See you in late July

Nine weeks and 1,054 tweets after taking over the 49ers beat for the Press Democrat, I’m planning my (temporary) escape route. I’ll be using up my vacation time until, say, a week before rookies report to Santa Clara on July 30.

Having undertaken this co-dependent relationship with ya’ll, it’s actually hard to break away. My first thought is “How will the Faithful get on without me??” The answer: quite easily. You will have other sources to follow, and let’s face it, there just isn’t much going on this time of year. Rather than make something out of nothing for the next month, I’ll recharge, reacquaint myself with my children, and come back strong to help you get prepared for training camp. And if something major happens in the meantime, I’ll probably jump in to cover it.

So please don’t wash your hands of me entirely. Have a great summer, have fun debating Alex vs. Nate in my absence, and let’s get serious just before the pads go on.

Take care,


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