed that one in. They knew they were gonna curb stomp the Rams the next week for the 1 seed.

      2. Seriously, if u think Palmer is a quarter the QB Kaep is u should stop watching football. Kaep won two brutal games on road and played 3 amazing Q against a team that made Manning look like Matt Schaub.

      3. Are you saying Carson Palmer is the reason the Cardinals beat the Seahawks in Seattle? I was under the impression they won in spite of him….

      4. No. I am saying guys like Palmer and Luck aren’t swift of foot like Kaepernick yet they defeated Seattle.

        Won in spite of Palmer? Interesting. I was under the impression that he threw the game winning TD. On a fade. Against the CB whose last name wasn’t Sherman.

      5. Bad impression of Grant you are doing Jack. You don’t have to go that route. Yes the Cards won in spite of Palmer. All of his turnovers including one in the redzone….

      6. Palmer threw 2 int’s in the endzone that day, but his defense kept them in it and he made the throw to win the game didn’t he?

      7. Please Jack. The defense and running game won that game for Arizona… You are on on island on this one. And island of one.

      8. Ok Jack,
        you are right. Carson Palmer with his 50% completions his 1 TD and his 4 Int’s and his 48 QB rating beat the Seahawks. There are you happy?

      9. Try reading my first response to you Bay. I already gave most of the credit to the D.

        In this thread I never said Palmer was better than anyone, only that a highly mobile QB isn’t necessary. Luck is mobile but no Kaepernick. Palmer made the throw to beat them. Heck, even in SF it was Gore’s run that won the game.

      10. Bay Area Fanatic,
        You’re getting tossed? Why? We were just getting to know each other! LOL
        Nothing I saw will ever say will change your views, while you were a class A pain on my toe, I also think you bright life to the blog.
        Fortunately I was on the winning side of my arguments, i.e, Kaep can’t read defense and has one read, etc, and you were a few inches short of winning yours, i.e. pass to Sherman — Kaep is Jesus.
        Such is life!
        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! In fact, keep it open because I’m probably right behind you getting the boot, along with Harbaugh and Baalke and your chosen one.

      11. Give it up Jack. You would have crucified Kap if he threw 4 picks. Palmer was damn lucky his defense bailed him out and that’s the only reason they were in the game much less in position to win it.

      12. The Kaepernick apologists are out in full force today.

        I’ve never ripped Kaepernick after a win, and I already said it was Arizona’s defense that kept them in the game.

      13. Jack,

        You responded to a point made by Daniners stating you need a mobile QB to beat Seattle and the Niners, by invoking the name of Carson Palmer. You were fruitlessly trying to make a point that a pocket QB could beat them while ignoring the fact Palmer was terrible against both teams for much of the games they played. It was a poor example and you got called on it. No Kap apologies necessary.

      14. I also invoked the name Luck. He and Palmer beat Seattle with their arms and D. Kaepernick defeated them with Gore’s legs.

      15. Luck and Palmer don’t belong in a comparison Jack. Luck is very mobile. Palmer is the type of QB a good passing rush team can expose and the Seahawks did.

        Kap played a big part in the win at the Stick as well. it wasn’t only due to one big run by Gore.

      16. It doesn’t matter what role Palmer played in the victory. What matters is that he is not a mobile QB, and his team beat the Seahawks, which tends to disprove Daniners’ theory.

      17. CB,

        Have to disagree. If a QB is sacked and throws multiple picks then he really didn’t play very well and play a big role in helping his team win. Palmer played a brutal game and got a win because his defense saved him. Doesn’t mean a pocket QB did well and beat the Seahawks.

        Daniners point was sound in that a pocket QB really doesn’t fare well against this type of defense. Arguably the best one in the league found that out yesterday.

      18. rocket,

        Kaepernick played well in the game at the Stick and it was Gore’s run that put them in position for the game winning field goal. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

      19. Jack,

        Kaepernick played well in the game at the Stick and it was Gore’s run that put them in position for the game winning field goal. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

        It’s not but that’s not what you said:

        Kaepernick defeated them with Gore’s legs.

        The Niners defeated the Seahawks because their QB, RB and defense all made plays. You downplaying Kap’s role with this statement doesn’t change that fact.

        As for Palmer, sure he did throw a final TD, after continually putting his defense and team in bad position forcing them to keep bailing him out. They did not win because of Palmer throwing a TD pass vs. 4 ints.

        Daniners point was that to have success against this defense you’re better off with a mobile QB and he’s right.

      20. Arizona had 307 yards of offense
        178 yards passing including the game winner
        139 yards rushing

        San Francisco had 308 yards of offense
        153 yards passing
        161 yards rushing

        You don’t need a mobile QB to defeat Seattle.

      21. You don’t need a mobile QB to defeat Seattle.

        No, but it’s preferable and gives you a greater chance to succeed. You also need a great defense if you’re going to overcome 4 picks by your QB.

  34. Lot of people have a defeatist attitude on here..lol.They may have won the superbowl..But they’re not invincible…So all this bowing down,kissing their feet talk is sickening..If you’re 49ers fans…Act like it then

    1. No one is bowing down…just giving credit where credit is due…it doesn’t make us any less of a fan to give the Seahawks credit for dominating the game…

      1. No Matt it doesn’t…But posters on here dissing the team to prop up the seahawks is alarming to me..You congatulate them and move on..I don’t think the Seahawks are better than us..But that’s my opinion..Some see it differently.My hats off to them..for beating denver..But that’s where it ends for me.

  35. Pay attention, Colin (Sack N Pick).
    Russell Wilson: 2 TDs, no sacks & no picks.
    206 yards passing (72% completion ratio)
    Howzabout that 123% QB rating, hmm?

    The Super Bowl final score was 43 to 8.
    You maxed out at what?… 42 points (wk #8)
    against the Jacksonville (oh-fer) Jaguars.
    Denver had 8 today. The Jags put up 10 against you.
    So guess what? Not only is Seattle a better defensive club;
    they have more offensive fire power.

    So where is your bad boy, too cool swagger now?

      1. He’s pointing out facts…what’s wrong with that?

        The Chiefs? Not bad for a 2-14 team with a first year coach, GM, system, and QB, Losing 45-44 with their pro bowl RB and top receiver on the bench for 3/4 of the game.

        Has anyone thought to try Kap at WR or TE to use his legs more? Don’t laugh, Matt Jones, QB out of Arkansas did it about 6 years ago. I just don’t think that Kap has the required field of vision to go through his progressions as QB. Don’t just call me names…TRY IT !!!

      2. He is pointing out facts, but he’s doing it in a sarcastic, condescending manner…that’s why a lot of posters give this guy so much grief…he’s an obnoxious hater who rubs people here the wrong way…it’s easy to say “don’t feed the troll” but harder to do…he brings nothing to this blog…

      1. Well, either Bevell is a better play caller then Grant gives him credit for or all of our burned time outs are clearly not Romans fault. It’s either the OC taking to long to get the play in or the QB taking to long to call it and make his reads. Grant says Bevell isn’t a very good OC but yet they don’t burn time outs trying to avoid penalties and he also blames pretty much every fault of Kaepernick on Roman.

        So, is Bevell better then advertised or is it maybe not Romans fault that Kaepernick is constantly using up to much game clock?

      2. CFC
        But you must remember its a myth that the 9ers suck at clock management. only 4 out of their 8 dog penalties were on the Offense. Pay no attention to the fire-drill of our O scrambling to get the play off as the playclock expires

  36. I love the Tim Tebow commercial
    “I’ve been doing a lot of things to keep busy”

    yea, except play football so why are you still relevant?

  37. It’s not a “Robber Defense”.

    the distinction is that the Robber Defense is played out of a Cover 1 with the OLBs playing man coverage. The Seahawks run a hybrid press Cover 3 and their linebackers in zone. One of the Safeties (usually Chancellor) will play up and protect the seam and press the slot or tight end in his zone and follow him vertically or settle into a short zone. The Corners are generally in Man coverage when they read vertical routes but will push their receivers into the center towards the zone coverage, until they get beyond the underneath coverage and then will stick with them man to man.

    1. however, you (Grant) are correct in that they shutdown the middle of the field. Manning’s favorite passing concept found in many of his plays is the “Levels” concept. With the Colts he used to throw to parallel receivers running crossing routes at 10+ yards past the line of scrimmage. With the Broncos he runs more of a Shallow Cross/Drive along with a deeper crossing pattern. His Broncos receivers are bigger and stronger receivers that can get more yards after the catch than his Colts receivers. But those shallow crossing routes ran right into the teeth of the Seahawks defense. They didn’t have the speed and skill to attack the seems deep (one of the ways to attack Cover 3) and get by the Safety guarding the seams. The Broncos also tried to continuously run screens to the outside which is usually a good way to attack Cover 3. However the the Seahawks Corners don’t just play a soft zone coverage they pattern match and will come up and play press man or press zone and were prepared to defend the Broncos screen plays (as were the Seahawks linebackers). From a personnel tactical standpoint, the Broncos receivers are used to be able to be more physical then their defenders in coverage. But the Seahawks secondary is almost as big and even more physical.

      At a more basic level, Manning’s game is always about how to exploit a team’s weakness. Usually defenses will rotate coverages to defend where they think Manning will go with the ball, or mix up some blitzes to get after Manning. If you zig, Manning will zag; he will find the hole in your defense that you create to compensate to defend him or go after him. But Seattle basically sat in it’s base defense for most of the game and said “give me your best shot”. There was no schematic zig to adjust and exploit.

      1. Another good post from AFFP. Several points made and well expressed. In particular the last point about PM’s adaptability, looking for the weak point in every coverage. Seattle’s scheme takes advantage of the players’ skills, and no position group has an inherent weakness; sound at each level. Alas, Seattle’s scheme won’t work for most teams because they can’t match the Seahawks talent level. It’s also not invincible. It will be an object of study and design this winter with 31 teams; kinda like the Read Option this past offseason.

      2. Maybe Adam Gase should pull up the old NFL Films video in which Bill Walsh discusses the perils of running through a zone defense.

      3. BT,
        I don’t think you need to design anything special against the Seahawks. You have to be able to run the ball at them to beat them.

        Look at the teams that the Seahawks struggled against. Those teams ran the ball and stopped Lynch. The Saints kept it close in the playoffs in Seattle by changing their identity for a while and running it way more successfully than we did.

        Next years goal is simple. Teams need to stick to the blue print versus Seattle and also don’t let them win the division. Do that and they don’t stand a chance of repeating.

      4. Nice read AFFP. One thing I would add about Peyton is that his game has become to predictable. Porter called it out after the SuperBowl pick against him, he said he knew exactly where Peyton was going to throw the ball before he even hiked it because on film Peyton would always go the same direction in that formation.

      5. In their third play from scrimmage, Demarys Thomas had a crossing route and Kam Chancellor laid the wood to him …I was surprised he stayed in…that was a hit that even Donte Whitner must have loved. After that, nobody wanted to go over the middle…changed the game

  38. Broncos average score in two Super Bowl wins: 33-22
    Broncos average score in five Super Bowl loses: 42-12
    When the Broncos lose, they lose BIG…I think in the top five most lopsided SB in terms of margin of victory, the Broncos are on the losing end of three of those…dang

      1. The largest is 45 points…that was the beat down on SB 24…the next is what Da Bears did to the Pats (36), the 35 twice (today and SB 27 when the Cowboys had their with the Bills) and then we come to SB 22, when the Redskins behind Doug Williams beat the Broncos and Elway by 32…so yeah…three of the top five beat downs were Broncos loses…wow

  39. What’s the over/under on how many articles Grant will write on what the team needs to do to stop Percy Harvin next season. Every draft pick in each of his mocks will be chosen because of their potential role in stopping him. Every free agent move and assistant coach hiring or change made will be steeped for it’s Harvin stopping candidacy. Will we have to hear about how the turf of the new field gives Harvin an advantage. And if that ended up being true by the way it would be Roman’s fault.

    1. Ha! Seriously though, the Niners will probably draft and sign players with the express purpose of beating Seattle, just like they did in 1994 when Dallas had their number…beat Seattle and they win it all…

      1. I don’t think so. Its not just the $ they invested, its the choices too. They need to get some return on that; better chance is to keep him and hope he produces. Pete gushes about him, and he’s a force on KOR. I was surprised to not see more of him, but once they were sitting on a lead they didn’t need to reveal all their playbook.

    2. CFC
      Remember the 2013 niners are DOOOMED because they didnt draft a slot corner. Who will cover tavon austin and the best WR core in the NFCWest lol

  40. I’m seeing that viewers liked the Ellen DeGeneres commercial the best. All I can say is…are you kidding me?! There is nothing entertaining about a 56 year old woman pretending to be the little girl in a Three Bears parody in an animal kingdom-like world. Absolutely creepy yes, entertaining…uh no.

      1. Me too. That hairdo on Rice was hilarious. I also liked the Cheerios ‘Baby-Puppy Bargain’ and the Budweiser ‘Salute a Soldier’.

  41. @ Chicago
    I’m on board with your point about Denver’s D. Early on I was shaking my head at how they failed to contain Russell Wilson. Did they not look at film? Well, of course they did, but dang. Lynch will kill you slow, but a team like Denver just needs to keep it close and not give up the big plays that let them use Lynch for playing keep-away. The Broncs didn’t sell out to pen him up, and I can’t imagine why not!
    Also everybody, all the talking heads, writers, bloggers and knuckleheads like us were warning:’Don’t let Seattle jump out to a lead or you’ll be sorry. Just don’t.’

    1. Brotha, Denver’s defense was too slow and they did not play with attitude. Whats so interesting is all the attention or praise for one player from the fan base. I have news for you guys SEAHAWKS defense won the Super Bowl this year. It was not just RW! Russell Wilson is a very good QB but without that type of defense he would have not made it to the Super Bowl. When you have a lead and a stifling defense you consider so many more options on the offense and play dare!

      I promise you any of the top 15 QBs in the league could have won the Super Bowl with Seattle’s defense this year including Cam, Alex and CK. Our defense has been good but in the Super Bowl, NFC championship we choked.

      1. How many times did Denver let them run the fly sweep without making adjustments? They looked as if they didn’t get the memo on stopping the read option.
        I remember when Kaep ran wild versus Green Bay in the playoffs last year. I remember thinking man, Capers and his D look lost and unprepared. This year the Broncos equaled that performance.

  42. I hate the Hawks.

    That being said they deserved this. Sometime you walk away from a superbowl and you wonder is that team really the best in the league? Not this time they deserved it and they deserve the title as the “Best”, as hard as it is to say.

    I honestly lol to all the broncos fans and analyst saying broncos were going to take this. That just shows how little respect they have for teams built around tough defenses and power-running. The media continue to over-rate these pass happy offenses because they are more fun to watch, but when its all said and done the more physical team will dominate.

    I relate this match up like a martial arts fight. It would be like a Kung-fu master (Broncos) going up against a Champion MMA fighter in a cage match. Sure the Kung-fu looks cool and fancy but the tough gritty MMA fighter will take that fight to the floor and dominate.

    I think some good we can take from this game is that though Seattle is the best we are marginally behind them as the 2nd best in the league and as long as we focus on the primary goal next year which i believe is winning the division and ultimately homefield we can take this team.

  43. Wasn’t a big Bruno Mars fan until yesterday.
    The dude absolutely ‘killed it’ especially with his father of soul James Brown mash-potato dance.

    Also loved the National Anthem being sung opera style. Not a big fan of the opera voice but it was very refreshing to hear the National Anthem done in a way that brought more attention to the song rather than the singer.

    Looks like the true SB was played two weeks ago in Seattle. The two teams the have beat the 49ers in the last two Championship games have gone on to win superbowls (arrrrrrgh!)
    Got to win it next season.

    1. Agree with you on the halftime show, although it could have used a little more of the Chili Peppers…and yeah…the REAL Super Bowl was two weeks ago…

  44. How many times did we see Jim Harbaw
    peaking emotionally during the regular season?
    After every win… ” let’s slap some hands,” .. etc.

    So he had no room left, no reserve to draw upon
    in the postseason, including the NFC Championship.

    On the other hand, Pete Carroll was successful in
    pumping his team up, particularly the defense,
    such that they turned in a peak performance yesterday.

    Clock management… team motivation…
    Mister Harbaw lost track of it all. Every bit of it.

  45. After yesterdays game I guess its clear that game managers can win super bowls. Wilson did nothing and Manning is officially done as a elite QB. Father time has caught up to him and I am so glad the Niners did not follow through on signing him.
    Wow did Seattle look good and we have a lot of work to do to get back to being the kings of the NFC West.

    1. FDM,
      now I know why you hardly post any football related content to the blog. Because you don’t know a lick about the sport. Payton Manning just set MULTIPLE NFL records this year. 5500 passing yards. Wow. 55TD’s versus 10 INT’s. Wow. His QB rating for the SEASON was 115 which is crazy. And your answer is that father time caught up with him and that he is done as an elite QB.

      What happened to Denver is EXACTLY what happened to us. They couldn’t run the ball and they didn’t stop Lynch. Those are the two things that need to be done to beat the team with the best pass defense in the entire NFL.

      I used to give you occasional credit for knowing some football. Based on this last post, I wonder if you watch the game at all.

    2. FDM:

      I think what you meant to say was, “So much for the notion that you can’t win the Super Bowl without an elite QB.”

    1. No Way!!!!! LMFAO. Go ahead and delete this one too, Hahahaha!
      Did you lose money on the game and now you’re all touchy? That’s weak and small minded and in the end will only drive away the clickers you need. Delete posts from regular contributors (judged by contribution, not volume) and leave up the goo that Mud smears here? Yeah, delete like mad and my brothers won’t get to read it, but you’ll have to.

  46. 2-15-2013
    Harbaugh: “I deserve more money. I got us to the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll makes substantially more than I do and hasn’t won anything.”

    York: “We didn’t win the game. I agree you deserve a raise, but I don’t think you deserve to be the highest paid coach in the league.”

    Harbaugh: “Carroll makes more. I should make more than Carroll. He hasn’t done anything.”


    York: “Trent, can you get Paraage in here? Let’s sit down with Jim.” *calls Harbaugh’s office.

    Harbaugh: “Hey Jed. Yeah, I’ll be right there.” *changes into khakis and black shirt.

    York: “Jim, we want to give you an extension that reflects your success with the team and that will reward you if you win a Super Bowl.”

    Harbaugh: “I should be the highest paid coach in the NFL. I have been to three consecutive NFC Championship games. Who’s got it better than us?”

    York: “The Seahawks and their hasn’t won anything coach.”

    *Fisticuffs ensue. Seriously though, I have to believe that Harbaugh was throwing that chip onto the table frequently. York has a little more ammo for negotiations now.

  47. I feel like a need a shower after reading through this thread. The hyperbole and self loathing in here is brutal.

    Here’s a rebuttal to all the sky is falling revisionists out there:

    The Niners were at the 18 yard line with a chance to win in Seattle to go to the SB. There is no gap between these teams. They are neck and neck which is why they split their games every year and have a playoff result like the one we saw two weeks ago.

    Trent Baalke is not an idiot who wastes draft picks and is not worse than McCloughen or John Schneider for that matter. Instead of ranting about how bad Baalke’s been, go back and look at the results of the drafts he’s been in charge of. He’s been one of the best drafting GM’s in the league and has put the core of this team together through the draft. If you look at Seattle, they haven’t been better in the draft than the Niners at all. What they’ve been able to do is bring FA’s, and get production out of late round draft picks to compensate for some of the higher draft picks they’ve missed on. They’ve done a great job putting their team together as have the Niners.

    Russell Wilson is a good young QB but he is not a way better QB than Kap. He is similar to Kap in that he is usually a one read and go player who makes most of his big plays outside the pocket or on play action due to the great running game they have. There is 14 months in age difference between the two yet Wilson has more NFL starts under his belt and played more games in a pro style offense coming out of College. They both are learning as they go along but Kap has a huge physical advantage that Wilson will never make up. If we look at their progressions as NFL QB’s, they are very much in the same area with a couple of exceptions: Kap’s ability to run for big gains, and Wilson’s willingness to take the short options in the passing game. There is no big game between these QB’s.

    The defenses are both good. The Dlines are both good, the Niners have the better LBing crew and the Secondary advantage goes to Seattle. Again Seattle’s defense is a little better than the Niners, but there is no huge gap here.

    Finally the Coaching. How Harbaugh became an inferior Coach to Carroll when he has a better head to head record against him in College and the Pros is a mystery to me. The people who made this statement will need to explain to me how the HC with the better record the past 3 years, better head to head record against Carroll and a run of 3 NFCCG’s in 3 years as an NFL HC is some loser compared to Pete Carroll.

    I honestly hope this is not what we have to look forward to from this board for the next 6 months. It sucks to lose a game but for crying out loud this is not some crap team with no hope. This team can beat anybody including Seattle. Get over it already.

      1. In the NFL it is all about winning Superballs.

        Mark Levi is a better coach the Walsh. He got Buffalo into the big contest four years in a row.

        Yet Walsh is called the Genius because all he did was win every Super Bowl the niners were in.

        Harabugh will be a bad coach, untill he wins a Super Bowl.

      2. how do you win a superball?

        Great stuff Rocket…I say the same thing. Seattle is marginally better if at all. We are virtually on the same level, which is why any extra advantage (ie 12th man) is going to make a big difference. I actually thought it look as though we got over the noise in that game, especially with that last drive.

        Kap has to limit mistakes, take whats given, and we gott get the run game going.

    1. Rocket

      I usually agree with your views, but we part company on this one. I know that I’ll be crucified by the Kapoholics, but Russell Wilson IS one hell of a better QB than Kap. He sees the whole field and all of his receivers….therefore he has options. Will Kap improve? I don’t know, but starting QB in the NFL is not (IMHO) for on the job training.

      1. Oregon,

        You aren’t the only saying it so I’m not going rip you for it, but the simple fact of the matter is, it isn’t true. Wilson plays the same style of game Kap does. Watch the highlight reel of his plays from the game yesterday on NFL.com and count the times he is throwing to his first read. It’s pretty near every time. He is not that much further along as a pocket QB than Kap is. He’s getting that respect because his team won; not because he’s earned it by playing a better overall game than Kap.

      2. I agree with you. Wilson is a good QB, but he is similar to Kaep. Most QB’s could win with a team like that around them. The sky isn’t falling. The Seahawks went all in this year and won. They took advantage of the window they have before they have to pay players and won it all. The Niners don’t need to spend a ton of money during free agency but they need to add some play makers in the draft. If Baalke is so concerned about building for the future he will never be able to take advantage of the window they have right now.

      3. Big P,

        You’re right on the money. It’s no coincidence that the consensus two best teams in the league are near mirror images of each other on and off the field.

        Both have built through the draft and added FA’s to fill holes. Both have run oriented offenses and conservative passing schemes, and both have strong defenses. The difference in talent is minimal either way as is the Coaching and Front office.

        The difference I’m seeing the past couple of years is Seattle is not placing as much value on draft picks as the Niners are and that could play a huge role in the next few years. This will be the second large draft class in a row for the Niners with a smaller one for Seattle and that gives the Niners a higher probability of developing more quality depth. Seattle also paid a lot of money to an injury prone WR last year which is going to affect their cap and pay scale for their own players negatively going forward.

        I realize it’s hard for some people to see past what transpired yesterday, but the Niners are set up even better than Seattle is long term with the way they are running the organization right now.

  48. Maggie,
    You’re kidding right?
    It wasn’t to long ago when we had the likes of Ericsson, Nolan, and Singletary. Those will forever be known as the ‘dark ages’ in 49ers history.

    Harbaugh has his demons just like many other coaches do. But a very strong argument could be made after the dismantling of the Broncos in the SB that we are the 2nd best team in the NFL.

    Even with a QB who still has some visible rough edges and a head coach who is over-the-top on the sidelines, I feel that we are the one team who could knock Seattle off its perch.

    We’ll see how it plays out next year. But for now, I’m 100% with Harbaugh/Kaep.

  49. niner hater says:
    February 3, 2014 at 10:57 am
    “In the NFL it is all about winning Superballs.
    Mark Levi is a better coach the Walsh. He got Buffalo into the big contest four years in a row.
    Yet Walsh is called the Genius because all he did was win every Super Bowl the niners were in.
    Harabugh will be a bad coach, untill he wins a Super Bowl.”

    Dude, you must be lost, the raiders blog is elsewhere. BTW, I’m sure they understand your language over there as well (lol).

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