Seahawks pass game in a funk

This is my Wednesday column on the Seahawks’ passing game.

Don’t blame Russell Wilson.

People say the Seahawks’ passing game is spiraling counter-clockwise down the toilet because Wilson is in a slump.


It might be more accurate to say that Darrell Bevell, the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator, is in a slump.

“His passing game appears chaotic and out of sorts,” said a former NFL offensive coordinator. “Some weeks, Bevell is on and hot with his design and play calling, and other weeks, as cold as the Arctic.”

Bevell is like the professor who gives the same final exam every quarter, and the fraternity has a copy. People know the answers to his test before they take it. That’s how defenses seem to feel about his offense.

“Bevell runs the same standard, generic bootleg pass week after week,” said the former offensive coordinator. “I feel sorry for Wilson. Bevell needs to change it up. Defenses run to spots on the field. They know what’s coming. The Saints knew what was coming last Sunday.”

Here’s an example. On the Seahawks’ second drive against the Saints in Saturday’s divisional playoff game, Bevell called a deep pass to Jermaine Kearse, the wide receiver on the left side of the Seahawks’ formation. Before the snap, the Saints free safety, Malcolm Jenkins, took five steps toward Kearse as if he already knew the pass was going to Kearse.

When the center snapped the ball, Kearse ran a quick slant and Wilson pump faked a pass to him. Kearse was running a slant-and-go, supposed to fake out the defenders, make them think it’s a short pass and then, whoops, it’s a long touchdown.

The Saints weren’t faked. They knew it was a long pass from the start. They had seen it so many times before.

Corey White, the cornerback covering Kearse, didn’t react to the short slant. When Kearse started running deep, White was right there in perfect position to cover him. Jenkins, the free safety, ran over and covered Kearse, too. Double coverage. A done deal before it even started. Bevell’s fault.The play didn’t work. Wilson had to scramble and flip the ball to his running back, Marshawn Lynch.

“Teams track play callers’ tendencies by down and distance and by field position,” said the former offensive coordinator. “You can’t call the same exact plays in the playoffs that you called Week 2. You’ve got to change your tendencies because there are so many games on film.”

The first 12 games of the season, Bevell’s offense produced big plays in the passing game almost every week. Wilson’s passer rating was 109 on passes longer than 20 yards downfield.

But since Week 14 when he played the 49ers at Candlestick, his passer rating on deep passes has been a mere 46. He has completed just three out of 17 deep passes over that five-game span.

Don’t blame Wilson. Blame Bevell.

Wilson needs new plays, plays the opposing defense hasn’t seen him run dozens of time already. But Bevell isn’t giving Wilson new pass plays or even new twists on the old pass plays. Bevell simply is calling fewer and fewer deep passes, only three the past two games.

“Bevell has stopped attacking, stopped being aggressive,” said the former offensive coordinator. “Cornerbacks are squeezing the receivers from the top down, taking away the slants and the short passes because Bevell stopped taking the deep shots.”

Bevell is a leading candidate to become the Vikings’ next head coach, according to CBS’s Jason La Canfora. “That has to weigh in Bevell’s mind,” the former offensive coordinator said. “It takes focus away from the game.”

Maybe Bevell isn’t showing creativity because he is thinking about something else, the Vikings and their roster, and he is not as focused as he should be on the Seahawks.

Which is too bad for the Seahawks. Their passing game is all Bevel, a Bevel Production.

“Tom Cable might be able to help a little bit in the run game,” said the former offensive coordinator. “But can he help in the pass game? Hell, no. So if Bevell has a bad day, the Seahawks’ whole passing offense suffers.

“Bill Walsh used to have that same problem,” said the former offensive coordinator. “When Walsh struggled, it was brutal. One time the 49ers scored three points against the Raiders at Candlestick, and Eddie DeBartolo had to chase him down somewhere in the Napa vineyards after the game and, over a couple bottles of wine, convince him he could still coach in the NFL.”

Walsh retired eight games later. Completely burnt out.

The current 49ers coaching staff does not have the problem of only one creative mind on offense. They have at least five coaches who contribute to the offensive game plan — offensive coordinator Greg Roman, head coach Jim Harbaugh, wide receivers coach John Morton, quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst and offensive assistant Eric Mangini. Sometimes, Harbaugh even asks his dad to contribute. The 49ers are a mutual fund while the Seahawks are one wild stock, Bevell Industries.

It’s possible Bevell has been saving all his creativity for this week, possible he will spring 10 new plays on the 49ers and the Seahawks will win. Possible, but unlikely.

So when the 49ers shut down the Seahawks passing game and win by more than a touchdown on Sunday, don’t blame Wilson.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. The Saints weren’t faked. They knew it was a long pass from the start. They had seen it so many times before.
    That’s called film study and it’s also why Porter knew exactly where the pass was going when he picked off Manning in the Super Bowl.

    I think you just don’t like offensive coordinators since you always blame them instead of the players.

    1. No , he blames our players for everything wrong, but coordinators and staff and whatever else, for every other teams misfortune. When our players do things right, its the. Coaches, when other teams do things right, its because their players are superior to ours. Wilson is not playing well. If he was so great at reading defenses like you say he is, he would run audible, not throw eratic passes to a defense that knew what he was doing

      1. I was just about to say that steel. It’s Kaps fault when something bad happens. But it’s RW’s OC’s fault when RW messes. As soon as I got to the middle I saw where it was going.

    2. “Maybe Bevell isn’t showing creativity because he is thinking about something else, the Vikings and their roster, and he is not as focused as he should be on the Seahawks.”


      Talk about irresponsible journalism?

      There is no shred of evidence or proof on that so why even bring up this “Pie in the Sky” theory?

      Besides Zimmer got the HC job at Minnesota. Ridiculous

      1. Folsom, you just nailed the difference between journalism and blogging. Grant is not, and never has been a journalist (at least, not here). A journalist would NEVER base an entire article on one unnamed source (here, the”former coordinator”). He’d be laughed out of the newsroom, with his pink slip in his hand. People coming here looking for actual reporting are going to be disappointed. But for good conversation, this is the place!

      2. grant throws crap like that out all the time…he essentially said that carson palmer quit on the raiders and clammed up when i asked if he had a source for such claim

      3. Palmer refused to take a $3 million pay cut down to $10 million which is why the Raiders moved on from him, yet he agreed to an identical $10 million salary when he joined the Cardinals.

      4. MidWest,

        Palmer isn’t stupid. He knew how bad Oakland was and that being with Arians was a better business decision.

  2. Grant very good read, thank you. I have a hard time believing Bevell is not creative enough since part of Russell Wilsons success is do to Bevells game plan which has utilized RW strengths as a player. I truly believe he is holding back some plays for the playoffs. Also if you have success why change anything!

      1. Niners to have operate on an asphyxiation M.O both on O and D. One offense those late 4th quarter 4-8 minute drives squeezes the remaining life out of the opposing D.

  3. A few weeks ago Bevell was held up as an example for how Roman should help his quarterback. Now he’s the cause of his failure. Interesting.

    1. I also thought Bevell was the new hot head coaching candidate. The struggles of their offense to me has been Wilson. Teams have kept him from making those nothing plays into huge plays. How? Simple discipline in containment.
      Small QB’s like Wilson have always been made to play from the pocket. It takes their quickness out of the equation. It’s how people stopped Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, David Garrard, Ty Detmer.

  4. Grant,
    So who is this former OC that you quoted?

    Also, you wrote “Walsh retired eight games later. Completely burnt out.”

    Well, he won the Super Bowl that season and decided to go out on top. I wouldn’t call that burned out.

      1. He also said he regretted retiring early after watching the Niners dismantle the Bronco’s in the Super Bowl. The Niners were a pressure cooker under Eddie D.

  5. Grant,

    Aren’t you the same guy who said Kaepernick would be a better player if he played for the Seahawks because he’d get better coaching?

  6. “It’s possible Bevell has been saving all his creativity for this week, possible he will spring 10 new plays on the 49ers and the Seahawks will win. Possible, but unlikely.”

    It’s also possible that Wilson is not that good.

  7. I see where Frank Reich is an offensive coordinator. How intimidating for the other team would it be to see Montana on the sidelines going over film with Kaepernicus?

      1. BLUDGEON!!! That was the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in about 2 years!!!!!!
        My god, I’m so pumped up!

      1. And another thing, you gotta like Steve Smith and Hardy. They seem like good guys. Carolina is lucky to have those two on their teams.

    1. Thanks for posting, G. I’ve watched the game twice and knew it was tough, but didn’t realize what a fist fight (gang fight?) it really was.
      And about Tomsula? I hope the Niners get real smart and pay him like a head coach…just to keep his happy butt where it belongs: On our sidelines!

  8. “So when the 49ers shut down the Seahawks passing game and win by more than a touchdown on Sunday, don’t blame Wilson.”

    Uhh…..I hope this is not a prediction because we need Grant to pick against the Niners again and keep the winning streak alive.

    1. Yay, I seem to have some doggies!

      Hasn’t the Seahawk passing game suffered from the loss of Rice and the absence of Harvin? I’m not sure why all the blame is being put on the OC, they just don’t have big playmakers at WR.

  9. I think they have been holding out just like how Roman stopped calling the read option till he sprung it on the Packers. They probably knew they could easily beat the Saints with Lynch carrying the load. Be prepared for the Hawks to be very creative and surprising. Hopefully Harvin doesn’t play.

  10. Hey Grant, who is this “former NFL offensive coordinator” you refer to in your article?

    As I posted before, when the Seahawks lost their deep threat WR Rice, was when the defensive coaches started loading up the box to shut down the Seahawks short pass and run plays. The ONLY hope the Seahawks have of spreading the defense, is if Percy Harvin can play. Then the 40Whiners defense would have to respect the deep threat thus opening up the run and play action pass for the Hawks.

      1. Percy Harvin had his helmet stolen in the last Seahawks game. He is currently still trying to retrieve it. Apparently, the culprit has been located and interrogated. As it turns out, the perpetrator was the team doctor! Harvin still does not have his helmet yet! I’ll keep everyone posted as to it being awarded to him again. FYI- He is also missing his favorite mouthpiece as well. He said he lost it when he got obliterated during the 1st hit in the saints game. He does not know who has it, in his words, ” everything is a bit fuzzy!”

    1. >>Hey Grant, who is this “former NFL offensive coordinator” you refer to in your article?

      It doesn’t matter as long as you take the word of the journalist it is someone with impeccable credentials. And you do, don’t you?

      Once I called out Grant for his father quoting an anonymous “NFL Scout” without attribution, the reply was it’s done all the time.

      1. Uh….rib,
        It is done all the time. Guys won’t give out any juicy info if the journalist is then going to blab who told them.
        I have no problem with that. It’s called protecting your sources.

        If you want to get after anyone, get after the actual news media who, almost universally take nonsense from ‘unnamed pentagon sources’ as fact, instead of the hot air it almost assuredly is.

      2. Obviously.

        And Grant’s former NFL offensive coordinator is obviously Jimmy Raye, who also conveyed his gratitude that “someone, anyone, is talking to me again”.

      1. I’m down with Eminem. They played that thing like crazy during the BCS games which I found humorous since only in the last game did the “winner take it all”.

      2. I love Hip Hop. His sound got to pop for me. His songs were really unique at first but now his sound sort of blends in with everybody else’s.

        I saw the interview with him and Musberger it was awkward and hilarious. There’s an interesting article about it on Grantland.

  11. The two best teams in football will be playing in Seattle this up and coming weekend. Either of these teams will be favored to win the Super Bowl regardless of who the opponent is.

  12. Noticing a trend for many fans and writers to bull up on the Seattle “isn’t as good as everyone was saying” theme. Let’s not bury these guys until the Niners do just that with 60 minutes of very tough football ahead of us. Seattle’s coaches get the most out of a physically tough team. I’ll crow when the Niners are headed to NYC for the SB, and not before that. Ball security and execution are going to determine the outcome of this game; schemes and personnel are set and there’s no strong advantage to either team overall.

    1. Fesnyc I am one of those who believe that the 9ers are just better than the Seahawks in almost every way but untill but i wo’nt be counting my chickens untill CK can prove that he can deal with the crowd noise in seattle.

    2. Well put, fesnyc. Games aren’t determined by which team is the better team. They’re determined by which team plays best that day. Go Niners!

  13. Cossell was on the Herd and he just said that Wilson is playing at a below average level inside the pocket. That is the game plan this week. Keep Wilson in the pocket. I think the coaches are trying to make him into Alex Smith in that they are saying don’t make any mistakes, our D can stop them from scoring. So now Wilson is hesitant to make throws and he also can’t see over his lineman which makes things more difficult for him than it was for Smith.

    1. I just don’t see why they wouldn’t want him to have more freedom under center. The guy is playmaker and can get it done. All this talk of Bevel being ultra-conservative doesn’t make sense when you have a talent such as RW.

    2. Dude i’ve heard Cosel and a number of other ex coaches and players say the same thing. Wilson is playing terrible in the pocket. Many of them have said Wilson has open receivers he is just not pulling the trigger. Sounds to me that Seattles woes stem from Wilson not being effective from the pocket rather than the O coordinator being the problem

      1. Replace Wilson’s name with Kaepernick and you have the national and local discussion that was taking place about 6 weeks ago or so.

      2. Grant,

        I have heard the media a bit saying that Wilson was missing throws against the Saints, they mentioned a few inaccurate throw on slants. He wasn’t pulling the trigger when the guy was open, hesitant with the ball. I think his stats, without watching film, show that he hasn’t been as good as usually.

        To your point with Bevell, maybe they do need to change it up but do they risk changing their winning formula? Give the ball to Lynch and rely on their D. If they try to pass and the defense keeps Wilson contained that could lead to problems if Wilson continues to hesitate.

        1. The windows on the slants were very small because the Saints were squatting on the short routes, as I wrote in my column. Wilson threw behind Tate once on a slant in the first quarter. If he had thrown it in stride, Bush would have lit Tate up. A few plays before, Wilson hit Tate on a slant and Tate got rocked.

          Wilson made a beautiful deep pass from the pocket to Doug Baldwin to win the game.

      3. Grant in the interview i heard Cosel he did not cite specific plays. He said that he noticed that “often” wilson had open targets and could’nt or would’nt pull the trigger. Now is there any truth to what Cosel says? I do’nt know, but if you doubt his validity on this subject it certainly calls into question all of the other times his opinion has been sited here

      4. That was a great through by Wilson and if I were Fangio I would make Wilson make that throw everytime. I would show full out blitz frequently and back off half the time. Showing the all out blitz will make Wilson check to the hot routes. Have Bowman and Willis back off to cover the quick slants and have the DBs play the go. Wilson won’t be able to make that throw everytime, in fact less than half the time would be my guess.

      5. Cosel was not the only one talking about Wilson struggling in the pocket. I heard the same thing on Cowerd’s show yesterday morning when he was talking to Hasselback. Hasselback (I hope I spelled his name correctly) said the exact same thing.

      6. I saw an example on NFL Live where Wilson didn’t pull the trigger on a wide open bubble screen(2 blockers,2 defenders). Ended up with a sack or very short run. They also showed some off target passes.

        Then Dilfer and Jaworsky praised Kaep’s footwork and ability to progress through his reads. Dilfer quipped “somebody up here said Kaep couldn’t do that”.

    3. I’m curious to see the game plan for the Seahawk offense. Wilson has played poorly 3 of 4 games against the 49ers. Do they rely on Lynch which seems like the right idea or do they try to get Wilson to hit his receivers to open things up. It’s interesting to see the parallels between these teams and their QBs. The first game in Seattle this year the 49ers came out in shotgun and tried to run and pass from that (not a bad idea since Kaep threw for 400 the week before) but that did not work. So the following game it was back to the power running game. I think Seattle would like to spread it out but it could blow up in their face like it did for us in week 2. 49ers need to score and get up first. Make Wilson pass from the pocket, make tough throws and not turn the ball over. Take the ball away from Lynch.

  14. The two offensive coordinators in this game will pull out all the stops. No reason to hold back. This is the single most important game in their career and both have HC aspirations. Still, I do not foresee any major schematic modifications — just a few wrinkles. The performance of the two offenses will be determined by the players’ execution. The teams know each other very well. It will be all about focus and execution.

    On a different note, I learned that the win against the Panthers was the first Niners divisional playoff win on the road since 1970. If true, that’s pretty remarkable.

      1. Giants had a home playoff game against the falcons in 11′ maybe the 2007 Giants did..The packers in 2010 played them all the road I believe

      2. Jack’s question implies those wildcard teams also won their last regular season game on the road. And none of the 3 road game wildcard teams ever have (if google is right ;)

    1. Looks like not, Jack. A lot of the wildcard teams that made the SB were back in the 3 division days and they hosted the first round.

      1. Claude,

        They all played their final regular season game at home. I had researched Super Bowl winners and the last team to win the Super Bowl after playing it’s final game on the road and all playoff games on the road is the ’69 Chiefs.

        I didn’t check on wild card teams that lost the AN.

      2. Jack:

        Yeah, I felt lazy and looked it up on The ’85 Patriots also played their final regular season game at home.

    2. how about the 1980 Raiders. Won the last game of the season on the road against the NYG. San Diego, Houston, Cleveland, Buffalo and Raiders all went 11-5 that year. Raiders then beat Houston, Cleveland in Ice Bowl and Chargers in SD before beating Eagles in New Orleans for SB victory.

      Could be 5 consecutive road games and wins, unless I am mistaken.

    3. Oakland raiders did it 20 years before any of those teams mentioned,when people played hurt and no rules protecting players big difference,oakland today although a shadow of its former glory,and kept down by the nfl (snow bowl,buccaneers having our sb)we will rise from the ashes again.

  15. Sorry Grant, but I don’t buy your premise at all; OC or no OC.

    There isn’t a team in this league that doesn’t run the same core plays weekly and it’s almost always execution that’s the problem when they don’t work. A defense will sniff out a play every now and then but that certainly isn’t why an offense will struggle in the passing game for an extended period of time. With all the film study teams do there is no way you are going to trick a defense very often. It’s how you run the play that determines the success rate. Up until about a month ago the Seattle offense seemed to be doing just fine so are you trying to say that all of a sudden teams just figured them out after almost two seasons of seeing that offense? I’ve played and Coached this game for 25+ years Grant and I’ll tell you right now that the Seattle passing game is not struggling because teams know what’s coming or have figured it out. What they have done is made life difficult for the QB by not letting him get comfortable in the pocket or get an easy release outside of it. Most defenses in this league know what the offense is going to throw at them and it doesn’t matter if they play is executed perfectly.

    We have heard all season how Kap can’t go through progressions, how he’s not accurate enough, doesn’t see open receivers etc, and now that it’s happening to Wilson it’s somehow on the OC? Sorry but that doesn’t fly. Wilson is struggling because defenses have discovered some chinks in the armor, his Oline hasn’t been that good in pass protection, and/or he’s in a slump. Now it’s up to Wilson and Bevell to counter it.

    1. The 49ers constantly are adding new twists to their plays, like the Frank Gore run to beat the Seahawks Week 14. It was a weakside lead which they use many times a game, but they changed the blocking a little bit and it was the first time they ever ran that twist of the play. The 49ers always try to use a few unscouted looks every game, which is smart. The Seahawks passing offense has stunk the past five games because the league has a book on Bevell’s tendencies this season and he isn’t changing any of them up, not because Wilson can’t pass from the pocket. No one is open. Watch Wilson drop back and choke the football while he scans the field and waits for anyone to get open. Bevell is cold right now. It’s all there on the coaches’ film. Almost none of Bevell’s passing plays worked against the Saints. They had seen and were ready to stop almost all of them.

      1. Grant, I’m not saying that you’re wrong about your assessment on Bevell’s play-calling. But I disagree on your statement that all the blame should go to the OC of Seahawks. Cosell is not the only one saying that Wilson missed some open receivers against NO, and lately struggling in the pocket. And to be honest, I’ve never been impressed on Wilson’s pocket play from the beginning. To be fair, he’s still young and learning the position. He might improve someday and become a proficient pocket passer. But right now, he should also get the blame not just the OC.

      2. Disagree again Grant. I have gone back and looked at a number of the Seahawk games, while also listening and reading other analysts who have studied the Seattle passing game woes, and there are open receivers Wilson has not seen or flat out missed with a bad throw.

        As I said earlier, your premise is flawed because most teams know what to expect from film study and it doesn’t make a difference if the execution is perfect. Wilson has been struggling both because of the way defenses have been playing him and because his Oline protection has been poor at times.

        Blaming Bevell for this while blaming Kap for similar woes earlier in the season doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure Bevell’s play calling isn’t bang on all the time just like Roman’s isn’t, but offenses struggle when they don’t execute well and that is the bigger culprit in the Seattle passing game right now.

      3. Sure I can but as I don’t have the time to go through each and every play to find one I feel he missed on rewind, I’ll let the guy you respect tell you you’re wrong.

        He’s not playing well right now and it’s not because of the OC. Bevell didn’t miss a couple of easy Slants last week or put up a less than 60% completion percentage over the last month. Wilson is struggling just like Kap was.

        1. Yeah, it is lazy and easy to base your opinion on Greg Cosell’s opinion without watching the coaches’ tape yourself.

      4. Grant calling one of your readers lazy is a little harsh. Writing this blog is your job which makes studying film part of the preperation for your job. Rocket like myself and most of us on here have careers and do’nt have quite as much free time as you to watch film. That may make us not as Knowledgeable about a specific part of one teams offensive attack but not lazy. imho

      5. Actually I did watch the Coaches film of a few games Grant including their last 3 of the regular season, but as I already said, I don’t have the time to go over each play and detail when I think he’s missed somebody. You’ll have to take Cosell’s word for it for now. You don’t go on a nose dive the way Wilson has the past month due to the OC calling bad plays for you. That’s simplistic and overlooks the fact that football is a game of repetition and execution. It’s not the play you call as much as how well you run it.

      6. Grant,
        Teams have adjusted to what the Seahawks are doing. They are still a dominant team, but Wilson’s production has been off for five games now. He is missing on some throws. He’s still very good, but he isn’t playing as well as he was during his early season stretch. He’s a second year player, I don’t know why this comes as a surprise.

        1. I agree with you, his play has gotten worse. My point is its tough to play well when defenses have caught up to your OC’s shot plays and you’re forced to throw short pass after short pass when the cornerbacks are squatting the routes.

      7. I realize that Wilson’s numbers were poor on Saturday against New Orleans, but that didn’t keep the Seahawks from winning. In a lot of ways Wilson’s performance was quite similar to that of Kaepernick against Houston earlier this year.

  16. Thanks Grant….for the insight AND your optimism, which I don’t see others acknowledging here. Tho many enjoyed knocking your criticism of the 49ers.
    I do think it takes positive expectations and faith that we can win—-even on fan’s part, in order to help make it happen. Criticism is only helpful to a point and must be done correctly. That’s right. We’re not on the field or calling plays, however we’re part of the great manifesting mind of desire(s), the “morphogenic field” which is what creates the outcome. If we can persuade more people to believing the 49ers can win, we will. If everyone still thinks we can’t because we lost big last time, that’s a problem.

    1. So when Seahawk fans manifest their “morphogenic field,” what effect does that have on 49er fans manifestation of said field to affect the outcome of the game?

  17. Dynasty, we aren’t lauding Grant’s optimism because he isn’t optimistic. He’s not pessimistic either. As a journalist, Grant claims he’s above those emotions and we take him at his word.

    1. Yeah? well that’s not possible… have a detached 100% objective point of view……regardless of what Grant claims….Some of his criticism has helped examine 9er weaknesses.
      I can tell you (and Grant) as a psychotherapist that personal bias, be it disappointment, optimism or whatever…. always colors one’s perceptions, one’s world view……and influences what we create in our life experiences. “Our percepts are determined by our concepts” —-and how we feel about these concepts. It’s simpler than it may sound.
      Why do U think 9ers keep winning over and over, scoring 23 points each time? (AZ, Grn Bay, Carolina?) We’ve felt plenty good about each of these wins, correct? So we collectively create that scenario again. Check out “Abraham-Hicks” teaching about vibration on U-tube.

      1. Dynasty, we’ve had many threads and postings here as to whether Grant’s analysis makes him a Raiders fan (or Cowboys fan), a Niners hater (or fan of the team currently playing the Niners). All along, Grant has maintained his claim of neutrality. If you think he’s deluding himself, perhaps you can forward him your office hours.

      2. dynasty,

        Grant has been accused of being anti 49ers while claiming to be neutral. What I can assure you of, is that no one has ever thought of him as optimistic.

        I personally believe he tries to find anti Niner material to focus on rather than positive because it generates more discussion in the forum. I also believe he tries very hard not to side one way or the other but falls to the negative side more often than not.

      3. Though I agree with Dynasty’s general comment. The combined positive energy of a team’s fanbase can help propel them to success.

        Otherwise, why would Budweiser base a whole advertising campaign around the concept? ;)

      1. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the teachings of Ester Hicks that Dynasty promoted, she claims to be in contact with a group of non-physical entities collectively known as Abraham that have enlightened her as to the true nature of man and the universe.

        She will gladly pass this on to anybody willing to pay for her books, dvd’s and seminars. All major credit cards accepted, lol.

      2. Spaceborn:

        “Psychotherapist” is a broad term that encompasses psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and other practitioners. What are the odds that Dynasty has a medical degree or a PhD?

      3. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the teachings of Ester Hicks that Dynasty promoted, she claims to be in contact with a group of non-physical entities collectively known as Abraham that have enlightened her as to the true nature of man and the universe.

        Does it work better with or without Hallucinogen’s?

      4. Rocket, I don’t know, but when you buy into somebody that claims to talk to entities from the universal intelligence, I have a feeling it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of difference, lol.

      5. Where I am, the city with the most psychotherapists per capita, most of them take a dim view of anything new-agey. Then again these psychotherapists take a dim view of anything not Freudian. Not even that upstart Jung!

  18. The website won’t print the link because it contains a profanity, but the Onion has a relevant story today about the Seahawks and their fans.

            1. Rule #1. Never tell anyone the Onion isn’t real news. Either you will look like a fool, or you’ll ruin a very funny joke being played on somebody who’s been under a rock for a decade.

  19. seriously though what great advice for the fans. STFU already, stop writing checks that we have to cash on sundays. I love watching SEA lose almost as much as I love watching the 49ers win. hoping for a pleasure overload on sunday

  20. Couple things…

    Hawks beat the Saints as I recall, beat the tar out of them.

    Harvin does not want to play, just collect his loot. He’ll be “hurt” the rest of his career.

    Be careful of your wishful thinking that anybody is bad on the Seattle team. The are good. Very good. And so are the Niners. But it could go either way although we got stomped up there two times in a row. I hope we win but don’t count this as a gimme. Mr. Freddie P. Soft is hanging aorund…

  21. Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse: “I feel like early in the season we took a lot of shots downfield and the defenses have taken notice to that and are trying to limit that.”

    Bevell needs new shot plays, or twists on his old ones. Until then, defenses will continue the squeeze the Seahawks’ passing game from the top down. It’s hard for any quarterback to play well when a defense can squeeze you like that.

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